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Madhouse Prophets And Quacks Multiply The End And The Beginning

Matthew Lee Knowles June 2012

All occurrences of the conjunction and extracted from Albert Camuss The Fall, with the two preceding and two subsequent words, where hyphenated words count as one and all punctuation has been eliminated.

Sweet way and nothing touches Received it and when he Distrust justified and should be Talkative alas and make friends That mood and for fine Own memory and I have Have multiplied and that wouldnt Passions ideas and fornication without He fornicated and read the By thousands and with swift A family and organized leisure Organized leisure and the little Our country and your hands Begin with and then because Amuse you and be it Two questions and dont answer My shoulders and this face Am sophisticated and yet I Good manners and my fine Mexico City and have been With flowers and noisy as Deny it and I am This one and see him A pacifist and a libertarian A libertarian and loved all All humanity and the animals Who entered and made themselves At home and disembowelled him This evening and I fear Of houses and canals hemmed Cold lands and the sea Is here and elsewhere yes Ponderously in and out of Gilded herrings and jewels the Of syndics and merchants counting Be sure and yet see Neon gin and peppermint emanating The red and green shop-signs Of gold and smoke smokier By night and night and And night and day that The signs and stepped roofs To Cipango and to those Die mad and happy but This city and the heart Circles life and hence its The newspaper-readers and the fornicators Of Europe and stop facing The canals and go home They come and ask in Him out and in cold

Him there and to suppress The curtains and the navigation Naked bodies and the islands Believe me and I can In Paris and indeed a The widow and orphan as Who cheat and orphans who Into action and what action The persuasion and warmth the My physique and the noble The bar and an instinctive By all and yet he Shady proceedings and this is Three times and to be The poor and never boasted The fullest and we all The widow and the orphan But mine and lead him Also liked and this is Was famous and yet beyond Had dropped and return it The opportunities and was better In public and in private These gifts and the probable My life and especially in Effusions short and preserve their Poor woman and breaking away Ambitious man and rising to The passes and plateaux at The roofs and become acquainted Our newspapers and whose activities Decisive preachings and fire-miracles took Become mouldy and I could Within myself and among others The heights and light conspicuous Conspicuous fires and a joyful In life and in my The action and give it Being seen and hailed by Endure anonymity and that impatience Who deserve and receive the Same time and in the Indignation talent and emotion I Judges punished and the defendants Between life and me such A free and easy manner Was great and my successes Tireless dancer and an unobtrusively Love simultaneously and this is Easy women and justice I In sports and the fine

Sleeping well and fundamentally pleased Its creatures and its gifts To me and I accepted So fully and simply a An officer and yet on That long and uninterrupted success Own merits and could not Such different and such extreme Daily routine and I literally Another matter and it must About people and life at A tired and overwhelmed rapture Of fatigue and for a Next day and with it Music stopped and the lights Thank him and above all More readily and besides its Precedes immediately and now lets Is long and hard to Mean relatives and connexions what A rifle and they know About friends and connexions you Been imprisoned and who slept To be and I shall One day and that will Us free and we can A cocktail-party and a nice To remembering and we have Bored me and besides he After me and in vain At once and when in Restrained suffering and even yes Little routine and suddenly for Dead man and the show Of insignificance and rancour who He died and I went Single room and near her To him and took your About that and yet the Of carbolic and the tenants Once delighted and grieved how Through edgeways and upright he Through upright and then laid Down again and I was The cemetery and strew flowers Me anything and that sort Did so and on the Be noticed and favourably commented The crucifix and the heavy Heavy oak and silver handles Be heard and immediately afterwards

The window and give cry The baritone and against the In love and nothing proves In voice and arm she Their side and are no His life and who one Of complications and drama something Must happen and that explains Then ever and yet you In town and already damp One street-lamp and moving on Generous actions and in the Governing class and the hypocrisy Of power and I dont Straightened up and was about The island and again heard Was dazed and was breathing Burgles likewise and you will In paintings and in tulips The country and built up Hearty laugh and an energetic Energetic handshake and those are Begin with and later out If pimps and thieves were Cher monsieur and in my Would happen and I would Alternately stimulated and depressed life Never learned and yet knew To me and my words Going out and walking in The canal and the funeral You see and especially from The island and the sea Even more and on reflection With me and even the Another one and there would Are silent and in the Lacquered chicken and above all At them and think you Begin with and secondly not To smile and we shall No shop-signs and this one True profession and identity we With shop-signs and no way Classified once and for all Compatriote stop and think of Charming Janus and above it Lived free and powerful I More sensitive and more skilful In myself and this explained My goodwill and serenity when

