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:celebrating friendship


topshot 01 : Message from the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

up close & personal 02 : Personality profile featuring Datuk Abu Hassan bin Kendut

biz buzz 03 : Kick-off session with UEM Group business plan 2005
04 : DagangNet showcases suite of products on World Customs Day
: Time dotCom connects rural Sabah to the world
05 : UEM Land moves to Faber Tower
: Pharmaniaga enters herbal market with InnoHerb
06 : SmartTAG mampu dimiliki melalui promosi “100 untuk 100”
: Faber Group is ready to soar
07 : UEM World makes RM63 million net profit

flashback 08 : Malam Anugerah Kumpulan UEM
09 : UEM Group is gold sponsor at Invest Malaysia 2004
: UEM Group meets the media

PATRON spotlight 10 : Celebrating Friendship
Datuk Abu Hassan Kendut
Chairman, UEM Group
good work 12 : Mission in aid of Tsunami victims
Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin : Over RM1 million in cash and kind for Tsunami victims
Managing Director/ 13 : Time dotCom livens up the day at Asrama Kasih Sayang Darul Fitrah
Chief Executive Officer,
UEM Group : UEM Group Primary Literature Program goes nationwide
EDITOR 14 : Sesame Street Live!
Rosie Nasaruddin : Hari Alam Sekitar Kumpulan CIMA
General Manager, GCC

CO-EDITORS behind the scene 15 : Behind the scene with UEM Treasury
Roseta Mohd Jaafar
Naliza Fahro Rozi
get smart 16 : World’s Best Students at KYUEM
DEPUTY EDITORS : New department on the block
Jida Mohamed

CONTRIBUTORS family matters 17 : Against all odds UEM
Visvabalan Ramasamy 18 : Senior management appointments
Sufian Abdul Wahab
Zaiton Salehuddin : Welcome to UEM World
Ramzan Ibrahim : Department Renamed
PUBLISHER 19 : Best Employee Award
Group Corporate
Communications (GCC) speak out 19 : Shahdee Ahmad, Faber Medi-Serve Berhad

especially at work. We must continue to strive to improve our performance. Notable revenue growth was seen in most of our companies while others will have to continue to persevere to do better. we must leap forward and seize the great opportunities that exist. assets and our people. passion and teamwork. Let us join hands and put our minds and hearts together and let our passion for success pave the way forward. the expedition team returned in glory. I hope that the passion and dedication that was shown in conquering this challenge is shared by all and will be shown in facing everyday challenges. we saw an improvement in our financial performance in 2004. Congratulations to the team! On that note. Yours sincerely. Our greatest challenge is to ensure that all these resources are being managed and optimised in ensuring greater synergies amongst our Group Companies. With re-energised vision for the Group. I felt it apt to reflect the spirit of our people in this timely publication. We must deliver our commitment to perform and give our utmost best. both individually and at the company level. Overall. it is our responsibility to set the right examples and live by our credo. strive with the aim of elevating the UEM brand to a greater level and seize the opportunities that come our way. As illustrated in the front cover of this newsletter. I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank all of you for the hard work and cooperation that you have demonstrated in 2004. we must aim to lead and not follow to remain competitive and relevant. sincerity of intent. competitive. UEM is now a more organised and focused group as a result of the successful financial restructuring exercise that was undertaken in the previous two years. Let us endeavour to be ahead of the industry by being professional. Proof of sheer determination. Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer . Early this year. the new quarterly UEM Group newsletter. As our country’s leading conglomerate in infrastructure development and partner in nation building. I strongly believe Update will not only be an informative and entertaining read for everyone. 2005 and the years to come may be full of challenges. innovative and proactive in providing quality services to our valued customers and partners. MESSAGE The year 2005 sees our Group with a new business plan to effectively make the most of our three key resources - financial strength. we must as a team. but as in every challenge. we have acknowledged an excellent demonstration of these core values by our own colleagues who accomplished an amazing feat of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. but also to provide an avenue to channel news from and about the Group as well as to open doors for opinions and ideas. Furnished with a strikingly fresh style and look. Update will be a tool and medium of communications within the Group. It gives me great pleasure to present to you the first edition of Update. :topshot Dear Colleagues. giving UEM Group a solid foundation for an even better year in 2005. Integrity. home or play. passion for success and teamwork are values that we should continue to reflect in ourselves be it at work. In today’s challenging world and the ever changing needs of the of our customers.

doesn’t matter if it's 6 o’clock in the morning or 10 o’clock at night. Cooper & Lyrand as a B Junior Partner in 1974. civil engineer. housewife. I then joined Messrs. on the other hand. I am thankful to Allah SWT for what I have achieved. good health. I hope to be able to continue to play a lot more golf. quantity surveyor and an artiste. I enjoy it. As my interest was more professional practice. I want to maintain the balance in my life. businessman. ABOUT LIFE. the spiritual side of life and god willing. I retired from the firm in 1997 as a Senior Partner. In 1961. I used to play a lot of tennis when I was young. in membership. who only had Malay education.. but now I occupy my time with mostly golf. Most of us Senior Cambridge school leavers looked forward to become teachers as it was considered to be a very respectable job during that period. We also have a granddaughter from the marriage of our eldest son. to have achieved as much as I have in this lifetime. I still put on my jogging shoes and shorts and find time to jog. I was very much involved in the activities of the Institute. I am thankful to Allah SWT for what I have achieved. My siblings consist of teachers.. the youngest is currently 18 years old. I first went to a Malay school and two years later enrolled in an English school in Tampin. During my professional life. I grew up in a rural environment where career guidance was virtually absent. The government clerical staff was much respected. I’m a regular jogger and in fact I jog for an hour or so at least two or three times a week.. Turquand Youngs and Co. to have achieved as much as I have in this lifetime. the rest of us were given English education. In 1971. Education was important in our family and with the exception of my eldest sister. Zubaidah and I got married in 1971 and we are blessed with 4 boys. I stayed as a member of Corporate Debt Restructuring Committee (CDRC) for two years and subsequently joined the board of Khazanah Nasional Berhad and also became its an EXCO chairman. I joined Malaysian Airlines System Bhd as its Accounts Manager and became a member of the team tasked to set up the airline. ABOUT FAMILY.. I. But while I can still enjoy it. I’m 63 now and I still jog.. No matter where I am. The rest is history. I find the time to balance my time with work and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I became its president for the period from 1984 to 1986 and the Asean Federation of Accountants for 1987. I place great importance in keeping fit and healthy. a bit of work. was impressed by the civil servants at the district office. Hopefully. . I don’t want to burden myself with too many responsibilities anymore. my mother resigned after a few years of teaching. I grew up in a large family and both my parents were teachers. ABOUT THE FUTURE. I consider myself very lucky. My interest and involvement in the field of accountancy was by sheer coincidence. Zubaidah has a lower handicap than mine. namely. I was selected to be an Articled Clerk with Messrs..... As for golf. After a few months of ‘menganggur’ I received an offer to join Dewan Latihan RIDA. A year after my retirement. technical and examination committees. Datuk Ab Chair ma u Hassan n bin Kend ut ABOUT CAREER. a college set up by the government to help rural Malays to study book-keeping and secretarial practice. getting VIP treatment at kampong kenduri’s and very smartly dressed. :) up close & personal “ I consider myself very lucky.” ABOUT GROWING UP. pursuing the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants qualifications. I can reduce my handicap lower than Zubaidah..

Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin. :biz buzz KICK-OFF SESSION WITH UEM GROUP BUSINESS PLAN 2005 > WE’RE ALL SET TO TAKE 2005 BY STORM. Group Business Development also presented key strategies in the Group’s business development efforts and updates on key activities. Director. we must effectively capitalise on our three key resources. :03 The session began with a welcome address by UEM Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer. A dialogue with Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin followed by a Wrap up & Conclusion session concluded the event. REVISITED THE OBJECTIVES. UEM Group Chairman. He shared his insights and discussed the issues and prospects of the Malaysian economy for 2005 and beyond. UEM GROUP HELD A KICK-OFF SESSION FOR BUSINESS PLAN 2005 WITH ABOUT 50 SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM MEMBERS. Executive Director of the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research. and business growth and expansion. He reminded the team that “in becoming leaders of our respective industries. Professor Emeritus Dr. The strategies were: improving and enhancing our operational efficiency. Mohamad Azman Sulaiman. AND DISCUSSED HOW MUCH HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. followed by presentations on “Key Points and 2004 Estimates – Group Companies” by Managing Directors. GOALS AND PLANS THAT WERE SET DURING THE MANAGEMENT BRIEFING HELD IN APRIL 2004.” Datuk Abu Hassan Kendut. . AS THEY STEER THE DIRECTION OF THE GROUP FOR 2005. gave a keynote address that drove home three key strategies moving forward. Next on the agenda was a talk and dialogue session by a guest speaker. AT A ONE-DAY EVENT. creating shareholders value through greater productivity and growth by effectively and maximising all resources available to us. Our greatest challenge is to make sure all these resources are being managed and utilised so that we can have greater synergies amongst ourselves to grow the business. DURING THE SESSION. Mohamed Ariff.Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officers of Group Companies. BUSINESS The programme continued with a presentation on “Business Plan 2005 – Creating Value through Productivity and Growth” by Dato’ Ahmad Pardas. financial. assets and people. THE TEAM RECONVENED.

and was honoured by a special visit from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and his entourage. thereby providing a platform for future roads and power supply. Sultan of Selangor. DAGANGNET SHOWCASES SUITE OF PRODUCTS ON WORLD CUSTOMS DAY > AS A KEY BUSINESS PARTNER TO CUSTOMS. Selangor Menteri Besar. :04 TIME DOTCOM CONNECTS RURAL SABAH TO THE WORLD > THE COMMUNITIES IN 14 RURAL AREAS OF SABAH ARE NOW ENJOYING THE CONVENIENCE OF HAVING PHONES IN THEIR HOMES AND NEIGHBOURHOODS. However. TIME dotCom Berhad took this one While the project has had its fair share of step further by delivering the USP services via challenges in rolling out the telecommunications the latest Next Generation Network (NGN) infrastructure in remote areas with limited access capability. 2005. . This initiative goes hand-in-hand with successfully completed the project. FROM 6-8 FEBRUARY. TIME dotCom’s role is to setting up of Kedai. Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd >> sent a team of 33 personnel to participate in the “static march” held during the grand opening. It was awarded to high-speed Internet connection. briefed the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd’s operations. effort by TIME dotCom Berhad and MCMC to improve the lives of rural Malaysians. following the Under the USP project. Kedah and Perlis. Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd showcased its suite of products and services – MyPorts. ePermit Application and Order Fulfillment Services (OFS). the TIME dotCom connectivity to Broadband Internet Access in the Berhad team remained unfazed and 14 areas. TIME DOTCOM BERHAD. and Customs Director-General. products and services. At the launch of the event. Later. USP is an initiative aimed at providing telephony the Government’s National Broadband Plan to amenities in selected underserved and remote wire at least 10% of the Malaysian population to districts in East Malaysia.koms in 2003. Saifol Bahri Mohd Shamlan. DAGANG NET TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD WAS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE XXIII WORLD CUSTOMS DAY CELEBRATION HELD IN UITM SHAH ALAM. The event was officially launched by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and attended by dignitaries that included the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Tan Sri Abdul Halil Abdul Mutalib. TIME dotCom Berhad by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission The USP project represents yet another joint- (MCMC). which today provide public payphones and residential provide payphone and Broadband access to 13 phones to selected districts which had no ready selected kampungs in Perak. access to telecommunications facilities. Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd’s Chief Executive Officer. THANKS TO THE RECENT COMPLETION OF THE UNIVERSAL SERVICE PROVISION (USP) PHASE 1 PROJECT BY UEM GROUP TELECOMMUNICATIONS DIVISION.

