Motion Challenged and Denounce the U.S. Attorney.

For the continued imposition of impunity for eleven U.S. federal sovereign. Defendants discriminate by 145 crimes. Especially to cover up to:

Eric Holder Holder of the triality of government-judicial powers. Being at the same time Minister of Justice, Attorney General and Solicitor General of the United States of America. COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS HOUSTON DIVISION Courthouses 10017 10017 U. S. 515 Rusk Avenue Houston, TX. 77002 Telephone No: (713) 250-5517 E-mail: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <Jason_Libby @>, <>, <>, <>, <>, < >, <>, <>, <>, <AskDOJ@USDOJ.GOV>, <>, anthony., irma.trejo @>, 1

<>, <>, <>, <> , <>, <>, crystal.salmon @>,>, <>, COMPLAINT IN USA No. 29. CIVIL CASE No. 4:11-cv-04611 PROOF # 22 JUDGE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT: VANESSA D. GILMORE PLAINTIFF: Luis Alberto Pita Santos Director of MISVERDADES 5455 Timber Creek Place Dr Apt 101 Houston, TX 77084-5319 Mobile Phone No: (281) 704-3105 Email: VS. DEFENDANTS: Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited, LP. Et al. SUBJECT: Motion challenged and denounce the U.S. Attorney Mr. Kenneth Magidson, U.S. Attorney, and Mr. Hector C. Ramirez, Assistant U.S. Attorney, sent me copies of three documents at 25 pages, dated June 4, 2012. Which referred to the said Judge Vanessa D. Gilmore. Exposing him in order a motion to dismiss with prejudice of federal sovereign impunity to eleven of the twenty-nine criminal complaint, defendants and prosecuted in the said Civil Case No. 29 complaint. In order to continue concealing his crimes for more than six years, to avoid being prosecuted as perpetrators and forced to compensate the damages caused to me to be, my family, and community MISVERDADES U.S.. The eleven defendants, listed chronologically below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Lee H Rosenthal, William K Suter. David J Bradley. Eric Holder. Melinda Harmon. Nancy Atlas. Kenneth M Hoyt. 2

9. Lynn N Hughes. 10.Sim Lake. 11.Ricardo H. Hinojosa The U.S. Attorney argues that such criminals, repeatedly denounced and sued by my own "sovereign immunity". Verify the evidence published in Which feature three pages shown in Annexes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, attached to this document. Now prove it with arguments and accurate and innovative redarguciones the phrase "sovereign immunity" is a grammatical mistake gazapatón or a myth or fable, a doctrine or prejudice and sophistry or fallacy, used to conceal and perpetuate discriminatory conduct multireincidentes. Becoming too grim exercise more or less regular and degenerate general jurisprudents U.S. and other nations. 1. To understand and explain well the semantics orismológica (diagnostic, defining, denotative or conceptual) of the phrase Sovereign immunity is necessary to understand and explain well the true meaning and fit of each of his two terms or words components: A. Sovereign, not every one of the people and institutions who own sovereignty: the sovereign joint, members of the community of a state or nation and the respective managers or representatives that most people choose regularly. Who should exercise political powers (legislative or executive) and legal (hearings and judgments) limited to territories or different districts (municipalities or precinct or county, states and federation of states) corresponding to the degrees of power and hierarchy jurisdiction. Its synonyms are perfect or conceptual: Cratology, Sinarquic, Potentar, Powers, Sovereignty, Faculture, Potest, Authorization, Competence, Prerrogativy, Jerarquization and Jurisdiction. B. Immunity is the quality of being immune, a medical term that defines the state of having sufficient biological defenses to prevent disease. Its synonyms are conceptual: Immunology, Prophylactic, Aforiar, Serums, Aseptic, Creosoture, Antidote, Sterilization, Inmunicience, Antisepticity, Debridation and Immunization. Implying that all the humans (also animals and plants) have the possibility to enjoy immunity. Including sovereign honest, just as the leaders and jurisprudents criminals and perpetrators, but also their subordinates, whether or not their victims. It inferred also that it is wrong conceptual use of the term "immunity" to refer to the rulers of the U.S. and the world who have a greater or lesser extent, the perks of receiving protection from their superiors. To cover up their discriminatory conduct resabiosas, arrogant, mafia, corrupt, retaliadoras, 3

