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MAY 17 , 2012

for 24,000 teachers
> 28 recommendations to reduce teachers’ workload also being implemented
UALA KANGSAR: A total of 24,053 teachers are to be considered for promotion between June 1 and Dec 31. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the exercise involves 8,222 teachers with bachelor’s degree, and 15,831 others with diplomas. “They can check their names at the Education Ministry’s website,” he said when launching the 41st National Teacher’s Day celebration here yesterday. Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, said that in line with the government effort to improve the teaching service scheme, the minimum allocation for the time-based promotion, as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak on March 8, will be maintained. Under the scheme, teachers need only complete: eight years of service to be promoted from Grade DG41 to Grade DG44; eight years to move from Grade DG44 to move to DG48; six years to be promoted from Grade DG48 to DG52; and only three years to move from Grade DG52 to DG54. Meanwhile, teachers with diplomas on Grade DGA29 need only complete eight years to be promoted to Grade DGA32; another eight years to move to DGA34; and five more years to DGA38. Muhyiddin said following Najib’s announcement, 390 teachers had been promoted to Grade DG54, DG52 (676), DG48 (3,938), DG44 (19,805), DGA38 (399), DGA34 (2,639) and DGA32 (9,519). He said the promotion for principals on Grade DG48 to DG52 and senior assistants on Grade DG44 to DG48 had also been implemented by the ministry. “So far, 854 principals have been promoted from Grade DG48 to DG52 and 4,270 senior assistants have been promoted from Grade DG44 to DG48.” Muhyiddin said the promotions, which took effect on Jan 1, 2012, involved existing principals and senior assistants, or those who have been appointed to act in these capacities on or before Dec 31, 2011. He said the promotion for 430 other principals on Grade DG48 to DG52, and 2,655 senior assistants on Grade DG44 to DG48 will be ratified in stages from June 2012 when they fulfil the requirements. “The government has allocated RM934 million to implement the promotions for
Joy is written on the face of SK Assunta 1 headmistress Naimah Mohd Nasir, 51, as she receives a bouquet of roses from pupils on Teacher’s Day yesterday.

Sugar can make you dumb
WASHINGTON: Eating too much sugar can eat away at your brainpower, according to US scientists who published a study showing how a diet of high-fructose corn syrup sapped lab rats’ memories. Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) fed two groups of rats a solution containing high-fructose corn syrup – a common ingredient in processed foods – as drinking water for six weeks. One group of rats was supplemented with brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids in the form of flaxseed oil and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Before the sugar drinks began, the rats were enrolled in a five-day training session in a complicated maze. “After six weeks on the sweet solution, the DHA-deprived animals were slower, and their brains showed a decline in synaptic activity,” said Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, a professor of neurosurgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Those not fed DHA supplements had also developed signs of resistance to insulin. “Because insulin can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, the hormone may signal neurons to trigger reactions that disrupt learning and cause memory loss,” Gomez-Pinilla said. High-fructose corn syrup is commonly found in soda, condiments, apple sauce, baby food and other processed snacks. “Eating a high-fructose diet over the long term alters your brain’s ability to learn and remember. But adding omega-3 fatty acids to your meals can help minimise the damage.” – AFP


officers in the education service. He said the government was committed to achieving the target of having 60% of graduate teachers in primary schools and 90% in secondary schools nationwide by 2015. He said the teacher’s graduating programme is also running smoothly with 69.6% of 66,124 teachers having accepted the offer to pursue tertiary education. Meanwhile, Muhyiddin said a working committee established to see how teachers’ workload can be reduced is implementing 28 recommendations to address 14 issues that have been raised. Among measures implemented is the introduction of a single data entry system in place of multiple systems. “This system is being implemented as a pilot project in 88 schools and to be extended to all schools under the ministry by 2013,” he said. He said the ministry is also conducting a study on the placement of administrative assistants N17 in schools until June to see its impact in reducing the clerical workload of teachers. “A proposal will be submitted to the Public Service Department for the recruitment of administrative assistants N17 for schools,” he added.


Expecting a good comedy
Cameron Diaz who stars in What to Expect When You’re Expecting feels she is not ready yet to have a child


SKP needs US$1-1.5b new jobs yearly
RM13b orderbook to keep enlarged group busy for three-and-ahalf years

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Continuing restrictions on media
> Political power still impedes freedom of expression, says CIJ

KUALA LUMPUR: Political parties from both sides of the divide continue to exert influence on the media and impose restrictions on freedom of expression, a report by the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) revealed yesterday. In its Freedom of Expression Report 2011, the centre noted that many reforms were announced by the government but there were continuous violations of civil liberties and media freedom that seem to contradict promises of change. “Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak and his government went to great lengths in 2011 to demonstrate that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government is ready for reform. “However, events in 2011 tell a different story. The announced legal reforms do not go far enough to ensure an open and democratic Malaysia,” the report said. In a historic Malaysia Day speech on Sept 15 last year, Najib had announced the repealing of

the Internal Security Act 1960 along with the Restricted Residence 1933 and Banishment Act 1959. He also promised that laws on newspaper publication and freedom of assembly would be reviewed. However, the report said several bills passed last year seemed to impose further restrictions rather than remove them. “The Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 gives the police such far-reaching and arbitrary powers that some have said that it should be called the Restricted Assembly Bill.” The report said the government has also shown its willingness to use other repressive laws such as the Sedition Act 1948, Official Secrets Act 1972 and the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, as well as exerted heavy influence on mainstream print media. When contacted, CIJ executive officer Masjaliza Hamzah said the report is an echo of the centre’s report in 2010. “It is the same old story. Nothing much has changed. Although there had been promises of reforms last year, many have still not been

carried through entirely,” she said. Masjaliza said the empty promises speak of the government’s lack of understanding and commitment to reform. The report also noted that Pakatan Rakyat had also employed practices which seem to impede media freedom. “Questions may be raised with the Selangor government’s involvement in the publication of state newspaper Selangor Times. The mentri besar’s political and press secretaries have been named as advisors to the paper and vet contents before it goes to print.” It added that the pact had also banned Umno-linked paper Utusan Malaysia from covering Penang and Kelantan assembly proceedings. “Some of the rhetoric used by Pakatan for Utusan’s ban is similar to the strong-arm tactics applied by the BN government,” it said, adding that while the pact has introduced freedom of information laws in Selangor and Penang, there is still no guarantee it would repeal all repressive press laws or unshackle the media if it gains power at federal level.

‘Umno should focus on young professionals’
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno’s three-day 66th anniversary celebrations last week received tremendous response from the younger generation, which proved Umno’s rejuvenation process is gaining pace. About 70% of the estimated 250,000 who attended were youths. According to Universiti Teknologi Mara’s Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies dean Prof Datuk Dr Ramlah Adam, the party should give room for participation to young professionals who were described as “determinants of Umno’s political strength”. He said although youth voters should not be over emphasised by Umno in its rejuvenation process, young professionals aged 45 and above are considered critical as a majority of them tend to be fence sitters or leaning towards the Opposition. “The focus should be on this group of individuals as they would be key to determining the strength of the government in the future,” he told Bernama here. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Faculty of Human Ecology senior lecturer Dr Ma’rof Redzuan was of the opinion that Umno had to change its approach in order to gain respect and belief of the people, especially the younger generation. Ma’rof said the personality and quality of a leader who is clean and transparent in all endeavours is the main factor considered by the people in determining Umno’s worth, and as such, would determine the party’s continuity, especially its ability to face the upcoming 13th general election. He said if those values failed to be highlighted by Umno, the people would continue leaning towards the Opposition. – Bernama

Paya Besar MP Datuk Abdul Manan Ismail (centre) and the heads of the Paya Besar Felda schemes pose with mock cheques worth RM23.9 million for Felda settlers in the constituency at a handover ceremony at the Panching Selatan Public Hall in Kuantan yesterday. The windfall of RM15,000 for each Felda settler family was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak on May 8.


Najib visits New York
NEW YORK: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak arrived in New York yesterday to begin a working visit aimed at strengthening and broadening Malaysia’s relations with the world’s largest economy, the United States. Najib and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, arrived at the Westchester County Airport here by a special aircraft at 1am yesterday (1pm in Malaysia) after a two-day working visit to the United Kingdom. They were received by Malaysian ambassador to the United States Datuk Othman Hashim. The prime minister will have a busy programme during his visit here, starting with chairing the Second Meeting of the Global Sciences and Innovation Advisory Council at the New York Academy of Sciences. Najib and Rosmah will depart for Washington DC from the Westchester County Airport tomorrow. – Bernama

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MCA suspends youth leader over Lynas

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KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA disciplinary board has suspended the membership of Indera Mahkota division youth chief David Choi, who has been vocal about his stand against the Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng, Pahang. Board chairman Tan Sri Michael Chen said Choi can appeal the suspension, which is for three years, reported Sin Chew Daily. He said the board had summoned Choi to defend himself against 20 complaints of

indiscipline, including breaking ranks over the Lynas issue and running down Indera Mahkota division chief Datuk Pang Tsu Ming. “Despite being suspended from the party for three years, he (Choi) can file an appeal,” said Chen said on Tuesday. Earlier, news that Choi had been suspended had been making the rounds in Kuantan but the division youth chief, who is also national youth public service and complaints bureau vice-chairman, said he had not been notified of the board’s decision and did not know the source of the grapevine talk. “Someone must have been happy that

action has been taken against me, and leaked the information to the press,” he said when contacted by the daily. On March 27, Choi was summoned by the board following complaints that he had slighted some party leaders and had broken ranks with the party over the Lynas issue. Choi, despite facing disciplinary action for his support for Himpunan Hijau, was seen among the crowd at the Himpunan Hijau 3.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur last month. The Indera Mahkota MCA Youth is the only party youth division which strongly opposed the controversial plant in Pahang.

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B R I E F S WATCH OVER AMBIGA’S HOUSE KUALA LUMPUR: Police and the Kuala Lumpur City Hall enforcement unit yesterday patrolled the residence of Datuk S. can be united under the Law Academy. and was later sent to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for treatment. was nabbed at 2pm at a foodstall in Manir. but who do not have an association. Port Dickson. “Those who registered before. When I was on the ground. Ambiga in Jalan Setiakasih 1. Zainulfaqar said he too made a police report as a witness to Mohd Saufi’s assault. said the electoral roll will be displayed on the EC’s website. “When it has something to do with the law. Khairul said that on May 4 at about 1. Two City Hall vans with 10 enforcement officers and a police patrol car were seen keeping watch over the area yesterday afternoon and as of 7pm.” said Mahathir. – Bernama Lawyer wants Bar EGM declared null and void KUALA LUMPUR: A lawyer has filed a suit against the Bar Council. – Bernama NOT FOR BAR TO SAY NO: NAZRI JAKARTA: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz yesterday said the Bar Council had no right to reject the proposed setting up of a law academy. filed the suit at the High Court registry yesterday.0 rally on April 28. at the High Court here. Deputy public prosecutor from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. He said other police officers continued to hit him when he was brought to the carpark behind Dataran Merdeka. High Court Judge Datuk Akhtar Tahir ordered former lawyer N. and I think we should have a law academy so that those with legal background. He was referring to the recent comment by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz who said the government will look into reviving the Malaysian Academy of Law Bill.0 public assembly on April 28. “They punched and kicked me. Suresh pleaded not guilty to a charge of giving a false statement before judge Datuk Akhtar Tahir contradicting his statement to recording officer ASP Ong Seng Keong on Oct 26. and it is for us to say yes. He also seeking a declaration that a motion for an EGM dated May 4 is also invalid and leads to an offence under the Sedition Act. 2010 in Sungai Udang Prison. seeking a declaration that an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) held last Friday is null. appeared for the prosecution.” he told reporters after lodging a police report at the George Town district police headquarters on Tuesday. On Aug 10 last year. – Bernama June date for case linked to Sosilawati murder SHAH ALAM: The sessions court here fixed June 22 for mention of a case involving farm worker U. are advised to contact or go to the nearest EC office to update their addresses. “It is not for the Bar Council to say no. www. they dragged me and even placed their feet on my face. I never thought he was suitable in said in his report he was assaulted by a group of between 10 and 15 police officers when he was in the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka at about 3pm.30am and noon on July 25 and 27. Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia (Rela) or Malaysia People’s Volunteer Corps will get a new. by policemen from the Kuala Terengganu district headquarters while on patrol in the area. He is also seeking costs and any other relief deemed fit by the court. as part of its plan to create an alternative to the Malaysian Bar. Khairul is also seeking a declaration that a notice to call for EGM dated May 4 issued by the defendants is null. T. void and against the Legal Act. He said Woon’s act to publish notice and motion only on the Malaysian Bar website is an incomplete serving and not according to the law. two years ago.0 rally on April 28. which was dropped in 2002. He said one officer hit his chest with the hilt of a pistol. State CID chief ACP K. “Because of the kicks and punches to my chest. 45. Sarawanan. Woon uploaded a motion titled “Motion in relation to the events of and surrounding the Bersih 3. then you should comment but when you go about campaigning for political parties. here. CHILD ABUSE SUSPECT NABBED KUALA TERENGGANU: The main suspect in the abuse of two-year-old Mohd Danish Aiman Abdullah was arrested yesterday. Khairul is seeking a declaration that the motion which was passed at the EGM is null. Deputy public prosecutor Salwa Asmary Abdul Rahim requested the postponement for her to obtain the notes of the proceeding of the murder case from the High Court. 21. proposed by Lim Chee Wee on behalf of the Bar Council dated May 4. He also told reporters that he had witnessed the alleged incident of police brutality and reported it on the webportal. or reporter Zainulfaqar Yaacob and Penang Suaram Secretariat member Ong Jing Cheng. – Bernama Mohd Kamal (left) speaks to his lawyer after being released. who was among the organisers of the Bersih 3. all becoming political parties. Thilaiyalagan. then I think you should become a political party. I don’t even know why he joined. but did not give the right address to the EC. At about 11. Manoharan said the suspect. while Mohd Kamal was represented by lawyers Faiz Fadzil. 31. He is seeking an injunction that the defendants or their employees be prohibited from writing or publishing any article in relation to the May 11 EGM on the Malaysian Bar website or in any media. Mohd Fairuz Johari. – Bernama LIGHT AND EASY FOR NICOL – PAGE 26 PUTRAJAYA: FORMER Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed has accused the Bar Council of becoming a political party and supports the proposal to set up an alternative to the Malaysian Bar. are serving a 20-year jail sentence at the Sungai Udang Prison in Malacca for disposing of evidence.05pm. VOTERS WITH COMMON ADDRESSES KUALA LUMPUR: The Election Commission (EC) is displaying the electoral roll of voters who registered in groups using common addresses for verification by the voters concerned. 2012 Grad reports assault during Bersih rally BY BERNARD CHEAH newsdesk@thesundaily. He said the council has become more concerned with political issues rather than legal matters. there were no traders or groups of people at the location. Malaysian Bar and the council’s president Lim Chee Wee and secretary Tony Woon Yeow Thong. then there will be a lot of confusion. He said the change was slight.” he added. Mahathir said any professional organisation should purely focus on the profession. void and against the Legal Profession Act 1976. 2010 even though he knew that Sharifah Norliza was also involved in the meeting between Negri Sembilan RTD and driving institutes in Kota Kinabalu from July 24 to 26. the architects. Matan and R. PenangInsight. Suresh. or Internet for the purpose of publishing for the public. “From the beginning. “I don’t know why I was roughed up. – Bernama SLIGHT NAME CHANGE FOR RELA BESUT: Beginning June 2. R. 28. If that is going to be what the Bar Council is concerned about.” he said yesterday. Meanwhile. the owner of a driving institute.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur last month. Bukit Damansara.spr. He said they could also do so online by filling the information in the space provided on the EC website. Kamaruddin Shamsuddin. for 30 days from yesterday.” he said in a statement yesterday. In his statement of claim. On April 30. bank officer Noorhisham Mohamad and Sosilawati’s driver. – Bernama Ex-Negri RTD director freed of graft charge SEREMBAN: A former Negri Sembilan Road Transport Department (RTD) director was acquitted and discharged by a sessions court yesterday of accepting a return flight ticket and accommodation from a driving institute to attend a meeting in Sabah two years ago. Mahathir said Abdul Aziz “was not well suited for DAP”. for example. provides a maximum jail term of two years or fine. in the federal capital which later turned violent. “Next. Haresh Mahadevan and Ramzani Idris. to be held at 3pm at a hotel. Pathmanabhan and his three farm workers. lawyer Ahmad Kamil Abdul Karim. He said Woon failed to issue notice and motion of EGM attached together and that they were issued more than 10 hours apart.04 NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. Its public relations officer. I have difficulty GEORGE TOWN: A university graduate yesterday lodged a police report alleging police brutality against him during the Bersih 3. who is a member of the Malaysian Bar. lodged a police report on May 10. and the agency would still be known as Rela. we’ll have the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA). . 56. He was accompanied by his mother Rohani Othman.” he added. Its director-general Datuk Mustafa Ibrahim said Rela would be known as Pasukan Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia. Kathavarayan. 2012 and matters in connection therewith”. Ambiga. and another farm worker. Sabri Said. Woon had uploaded a notice of EGM of the Malaysian Bar. On April 21. He was alleged to have accepted the ticket and the accommodation without prejudice on July 21. on the resignation of DAP senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim. Kota Kinabalu worth RM390 from Sharifah Norliza Syed Hamid. Nazri had commented on the Bar Council’s extraordinary general meeting (EGM) last Friday which passed a resolution condemning the use of excessive force by the police during the Bersih 3. Mohd Danish went into coma after he was believed to have been slapped by his mother’s boyfriend while the couple was having an argument. Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz. to enter their defence on charges of murdering Sosilawati.” said Mahathir. more suitable name in line with its role as a national security agency. after a group of traders opened a burger stall in front of her house to express their anger over alleged financial losses suffered as a result of the rally. 26. who rejected the government’s proposal to set up the academy. Mohd Kamal was charged under Section 165 of the Penal Code which Bar Council a ‘political party’. involving the addition of a word (pasukan) in front. Suresh for allegedly giving false statement in the murder trial of cosmetic millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others at the High Court here. K. Mohd Saufi Othman. He was responding to a statement by council chief Lim Chee Wee. says Dr M BY HEMANANTHANI SIVANANDAM newsdesk@thesundaily. “It is obvious the Bar Council has become a political party. He said the defendants failed or negligently abandoned his statutory rights when they did not send the EGM notice and motion through post to him and all other members of the Malaysian .29pm. 2011. Mohd Kamal was charged with accepting a return flight ticket for Kuala Lumpur-Kota Kinabalu-Kuala Lumpur worth RM298 and one night’s accommodation at the Promenade Hotel. upon conviction.” he said. He urged the voters concerned to help the EC to update their addresses. void and against the Legal Profession Act and leads to an offence under the Sedition Act 1948. Mohd Kamal later told reporters outside the court room he hoped the decision would clear his name and change the negative public perception towards him. Sessions judge Datin Nusinah Adzmi made the decision after the prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case against Mohd Kamal Saad. then it should become a political party and let other organisations take up the professional side. The offence was allegedly committed between 9. Empatsempurna (M) Sdn Bhd located in Lukut.

2012 05 .theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17.

