Nature’s Healing Gift

A collection of Raw Milk Testimonies

Compiled by Laura Kozicki

Nature’s Healing Gift: A Collection of Raw Milk Testimonies

Copyright 2010 by Laura Kozicki All rights reserved. Teresa Lynn Publishing Thank you to Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation and to Mark McAfee, Managing Member of Organic Pastures Dairy in California for helping to answer my questions and offering me their encouragement with this project .

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Medical Disclaimer This document is the retelling of people’s experiences while using raw milk and raw dairy products. These are our observations and opinions. These testimonies are not intended to be used as medical or dietary advice. The publisher is not responsible for claims made, whether suggested or implied. The contributors feel they and their families have benefitted from raw dairy. Before making changes to your diet or using any techniques you may read about, you should talk about it with

your doctor or various doctors, as even doctors’ viewpoints may
vary, and research the differing perspectives and information about the topic. I think you’ll find that many people have good things to say about raw dairy. We are not claiming that traditional, unadulterated food in its natural form cures or prevents any type of illness or disorder. But we would like to offer our experiences and observations as food for thought.

Dear Reader,

A few years ago, I discovered a food that I believe was key to improving my daughter’s concentration in school, strengthening our weak muscles and ending my continuous

fatigue. After finding this food, I had the energy to teach
my second grade students and then come home to my daughter, giving her the attention she deserves (rather than flopping into bed after work most nights and much of the

weekend, exhausted, like I had used to do).
I wonder if I had known of this superfood thirteen years ago whether I would have ever developed the toxemia of pregnancy that caused her to be delivered by emergency cesarean section 11 weeks prematurely. I was told years later that toxemia (eclampsia) may be connected to digestive problems.

I count my blessings and am grateful that I discovered raw milk at all. It is the only food that could make me feel truly nourished and satisfied. To me, it is the food. The only one

I feel my daughter and I should not do without.
Recently there was a battle in Wisconsin over whether raw milk would be allowed to be sold to consumers who were willing to drive to farms to purchase it. People who had previously participated in herd share programs were suddenly told they could no longer purchase (real) milk. We waited for months for the politics to be worked out, the red tape cut, and to be allowed our important source of nourishment again. A hearing date of March 10, 2010 was set, and an estimate of up to 800 people attended the hearing in Eau Claire, WI, to show their support (and some to show their lack of it).

When votes were taken a few weeks later, the State
Senate and assembly both approved the (temporary) sale of raw milk from farms directly to the consumer by a wide margin.

Then, all that needed to happen was for Governor
Jim Doyle to sign the bill (that had passed the state Senate and Assembly by such a wide margin) into law.

So we waited…

And finally, Governor Jim Doyle vetoed the bill!

I can’t speak for the hundreds of people who had attended

the hearing, or those who couldn’t make it that day.
But even greater than the feelings of shock and outrage at the decision, I felt despair.

What would we do now? It wasn’t like being told we can never eat apples again. Or chicken. In my opinion, this was our source of nourishment, strength and energy.

It was then that I decided to compile this book and invite
people to share their stories. The benefits of raw dairy are being rediscovered, and people will continue to insist on it for themselves and their families. This is a movement that will not go away, but will grow as more and more people learn about the ways food affects our bodies, our minds and our well-being. I will never forget the hearing in Northern Wisconsin. Our stories of healing were heard all day long and into the night.

Laura Kozicki

This book is dedicated to people who have had their access to raw dairy foods taken away from them. I hope that lawmakers everywhere will realize that people deserve the right to choose their own foods and to make informed choices on behalf of their children.

Sherwin, United States

My history with raw milk spans more than half a century. I spent the summer of 1947 working at Tarbell Farms located in Smithville Flats, New York. This dairy farm produced certified raw milk under the most extraordinary antiseptic conditions. I also had room and board at the farm and constantly had access to raw milk. There was never a time in my life when

I felt stronger, more energized or experienced such a feeling
of complete well-being.

During the summer of 1948, I worked for a few months
at a conventional dairy farm in Massachusetts. I also boarded at this farm but did not have access to properly produced raw milk. The contrast between the

two work experiences could not have been more
dramatic. At the farm in Massachusetts, I was frequently sick, and at one point I had to return home to recuperate. When I was well again, I returned to the

farm. After a short time I became ill again and then
terminated my employment there. My three children drank certified raw milk whenever it was available to us. Unlike most children, they were seldom sick and never had any ear infections. I also was seldom sick, and today at age 83, I am in good health and do not take any medications. I do take supplements and try my best to eat according to the wisdom of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Kelly, United States Holistic Nutritionist and Author
We have three small – but busy - children. We live the modern, hectic life, familiar to most everyone. I am a holistic nutritionist and strive to help people understand that what we put into our bodies is really the powerhouse behind our ability to have good health or lack thereof. I put into practice what I preach, as well. We eat close to a completely whole and real foods Weston A. Price Foundation diet, but don’t get enough broth/stock nor organ meats, truthfully. We do not eat any white sugar, nor refined flour. We belong to four farm co-ops. All in all, we do very well, but as a mom, I often think, “very well” is still short of “best”.