repressive, aggressive, etc., And to avoid being charged, tried and sentenced to or payment of compensation. The term true is conceptualized impunity, through the disculpation of crimes. C. Disculpation is a term partisan partner defines the prebend (advantage or benefit arbitrary and undeserved) to exempt someone from taxes, duties or penalties. Conceptual synonyms are: Franclogy, Subterfugic, Exempt, Ermunios, Franquia, Excusura, Exent, Dispensing, Eximencia, Exonerability, Franchising and Disculpation. The franc adjective and its derivatives franchise, franquia, freelance, etc. They originate in the Franc or Francus etymon meaning "free" in the language of the ancient Francs, because they were not dominated by the Roman Empire, or any other people. The French term actually means free or exent of obligations. In the case of disculpation, means being exent of impunity. Consequently, impunity is a term socio agiric (relating to litigation, suits or complaints) that defines the aggravating exempt from criminal punishment or penalty for any infraction or crime. In international law refers to the inability or difficulty to punish human rights violators and force them to repay their victims their rights stripped and payment of compensation for their damages and harms. It is especially common in countries without a tradition that respects the law, justice and ethics, suffering abuse and political corruption or have political patronage entrenched dictatorial systems, where the judiciary is weak and its authorities are protected by usual apologies and impunity for criminals crato. 2. The "immunity" or sovereign impunity is a myth created and used by ancient rulers monarchical despots and / or hegemonic royalty and the clergy to facilitate the submission of their subjects and foster the enjoyment of their huge perks for life annuities. 3. The "immunity" or sovereign impunity is another great prejudice fetish magic. A thought dogmatic or doctrinal prejudice and predetermined acts and behavior of many individuals abusers, imitating the fantastic omnipotence (absolute power or totalitarian) attributed to ghosts divine or gods. 4. The "immunity" or sovereign impunity has always been and continues to be very challenged by the political bosses of the Congress and government, conservative of those myths and prejudices, for plotting subordinate judicial institutions, particularly drivers and fiscal inquisitors (similar to the Holy Inquisition) to spy on and repress his minions to the activist liberal reformers. 5. The "immunity" or sovereign impunity is the traditional subterfuge or sophistry of international law referred to by the Heads of State and other representatives thereof, accused of committing serious crimes against humanity and human rights that have been sued in foreign courts or tribunals , which establishes the principle 4

of the impossibility of a foreign sovereign to judge the actions of the authorities of another sovereign state. 6. The prevalence of "immunity" or U.S. sovereign impunity has been a major cause perpetual discrimination guilty of eleven human rights group Americans. Which I have reported many times with arguments very true and accredited They are: 1- The violation of right to life by judicial execution. Similar to the cases of China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and other murderous authorities in several countries. 2- The violation of the right to euthanasia. 3- The violation of the rights of immigrants. 4- The violation of the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals. 5- The violation of the prostitution of both sexes. 6- The violation of the right to subsidized public education. 7- violation of the right to security of public health. 8- The violation of the right to gamble. 9- The violation of numerous labor rights agreed by the ILO. 10- The violation of the rights of legal equality. 11- The violation of the right to participate in the economic activity of narcotic drugs at all stages: production, distribution, trade and consumption. See all 31 advantages and benefits that argued in the statement entitled "MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE SIXTH SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS". Published in 7. The "immunity" or sovereign impunity has been one of the biggest culprits causing the system of political-legal in all U.S. jurisdictions, especially in cahoots with the administration of companies, to protect the scams and other excesses of the super rich and oligarchs. By using the subjection the great working population and their dependent families, victims homeless Americans. Through constant retaliantes terrorist tactics and threatening to suspend and strip them of their meager jobs and meager wages (extremely one-sided against the Hispanic sector). Punished to suffer the worst crisis of maintenance and quality of life deficiency. Exceptionally cruel against those who dare persist denouncing and demanding our rights violated. 8. The "immunity" or sovereign impunity widespread in the U.S. has meant to license the political and legal in Texas and the federal to have committed (for over a six-year term) more than 400 crimes discriminatory despotic colusores, corrupt, repressive and aggressive against my being, my family, MYTRUTHS and community U.S.; leading us to suffer very serious damage. Litigants getting involved in 29 cases (two penalties and 27 civilians). Check the detailed evidence in more than 1,200 documents. Filed in twelve civil institutions of all U.S. jurisdictions (ten courts and two government agencies in legal matters inmiscuidas) and published almost all online. Evidence summarized in the document current No. 1 Civil Case No. 4:115

cv-04611, entitled "Updated 29 Complaints and / or Criminal Complaints Against Sovereign, oligarchs and U.S. Mercenaries Rabbles" Published in: 9. The "immunity" or sovereign impunity did nothing to prevent the accused, judged and condemned rulers for hundreds of criminals in the United States of America, for example in cases of: • • • • • Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. sentenced to 14 years in prison by a federal judge. President Nixon, nor any of his assistants accomplices, destitute after the Watergate scandal. The former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on charges of lying to the Senate to cover up abuses by the FBI. The judge Texan who beat his daughter for downloading movies from the Internet. The two Pennsylvania judges who blamed 5,000 children and 2,000 of them jailed, businessmen bribed by builders and owners of private prisons, greatly benefit from incarceration. Neither the "immunity" or prevented sovereign impunity denounce and investigate the confessed Eric Holder, Secretary or Minister of Justice, Procurator General and U.S. Attorney General (the highest sovereign guilty that I am accused and defendant) for allowing traffic two thousand illegal weapons into Mexico in 2009 in the failed operation "Fast and Furious"