In his latest blog posting. Yip. In the face of despicable acts. ubi kayu rebus and telur separuh masak. Referring to PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants should nurture the culture of innovation and establish a creative atmosphere to be more productive. online or offline. who lived in Jalan SS19/5E. especially his 500. His speech was read out by his deputy Kohilan Pillai.” he said. in conjunction with the granting of the Royal Charter Award to the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. Following the Bersih 3. “Civil servants should change their way of thinking in performing their daily tasks and focus their efforts to improve the delivery system with more innovative ways. Samad Said.0 calls on all registered voters to use your vote as a key tool in mitigating fraud. the case is still under investigation by the police. including during my flights! “It was encouraging to hear how important sports is to his life. an owner is guilty of an offence if a licensed Asmawi (right) and Roslan during the press conference.000. – Bernama . of which 89 were from Wisma Putra and the rest from embassies. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar had on Monday said the protest led by Malaysia Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Alliance was legal. dog chases. better known as Pak Samad. Anifah said efforts to improve the system must be continuous and not merely confined to meet the criteria set in the Star Rating system – one of the mechanisms to evaluate and rate the performance of specific categories of public agencies. – Bernama Rela. “At this time. A separate group of 15 men claiming to be army veterans had on Monday morning also staged a protest outside her residence by performing “butt exercises”. a group of traders had set up burger stalls outside Ambiga’s home after claiming a loss of income amounting to RM200. 110 civil servants from the ministry received the awards. NGOs lodge police reports against Fernandez KUALA LUMPUR: Two non-governmental organisations and Rela lodged a police report against Tenaganita executive director Irene Fernandez in relation to her statement on foreign workers which they claimed had tarnished the good name of the country. and asked me how I maintain a healthy lifestyle. Anifah also said civil servants should also have a sense of discipline to ensure the success of an organisation.000 protesters taking to the streets. We talked about Malaysia.” said Pak Samad during a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall here.” said Anifah during the ministry’s Excellent Service Award 2011 presentation yesterday. Council still probing bull terrier attack case BY TAN YI LIANG newsdesk@thesundaily. the owner of the restricted-breed dog faces a maximum fine of RM2. “She is a figure who has dedicated her life to defending human rights and for the betterment of our society .com. Pak Samad also condemned the alleged harassment against co-chairperson Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan. which alleged Malaysia was not the best country for Indonesian workers. MPSJ legal adviser Anita Abdul Jalil said the council is looking into strengthening its bylaws by making the necessary amendments. one-year jail or both. For an amendment to be gazetted. He also urged supporters of free and fair elections to take part in activities that will detect. “Our scope of investigation is to see if there is any wrongdoing under our bylaws..” he added.000 compound to the female owner of the American bull terrier and miniature bull terrier cross-breed. he was grateful for the continued support and feedback.” he said. Training sessions for volunteers are conducted nationwide by Bersih 2.0 has quashed rumours of a fourth rally to demand clean and fair elections.0 rally on April 28 which turned chaotic after an alleged attempt to break through barriers set up around Dataran Merdeka. through the “Jom Pantau!” (Let’s Monitor) initiative. claiming that foreigners in the country were ill-treated. and invited ideas for future initiatives to be posted either in the blog comments or on Twitter and Facebook. she has been handling the matter with dignity and grace. The development and success of the public service depends on the attitude of the civil servants. Najib writes on joy of meeting Twitter followers KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak is thousands of kilometres away from home. The prime minister is currently on a four-day working visit to New York after concluding a visit to the United Kingdom where he. He said creative ideas could help improve the quality and productivity of the services provided.06 NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17.” he wrote on his blogsite www. polling agents and counting agents. “Bersih 2. I hope that this passion is shared by many of his fellow students. Najib said as someone who valued social media engagement as an important way to connect with the rakyat.000 due to the rally which saw some 80. the council must consult the state legal adviser. Last Thursday.” MPSJ chairman Datuk Asmawi Kasbi told a press conference Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said a creative atmosphere in an organisation would spark ideas and help create an environment for innovation. “The main goal of enforcing regulations is to provide guidance for civil servants to perform their duties responsibly. in cooperation with non-governmental organisations Tindak Malaysia and No Bersih 4. Following the report. who together with Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim were held accountable for allegedly losing control of the crowd. Asmawi said if found guilty. Subang Jaya. but still thinking about the people back here. Prince Charles. “with their sense of optimism and their determination to make the most of the peace and prosperity we enjoy in our country”. He denied reports saying MPSJ had issued a RM1. “The MPSJ is doing a thorough investigation in order to prosecute the owner for the offence under its Dog Licensing and Kennel Establishment By-Laws 2007. During the ceremony. KUALA LUMPUR: Electoral watchdog Bersih 2. 15.” said coalition co-chairman and National Laureate Datuk A. among others. fight the fraud” – using the power of numbers to minimise alleged attempts at manipulating votes. “It was particularly significant for me as I hit one million Facebook ‘likes’ two days before the breakfast. The first is a campaign dubbed “Come out and vote. “We discussed all sorts of things over nasi lemak. A check by theSun found under Section 15 (1) of the by-laws. and will focus instead on two major initiatives to increase voters turnout and eliminate fraud within the system. The 25-year-old accountant may face a charge of causing death through negligence under the Penal Code.” he added. from Hartamas – at the Chawan restaurant in Bangsar over breakfast. Putrajaya Rela Lt-Col Mohd Sani Mohd Zin said her statement which appeared in Yahoo News in Bangladesh two days ago. was regrettable.0. Najib said: “He shared with me his passion for mountain biking.” The prime minister said the “offline breakfast” was overall a “pleasurable meet-up” and that he was looking forward to engaging further with his social media friends. get the approval from all local authorities and receive endorsement from the state government. IRIMM president Amir Amsaa Alla Pitchay condemned Fernandez’s statement in the Jakarta Post last week. attended a reception hosted by heir to the British throne. Najib related his pleasure of meeting his social media friends.” he said. report and stop any fraud during the campaign period and on election day. “Supporters can help by taking on important roles of election monitors. I told him that I have a fitness regime that I apply.1Malaysia. On May 8. besides accusing the police of abusing their power to shoot criminals.000th Twitter follower – student Anwaruddin Izzuddin. 2012 Civil servants should be creative: Anifah BY HEMANANTHANI SIVANANDAM newsdesk@thesundaily. and I even do some exercises when travelling. football and food – including how ubi kayu became a staple food during the Japanese Occupation. the state Veterinary Services Department and MPSJ. bites or attacks any person whether or not any injury has been caused. Dewan Ekonomi dan Sosial Malaysia and Rela arrived at the Dang Wangi police headquarters at 11am yesterday to make the report. Thirty representatives from Ikatan Rakyat Insan Muslim Malaysia (IRIMM). died at the scene after being attacked by the male bull terrier in Jalan 19/5B while jogging. MPSJ health director Dr Roslan Mohd Hussin said the fate of the bull terrier is to be decided by the Veterinary Services Department. she said. supporters of the cause had mulled possibilities of holding its fourth installment to pressure the government into implementing electoral ANWAR FAIZ/THESUN PETALING JAYA: The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) has yet to issue any compound to the owner of the bull terrier that attacked and killed 74year old Yip Sun Wah.0 for now > Pak Samad: Coalition will focus on the power of votes BY ALYAA ALHADJRI newsdesk@thesundaily. Najib observed that his breakfast companions had all the best traits of the upcoming generation of Malaysians. The group has since announced its plans to organise a larger “pasar malam” protest outside Ambiga’s home on May 24 and will be reportedly submitting its application for a permit from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

. Abdul Kadir was one of those in the Umno Supreme Council meeting who agreed to his sacking from cabinet and from Umno. saying he was no longer interested in active politics since leaving Umno in March. namely Jiao Zong (United Chinese School Teachers Association). Kita leader Zamil Ibrahim said the party had offered Abdul Kadir membership in Kita. “In this respect. withdrew from the TWO affiliates of Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) have voiced their support for the Chinese education movement’s withdrawal from the roundtable talks on Chinese education. Dong Zong. unless Dong Zong returns to the roundtable.” the portal reported Juanda saying. Oriental Daily News reported yesterday. Their support came a day after an academician said Dong Zong faced the prospects of a split as the threats by 13 Johor Baru Chinese school committees to pull out of the Johor Dong Lian Hui.NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. Berita Harian regrets Juanda’s action in hurling abusive words against the reporter. Berita Harian denies misquoting Perlis mufti BERITA HARIAN yesterday defended its reporter whom Perlis mufti Dr Juanda Jaya claimed had misquoted him in a report on Tuesday.” the daily said. He wondered whether Abdul Kadir was hoping to be nominated for the KulimBandar baru parliamentary seat in the next general election. according to Utusan Malaysia report yesterday. Hua Zong (Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia). It was regarding his response to the call by Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria for the National Fatwa Council to discuss whether it is appropriate for PAS to use the word Islam in its name. He described it as a ‘stupid behaviour’ on the part of the reporter. but he rejected the idea. Both the Dong Lian Hui (Chinese school committees association) of Penang and Kedah have said they supported the umbrella body’s decision not to be a party to a mechanism that “anaesthetises the Chinese”. Juanda was disappointed that his statement has been allegedly twisted by Berita Harian. National Union of the Teaching Profession and SJKC School Headmasters Association since March 8. “But now he is very enthusiastic about supporting Anwar at various events organised by the opposition. Didn’t he realise who was Anwar before this? “When Anwar was sacked in 1998. “but no one from the two states has threatened to pull out”. The Penang and Kedah Dong Lian Hui told the daily they have received calls from Chinese school committees wanting to know more about the decision taken by Dong Zong. “Thus. Dong Zong. “The newspaper should say first that he is leaving the matter to Harussani since he is more senior in the council. 2012 07 PRESS DIGEST Support for Dong Zong’s move BY KONG SEE HOH newsdesk@thesundaily. before saying that he agrees with the call to discuss the matter within the council. Juanda never made a specific request for his response – through SMS exchanges with a Berita Harian reporter on Monday – to be carried in that sequence. which insisted that education policy changes be discussed at the PARTI Kesejahteraan Insan Tanahair (Kita) is upset with former Information Minister Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir who appears very determined to get close to opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Earlier this month. According to online news portal Malaysiakini report on Tuesday. Kita upset with Abdul Kadir BY HUSNA YUSOP newsdesk@thesundaily. The two Dong Lian Hui said they are firmly behind Dong Zong and will help it explain the reasons it opted out of the roundtable talks. However. The roundtable meetings on the eight-point plan to address issues affecting Chinese schools were held between the Education Ministry and five bodies. based on the issue and questions posed. may produce a ripple effect. the daily said. the reporter has written the news by angling it according to its news value.” Zamil said.

08 NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. that his own name. the leader of Europe’s biggest Jean-Marc Ayrault. referred to as John Doe No. it escapes no one that our country is going through difficult times. made him suited to be the last prime minister of a political era. A new poll confirmed what other surveys have shown: that radical leftists who reject a bailout agreed with the European Union and International Monetary Fund are poised for victory. Mladic. State television said he was born in 1945 in Patras. leaving the state with its coffers almost empty and no elected cabinet in place to satisfy lenders it deserves the money needed to stay afloat. who was tipped as of the European Union’s fiscal austerity drive. 70. A court source said he would name a cabinet that would be as small as possible. construction workers. new home. only to carry Greece into the vote. – Reuters B R I E F S MLADIC TAUNTS SURVIVOR AT START OF TRIAL THE HAGUE: Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic made a throat-slitting gesture to a woman who lost her son. western Greece and studied law in Athens and Paris. who claimed that the Hollywood star groped him during a massage session in Beverly Hills in January. whose powers as head of state are limited.2 million) lawsuit on Tuesday.” he told Hollande then signed the notice of formal the assembled Socialists. renewing his vow Hollande ushered Sarkozy to his car for a to turn the page on austerity and implicitly final farewell. but the president left again shortly Elysee Palace by his predecessor Nicolas afterwards in a different jet. exchanging kisses with Hollande’s partner “To our partners I will propose a new pact Valerie Trierweiler. – Reuters sector in jobs such as day labourers. trade unionists. with indispensable economic stimulus. The interim leader is little known outside legal circles. elegant in a dark dress and that links a necessary reduction in public debt vertiginous heels. Many are not documented by their employers and earn less than the minimum wage. “This is purely a caretaker government. and I believe that I am worthy of this mission. Hollande ally and the head of the Socialists’ Merkel was a Sarkozy ally and the architect parliamentary bloc. A storm forced Hollande to turn back to in June’s legislative elections – a key test for the Paris shortly after party after Hollande’s win. who led him to the presidential office “Europe needs plans. Greeks have been withdrawing hundreds of millions of euros from banks in recent days as the prospect of the country being forced out of the European Union’s common currency zone seems ever more real – although there has so far been no sign of a run on bank branches in Athens. However. a presidency source said. filed a notice dismissing his lawsuit. The man said he got the wrong date of the alleged incident after photos surfaced putting the actor in New York on the same day. and wants to session today after which the Socialists turn to renegotiate the eurozone fiscal pact. European leaders who once denied vociferously that they were fretting over Greece leaving their currency union have given up pretence. – AFP ONE OF TWO TRAVOLTA ACCUSERS WITHDRAWS LOS ANGELES: One of the two male masseurs who accused actor John Travolta of sexual assault dropped his US$2 million (RM6. and the two establishment parties that agreed the rescue are sinking further after an historic wipeout 10 days ago. named supreme administrative court head Panagiotis Pikrammenos as caretaker prime minister. At least 44% of the country’s workers are in the informal . After brief ceremonies and a rainlashed walkabout. 2012 Hollande vows new strategy > Promises to end debt crisis threatening eurozone PARIS: Francois Hollande was sworn in as president of France on Tuesday with a solemn vow to find a new growth-led strategy to end the crippling debt crisis threatening to unravel the eurozone. favourite. handover of power – becoming the seventh military officers. street vendors. takeoff amid fears his plane had been hit by The new president was welcomed to the lightning. on Tuesday.” Hollande told dignitaries at his codes to France’s nuclear arsenal. “Thank you for your trust. the Elysee Palace. which translates to “embittered” in English. churchmen and officials. European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi said simply: “No comment”. in such an unstable world to protect not only its But the real work was to begin after values but its interests. Political leaders failed to form a government following an inconclusive parliamentary election on May 6. He will have no power to take political decisions. Hollande opposed the speed and depth of the Ayrault’s new cabinet will likely hold its first cutbacks demanded by Berlin. – AFP their campaign to win a parliamentary majority REUTERSPIX Judge to lead Greece to fateful June 17 vote ATHENS: Greece put a senior judge in charge of an emergency government yesterday to lead it to new elections on June 17 and bankers sought to calm public fears after the president said political chaos risked causing panic and a run on deposits. It for a private head-to-head and to hand over the needs growth.” He repeated a joke he said he had read in the press.” Hollande’s second plane arrived for tense talks Hollande also named his new prime minister. Chancellery in Berlin. the 57-year-old Socialist headed to Berlin to confront Chancellor Angela Merkel over their very different visions as to how to save Merkel and Hollande address a news conference after their talks in the the single currency bloc. husband and brothers in the Srebenica massacre at the start of his trial yesterday. Asked if he was concerned about a Greek exit. President Karolos Papoulias. 1. flashed a defiant thumbs-up as he entered the courtroom – the last of the main protagonists in the Balkan wars of the 1990s to go on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. It needs solidarity. The parliament that was elected on May 6 will convene today and be immediately dissolved. outgoing first lady Carla Bruni underlining his differences with Merkel. with Merkel. a 62-year-old longtime economy and France’s key ally. part-time and home-based workers. Sarkozy. The unidentified man. – Reuters PHILIPPINES TO REGISTER UNRECORDED WORKERS MANILA: The Philippine government said on Tuesday it plans to register an estimated 17 million undocumented workers so it can better address their needs. president of the Fifth Republic and only the “And I will tell them of our continent’s need second Socialist.” Pikrammenos said at a meeting with the president.

responsible for issuing event permits. but declined to specify which ones. “We are still in the process of finding a way to do it. and Human Rights Subcommittee of House Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. be patient please.” Ramadhoni told AFP. calling her the “devil’s messenger” who wears only a “bra and panties” on stage. But please be prepared for chaos in Jakarta. – AFP Smith and Bob Fu (left) listen to Chen on the phone during a hearing before the Global Health.” FPI Jakarta chairman Habib Salim Alatas told AFP. telephoned a hearing of the US Congress for the second time this month from a hospital bed in Beijing. saying it still hoped to find a way to hold the June 3 event after already selling more than 50. a longtime campaigner against China’s one-child policy. We are still fighting. But he charged that local authorities in the eastern province of Shandong were seeking revenge by filing a murder charge against his nephew. Despite the murder charge. accusing authorities of launching the same sort of campaign against his nephew as they did to him. showed no signs of budging yesterday. go ahead. known as “little monsters”. 2012 09 Trumped-up charges > China dissident tells US of abuse of family WASHINGTON: A dissident at the centre of a standoff between Beijing and Washington on Tuesday accused Chinese authorities of a pattern of abuse against his family as he again took his case to US lawmakers. no one was reported dead. In a striking scene on Capitol Hill. “Little monsters. Chen replied: “I’m not a hero. a blind selftaught lawyer who last month dramatically escaped house arrest for the safety of the US embassy. and we ask for everyone’s patience and forgiveness for the trouble. Unlike in the previous hearing. Chen did not voice concern over his own conditions.NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. with police detaining him when he fought back. “These are trumped-up charges. Chen served four years in jail on charges that included disruption of traffic. After Chai Ling – now an advocate against sex-selective abortion – praised his efforts. Those people in Yinan county have already been on the opposite side of the rule of law in China. I just do what my conscience asks me to do. They have said they do not recommend Lady Gaga’s performance in the capital. Chen spoke to Representative Chris Smith. translated for members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Chinese dissident Bob Fu. Chen had riled authorities by exposing forced abortions and sterilisations by officials meeting quotas under China’s one-childonly policy. Big Daddy Production spokesman Arif Ramadhoni said they were discussing the issue with several parties.” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Tuesday that US visas were prepared for Chen. despite police refusing a permit and Islamic hardliners threatening “chaos” if she comes to the Muslim-majority nation. three hours with stakes until his face was bloody. Chen has said he was subjected to brutal beatings under house arrest because he continued to speak out after his release from jail in 2010. Chen Guangcheng.” Chen said. – AFP . saying they could not grant the US star permission to perform without a recommendation from Jakarta police. Big Daddy Productions reached out on Twitter to Lady Gaga fans. We are ready to be thrown to jail and be killed – we will do anything to stop it. “If Lady Gaga still wants to perform here. “This is a pattern. Chen said government-backed thugs broke into his nephew Chen Kegui’s house and beat him up for AFPPIX Indonesian organisers fight for Lady Gaga gig JAKARTA: Organisers yesterday vowed to fight for a Lady Gaga concert to go ahead in Indonesia. The national police.” Chen said by telephone as one of his most prominent supporters. as some of China’s leading exiled dissidents – including legendary activist Wei Jingsheng and Tiananmen Square protest leader Chai Ling – huddled on the dais to listen.” the company tweeted. his wife and their two children. But the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) said it would create havoc if Lady Gaga were allowed to perform in Indonesia. We will keep you updated.000 tickets.

Penang Barisan Nasional said it is not depending on the Tunku Abdul Aziz’s resignation to garner votes in the next GEORGE TOWN: The DAP has given up trying to convince its former national vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim to change his mind about quitting the party. Mayor Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad said each of the prime movers would be used to carry a 20-tonne solid waste container and move it to the Bukit Tagar Landfill. Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said yesterday.” he said when contacted yesterday. Chin in a statement said that he had only the power to take over water supply from concessionaires during an emergency.” he said after the handover ceremony here yesterday. “We have plans that will be rolled out not for political gain but for the benefit of the state and for the people. “At no time did the chief minister (Lim) speak about the terms of the appointment or financial details during their telephone conversation last Friday. among others. Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin that he had no power to force concessionaires to accept the Selangor water industry restructuring plan showed that he had no confidence over his power as the minister under Section 191 (5). “The section states that the determination of what amounts to national interest issues arising from the coming into operation of this Act shall be made by the minister and such determination shall be final and binding upon all persons and shall not be Offer not a bribe. Tunku Abdul Aziz dismissed the offer of the senior fellowship. party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said he had tried to contact the former senator since Monday but “without success”. “I will announce the outcome of the committee meeting next week.” the chief minister said.” Abdul Khalid said at a press conference yesterday after chairing the executive council meeting. 2012 B R I E F S MEETING ON RELIGIOUS ISSUES SHAH ALAM: A meeting will be held next week to discuss religious issues in the state. Abdul Khalid said the statement by Energy. He said the post entailed writing commitments. programme supervision and a platform to continue engaging in public discussion of national policies. the contractor responsible for solid waste management in the federal capital. Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that his administration is in “discussion” phase and will leave it to the federal government to exercise its powers as vested in the Water Supply Industry Act (WSIA) 2006. In a brief statement yesterday.” he said in a statement. “The contractor will be responsible to transfer 1.” he told a press conference after chairing the exco meeting.10 NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. In an interview with an English daily published on Wednesday. including apostasy and religious freedom. He said the meeting will also discuss a special committee’s decision to enhance Islamic Religious Affairs Department’s (Jais) ability in handling problems faced by Muslims. . Zairil said the senior fellowship was a genuine offer based on a desire to make the best use of Tunku Abdul Aziz’s talent in the service of the state after his retirement as a senator for Penang. quashed or questioned in any court. we at Penang Institute saw it as an opportunity to recruit a public intellectual with valuable global network. who is its chairman. appealed against. He said BN can get the votes to recapture the state by showing how it is willing to serve the people in Penang. Its chief executive Zairil Khir Johari said he regretted that the offer had been misconstrued by the former Transparency International Malaysia president. Khalid said housing developers should cooperate with Syabas to install individual meters in apartments so residents could enjoy the free 20 cu m of water a month provided by the state government. On Tuesday. says Penang Institute GEORGE TOWN: State government think tank Penang Institute has denied that its offer of a senior fellowship to former DAP national vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim was a bribe. Jinjang to the Bukit Tagar Landfill. reviewed. in Hulu Selangor. “When it became clear that Tunku did not wish to be re-nominated for another term as a senator for Penang.” 31 PRIME MOVERS FOR SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL KUALA LUMPUR: City Hall yesterday handed over 31 units of prime movers worth RM10. to convey the offer to Tunku Abdul Aziz out of respect. describing it as “being freed from the tyranny of a demagogue”. Next week’s meeting.” Zairil said the institute had requested Lim. Tunku Abdul Aziz had criticised Lim for being a “different kettle of fish”. “Penang Institute has a standard package for senior fellowship that includes a yearly stipend of RM50. DAP thanks Tunku Aziz BY AARON NGUI newsdesk@thesundaily.” In an interview with an English daily.700 metric tonnes of solid waste every day from the solid waste disposal site at Taman Beringin. “Time will prove who is on the right side of history. “I have no wish to exchange personal attacks with Tunku but to convey the party’s thanks for his service during his four years as national vice-chair of DAP. MB leaves water dispute to Putrajaya BY RADZI RAZAK newsdesk@thesundaily. will discuss the ‘Sunni-Syiah’ dichotomy which has been debated since the Pakatan Rakyat-led administration took over the state government in 2008. Khalid announced the setting up of the special committee on April 4. State BN working committee chief Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan said the state opposition is working on showing the people how united its component parties are.000.6 million to Tetuan Umpan Jaya Sdn Bhd. – Bernama SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government is leaving it to the federal government to do what is necessary on the stalled water restructuring exercise in the state. He had also expressed his relief after leaving the party. On a related matter.

theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. 2012 11 .

