STRATEGY MANAGEMENT- GMBA 08 PILGRIM DRUG COMPANY Propose a new territorial assignment for Pilgrim Drug Company Pham

Le Minh 2008417060 *Executive summary: David Thomas, new sales manager of Syracuse Division (SD) of Pilgrim Drug Company was facing the issue of territorial assignment for salesperson; after Brooks’s retirement. However, the territorial reorganizing wasn’t easy because of 3 pressures: His boss Jackson wanted morale; Veteran Nelson needed to be deserved; Young promising Taylor asked for challenge and fair competition. * Analysis: These are brief analysis of each current Sales Reps at SD in order to assign new territories: (v: veteran; n: newer)
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Sales Rep Murray (v) Simpson(v) Howard(n) Taylor(n) Nelson(v) Miller(v) Donnelly(n) Harrington(n) Sales (000s) 3,780 3,670 3,254 3,190 3,168 2,724 2,360 1,450 Evaluation Conservative, special relationship with Jackson Complaint-maker for trivial things Increased sales through monthly Ambitious, hardworking, active and remarkable output Earnest, hard working, needs to update merchandising method Even-tempered, cooperative Too large territory to handle, needed proper guidance Promising salesperson

* Note: - 3 trainees would be assigned to assist Nelson; Taylor and Miller. - Brooks’s territories would be assigned for Nelson (2) and Taylor (1). Both of them need to share jobs and train 2 trainees as a condition for the new accounts received. - Taylor would share 1 territory with Donnelly to overcome Donnelly’s difficulties of large territory and accounts and provide guidance. - Miller would share jobs with 1 trainee.

* Take away: In order to achieve harmonization inside different generations of staffs; a manager not only must respect veterans with large contribution, but also give opportunities and motivation for young and promising newers. Fulfill this step will maintain the sale force morale at SD and overcome shortcomings to enhance sales, as well as utilize territories’ accounts and available sales force.

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