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Application to teach in Murcia as English teacher in Inglesgarantizado.

Sandy Westerner

Employment Future plans: My future plans include taking the DELTA

History Qualification and M.A in applied linguistics.
• Autumn to present
Personal EFL and Callan tutor
I am currently teaching a wide range of students on a private,
individual level. My duties have so far involved preparing
students for the academic IELTS exam, business English and
general English. I have also been involved in the setting up and
marketing of Callan shool in a local town. I am currently
teaching a group of 7 Polish students of elementary ability with
the Callan method.

• Spring/Summer 2008
EFL Tutor at LSI Cambridge.
My schedule involved teaching four hours of skills lessons in
the morning to two different group and then teaching a
fluency/conversation based lesson in the afternoon. I was also
required to give a bi-monthly written and spoken test to the

2007 – 2008
For a year I had been tutoring a nine year old boy in
preparation for attending a school in Great Britain. My duties
involved one to one tutelage of English language as well as
including other subjects from the British curriculum focussing on
the specialised vocabulary.

I was also actively involved in a range of projects in Moscow

connected with an Art gallery. These have included editing
script in English language for monthly magazines, organizing
activities based on art and being responsible for public liaisons
with the large English-speaking client base.

• 17 July 2006 – 12 August 2006

Activities Coordinator and Group Leader.
Education First (EF), Bateman Street, Cambridge.
Duties included arranging all activities for my group, liaising with
them to target the activity to their preferences within a budget
and overseeing the students whilst involved in these activities.
My position allowed me to work closely with the Main Activities
Organiser and the Studies Coordinator to allow maximum
English Language exposure within their capabilities.
I was also available 24 hours for Student Support and for airport
transfers which enabled me to help the team for the last 3
of their group arrangements.
• 10 July 2006 – 17 July 2006
Substitute English Teacher for upper intermediate class
Education First (EF), Bateman Street, Cambridge
Duties involved teaching English to students of varying
nationalities for 3 hours a day, administration and general
teaching duties whilst cover was needed (1 week).
1 March 2006 – July 2006
English Teaching Assistant –
Bonne-International - Angliskiy Detskiy Cad, Moscow,
Duties included helping all ages of children to achieve their
maximum linguistic potential through, various cognitive means
within the Russian Private educational curriculum

• 2008 CELTA certificate

• 2006 - TEFL Certificate, St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge.

• 2005 - Feb 2006 Studies at Daugavpils College of Music with Olga

Gavrillova, Daugavpils, Latvia

• 2005 Studies with Arvitz Tareila at Riga School for gifted Children,
Riga, Latvia

• 2005 - Cello grade 8 from The Guildhall School of Music and

Drama, Cambridge, UK

• 2004 - Grade 5 Theory of Music from the Associated Board of the

Royal Schools of Music, UK

• 2003 – 2005 Advanced musicianship undertaken with Dr. J Fistein,

Cambridge, UK

• 2004 – GCSE English Language - B

• 2002 - Violin grade 5 from The Associated Board of the Royal

Schools of Music, UK

• 1999 – August 2005 – Home based autonomous education with

the aid of private tutors, offering a full complement of subjects
formed around the building blocks of education, with an emphasis
towards Music, Literature, Art and History.
• 1993 – 1999 Holywell Primary School, Holywell, Cambridgeshire
Affiliations • Huntingdonshire Philharmonic Orchestra.

• Quartet Club of Cambridge, playing Cello in String quartets at

various venues.

• Member of Cambridgeshire County Youth Orchestra, with whom I

toured Scotland and played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

To further my interest in Music and Eastern European culture, I decided

Me, my to live in Daugavpils, a primarily Russian-speaking city, in Latvia for 6
Interests and months. It has given me a unique opportunity to manage every area of
goals my life from time management, organisation, and other motivational
skills and given me a maturity, which I believe I would not have acquired
had I pursued a convention education.

I enjoy travelling and have travelled extensively around Britain, Spain

and Eastern Europe including Russia and Poland. I always try to come
away from a new place with a small part of its culture in my heart. Things
stir me and I like to express my creative side in writing. I have enjoyed
writing short stories and dioramas from an early age, and travel certainly
has made the stories more interesting!

Photography is my journal. Photographs chart my life and after taking a

short course in photography, I was able to develop my own photos and
capture the precise point of my interest in a more focused way.

To prepare for my Latvian Studies, and raise capital, I worked for many
families in my community, one of which was actually an aupair agent. I
looked after her son, aged 4 for 5 afternoons a week for 6 months. I had
to do various duties, including feeding, bathing and bedtime routines and
be aware of his needs in sole charge for about 4 hours a day. I gained
valuable insight during this time, again, an experience I could not have
gained had I been educated within the school system. I continue to be
on good terms with the family, and babysat regularly until I left for Latvia.

Following my time in Latvia, I spent three months in Moscow. There I

worked for an English speaking nursery school. This was an invaluable
experience which I enjoyed very much. It gave me the incentive to
pursue teaching English further.

I began pursuing this project by taking a TEFL course. It has given me

the extra skills I need to successfully work with foreign students from any
nationality. My experiences during travelling and knowledge of Russian
have been extremely advantageous in this regard.

During the summer of ‘06 I was employed by EF in Cambridge, working

for their Junior Summer School. I originally asked to sit in on some
lessons to observe teaching methods, and as a result of my discussions
with the Studies Coordinator, I was immediately offered a job and asked
to teach a group whilst their regular teacher was absent! I gained
invaluable skills during this week, furthering my interest into one of solid
conviction. I taught for approximately three hours per day to students of
all nationalities aged between 13 and 17. Following the success of that
week, EF invited me to join the team as a group leader for a group of 25
pupils during their visit. I thoroughly enjoyed organising entertainment
and excursions for the group. I feel I was able to provide an interesting
and fun range of activities for the students whilst ensuring that all needs
and interests were met.

I developed my skills through hands on training, and observed the day to

day running of a successful business, which has only encouraged me to
continue in this field.


• Hebrew language
• Spanish language
• Culture and languages of Slavic countries
• Art and painting
• Badminton
• Classical music
• Eastern dance
• photography
• Russian Cinema