HJ. UEM Land Sdn Bhd. which means the pellets are gentle on the stomach. Its main concern is to develop Bandar Nusajaya and position it as the preferred location for residential development. education park. the proposed medical city. which spearheads the property arm of UEM Group. We foresee the potential in InnoHerb and endeavour to work towards identifying and introducing new pharmaceuticals technology from the world over to develop the local traditional medicines. AND WAS WITNESSED BY OVER 200 PHARMACISTS AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. All of which serves to enhance the value of Bandar Nusajaya and place it as a “World City” with a global identity. As for projects in Cyberjaya. enthused: “InnoHerb marks Pharmaniaga’s entry into the herbal supplement market. its subsidiary. and contains standardised concentrations of active compounds from herbal extracts. DEPUTY MINISTER OF HEALTH MALAYSIA. an advanced patented French technology of tiny. PHARMANIAGA ENTERS HERBAL MARKET WITH INNOHERB Pharmaniaga Berhad’s Managing Director. plans to focus more on Johor in 2005. THE MOVE WAS NECESSARY TO ACCOMMODATE UEM LAND’S EVER GROWING REQUIREMENTS FOR EFFECTIVE OPERATION. . but also upper gastrointestinal tolerance. and our support towards the growing trend of using alternative medicines. THE LAUNCH WAS OFFICIATED BY YB DATUK DR. < Each InnoHerb capsule encases Phytogranules® microbeads which measure 1mm or less in diameter. This not only improves absorption. ABDUL LATIFF AHMAD. enhanced-release herbal pallets. A NEW HERBAL :05 SUPPLEMENT RANGE. The microbeads are coated with a special polymer that enhances the stability of active substances by protecting them against degradation and sustaining their release. One of the main reasons for the increasing interest in herbal medicine is its low toxicity. which leads to fewer side effects as compared to pharmaceutical drugs. ON 15 SEPTEMBER 2004 IN SUBANG JAYA. industrial park and theme park. UEM LAND MOVES TO FABER TOWER ON 21 MARCH 2005. UEM LAND SDN BHD OFFICIALLY MOVED TO THE 18TH FLOOR OF FABER TOWERS 2 IN TAMAN DESA AFTER LONG RESIDING IN MCOBA BUILDING. Mahisa Sdn Bhd will continue to complete the construction of the D’Cassia Apartments and Commercial Centre A. > PHARMANIAGA MARKETING SDN BHD OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED INNOHERB.” InnoHerb utilises innovative Phytogranules® technology. Meanwhile. Azhar Hussain. the Company will also be developing other catalyst developments like the new Johor State Administrative Centre.

ELITE. With the experience and expertise that the division has acquired. negara-negara maju. Datuk Yahaya Yaacob. as promised to shareholders. Faber Group Berhad’s Managing Director. promosi SmartTAG “100 Untuk 100” ini telah bermula pada 4 April 2005 dan akan berlangsung selama beberapa bulan. Noorizah Hj Abd Hamid. is in its eighth year of operation. tersedia. MyKad. layari laman sesawang kami di “Anjakan daripada bayaran tunai kepada bayaran www.6 BILLION TO A MANAGEABLE RM196 MILLION. hanya perlu permintaan sepanjang promosi ini dijalankan dan menunjukkan kad mereka yang aktif di kaunter jualan pengguna tidak perlu risau akan tahap stok yang Touch ’n Go yang sah.” The Healthcare Division. Pengerusi RSSB berkata. after receiving its shareholders’ approval for the disposal of its 49% stake in Inter- Heritage Sdn Bhd (which owns the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur) to United Engineers (M) Bhd at an extraordinary general meeting on 30 August 2004. Pemegang kad pintar nasional. SmartTAG akan dijual di kaunter jualan yang sah di “Promosi SmartTAG “100 Untuk 100” in adalah Plus Expressway. Lebih banyak apabila membuat pembayaran tol secara elektronik”. which currently holds a 15-year concession for the provision of hospital support services to Government hospitals under the Ministry of Health for the northern states of the peninsular. Our Healthcare and Property Development Divisions are expected to contribute 60% and 40% to revenue respectively. pengguna yang sedia ada dan baru akan layak untuk membeli satu SmartTAG unit pada harga RM100 apabila mereka menambah nilai atau membeli kad Touch ’n Go pada kadar RM100. We also plan to improve earnings by focusing on the strategic growth in these two core businesses and ensuring a more efficient cost structure. NPE. said: “The debt restructuring leaves Faber Group with a cleaner balance sheet. >> FABER GROUP IS READY TO SOAR > THE COMPLETION OF FABER GROUP BERHAD’S DEBT RESTRUCTURING SCHEME HAS GIVEN FABER GROUP BERHAD A NEW LEASE OF LIFE WITH DEBTS NOW PARED DOWN FROM RM1. which is Sheraton Hanoi in Vietnam. Untuk mendapatkan maklumat yang lebih memperbaiki mutu perjalanan trafik di semua plaza tol. Faber Group will have one hotel remaining in our stable.” beliau berkata. Penang Bridge. sebahagian daripada usaha kami untuk mengalakkan Ampang Elevated Highway. Datuk Seri Samy Vellu. SMARTTAG MAMPU DIMILIKI MELALUI PROMOSI “100 UNTUK 100” > UNTUK MENGGALAKKAN PENGGUNAAN SMARTTAG DI TOL.touchngo. Healthcare and Property Development. OPERATOR SISTEM PEMBAYARAN ELEKTRONIK SMARTTAG DAN KAD TOUCH ’N GO. setanding dengan (03) 76285115. The Property Development arm has begun a mixed-development on 100 acres of land in Kepong. yang mempunyai fungsi Touch ’n Go juga layak menikmati promosi ini. This was announced on 30 September 2004. SILK. Sabah and Sarawak. kaunter akan dibuka tidak lama lagi dan RSSB akan mengadakan kaunter jualan bergerak di pusat-pusat Datuk Seri Samy Vellu mengungkapkan rasa gembira membeli-belah dan juga di kawasan rehat dan rawat beliau terhadap inisiatif RSSB kerana ianya seiring di sepanjang lebuhraya untuk memenuhi permintaan dengan pelan dan matlamat kerajaan untuk pengguna. The approval by the shareholders was the last required pursuant to conditions set out by the Securities Commission. Besraya dan pengguna tol menikmati keselesaan pandu terus stesen servis Petronas yang terpilih. Dalam satu upacara pelancaran yang dirasmikan oleh Menteri Kerja Raya. Di bawah promosi atau membuat panggilan secara elektronik ini akan menggalakkan pembangunan :06 ke Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan Touch ’n Go sistem aliran bebas di Malaysia. and venture into the international market especially within the ASEAN region. The division will also be actively looking for strategic land banks for joint development or acquisition. TELAH MELANCARKAN PROMOSI SMARTTAG “100 UNTUK 100”. it is now poised to secure new businesses from non-concessions and other healthcare institutions. . RANGKAIAN SEGAR SDN BHD (RSSB). and we are poised to revitalise our two remaining core businesses. Untuk pemegang kad “Zing” daripada bank-bank yang RSSB menjamin kepada pengguna umum bahawa menyediakan perkhidmatan tambah nilai automatik dan stok SmartTAG adalah mencukupi untuk menampung juga pelanggan korporat FleetPass. Linkedua.