10. The "immunity" or sovereign impunity did nothing to prevent the accused, judge and condemn hundreds of leaders accused of crimes against humanity, as Augusto Pionochet, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubara. Even in the case of Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, former Constitutional President of the United Mexican States. Defendant in a Civil Court of the United States, specifically in Hartford State of Connecticut, a town where he currently resides. Neither will "immunity" or sovereign impunity to Fidel Castro, his brother Raul and his principal accomplices, while living. 11. Recent failed efforts of the Texas Attorney to enforce the doctrine of "immunity" or sovereign impunity with the intention of covering up for his Attorney General, Texas Workforce Commission and seven other state judges, to continue the impunity of its more than 90 crimes discriminatory abusers, gangsters, corrupt and other aggravating and delaying the settlement of my claims. But gave up on 4


April, to be judged according to complied with the order issued by Judge Vanessa D. GILMORE, since he convened the hearing held on March 23, 2012. Check the number of evidence supporting documents No. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, filed in this Court and published by me on the Internet. 12. Fail the current intention of the Office of the U.S. to impose its deadly dogma of "immunity" or sovereign impunity to cover up for his Attorney General and ten other federal jurists (8 judges and two clerks of courts). In all probability these inquisitors may not continue making the impunity of crimes none of the 403 discriminatory. Attributed to four major sovereign abusers and perpetrators of corrupt USA, plotters for over six years and forty subordinate hierarchy, with three groups oligarchs and their rabbles mercenaries. Customers submit stubborn or destroy much, putting too much the solution of my claims. CONCLUSION. I trust that my arguments will truthful and creative set forth in this statement to denounce once again the unfortunate conservatism nonsense, myth, doctrine and sophistry fetish of sovereign immunity, among other fictions, prejudices and fallacies legalistic; explained by me numerous documents in history. Jurisprudents used by offenders and other types of doctors or apricots ignorant sovereign U.S., Cuba and other countries. Crato criminals perpetuating discriminatory behaviors, abusive, mafia, corrupt, retaliadoras, repressive, aggressive, terrorists and victimizers. Whose traditional practice, habitual, widespread and institutionalized have denounced and demanded hard in this great cosmopolitan nation. Defending my rights violated, more than 400 times over six years. Protecting my family in addition to MYTRUTHS, the discriminated and underprivileged sectors of the American community, the Cuban and other ethnic groups. Bequeathing an important educational contribution to current and future generations in the Diceology (treaty rights and justice) and other arising assignatures from the Fisicology and Psychology y totaling more than 570. All set in a prototypical: systematic whit methodologies taxologicals-dosolocicals and characterologies nexologicals-heteroligicals. View detailed preliminary in my article entitled "Synopsis of MY TRUTHS" Published (in Spanish and English) in:



Signed by Luis Alberto Pita Santos In Houston, June 10, 2012.

University Professor of History and Political Economy Scientific, heuristic and director entrepreneur of MYTRUTHS, History President of the ADEPOs (Association for the Defense of Political Rights and People's Democratic Alliance) Kidnapped and tortured in Cuba and the USA for my activism rights reforms and freedoms underwritten by the UN. Cuban exile, a Spanish citizen and permanent resident of the United States. 5455 Timber Creek Place Drive. Apt 101 Houston, Texas 77084 Mobile Phone No: 281 704 3105 My email:,, My Site on the Internet My albums of photos and documents

The truths of all reality are exclusive to science, useful reasoning to infer their Causes and effects and create newer and better facts, the concepts are explained. But metaphors (vulgar or literary) mystify the truth and the concept with fetishism and psychiatrists. Other times violate with the esoterisms and phariseeisms.

One of the world is good without dogmatism fetishists, without believing in ghosts divine and/or evil, without faithful saints and temples. It is best also for their efficient intellect, to know the cause inferred from its effects and created to modernize and improve human goods.


It is a right of free fetish dogmatic thinking, metempsicósico and mystical. But such harm to the public to instill and enforce them by the conservative authorities is a major cause criminal of such discriminatory, abusive and corrupt.

Micro-Communism, a family or a sect, it is feasible. Suppose communism to the world or a nation, is utopia. Resulting the attempt to impose a regime other major criminal case discriminatory, abusive and corrupt.

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