Utter freedom and all the All offences and who do Forgot then and the man Cling to and that was To it and in it Wearing spectacles and plus-fours had Around me and planted itself His motor and was vainly Could go and climb a Be polite and to realize Healthy rage and I got My adversary and my muscles The earth and that he His legs and hence was This musketeer and in truth Popping again and received a My car and started up Forget it and thats the Everything up and the motor Him aside and giving him Too late and for several Of truth and intelligence I Over nothing and also having To strike and conquer as A gangster and of ruling On politics and rushes to The offender and get him For justice and is the The widow and orphan since Down harder and we have With women and without much Clear question and that was Have charm and I took Misogyny vulgar and stupid and And stupid and almost all The contrary and with a Of pleasure and conquest moreover Of this and derived many Deny it and I am Disowned father and mother even Ten-minute adventure and even more Be indulgent and use the Of inaccessibility and unshakable independence Being bored and appreciate only Little excesses and how often Well received and which I Assertion painful and resigned that Was elsewhere and not related Understand me and that effort The game and had the Had won and twice over

Worries once and for all Point once and for all For all and assured my The worst and most unhappy Love me and be faithful Beginning over and over again Without thinking and the reflex Reflex follows and one day Happened eventually and theres no Any complexes and soon forgot Noticed anything and didnt even Had thought and she didnt My shoulders and pretended to Little later and did everything Charm her and really take Her up and take her Inappropriate times and in inappropriate His prisoner and this kept Of painful and constrained pleasure Your memory and perhaps you My speeches and my pleadings I was and how I About innocence and justice at Separating once and for all Our passion and spoke of The affection and soft-heartedness I Be loved and to receive Was loved and my partner Relationship once and for all For all and on the To this and my love Going well and I was To come and go never Never kinder and gayer with Separate existence and ready to Left bank and to my Body calmed and irrigated by The railing and seeming to Dark hair and coat collar Neck cool and damp which To run and yet didnt From cold and shock I Be quick and I felt Next day and the days Wooden shoes and ornamented houses Our feet and in front Is colourless and life dead Beings you and I alone Air shafts and closes cloudy Carried hither and thither by Look down and would like

The sea and the canals With shop-signs and never a Human race and within the Commit suicide and then see Coffin thick and the shroud A soul and it has To believe and thus amazing Kill yourself and what does Their amazement and their contrition A suitor and she killed Your wife and actually you Slip through and above all The same and yet subtly The harmony and security they The dissonances and disorder that Felt vulnerable and as if Centre broke and they lined Of himself and attribute those Begin with and also in Was natural and I discovered Was harder and more painful Living fully and being given To happiness and that cannot To bursting and for lack Your success and happiness are Escape happy and judged or Or absolved and wretched as Me inattentive and smiling the Same time and lost my The clerk and his comrades Human race and heaven itself Is irresponsibility and they shamelessly In question and that their Simultaneously admired and excused they But reprieve and thats always Spares nothing and that nothing The truth and lie as Like us and who share Be pitied and encouraged in Being guilty and yet not Enough cynicism and not enough Between God and Satan and And Satan and he puts Perpetual laugh and the laughers To conquer and virtue to Peaceful means and eventually used The attention and memory of Harsh exterior and yet could Active energetic and my kingdom My loyalty and I dont Of idleness and I had

Really efforts and convictions I With amazement and a certain With a high-and-mighty manner for Stop smoking and through sheer Wonderful effects and hastened to Struck me and I merely Really sincere and enthusiastic except In sports and in the Overflowing stadium and the theatre Love death and the wages Was courteous and indolent enough Double code and my most In me and around me Around me and that forced On rails and speeding ahead Praises increased and thats just Looking for and that I The recipe and I was Of generations and what presumption Sufficient punishment and that it Every morning and compliments became Reveal this and hurl my The street and from the All that and did none Terrace restaurant and a beggar Him away and loudly approved These ladies and gents after To him and to those The police and an apotheosis To anything and all would The game and above all Wasnt general and how could Everything judgement and esteem with The enthusiasm and emotion expected A thief and an honest Die maybe and maybe I Human individual and his supposed Hardly stirring and the light Of debauchery and of the Making progress and yet nothing The sky and their rocky A landmark and from one Along night and day on Of spray and laughter since At home and you often The sea and sensual enjoyment Enjoyment transparent and we lets To love and be loved Be loved and I would Explicit promises and came to The assurance and conviction of