7 per cent.82 million revenue.4 MILLION FOR THE YEAR.5 per cent from a year ago. up 26.33 million on RM359. CONTRIBUTION TO THE GROUP Core Business (RM Million) Revenue Profit before tax Engineering and construction 2. the company said a year-on-year comparison was not appropriate due to the timing of the Group’s restructuring and the different composition of the Group before and after the restructuring. of which concession sales made up 61.0) Manufacturing 566.0 160.138.0 19. In a statement. Financing figures were also affected by exceptional gains arising from the restructuring in 2003. the Group reported net profit of RM314.1 million in pre-tax profit on the back of RM541. “UEM World Berhad’s new structure will see its future earnings being less dependent on the construction sector as its wholly-owned property and environmental operations start to contribute positively to its bottom line. “Despite the increasingly competitive market.9 (10. Significant growth was also driven by a US$13.1) :07 Total 2.4 Investment NA (9.5 Environmental services 104. FROM 35. THE UEM GROUP’S LISTED FLAGSHIP COMPANY. UEM World Berhad remains optimistic and is looking forward to the challenges in 2005”.5 million revenue.6 SEN BEFORE.7 (40. WHILE EARNINGS PER SHARE STOOD AT 4.7 million.9) Property 53.6 SEN. Healthcare division Pharmaniaga Berhad posted RM800 million revenue. Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin said. The engineering and construction business was the main contributor to the revenue and profit.” he added.863.UEM WORLD MAKES RM63 MILLION NET PROFIT > UEM WORLD BERHAD. UEM Builders Berhad contributed revenue of RM1. thanks to a recurring income stream from Projek Penyelenggaraan Lebuhraya Berhad and Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd.4 * Associate Company For the financial year ended 31 December 2003.4 176. PRE-TAX PROFIT WAS RM160.164 billion.45 MILLION NET PROFIT ON RM2. however. HAS RECORDED RM63. recorded a pre-tax loss of RM40 million due to allowances for doubtful non-trade debts on the back of a revenue of RM53.80) contract to supply pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to West Asia. Property arm UEM Land Sdn Bhd. followed by its manufacturing and healthcare operations. Asset development and asset management consultancy outfit Kinta Kellas plc registered RM33. .5 Healthcare* NA 24.9 BILLION REVENUE FOR ITS FIRST FULL YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 2004.3 million (US$1 = RM3.

battled for the title of UEM Idol by presenting one song each. while the second and third places were respectively captured by Afzanizam Jailani from PLUS Expressways Berhad and Ahmad Termizi Mohd Shabidin from UEM Land Sdn Bhd. THE GALA EVENT WAS A CELEBRATION OF THE GROUP’S COMPANIES’ AND EMPLOYEES’ ACHIEVEMENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Special Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement/Contribution to Society – Noor Amali Mahat from PLUS Expressways Berhad Special Merit Awards for Outstanding Education Awards amongst Employees’ Children – SPM: Amni Hidayah Mohd Tauffick. Ahmad Syahir Ahmad Bakhit and Nurul Fazilah Aziz. . :fl shback MALAM ANUGERAH KUMPULAN UEM :08 > > IT WAS A NIGHT OF STARS IN THE SELANGOR BALLROOM AT SHERATON SUBANG HOTEL AND TOWERS AS OVER 2000 OF UEM GROUP STAFF GATHERED FOR MALAM ANUGERAH UEM ON 3 JULY 2004. Bowling. held the crowd enthralled. The activity-filled night also featured an entertaining UEM Idol competition. Dato’ Ahmad Pardas said that the evening was an opportunity for all UEM Group employees to get to know each other better. Norsaini Azali from CIMA Berhad emerged the champion. the audience was continuously entertained by the antics of the evening’s hosts – comedian Farouk Hussein and TV3’s Norazlina Ridzuan. The glamorous evening peaked with a show of pyrotechnics and laser beams that wowed the audience. Before the evening was over. – PMR: Khalisah Liyana Zulkefli. Ning Baizura and Anuar Zain. BEST EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD Best Employee (Executive) – Choon Kok Hoo from Faber Medi-Serve Sdn Bhd Best Employee (Non Executive) – Roslan Samad from PLUS Expressways Berhad Most Improved Company – Faber Medi-Serve Sdn Bhd Best Performing Company – PLUS Expressways Berhad CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS AT MALAM ANUGERAH UEM 2004 UEM Group Sports Carnival Champions Badminton. Throughout the evening. Each contender. 12 representatives from UEM Group companies showed off their vocal styles and hidden talents. The evening also marked the first major event to be held after Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin took over from Dato’ Abdul Wahid Omar as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of UEM Group. to form a united front as the Company charts new heights as Malaysia’s leading conglomerate in nation building. Ahmad Fariz Azhar and Mohd Syahirul Syfiq Johari. decked in his or her finest. Football – all won by Expressways Division Sports Personality of the Year – Ahmad Zabidi Mustafa from Kinta Kellas plc. Volleyball. Malaysia’s two most favourite artistes. During his welcome address.