It is on those days-tired, stressed and busy when our meals have not been all that they should/could be that I thank our lucky stars (or farmers) that we have our raw milk. At every meal, we at least have the amazingly complete and nutrient-dense profile found in our grass-fed raw milk.

The vitamin C (more is destroyed in milk pasteurization than in our entire US citrus crop, so I’ve heard), the immune support found in the enzyme-based pathogen killers, the B-12 that my son (who is deficient in this crucial nutrient) so desperately needs, the probiotics that help protect my kids from infections, the suite of enzymes that aid in digestion and help prevent allergies from developing, the minerals that not only build their very bones, but help their organs to function properly,… and the list goes on.
But all I need to know is that where I might fail them in their diets from time to time, raw milk never will. It is my “dietary” comfort and insurance for my growing, developing, learning, beautiful children. Raw milk is the best, and as far as I’m concerned, my children deserve the best (as often as they can get it!).

Ginny Quite simply, my husband is so thrilled to be able to drink milk now. He could never drink pasteurized milk because of lactose intolerance. When I brought home raw milk for the first time he was cautious but now drinks raw milk exclusively with no tummy trouble at all!

Our whole family loves the taste and would not drink the other stuff now if it were the last thing on earth.

Graham, Australia I spent two months in Wisconsin, and I have been back here in Sydney for two weeks as of today. The food in the shops in Wisconsin seemed to be low fat or no fat, and in just a few days I started to feel unwell, and my face was

I found a farm where I was able to buy raw milk, organic eggs, (the hens were running on grass), lamb and beef, and so I was able to stock my fridge with what I consider to be real food. Just 75 minutes drive through nice countryside. Wisconsin to me is like a big park, nice and green and clean. I had taken some powdered Turkish kefir grains with me. I turned the milk into kefir and ate it with all those beaut berries you have. I was there to get a treatment called Prolotherapy, which builds up the tendons and tissue around my knees, which have extensive osteoarthritis. It was not as

successful as I had hoped; however, I am a lot better off now.
At 72 years of age, I guess I have just got to do the best I can.

When I was a child I stayed with my aunt and uncle who had a small farm. They had 2 jersey cows, and we had fresh milk, still warm from the cow, that we put on our wheat bix and porridge.

We can get raw Jersey milk here, a ten minute drive

to a health food store. Sometimes I can get thick, raw cream,
which makes the best ice cream you have ever tasted.

Alex, United States Hi, my name is Alex. I’m 23, and I have a confession to make. After 4 years of separation, I’m in love with milk again! No, not the gassy-tummy, homogenized, pasteurized stuff you get at every-market, USA, but the delicious, nutritious, uplifting, love-infused RAW milk. The milk you could only find at helpful, natural markets that promote well-being through organic, sustainable foods that are naturally raised without pesticides or hormones. Thank God for these people! Without them I would not be able to enjoy the (now considered) luxury of a glass of milk

with breakfast, lunch or dinner (I like it with every meal).
Just under 5 years ago I really started paying attention to my health and body, especially diet. I went vegetarian because of many complications in my digestive process and the abundant pseudo-dieting advice found on the Internet. Thinking at the time that my continued problems were stemming all from dairy products, I took up veganism. Then just about every food I ever loved was on the chopping block in my new, non dairy life. =( I could not and would not put my body through the pain of ingesting average store-bought milk or ice cream. For 4 years this

trend continued with a devoted dedication and unforeseen
health risks. I was 150 lbs and looking sick to my friends when I was handed a glass of milk, which I promptly refused. But with a glorious, heavenly, revelatory explanation on how this glass of milk was different, this was RAW milk, and wouldn’t give me lactose intolerance. I was back! Back in love with that creamy, luscious, godly tonic called milk. (A similar revelation occurred when the RAW meat diet was presented to me, but that’s another story for another time.

With RAW milk in my life I am now a healthy 6’ 1” man who
is in the prime condition of his life. My wildest food fantasies have come true! I can have my cake and eat it, too, and wash It down with a glass of milk. =) Many thanks go out to all

the farming families who decide to supply this heaven-sent
beverage to me and other enthusiasts of nutrition.

Joan, United States Artist Raw milk plays a huge part in keeping me healthy.

Before I began drinking raw milk, (2003) I had digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome and frequent stomach discomfort. I now drink 3 cups of raw cow milk per day, and neither of the previous conditions exist anymore.

