Andrew Chon Ap Econ Summer 2011 Articles

Highly Charge (Electric Cars)
By Neal Rosenbaum, The

Economist July 2nd 2011

Transportation: Movement of people and goods from a location to another.
As popular as electric transportation is in the United States, The Chinese Government is eager to implement a massive load out of electric mobiles onto china’s roads. The super power nation wants to release roughly about 500,000 electric cards, Lorries, and buses, by 2015 and 5 million by 2020. If persuaded effectively, consumers who buy the government sponsored vehicles will be receiving subsidies in large sums of money. What’s even more exciting is that if China’s hybrid revolution succeeds, the sales would account for 7% of new car sales in China making it the biggest market for electric vehicles, by volume, in the world. But the Chinese Government can take it another step up by insisting that more taxis and government vehicles switch to electric. But still, it’s harder to influence the minds of the common people which can really help thrive the nation.

One economist. new claims for unemployment insurance dropped below a key level last week.000.000 to 398. it could look forward to healthier figures for the government’s views of the jobs market. Troy Daving. said that to be convinced there would probably need to be two more weeks of below 400. the economy added an average of 21. Many economists say the trend would have to continue for several weeks before they would be convinced the job market is starting to turn up.000 in the last week of July. where all or nearly all persons willing and able to work at the prevailing wages and working conditions are able to do so. If unemployment claims continue their downward angle.500 jobs. When claims are below that level.The Wall Street Journal New Unemployment Claims Fall Below Key Level By Connor Dougherty Full employment is a condition at the national economy. In May and June. Hopefully. economists generally concur that the economy is proliferating jobs than it is shedding. Initial claims for unemployment insurance fell 24. .

including major business groups. However it is not clear yet that the president and his allies. have forged support the votes to win passage before congress takes its vacation. The White House and congressional leaders wanted to push votes on long delayed free trade deals and government aid to displaced workers. and panama. Trade between two or more countries clearly defines the term international. What’s most important is that export related jobs are vital to reviving United States job growth now that former economic starters such as housing and retail consumption are not doing so well. Colombia. After weeks of bargaining the Obama administration declared Tuesday it had agreed with congressional negotiators on a deal that would allow the White House to submit trade pacts for congress to approve.The Wall Street Journal White House Pushes for Votes on Trade By Elizabeth Williamson International mostly means something that involves more than one country. . President Obama is gambling that he can overcome Republican opposition to his proposal to sum up approval of the long stalled treaties with South Korea.

which sells consumer goods like toilet paper and diapers. are getting a good rise from the weak dollar. Other companies report strong export sales. ConocoPhillips said the weak dollar might hurt its ability to fund projects in places like Asia. Europe. This would cause its costs of wood pulp and oil to rise as $750 million dollars this year. companies such as. which are inflating prices. Schoenberger The weak dollar is unfortunately affecting U. However the grass is greener on the other side.The Wall Street Journal Weaker Dollar Fuels Sales By Chana R.S company’s second quarter results forcing them to pay high prices for raw materials. Kimberly-Clark Corp. But unlike Kimberly-Clark Corp. The dollar’s drop is prodiving some relief to companies facing rising commodity prices. and Canada. the company might see an offsetting benefit. Colgate-Palmolive and Caterpiller Inc. told investors Monday that the hostile commodity environment has worsened over the last three months. .

However. While games for Nintendo’s handheld system sell for usually $30-$40. Nintendo offered previous buyers free downloadable software such as games. . devices from Apple Inc. add-ons. To compensate. and cheaper games that can be played online or easily accessed and played with friends via smartphones are dominating the market. upset many customers who bought the handheld device at full price. mobile and social games tend to be more lenient on customers. The price fluctuation caused much uproar against Nintendo.The Wall Street Journal Nintendo: Apple’s Latest Prey By Nick Wingfield Price is the quantity of payment or compensation given by one party to another in return for goods or services. and other virtual experiences. had high hopes for a rebound for the company. The decisions to drop the 3D’s price by about a third. $249 to $169. sent apologetic emails that wrote that this was the first time ever that Nintendo had cut such precipitous prices. Satoru Iwata. The President of Nintendo. Prices such as $1 and $5 entice customers to buy their convenient games rather than Nintendo’s specialized individual games. The unexpected weak demand for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld entertainment system. which displays game visuals in 3D.

Hondura is a poor nation known for its continuous coups but this economic and production triumph is a sweet boost. The New York Times . As Guatemala’s coffee commanded ever higher prices. is the act of satisfying a need or want.5 million bags from Guatemala. the most expensive and sought out coffee beans.8 million 60 kilogram bags of coffee compared to 3. However there is something underneath all the success.The Wall Street Journal A Prince of the Coffee Bean By Jean Guerroro Production. helping fund technical assistance to growers that boost production and quality. creating a cycle for Honduras coffee industry. Central America is known for producing the bulk of the world’s washed Arabica’s. in economics. The Honduras has done such an excellent job with its production with coffee that the Honduras passed Guatemala as the top coffee producer in Central America. When the government started to tax on coffee exports. The Honduras harvest this season was 3. It is claimed that some of the Guatemala’s beans were actually grown in Honduras. it only encouraged more smuggling. it only encouraged more coffee smuggling.

The previous peak. Workers’ Income Declines By Floyd Norris Income is the consumption and savings opportunity gained by an entity within a specified time frame. it said corporate income was much better than it had thought.html?ref=income Business Week . Using newly available data from 2009 corporate tax returns.3 percent for 2009 and 10. these times are not so advantageous in income terms to workers but prosperous for holding down the costs companies had to pay. was set in 1942 when the need for war materials filled the order books of companies at the same time as the government imposed wage and price controls. At the same time. of 13. The Commerce Department last week reduced its estimates of economic growth in 2010 and early 2011. the highest proportion ever recorded.6 percent.8 percent for 2010. http://www. The new figures indicate that corporate profits accounted for 14 percent of the total national income in 2010. the department raised its estimates of corporate profits by 8.As Corporate Profits Rise.nytimes. According to Floyd Norris.

according to the median estimate in a Bloomberg News survey. Housing Starts Drop By Shobhana Chandra and Bob Willis Output in economic terms is the amount of goods and services by a firm.000 houses at an annual pace. and/or a country. led by a drop in auto production after parts supplies were disrupted by the earthquake and tsunami in According to Business Week. company. figures from the Federal Reserve showed today.U. Economists had forecast a 0. Housing starts were forecast to rise to a 569. http://www.html . down 11 percent.S. while overseas demand and business investment boost sales at companies like Caterpillar Inc.businessweek. Production may reassert its place at the leading edge of the recovery as parts supplies resume.4 percent gain in industrial production.000 pace. Output at factories. as tornadoes and floods in the South shut down construction sites. At the same time. mines and utilities was unchanged after a 0. a housing recovery may take years to unfold as foreclosures and 9 percent unemployment hold back demand.7 percent gain in March. Work began on 523. Economy: Production Stalls on Autos.