UEM World Berhad was formed. Held at Tun Razak Hall 3. PLUS Expressways Berhad. UEM GROUP WILL FOCUS ON BUSINESS GROWTH AND EXPANSION IN THREE MAJOR GROUPINGS – UEM WORLD BERHAD. “Moving forward. made up of public listed companies. EXPRESSWAYS AND TECHNOLOGY. Pharmaniaga Berhad. brokers. with focus on five core businesses – Engineering & Construction. Property and Manufacturing. Invest Malaysia 2004 also provides the opportunity for investors to consult with brokers and other investment managers who will participate in the fair. It drew thousands of visitors. Environmental Services. unit trust companies and related associations. Kinta Kellas plc. Invest Malaysia 2004 provides the opportunity for all investors to learn more about smart investing. Prime Minister of Malaysia. Healthcare. including institutional investors and the investing public. Group Companies that participated in the exhibition included UEM World Berhad.” Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin added. capitalising on resources and strengths from the three groups to aggressively grow the businesses and create value for shareholders and investors”. “UEM Group has successfully restructured its debt and businesses. Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin said: “UEM Group will adopt a three-Trojan-horse strategy. Following the completion of UEM Group’s corporate restructuring exercise. . The four-day exposition. Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs and the Securities Commission. PARTICULAR EMPHASIS WILL BE PLACED ON BUSINESSES UNDER UEM WORLD BERHAD AS PART OF ITS VALUE CREATION STRATEGY. we want to translate our initiatives into tangible value such as good dividend yields and capital growth. UEM Builders Berhad. :09 > > IN SUPPORT OF THE GOVERNMENT’S EFFORTS TO IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF THE GOVERNMENT LINKED COMPANIES. enabling it to capitalise on the resources and synergies present within and across its flagship companies to drive growth and productivity. our value creation strategy includes improving and prioritising UEM World’s under performing assets and investments as part of our overall initiative to generate better shareholder returns and meet our debt obligations. It was the biggest investor education effort in recent years. CIMA Berhad and Faber Group Berhad. UEM GROUP MEETS THE MEDIA Speaking at a meet-the-media session on the Group’s strategy at Sheraton Subang Hotel and Towers in October last year. held in August 2004. UEM GROUP IS GOLD SPONSOR AT INVEST MALAYSIA 2004 << > UEM GROUP WAS ONE OF THE GOLD SPONSORS FOR INVEST MALAYSIA 2004. Ultimately. was officiated by YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi.” he added. TIME Engineering Berhad. investments houses. to increase awareness on investment options. the event showcased over 40 exhibitors. The exposition also featured an exhibition. TIME dotCom Berhad. a series of educational seminars and workshops to cultivate and promote healthy investing habits and encourage investment decisions based on fundamentals. to be familiarised with new products and services and to be updated on developments in Malaysian public companies. The event was organised by Bursa Malaysia Securities Exchange Berhad and supported by the Ministry of Finance. WITH NINE PUBLIC-LISTED COMPANIES JOINING EXHIBITION BOOTH.

to celebrate the Group’s achievements for the year among frien unite in friendship as the nation celebrates the multi-cultural festivities – Deepa Hari Raya Puasa. New Year and Chinese New Year. . MEMB This meaningful theme was kicked off during the Year-End Get-Together on 28 D 2004. The event held three well-meaning objectives: to show appreciation to all U > valued friends. Datuk Abu Hassan Kendut also presented a donation of RM30.:CELEBRATING FRIENDSH > IN THE WORDS OF UEM GRO OFFICER. in support of its hum efforts locally and abroad.00 Group to Datuk Jemilah Mehmood. President of MERCY. non-government and media organisations. LAWYERS. At the event. Christmas. including those from the corpora government. DATO’ AHMAD PA FRIENDSHIP WITH ALL OUR BANKERS. The event was attended by over 1.000 guests.


the two-day mission may be hard labour.000. The Group contributed RM100. MALAYSIA WAS NOT SPARED BY THIS GIANT KILLER WAVE. Kualiti Alam staff organised a lightning brigade to provide on-ground assistance. the team joined MERCY Malaysia Campaign during its Year-End Get-Together at Sheraton Subang Hotel and Towers. THE MOST DEVASTATED AREA HIT BY THE TSUNAMI IN MALAYSIA WAS KUALA MUDA. UEM Group coordinated a series of relief efforts to alleviate the plight of the victims of Tsunami disaster. to Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia (Malaysian Red Crescent Society). :g d work > WHEN THE TSUNAMI HIT ASIA ON 26 DECEMBER 2004. clothing. Brigade UEM managed to get to the worst-hit area on the same day to proceed with the task. KEDAH. it was worth To date. MISSION IN AID OF TSUNAMI VICTIMS :12 Heeding the call for help from MERCY Malaysia and OVER RM1 MILLION IN CASH AND KIND FOR TSUNAMI VICTIMS AMAN Malaysia. out to families of the victims. UEM Group was one of the first companies to contribute in aid of the disaster. Two days after the tragedy.000 in kind. working in air-conditioned environments. UEM Group staff and management. UEM Group further launched a Tsunami Disaster Relief On the second day. clean houses. the team helped Harian. But to them. Faber Group Berhad also presented RM58. THE WORLD WAS SHAKEN BY ITS TREMENDOUS IMPACT.” . This amount was matched by PLUS Expressways Berhad. In the spirit of social responsibility.000 was presented by Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin on behalf of Sri Kuala. TV3 and 8TV. On 26 December 2004.700 For members of the lightning brigade who were used to during the same ceremony. and cooking utensils to the stricken residents. volunteers from Penang and Kuala Lumpur for a This 2-week internal donation campaign managed to raise over RM100. Muda survivors at the end of the visit gave the brigade an optimistic feeling that they would be able to To quote UEM Group’s Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer: “Our hearts go surmount their difficulties.000 to the With a water-jet spray on loan from a supplier and Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund coordinated by the New Straits Times. UEM Group contributed over RM1 million in cash and kind (food. and handed out sponsored food. I hope our contribution will go a long way in assisting the families to start rebuilding their lives. every ounce of effort as the grateful faces of the Kuala pillows and toiletries) to the various funds set up for the Tsunami victims. clothes while Pharmaniaga Berhad pledged a contribution worth RM50. of gotong-royong to clean Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan which RM50. WHERE THERE WERE LOSS OF LIVES AND PROPERTIES. Berita students from Multimedia University.