Lawrence, A Rebellious, Healthier Physician For about two decades, I had very dry skin and chronic fatigue, but I thought I was doing the right thing to eat a low-

fat diet. About 5 years ago, I started taking cod liver oil and
eating raw butter. I got healthier. Then I started eating a lot of organic bacon and got even better. I also eat fish and shrimp cooked in butter, raw egg

yolks, fresh raw organic coconut and often raw ice cream
and organic coconut ice cream. I keep getting healthier despite my doctor’s concern that my cholesterol is a little high. Lately, he was pleased that it had come down from 260 to 217, even though I was enjoying all these natural, fatty foods. I think this is because my body was less inflamed as it healed. I have been drinking daily raw milk yogurt and raw colostrum for several years, and they are helping heal my body.

I have good energy now, and walk an hour a day. I am 73 years old and feel better than I’ve felt since I was a boy. I now realize that my body is right to want me to eat lots of healthy fat, and my doctor is wrong to want me to avoid it. I never eat trans fats. I’ve stopped most of my nutritional supplements, though I take a lot of vitamin D and eat a lot of berries. I think there must be lots of people in our society who need fatty meat and raw, fatty dairy.

Heather, United States

Certified Personal Trainer
I became partially lactose intolerant in my late 20s. Now I can enjoy drinking milk that tastes great without any of the side effects.

Julie, United States

I spent age 2 (when I stopped nursing) until age 19 constantly sick with headaches, sinus infections, ear infections, bronchitis, colds, allergies, and even a bout of pneumonia. I got allergy testing twice but was told that my mild allergies to dust, mites and pollen would not cause this. I had round after round of antibiotics, and even they stopped working. I tried to join the Army and almost couldn’t

get in because of my chronic sinusitis. It took an allergist saying
there was no good reason for it, so it shouldn’t be anything to keep me out. Then I almost got kicked out because of my repeat sinus infections the first year in the Army.

I had a doctor tell me to stop drinking milk and see if that
helps because it can increase mucous production. I stopped drinking “milk” (pasteurized, homogenized) and haven’t had a sinus infection since.

At that time, I had to stop eating all dairy products for 6 years
because my sensitivity was so bad. Unfortunately, I substituted with soy products, but that’s a whole different story. After 6 years, I was finally able to handle a small amount of dairy at a time. Then I joined this co-op for my kids’ sake, so they could have non-homogenized, local, unpasteurized milk, because I’d read about how bad the store-bought stuff is long term for heart

disease, etc.
Anyway, I found out that I can drink as much as I want and not get sinus infections or sore throats or headaches or ear pain.

Of course, if I have more than two bites of ice cream bought
from the store, I get all of that again, and it lasts at least 24 hours.

We’ve been drinking raw milk for almost two years, and we almost never get sick. In my mind, that HAS to be the difference, because I can’t shake my husband’s junk food habit. So other than the raw milk, we only eat slightly better than the

average American family.

Rob, United States Author
Five years ago, I was completely run down, tired all the time and on the verge of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. My partner, who was more aware of food issues than I was at the time, suggested I should be tested for intolerances. A kinesiologist was called in and, sure enough, I was found to be intolerant to the usual suspects: wheat, dairy and yeast. Through elimination and patience, I rectified the problem with

wheat and yeast, but “dairy” remained an issue, until one day
my partner suggested we try some raw milk. I was tested on the very best milk I could buy commercially-organic (but pasteurized) whole milk from

the supermarket. I failed the test. Immediately afterwards, I
was tested on the raw milk, and the test was spectacularly positive. I tested as strong on raw milk as on any other real food I have been tested on. Since then, raw milk has been an essential part of my diet, but I have also eliminated all processed foods.

Everything has improved. My fingernails that used to flake and split are now so strong I cannot cut them unless they have been soaked in hot water for awhile! All of the little

aches and pains in my joints and muscles (I am of an age
when these things occur) have all gone. Whereas I used to get a cold every winter, I have not been afflicted by any “illness” for nearly four years, and I never visit the doctor. I believe raw milk is essential to good health, but it must be said that all other real foods must be taken into consideration, too. And all manufactured, processed or industrial foods should be banned. I have done years of research on food since that revelation with raw milk, and have even written

two books. All of this from drinking a glass of milk!

Cindy, University Wellness Coordinator
I have fibromyalgia and low blood sugar issues. I love raw milk and feel better drinking it.

I thought I was lactose intolerant, but not with raw milk. I don’t have any of the intestinal problems I had with pasteurized milk. My low blood sugar issues have subsided, and I don’t have the hunger or food cravings I used to have. Overall, I am more balanced and feel better.

Lenna, United States Author

Our 12-year-old son, Cade, was born with asthma, and was in and out of the hospital with respiratory issues for the first seven years of his life. When his allergy doctor put

him on another drug, because all the other drugs weren’t
helping, our son became suicidal, AT THE AGE OF SEVEN! We decided it was time to look for a more natural way to help his allergies and asthma. After doing considerable research online, I noticed a number of articles that suggested raw milk helped in cases like his. It seemed a little too simple to be true, but we were desperate. A friend sold raw goats’ milk, so we started him on raw milk products. Within two weeks he COMPLETELY stopped experiencing any asthma, and most of his allergies cleared up, (still a little sniffly around kitties and grass pollen in the summer). That was 5 years ago, and he has NEVER had another asthma attack nor the yearly bronchitis/pneumonia episodes we had come to

dread every winter. He has barely had a cold since then.