12 theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. 2012 .

as a Malaysian citizen. I write to let you know that. foreign entrepreneurs and tourists. Dear Datuk Ambiga. I would like to offer an apology for the way you have been treated. the BN says it is embarking on a plan to seek public “response” to the proposal. It was among the key factors that swept opposition Gerakan into power in Penang in the election that same year. But the enormous political significance of a free port. has not changed. in 1969. The political coalition that stripped the state of its traditional free port status. “This is a people-centric programme. and have this to say to her. the docks and harbours are. The BN would pursue the implementation of the status only once it takes over the state government. there are many other more respectful and constructive methods to air their grievances. which now leads the ruling Pakatan Rakyat coalition in Penang. I am deeply ashamed of recent behaviour directed at you personally. The BN of course is asserting that it is only acting in the practical interest of the state’s economy. He called on Najib to declare Penang a free port before the next election.SPEAK UP theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. Personal attacks are par for the course if you are a public figure. but this latest childish demonstration of unflattering callisthenics is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. It’s not something new. Today.” To make one more leery. confirmed that he had brought up the idea with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak 13 Free port politics YEBROWS were raised this week when news broke that the Barisan Nasional is proposing that Penang’s free port status be restored – 43 years after it had been stripped away. DAP chairman Karpal Singh commented that the free port status was only now being made an issue by Gerakan. relatively speaking. it seems. Teng was defensive when at a press conference it was suggested that the free port idea is a “bait” to woo voters. The newly minted state chairman of the BN. If segments of society disagree with what you stand for and all that you have achieved. But there is a catch. The “burger protest” was bad enough. Any person with a sense of common decency would be as appalled and disgusted as I am that you have been attacked in such a manner. has upped the ante. to target you at your own home is deplorable. Teng said. who is Gerakan secretarygeneral and a former Penang state executive councillor before he lost his state seat in the last general E TheNutmeg Verses BY HIMANSHU BHATT Today. said Najib has taken to the suggestion “positively”. One is now left to see whether the idea of its revival will impact an impending general election in the same way that its removal did 43 years ago. “The DAP had been calling for the status to be restored for years.” Teng said. There is no justification for this kind of behaviour. the Gerakan-led BN administration had managed to turn the economy around in the 70s and 80s with new free industrial zones and licensed manufacturing warehouses. led by the BN’s own forerunner. As a Malaysian. Josephine Moggie via email . but that there are many avenues available to express them. is now appearing to use the issue as a bargaining chip for the next election. established two centuries ago under British colonial rule. and a far cry from the potential they were once thought to have. a Gerakan-led BN coalition which was removed from power in the 2008 polls is relying on the very issue of reinstating the free port to regain the state government.thesundaily. Comments: letters@thesundaily. However. I would like to borrow a phrase that has been used frequently of late – this is not the Malaysian way. I cannot speak for anyone other than myself. It is not about baiting!” But to make the announcement on the “eve” of a general election will make it hard for the public to construe such a move in any other way. LETTER letters@thesundaily. 2012 www. Gerakan was however compelled later to join the BN because it needed federal support to lift Penang’s economy and unemployment rate – caused in no small part by the taking away of the free port – out of the doldrums. Helmed by new chief minister (Tun) Dr Lim Chong Eu. I refer to blatant acts of intimidation that you have had to endure in what should be the sanctity of your home. but I would like you to know that I am very deeply embarrassed by the behaviour you have had to An apology to Ambiga I REFER to reports published in online versions of newspapers on a group of retired armed forces personnel holding “butt exercises” in front of the house of Bersih cochairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan. there has been pressure from various quarters to revive the free port status to boost tourism in particular. Still. The hugely unpopular removal of the free port status was executed by the federal government. with no such move seen during the 40-odd years that the BN was in power. “I did not use the word ‘bait’. Teng.” he retorted. the DAP. Making Penang duty-free would be part of an overall economic programme that would be hawked to the people ahead of the next general election. There is a great irony in this affair. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions. To be fair. brought in by a bustling dutyfree port. Meanwhile. Teng Chang Yeow. It does not speak for me. There is an obvious politically-charged inference in this – that support for the programme must equate with support for the BN. the Alliance. a pale shadow of what they used to be. Himanshu is theSun’s Penang bureau chief. Many people remember the glory days of Penang’s waterfront when the city of George Town teemed with trading activity. “People have to support this programme before we can do it.

Many attacks from toy breeds in homes and strays in the street go unreported due to the damage being insignificant or the absence of an accountable party. that’s another tragedy in itself. Parallel to the efforts of Batang Kali British Labour government ordered an campaigners to seek justice. Petani. From my understanding. many of solders involved. It may be due to the wariness of some quarters to be involved in a compensation claims trial that threatens to dredge up many more potential cases. Afiqah via email Not unique to pedigree dogs I AM chief trainer at the Westerwald Kennel and have attended dog training in Germany. The bodies of some of the victims were during the final years of the Empire. the rubber plantation workers to sue the British government that the British were instead made to run by the same soldiers Foreign Office released an archive of material who later gunned them down. Thus. lawyers representing the second is the awful reality that villagers revealed statements obtained during crimes such as those perpetrated in Malaya were interviews with soldiers in 1970 when the thennot isolated. May 2). A dog is no different in many ways. A mere apology to seek closure on this tragic episode simply doesn’t LETTERS letters@thesundaily. Petaling Jaya Hotel Royal Bintang. Yhto Nainif Semenyih . This would provide valuable information to work backwards to understand the reason for the vicious attack. It is not for no reason that the Batang Kali case is widely regarded as one of the most controversial in British colonial history. no weapons were said to have been should have been made accessible in the 1980s found in Batang Kali.00 pm – 7. As pointed out by a writer in The Guardian newspaper. As late as January 2009.400 jobs” (Sunbiz. Now. his stability of character will determine whether he will apply what he has learnt. we should take a scientific approach by monitoring the behaviour pattern of this dog under different situations and documenting the outcome – a task meant for serious and professional trainers and animal behaviourists. The perpetrators must pay. Britain’s government which cold storaged High Court heard for the the inquiry. are insisting only on an apology. Ipoh Time 2.00 pm 2. They should. Melaka Hotel Crystal Crown. This package trapped loyal and senior staff in the 50+ age group in this arrangement. In his years with MISC. Comments: letters@thesundaily. Was it the dog. But it can’t be denied that town councils are not doing enough to curb the problem from the start. Back home. 2012 19 th May. other violated investigation into persistent claims of a cover-up. regular references when an informal investigation exonerated the were made to “terrorist eliminations”. were ever linked with his movement. It may be due to the taint of Communism that is inseparable from this case. We really do not know what caused this dog to act in this way.00 pm 2. senior Malaysians who travelled all the way to London to hear the judicial review which began at the Royal Courts Of Justice challenging the British government’s refusal of a public enquiry.00 pm – 6. Distribution Channels Gurunatham Gopal Tel (Editorial) 03-7784 6688 Fax 03-7785 2624/5 Email newsdesk@thesundaily. For all we Out in the cold at 50 I WAS rather sad and disappointed to read in “MISC cuts 1. 2012 27th May. 2012 21st May. unlike other established companies that offer one severance package. Kedah Hotel Vistana. and we don’t have much information about history. So all dogs left by themselves will call the shots on how to act. My father will have a problem getting employment in view of his age. groups were doing the same in British courts. he is more worried by the day. It is a shame that such an established government-linked company is not able to offer one reasonable severance package for all staff without discrimination. the villagers of Batang Kali would be better honoured not as victims of mistaken identity but simply as people who sacrificed to stand on the same side as many other Malayans. With regard to the recent dog attack which killed a jogger. impossible for the case to be buried. They are intelligent because they are able to learn commands taught by humans and remember them. This incident could easily have happened with a mongrel or a stray. These could be strays or pets. and my father received 40% of his current salary (x) remaining months of service.00 pm – 7. I too wanted to be part of the company. while there have been several attempts to bring the case to public attention through Parliament and an attempt to investigate by the Royal Malaysian Police in the 1990s (the case was eventually closed on grounds of insufficient evidence). For the time being. Seremban The Emperor Hotel. first time testimony by Scots the British government remained Guards soldiers admitting reluctant to delve into this that they had killed and covered up ignominious past by rejecting calls the 1948 massacre of 24 unarmed for an inquiry. the owners have to be held responsible as it was an animal in their care that was allowed to run Tel (Advertising) 03-7784 8888 Fax 03-7784 4424 Email advertise@thesundaily. Pedigree dogs are bred for their ability to listen and act on human commands. 2012 Venue Hotel Amanpura (SP Inn).00 pm – 7.00 pm 2. if it is unable to redeploy them. Production Thomas Kang Head. rubber plantation workers in the However.00 pm – 7. In reports that emerged after the and transfer of the archive. laws must be in place to impose heavy penalties. my father was proud of his employer. this apathy should be shaken off.00 pm – 7. 2012 22nd May. the documents massacre. 2012 23rd May. including Kenyans who allege torture by British soldiers said that contrary to claims by the forces during the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s. MISC offered several. As the innocence of the villagers becomes ever more evident. Worse was to detailing some of the worst crimes committed follow. training of the dog etc.14 SPEAK UP theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. but the archive still shed light on killing of 24 innocent people more than six some of the terrible deeds carried out in the decades ago. The first of these denials took place in 1949 Within these documents. Only then can you get people to comply. With the current high cost of living and the uncertainty that lay ahead.00 pm Apology not enough ACCORDING to news reports on the Batang Kali massacre.00 pm – 7.00 pm 2. I just want my father to be given a fair deal – what he deserves. considering the gravity of the offence if it’s proven that British soldiers involved were at fault. Like any other animal. they either act by instinct or conditioning. Pointing at a breed is like pinpointing a particular human race and concluding the behaviour of that race. Loyalty doesn’t pay. both of which are determined by the character of the animal which varies from one to another. name of the anti-Communist struggle. Penang Hotel Syuen. 1948 had been governments to deny responsibility for the destroyed. the difference between anti-colonialism and Communism was not always clear. the villagers may have been guilty of nothing more than being anti-colonialists. The older you are. or the environment? Or all put together? The victim can’t give his side of the story. Johor Bahru Hotel Cititel. My father is angry and bitter at the MISC’s lack of responsibility to its staff. Other papers described actions BY YAP MUN CHING E calculated to humiliate and degrade – including one practice of forcing women to remove their clothes and throwing them far away so that they had to recover their clothing under the eye of their tormentors. I was driving in the well-to-do area of Bukit Gasing. in the twilight years of the British Empire. 2012 26th May. The victims must seek legal recourse in bringing those responsible to book and demand appropriate compensation. Councils must do the rounds to warn irresponsible owners. But if owners remain adamant. it would appear.00 pm 2. Sg. Selvam Kuala Lumpur Date 18th May. the jogger. take whoever was responsible to the proverbial Shake off apathy on Batang Kali bottom of the case was thwarted by the incoming Conservative ARLIER this month. the company’s statement that a reasonable severance package had been extended to staff affected by its exit from the liner business. there have been many comments on breed. And the willingness to learn and abide by the human master is what makes them stand apart in the animal kingdom. This glimmer of hope for Batang Kali The acts perpetrated by the Scots Guards survivors was to be quickly dashed once it was were shameful. although they had been with the company for more than 30 years. two factors made it village of Batang Kali. A human can go through all the training in the world. and found dogs running around the joggers’ track and standing in front of houses. An attempt 20 years later by which were coldly regarded as being the Labour government of the 1970s to get to the “satisfactory”. the more you lose as the company does not recognise the years that senior staff have put in. 2012 Managing Editor Freddie Ng Consultant Editor Zainon Ahmad Senior General Manager. it has received but lukewarm interest. but no more shameful than the confirmed that crucial papers detailing the determination of successive British events of the fateful day of Dec 11. Even on the day I write this. Advertising and Marketing Chandran Ravi Senior Manager. Kuala Lumpur Hotel Armada. Mun Ching enjoys travelling off the beaten path to discover the grittier but more revealing parts of the region we call home. Looking ahead.00 pm 2.00 pm 2. Former Malayan but were kept hidden in breach of legal Communist Party leader Chin Peng has also obligations for them to be transferred into the gone on record to say that none of the villagers public domain.00 pm – 7. but when faced with a situation. During a judicial review of the The first is the determination of Freespace British government’s decision not to Batang Kali survivors not to let Where young views rule hold an official inquiry into the history be whitewashed. in our memories. But many fail to realise that dogs are animals without a reasoning faculty. One could infer that the destruction of the Batang Kali papers speaks just as loudly for the survivors’ case. and watching him as a child. 2012 20 th May. colonial office that the villagers were shot while It was during the Kenyans’ fight for the right trying to escape. in fact. As a daughter. According subsequently mutilated and the village burned to a Cambridge historian overseeing the review to the ground. Among the more shocking admissions. The incident. and opportunities are limited in shipping-related industries. My father is one of these people – he is 50 years old and out of a job.

com Hektar REIT gets nod to increase fund size PETALING JAYA: Hektar Asset Management Sdn Bhd.165. and advises investors to switch to defensive stocks with relatively low foreign shareholdings like Hong Leong Bank Bhd.000 20. SHARIL AMIN ABDUL RAHIM/THESUN > RM13.536. Indonesia’s Jakarta Composite Index 1.5 16 7 20.” Mokhzani said should oil price fluctuate.81 -1.831.84 -151. British American Tobacco (Malaysia) Bhd and PPB Group Bhd fell 38 sen each to RM51. besides SapuraKencana shares.46 -7. Turnover was 1. manager of the Hektar Real Estate Investment Trust (Hektar REIT).800 30. On when SapuraKencana shareholders can expect a dividend. It reckons that stocks with high foreign shareholding that are susceptible to a selldown include AirAsia Bhd.000 units to a maximum of 413. SapuraKencana chairman Datuk Hamzah Bakar. procurement. losers outpaced gainers 822 to 97 while 215 counters were unchanged. coming from 20 nationalities.07 KOSPI 1.54. Dutch Lady Industries Bhd dropped 60 sen to RM31.19 634.252.12 billion shares worth RM1.” said Hektar Asset Management chairman and CEO Datuk Jaafar Abdul Hamid in a statement yesterday.96 13. “The next support level for the FBM KLCI is 1.12 -3.840.5 -0. which makes its debut on Bursa Malaysia today. “We should be able to keep bid book high and backlog high at RM8 billion to RM12 billion a year. “Worries over the European debt crisis. he said. On Bursa.64 billion on Tuesday.08 -211. 2012 KLCI STI 1.535. “We believe we will be able to give out dividends from the first year.493. especially in Brazil and Australia.” he added. Commenting on the impact of the global economic slowdown.” he told a press conference after the launch of SapuraKencana’s prospectus and corporate identity by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop here yesterday. Bumi Armada Bhd.12%. But there is no serious correction in our market given that we have ample liquidity in the market. Executive vice-chairman Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir said the group is currently bidding for RM7 billion worth of jobs and by year-end.26.000 30.5 42 8. “Our next steps are to meet with our unitholders to obtain their approval for the proposed acquisition and rights issue through an EGM.94 -5. Meanwhile.48 28. On its capital expenditure. for the third consecutive day. Nor Mohamed.498.414.61% and Thailand’s Stock Exchange of Thailand 1. continued to weigh on market sentiment.061 billion.57 161.5 billion to RM4 billion per year gives us three years of backlog and we have to replenish that every year. About half of the projects it has bid for are in Malaysia with the rest overseas.801.04 yesterday. However.500 26.06 billion from 1. from 320.000 sq ft or three times the size of the company’s first factory.800 18. due to weak sentiment amid persistent worries over the global economy. Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd led the bluechip declines.04 2.5 billion business in Brazil to enter West Africa’s EPCIC market.56 17. JCY finance director James Wong said the lean design of the factory allows an “efficient operational flow.53 58. Losers thumped gainers 822 to 97. installation and commissioning (EPCIC) services provider.03 45.330bil CHANGE 10.17. has better control of wastage and reduces the cost of production”. Sapura group chairman and founder Tan Sri Shamsuddin Abd Kadir and Mokhzani at the launch of SapuraKencana’s prospectus and corporate logo.858.” said Mercury Securities head of research Edmund Tham.16 115. the company knows how to operate in a lean environment and on tighter margins given its experience in operating under such a situation. Markets across the region tumbled.89 -6.55 Hang Seng 19.946. after moving between 1. He said the prolonged political crisis had pushed the country to the verge of bankruptcy and Greece could exit from the eurozone. as well as undertaking jobs in the Gulf of Mexico. the oil and gas sector is robust to the fluctuations of oil price. from the merger exercise. Shahril said as the company expands its reach as an enlarged entity.01 967.156.03 points or 1.04.04 2.6% lower at 1.96 236.” he added.001. KUALA LUMPUR: Blue-chip stocks suffered heavy losses yesterday to drag the stock market down sharply for the third day in a row. SapuraKencana is the result of the merger of the businesses and assets of SapuraCrest Petroleum Bhd and Kencana Petroleum KL MARKET SUMMARY MAY 16.061bil -180. and Kencana RM968. Shahril said: From left: Shahril.43 100.65 Business Editor Toh Lye Huat Tel (Editorial) 03-7784 6688 Fax 03-7785 2624/5 Email sunbiz@thesundaily.” He said the company will leverage on its US$1. with only a 0.5 billion of new jobs every year to sustain a healthy backlog for the newly merged entity. “We support 500 local vendors and suppliers by giving out RM1.686. Singapore’s Straits Times Index lost 1.33 billion shares valued at RM2. — Bernama KUALA LUMPUR: SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd (SKP).247. The country’s move to hold a fresh election has given investors another reason to be cautious despite several days of equity losses.03 points to close at 1.” Shahril said.536.000 employees.5 billion to RM2 billion worth of works to them every year.5 +12. Maxis Bhd and Petronas Gas Bhd.600 30. Axiata Group Bhd and UEM Land Holdings Bhd.63 191. Many projects take five or six years to execute and due to the long gestation period.755.(sen) 20 13. analysts said. Japan’s Nikkei 1. falling alongside regional markets as investors feared a prolonged political crisis in Greece could slow the global growth momentum. The new factory costs RM36 million to build and another RM9 million to fit out and furnish.09 -109.3% decline. The FBM KLCI ended 25.18 and Sime Darby Bhd gave up 19 sen to RM9.70.804.58%.ON THURSDAY MAY 17. Approval was also given for the valuation of two retail properties totalling RM184 million in Kedah to be acquired by Hektar REIT.” he added. Malayan Banking Bhd.25.09 -25. 2012 INDICES FBM EMAS FBM KLCI INDUSTRIAL CONSUMER INDUSTRIAL PROD CONSTRUCTION TRADING/SERVICES FINANCE PROPERTY PLANTATION MINING FBMSHA FBMACE TECHNOLOGY TURNOVER 1.500.15 -10. China. respectively.5 billion over three years budgeted for three new drilling rigs and five new pipelay vessels. has commenced operations at its second factory in Suzhou. Shahril said: “Throughout the years.5 -2 -2 Unch -2 -5 sunbiz@thesundaily.536. The company has some 9. “We’re confident that whatever happens.500 17. construction.5 billion orderbook to keep enlarged group busy for 3½ years .61 352. with the success rate expected to be 30-40%.56. one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hard disk drive (HDD) components. respectively.400 CLSG (sen) +/.558. after a seven-month buying streak. it needs to support Malaysia and be a catalyst for the small and medium oil and gas companies. the company will be resilient and pull through.700 29.17 7.03 -56.01 Third day of losses SHARE prices on Bursa Malaysia ended lower yesterday.259. Genting Malaysia Bhd.5 -3.12%.50 SKP needs US$1-1.773 units. he told Bernama. Blue chips bear the brunt BY PREMALATHA JAYARAMAN sunbiz@thesundaily. while Tenaga Nasional Bhd lost 28 sen to RM6.08% and 3% losses.898.854.46 4. namely the Landmark Central Shopping Centre and a major portion of Central Square Shopping Centre. with South Korea’s KOSPI and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index the worst performers with 3.5 640 -2. falling 64 sen to RM22.7 million or 49 sen a share. President and group CEO Datuk Seri Shahril Shamsuddin said the company’s orderbook currently stands at RM13. HwangDBS Vickers Research Sdn Bhd said further inflows of foreign funds may be limited as the general election looms. 2012 STOCK AGLOBAL FOCUS LUSTER SAAG NICORP SANICHI MTRONIC UTOPIA ASUPREM PCHEM VOL 69. the quantum has yet to be set as we’re a growing company.760. The weaker fundamental in the external is contributing to the losses in the local bourse.5 -0. had lifted the US dollar to its strongest level against major currencies. we find that we transcend the volatility of the marketplace. HwangDBS said foreign investors had been net buyers of Malaysian equities since October last year.83 SCI 2. SapuraCrest received a RM875. will need to replenish US$1 billion to US$1.346.082.” he added.5 16 6. Turnover rose to 1. JCY starts ops at 2nd China plant PETALING JAYA: JCY International Bhd.5b new jobs yearly BY EE ANN NEE 10 MOST ACTIVES MAY 16.” he said.203. “Our burn rate of RM3.15 25. MIDF Research senior analyst Syed Muhammed Kifni Syed Kamaruddin said many bourses in the region had fallen between 1% and 2% in the past two weeks but the local bourse had managed to hold its own.09 8. “We expect to engage more workers and move in additional machines in the near term.234. Mokhzani said the cash payout to shareholders from the merger exercise is equivalent to eight years of dividends.5 billion and will keep the group busy for three-and-a-half years.62 -0. This.536. has obtained the Securities Commission’s nod to increase its fund size and list the new units on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. it will have submitted bids for RM12 billion. particularly that of Greece.287.48 1. Hektar REIT is looking to increase its fund size by up to 93. reduces operational lead Tel (Advertising) 03-7784 8888 Fax 03-7784 4424 Email advertise@thesundaily. Measuring 237. the lowest since end-February. It is also bidding for projects in Nikkei TSEC 8. The FBM KLCI slipped another 25. improves production yield rate.60 10.90 494.200 24.2 billion in the last seven months.33 billion shares valued at RM2.54 -207. CIMB Group Holdings Bhd closed down 14 sen to RM7.05 and 1.773 units. and is now the world’s fifth-largest integrated oil and gas engineering.60 and RM15. “We have a build programme of US$1.1 million cash payment or 69 sen a share.80 S&P/ASX200 4.85 VALUE RM2.57 99. Affin Investment Bank vice-president and head of retail research Dr Nazri Khan said investors are reducing their positions in riskier assets and shifting to safe-haven currencies due to the uncertainty.430. taking cumulative net buying value to RM9.

