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JUNE 4, 2012

not charge
hours of charging to travel a 200km distance. This means a trip to Penang or Johor Baru would take more than 20 hours. At this rate, charging stations need more beds than bays,” Kong quipped. He was responding to Energy, Water and Green Technology Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui’s announcement last Tuesday that the government will soon announce a new National Automotive Policy which incorporates an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Roadmap to support the introduction of EVs in Malaysia. The roadmap includes a study of, among other things, installation of charging stations for EVs. Kong said based on an Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) Transportation Ministerial Meeting last year, which he attended, the global target is five years for changing stations to start operating. “The whole idea is you go to a

> Electric vehicles: Swapping out depleted batteries more viable, says Kong

UTRAJAYA: In the future, drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) may get to swap their depleted batteries for fullycharged ones at any ‘changing’ station such as petrol stations. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said ‘changing stations’ and not charging stations may be the best way forward for green automobiles. This is because the future of EVs depends on their ability to be as accessible and convenient as conventional fossil fuel vehicles, or the shift to EVs will never happen. Kong, in a recent exclusive interview with theSun, said charging stations are not the solution as they have many constraints. “While I don’t want to offend anybody ... it takes about five to six


changing station, you unload your depleted battery, and get a fullycharged battery put in,” he said, adding that existing petrol stations can double as changing stations. “This is something for the industry to take up and lead the way. Global manufacturers must collaborate and come to an understanding to use a common battery for all makes of cars,” he said. In an immediate response, however, Chin said Kong is “jumping the gun” in making such a statement. “It is too early at this juncture to propose such a measure, as a study on the matter is still ongoing. “There are many different aspects to introduction of EVs ... charging station is just one option,” he explained. Chin said the ongoing two-year EV pilot demonstration project in Putrajaya by national car maker TURN TO PAGE 02

BOY WARRIOR ... A boy, complete with the Iban

warrior attire, performing the Ngajat dance to welcome Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak at George Chunggut’s Nanga Nansang longhouse in Pakan, Sarikei, in conjunction with the Gawai harvest festival in Sarawak yesterday. Report on P02.



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GE13 win crucial for BN: DPM
> Muhyiddin says it is a question of life and death for Barisan


KUALA LUMPUR: The next general election is critical for the future of the Barisan Nasional (BN), Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday. “This next election is a question of life and death for BN; it is do or die. “It will be the deciding election of the success or ultimate failure of the coalition throughout the country,” he said to a stadium of about 1,000 people from the coalition’s component parties at the launch of the Federal Territory BN campaign machinery. Muhyiddin, who is also FT BN chairman, urged the people to be confident and united as they prepared for the 13th general election. “You are not here to just listen to me; you are here to act on what I say when you get on the ground. “Every constituency matters in this next election,” he said. In the 2008 election, BN won only three of the 13 constituencies in the Federal Territory, namely Putrajaya, Setiawangsa and Labuan. It also lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament. Muhyiddin said the Opposition had begun a psychological war to gain

votes, and cited the Bersih 3.0 rally in April, which saw more than 80,000 people taking to the streets in a call for clean and fair elections. “The Opposition has been saying the EC is not clean and is corrupt, even though we have a parliamentary select committee and changes made to the electoral system. “They have been saying all along the elections will be dirty, corrupt and unfair, so even if BN does win, the people will say it isn’t a clean process because they’ve been convinced to think so,” he said. Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on May 26 reportedly said Bersih 3.0 was a move by the Opposition to condition the people to reject a win by BN in GE13. He also claimed violence would follow if the Opposition loses in the polls following inspiration from the Arab Spring demonstrations. Muhyiddin questioned the need for demonstrations as the country is economically stable and on its way to becoming a high-income nation by 2020. “Malaysia has gone forward and is looking to attain Vision 2020. “We have delivered, and we will continue to deliver,” he said, adding that BN is confident of winning.

PAS’s “green gathering” at the Alor Star city stadium on Friday.