A portion of the collection was utilised for the day’s event while the remainder will be used to fund other programmes that would benefit the children at Asrama Kasih Sayang Darul Fitrah. at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in July 2004. the UEM Group Primary Literature Programme has been taken nationwide through a series of workshops. Johor. PRIMARY LITERATURE PROGRAM GOES NATIONWIDE In continuing UEM Group’s efforts in championing education. the organising committee had initiated an internal donation drive to solicit cash contributions for charitable causes. language skills and knowledge in an exciting. Up to nine more workshops will be held throughout the country to fulfill the programme's target to have at least one workshop in every state before the year's end.000. The programme costing RM1. Since its official launch by Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. the event was initiated by a committee comprising of TIME dotCom Berhad’s Human Resource Department and members of the Surau An-nur. Perlis. SELANGOR.> IN THE TRUE SPIRIT OF GIVING AND CARING. THE EMPLOYEES OF TIME DOTCOM BERHAD SHOWED KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY BY ORGANISING A DAY OF FUN AND LAUGHTER FOR THE ORPHANS OF ASRAMA KASIH SAYANG DARUL FITRAH IN TAMAN GOMBAK RIA. . It was part of the Company’s ongoing community engagement efforts to contribute to the less fortunate while encouraging kindness towards others. souvenirs were given to all the children along with school stationery sets. >> TIME DOTCOM LIVENS UP THE DAY AT ASRAMA KASIH SAYANG DARUL FITRAH Held on 5 March 2005. It is to introduce to primary school teachers an alternative method of teaching English that provides children with the opportunities to develop at an early age. In the week leading to the event. At the end of the :13 fun-filled day. conducted in collaboration with The British Council Malaysia through the endorsement of the Curriculum Development Centre. enjoyable and rewarding way. Ministry of Education. The initiative received an overwhelming response from the staff of TIME dotCom Berhad. Terengganu. and raised approximately RM14. the workshops have taken place in states of Selangor. The event started with a series of indoor games for the children and was followed by outdoor activities as well as a song and poem recital performance by the children. the Minister of Education.5 million is co-sponsored by UEM Group and TIME Engineering Berhad. such as employing tuition teachers and opening savings accounts for them. The programme is not a new or an additional English subject. Pahang and Sabah.

Other guests present included YB Dato’ Seri Adenan Haji Satem. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. AND UNDERSCORES NOT ONLY THE COMPANY’S. and the CIMA Berhad Board of Directors. Festal Futsal Challenge. RAWANG HAD A RIB-TICKLING. “HARI ALAM SEKITAR KUMPULAN CIMA”. In line with UEM Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility endevours. Various activities involving the local community were conducted. this outing marks another effort by UEM Group to champion education. The show. Most Beautiful & Clean Mosque and School as well as Radio Malaysia Perlis Alam Sekitar Quiz. BUKIT JALIL. The Sesame Street Live show was an opportunity to expose children to the learning of English in an entertaining way.> OVER 100 CHILDREN AND CARETAKERS FROM PONDOK PENYAYANG RAUDAH. THE THEME EMBODIES CIMA’S CORPORATE CULTURE IN PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT. CIMA Berhad advocated environmental preservation amongst the local community in Perlis and disseminated information on the conservation efforts that were undertaken. Her Majesty Raja Puan Muda Perlis also released 400 fishes into Tasik Melati. which represented CIMA Berhad’s 29th anniversary. Burt and Ernie. GOMBAK AND PUSAT PEMULIHAN DALAM KOMUNITI. Grover. . Elmo. themed ‘Everyone Makes Music’. Visitors were also treated to environmental-themed songs and performances by CIMA Berhad’s own “Akademi Nirmala”. showcased some of children’s :14 favourite Sesame Street characters such as Big Bird. especially amongst the less fortunate. The children were especially excited when the Sesame Street Live cast greeted them before the show. EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINING TIME AT THE SESAME STREET LIVE SHOW HELD ON 11 DECEMBER 2004 AT STADIUM PUTRA. BUT ALSO THE GROUP’S EFFORTS IN PROMOTING ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS. the State Secretary. HARI ALAM SEKITAR KUMPULAN CIMA >> > THIS WAS THE STIRRING THEME FOR CIMA BERHAD’S ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPAIGN. Explorace. including a Bougainvillea Contest. State Speakers. The Cookie Monster. WHICH WAS HELD IN PERLIS LAST YEAR. For over two months. The highlight of the closing ceremony was the release of 29 doves. by His Majesty Tuanku Pemangku Raja Perlis.

we welcome their feedback projects are fulfilled and the financial resources required for the via our Customer Satisfaction Survey form. we are! And we are proud of it. we are involved in various corporate exercises such as project financing. There is nothing like a satisfied of us in the Treasury Department. IMPROVING OURSELVES THROUGH THE ISO CUSTOMERS AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION QUALITY SYSTEM Primarily. continuously improving our performance. Additionally. we have Division and companies within the Group. With the ISO spirit instilled in all a guarantee for their utilities facility. most of the improved our quality of work by constantly meeting deadlines given services provided were for UEM Builders Berhad. WONDER NO MORE FOR ALL YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED HERE… WE HOPE! Pardon us. especially in expediting our work processes and in meeting the Company’s organisational objectives. Baizatul Ain. :behind the sc ne BEHIND THE SCENE WITH UEM TREASURY > EVER WONDERED WHO IS HARD AT WORK BEHIND THE SCENE TO ENSURE THAT THERE ARE SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO FINANCE PROJECTS. This is most important as we need to ensure that the requirements set by the Group companies for bidding on all To ascertain customers’ satisfaction. Yayasan UEM. contributed by Mohd Zin Abdul Rahman . too! We have two procedures that were certified in Year 2001. which cover all areas that From left: Abdul Manan Nordin. It gives us a great sense of achievement when customers’ requirements are met. through regular review. we monitor our customers’ feedback closely and ensure that all grievances are Being ISO certified has certainly benefited us in improving our addressed accordingly. WE ARE ISO CERTIFIED Yes. has We hope you understand the Treasury Department and our given us the highest rating for the assistance provided in securing functions a little better now. we undertake initiatives to minimise the cost of the Company’s borrowings. debt restructuring and IPO exercise. by our customers. REPAY THE COMPANY’S BORROWINGS AND COVER THE OPERATING EXPENSES? AND HOW THESE ACTIVITIES ARE CARRIED OUT? FRIENDS. we ensure that the Company’s financial requirements are met. we assure you that we will customer! continuously improve our standard of competency. Fyzul Adzwan. relate to securing financial resources and trade line facilities for Mohd Zin Abdul Rahman. With the aim of projects at hand are not jeopardised. To date. we provide our services to the Business Development By implementing our ISO documented procedures. Lau Siew Ming Divisions within UEM as well as other Group companies. And we wish you a very warm WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF UEM TREASURY! OUR FUNCTIONS :15 In brief. We safeguard the Company’s financial resources by establishing credit facilities with financial institutions. but who exactly are we? We are no other than the staff of the UEM TREASURY DEPARTMENT. These procedures govern our activities. One of our customers. efficiency. Also. namely the procedures on Financial Resources Requirement and Trade Line Facility. Ramlan Abdul Rahman.