Singapore.1 million from RM307. BHP: COMMODITIES MARKETS TO COOL – PAGE 18 . “We are still in the initial stage.9 million.” said MISC in a filing with Bursa Malaysia yesterday. WCT bids for RM5b jobs > It also seeks to grow its non-construction business BY PREMALATHA JAYARAMAN sunbiz@thesundaily. using the wide-body A330-300 with a configuration of 12 premium flatbed seats and 365 economy seats. but has lowered its price target to RM5. The programme was subsequently set up on Monday.67 billion) Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme.20 from RM5. The stock closed at RM4. Guilin. Shenzhen. But I can’t tell you what they are because we are still in various stages (of the bidding process). The fares are available for online booking from today to Sunday for travel between Aug 6 and May 22. IOI Corp’s net gearing will be the highest among big capitalisation planters. In conjunction with the launch of the new service. he said non-construction activities are expected to contribute more than half of WCT’s operating profit by 2016 from the current 36%. it will be suspending its five-weekly Kuala Lumpur-Tianjin flights from June 21. AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman-Rani said the airline will allow all impacted passengers the flexibility to transfer their flight bookings into Beijing. Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya. newly secured jobs for 2012 total RM155 million. AmBank issues 4 call warrants PETALING JAYA: AmBank (M) Bhd is issuing four new European-style cashsettled structured warrants over the shares of TSH Resources Bhd.79 times. we are always pursuing new projects. saw its first-quarter net loss widen to RM465. which will enable the bank to issue senior notes and/or subordinated notes from time to time. Maybank Investment Bank Bhd and Nomura International Plc are the arrangers. he said. will be issued today at an issue size of up to 100 million each. Ahmad Sufian said WCT is looking at expanding its consumer-driven divisions in property development.9 billion a year ago.5 billion loan raised. Kenanga Research said. 2012 fell 18% to RM2. AirAsia X begins flights to Beijing on June 22 KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia X will fly to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur four times weekly from June 22.60.5 million. but negative if they are used to invest deeper in Singapore or the Malaysian property market due to their unexciting growth prospects. and since then we have carried more than 12 million guests from seven destinations in China. Ahmad Sufian and corporate affairs manager Kenny Wong Yik Kae at the AGM. “Of the possible maximum RM4.22 billion in FY11. It expects the balance of RM3. 2012 MISC continues to sail in rough seas PETALING JAYA: MISC Bhd. They are priced at 15 sen each. Its new shopping mall. “The new contracts bring the total value of projects in hand for HSL to RM1. PETALING JAYA: IOI Corp Bhd. general banking and other corporate purposes. “The (liner) business segment suffered a 93% reduction in liftings following the group’s decision to completely exit from the operations by middle of 2012. it said the global LNG market remains favourable with buoyant demand in Japan. “Lower earning days from reduced demand combined with softer rates have translated to 3. “We are positive if the EMTN proceeds are used to expand IOI Corp’s plantation land. AirAsia X is offering promotional all-in fares to Beijing from RM249 one-way on economy class and from RM1. Tianjin. Kenanga reiterates a “market perform” rating on IOI Corp at RM5. namely Chengdu. Ahmad Sufian said the group will tap its 30year civil and structural construction track From left: WCT Bhd deputy managing director Goh Chin Liong. Together with the RM82 million 20. UMW Holdings Bhd and Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd. The group also recognised additional impairment provision on its ships of RM116. with gearings ranging between 4.8 billion.6 million orphanage complex and a RM16.” He said company hopes to secure at least RM1 billion worth of projects this year based on its 20% success rate in the past. working capital and loan repayment. Sabah. as well as recognised additional liner exit provisions of RM220.” said Kenanga. while the prospects for the offshore and heavy engineering businesses remain favourable in the short and medium term and will continue to provide stability to the group. could see its net gearing rise to 54-58% from 21% as at end2011. Maybank told Bursa Malaysia yesterday that net proceeds from each issue of notes from the MTN programme will be used for working capital.7 million. Qatar. The research firm is maintaining its earnings estimate for IOI Corp in the financial years ending June 30 of 2012 and 2013 at RM2. However. exceeding Sime Darby Bhd’s 21% and Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd’s net cash position. The company plans to build another two or ANWAR FAIZ AHMAD TAJUDIN/THESUN three hotels in the next five years and is eyeing places like Penang. in a statement yesterday. The call warrants. the Sarawak-based infrastructure specialist said it is on track to surpass last year’s figure of RM313 million in new jobs. Speaking to reporters after the company’s AGM here yesterday. Ahmad Sufian said the company is also exploring venturing into Myanmar and Indonesia.59 billion) multicurrency medium term note (MTN) programme. In a statement yesterday. said its chairman Datuk Capt Ahmad Sufian Qurnain Abdul Rashid.05 billion and RM2.16 SUNBIZ theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. Tradewinds Plantation Bhd. both in Bintulu. HSL’s cash reserves stood at over RM200 IOI Corp’s net gearing to more than double BY KANG SIEW LI sunbiz@thesundaily. wants to grow its non-construction business to contribute more than half of the group’s earnings by 2016.5 billion (RM4. which plans to set up an US$1.90 yesterday. However. following a decrease in asset values from deterioration of shipping markets. The long-haul budget carrier will increase the flight frequency to daily from Aug 6.” said Kenanga. It had earlier received the nod from Bank Negara Malaysia for the new programme. bringing the total value of new contracts secured so far this year to RM155 million. On its core business. IOI Corp posted a net profit of RM2.2km road project from Balingian to Jalan Persekutuan announced in February. WCT secured a RM331 million contract for the construction of a mixed development with purpose-built medical centre at Coastal Highway in Kota Kinabalu.4 billion from RM2. 2013. In the first quarter. Kathleen Tan. Guangzhou and Chongqing. The rating outlook is negative.” it added.” said AirAsia group head of commercial. assuming drawdown of the proceeds. Maybank sets up US$5b MTN programme PETALING JAYA: Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) has obtained the Securities Commission’s approval to set up an US$5 billion (RM15.129 one-way on its premium flatbeds class. is slated for launch on May 23. Moody’s Investors Service had on Tuesday assigned a (P)Baa1 rating to IOI Corp’s new programme. the United Arab Emirates. with little cushion for any disappointments in palm oil or aggressive shareholder returns.4 million in the January-March 2012 period.” the research firm said in a note to clients KLANG: WCT Bhd. mainly due to higher losses in its liner shipping business and lower profit in its heavy engineering business. which is bidding for RM5 billion worth of projects in Malaysia and overseas.88 and 8. pending the actual amount of drawdown from the EMTN loan. and earthworks and construction works for a RM10. Ahmad Sufian said: “As a construction company. Forty per cent are local and 60% overseas.” it added. “Our first flight into China took off eight years ago. Another RM491 million could be used to repay its S$200 million term loan due in May 2013.01. Kota Kinabalu and the Klang Valley. Moody’s said the Baa1 rating is to accommodate IOI Corp’s greater involvement in property development. It is also targeting for the construction segment to contribute 45% of the group’s earnings within the next five years. It has also bagged a RM300 million job to design.12 billion respectively.4ha plot of land in Clementi. rising bunker costs and vessel supply overhang contribute to the challenges faced and do not bode well for the rest of the year.2 billion could be used to expand the plantation group’s business in either plantation or property. Barclays Bank Plc.9 million government office. and hotel and commercial properties as new earnings drivers. Revenue for the three months ended March 31.” he added. Hangzhou. They are mostly infrastructure projects. Bahrain and India with 300 completed projects valued at RM19. “Cost management will be an important priority in the few quarters ahead. The latest projects are a subcontract for further flood mitigation works in Sibu worth RM45. construct and complete the headquarters of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Iskandar Malaysia. the world’s single largest owner operator of liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers. MISC said low freight rates. record in Malaysia. IOI Corp had told Bursa Malaysia that it plans to use the net proceeds from the EMTN programme to fund capital expenditure. we believe that about RM800 million will be used to finance the company’s purchase of 2. investments or acquisitions.7 billion of which some RM1 billion is outstanding. largely on a reduction in liner business revenue from lower volume carried and lower freight rates. “If so. We have to be very careful and still studying the markets.” it added. HSL gets RM73m contracts PETALING JAYA: Hock Seng Lee Bhd (HSL) has added three new contracts to its orderbook. with tenures of 10 months. We are pursuing RM5 billion worth of projects. Lower revenue in heavy engineering business segment further contributed to the decrease in group revenue.5% revenue decrease in the petroleum business. The mall is already 91% occupied and will be managed and operated by the company.

according to a Tuesday filing. will add about 85 million shares to its IPO. there are other risks that are difficult to put a figure on. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble last week said that while Germany wants to keep Greece in the euro. That would value the company at US$93-104 billion. the bloc is forcing foreign airlines serving EU destinations to stock up on CO2 permits. coupled with Facebook’s recently announced plans to raise the IPO price range. he said it would be a “funny sort of government” if Berlin did not at least “prepare for all possible eventualities. a media event and a cultural moment than it is an IPO. there were probably a lot of calls between underwriters and investors following GM’s announcement. and could raise as much as US$16 billion (RM49.” Buch told business daily Handelsblatt. would make Facebook the third-largest initial share sale in US history after Visa Inc and GM. Starting this year. When Germany’s contribution to the International Monetary Fund’s section of the Greek bailout package is taken into account. Germany is beginning to count the cost of a potential Greek exit. India and China are among the nations opposed to the EU extending its emission trading scheme (ETS) to aviation. with squabbling politicians unable to form a government following inconclusive elections.” the front page was subtitled. The deadline was March 31. Facebook declined to comment on the increased IPO size. “Why Greece must now leave the euro. He expects a first-day gain of about 10%.” As chaos reigns in Athens.65 billion). — dpa Greek euro exit loses taboo status in Germany BERLIN: “Akropolis Adieu!” screams the cover of the latest issue of the usually understated Der Spiegel news weekly. the European Commission said in a statement. one of the economists that advise the German government. founded eight years ago by Mark Zuckerberg in a Harvard dorm room. noting. Wolff said.” — AFP .SUNBIZ theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. when General Motors (GM) said it planned to pull out of advertising on Facebook. with a picture of a euro coin broken in two having fallen off a crumbled Acropolis pillar. said Claudia Buch. all complied with the requirement. should not seriously hurt Facebook’s IPO reception for now as it may not be representative of advertisers’ overall attitude. this should not mean that we always need to help out every country every time. Indian airlines risk EU penalties BRUSSELS: The European Union (EU) on Tuesday warned Chinese and Indian airlines that they risked “penalties” for defying the bloc’s emission trading scheme by refusing to state how much carbon dioxide (CO2) they produced last year. the tab rises to more than €100 billion — not to mention losses at German regional banks. Those concerns over revenue growth were underscored earlier on Tuesday. “Of course. an analyst at GreenCrest Capital. which also oppose the ETS extension. Silicon Valley’s largest. an analyst with Pivotal Research Group. however. and exceeding that of Hewlett-Packard Co and Dell Inc combined. which was first reported by CNBC on Tuesday.” he said. assuming that Greece does not pay back EU loans of which Berlin stumps up the lion’s share. Economists at Deka Bank have put the bill to the German taxpayer at some €86 billion (RM340. Private German banks could probably cope with a Greek exit. a source familiar with the matter Inc. The social networking company is drumming up massive demand for the offering even as slowing revenue and user growth spur questions about the long-term Facebook story. “This is much more a spectacle. — Reuters Chinese.” said Max Wolff. “The demand for the IPO probably won’t be affected materially by this. floating about 422 million shares in an offering expected tomorrow. the source told Reuters. The IPO. But on the flip side. The expanded size. rivalling the market value of Internet powerhouses such as Amazon. In another interview with Sunday’s edition of Die Welt. from US$28-35. 2012 17 Facebook boosts IPO size by 25% > Share sale could raise as much as US$16 billion SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook Inc will increase the size of its initial public offering (IPO) by 25%. said Brian Wieser. declining to be identified because the information was confidential. it “can’t force anyone” and stressed that “Europe won’t sink that easily” if the eurozone were to split. The increased price range made it very unlikely that Facebook shares would double on their trading debut as they might have if the company had come out at the low end of its initial price range. a sign that the topic of Greece leaving the eurozone is gradually becoming less taboo. the most ardent defender of keeping the bloc together — the prospects of a break-up appear less catastrophic than before. eclipses the roughly US$2 billion debut by Google Inc in 2004.” GM’s announcement. Most of the private German lenders “will certainly have written off a portion of the risks linked to Greece. as well as top European officials — even at the European Central Bank. while ill-timed. airlines were meant to report to national authorities in the EU countries in which they operate on how much CO2 they produced last year. For EU paymaster Germany. Facebook raised the target price range to US$34-38 per share in response to strong demand. “This is not a game of models and fundamentals at this point. Companies from the US and Russia. As part of the ETS rules. Facebook.95 billion) as strong investor demand for a share of the No 1 social network trumps debate about the company’s long-term potential to make money. while there was “systematic non-reporting” from Chinese and Indian airlines.

8030 100 NEW TAIWAN DOLLAR N/A N/A N/A 100 NORWEGIAN KRONE 53.” Shares in BHP fell 4% month peak in late yesterday. where miners have set up camps. Its print division. before rebounding in six months. itself one of the largest producers of silver. but analysts say Beijing has only limited means to prevent a politically damaging slowdown. and worse than before. banking on continuing high demand from its main market.8 million.4240 2. “We will definitely see more reserve ratio cuts in the coming months. thanks to China’s strong appetite for it. UEFA Euro 2012 and the expectation of a general election taking place in the next quarters. The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd.6600 100 INDIAN RUPEE 5. ravaging tropical forests and dumping toxic chemicals as illegal miners fight against international projects.4 million. according to Xie. Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) says. the price of gold went from US$270 to between US$1.4200 1 STERLING POUND 5.” – AFP . “A lot of the growth right now is just waste. the environment was different. its television networks recorded a lower revenue of RM119 million. China. – Reuters EXCHANGE RATES Foreign currency MAY 16.000ha of tropical forest are destroyed..4280 2.1290 3.2320 100 ARAB EMIRATES DIRHAM 86. primarily due to a drop in advertising expenditure (adex) amid volatile global economic conditions. up 15% over the corresponding period in 2011 while its radio networks registered a 10% increase to RM13. but data released indicate that the slowdown may be more intense and lasting.1000 100 PHILIPPINE PESO 7.” said Ric Much of BHP’s Ronge. “What China needs is structural reforms.3% to RM335. Thousands of people in Colombia have started exploiting abandoned mines in Antioquia and Choco.4800 100 SRI LANKA RUPEE 2. We are seeing a asset investment hit its cycle within a super cycle lowest level in nearly a largely because of the macro events in decade.3390 2. Analysts had been predicting the economy would bottom out in the second quarter.0277 100 JAPANESE YEN 3. in its socialist past. who are the banks going to lend the money to? Banks use land as collateral.9000 38. Media Prima’s outdoor media recorded a revenue of RM38 million.1090 3.7400 80. fearing that anything below that could trigger mass unemployment and cause widespread unrest in the economy.4740 100 CHINESE RENMINBI 49. informal “wildcat” mining has been on the rise in recent years in Bolivia.4785 2. BHP said it saw signs of The Reuters-Jefferies CRB index. the first quarter of 2012 was a very challenging period for the group as perceived economic performance influenced spending trend and confidence of its clients.8900 3. as domestic demand drops and Europe’s debt woes curb business.79 million a year earlier. China.0370 3.6000 N/A 100 DANISH KRONE 55. but they questioned whether that would be enough. sliding to its we have a period where lowest since December. posted a 2% higher revenue of RM158 million. “The second thing was investors were saying well.0327 0. Beyond the immediate crisis. China needs a comprehensive reform of an economy still stuck somewhat A car salesman waits for customers in Bejing yesterday.4800 49.7500 100 SAUDI RIYAL 84.6800 100 HONGKONG DOLLAR 40. down 20% against 2011.6500 Source: Malayan Banking Berhad/Bernama Gold rush sweeps Latin America SANTIAGO: A new gold rush is sweeping through Latin America with devastating consequences.” said Andy Xie.28 million from RM354. term.8790 1 SWISS FRANC 3. During the past decade.” Asked if BHP would spend US$80 billion over five years. But over 160 mining conflicts have erupted across the region amid opposition from locals against projects they consider a threat to the environment. Tuesday’s news that investment from Europe tumbled nearly 30% this year from the same period a year ago added to the gloom.” In March. energy and base metals divisions.2100 50. set to dominate world production of precious metals by 2020. up 57%. as people see it as a safe investment.3650 1 SINGAPORE DOLLAR 2. all about appropriate Industrial output growth companies with the costs slowed in April and fixed allocation of capital.600 and US$1. It needs to change.8990 4.3810 1.4900 82. the company is optimistic of the remaining part of the year with special events such as Olympics 2012. Otherwise the problems will just mushroom.” research firm IHS Global Insight said.6200 5.800 per ounce. China’s economic slowdown presents challenge BEIJING: Bleak data has raised fears China’s economy is cooling faster than previously thought.19 million. In Madre de BHP warns commodities markets will cool > Says investors have lost confidence SYDNEY: BHP Billiton said it expects commodity markets to cool further and that investors have lost confidence in the longer-term health of the global economy.6740 3. going up. He never said we will do it at the same time.1400 40. according to the InterAmerican Mining Society.4400 7. hitting their February.4200 100 INDONESIAN RUPIAH 0.2500 100 SOUTH AFRICAN RAND 38. Europe and to a lesser degree in China. The mining giant also backed away yesterday from a plan announced by chief executive Marius Kloppers in 2011 to spend US$80 billion (RM249.” chairman Jacques Nasser said. freeing up the money that banks can lend to their clients to try to kickstart the economy.8700 100 QATAR RIYAL 87.9700 100 BANGLADESH TAKA 3. fund manager at earnings hinges on Pengana Global resources demand growth in China.” he said. “It’s quite worrisome.2%.” rising capital and said Nasser. “We believe the government will step up efforts to stimulate the economy. The government needs to have another attitude.4200 1 CANADIAN DOLLAR 3. “It is all about appropriate allocation of capital.8940 3. But several mining projects have been put on hold in Chile. 2012 from RM34.8130 3. a flattening in demand for iron ore from closely followed indicator for commodities. about 10. And the price of copper is at an all-time high. The move came after data showing the output from the country’s millions of factories and workshops hit a near three-year low in April. Now pressure. kickstarting higher growth but also fuelling higher prices. but remained upbeat on the longhas slid more than 11% since hitting a fiveterm demand outlook. “The tail winds of high The broader market was commodity prices have down 2.3230 1 PAPUA N GUINEA KINA 1. showing a stagnant local economy.3000 3.6900 35. Peru about 18 tonnes of gold are produced per year.0500 8.5200 3. and it is wasting tremendous amounts of money. The Australian contributed to record dollar was also under growth in the sector.8970 3.” The government got its fingers burned with fiscal expansion from late 2008 onwards. The government has set a growth target of 7. — AFP Media Prima Q1 net falls 40% PETALING JAYA: Media Prima Bhd’s net profit declined 40.0560 1 AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR 3. Group managing director Datuk Amrin Awaluddin said despite the softening of revenue in the first quarter. as local communities have fought for their rights to prior consultation under the International Labor Organisation’s Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention.8800 50. Media Prima said revenue fell 5. The thirst for mineral resources makes Latin America one of the attractive regions for investment. China’s central bank stepped in to reduce cash banks are required to keep in reserve for the third time since last year. “Even if they (the government) reduce the required reserve ratio again.7bil) over 5 years to expand its iron ore.1160 3.2470 3.twitter. where are the growth options? It was a valiant attempt to say we have a multitude of choices and he laid out the choices.3000 2.2800 100 PAKISTAN RUPEE 3.9 billion).0300 1 EURO 3. an ANZ Bank analyst in Shanghai. The government needs to improve efficiency by reducing the state sector.6600 9. with imports virtually flat. 2012 www. The state sector is too big. operating costs. and there have been accusations China has been too slow to react to the cooling.4500 80. “A more assertive monetary policy is now needed. the Observatory of Mining Conflicts in Latin America says.9400 100 THAI BAHT 10.0210 1 BRUNEI DOLLAR 2. and there may also be more spending.8600 38. When Marius (Kloppers) talked about the US$80 billion. With high international market prices for metals. Nasser said: “No.79 million in the first quarter ended March 31.4790 2.Follow our tweets to get latest news and updates! 18 SUNBIZ theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17.1000 100 SWEDISH KRONA 45. coal. an independent economist. Peru and Argentina.6900 1.1% in the first quarter from 9.2% to RM20.4280 2.” said Zhou Hao. copper and gold. Beijing launched a spending package of four trillion yuan (RM1. 2012 Bank sell Bank buy Bank buy TT/OD TT OD 1 US DOLLAR 3.9120 5.0000 4.9500 82. Another problem is that policy makers in Beijing largely have to act on the same economic statistics available to everyone else. the amount of loans goes down too.0420 3. “Now that country’s economic commodity prices have expansion was cooling plateaued in the medium more than expected. Colombia and Peru. Economists say growth could be eased further in the second quarter.1100 41.7% a year earlier.0700 6. In Bolivia. It increasingly looks like we’re seeing a very broad-based slowdown. those tail winds are “They are facing moderating and we expect margin pressure through further easing over time. In a statement yesterday. lowest since July 2009. while its new media division had revenue of RM4. while some 20. Economists expect the central bank to cut the reserve ratio further. However.7500 49.1700 81.3180 3. Growth in China fell to 8.8740 1 NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR 2. Chairman Datuk Johan Jaaffar said as anticipated.4000 47.0344 0.2000 82. fund.” On Saturday. Unlicensed mining has already killed hundreds of people and devastated thousands of hectares in the Amazon forest. and these data often provide muddled signals about the real state of the economy. which owns BHP Chinese data showed the shares. Bleak data has raised fears China’s economy is cooling faster than previously thought. even as genuine concerns remain regarding the very real possibility of over-stimulating.. as it loosened the purse strings to try to mitigate the impact of the global crisis on its export-dependent economy.9930 3. there is pressure on Nasser .6800 35.0660 3.000 people make a living off the illegal mining of gold in extreme conditions. Mining investments in those countries are expected to reach some US$300 billion (RM935 billion) in 2020.5% for 2012.5100 2. and when the price of land goes down the way it does now.