PAS show of power and glitz

GEORGE TOWN: There was no shortage of fanfare during PAS’s great “green gathering” in Kedah last Friday to mark its march towards Putrajaya in the next general election. As though getting a 30,000-seater city stadium in Alor Star packed with green shirts was not enough, the party managed to fill up the entire field as well, with thousands more standing outside to watch the speeches on two giant screens. In a symbolic gimmick, former national footballer Radhi Mat Din volleyed 13 soccer balls into the air to signify the party’s readiness to score in the 13th general election. It was a show of power – both political and religious. The leadership was heralding their intent to take over the federal government. It was also in a way celebrating a triumph of its religious conviction. The mood was ominously threatening for the Barian Nasional and particularly Umno. But there was also

an unmistakable foreshadowing of religious and communal fervour. While being respectful of its partners in the Pakatan Rakyat – the DAP and PKR – the PAS leadership did not hide its excitement at the possibility of its Islamic core becoming part of a new federal government. But besides reiterating its focus towards a welfare state, there was little else said in terms of how the party envisions to manage the economy and bureaucracy. The focus was that PAS would soon take over from Umno as the main Malay-Muslim force in Malaysia. President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang stressed in his morning speech that the party needed to maintain its working relationship with PKR and DAP to strengthen the coalition. He spoke about PAS winning more seats in Perlis, Penang, Johor, Malacca and Negri Sembilan, and wresting back Perak and Terengganu. The Pakatan, Hadi said, must win at least 100 of the 165 parliamentary seats in the Peninsular. At a press conference, Hadi asserted that the prime minister under Pakatan

must be a Malay-Muslim, and this had been agreed to, through consultation, by all the Pakatan parties. There was also a strong pronouncement that PAS must increase its influence in Sabah and Sarawak. There were quite a few religious celebrities and ceremonial gimmicks to impress the Malay common folk who converged at the stadium. Literature laureate Datuk A Samad Said fired the masses with his poetic oratory. Singer Aishah (Wan Aishah Wan Ariffin), famed for songs like Janji Manismu and Pulanglah, said she was praying more artistes would atone for their wayward paths in life. Datuk Prof Dr Nik Mohd Zain Mohd Yusof, director-general of Ministry of Land and Cooperative Development from 1996 to 2002, handed over his party membership application to Hadi. But while presaging a possible new political landscape after the elections, there was no mistaking the party’s deep Islamist zeal and the anticipation it now has to imbue this belief in the next government it may possibly help to make up.

Conventional cars still relevant, says expert
FROM FRONT PAGE Proton will help to determine driving habits of Malaysians and propose the supporting infrastructure. “Once the pilot project is completed
next year, its findings will be handed over to the relevant agencies, including the Transport Ministry,” said Chin. Meanwhile, automotive technology expert Datuk Zainuddin Che Din told theSun that changing batteries for EVs is just not feasible, unless all EVs are of the same make and function. “Every manufacturer has its own considerations in terms of form, fit and function – the design of the car, the technology, and the capacity of the car’s battery. The industry is all about competition and proving that my technology is better than Brand X,” he said. “Otherwise, all the different brands of cars would not exist,” he added. Nevertheless, the push for electric vehicles or hybrids does not mean conventional cars are on the way to being irrelevant. Zainuddin said manufacturers of conventional fuel cars have not been idle in recent years. “Car manufacturers are not sleeping either. They are constantly researching and developing ways to make normal fuel cars more efficient, and to produce less emissions,” he said. He added that in Europe, diesel cars are so efficient that around six out of 10 new cars sold are diesel cars. “Conventional cars are far from becoming irrelevant,” Zainuddin said.