32 students capped this fine performance by being ranked in the Malaysian top ten for eight subjects in this IN SEPTEMBER 2004. SET UP << Meanwhile. and to lead or assist in other educational initiatives of the Group. EDS BRINGS THE FUNCTIONS OF YAYASAN UEM TO THE GROUP LEVEL. Three students. including Kolej Yayasan UEM. :get smart WORLD’S BEST STUDENTS AT KYUEM > KOLEJ YAYASAN UEM (KYUEM) STUDENTS EXCELLED IN THEIR CAMBRIDGE A-LEVEL EXAMINATIONS YET AGAIN. and comprises four other team members – Shahinaz Abdul Rahim. emerged as the world’s best in Accounting. Liyana was awarded the Malaysian Business Open Scholarship while Sin Yi procured the Malaysian English Open :16 Scholarship by Cambridge International Examinations. Rodziana Ahmad. while another 70% scored two or more A’s. 43% of KYUEM students who sat for the exams last year obtained straight A’s. Tan Sin Yi and Wilson Tay Tze Vern. the Renong Group Scholarship Trust Fund. Muhammad Ikmal Mohd Said. Liyana Nadirah Abd Rahman. Wilson and Sin Yi to receive the top-score in computing in Malaysia. Saravanan Nagappan joined Liyana. . THE LATEST DEPARTMENT TO JOIN UEM GROUP. Literature in English and History respectively. More students also qualified for places into the top universities in UK and Ireland. > A BELATED WELCOME TO ALL AT THE EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT (EDS) DEPARTMENT – same exam. >> NEW DEPARTMENT ON THE BLOCK The department’s principal functions are to manage Yayasan UEM. Mohd Shah Abdul Rahman and Azman Nasir. EDS is headed by Dr.

” inspire in our UEM colleagues and friends when we tell them about the UEM Kilimanjaro Expedition 2005. all UEM Group staff can look forward to sharing the team’s Kilimanjaro experience through a series of presentations and “Kilimanjaro really is a beautiful mountain. :family ma ers AGAINST ALL ODDS > ON 18 JANUARY 2005. K I L I M A N J A R O EXPEDITION2005 . which will be organised over the coming months. Even Kabie. When asked about the challenges faced by the expedition team leader Rene’e explained that the greatest difficulty was in overcoming the effects of the cold weather and high altitude. the highest point in all of Africa. The 5-member team comprising breast cancer survivor Rene’e Aziz Ahmad (PLUS Expressways Berhad). something that not everyone has the chance to do. no matter how tired we were. Zulkifli Kamarolzaman (UEM Construction Sdn Bhd) and P. Thomas Simon (UEM Builders Berhad) began the 100-km hike through the scenic terrain of the Machame Route on 22 January.340 feet. standing at 5.895 meters or 19. The objective of the expedition was to promote UEM Group’s core values of achieving gratification and excellence not only at work but also in our personal lives. who was first to arrive at Uhuru Peak. what does the team intend to do next? there is no limit to what we can achieve!” THE EDITORIAL BOARD WISHES TO CONGRATULATE THE KILIMANJARO 2005 EXPEDITION TEAM ON THEIR EFFORT IN CONQUERING MOUNT KILIMANJARO.. definitely.m. we demanded of us on Kilimanjaro and these are the qualities we hope to were lucky to enjoy good weather at Stella Point and at Uhuru Peak. began coughing up blood soon after and had to be brought down quickly to a lower elevation. Although “The climb really tested our semangat or fighting spirit as we had to keep we cannot confirm anything at this time. THE UEM KILIMANJARO EXPEDITION SET OFF FOR TANZANIA IN EAST AFRICA TO CLIMB MOUNT KILIMANJARO. It was also a privilege to be able to enjoy the rugged beauty of the mountain. FREE- STANDING MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD.” added Rene’e. THE TALLEST. Like all mountains. 2005. Roof of Africa. breathtaking scenery ranging from the moorlands at Shira Plateau to the snowfields and glaciers at the summit. thought to climbing other high altitude mountains such as Aconcagua in especially on summit day when the terrain became really steep and South America!” Kabie said. Was the climb worth the effort? “Yes. “With enough Having accomplished their mission to conquer the mountain known as the determination and the commitment to see things through to the end. “with motivational talks. 100%.” In the meantime. difficult. “Zafrul and Zul managed to reach Stella Point on the crater rim at 5. Zafrul Shamry Abdul Karim (Projek Penyelenggaraan Lebuhraya Berhad). On 26 January at approximately 9:45 a. Khairul Ariffin ‘Kabie’ Ibrahim (UEM Group). the weather can “Determination and commitment – these are the qualities that were change abruptly but although we had a few hailstorms on the way up. Kabie and Rene’e succeeded in reaching Uhuru Peak. some of us are giving serious pushing ourselves despite the freezing cold.” said Rene’e.” enthused Zafrul.685 meters and were just two hours away from reaching Uhuru Peak. “We are in the midst of proposing another Expedition for 2006. But they were :17 both suffering from fatigue and altitude sickness and had to make the difficult decision to turn back without attempting the final ascent to the peak.