Koko Krunch Taekwondo demonstration. “We have decided to have this year’s showcase in Penang. is frequently involved in campaigns in line with the government’s 2006 to 2015 National Plan of Action for Nutrition of Malaysia. Razorfish. food. As country chair. the BHPetrol (BHP)-Celcom-HTC contest announced and presented prizes to their first month’s winners selected based on the entries submitted weekly throughout April. Winners will be notified via telephone by BHP. As CEO. 2012 19 A good life > nestlé promotes a healthy lifestyle at its showcase H eLd in the last week of April. Executive Diploma • Business Administration JPT/BPP(N/340/4/0096)(10/16) KL CAMPUS • Accountancy JPT/BPP(K)(N/344/4/0083)(2/17) KL CAMPUS Associated Institution of SEGi University College: SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (JPWP178) Bangunan SEGi. 35-year-old Razmi Zakaria from Klang. Sabah and Sarawak. as this is where we started our journey in this country back in 1912. The Nestlé showcase was first introduced in 2006 and has since taken place at various locations around the country such as Klang Valley.” said VivaKi CEO Jack Klues.” clarified managing director of Nestlé Malaysia Peter R. The programme is based on a student-centered learning approach. Johor. tHe current CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) in South-East Asia (SEA) Jeffrey Seah was recently appointed to the role of Country Chair for VivaKi SEA. This was announced by the VivaKi board of directors in Chicago on May 7. we have a powerful opportunity to have a stronger and more unified voice in the marketplace by combining forces. Services Category. gifted one weekly winner for each week in April with a HTC One smart phone. “The introduction of the VivaKi structure in SEA will help consolidate scale in the marketplace. skills. 50100 Kuala Lumpur. 33-35. Science. Mathematics & Computing Category. health and wellness company. good life’. The contest is being held at selected BHP service stations with e-Pay facilities throughout Peninsular & marketing theSun on THURSDAY | MAY 17. Seah will continue to work collaboratively with the regional and local leadership of Digitas. T 03-2070 2078 F 03-2034 2759 E infokl@segi. Initially he was responsible for launching the Starcom brand in Asia and setting up its first office in Singapore in 1999. Jalan Hang Lekiu. Vietnam. A health-check booth also featured a calculator used to determine the sodium content in food. With agencies and experts throughout Indonesia. Smart phones for lucky four Last Thursday. The launching of the showcase was presided over by the governor of Penang Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas together with the chairman of Nestlé Tan Sri Syed Zainol Anwar Jamalullail and a member of the board of directors of Nestlé Malaysia Datuk Frits van Dijka.” says Seah. It allows both ZO and SMG to align our focus and resources to future proof our operations. of celebrating educational excellence 1977~2012 years (From left) Celcom accounts manager Ganesh Sammuggam with the four prize recipients and the BHP marketing manager Baba Tan at the prize presentation. There were also special presentations of games and dance activities from various Nestlé brands such A fitnesse jazzercise session was part of the activities during the Nestlé showcase. Vogt on the choice of this year’s showcase location. A visitor at the Nestlé a leading wellness booth. he support the brand leaders to drive cross-brand growth initiatives for VivaKi in market. The showcase which presented various aspects of everyday Malaysian life – from the classroom to the ‘kopitiam’ .my TOLL FREE: 1800-88-8028 MOHE MyQuest Evaluation SEGi College Kuala Lumpur Health and Welfare Category. the 7th Nestlé ‘Nourishing Malaysia’ showcase kicked off at the Straits Quay Convention Centre in Penang where it continued to promote healthy living to Malaysians under its tagline ‘good food. industry driven university . restructuring around VivaKi and aligning behind Seah’s leadership. Other events that were carried out during the showcase weekend included educational sessions aimed toward informing visitors on making healthier choices by reading nutrition labels. Such campaigns include ‘World Walking Day’ as well as the ‘How Am I’ and ‘Choose Right’ campaigns. Singapore and the Philippines. The contest sponsored by HTC Sdn Bhd. ‘Seah has a formidable track record of delivering growth and new thinking in this important region. Fitnesse Jazzercise and a performance by Aseana Percussion Unit sponsored by Maggi ‘Happiness is Homemade’. as Milo Wushu coaching. Contest participation requires the purchase of Celcom Xpax reload valued at RM30 or above in a single receipt. Nescafé Rock Band Challenge. There are total of 12 HTC smart phones to be won during the contest which is ongoing from April until June 30. ensuring you gain further knowledge. Starcom MediaVest Group and ZenithOptimedia to strengthen the service offering and clout of all agencies in the region. and International Student Readiness Category passion guided.all demonstrating healthy lifestyles was visited by over 14 thousand people. 40-year-old SP Navapushanam from Setapak. Seah has spent more than a decade at SMG and paved the way for Starcom to become an established entity in South East Asia. techniques and ethics to excel in your chosen career. Working Adults: Dual role A quick upgrade for your career The flexible delivery of the Executive Diploma is specially designed to meet the needs of working adults and will provide you with the competitive advantage needed for a promotion or to pursue a new career path. Malaysia. nutrition. 25year old Vivien Chen from Subang Jaya and 25-year-old Noraini Marwan from Batu Caves were the lucky four. as well as deliver against operational and financial goals.

my mum would feel bad for me. .” You can’t equate children with happiness. Over the moon about starting a family. Harith Iskandar. Do you have a timeline in terms of when you thought you would be married and have kids? “I thought I was going to be married and have two children by the time I was 21. The singer was hospitalised with a bout of flu in November and admitted her hectic schedule meant she barely had time to rest and recuperate. comedian: “When you do standup comedy. who is expecting twins with his much younger trophy wife.” It just proves that you can’t ever predict what’s going to transform your life. Meanwhile. And I think the great thing is [if] you don’t expect anything. Gary (Ben Falcone). I think I felt I had to model my life after my mother’s. I saw him six years ago in Singapore in a smaller and cosier venue and I enjoyed the show better. But then. where new fathers get to tell it like it really is. talks about her views of having children in a questionand-answer transcript provided by the movie’s distributor. I think whatever choice women make about having a child. you need to have an intimate connection with your audience. and there are often a lot of sacrifices that have to be made. was funny too. in whatever capacity. I Hate My Life. my career was starting to take off and there were still so many things I wanted to do. unfortunately. comedian-cumdirector: “This is my first time watching Peters live and I had a great time.” What about pressure from your families? “My mum would never. But those who had watched the 42-year-old comedian perform on YouTube or his DVDs or his live shows in other countries might not have shared the same excitement. I don’t think anyone should regard those choices as good or bad.” What to Expect When You’re Expecting opens in cinemas today. Raising happy kids is very challenging. We still live in a largely chauvinistic world. Meanwhile the singer is said to be embarking on a six-week course of intensive training to prepare herself for the show. You look at where we came from.” Afdlin Shauki. It’s right for some people and it isn’t right for others. But the venue where Peters performed didn’t help in this department as the stadium was too big. “I read an article in a New York magazine titled something like I Love My Children. Show me the funny! IF IT was your first time catching Canadian-born standup comedian Russell Peters (left) in action. And slowly. it’s hard to do it all’. which is really hard to do in this day and age. you would probably be impressed with his recent act at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam. Apparently the pair have been living separate lives for months. where he wanted to score with a famous Bollywood actress but ended up spending time with her parents instead. failed to live up to it. After that I never put another timeline on anything in my life. Many of his X-rated jokes were definitely amusing. struggles not to be outdone by his competitive alpha-Dad Ramsey (Dennis Quaid). Teaching London kids I SIMON COWELL will fill singer Britney Spears’ (pix) X Factor dressing room with figs and prunes.20 ENTERTAINMENT theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. – Bang Media Still with girlfriend NSPIRED by the New York Times bestseller of the same name and the first book in a series that has sold over 35 million copies worldwide.” – Bissme S. The TV mogul has signed her to appear as a judge on the US version of talent show – for a reported US$15 million (RM45 million) – and a promise he made to clinch the deal was to keep supplying her with the fruits she usually insists on in her tour rider. that makes them uncomfortable. acting and radio. Baby-crazy author and advocate Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) gets a taste of her own militant mummy advice when pregnancy hormones ravage her body while her SCREEN SHORTS RIHANNA (pix) broke down and “wanted to punch someone” while recording her latest album because she was so “overwhelmed”. What I liked best about his show was the content and my favourite was his Bollywood experience. Asked how hard she worked on latest record Talk That Talk. I think you have no idea what life is going to hand you. Skyler (Brooklyn Decker). He told The Sun that the rumours were not true. If having children and a family was something I really wanted but couldn’t manage to have. it’s not even a conversation between us. and tries to quiet his panic by attending a “dudes” support group.” Leona and Plan B will work with children aged 13 to 15 from the Pupil Correction Unit in Newham to create a special musical performances. she said: “It was the craziest schedule I’ve ever been on in my entire life. Fruity treat for Spears JOHNNY DEPP (pix) has denied splitting from longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. where he discovered a totally different technique of self gratification. who is well known for her comedic roles in films such as Bad Teacher. rival food truck chefs Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and Marco (Chace Crawford)’s surprise hook-up results in an unexpected quandary: what to do when your first child comes before your first date? Diaz. It built tremendous expectations on his show and Peters. But it’s not what I’ve wanted out of my life thus far. I also appreciate the fact that the authorities are loosening up to allow comedians to be more liberal with their jokes. His experiences in India. A handful of Malaysian celebrities.” Album ordeal Expecting a good comedy > Cameron Diaz who stars in What to Expect When You’re Expecting feels she is not ready yet to have a child LEONA LEWIS (pix) will conduct a masterclass for London teenagers together with rapper Plan B on the BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy initiative in her home town of Hackney. His experience in Bangkok. No doubt the pricey tickets (costing between RM128 and RM438) were sold out three hours after his show was announced and Forbes had ranked him as the seventh highest-paid comedian in the world. He was very relaxed on stage and he poked fun at real-life issues.” Do you think our culture pushes motherhood and judges women who do not have kids? “I’m sure a lot of people would expect that I would have had a child by my age. they have to look at themselves and question their own choices. I was sick but then I was the only person who could get it done. Photographer Holly (Jennifer Lopez) is prepared to travel the globe to adopt a child but her husband Alex (Rodrigo Santaro) is not so sure. Nusantara Edaran Filem. It goes to show that our audiences are becoming more mature. were asked what they thought of it. I get into bed and my phone started going off. and when you live outside of it. There’s a box people put themselves in. Peters’ speciality is poking fun at people seated near the stage. 2012 www. east London. the feminism of the 60s and 70s that basically said: ‘Women can do it all’. The project aims to help 10. but he shot down rumours they had parted ways on the red carpet for the premiere of his new film in London.000 youngsters with lessons in music. TV fitness guru Jules (Cameron Diaz) and dance show star Evan (Matthew Morrison) find that their celebrity lives do not stand a chance against the surprise demands of pregnancy. “Regardless of what you plan for. Women just have to let up on ourselves.” Hans Isaac. But I appreciate the organiser’s effort in bringing him here for the Malaysian audience. would have had you in stitches. Leona said: “It’s important for us to come back and support those who are doing amazing things. But this segment of his show fell a little flat that night. ever do that. his show was not a total bore. So that dream for me was shattered early on. women are realising: ‘Wait a minute. who turned up at Friday’s show. but all that hype had worked against him to a certain degree. Of course. actor: “I didn’t find Peters funny this time around compared to the time when he started his career.thesundaily. What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a hilarious and heartfelt big-screen comedy about five couples whose intertwined lives are turned upside down by the challenges of impending parenthood. But since she’s never heard me say I want a baby or husband. Knight & Day and What Happens in Vegas. You would have left the stadium saying how hilarious his show was and what a comedy genius Peters was. there’s a reason for it. then you usually get much more than you could possibly ever imagine. She’s happy when she sees me happy.

but can be accepted by an international audience. recent news reports said. “I came to in the ambulance. one of the ensemble cast members. from left) Sim. I was very nervous. but it was true.” – Ho Lin Huay history. the biggest challenge is changing costumes for the next scene or dance. in a journey that took her and her entourage three years to make. a newer male dancer accidentally wore his false beard and moustache as sideburns!” Toh faced her biggest onstage challenge in one musical where she had to sing on a raised platform situated eight metres above the ground on an elaborate set.. “One time.” Macarthur told The Australian newspaper.” Sim said. “The standards in China are very high. Joining Toh onstage is Alana Sim. 2012 21 Princess goes places BY ANANSA JACOB USICALS are a labour of love for Ho Lin Huay. she heard about this new musical they were doing. she became one of the most revered figures in Tibetan history. “For me. asiamusicalproductions. Classically-trained soprano Evelyn Toh will be playing the title role opposite veteran Yang Wei Han as Songtsan Gampo. and have our hair or makeup redone. and there were crewmembers standing below ready to catch me. Songtsan Gampo. but then I found out I was pregnant and had to take some time off from musicals. The company is known for its groundbreaking productions like Siddhartha. (left) All dressed up ..” she said. visit www.” For Ho. Toh as Princess Wen Cheng and Yang as Songtsan Gampo. that I somehow had to do it. one of the dancers wore her costume backwards. but a new lead as well. It gained a reputation among critics and audiences for its shows’ high-production values and talented performances.” The story of Princess Wen Cheng is actually based mostly on oral history and myths. “I thought it might’ve been a joke to liven me up a bit. Not only that. will now be restaged in Beijing and Xi’an as Princess Wen Cheng – The Musical (far left. Toh heard they were doing a revival of the musical. What is known is that she was most likely a niece of the King of Chang’an. the outcome “would have been very bad”. which was really useful and would have assisted in keeping his airways open. 27.” At the time of her trip. We want to prove to the world that here in Malaysia. we all rush backstage and change costumes in the dark. and the paramedics said: ‘You wouldn’t believe who called the ambulance for you!’ and I freaked out a bit. she saw it as her mission to bring the culture. but can be accepted by an international audience. even in a 4WD. That’s why she is known as the first female ambassador. the dedication shown by the cast and crew of Princess Wen Cheng is a source of pride. The musical tells the story of the 7th century Tang Chinese princess. despite the fact that the cast and crew consisted of amateurs or part-timers. “My co-star Wei Han said maybe all the [experiences] I had undergone before this was a preparation for the role of Wen Cheng. A talented. and the fact that this production is put up by mostly amateurs doing it purely for the love of the arts is what sets us apart. There is also political intrigue and betrayal. “The first two had male leads. The Rain Man actor was walking near his London home when he came across Sam Dempster. Ho herself visited the region and travelled along Wen Cheng’s path over four years ago. we can produce a professional show that’s not only excellent. Dempster. who he described as staggering and frothing at the mouth after Dempster suffered a cardiac arrest in the April 27 incident. as very few written records exist today. and also performs other dance numbers. following a successful Taiwanese debut earlier this year. when it was known as Chang’an.” she said.” she said.” Dempster was quoted as saying. “It’s a very difficult journey. “I was inspired on hearing stories of Princess Wen Cheng and seeing her statues in temples. Ho was looking for an idea for a third musical. (below) Scenes from Princess Wen Cheng – The Musical. “He was taking dying breaths. so I did a lot of research and came up with the story for Jewel of Tibet.” The musical follows the basic M > Jewel of Tibet.” Last year. it’s almost like bringing the princess back home.” she said. I wanted to try out for it. The 74-year-old dual Academy Award winner phoned for an ambulance and helped the stricken runner until paramedic Martin Macarthur took maybe five minutes. “We want to prove to the world that here in Malaysia. “I had a strange feeling that the lead role was important.” However. as well as stirring musical and dance numbers featuring amazing sets and multiple costume changes. because that was where Princess Wen Cheng originally came from. Above Full Moon and Kita musicals. has yet to meet his saviour. education and civilisation of the Tang dynasty to Tubo. the director and one of the founders of Asia Musical Productions Sdn Bhd (previously named Musical On Stage Productions). there are so many other stagehands and cast members running around backstage that it’s very stressful sometimes. “But as a staunch Buddhist. “But I had to appear calm and strong while singing. one of its productions. and this time.” Princess Wen Cheng will be staged from May 18 to 22 at the Beijing Poly Theatre. “We’ve very little time in between dance numbers. there have been some funny moments. we can produce a professional show that’s not only excellent.ENTERTAINMENT theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. so after one dance. she had to travel 3. Another time. “Not only that. so we had to act fast. Hoffman a Good Samaritan HOLLYWOOD actor Dustin Hoffman (right) was credited with saving the life of an Australian lawyer who had a heart attack while jogging in London’s Hyde Park. For details.” It took five minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and work with a defibrillator to get Dempster’s heart beating again. Its 2012 revival not only features a new name. but fills in the gaps with a love story involving Wen Cheng and Songtsan Gampo.000km over dangerous terrain. “Just imagine what she had to go through all those centuries ago. The musical premiered locally in 2008 and was a success. Ho and Toh. she had no idea what to expect from her future husband or her strange new home. Macarthur said that without Hoffman’s compassion. Ho said: “The performance in Xi’an is special for us. “The first time. Eventually. so I wanted to do one with a female lead. So for us. and that to reach Tubo (her future husband’s kingdom). which had a successful run in Malaysia in 2008. Princess Wen Cheng – The Musical (originally called Jewel of Tibet) will make its China debut in Beijing and Xi’an. In 2007 when Toh was performing in another of Ho’s musicals. as she helped bridge the two countries. “Dustin had turned him over on to his back. who was sent off to ancient Tibet to marry its king. This month. auditioned and landed the role she had dreamt of.” she said. – dpa . who learned he had a congenital heart defect and has been fitted with a device to ward off another attack. she plays one of Princess Wen Cheng’s handmaidens.” Adelaide-born Dempster had started working in London two weeks before. experienced dancer.

Middle Eastern and European cuisines. Shah Alam. YUMMY Duck Roast House is located at 9. chilled pineapple cheesecake. Peking duck wrapped in crepe. which is another highlight of this restaurant. The glutinous rice is cooked and flavoured with spices and cubes of duck meat before it is stuffed into the chicken wing skin. “The inspiration behind the dishes is freshness.” said Kasdi. Dinasti Sentral. The noodles are served in three different ways – dry. They went through more than 70 recipes. The traditional Delicious warmth and friendly smiles will be there to welcome diners to its newest addition under the Delicious Group. roast pork belly and char siew (BBQ pork) spare ribs. Other popular dishes here are the appetizers such as Peking duck. He needs the time to import the birds from Shenzhen. There is the Middle Eastern-inspired harrisa parmigiano baked eggplant and the Italian pumpkin risotto with chargrilled prawn. HSBC Malaysia has tied up with Delicious to offer its credit cardholders a 10% discount off the total bill (minimum of RM100 in a single receipt) when dining at the any Delicious restaurant. and then roasted. mushroom broth. Yummy Duck Roast House serves more than just roast duck. Both the pork belly and char siew are tender and juicy while the layer of fat in between the meat melts in your mouth. crispy noodles.22 WHERE2EAT theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. The restaurant has an open kitchen located at the entrance to cater to customers who opt for takeaways. 11am to 10. quiche. soupy or spicy. Delicious opens its ninth cafe today at Setia City Mall in Setia Alam. the roast pork belly and char siew spare ribs also showcase Low’s skill in roasting. “We use the freshest ingredients to create healthier food as people’s eating habits the world over are progressing towards consumption of more nutritious food and the use of more sustainable products. using their collective years of experience in the culinary world and also taking into consideration customer feedback. Sweet temptations are what Delicious is famous for and its latest dessert offerings comprise apple. Delicious’ grazing menu also welcomes some healthy and yummy appetizers – eggplant and sesame chips with a fennel yogurt dip (top). Imported weekly from Hong Kong. and Thai fried calamari with green peppercorn ginger jam. has no plans to expand. cold chocolate fondant. and roast them. Besides duck and goose. This menu offers diners 25 new dishes in the soup. hazelnut and cranberry crumble slice. Parking: Can be a challenge Operating Hours: Daily. roast chicken. with a winning combination of Mediterranean. salad. which is wrapped in a thin crepe and served with sweet sauce. Chef William Low believes that food quality should be the most important criterion in any restaurant. and char siew spare ribs and roast pork belly. The meat has just the right amount of salt as well. Low also serves (from left) Allen and Kasdi … mixing their creative juices to come out with the new menu. The owner of Yummy Duck Roast House personally ensures that his restaurant only offers quality meals to each and every customer. the noodles are thin but have a springy texture. main and dessert selections – all created by the chain’s group executive chef Kasdi Dahari. roasted tomato soup with crumbed mozzarella & basil. The roast goose is definitely the restaurant’s main attraction. squid and toasted almonds. tamarind BBQ chicken wings. then you would probably want to try out its new menu which was launched on May 15. Yummy treats > At Yummy Duck Roast House. But customers must order at least one week in advance as Low insists on freshness. the juicy goose is crunchy as you bite into it. and warm melted ‘chocolicious’ pudding. Type of Food: Roasted meat Hong Kong style Food classification: Non-Halal Price: Average to high. Jalan Kuchai Maju 18. leek and zucchini quiche served with black olive tapenade.30pm. 58200 Kuala Lumpur. It goes well with a bowl of rice or a plate of plain Hong Kong noodles. This offer is valid until Aug 31. The prices here are reasonable. with the assistance of E&O group creative chef Steve Allen. as well as the tomato. This collaborative effort between the two chefs has resulted in a wider culinary selection for Delicious fans. Flightless birds aside. Hong Kong style. crispy tiger prawns in coriander butter. 2012 Delicious menu for diners IF YOU are already a fan of the Delicious chain of restaurants. as well as the red pesto gnocchi. China. testing them till they shortlisted the list to 45.” Kasdi and Allen spent months developing the new offerings. It is also renowned for its roast goose (below). (clockwise. customers are guaranteed quality food served at reasonable prices BY CHAN SOO WAH H AVING been in the food industry for the past 20 years. Off Jalan Kuchai Lama. Crisp and glossy on the outside. Low. “The dishes are intended to remind you of homecooked food with a twist that suits the Malaysian palate. The new entries that earn star billing are the 16-hour braised boneless beef short ribs in spiced caramel (right). The outlet is decorated in the unmistakeably white and turquoise signature colours with quirky bird cages for accents. raspberry and mango tart. who has been operating his restaurant for three years. which then underwent another two rounds of tasting till they have their 25 dishes. Ambience: Casual and comfortable with very attentive service . This is because he personally takes on the task of doing all the roasting so as to maintain the quality of the food served to his customers. and glutinous rice stuffed in chicken wing skin (above). from top right) The restaurant’s signature roast duck.

