Simple Past Complete

Complete with the Simple Past

The simple past tense is used to talk about actions that happened at a specific time in the past. verb + (ed) / irregular form / didn’t + verb 1. I _________ (go) to the supermarket. 2. We _________ (find) everything we _________ (want). 3. Brian _________(walk) to school. 4. It _________(be) a beautiful day yesterday. 5. When Mary and Jake _________(arrive) at the party, they _________ (look) for Mike but couldn't find him. 6. We _________ (see) Star Wars last week. I _________ (like) it a lot, but my friends didn't. 7. My TV _________ (be) broken last week, so I _________ (read) all my magazines in my free time. 8. Janet _________ (make) three delicious dishes. We _________ (eat) all the food. 9. Tony and Tim _________ (play) basketball as children. 10. Tim also_________ (study) French and piano. 11. I _________ (lose) my wallet yesterday. 12. I__________ (find) the book that I _________ (need). 13. Monica and Sand _________(live) in a farm, so the dogs _________ (have) a lot of space to play. 14. It ____________________ . (not/work) 15. He _________________ (begin) to work this morning.

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