Our other story concerns my 79 year-old mother who
was diagnosed with Chronic Lympomic Leukemia a number of years ago. After undergoing numerous chemo treatments, her blood count was normal, but she suffered from dementia and was wheelchair bound. We started her on raw milk at the same time our son began drinking it, along with strong bone broth, beet kvass and plenty of fresh, organic foods. She now walks 5 miles a day and lives on her own. She has been in remission for 5 years

and no longer even has blood samples taken, as they
have been consistently normal. The dietary changes have been instrumental in the recovery of her health, but she notices the biggest negative changes when she doesn’t

drink the raw milk.
Doctors in both of these cases REFUSE to admit that the addition of raw milk had any bearing on the recovered health of our family members, but we all know better.

Raw milk has made it possible for my son to not only play baseball, but excel at it, something he could not have done in his previous physical condition, and for my mother to enjoy an active retirement. She was recently admitted to

the hospital after an automobile accident, and the doctors
had trouble believing that she was on NO medication of any sort. They said it was unheard of for her age! Boy, did they roll their eyes when we offered that her healthy diet

made drugs unnecessary. <<sigh>> Sad to see such smart
people be so willingly ignorant.

Ted, Holistic Dentist I am a holistic dentist and use butter and milk (raw and organic if possible) for hardening teeth…I can tell you a few stories of that… 1) I have seen a dozen families with kids having severe tooth problems (mainly decay) who ate a “Good Natural” diet and had no sugar. They made their own bread, organic soups…etc. Yet, cavities were rampant. When I question them… I found that they also were all vegetarians…and one little boy could not grow fingernails…(That is a severe mineral deficiency)… So I put these kids on butter and milk… and one mother told me years later that it took one year of going back to “meat and milk” for his fingernails to grow again. But you know, looking back at these kids who were “sickly” and “starved”…cavities were the least of their problems. They also had a condition called “failure to thrive”, as in the case of the boy with no fingernail growth. And the mother also told me that she only became a vegetarian because she thought that was the way to health…

2) Butter and Children (and needles) As a dentist there is no harder job to do than to numb up a young kid for a filling or extraction. It is very trying, But a few years ago, I began to notice that kids who ate butter did not respond at all to the needle…and would sit there like nothing happened. One child even asked me, “Did you just give me a shot?” Wow, I was very impressed… Then I noticed that kids that SCREAMED (on getting a shot) were on margarine…and after I switched them to butter they became docile and manageable during numbing. Now I tell parents, “Give your kids butter…or go somewhere else.” Then I tell them why I am so adamant about butter. This also applies to screaming adults…to which my reply is, “So…you use margarine…” And they look at me like I am from another planet…

In July 2006, I was warned by my doctor that I was a hair away from osteoporosis in my spine and forearm. Fifteen months later, my doctors were stunned to see after a second bone scan that my bone loss was reversed, and I had taken no medication. How did this happen, they wondered? I told them I looked around for alternatives and was told by a friend to read up on raw milk, and to read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price-his fascinating and scientific studies of peoples around the world without crime or degenerative

My teeth are whiter now, too (after 4 years) and I have more energy than before. I have been drinking raw milk

all along-because it’s delicious!

Loree, Luxembourg

This is how I believe my daughter and I have been helped by raw milk. We have only been drinking it consistently since this past February.
Me (age 37)
1) Eczema disappeared 2) Blood sugar more stable

3) Lifelong post nasal drip gone and no stuffy nose that I used to have when drinking pasteurized dairy/ice cream
4) No more tartar buildup on back of my teeth 5) No PMS!

6) Skin looks and feels much better
7) General immune system feels much stronger 8) Just feeling satiated for the first time in so long!

9) Cravings for sweets and chocolate disappearing-nearly eliminated and only very mild before menstruation when I used to be ravenous for these things before

My daughter (age 3) 1) I nursed her until she was two, and she would occasionally get colds when we would travel, but nothing big. She never gets sick now, even when her playmates seem to. I never ceased to be amazed by this, and it is a real testimony to the Weston A. Price foundation principles!! I am most convinced of this through her. No infections, etc. 2) Everyone compliments her on how pretty she is-even strangers. I think that they mean that her skin and eyes are bright more than they mean her features. 3) She is always happy and singing. But she was not born this way. She cried and cried and cried and did not sleep well for the first five months of her life, due to a less than great diet while I was pregnant and nursing, I believe. My adrenals were very weak when she was born, too. I am an American living in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, where no raw milk is sold in stores. But I drive only 20-30 minutes once a week or so to two nearby family farms where they let me collect my own milk from the tank with my own bottles. I Pay .50 euro per liter and leave my money in an honor box. I can buy raw butter from a French company at only one tiny store, but it is very hard to come by, and I am trying to find another way to buy it or have it delivered. It is hard with the language difficulties.

