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Our Board of Education in Cowichan passed 3 and final Reading of the Budget Bylaw May 16 2012 at the regular open board meeting held at Mt. Prevost School in Duncan. Our trustees need the support of employees, families and communities both for their restoration budget and for the democracy which placed them on the school board. We are asking people across our community to stand with us. You can support our board and our budget with a letter which:    Expresses support for our Restoration Budget. Advocates for keeping our elected trustees in their positions as community representatives. Outlines the importance of the restorative budget measures that relate to you specifically.
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We suggest your letter goes to all of the following: All trustees of the Cowichan School Board Krista Sieften

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Our ‘Made in Cowichan’ Budget is designed to fulfill the key aim of the District Strategic Plan—to improve learning conditions for all of our students. Over many years of district budget development, the views of partner groups received only token interest and never made any impact on the outcome of the process. This year, the budget has been built based on strong public input including the long standing concerns of our employees, families and Aboriginal peoples. This time trustees listened; this time they heard. The Cowichan Budget requires just over $3.7 million (or $462 per student in Cowichan) in additional revenue from our provincial government to cover our restoration plans. The Cowichan Board Trustees who were elected on a platform to lead the fight for full funding are fulfilling this pledge by sending this budget to the Ministry. We can rebuild and we can begin to restore the programs and services lost over years of cuts. However, as we now understand more clearly than ever before, advancing our budget can only be accomplished through the determined struggle of our families and staff. Our Cowichan Board is being threatened with removal if they do not fold and submit a balanced budget by June 30th. The Budget will be balanced only by further cuts to our schools and our children’s learning options. After all, the province can replace our trustees but that will not change the conditions under which our students and staff learn and work. Let the provincial government know you will stand up for public education. Get involved in the campaign to support the Cowichan Budget and Board: 1. Come out to the June 6th and 20th rallies (3:30-5:00pm) and Board meetings (6:30pm start) at the School Board Office. 2. Work with friends, family and colleagues to write support statements. 3. Contact provincial and local government officials to express support for the budget and democracy. To get more involved in our Cowichan Budget Campaign, contact 250-709-0552 For further information, visit ‘The Budget Begins With You’ on Face Book