There are seven areas of which one must study in order to take on the purpose of his creation. These areas are most important in the over-all developmental growth of man to his superior state of eloquence, articulation, courage, and obedience to the designed course if nature. As with all degrees of knowledge, these areas should be undertaken in the manner and order as they are henceforth recorded. That is to say that one should begin his initial study into the realm of [1] Self. On this first plane he must learn of himself; he must search inside his very own mind and identify who he is, what he is and how much more he can become. He must study his weaknesses, his shortcomings, and his human vulnerabilities, and be sure that after studying himself, he is capable of incorporating what he finds, and transform what need be. The second plane he must approach and study is [2] Psychology, for it represents the study of all animal and human behavior. It represents the whole of that which man must control and understand if he is to succeed in life, if he is to truly be the vicegerent of purpose. He must understand and be capable of controlling the actions and reactions of those things in his daily travels. [3] Sociology is the relationship held between humans and the study thereof, as well as the study of human problems; or the third plane in man’s search of universal expression and complete developmental thought. He must abridge himself with the plight of grouped and organized behavior-- study it in earnest so as to gain a more absolute understanding off the role of man in society. Now he gravitates and cautiously take to reaching the fourth plane, which is the study of [4] Philosophy, or the study of truth, as it is written in texts and as it is written in reality. Here one begins understanding the concepts associated with ethics, principles and religions—securing the path which evolves back to Allah, or an upright consciousness. Firming himself he raises to the fifth level and he engages himself into the study of a [5] Definitive Skill, meaning he becomes technically involved with a set of systems, more commonly called a trade or skill. Technical leads to professionalism; professionalism leads to the way to the world of scholars, the best of mankind. As he acquires the power of specifics gained from his recent skills, he moves toward the study of [6] Creation and the nature of life itself. He takes note of the stars, the clouds, the rain, conditions and the origin of things. Now he veers toward the greatest level of his developmental search and it is found in the study of [7] Logic. Logic means to study the science of reasoning, correct reasoning. And it means to study with the mind and the senses. It means to identify by way of analysis and to understand by way of observation. After these seven levels have been attained or met, then, and only then are you a “Knowledge Body”.