brakes or turns. And the on-board computer is programmed to speak 1. But then to the chagrin of many of its fans came the modernised version number five based on the Alfa 159. and are expanding their offerings of entry-level luxury vehicles. In 2006. “The big thing about the youth market is. which Mercedes says is 4. thanks to a jack for an electric guitar. – dpa ... others are looking for environmentally-friendly options. “Nobody really has an answer because a lot (clockwise. general manager of Toyota’s luxury Lexus brand. navigation systems that track the location of Facebook friends. taking up the challenge in the convertible two-seater segment dominated until the late 1970s by the Triumph Spitfire. using a joystick to help navigate the chrome circular display. said Mark Templin. only 9.” But the ongoing recession also has young people looking for value. expensive and fast”. Autobild says the latest A4 will offer more space for both passengers and luggage with the technology on board taking up less space. Acceleration times are from zero to 100kph in 4. Volkswagen’s new Beetle features a Fender sound system that can be turned into an amplifier.114 Mercedes C-Class models. including “yippee. and search engines are also becoming standard fare as carmakers seek to keep up with a generation raised in the digital age. 2012 23 Auto attractions > Carmakers are making efforts to lure young consumers with gadgets and sleek designs RED MEANS D ASHBOARDS glittering with gadgets. from left) BMW’s Mini Roadster launched at the Detroit Show. Voice recognition. there are three versions to choose from for the new SL: painted roof. That’s why GM is expanding its small car offerings like the Chevy Cruz. that was awesome!” for a smooth turn and “it’s cold outside”. which can be retracted into the boot to save space.” “It would be a misstep to paint youth with a broad brush. “All I can tell you is. the Spider was produced for 27 years until production was finally ceased in 2010. – dpa New Audi A4 in the planning for 2014 THE NEXT generation Audi A4 heading for the markets in 2014 will be significantly lighter and more economical than current versions like the Audi A4 Avant (above). – dpa The last big Alfa Romeo classic ALFA ROMEO Spider is arguably one of the last of the great classics produced by the Italian carmaker. Bluetooth connections. turbo-charged engines and sleek designs are on offer as carmakers try to attract young consumers who care more about computers than cars.033 A4 models were sold compared to 12.ON THE ROAD theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. The car also turns fuel efficiency into a game using a fish bowl graphic that tips over if a driver wastes fuel by accelerating or braking too quickly. Fuel consumption comes in at 9. said Mark Reuss. The sixth-generation SL retains the electro hydraulically-operated vario-roof. spoilers and appliques. The new AMG brand face comprises the twin blade radiator grille and the lower cross-strut in the front apron – both featuring a chrome finish. president of the North American division of General Motors. Car sales among the under-30 crowd have been sluggish in recent years and – perhaps more worryingly – most teenagers in the US are no longer rushing to get a driver’s licence the instant they’re old enough for the traditional rite of passage. “Who really knows if it’s possible to make young people fall in love with an automotive brand the way they do with a phone or a laptop or a social network?” Reuss said.” he said on the sidelines of the show. “The common thread through all that is (that) we do pack those vehicles with a high level of content. The latest A4 underwent a major facelift last year with sales in Germany falling behind those of the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class. Chevrolet is going to find it. told AFP. The top speed is electronically limited at 250kph. Originally presented by the Pininfarina design studio in 1966.9 litres per 100km for both power ratings. came the sixth generation that was also given a facelift in 2008 and a sixgear automatic transmission with diesel engine option. they certainly want premium goods. such as the fourth series (below). “We talk a lot about the democratisation of luxury. BMW’s Mini is the most tricked-out car on display at the Detroit auto show early this year – offering drivers a way to turn their car into both a video game and a DJ. Personalisation and performance has been a big part of Scion’s appeal – it offers a wider range of colours and interiors.3 or 4. “But we have to do it in a responsible way that’s not distracting. The Mini’s dynamic music system shifts sound levels of different speakers and adds tracks when the car accelerates. The interior sports a screen in the centre of the cockpit which replaces the classic circular instrumentation. whether it’s kitchen appliances or clothing or handbags or cars. The all-aluminium body shell is similar to that of the SLS AMG super sports car with the vehicle weight reduced by 125kg.” Carter said. Hyundai’s navigation system lets parents track how fast their teenagers drive and where they take the car – which might sound a bit creepy and restrictive. according to a report in Germany’s Autobild newspaper.2 litres or 30% less than for the outgoing model. True fans of the Alfa Spider. Sonic and Spark and designing them to “look confident. Despite the reduced mass. enabling the SL to be transformed into a roadster or a coupe in under 20 seconds.800 different messages. if there’s a way to do it. and Toyota’s Scion FRS … out to lure young people with its stylish looks.2 seconds respectively. encouraging a robust after-market upgrade industry. and access to internet radio stations. do they care about cars at all. According to AutoBild. enhanced sports suspension and speed-sensitive steering. the new Beetle’s Fender sound system.5-litre V8 bi-turbo engine and 564hp for the AMG performance package.” – AFP-Relaxnews WHEEL BRIEFS More power for the SL 63 AMG MERCEDES has released a new version of the SL 63 AMG (below) with a power boost and a 30% improvement in fuel economy. Output is listed at 537hp for the AMG 5. Young people are attracted to buying luxury . president of automotive site the A4 is expected to grow in size to battle the enlarged BMW 3-Series. “It’s a generation that grew up in affluence.” Toyota has developed an entire brand – Scion – to lure young people looking for something more stylish than what their parents drive. while others are looking for zippy little cars with an urban feel. In contrast to the outgoing model.” Jeremy Anwyl. glass roof or the panoramic vario-roof. taking on the form language of the other models in the Alfa stable but losing its individual style. but could make it easier to trust teens with the keys.714 units of the BMW 3-Series and 17. specifically on technology. During the first quarter of this year. of Toyota Motor Sales USA. STOP! TO RUN THE RED LIGHT A Community Campaign by NOT COOL IT’S of the data was collected in a recession – if you can’t afford something you don’t give it a lot of thought. the car will ride on the MLB Evo platform which will enable it to weigh 120 to 150kg less than the current model. While some young people are still attracted to muscle cars and performance. are not perturbed by typical problems that include generators that sap the battery power and clutch problems particularly in the models produced between 1998 and 1999. restaurant reviews. Some want a hatchback or sport utility vehicle so they can haul bikes. Its transparency can be switched to light or dark at the push of a button. The basic Pininfarina form was maintained until 1994. surfboards or friends. The last Spitfire was manufactured in 1980. Carmakers are also expecting the ‘millennials’ to be more interested in luxury brands once they settle into their careers.” said Bob Carter.

30pm 4. July 22 – Aug 21 DURING times of challenge. discuss it with them. including top Japanese cosplayer Kaname . which is the first of two. Yet it’s increasingly clear they have greater interest in the particular situation than you do. General festival tickets are priced at RM15 per day. they’re vital. you need to ensure your plans are sound.30pm 2pm 5pm 5.30pm 11pm 11. 1pm 1. For customers who want to access exclusive stage contents from anime celebrities. cosplay cafes. But this isn’t one of them. And because of that. Lots of them.30pm 4. friends or loved ones. Nov 21 – Dec 20 THERE are times when you can afford to be easygoing about details. Then a hotshot American arrives who says he has a way to kill the beasts and save mankind. Each concert ticket is bundled with a Festival+Stage ticket. including Good Smile Company and Bushiroad. May 20 – June 19 WHEN you first ignored certain facts. will also be available at Afamy. however. Kalafina and Aimi. Endless Love Mini Kaber Hero Kaber Zero Jom Terokai Perak Teganu Kita Metal Fight Beyblade Seindah Sakura 999 Mahabbah Amukan Pocong WWE International Smackdown NTV7 1. March 20 – April 18 SOMEBODY’S been holding back on you. One of the most highly-anticipated activities will be a cosplay championship. Oct 23 – Nov 20 IT’S the rare Scorpio who’d plunge into any situation. perhaps.05pm Pesona Kasih 11. and those seemingly unimportant facts are now significant.30pm 2. Aug 22 – Sept 21 YOU pride yourself on your objectivity. While the facts that have emerged won’t always be welcome or easy to deal with. Dec 21 – Jan 19 IF there’s any problem with the way you’re approaching certain pivotal decisions.45pm Desperate Housewives TV9 12. A RM308 two-day VIP package and RM148 two-day standing package are also available.32pm Taiwan Tornado 6. Flow. including Kotoko. Afamy will be held on June 9 and 10 at the Putra World Trade Centre.30pm 10pm 11.thesundaily. The more swiftly they’re out in the open. tickets are RM88 per day (free standing) and RM168 per day (VIP seating). Make no commitments until you’re confident those decisions are based on solid facts. Another uniquely Japanese feature. it’s that you intend to make them once and be done with it. AFA director and event organiser SOZO executive director Shawn Chin said he wanted Malaysians to experience the fun of anime in their own backyard. . “We want to be the place where anime fans can gather alongside people who share the same interests and enjoy themselves. which is about breaking up familiar patterns. which has been held annually in Singapore since 2008 and has drawn tens of thousands of local and international visitors. The Anime Festival Asia Malaysia (Afamy) is an offshoot of the Anime Festival Asia (AFA). You’ll be glad you did. If you feel you’re abandoning your responsibility. Visitors will be able to watch special performances by Ultraman characters and actors flown in from Japan.30pm 7pm 9pm Jelajah Lagenda Steve’s Deadly 60 Orang Kita Camar Putih Dapur Remaja Farhat Hafazan Al Quran National Geographic Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam 10.30pm The V Squad 9pm Bilik 7 10pm Unriddle 2 11pm Footprints in Asia 11.30pm 1001 Nasi TV2 These ‘maids’. you’d prefer that the arrangements you organise be lasting. But several arrangements are so dear to your heart that you won’t even hear criticism of them. HOROSCOPE April 19 – May 19 LAST week the ideas planet. at the festival.30pm 1. judging by this week’s stunning planetary activity. It may be merely for moral support but they could also have useful advice to offer.30pm 3. Visitors are also encouraged to attend the festival dressed as their favourite anime characters. but expect changes. so have vanished.05pm 6. A new segment has also been created for Afamy – the Ultraman Zone – based on the iconic Japanese superhero. Be more flexible. They can scout for exclusive anime trading cards and figurines from some of Japan’s top hobby brands.37pm 6.31pm 10. are likely to be changed or challenged. The festival will be hosted by top anime blogger and Culture Japan host Danny Choo. For the Super Anisong Genki Live evening concerts. who will also be promoting his Japanese-language education card series. everybody has advice to offer. moved into Taurus and this week it’s formed brilliant aspects with Mars and the uncompromisingly truthful Pluto. Anime entrepreneurs and producers Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and Ishii Tomohiko will also be there to share some of their latest releases for 2012. Sept 22 – Oct 22 OBVIOUSLY now that you’ve reached the point at which discussions are about to turn into decisions. Jan 20 – Feb 18 EVERY sign will be influenced by this weekend’s eclipse. a two-night performance by top J-Pop artistes.30am 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 8. in which your ruler Pluto takes a starring role. whether personal or of a practical or professional nature. TV1 KAMARIDUAN MOHD NOR/ THE SUN 11. and take part in many activities and interactive games. Bleach and One Piece.37pm 7pm 7.05am 12. June 20 – July 21 FEW things are more unsettling than sudden changes in plans you’ve struggled to get properly organised. Unsettling as events are initially. My Love Guess Guess Guess Just in Singapore Hitman Reborn Dong Yi Family Harmony In the Eye of the Beholder Secret Garden Switched at Birth Jamie Oliver’s Food Evolution 11. At least explore offers.31pm My Family. it’s unrealistic. you’re urged to raise these now. which means even the simplest of plans is unlikely to last long. And. Let them know you need them now. A number of special guests will also make appearances.30pm All About Sports 8TV 10. While people often keep things to themselves because that information is not important.05pm 3. what’s come to light is enabling you to make pivotal decisions.15PM: After his construction engineer mother inadvertently woke an enormous fire-breathing beast from its centuries-long slumber 20 years ago. At the Afamy launch at Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Now that you’re wrestling with an excess of exciting yet unsettling developments. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale. These and any other decisions are being made during a period of change. Malaysians make up the bulk of regional visitors to the event.30pm Fairytale 8. 2012 www. what’s coming your way is too exciting to refuse. Remember that when you think about ignoring other facts that seem equally unimportant.30pm 3. with this weekend’s eclipse shaking things up. some might need a serious rethink. so when the organisers decided to take the event around the region. others assume all is well.30pm 9. the facts in question are becoming increasingly important. too.05pm J APANOPHILES in Malaysia are in for a huge treat in June when one of the biggest regional showcases involving anime-related culture and music hits our shores for the first time. ‘butlers’ and Ultraman turned up at the launch of Afamy. The odds are good they’d no idea how you felt and are happy to take over.” Chin added. Since these events are being triggered by this weekend’s eclipsed New Moon. to be held in June. They will all be performing songs from some of today’s biggest anime series. Quinn has to struggle to keep a small community alive in a world which has been scarred by the beast and its offspring. 6. Maon Kurosaki. deep down you know these aren’t just important. Kuala Lumpur was the natural first choice. Now. The Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe features cute. While it’s true that changes in circumstances will continue until early June. promises to be a great showcase of anime-centric culture and music BY ANANSA JACOB Anime overload TV3 3pm 4pm 5pm 5. There will also be a Good Smile Racing zone for model cars.30pm 9. Sea A. it was because they were complicated and you felt they’d have little impact on your plans.35pm 6pm 6. events are making it clear that not only must you acknowledge their faults.35pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 9pm 10pm MN 1am Cuci-Cuci Services Perangkap Maathangal Adutha Veedu White Lie The Building Blocks of Life American Dragon: Jake Long Makbul Shaolin Soccer Ops SPRM Enchanting Escapes > The Anime Festival Asia Malaysia.30pm 3. with the winners representing Malaysia at the Regional Cosplay Championship at AFA in November. Mercury. In your particular case. bubbly maids who will serve you desserts and tea.24 FEATURE theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. whatever is going is paving the way for something better. one or two need to end. But by far the most anticipated event will be Super Anisong Genki Live. while the Atelier Royale Butler Cafe will have handsome butlers catering to your every whim.30pm Nikita Heroman Bola Kampung SpongeBob SquarePants Anugerah Upin & Ipin Kochikame Pakar Kejelitaan Friday I’m in Love Semanis Kurma 9 Soalan S. “Our purpose was to share the latest trends and content directly from Japan in one big event.02pm My Family 7. things have changed. Moekana. famous for his performances as characters in Final Fantasy VII. Feb 19 – March 19 ABANDONING tricky issues for others to deal with isn’t your style.30pm 7pm 9pm 9.30pm 8. But that’s not only unlikely. the sooner they’ll be dealt with.30pm 2. Still.30pm 10.” Several exciting events have already been lined up for fans to get a complete anime experience.32pm Neighbourhood The Emperor’s Harem The Amazing Strategist Liu Bo Wen 4.S Cinta Fitri Flying McCoy Real Life Adventures Reign of Fire FOX MOVIES. Aim for the best you can do now. the circumstances of those closet.O. they will have to purchase the Festival+Stage tickets at RM30 per day.

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the second-seeded Frenchman. apparently hoping for a point. – AFP Federer blows past Berloq ROGER FEDERER braved dust storm conditions to blow past Argentine Carlos Berlocq 6-3. who beat Nicol in the US Open and led Australia to the world team title late last year. the third seed. with Dipika Pallikal’s recovery from two games down and 6-8 down in the third against Omney Abdel Kawy being the pick of them. while Sorona Cirstea of Romania beat Swede Sofia Arvidsson 6-3. The winner attacked and went for her shots on a windy day on the clay at the Foro Italico. complaining about the blue clay and losing badly in the third round to Fernando Verdasco from a 5-3 lead in the final set. 11-4. 11-3 win over Nicolas Mueller. Pallikal. bolstered by 16 winners in the first set and success on 12 of the last 15 points of the afternoon. 12 from New Zealand. US Open winner and fifth seed Samantha Stosur put out Italian Sara Errani 6-3. She broke the seed sight times from 20 chances. “It’s a huge bonus knowing the British Open is back. 2012 > Nicol breezes through Pakistani opponent ICOL DAVID (pix) made a flying start to her bid to win back the British Open title. Of Radwanska’s eight defeats in 2012. Matthew could earn a repeat of November’s World Open final against Greg Gaultier. needing only 20 minutes before hurtling into the second round with a win over a surprise opponent in London yesterday.” said Jackson. China’s Li Na moved on to the fourth round as third seed Agnieszka Radwanska lost to only her third different opponent of the season. “Once again it’s all that the players are gunning for. 30. 11-5. 11-6 success suggested that she is again in the right frame of mind for a major success. 11-3. The Rome pressure now shifts to five-time champion Rafael Nadal to post a victory in his opening match. German 12th seed Angelique Kerber defeated American Vania King 6-3.26 SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. Alison Waters. having dazzled everyone with her light-footed movement and near-perfect performances during the World Open in Rotterdam in November. 7-5 while sixth seed Caroline Wozniacki fell to Spaniard Anabel Medina Garrigues. the 16-year-old Egyptian. In other results. producing 44 winners and 38 unforced errors. Li will face the winner from New Zealand’s Marina Erakovic and South African Chanelle Scheepers. The other long-drawn out winners were Nour El Sherbini. 4-0. This is Kasey Brown. and her compatriot Laura Massaro. Eighth seed Li beat Iveta Benesova with ease. and winner of titles in seven of his last 10 events dating to last November. left it late to actually decide on playing Rome. who beat him in their last meeting in Shanghai in 2011. The Swiss third seed will next play Spanish veteran Juan Carlos Ferrero. 11-5 against the 2010 World Open finalist from Egypt amidst an explosive atmosphere in which Pallikal was both warned and had a conduct penalty stroke awarded against her.” she said. 13-11 to Jaclyn Hawkes. the first Mexican to reach a World Open semifinal.” Nicol next plays Samantha Teran. with their most recent meeting the Madrid semifinals last weekend. The Spaniard has been mentally fragile after his troubles last week in Madrid. Federer is on the hunt for his first Rome title after losing the 2003 and 2006 finals. in a half of the draw which has seen the removal of one of the leading contenders. the highest ranked Indian ever. champion here 11 years ago. recovered to win 8-11. 6-1 loss. His victory left Berloq 0-8 against top 20 opponents as the Swiss charged out by winning the first dozen points of the contest. who endured a tough introduction to Nicol’s jet-propelled court coverage and early attacks. 6-2. seeing it’s such a big event. 6-11. 11-2. 9-11. 11-6. 11-9. In women’s play. He evidently got the right answer with his victory. 3 from England who is returning after a year out and bone spur operation. a top 30 Swiss player. I have an enormous respect for them and can’t understand why squash is not in the Olympics. 2 with four titles this season – including two of the first three Masters 1000 honours of 2012 – came good on his hope of playing in Rome the week after winning in difficult conditions on and off court on the controversial slick blue clay of Madrid. Federer. The king of clay insists that all is fine in the kingdom now that he’s left behind his Madrid bad memories. hoping that his body would give him indications of how he was holding up after Madrid. who began with a sparkling 11-6. Jackson. the unseeded former world No. Nicol’s 11-2. the former world No. But his test will come in Italy as he faces German Florian Mayer. 4-11. six have come from world number one Victoria Azarenka. 11-4. – AFP . 6-4 and open his week with a second-round victory at the Rome Masters yesterday. 4-6. Nicol seemed motivated by the fact that the British Open was returning after missing two years. 6-1. with the Dane retiring injured trailing 6-4. 6-3. but now was unable to clinch two match points and lost 11-7. There were four other stunning five-game women’s matches. Finally it’s back and I am really happy it is on again. 7-5. 6-1 and Italy’s Flavia Pennetta hammered Sloane Stephens of the United States 6-2. was a guest of Matthew as the 31-yearold Englishman beat Max Lee of Hong Kong 11-8. “As an athlete myself. but Czech Petra Cetkovska caught Poland’s Radwanska with a 6-4. The record-breaking world champion from Malaysia played as relentlessly as ever against the first Pakistan-born player ever to reach the main draw. Federer beat Ferrero in a 2003 semifinal in Rome. The world No. For the last three years it’s tough to know that such a prestigious event is not happening. Maria Toor Pakay. a silver medalist in the 1988 Seoul Games. Meanwhile former Olympic hurdler Colin Jackson backed squash’s bid for a place in the Olympic Games after watching world champion Nick Matthew make a good start to the defence of the men’s title. The second of them involved a controversial “no let” decision when Brown N Light and easy appealed to the referee.