Karen I am almost 58 years old, and I have been constipated since the day my youngest daughter was born almost 22 years ago. I am in the medical profession and have done so much research and experimentation and alternative medical procedures, I , too could write a book. The bottom line is that no M.D. was able to help me at all. I finally tried raw milk last November. I made a quart of yogurt and a quart of kefir each week and consumed one serving of each daily. Within days, I was regular, and it continued with no exception until I could no longer purchase raw milk.

I am saddened and frustrated as you can understand.
I believe we should have the right to purchase this product. We’re allowed to purchase alcohol and tobacco that come with hazardous warnings on the

label. But we are still able to choose. We take chances
every day of our lives.

If you go and see the Grand Canyon, there’s a chance you

could fall off the cliff. But people still go to see the beauty
of it.

Albert, United States When I was a kid I had a lot of respiratory type problems, the biggest being hay fever allergies every spring and summer… extreme mucous discharges from my nose continually…2 handkerchiefs with me all the time…usually soaking wet. My college roommate had the same problem, same severity. When I was 20 years old I read Arnold Ehret’s book, and my roommate and I both became raw food vegans. The discharges stopped…I mean stopped completely…we were consuming no wheat or dairy products. We didn’t know about raw dairy then… I moved from New Jersey to California shortly after that… and after some years began eating a natural omnivore diet that included some dairy, wheat products, meats, etc… I continued that diet for almost 15 years in California with no major problems with sinus discharges, etc. Then I moved back to the East Coast, (southeast Pennsylvania). The first spring and summer I got clobbered again by sinus mucous discharges while eating that same (omnivore) diet. The next spring still living in Pennsylvania, I eliminated all wheat and dairy products from my diet for the spring and summer…no problems at all…same next summer… no problems. Then I read about enzymes (Dr. Howell) and raw milk. Of course I started consuming raw dairy products almost immediately in significant quantities and have never stopped. I guess it has been 7 years now…

Today I own milk goats and consume their raw milk every day…and have never, ever had a problem with hay fever type symptoms…NEVER.

Note: the reason I did not suffer in California but did when I returned to the east coast despite eating a similar diet…is that the plants and conditions that provoked the discharge of all this excess mucous are not prevalent or sufficiently prevalent in the desert environment of Southern California…as they are in the humid Northeast United States

Diana, England

For three years after the birth of my third child I suffered from
chronic bladder and kidney infections. I was on countless antibiotics but still suffered from a constant burning sensation in my bladder. I was up 2-3 times a night going to the toilet. My

general health was very poor-probably due to damage to my
immune system from the antibiotics. I had to quit my job due to stress. During this time I discovered the Weston A. Price Foundation and slowly started to rebuild my health. My husband came across the book, The Untold Story of Milk, and after reading it, I was on a quest to find raw milk. I read in that book that raw milk was used to cure bladder infection, and I was desperate to try it.

It took several months, but eventually I found a farmer who
came to a local market once a month. Before sourcing my first batch of raw milk I was visiting my parents in Maryland, (I live in England now) and was shocked to discover that all the milk at

the grocery store was ultra-pasteurized, even though it was still
sold in the chilled section!

Looking back, it is interesting that my bladder symptoms

got worse during those two weeks. When I returned home to
England, I went to the farmers’ market the next day. I guzzled a liter of raw milk on the way home. Within 3 days of drinking raw milk, all the burning sensation was gone. I could finally sleep through the night after three years of agony. Now I never want to be without it again. I’ve also noted that my children’s dental health has improved dramatically-my oldest had 7 cavities in her baby teeth, but her permanent teeth are showing no signs of decay. My second lost the bottom half of his front two teeth shortly after they emerged. My third has no problems at all.

Unfortunately, I didn’t discover the Weston A. Price Foundation
or the benefits of raw milk before having children. But at least I feel like I am on top of their dental problems now. It could be a coincidence, but my daughter used to have a

constant runny nose, and since drinking raw milk, it seems to
have disappeared…

John, Naturopathic Doctor I am a type II diabetic, and I

am controlling my glucose levels
with diet and exercise. No drugs and no Invasive surgery or dialysis. Part of my diet is to be sure that I get a daily infusion of enzymes through raw juices and raw milk. I consider this a key part of my program to enable my

system to function, to allow
my pancreas to recover and for my blood sugar to function normally as if I did not have


Regular milk that is pasteurized and homogenized is something that I avoid because it does not contain the enzymes to digest properly. The stomach maximum PH is 4, and the lipase in milk needs a PH of 7.8 to digest optimally.

Without the enzyme in raw milk, this could not happen.
My A1c ranges from 6.2 to 6.5, and my goal is to get it down to 6. Supplements do help, but diet and exercise are the key, especially those juices and foods that are enzyme-rich. There is a cure for diabetes (r.e. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.) through proper diet and exercise. But proper diet is most important. I am also a naturopathic doctor, (ND) and will take my board certification exam at the end of this month. I also take courses through the Certified Natural Health Practitioners’ Program and will eventually become a CNHP.