Of love and eventually convinced My mistress and I realized Lose it and remained a In time and submitted to Myself transported and absolved in My crimes and to my Certain way and to live All expectation and obviously I More gambling and no more Of love and of chastity Restores silence and above all Two prostitutes and drained of Whole past and the pain My nature and also a Waking state and with a With harlots and drank for Her favours and for whose Red light and dust of Lying fantastically and drinking at For dawn and at last In sex and then sleep This disaster and I would Get up and stand motionless Glory alcohol and women provided Without words and often indeed The unknown and forgotten women Mature prostitute and an unmarried The first and gave the Unbridled instincts and make use Found peace and release in My liver and a fatigue Being immortal and after a Both imagination and judgement the Of daring and invention yes Into slippers and will soon No resistance and extended its Of language and the regular That step and became scarce Scarce now and then I Me on and I would The ground and did a Few people and painfully kept Little fatter and at last At once and my heart The ocean and that it On seas and rivers everywhere Realized once and for all Still cornered and that I The frenzy and the convulsions To submit and admit my Awkward manner and live on

A collapse and waking a Was genius and I am Was guilty and that innocence Of summits and upper decks Those cells and still be My faith and my hope To moralize and fulminate commandments Is visible and every passing Guarantee innocence and I am Three years and it wasnt Are dirty and we wipe One another and hurry to Beg you and walk home Finds lawyers and innocence only Terrible agony and I dont Forget them and as for Her children and refusing all For him and he was Face day and night with Hold on and continue it To live and to go He complained and as a Carry on and I know Is superhuman and he was His agony and thats why He did and of dying Forgive me and realize that Their hearts and they smite Too far and my friend Art Peter and upon this Question thoroughly and then he To judge and condemn with Their lips and the sentence Of Christ and those of General delirium and persecution we Spare nothing and as for In solitude and when fatigued Is said and done thats Stones fogs and stagnant waters With fever and alcohol my Tres cher and thats the Dont we and its a Madhouse prophets and quacks multiply The end and the beginning Falls dry and rasping over To hide and finally those Both lying and the hidden The truth and dont all Have been and of what Foie Gras and have the But confessions and authors of

Necessities clean and polished like So hard and with their To Paris and the Germans Was cavorting and sniffing at Very old and very faithful Same enthusiasm and disappeared with The resentment and the sort German regiment and it made Once there and having found Little mad and in a For days and nights on My weaving and then drag Equally right and I stood To Tunis and didnt discover The Germans and I too Done me and I realized From thirst and destitution more A hundred and fifty years About lakes and forests today To go and fight the Interned him and having seen His reflections and the sun The waist and covered with A throne and the sooner Down suddenly and in His vices and virtues and And virtues and swear allegiance My hand and was the Greatest virtue and proposed electing Was right and then with Any case and even those A Pope and I remember Had formed and each favoured Favour mine and this was Am tired and no longer Die anyway and that I Cher empires and churches are Of death and in order The bolt and every night About myself and my presence The Pope and the judge Of honour and for a The drunkards and the pimps Worlds admiration and I alone Any longer and because the Separated once and for all The cross and the former Blighted hopes and contradictions and And contradictions and now it Man innocence and for any Day long and in company

My desires and my power Sleeping partners and it helped Getting excited and losing all Of freedom and even just The contrary and a long-distance Quite solitary and very exhausting The judges and alone to Without God and without a Their neighbour and all the Would write and hail the Love themselves and they hail Are confused and that one Play-actors hypocrites and yet so Are free and hence have Surrender happiness and maybe for For example and I am Whole heart and body day Body day and night in Sensual enjoyment and mental excitement Five years and ending in With power and the whip That good and evil should Pointed out and Im all However Sicilian and Javanese I May be and not all O cruel and beloved leaders Being free and to obey Theirs too and at the Our knees and heads bowed The world and for that Comes along and every time To authority and humbly to The present and seek at Both simple and fertile how Illustrious contemporaries and curse humanity Some damage and so what Opposite direction and practise the Convenience irony and also the Of waters and fogs corseted Particularly crowded and visited by The bourgeois and the straying Up hill and down dale Multiplying distinctions and digressions too My listener and lead him Concerns me and what concerns In me and in others Of all and of no Both lifelike and stylized so Is over and I can Know it and this gives Judging yourself and this relieves

Wretched creatures and if we To amaze and scandalize ourselves Give up and tell all Me unchanged and why should Into it and found there Over again and without the Love myself and to make In heart and to taste My nature and secondly of To resentment and even to To climb and from which Distant laugh and again I Everything people and at once Of alcohol and beats his The Father and to hand Bad character and habits I Dutch heaven and I watch The fogs and the water Common condition and the despair Escape it and as for Without forgiving and above all Than you and my thoughts Go out and walk briskly Little higher and above the Damp air and marks the Sun beaches and the islands The waters and the roofs Saved eh and not only Elect possessions and hardships will Be shared and you for A policeman and that he The law and I have That painting and showing it For instance and Id have In it and I could Close unseen and unknown my The wilderness and refusing to Constantly talking and to no The Seine and how you My nights and that I

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