‘M’sia world model for racial unity’
PAKAN (SARAWAK): Malaysia’s success in uniting the people of various races and religions can make the country a model for other nations of the world, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday. He said the success of uniting the people in every aspect has earned the admiration of world leaders, including from developed countries such as the United States. “Malaysia can be a model for the world. This is not what the Barisan Nasional (BN) is saying, much less the Opposition. Outsiders are recognising our success. The success is a fact and a reality,” he said when addressing the 3,000 residents of the Rumah George anak Chunggut Nanga Nansang longhouse and nearby areas here. He said two US senators who visited Malaysia recently had expressed admiration for the success of the BN government in maintaining harmony among the people. Najib said the 1Malaysia concept had been in existence for a long time among the various races, and was more obvious and evident in the lives of the people of Sarawak. Najib said the celebration of community festivals in the country, such as Gawai Dayak, reflected the diversity of cultures well accepted by the people. “We celebrate the Gawai Dayak today, thankful that Malaysia is recognised as a successful country. Before I initiated the 1Malaysia concept, Sarawak had already been practising the concept,” he said. He also said that in the three years that he has been the prime minister, much development and progress had been brought to Sarawak, including in the interior areas. To ensure that the development can continue, the BN should be given a fresh mandate in the next general election because the development required heavy expenditure and some time for implementation, he said. Also present at the event were Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party president and Sarawak Social Development Minister Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom. – Bernama

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theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4, 2012