Therese I started drinking raw milk about 3

years ago. Before I
started, I had daily diarrhea, high blood sugar, and was taking

Lipitor for high
cholesterol, and Protonix for GERD. I stopped all meds except for Lisinopril and now have perfect blood sugar, good cholesterol levels, occasional diarrhea, and still have frequent heartburn. I credit the raw milk with my health improvements. I have not done anything else with any consistency.

Jerry, United States

As a child, I drank raw milk from the time I was weaned until

I went away to college. We had a cow for much of the time, and
later we got our milk from Lambert’s Dairy just down the road for 50 cents per gallon in our jar. When I went to Georgia Tech, it was too inconvenient to get raw milk, because Mathis Dairies was the only one supplying it, and they did not deliver to the dormitories. For this reason I began drinking pasteurized milk and continued to do so until I retired at age 62. I had no cavities in my teeth and no dental work until I was a senior in college. Between then and when I retired I have gotten many fillings, one root canal, and my teeth were deteriorating.

I started drinking raw milk again shortly after I retired and purchased a cow. (Raw milk sales are illegal in Georgia.) I am now 67, and I have had no further dental work and no further degradation in my teeth (except for replacing

some of the earlier fillings that cracked and fell out).
When I first returned to raw milk, I noticed that I no longer had the sniffles all the time, so I did some unscientific experiments. The first week, I drank raw milk. The next, I

returned to pasteurized, and the following I restarted the
raw milk. I repeated this one more time and kept a record of when I had the sniffles and runny nose. The second day after I swapped to raw milk my sniffles stopped. The first day I drank pasteurized milk, the sniffles came back. When I left the pasteurized milk for good, I almost never have the sniffles.

excerpts from Jocelyn’s blog, United States

For most of my life, I have hated milk. It tasted absolutely horrible to me. I never liked it, and I have many memories of not finishing the cup of milk my mom wanted me to

drink with breakfast each day. The beverage simply grossed
me out, and I would refuse to drink it unless it was heavily sweetened with chocolate or some other sugar-laden syrup. Unflavored cows’ milk and I were simply not good friends, and I avoided it like the plague. It wasn’t until about a year ago, after 25 years of hating cows’ milk, did I suddenly discover a love for it. Not just a love for it, but a passion for it! What suddenly changed? I tried raw pastured cows’ milk. For most of my life, the only milk I had ever tasted was from pasteurized (dead) milk that came from grain-fed, and drugged up (sick) cows. After I had enough with trying to approach my health the way the mainstream experts wanted me to, I decided to do

a lot of research into organic, clean food and holistic health.

The first thing I heavily researched was milk. I had heard from some friends who had found real food for themselves talk highly of raw milk, and something intrigued me… This was the first time I had ever encountered the idea that cows should be eating grass on green pastures, rather than being stuck in feed lots eating fattening grains like corn and soy. Not only are pastured cows more natural and healthy, but their raw milk is full of good bacteria and is highly nutrientdense (especially in comparison to pasteurized milk). Many

people with lactose intolerance can drink raw milk with no
symptoms, because raw milk still contains lactase, the enzyme our bodies need to digest lactose. When milk is pasteurized, that lactase is killed off with all the other good bacteria. I bought myself a half gallon jug of Organic Pastures (California) whole raw milk and poured myself a glass.

And. it. was. DELICIOUS!

I couldn’t believe it! It tasted like I was drinking yummy ice

cream! Not the horrible pasteurized milk flavor I had grown
to hate. It was amazing. Suddenly, I couldn’t get enough of milk! Not only were my taste buds excited, my body began to

feel more energized. At this point in my life, I had adrenal
fatigue, (though I didn’t know it yet) and I always felt very low on energy. I had to eat a lot of food in order to feel a normal amount of energy, but raw milk was so nutrient-dense that I could go hours and hours with tons of energy after just drinking a glass of it. It made me feel so awesome, that within a week or two of discovering raw milk, I

bought myself a bike
and began to bike to and from my day job. That was a total of 15 miles of biking

each day.

I basically went from being a couch potato who barely ever made it to the gym to a bike enthusiast who biked for about 2 hours each day. And all because I Introduced raw milk into my life. And it didn’t stop at the biking. With a sudden surge in

energy after drinking raw milk, I began to have more energy
to research further into holistic health and organic foods. This then led me to observe health more closely, get the help I needed to fix my ailing body, and gain the super amounts of energy I now experience every day eating local, clean, organic and pastured foods. If I had one food to thank for the success I have today, it would be raw milk. This super food truly started my journey to better health! Did you know that whole milk has only about 3% fat? Until I

did the research, I always wondered why there were1% and 2%
milks. Turns out, you’re not getting that much more fat from whole milk, you’re actually getting more awesome healthy fats by drinking whole milk.