Prior to joining us. WELCOME TO UEM WORLD NEW RECRUITS NAME POSITION DATE JOINED DIVISION / DEPARTMENT Mohd Ramlan Abdul Rahman General Manager 3 January 2005 Group Finance Tiow Wei Sheng Executive 2 February 2005 Group Internal Audit Khoo Pei Pei Executive 2 February 2005 Group Finance Emilia Mohamed Yusoff Executive 2 February 2005 Group Finance . . WAN ROSLAN WAN ABBAS AS GENERAL MANAGER OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT WITH EFFECT FROM 18 APRIL 2005. Zaki also served as Senior General Manager. He is a Fellow Certified Practising Accountant (FCPA) of CPA Australia and a Chartered Accountant (CA) of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).Reporting Azlina Azmie Abdullah Executive 2 February 2005 Group Finance Tan Lih Rui Executive 2 February 2005 Group Finance . Prior to joining UEM Environment Group. Adnan has served in various senior positions in the UEM Group. Group Corporate Communications 2 March 2005 Zawiyah bt Abdullah Secretary Kinta Kellas plc. Finance and Management Services at United Engineers (Malaysia) Berhad from October 1997 to Febuary 2001. Wan Roslan will be primarily responsible for the management of human capital and resources for UEM Environment Group of companies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (majoring in Accounting) from Western Australian Institute of Technology. Zaki started his career in KPMG Peat Marwick between 1985 to 1991. With this new appointment. Australia (presently known as Curtin University of Technology). working for organisations such as The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad (NSTP). He has extensive senior level experience in the financial field. ADNAN MOHAMAD AS CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER OF UEM BUILDERS BERHAD WITH EFFECT FROM 1 APRIL 2005. Group Human Resources and Administration in Time dotCom Berhad and has served various companies with :18 the UEM Group in the areas of human resources and administration. including the Chief Operating Officer of UEM Builders Berhad from September 2001 to April 2003.SENIOR MANAGEMENT APPOINTMENTS MOHD ZAKI HAMDAN AS CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER OF CEMENT INDUSTRIES OF MALAYSIA BERHAD (CIMA) WITH EFFECT FROM 16 JANUARY 2005. His most recent appointment was as Director of ODT Timber Sdn Bhd. In addition.Reporting Izura Md Ikram Executive 2 February 2005 Group Internal Audit Mohammad Idzhan Abdullah Azmi Executive 2 February 2005 Group Business Development Mohd Hedzri bin P Jaafar Executive 2 February 2005 Group Business Development Mohd Fozae Samad Senior Manager 15 February 2005 Group Business Development Suzianna Aimee Mohd Rais Executive 10 March 2005 Group Internal Audit INTER-COMPANY TRANSFER NAME POSITION FROM TO EFFECTIVE DATE Roseta Mohd Jaafar Manager Kinta Kellas plc. Wan Roslan was the Vice President. Wan Roslan will also assist the Managing Director in overseeing the administrative functions and activities of UEM Environment Group. Group Business Development 7 March 2005 Amelia Abdul Rahman Executive Group Business Development Time Engineering Berhad 15 January 2005 DEPARTMENT RENAMED > WE WISH TO INFORM THAT UEM GROUP INTERNAL AUDIT/PRODUCTIVITY AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT/ RISK FACILITATION AND MONITORING DIVISION HAS BEEN RENAMED IMPROVEMENT AND ASSURANCE SERVICES DIVISION WITH EFFECT FROM 1 JANUARY 2005. Philips Audio Electronics Sdn Bhd and Makro Cash and Carry Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd.

Shahdee believes that it is an indication that her superiors trust her capabilities in delivering good quality work. and passion at work stems from having total commitment to the job and knowing that a small role in the company contributes to and benefits the organisation as well as the country. Roslan’s This air duct robot has contributed to savings of about RM380. BEST EMPLOYEE AWARD > DURING THE MALAM ANUGERAH 2004. driving. and always being on the look out for new knowledge and acquiring new skills. not just working hard. within the Group for all staff to uphold and emulate. FABER MEDI-SERVE SDN BHD AND ROSLAN SAMAD. outstanding problem which previously even international consultants :19 :s eak out SHAHDEE AHMAD > WE BELIEVE THAT YOUR OPINION COUNTS. is evident through the numerous letters duties at the highest standards. contained RM13. safer and healthier. Each day. CHOON KOK HOO. which had resulted in monetary gain of about RM740. TOLL TELLER.000 honesty has also served to significantly enhance the image and and has enabled Faber Medi-Serve Sdn Bhd to address a long commitment of PLUS Expressways Berhad to their customers. we leave our children and other generations to come. SHAHDEE SHARES HER VALUABLE OPINION ON PASSION ARTWORK. This invention is currently being targeted for involvement in preparing proposals for Reimbursable Works. The winner of the Best Employee of the Year (Non Executive Category) was Roslan Samad who serves as a Toll Teller at Skudai Another notable contribution is the key role he plays in major Toll Plaza. Roslan returned a lost organisational learning by conducting training programmes handbag which he had found lying just outside his toll booth. It is Shahdee’s hope that as responsible citizens. This further fuels her passion for work and she considers the occasional pats on the back or small notes of commendation from her bosses as a bonus that further ignites her motivation to continuously deliver excellence at work. which help to reduce the risk of cross infection and spread of disease. Shahdee believes that the essence of that advice entails working smart. colleagues and peers and can always be relied upon as a team player.000 and other personal belongings. implementation nationwide to other locations. AND WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO SHARE WITH US WHAT YOU THINK. PASSION When assigned new and more challenging tasks. He is also well respected by his of appreciation that he has received. According to Shahdee. Shahdee looks forward to come to work because she knows she’s contributing to a bigger cause. pas•sion [noun] [’pa-sh&n] : intense. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in June 2005. Amongst the key achievements of Kok Hoo is his active could not resolve. His leadership qualities and commitment towards creativity and innovation is exemplified through his efforts of successfully leading This deed exemplifies the value of integrity which is emphasised a team of technical personnel to design an air duct cleaning robot. Shahdee joined UEM Group in September 1994. part of her work involves speaking at seminars to educate people in healthcare establishments on the potential hazards and importance of proper handling and management of clinical waste. including strict compliance to His performance record shows that he has consistently carried out his regulatory requirements. she reads and watches movies. THE FACILITY HEAD OF ENGINEERING. or overpowering feeling or emotion. He has also made significant contributions in the area of Whilst on duty on 25 December 2003. in safety awareness. Shahdee is married.000 to the Company. which belonged to a PLUS user. technical projects. For instance. It involves being efficient. the object of such enthusiasm Source: Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law . This handbag. PLUS Expressways Berhad. As Deputy Senior Manager in the Managing Director’s Office in Faber Medi-Serve Sdn Bhd. To relax. THIS ISSUE. PLUS EXPRESSWAYS BERHAD WERE AWARDED BEST EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR 2003. a world that is greener. resourceful and competent. The emphasis that he places on internal and external customer satisfaction. passion means having total devotion. She will be completing her part-time MBA in Strategic Management with the International Business School.

while holding true to its commitment to developing intellectual capital and enhancing value. 10 Nov 2004 • The Star 13 Nov 2004 • New Straits Times • New Straits Times • Utusan Malaysia • Malaysia Nanban • Sunday Star • Berita Mingguan Happy 2005 Malaysia.UEM Group celebrated the various Malaysian festivals together with all Malaysians via an advertising campaign that embraced the essence of each festival. 31 Dec 2004 – • The Star 8 Feb 2005 • New Straits Times 1 Jan 2005 • New Straits Times • Sin Chew Jit Poh • Utusan Malaysia • Nanyang Siang Pau • Berita Harian • The Star • Sin Chew Jit Poh • China Press .


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