Allardyce is said to be furious with the slur. perhaps too quickly to process: staggeringly. “between the three of us we have 120 years experience in the game of football and none of us have ever seen anything like that. The expanded finals require all three to bid together to meet the stadium criteria. Manchester City scored with their 43rd and 44th attempts on goal. with a greater chance of being ready in time. after struggling against Pakistan and Sri Lanka. most intense battles out on the water. the doyen of English commentators. because I still can’t believe it happened. Fever Pitch: “… be tolerant of those who describe a sporting moment as their best ever. Kean. Wales have to go back to the World Cup of 1958.are down in seventh place. that have seen legal proceedings begin. However.. “It’s a crazy finish for a crazy season. Wales and the Republic of Ireland are set to mount a joint bid to host Euro 2020. “Show me those goals [both stoppage time efforts] again. all the while fumbling away as he tried to re-attach the aforementioned mic. We wanted to give them Champions League football. editorial decisions revisited. but I’m sorry for the supporters. you get bitten pretty quickly. However. Stats come at us thick and fast. he had been off his feet – much like the rest of the footballwatching world – as those breathtaking events unfolded at the Etihad Stadium. Swansea. As Nick Hornby pointed out in his essential football read. Manaus and Cuiaba have “medium risk” while Curitiba and Porto Alegre have “low risk”. he has moved to reassure the club’s fans “I hope to continue scoring goals for Newcastle next season. The three associations will now begin exploring the detail with possible venues in Dublin. it added. with repeated demonstrations calling for him to be sacked or to resign. Wigan and of course the Etihad had lifted the season’s tally to a record-breaking 1. the daily Folha de Sao Paulo reported yesterday. CELTIC COUSINS JOIN FORCES SCOTLAND. ripping his lapel microphone off in the process. Blackburn’s owners. tables and statistics have to be modified. limiting boat requests for redress and an amendment of proper course restrictions which it is hoped will allow the trailing boat increased chances to overtake – expected to get a mixed reaction amongst sailors and sailing aficionados alike. PAPISS CISSE RUBBISHES EXIT RUMOURS NEWCASTLE hotshot Papiss Cisse (pix below) has dismissed rumours that he could leave the club this summer.” he added. Ireland are competing at Euro 2012 this summer. The footage that has sparked the controversy was filmed months ago but its posting on Twitter has pushed it into the public domain. The local newspaper has twice called for him to go and his appointment has been blamed for the huge disappointment of the current campaign. while the West Indies . “This is a very tough series in its own right. said. it is just that real life is paler. posted the video on their website yesterday. Allardyce. 2012 27 Once in a lifetime drama by JOHN DYKES ORDON STRACHAN summed Sunday’s Barclays Premier League climax up perfectly when he said. having scored a century on his Test debut. Curitiba and Sao Paulo. The 26-year-old Senegal international has been a sensation since his January arrival on Tyneside with a return of 13 goals in just 14 appearances. but Scotland have not qualified for a major finals since the 1998 World Cup in France. which would need 10 stadiums to host the 24-team finals. “We are the most competitive sailing series in the world and we hope that these changes. “The outlook for the 2013 Confederations Cup is even more critical. and contains less potential for unexpected delirium. amongst others. Cuiaba.. while England have lost four out of their last five Tests heading into Today’s match. who was in charge when Kean was a coach at Ewood Park. Minutes earlier. has faced a huge public backlash in Blackburn since he was given the job. England are top of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Test rankings. He tells those fans that Rovers will definitely finish in the top 10 (for the season that has just finished. It shows Kean questioning the operating methods and ability of the man who was manager before him at Blackburn. Everything changes in an instant: video packages and highlights reflecting one result have to be altered to properly demonstrate another.” Cisse told the Evening Chronicle “We wanted to play in the Champions League. continue to create the closest. Brasilia. Elsewhere. please. Cardiff. the UK audience heard Martin Tyler. as he tried to put Kun Aguero’s title-winning 94thminute strike into some sort of perspective just moments after the game had ended and Manchester City’s celebrations had begun. seen as a dress rehearsal for the World Cup.Paul Merson leapt out of his seat. But we will keep coming back for more because we all know that sport is always capable of throwing up drama like Sunday’s. Kean was secretly videoed by supporters during Blackburn’s trip to Hong Kong last summer.” Several changes have been included in order to tidy up existing wording and define certain aspects more clearly but amongst the slightly more controversial additions are a revision of the penalty process. But we are still a little disappointed.4 percent. sending Health and Safety-conscious studio crew scurrying for mops and tissues lest we get electrocuted. as we saw quite clearly in the 2011 series. Sir Alex Ferguson was magnanimous in defeat but must inwardly have been revisiting his famous “Football. Former City manager Reid found it all a bit too much. despite the team being 13th in the Premier League at the time. “There’s no room for that in our dressing room. The report indicated that two years before the World Cup gets underway. In broadcasting terms.who have won just two of 30 Tests since beating England in Jamaica in 2009 . Was that a record? Had David Silva or Alex Song ended the season top of the assists charts? Did we realise that the late strikes at Swansea. “I swear you will never see B R I E F S WORLD CUP STADIUMS A CONCERN: FIFA FOOTBALL’S world governing body FIFA believes that six of 12 Brazilian stadiums that are to host the 2014 World Cup may not be ready in time. “Nothing major has changed in the past few years and we are enthusiastic in our responsibility to keep developing the rules to challenge our world class athletes and create the best possible spectacle we can. That was our objective. the BRFC Action Group. at ‘the home of cricket’ five years ago. but we can be very happy with what we have achieved this season. or international sport in general. Porto Alegre. Aguero scored in Manchester and faces fell at the Stadium of Light. Meanwhile. competitive and pioneering action on the water. Recife and Salvador could be added depending on progress on the work. The studios. It’s good to be in Europe next season. when they were relegated). the Celtic nations will stand a good chance should they decide to translate a declaration of interest into a concrete bid. However. Glasgow and Aberdeen.” said Mitchell. against the West Indies. which ended in relegation before the final game of the season. voyeuristic at a time of heartbreak. The paper cited a FIFA study on the stadium construction or renovation program pointing to various degrees “of risk” for arenas in Manaus. We are in the Europa League and I thank God for the season I have had. Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza.” Folha said. I’m looking forward to playing in the Europa League. The Racing Rules have been amended in order to continue the positioning of the Alpari World Match Racing Tour (AWMRT) as the most compelling. In an instant. tends not to throw up lastminute winners.” Mitchell.SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. But the FIfA report said challenges facing the Recife arena “will be hard to overcome”. on SKY TV’s Soccer Saturday – the bizarrely-enthralling show where we watch people watching football matches -. Interested countries now have 18 months to table an actual bid. It was hard not to feel uncomfortable.066. coming into effect at the first event of the season. 1-ranked batsman in Shivnarine Chanderpaul.” England wicketkeeper Prior said at Lord’s yesterday. Craig Mitchell. Kean and Allardyce fell out hugely after the latter was sacked by Venky’s. We were lucky enough to have satellite feeds of all the matches coming into our studio simultaneously and were witness to Michael Owen and the United substitutes preparing to strip off their tracksuits to reveal “Champions” T-shirts. bloody Hell!” pronouncement. will be held from June 15 to 30 next year in four confirmed cities: Rio de Janeiro. He met his legal team just after lunchtime and the decision was made to begin proceedings. The Confederations Cup. G anything like this ever again!” Maybe not. “Match racing has evolved to the point where we currently have a great set of rules. Allardyce starts legal action against Kean SAM ALLARDYCE’S legal representatives have sent letters to Steve Kean and Blackburn Rovers following video footage that shows the club’s manager making disparaging remarks about his former colleague. A bottle of water went flying under our desk. Match Race Germany in Langenargen on May 23 – 28. Last night was the deadline for countries to register an interest in hosting the finals. it is the potentially libellous comments about Allardyce. PRIOR WARY OF WEST INDIES THREAT MATT PRIOR has insisted there is no way England will take the West Indies lightly when the teams meet for the first of a three-Test series at Lord’s today. – The Independent Rule changes confirmed for 2012 AWMRT SEVERAL rule changes have been confirmed for the 2012 Alpari World Match Racing Tour. helping the Magpies to an unexpected fifth-place Barclays Premier League finish. “I think if you get complacent or take things easy in Test cricket. producing some fantastic sporting action.” Life.” he begged. . he explained. The release of the four-minute YouTube rant by Kean was calculated to cause maximum embarrassment as he fights for his job. the last-minute winner is the ultimate stress test.” shrugged Roberto Mancini amidst chaotic postmatch scenes in Manchester. the tourists do boast the world’s No. nor have we had sad and barren lives.” He sat in our TV studio. in December 2010. duller.” Prior has happy memories of Lord’s. from which we broadcast to 650 million homes round the world are still ringing with Alan Parry’s screamed “Aguero!!!!!” which was echoed in a multitude of languages in more than 200 countries. FIFA reports delays in three of the four venues for the competition. only became aware of the YouTube video yesterday morning. utter the absolutely perfect. who have repeatedly called for his dismissal and the removal of Venky’s. and then had to sit and describe the proceedings to host Jeff Stelling on live television. On the other side of the country. flanked by Alan Curbishley and Peter Reid. which would be the first in the United Kingdom for 24 years. Turkey and Georgia are the other predicted bidders and as both countries have potentially serious flaws as prospective hosts. Edinburgh. expects the alterations to have a positive effect on the Tour. now manager at West Ham United and preparing for Saturday’s Championship playoff final with Blackpool. complaining about the “bureaucracy and excessive politicisation” in the country while acknowledging President Dilma Rousseff’s determination to speed things up. as well as match racing in general. But the biggest concern is for the stadium in the northeastern city of Natal because of a “tight schedule” that left no “margin for problems”. work on the 12 stadiums have progressed on average by 34. with Newcastle last week having firmly denied reports that the former Freiburg frontman had issued a “come and get me” plea to Primera Division winners Real Madrid. also win the Carling Cup and places a £100 (RM500) bet with them. however. We do not lack imagination. Tour Director of the Alpari World Match Racing Tour.

Last season. for whom he will be a key player in a Champions’ League final against several of his old London teammates.” he said. “He took a penalty just one week after the Dortmund miss and scored it. he is confident that Saturday’s game will be different.” says Patrick Strasser. Paris Barcelona’s Patience Arsenal’s Jens Lehmann becomes first player to see red in a European final. but the match ended prematurely for him as he was sent off in the second half of extra-time. until 2015.” Effenberg claimed Jupp Heynckes’ side. but goals from Gerrard. he would have gone to Manchester United had they been prepared to pay the price. Scoring on debut. “Maybe a turning point was the second leg of the Champions’ League semifinal against Madrid when Bayern were 2-0 down. before the new manager arrived in the summer of 2004. who were beaten to the Bundesliga title by Borussia Dortmund. but it is not that easy. he did not make his debut until November.28 SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17.” Unlike his Chelsea days. Drogba told reporters at the Chelsea Media Open Day ahead of the Champions League final in Munich against Bayern Munich that although he has had many disappointing moments in major finals.thesundaily. “In January and February he had a lot of problems with (Bayern coach) Jupp Heynckes. he now plays on the right. semi-final victors over 2011 champions Barcelona © GRAPHIC NEWS Pictures: Getty Images . Manchester Italian Masterclass Typically tight all-Italian contest. to seal third European title Barcelona 2 Manchester Utd 0 Stadio Olimpico. they have got to be able to play other systems too. as goals from Pedro. Real Madrid were keen suitors. Fußball Arena München. and missed out on the climax to the season as well after taking a knock at Blackburn. He wasn’t complaining directly but he was like a child who was promised an ice-cream and did not get it. “There is a lot of hope resting on his shoulders and he cannot buy any more time – he has got to work now. “We thought that we would get to the final against in the next year. – The Independent Third final of the year will be great: Drog CHELSEA’S Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba is confident that his third final of the year will be a great one. In February Drogba lost the Africa Cup of Nations final with Ivory Coast against Zambia. after all. Effenberg captained Bayern the last time they won the competition in 2001 and he called on Schweinsteiger to rise to the occasion at the Allianz Arena. so that was causing problems. Munich Franck Ribery will be aiming to help Bayern to their fifth European Cup title on home turf against Chelsea. For three games in a row Robben was sidelined and in his world he can never sit on the bench. familiar injury problems resurfaced – a hamstring problem from the World Cup not having been solved – and to Bayern’s annoyance he was unable to play until January. Messi and Villa give Guardiola’s side third title in six years Bayern Munich v Chelsea Saturday May 19.” Identified closely at Chelsea with the mouldbreaking Jose Mourinho. Borussia Dortmund took Bayern’s title and have kept it this season. a Dutch footballer. secures trophy AC Milan 0 3-2 penalties Juventus 0 Old Trafford. whose future with the Blues is unclear as he might be playing his last game for the club in Munich. A win in this game would save their season. I feel that maybe Manchester United’s best years are now behind them. Rome Mighty Barcelona United start brightly but are hit by 10th minute Eto’o strike and never recover – classy Barcelona go on to win sextuple of trophies in 2009 Schweiny must lead from the front BASTIAN SCHWEINSTEIGER must show leadership qualities in Champions League final says former Bayern Munich captain Former Bayern Munich captain Stefan Effenberg has challenged Schweinsteiger to prove his leadership qualities in Saturday’s Champions League final against Chelsea. They eventually paid £24 million (RM120m) and Robben was successful enough in another title-winning season. “He’s not the best friend of all the players. Zinedine Zidane. a certain physical frailty tending to obscure some fine wing-play and important goals. this time to Bayern. and first since 1965 – two goals from Diego Milito cap treble-winning season Source: UEFA Barcelona 3 Manchester Utd 1 Wembley Stadium. when with Bayern a goal down he missed a penalty and then a glorious late chance. his provocative explanation being: “I’ve gone there because Chelsea are on the rise. under whom he won two League titles. I have also had some great ones and I – and all my teammates – will give everything to make sure that this is a great one. a year after winning UEFA Cup Liverpool 3 AC Milan 3 3-2 penalties Ataturk Stadium. it was time to move on again. but then scored the winning goal for Chelsea against Liverpool in the FA Cup final earlier this month.” For Drogba the match against the four-time champions will be the third final in which he is involved this year. Arjen Robben was often a controversial figure. the sides meet again – Milan coming out on top after two goals from Filippo Inzaghi Manchester Utd 1 6-5 penalties Chelsea 1 Luzhniki Stadium. “Given the quality Bayern have. Andriy Shevchenko’s spot kick lands AC Milan their sixth European victory Porto 3-0 AS Monaco Arena AufSchalke. are too reliant on wingers Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben and are “too predictable”.” Injured in a pre-season friendly. Smicer and Alonso help set up brilliant shootout victory Barcelona 2 Arsenal 1 Stade de France. like Petr Cech. secured immediate popularity and by the end of the season he had a championship medal from a fourth different country and had been voted Germany’s Footballer of the Year. Madrid Inter’s Long Wait Jose Mourinho’s Inter side win their third European Cup. Athens Milan’s Revenge Two years after Liverpool’s astonishing comeback. Recognised as one of the very best young talents in Holland for his work with Groningen and then PSV Eindhoven. But somehow he was never quite galactico quality and when the more glamorous Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka were recruited a year later. I am keen to see whether he can cope with the pace . Saturday’s match will be the second Champions League final for the 34-year-old. “It was a bit surprising that the club wanted him to sign a new contract but he did last week. “Sooner or later. Chelsea offered far more for him – presumably in wages too – and secured him for £12 million (RM60m).” said Patrick Strasser. Istanbul Game of Two Halves AC Milan lead after just 52 seconds and 3-0 at half time. 2012 www. regularly cutting inside on his left foot and achieving a notable tally for a wide player of 54 goals in 88 games – one of which knocked United out of the Champions’ League at Old Trafford two seasons ago. as he had for Chelsea. Real Madrid 2 Bayer Leverkusen 1 Hampden Park. “It is not good when you are always hoping that Ribery and Robben won’t get stopped. and by the end of his third and an FA Cup final win over United. They are too predictable. United win even match thanks to John Terry’s penalty slip. His second season was probably his most effective as he adjusted to the physical demands of English football and Chelsea retained their title. because he is very egocentric. he became an important cog in Mourinho’s wheel when fit. Four years ago Drogba was in the Chelsea side that lost on penalties in an all-England final in Moscow against Manchester United. Glasgow Zidane Wonder Goal Real back in final – this time a perfectly struck left-foot volley from world’s most expensive player. London Unstoppable Barcelona Barcelona dominate in repeat of 2009 final. So it was no surprise that controversy should follow Robben at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.” he added. Robben was actually signed.” Effenberg told the Bild newspaper.” Internazionale 2 Bayern Munich 0 Bernabeu Stadium. high on technical ability.he has got to play intelligently. a journalist for Munich’s Abendzeitung. Moscow English Supremacy First ever final between two English clubs. who was giving some players a rest after the winter break. Robben playing an unfortunate part in the key game of the season recently. he has got to be there to lead this team. “I have not only had disappointing moments in finals. He is. an FA Cup and a League Cup in the space of three years. But with Damien Duff on the other flank. and not the easiest one. so I am just happy to be given another chance. Gelsenkirchen Mourinho Double Deco’s man-of-the-match performance helps Jose Mourinho’s side to a second European triumph. as Barcelona seal title with two goals in final 15 mins AC Milan 2 Liverpool 1 Olympic Robben always causes trouble by STEVE TONGUE I N THREE YEARS AT CHELSEA.

4-1 (h) After extra time 1-0 (a). “To be able to win many titles and be competitive in the Champions League and reach the final you need more than two players. This togetherness is what we were lacking before. 2-1 (h) 1-0 (h). Now things are more stable. “With all the problems that we have it’s certainly causing me a headache. you play and the manager leaves you out and you don’t know the reason. That’s why we have to go in and make sure we win it for them and for the club. he believes. “I think that’s what has brought all of us together.” he said.25 48% 83 Total shots 161 78 Coach Roberto Di Matteo Captain John Terry European Cup record W57 D33 L23 European pedigree European Cup runners-up 2008 Cup Winners’ Cup 1971.83 56% 5.3 2.” he said when asked what would happen if the injured players suffered setbacks. “I was very happy that we beat Barcelona. especially against a side who have beaten all seven of their visitors.92 52% 4. Luiz Gustavo Holger Badstuber John Terry.8%) 1-3 Gomez Drogba 5-0 Sturridge Malouda Lampard Cole Cahill Luiz Cech Source: UEFA. Thomas Muller. 2001 UEFA Cup 1996 Cup Winners’ Cup 1967 Intercontinental Cup 1976. “We will take some reserve-team players on to the bench.00 0.” Malouda is a greater concern.1%) GOAL TIMES ET: 1-0 Total minutes 4-3 played 75 1. “Now I’ve got three more sessions so I can kick on from here. and just figure out what to do. Given the circumstances. If we can pull off this win it’ll be the greatest achievement ever forthis club.” he said. Franck Ribery and Mario Gomez without Terry and Ivanovic in defence. and Di Matteo insists he is happy to wait. Infostrada Sports © GRAPHIC NEWS 7-3 Mata Essien Bosingwa Level 368 (34. “Thankfully it’s healed quickly.” he said.” Di Matteo is also reading little into Bayern’s 5-2 mauling by Borussia Dortmund in the German Cup final in Berlin last weekend. including Real Madrid.” said Cahill. The France midfielder was withdrawn in the first half against Blackburn with a hamstring problem and Di Matteo admitted: “We still have to assess Flo and it’ll be touch and go for him to be available. The conversation with Mikel also included the clearest explanation yet of what was wrong under the stewardship of Andre Villas-Boas and how his successor Roberto Di Matteo has brought a fractured squad back together again. “It’s a big game for the club and our players.” he said. Of course. Just 10 weeks after taking over at Stamford Bridge following the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas. treats John Terry like he treats every other young player. The communication was not right. “This was my first session with the boys and it was good to get out here. have a chance to express ourselves and do what we want to do a bit better.25 13.’ But it’s not that easy. This new spirit. I don’t think about myself. It’s a massive game.3%) NY FATALISTS WITH A CHELSEA allegiance must wonder if the club are ever destined to become champions of Europe.” the 41year-old said. “I had only just come into the club but after that I could see what the Champions’ League meant to the players. Chelsea say no decision on a long-term successor to Villas-Boas will be taken until the season has ended. Di Matteo agreed he faced the most challenging tactical assignment of his career.1%) Behind 100 (9. “They have lots of good players.” – The Independent Di Matteo ready for toughest test ROBERTO DI MATTEO is bracing for the toughest managerial challenge of his career as he attempts to lead an injury and suspension-hit Chelsea to Champions League glory over Bayern Munich. “I ended last season well and at the start of this season I was one of the key players and there were a few rotations early on. playing him in both legs of the semifinal against Barcelona. “That’s the worst-case scenario. Hopefully on the 19th if luck and God help us we will make that history. 2012 29 BAYERN MUNICH Coach Jupp Heynckes Captain Philipp Lahm European Cup record W81 D41 L39 European pedigree European Cup 1974-76. 2001 Bayern v English opposition CHELSEA Saturday May 19. “We’ll play with less pressure.08 0.” . “I wasn’t annoyed (by the criticism). Mikel did not start another League game until Villas-Boas was sacked three months later. nor does the notion of facing a front four of Arjen Robben. 1998 Super Cup 1998 Won 7 Draw 2 Lost 4 Blues united > Mikel counts on unity to bring ultimate prize A Won 13 Draw 12 Lost 10 2. there’s always a reason for things that happen.SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17.” The combination of injuries and suspensions means Di Matteo’s squad will be stretched and the interim first-team coach acknowledged the Chelsea bench might carry an unfamiliar look for a game of such stature. players and staff cannot afford to think like that. Fußball Arena München. when their 10 men managed to mount a stunning rearguard action against Barcelona in the Camp Nou before clinching a 3-2 aggregate win.080 4-0 Leading in 60 matches (mins) 570 (52. 7-0 (h) 2-0 (a). Football is about playing football and scoring goals. “I’m very relaxed about it. into the squad. “It was kind of difficult. But the pair reported no ill effects after yesterday’s session and declared themselves fit to play. unlike the 2008 final against Manchester United when he sat and watched as the Moscow skies wept for Terry and Avram Grant. 2-2 (a) 3-0 15 30 ROUTE TO FINAL Topped Goup A with unbeaten home record – eliminated Manchester City Round of 16 Basel Quarter-finals Marseille Semi-finals Real Madrid 0-1 (a).” Di Matteo said. Raul Meireles Branislav Ivanovic. “It is the biggest game of our life and I hope the players who step into others’ shoes want to make this club proud. With Raul Meireles and Ramires suspended. as well as defenders Terry and Branislav Ivanovic. If we can grab a goal in the early stages it’s gonna be good but we have to make sure we don’t concede early. the FA Cup semifinal and the final. But the Italian believes that orchestrating a win over Bayern on their home ground on Saturday would represent his greatest triumph as he attempts to pull together a Chelsea side decimated by injuries and suspensions. from which at least four key performers will be missing. which included an FA Cup victory as well as their passage to the Champions League final. Hopefully I can get the training under my belt this week and be ready.” He also dismissed criticism of Chelsea’s tactics in the semifinals.3%) 6-0 3-4 Behind 142 (13.” – AFP Cahill. “And now we have a chance to put things right. 1-2 (a) Won 3-1 on pens 5-2 15 30 45 Lahm Boateng Tymoshchuk Schweinsteiger Kroos Robben Muller Ribery GOAL TIMES 3-2 Total minutes played 75 1. Now nobody is moaning or upset when they are left out. “I understand from the neutral point of view that people may prefer other styles. just as it did when Roma lost the final in their own Olympic Stadium to Liverpool on penalties 28 years ago. Di Matteo has already overseen a string of notable performances including an unforgettable semifinal win over Barcelona. Everyone didn’t know what was happening. “I just have a big drive and a big motivation to do something extraordinary for this club and that’s all I want to do. But we have to go into it with the knowledge that we have the quality and experience to win it and that’s all. represents Chelsea’s best hope of overcoming Bayern Munich on their own turf on Saturday.” – The Independent “It’s a big game for the club and our players.080 4-3 Leading in 60 matches (mins) 45 480 3-1 (44.” He also brushes off suggestions that failure to land the top job would be a bitter pill to swallow if Chelsea were successful on Saturday. “We’ve worked so hard to reach this goal and have tried many many times to win it.” he said. It’s a massive game. Munich HEAD-TO-HEAD Bayern 1 Chelsea 1 Goals 5 Goals 6 PREVIOUS MEETINGS 2005 Chelsea 4-2 Bayern Q-final 2005 Bayern 3-2 Chelsea Q-final Chelsea v German opposition 2. “Sometimes you think: ‘Ah yes. leaving Florent Malouda as Di Matteo’s only major concern. he replied: “I don’t think it’s as easy or as straightforward as that. You come into training thinking ‘shall I train well because I don’t know if I’m going to be playing at the weekend?’. he is therefore entitled to think that a place in the side this Saturday should be his.” One victory in six Champions’ League away games this season does not bode well.33 58% Total shots 155 Top scorer Mario Gomez 12 TEAM STATISTICS (per match) Goals scored Goals against Possession Corners Fouls Yellow cards SHOTS BREAKDOWN On target Wide 65 Pictures: Getty Images Top scorer Didier Drogba 5 90 SHOOTING BOOTS: Goals Gomez Drogba Robben 4 Players with 3 goals 3 1 5 12 PLAYMAKERS: Assists Ribery Torres Lampard Malouda 2 3 4 PLAYER STATISTICS ON TARGET: Shots 5 Gomez Robben Torres 10 10 29 BANNED: Missing final David Alaba. The hope in the Chelsea camp is that pressure will stifle the home side.” After a costly mistake in the home defeat by Liverpool. Despite overseeing a rebound in Chelsea’s fortunes. Get to within one penalty kick of succeeding and your captain slips over and misses. “To reach a Champions League final is very. but we’ve just tried to get the best out of our players and team to reach the final. But we have to go into it with the knowledge that we have the quality and experience to win it and that’s all. and we scored more goals than them. I’ve been trying different options in training for different solutions just in case. Di Matteo has yet to be given any assurances about his longterm future at Chelsea. So at the Cobham training ground early this week midfielder John Obi Mikel (pix) was grasping whatever positives he could from a far from ideal situation. “Things like that just went on and on. Asked to comment on the suggestion that Bayern could be beaten if the attacking threat posed by Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben was nullified. You need a good team. Di Matteo has shown vastly more confidence.1 2. very difficult. Luiz ready to face Bayern ROBERTO DI MATTEO has been handed a significant lift ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final after Gary Cahill and David Luiz emerged unscathed after returning to training with the rest of the first-team squad yesterday. And we probably scored the best goal as well. Both have been sidelined with hamstring injuries and their failure to play any role in Sunday’s Premier League game with Blackburn raised doubts over whether they would make the trip to the Allianz Arena.” Di Matteo said. Ramires Sturridge 9 PROBABLE LINE-UPS Neuer ROUTE TO FINAL Topped Goup E with unbeaten home record – eliminated Valencia Rafinha Round of 16 Napoli Quarter-finals Benfica Semi-finals Barcelona 1-3 (a). Things like this went through everyone’s head not just me. “I’d be absolutely delighted to win the Champions League trophy for this club and I’d be very happy for the players. we have a manager that understands the game and played the game and speaks to everyone and treats everyone the same.25 16. it’ll happen again. make it to the final again with the two hot favourites out of contention and you find the game is somehow an away match.” Di Matteo warned his players their experience following defeat against Manchester United in the Moscow 2008 final confirmed this may be their last opportunity for some time to land the one trophy to have eluded the club.4%) Level 500 (46. 2-0 (h) 2-1 (h). We’ve spent every day working on it and the work’s paid off. And whatever comes afterwards – well.