I still drink raw milk every week, and I’ve since added more raw
dairies such as cheese, kefir and on occasion, ice cream!

Deb I truly believe in the healing effects of raw milk. For me, personally, I no longer have irritable bowel syndrome or the daily congestion and sinus infections I used to experience when I regularly drank pasteurized milk. My daughter can consume small quantities of pasteurized milk. If she intakes too much, her stomach becomes quite upset. An acid reflux reaction occurs. However, the raw milk does not give her that reaction at all.

I believe since I introduced raw milk into our diet my stomach has been healed and functions the way it was meant to be naturally. I can honestly say at this time that if we could not purchase raw milk any longer I would not purchase pasteurized milk or consume it as part of my diet any longer, and this is coming from a person who just loves to drink milk every day.

Marie, United States

Drinking pasteurized and homogenized milk gave me severe digestion problems. After researching, I discovered I was

lactose intolerant. Over the past 7 years, my husband and I
have been drinking raw milk every week. I don’t want to drink pasteurized milk ever again. When my daughter asked me, “What should I give my toddler to drink when I wean him?” I replied, “Raw milk”. My grandson, 4, has been drinking raw milk since he was 1 year old. Now, my daughter makes formula from raw milk for her infant. My grandchildren have been extremely healthy and have never had any issues with consuming raw milk. Our research has led us to believe that by consuming natural, unprocessed foods our bodies have a fighting chance to . withstand exposure to harmful viruses, bacteria and other

toxins in our environment. Raw milk has been consumed for thousands of years and is considered extremely healthy by many people. Modern food industries have persuaded most of us

to believe that certain methods of processing are beneficial,
(at least tastier) without considering the consequences. If we allow ourselves to think rationally, we should conclude that minimizing modern processing is healthier in most cases.

Nicole, United States I am a wife and mom of two children under 5. I’ve noticed after my family started using raw milk more regular (and less smelly) bowel movements and no allergic reactions (my family was previously said to be lactose intolerant). I have clearer skin (I used to regularly suffer from hives). The bloating in my hands and feet is gone, and I’m losing weight for the first time in three years!!

Cindy All of my life I have struggled with bronchitis, missing one to two weeks of school or work every winter and spring. This was in addition to all other colds, flu, injuries, etc. My mom told me she was like me when she was young and that I’d grow out of it. When I entered my teens, I was doing better until high school. Then I started getting sick again. Both of my parents grew up on raw milk and thought they’d

try it again. We drove to a drive-through dairy in San Bernardino
to get it. Right away my health improved. The dairy eventually closed, and so we no longer purchased the raw milk. I spent my 20s, 30s and 40s sick with bronchitis at least once a year. I would get so sick I couldn’t get out of bed and feel so weak sometimes I thought I was dying. When I turned 50, I started getting sick more often, and in 2008, it was 1 to 2 times monthly missing from 1 to 2 weeks of work from each bout.

I remembered my parents buying the raw milk, and that’s when I discovered the Weston A. Price Foundation and real milk. I started drinking raw milk again in December 2008 and

have been drinking it ever since. I’ve worked around people
at work in an office with at least one person every month getting a respiratory illness. Yet in 18 months, I only lost time from one bout and recovered in less than one week. I try to tell everyone around me about the good nutrition that raw milk provides. Unfortunately, most people are brainwashed by the media scare tactics, and they continue to struggle with respiratory illnesses and lose time having to recuperate. But for me it has been a lifesaver!

Annika, Certified Nutritionist My baby was allergic/sensitive to pasteurized cow milk based products since birth. While breastfeeding, I could not even consume any cow dairy products myself or my breast milk would make her very sick resulting in her screaming with pain for hours and vomiting. When it came time to wean her, I wanted to supplement my breast milk with formula, but because most infant formulas are made in a base of pasteurized dairy, even small amounts of formula would make my 8 month old sick. She would get a red rash on her face and have tummy aches with gas. Then I discovered raw milk. I started giving her raw goat milk, and she did incredibly well! Absolutely no skin rash, no tummy ache, and no gas. Then I tried raw cow milk, and likewise, she digested it perfectly and thrived on these raw milks.

As I introduced solids, I experimented with pasteurized yogurt and cheeses between age 8-36 months, and she always got a skin rash. Yet, she does great on raw milk products, with no negative reaction at all! In addition, she has thrived on raw milk. She continues to drink 25-30 ounces per day, and is top of the charts in height and overall health. She is in school 5 days per week and recovers very quickly from any cold or fever, has never needed any antibiotic or medication, nor has she had any vaccinations. In addition to the great benefits my child has experienced, my husband has also been very pleased with the fact that he is able to enjoy raw milk. For many years, he’s suffered with lactose intolerance and has avoided dairy. But he is able to drink raw milk without any gastrointestinal discomfort, so he is thrilled!

