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V e t h a t h i r i a n S c i e n c e

This simple piece of literature review discusses the ‘Consciousness is God’ philosophy in detail. The Total consciousness - The Almighty Space, Bramham: The absolute space with Force (Omnipotence) and Consciousness (Omniscience) at ‘Kinematic quivering state’ has come out as the whirling paramanu due to ‘Self-compressive All surrounding Force’ - This is the elemental stage in the evolution of humans. Further, different forms of paramanu clusters with self-transformations of magnetism evolved and eventually have come up as humans with sixth sense. The Almighty is present in every form of it and functions within them as consciousness. Functioning of ‘Total Consciousness’: “Take Rose. Who arranged all the petals in an orderly manner? How every rose keeps the same petal arrangement every time? Which functions in Rose as ‘Orderly Manner’?” “Take human body. Who digests the food we eat and makes into different forms of chemicals and energy? Who put all our cells together in a specific form, size and shape that none of us duplicate each other in appearance or character? Or, which acts in every human as ‘Order of Function’?”

Consciousness functions in three forms: They are, ‘Evolution-Mutation‘Cause and Effect’. Evolution: Evolution is the selftransformation of the almighty space into Paramanus and their combinations (clustering), featuring as various forms of the universe (both animate and inanimate). Mutation: While every form in the universe is an evolution of the almighty space, magnetism of paramanu self-transforms in all forms and functions as Pressure, Light, Smell, Taste, Sound, and Mind. Thus, every form has characteristic and functional features, which are quite specific to it. This is ‘Mutation’. Cause and Effect: All actions in this universe are events between paramanus, the waves. Whenever waves clash, reflect, refract, penetrate, and interact with each other the matter as well as its magnetism sees qualitative changes in it. This law of nature is called as ‘Cause and Effect’ and the effects are called as ‘Imprints’. Consciousness in Inanimate: Consciousness features in inanimate forms as, 1. Pattern: Pre-defined Form/Shape of a matter; 2. Precision: Specific characteristic features owned by a matter; 3. Regularity: A matter’s ‘Accuracy in Functioning’ with respect to time or duration. Consciousness in Animate: Consciousness features in animate forms as, 1. Discrimination: Capability to find out that one experience or object is different from another; 2. Experience: Feeling (pain or pleasure) due to the action of cognition; 3. Cognizance: Capability to know the difference between two or more objects or experiences.

‘I am thy Consciousness’: In Swamiji’s words, “In the realization of the total consciousness, man comes to the understanding that the self is consciousness as well as the unified force, Total consciousness. This realization is the perfection in consciousness.” “Asking at one human, Question: Who are you? Answer would be, “I am a combination of my physical body, Astral Body and Causal body”. Question: These 3 bodies are composed of what? Answer: Ever-existing consciousness’ exposures are these 3 bodies. Question: So, who are you? Answer: I am the consciousness and I am god.” “One human introspects: Who am I? If I say I am my body then my answer is not complete; body is just a part of mine. Who am I? I am my ‘Life Force’ - Even now the answer is not complete, life force is also just a part. Who am I? I am the consciousness, which is the source for my body, life force and my magnetic wave. Now the search completes. ‘I am the consciousness...If you want to know ‘who you are’ then you must know ‘who he is’; because ‘you are He’.” Consciousness - The ‘Cause and Effect’ in Humans: Due to the omnipresent consciousness, waves that are perceived through sensing elements of the physical body are recorded in our brain cells and get dispersed in the bio-magnetic field of the astral body. Then the same consciousness functions as specific gravity principle, developing vortex for the dispersed waves. At this vortex, the genetic center or soul all the magnetic waves are at a compressed state - This is also another function of the same consciousness. The consciousness then expands and sends out those waves through sense elements and hence functions as the ‘cause and effect’ device. Thus, Consciousness functions as the soul, the genetic center in humans.

‘It is the divine’s consciousness which features as this ‘Orderly Manner’ and ‘Order of Function’ ‘.

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