was. Manchester United can and will attract some of the best players in world football. Media and Sport Select *First Come First Serve Basis *Terms & Conditions Apply pretty quickly. presumably to facilitate his appearance. the newly crowned champions. such as Nicolas Gaitan. But Gill insisted that United’s commercial power would enable them to match City on the pitch. whether it be Alex Ferguson with his record. of that there is no doubt.083.48 12 16 19 24 35 39 23.20 9985 3574 9985 3497 3574 3497 3574 9985 3497 9985 3497 3574 RM 127. but Gill stressed there was no great need to spend heavily. “We can invest in players. United have been relatively small net spenders in the market. can outbid his club by paying “stupid money” and “silly salaries”. I always am with this manager.08 Magnum proudly sponsors “London The Summer Musical” @ Sunway Lagoon Ticket Redemption start from 26 May until 16 June 2012 @ ENE (Selangor) Sdn Bhd.635. – The Independent 2 10 25 28 31 36 21.” said Giggs. with ironic timing. United chief executive David Gill told Sky Sports News: “I think it’s right. The 23-year-old scored 17 goals this season in all competitions to help Dortmund secure a second consecutive Bundesliga title and win the domestic double for the first time in their 103-year history. That was the confident message from the club’s chief executive David Gill yesterday as." the Scot said. preferring to buy developing players for fees approaching £20m (RM100m) rather than elite performers at £30m (RM150m)-plus.” the player added when asked by journalists at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport about the meeting. silly thing to do. despite United’s despair after their final match at Sunderland the previous evening. the Premier League recognised United’s domination of the competition’s 20-year history just as their supremacy is being challenged.012. 2012 ANCHESTER UNITED will continue to compete with their neighbours. Ferguson has conceded that United’s rivals. This summer is likely to see more recruits in that mould.662.401. without disclosing what they discussed. or our history and heritage. may have referred to a remark by United boss Sir Alex Ferguson three years ago when asked if his side would ever be underdogs against City. “We were only two or three minutes from retaining the title. The banner.” said Gill. – AFP 8. The club acted RM 6.” Kagawa told reporters on his return ahead of Japan’s friendly against Azerbaijan. the way he delegates. one of football’s most successful managers. formerly of United. as rumours swirl that the Borussia Dortmund star is eyeing a move to the Premier League. In the aftermath of Manchester City claiming their first title in 44 years. Bernstein was asked about the incident by MPs on the Culture. “There are additions we are looking at in certain areas. who still has a year to run on his contract with the German champions and has stalled over signing an extension with the club. “We move on and concentrate on other issues. but we are not going to buy players just for the sake of it.” Giggs.556. who collected on Ferguson’s behalf the award for being the best manager of the Premier League era. “He lives for the game. with their petrodollar backing. but City acted with commendable speed. We will only bring in players Alex believes will improve us. He’s on a rolling contact and with his enthusiasm. “I think it was a very excitable moment. we pay good wages.869. we came second but we got 89 points. “I think it was rather silly. We’re already looking forward to next season.253. in his Carrington office at 7. who has played under Ferguson for every one of the 20 Premier League seasons.42 . The midfielder said the Scot. – The Independent 16/05/12 3650/12 Kuantan OCC 101 870 248 2101 6870 0248 9207 1360 9214 5972 2017 1698 1843 8739 5461 0356 5779 6755 2016 7217 9451 8174 8676 8361 2996 5523 3703/12 16/05/12 3595 3021 3669 9037 6020 2028 8915 0701 1090 7550 3276 5762 7883 9534 1629 4218 5976 6796 0925 6809 3368 8643 3053 Ferguson meets Kagawa JAPAN international Shinji Kagawa (pix) revealed yesterday that he had met Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.” The Football Association are looking into the matter after chairman David Bernstein also described the Argentinian’s actions as “silly”. frankly. we also have all the assets of being Manchester United that can get players in. in terms of what it said. said he wanted to “think hard” before deciding where his future lay. 38. I’m confident. I’m sure. “It was good that I was able to meet him in person and talk.53 3595 3595 3021 3021 3669 3669 3021 3669 3669 3595 3595 3021 108.982. “As long as I’m enjoying it and still getting picked. M ‘Devils still the team to beat’ > Ferguson will keep dethroned United competitive. City striker Tevez. please visit www. was voted the competition’s best player. “We clearly have a great set of players. said Gill.367. Bernstein said: “It looked to me rather silly. more than anything else – an impetuous. insist Gill We are a very attractive club.21 3 9 14 21 36 47 8. and will do so with Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm “for many more years”. thought to have been passed onto the bus by a fan.” he said.” Despite growing revenues since the Glazer takeover in 2005.magnum4d.30am on Monday as usual. For more infomation. emotions were running very high.30 SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. day out. "Not in my lifetime. transfers and contracts. It certainly wasn’t very sensible.274. there’ll be many more years.724. who opted not to attend a function that had been arranged near Euston station. the support of his was filmed on TV with a sign which read ‘RIP Fergie’ during his club’s open-top bus tour of Manchester city centre with the Barclays Premier League trophy.97 583/11 925/12 09/06/2011 16/05/2012 8 6 7 5 0 8 8 5 2 5 7 9 5 8 9 6 7 5 0 7 5 0 5 0 9985 3574 3497 8463 7324 2874 4429 4334 6288 0534 8763 7958 8330 9267 3694 8277 4269 4135 5093 2337 3590 7367 2022 9 4 0 9 1 7 9 9 9 9 4 0 9 1 4 0 9 4 0 4 4 0 9 1 7 0 9 1 7 9 1 7 1 7 MU accept City’s apology MANCHESTER UNITED have accepted an apology from Manchester City over a controversial placard held up by Carlos Tevez during their title celebrations. I’ll carry on.” Gill said. playing with Ryan Giggs. had “good words” to say about him during two hours of talks in Manchester this week. City reacted quickly last night to express “sincerest apologies” while Tevez also spoke of his regret. of Benfica. “The hunger and enthusiasm is there day in. Manchester City. “We can compete because our revenues are in the top three in world football and they are growing significantly in commercial and media areas. He has made no secret of his desire to move to England with United tipped as front-runners to sign him. Ferguson “had some good words.” Ferguson. Kagawa. and Borussia Dortmund’s Shinji Kagawa.

warned of the possibility of England players and supporters being racially abused in Ukraine. for example. which begins on 8 June. with some justification. “They have given referees increased powers to deal with situations in matches. nor United’s – though Sir Bobby Charlton had no hesitation in inserting him at rightback in the all-time team running back to the Busby Babes – but there was never any shortage of evidence that he cared.” say UEFA. the end of his career has come abruptly. he has always had a habit of coming back from adversity. the summer in which he joined Manchester United for £30m (RM150m) and was voted in Fifa’s team of the tournament. Bernstein raised the subject.00 = RM4. to train with the Euro 96 squad. It would have been more were it not for injury. – The Independent With Neville in camp. and by his own account of it there will have been few more difficult than the FA ban. He was serving his eight-month Football Association ban from football for a missed drugs test during Euro 2004. As with many of England’s most famous players.” UEFA insists it is taking steps to address the issue ahead of the tournament. In the course of a meeting with Platini two weeks ago. Capello’s casual approach that he would speak to the player when he next bumped into him at Old Trafford was interpreted by Ferdinand. understandably. Earlier this season Manchester City were fined €30. Yesterday the door closed on Euro 2012 too. His last cap came against Switzerland in the Euro 2012 qualifier in June last year. since the start of 2001. He made his debut as 19year-old in a friendly against Cameroon in 1997 and has captained the team on seven occasions. produced a report detailing 195 incidents of “racist and discriminatory behaviour” between September 2009 and March 2011. Whether you agree with everything he says or not. whatever has happened to him. That was the only time he played for Capello after the then England manager took the captaincy away from him. Ferdinand has remained a cornerstone of England managers’ teams when he has been fit. Ferdinand has been an automatic first choice.000 because their players came out late for the second half against Sporting Lisbon in the Europa League. even in an age when the massaging of popular opinion has reached industrial levels. symbols and behaviour. If there is a single perception. first watching from the touchline and then reluctantly accepting that he needed to go back to Britain for treatment. Ferdinand turned his knee during the very first training session and spent the rest of the month on a pair of crutches. and one with England that he has already described as the last word in futility. – The Independent €1. Generally speaking. It will be some time before we know the value of Neville’s appointment and any serious clue about where it might lead. UEFA has been criticised for its response to previous racist incidents. he does not play as many games as he once did. He has one year left on his contract at United and beyond that it would not be hard to imagine a lucrative deal in China or in the MLS in America to see him through to retirement. palpably. England’s players should not fall prey to indifference by JAMES LAWTON WE CAN be cynical as easily as we like over the fast-tracking of Gary Neville into the hierarchy of the England team. but it will be hard for him to shift the feeling he could have played on for longer. you were the new manager Roy Hodgson. The breakdown could hardly have been more profound. He also. A total of 81 caps is an impressive return for an England international but given Ferdinand’s status in the game he will surely have cause for regret at not reaching 100. opening up a huge rift with the United player. For Neville there is also the much wider perspective of all those false dawns of the Golden Generation. referees have the “power to abandon a match should racist behaviour occur in the stadium”. There would be many of his generation who would have been delighted with the international career that Ferdinand has enjoyed. where England will play their three group games. yesterday Bernstein told a Parliamentary inquiry into racism in football that Platini had assured him UEFA was taking the issue “very. Rooney was aghast that fans should complain so loudly that night in Cape Town when England played so feebly against Algeria and Capello made his terrible confession that he had looked helplessly at the skeleton of a team he had tried to build. Bernstein said yesterday that the FA had been “working on all sorts of contingency plans and preparing for all eventualities” should any England players be the subject of racial abuse at Euro 2012. At the very least. Two years ago he was preparing to lead England at the World Cup finals in South Africa. would you rather have Red Nev at your side in the potential maelstrom of the European Championship – or lurking in a TV studio dreaming up the kind of line that hit David Luiz like an assassin’s bullet? Comparing the Chelsea defender’s work with the meanderings of a schoolboy let loose on a PlayStation was a barb Neville may never surpass in the rest of his broadcasting career but Hodgson. It is also telling that Ferdinand has started just three of the 19 games that England have played since he broke down in South Africa in a fairly innocuous challenge for the ball with Emile Heskey. He is by no means the player he was at his peak during the 2002 World Cup finals. the FA chairman. Capello had been concerned. the World Cup finals of 2002 and 2006. applied himself to the science of defence. to the point where he became . An early job description for him is that he will be Hodgson’s most acute reader of the mood of the England dressing room – a role that might have been weighed in gold two years ago on the high veldt when Fabio Capello and his players engaged in a cultural collision so catastrophic that the manager later confessed that when he looked out on to the field he didn’t recognise his own team. Ferdinand’s best moments for England came during the 2002 World Cup finals in Japan and South Korea when his partnership in the centre of defence with Sol Campbell was among the best in international football. along with Frank Lampard. as a slight.” Bernstein told the Culture. tearfully and unbidden. He was never England’s most accomplished player. may well be happy not to run the risk. when Sven Goran Eriksson took over the team. As a 17-year-old he was regarded as such a prodigious talent that Terry Venables invited him.000 police officers and stewards in Poland and Ukraine will be given “anti-discrimination training to help them identify discriminatory chants. there are enough reasons to believe that Neville’s long-term appointment is rooted in something other than a craven reaction to the former Manchester United captain’s remarkable rise as one of the game’s most influential voices. More than 80. he will be ideally placed to draw from the strength of one side of his experience and transfer at least some of it to the other. told the same inquiry: “We’ve got a big worry with the European Championship. his form for West Ham tailed off towards the end of the season and manager Kevin Keegan decided to leave him out. In the extreme. He was part of the Steve McClaren squad that did not qualify for Euro 2008.SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. indifference will not come so easily in the shadow of Red Nev. 2012 31 End of an era > Rio will have a few regrets by SAM WALLACE Y ANY MEASURE it has been a remarkable international career. the England captaincy. When asked about Euro 2012.000 more than Porto were fined for their fans racially abusing City players in the previous round. We can ask if.00 B slowed him down to the extent that since the start of 2010 he has figured in just five of the 22 England internationals played. deduction of points or disqualification from the competition”. very seriously”. A few years later he witnessed the full wretched circle in the celebrity circus of BadenBaden. Wayne Rooney spoke of the ineffable boredom of life in an isolated five-star prison. But it was the manner in which he told Ferdinand – or rather did not tell him – that damaged the relationship irrevocably. which is linked to the UEFA-backed group Football Against Racism in Europe. but the instinct is strong that it should be welcomed. when old clubmate David Beckham handed back. It was a rare occasion when Eriksson lost patience with his senior players and he made an example of Ferdinand. For another four years he and Terry were the mainstay of the England defence. Any player found guilty of abusing an opponent faces a minimum of a five-match ban. John Terry made not the least miscalculation of his life when he elected himself as the spokesman for a dressing room he could hardly have split more profoundly had he driven a stake into the middle of the floor. But it will come as a huge blow to a character who has had to deal with disappointments in the past. He has never been in a squad for a European Championship. Last week the UK’s senior policeman in charge of footballing matters. has discussed the issue with UEFA president Michel Platini (caricature) and been promised that referees have “increased powers to deal with situations in matches”. David Bernstein. Only once did the Swede leave Ferdinand out of the side on the basis of form. England players have been on the receiving end of racist abuse during previous visits to eastern Europe. That was €10. However. The on-going problem with racism at football grounds in Poland and Ukraine was highlighted this year when the respected campaign group Never Again. Last year the Bulgarian FA was fined €40. Europe’s governing body says sanctions have been provided to deal with any incidents. Neville may then have reflected on the time he made his own run for player power while organising a strike threat on behalf of Rio Ferdinand after he was dropped from the national team while awaiting a disciplinary hearing for failing to take a drugs test. Under measures which were actually introduced in 2009. – The Independent diluted by even the most casual review of his performance since putting aside his boots and taking up the microphone. But in recent years injury has FA fears that England players will be racially abused at the Euros THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION has raised concerns with UEFA over the prospect of England players being racially abused during this summer’s European Championship. against Austria in a World Cup qualifier in October 2005. that could result in the “awarding of a match by default. a game which followed a humiliating defeat for England against Northern Ireland in Belfast. there is certainly no strain in acknowledging an authentic attempt to get to the heart of the game in which he accumulated 85 caps. Otherwise. It means that a player generally regarded as one of the most naturally talented defenders that English football has ever produced will only ever have represented his country at two major international tournaments. The most arresting of them is the possibility that after a club career that brought him eight Premier League titles and a Champions League medal. Assistant Chief Constable Andy Holt. He was in the squad for the 1998 World Cup finals as a 19-year-old but never played a game. right or wrong. having been installed as captain by Fabio Capello after John Terry lost the job over the Vanessa Perroncel episode. At the age of 33. That he made such demands on himself was evident enough in his performance – and now it is implicit in the criticism he often feels obliged to level at a new generation of defenders. Ashley Cole and Theo Walcott were abused by the home support. but having been left out of the Euro 2012 squad. about the relentless failure of the England team it is that it has not been accompanied by any sense of overwhelming regret by the players involved. about Ferdinand’s longterm fitness and the likelihood that he would be fit for this summer’s European Championship. telling him in front of the squad at the start of the week that he was out. Rio Ferdinand (pix) has surely now played his last game for England. He was playing in Munich when Michael Owen scored his hattrick and did his cartwheel and some of us were persuaded that Sven Goran Eriksson might just have found the lost chord of the English game. Encouragement to believe this is certainly not an emergency centreback of impressive reliability. As it turned out. For all the problems that Ferdinand has had to face in his England career. chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association.000 after Ashley Young. In the case of Euro 2000. who is already on record with his belief that having the media onside is a key part of the job. Gordon Taylor. Media and Sport committee at Westminster. and one that has survived more than its fair share of ups and downs.

Meanwhile their points tally of 52 was their lowest since 1953-54 (assuming three points for a win in every season). FSG have been conducting an array of cost cutting measures of late. Thanks for all the lovely messages already. The 61-year-old was the manager at Anfield between 1985 and 1991. He will rejoin the squad after his wedding. The Scot flew back to Britain yesterday after travelling to Boston in the United States for talks with the club’s principal owner John W Henry and chairman Tom Werner. James Milner and Gareth Barry. – The Independent Roy unveil England Euro 2012 squad. Danny Welbeck (Man United). the FA confirmed Hodgson had scrapped plans to take England’s squad on a four-day training camp to Spain next week ahead of their May 26 friendly with Norway in Oslo. Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson – arrivals that all cost in excess of £20m (RM100m). Midfielders: Theo Walcott (Arsenal). Carroll is now a strong candidate to lead the attack in the Three Lions’ opening game against France in Donetsk on June 11. the sports broadcaster Kelly Cates. Those same fans are unlikely to take this decision lightly. John Ruddy (Norwich). have invested heavily since taking over – sanctioning the signings of Andy Carroll. former Anfield boos Rafael Benitez and former England manager Fabio Capello. Qualification for the Champions League would have been seen as a minimum requirement if they are to recoup their investment. 46050 Petaling Jaya. The Merseyside club did win the Carling Cup and reached the FA Cup final. with director of football Damien Comolli one of those recently shown the door. “He offered to cancel it but we told him there is no need to. their lowest position for 18 years. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal). speculation that Dalglish would leave the club has been mounting. Tel: 03-7784 6688 Fax: 03-7783 7435 King sacked > Under pressure Dalglish leaves Liverpool managerial post ENNY DALGLISH has been sacked as manager of Liverpool. After intense speculation about whether Hodgson would risk picking Ferdinand and Chelsea captain John Terry in the same squad. Rob Green (West Ham). who is now the England manager. who has accumulated 81 caps since making his debut in 1997. England will now train at Manchester City’s stadium next week before heading to Oslo on Friday. K 22 > Robben always causes trouble pg28 VETERAN defender Rio Ferdinand was the highest-profile casualty yesterday as England manager Roy Hodgson unveiled his squad for the European Championships. Rooney’s Manchester United colleague Danny Welbeck and Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe complete the line-up of forwards. in January last year. Stewart Downing (Liverpool). It is unclear at this stage if Dalglish will retain a role at the club. the American owners have decided to act. although one is expected shortly. Standby: Jack Butland (Birmingham). Fenway Sports Group. Among the contenders to replace Dalglish will be Wigan’s Roberto Martinez. > ‘Devils still the team to beat’ pg30 > End of an era pg31 . Dalglish returned to the role of manager under FSG’s ownership. 2012 theSun is published and printed by Sun Media Corporation Sdn Bhd (221220-K) of Lot 6. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool). who questioned whether the defender could play two games in four days. Andy Carroll (Liverpool). he was working behind the scenes with the youth academy and in an ambassadorial role. Scott Parker (Tottenham). 16 months after returning to the role. Gary Cahill (Chelsea). Jalan 51/217. His daughter. Have a good summer x” Liverpool have endured a difficult season. Ashley Young (Man United). In midfield Hodgson has opted for an experienced pool of players with several veterans of England’s ill-fated 2010 World Cup campaign in the frame. and will be looking for assurances that FSG has a plan. Rio out However Ferdinand’s ability to withstand the rigours of a tournament campaign were called into doubt by his Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson last week. Liverpool are yet to make an official statement. Joleon Lescott (Man City). including Steven Gerrard. Terry is facing a July court case on allegations he racially abused Ferdinand’s younger brother Anton during Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Queens Park Rangers last October. Jordan Henderson (Liverpool). Before being appointed manager last year. Phil Jones (Man United). With Wayne Rooney suspended for England’s opening two Group D games. Meanwhile Liverpool striker Andy Carroll’s reward for a strong finish to the season is a place among the pool of four strikers picked by Hodgson. has tweeted: “Devastated for Dad but incredibly proud of the job he’s done. and having fallen well short. Ruddy has been given special dispensation to miss England’s final warm-up game against Belgium on June 2 as it clashed with his planned wedding. Without any announcement or public reassurances over his future.” an FA spokesman said. John Terry (Chelsea). It would now seem that speculation has turned into reality. Frank Lampard. with the club finishing eighth in the Premier League. an announcement confirmed that it was the Manchester United centrehalf who had been left out. during which time he won the old First Division three times and the FA Cup twice. the owners of Liverpool. Other notable selections yesterday saw Arsenal teenager Alex OxladeChamberlain earn his first senior call-up after a promising first season with the Premier League giants. Terry had previously been tipped to miss out with Hodgson questioning whether the centrehalf could exist happily in the same squad as Ferdinand. Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea). Ashley Cole (Chelsea). James Milner (Man City). Forwards: Wayne Rooney (Man United). Gareth Barry (Man City). Frank Lampard (Chelsea). Jermain Defoe (Tottenham). accusations he strongly denies. Earlier. – AFP ENGLAND EURO 2012 SQUAD Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Man City). Adam Johnson (Manchester City). Meanwhile Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy has also forced his way into the squad after an acclaimed season for the Canaries.ON THURSDAY | MAY 17. Luis Suarez. He replaced Roy Hodgson. In total Dalglish won 35 of his 74 games in charge. Phil Jagielka (Everton). Defenders: Glen Johnson (Liverpool). Leighton Baines (Everton). and his return last year was hugely popular among fans. which they lost to Chelsea – but those runs would not appear to have been enough for the owners.