Excerpts from Molly’s blog, United States Those who know and use raw dairy products might find this post a bit of a snooze. But if you are like I was, you won’t even necessarily know that standard grocery store milk has been heated, sometimes several times, to a point that virtually renders the benefits of the milk useless. The heat kills enzymes that actually help digest the dairy. Plus, techniques used to prevent the milk from separating while on the shelf alter the delicate properties of the milk, making it more allergenic, at least to my body and possibly yours. Back in the day, the words “pasteurization” and “homogenIzation” (forcing milk at a high pressure through small holes to prevent separation of the cream) were familiar terms to me, but certainly not understood. I, without question, associated them with safety, security and as a result, health. I did not realize that techniques are used, in some cases, to prevent already unhealthy milk from causing harm. I have come to understand that the healthy farming practices of a nearby, trusted farmer provide the same, if not better, safety results with all the health-giving, immune-building qualities of milk firmly intact. As a vegetarian from age 9-27, I was aware of the views my vegan counterparts held, like “Milk is for baby cows, not humans” and “Milk is mucous”. I ate dairy, but mainly butter, cheese and a bit of yogurt, all very rarely. Plus, I didn’t like the way a glass of (pasteurized) milk made me feel, so I never, ever bought a gallon.

I associated milk with the ear infections I constantly cycled through as a child, and I instead opted for soy, almond or rice milk, convinced I was healthy and one step ahead of the curve. I had no idea that curve for me was ultimately heading downward because soy milk was a strong root of many of my nagging health issues. I also conveniently overlooked the plethora of additives found in boxed milk alternatives. A crack formed in my anti-milk armor in culinary school when introduced to the book, Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon. Ms. Fallon goes for the jugular of pasteurized milk. She explains in great scientific detail why carefully sourced raw milk and traditionally fermented raw milk products are far superior to their pasteurized milk counterparts. I began to understand why I had been getting ear infections and sinus infections after using pasteurized milk. I learned of traditional cultures who thrived on the life-giving, immune-enhancing benefits of raw dairy. Not everyone does well on dairy, even raw, but I was ready to give it a try. Creamy, rich and deeply flavorful, there was absolutely no comparison. Raw milk tasted alive and health-giving. I honestly loved it, but I still hadn’t fully unwound the former vegetarian programming. When I moved to California, raw milk was legal. I got a buzz from purchasing my raw milk in the dairy coolers, right next to the pasteurized option. Celebrating the freedom to buy at my whim, I upped my consumption, but wasn’t still fully converted.

In fact, raw milk didn’t permanently park itself in my refrigerator until November, 2009, just 7 months ago, after I first attended the Weston A. Price Foundation’s yearly conference in Chicago. Something shifted inside of me after being surrounded by a perspective that appealed so deeply to my roots. I began to understand that health for me didn’t have to revolve around the latest spirulina and goji berries. I yearned for things I’ve always known, like dairy, meat, fish, grains, beans, vegetables and fruit, but finally, after years of twists and turns, I felt empowered to navigate those food groups. Looking back, the knowledge had actually begun to take root years before the conference. My year-long fascination with “raw foods” techniques taught me soaking and sprouting, Being a vegetarian taught me the value of organic produce, and ultimately returning from vegetarianism taught me the proper ways to treat animals within the cycle of life. Without knowing it, I had danced around the fringes of a traditional food lifestyle, but it was sitting in that conference, listening to Sally Fallon’s grounded information that it clicked and subsequently congealed. This basic and very old-fashioned diet was me. I knew it to my core. It was my foundation, and I had no farther to dig. I am aware that there is always a flip side to every arguement, but I just don’t see how treating our animals, water and land with care could end up being the wrong answer. Raw milk from well-treated, grass-fed cows quite simply feels natural to me.

The meat I choose to eat is grass-fed and pastured, without soy feeds. The fats I eat are unrefined and largely saturated. The vegetables and fruits are organic and local, as much as possible. I soak my grains and beans.

And finally, the dairy I consume is grass-fed and raw from a trusted farmer.

I do not get ear infections or sinus troubles with this dairy. Raw milk doesn’t trigger these deep allergic reactions common to pasteurized milk in my body; however, several glasses can still set off my candida (yeast-related symptoms similar to those caused by eating lots of sugar) because milk has lactose (sugar). Although I can drink a single glass with ease, I most often turn my milk into a simple fermented dairy drink called kefir. Because kefir is fermented, which pre-digests the lactose, it keeps my candida in check, while enabling me to enjoy the immune-enhancing benefits of larger quantities of raw dairy. If you are lactose intolerant, raw milk may be your solution. And if you have a tendency towards candida, homemade kefir may be your answer. With this diet, I finally have been feeling stronger, more solid and more content with each passing day. Oh, and one more thing…I also use refined white flour for my occasional pie crusts and gravies because I am a firm believer in the healing properties of a good dose of balance. The 80 (good)/ 20 (treat) rule is a great, great thing.

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