News reports have to be balanced. and some use informal methods like personal attacks and denial of service attacks. it is time the pressmen run the press. 2012 Govt retirees also bound by OSA: Muhyiddin KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday said retired civil servants are also bound by the Official Secrets Act which prohibits the exposing of government secrets. Bookshop manager to be charged with selling Manji’s book BY RADZI RAZAK newsdesk@thesundaily. “If they had any dissatisfaction. The deputy prime minister had earlier launched the Federal Territory Barisan Nasional (BN) election machinery. “The establishment.” he said. “Almost all countries have constitutions and laws that denote the freedom of the press and freedom of speech. It is the print media.30pm today at Fairy PETALING JAYA: The Muslim manager of a bookstore chain in Kuala Lumpur may be charged in syariah court for selling controversial writer Irshad Manji’s book Allah Liberty & Love before the book was banned by the Home Ministry. Lee. surrounded by his family members.0 rally in which several journalists and reporters were injured and their equipment. said it is impossible to curb freedom of reporting in the internet and social media. A colourful and jovial character. including Malaysia. Several Borders bookstore staff were summoned to the Jawi headquarters in KL last Wednesday to be questioned under Section 13 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territory) Act for distributing materials that contravene Islamic law. Lee had also served as media consultant to the Penang government to produce the state government’s Bulletin Mutiara. but the print media has a responsibility to the reader. Jawi raided two Borders outlets in Kuala Lumpur and confiscated seven copies of Manji’s book. he said the ministry is prepared to face any legal consequences from showing the video.” added Murad. No matter which way they lean they should only make justified criticisms and report the truth.” said Chin. Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) chairman Tan Sri Hasmy Agam noted that the issue of press freedom was re-ignited after the Bersih 3. National Union of Journalists president Chin Sung Che said the most important thing for a journalist is truth. Lee’s funeral will be held at the Fairy Park Funeral Parlour tomorrow and the cortege will leave for the crematorium in Jalan Meru. – Bernama THE World Press Freedom Day last month once again focused on the question of whether it is time Malaysia relaxed its shackles on the press. He said the ministry does not have any reason to hide the truth in the visuals and pictures to be uploaded in the video. At present. As Murad put it: “Journalists and newspaper owners have a responsibility to educate the government and the people. He later rejoined The Star at their Kuala Lumpur headquarters before moving to theSun in early 1994. has been told to appear in court later this Bersih video by Wednesday MUAR: The Home Ministry will release a video recording on the Bersih 3. further said the government regulates the laws with extralegal methods to restrain the press. it would not have to be that they have to leave (the government side) just because of one or two matters which may have caused the dissatisfaction. He also studied theology in Australia and was a lay evangelical preacher. confiscated or damaged by the authorities. Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) director Datuk Che Mat Che Ali said yesterday the department would take the manager to court but declined to elaborate. He said he would let the people evaluate for themselves the action of these government retirees. its minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said. died at 4. plural and free.0 rally on its website the latest by Wednesday for the public to judge and see. He leaves behind wife Dolly Tan. such as cameras and memory cards. Universiti Teknologi Petronas. son Isaac and daughter Beverly. Bernama reported that Jawi senior enforcement assistant principal director Wan Jaafar Wan Ahmad said the seizure was carried out according to the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act on offences relating to the sanctity of Islam and its institutions including publications against Islamic law. A recent forum held to commemorate World Press Freedom Day noted that in the era of the internet.” he said. He later joined the New Until he was stricken with cancer two months ago. He was asked to comment on reports of several retired high-level civil servants joining opposition political parties. Penang-born Lee had served at all the mainstream English newspapers. However. Speaking to reporters after a meet-thepeople session and the launch of a book titled Dian Desa 2012 at SK Ladang Mutiara. To another question. they had been with the government in implementing its policies. “Online media is preferred as gossip and rumours are more attractive. He was 64. comprising clips from various sources. Centre for Independent Journalism executive officer Masjaliza Hamzah. “The law is always used as a formal effort to deter news online. a professor at the Department of Management and Humanities. is the pillar of development and strength of democracy. Klang at 11am. Straits Times before leaving for the Echo. He said the video. The wake will be at 8.” said Masjaliza. . Kahang. in any language. A staff member who declined to be named told theSun the Malay staff were questioned for about two hours and interrogated while nonMuslim staff were released after 15 minutes. Jalan Batu Tiga Lama. it is not known if any charge was filed. He went back to The Star and retired two years ago.04 NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) officials raided the publishers of the Malay translation of Manji’s book and seized about 180 copies. – Bernama Let pressmen run the press BY AZIZUL RAHMAN ISMAIL newsdesk@thesundaily.30pm.” said academic Dr Ahmad Murad Merican. however. and currently there is a credibility deficit among the public for the press. because support for the party was waning in the state. among them former Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Fauzi Shaari. Lee was working as a casual subeditor with theSun. Last Tuesday.000 or a jail sentence of up to two years. which at that time was not banned by the ministry. He started his journalistic career at The Star Penang in 1975. On May 23. Muhyiddin said it was the personal choice of the retirees but added that they should understand that while in the service of the government. the press. Murad. Kedah. said despite the laws. social media activist Fahmi Fadzil. com. all countries should abide by Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights. Muhyiddin said PAS chose to hold the “Himpunan Hijau ke Putrajaya” (Green Rally to Putrajaya) in Alor Star. improvement and the encouragement of media that is independent. which is limited by the law. He also said the manager of the Borders bookshop in The Gardens. “The online media have total freedom and can print whatever they want. with all the major decisions made by the home minister. They also arrested ZI Publications director Ezra Zaid under Section 16(1)(a) of the Selangor Syariah Criminal Enactment for allegedly publishing contentious material in contravention of syariah laws. who had been undergoing treatment for bone and liver cancer at University Malaya Medical Centre for the past two months. Mid Valley. is to enable the public to get the correct perspective of what had happened during the April 28 rally. The ministry banned the book and its Malay translation a day later.” Veteran journalist Thomas Lee dies PETALING JAYA: Veteran journalist and media consultant Thomas Lee Seng Hock (pix) passed away at his home in Shah Alam yesterday afternoon. here yesterday. as well as stints at The Edge and MySinchew. He said those who continue to sell the books. 57. Another panellist. saying it misled the people and violated syariah laws. the fourth estate in Malaysia is governed by licensing regulations and legislation. face a maximum fine of RM3. But there is always a backlash.

theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. 2012 05 .

the head of Civil Aviation Authority said. alongside her 90-yearold husband Prince Philip. who likened a preemptive cyber strike to an “insurance policy”.. Nick Harvey made the comment at the Shangri-La Dialogue security summit in Singapore in relation to reports that the US had launched cyber attacks to cripple Iran’s nuclear programme. – Reuters 153 FEARED KILLED AS PLANE CRASHES LAGOS: A plane carrying 153 passengers crashed yesterday in a densely populated district of Nigeria’s economic capital Lagos. Duchess of Cornwall (third left) join a street party in Piccadilly.” he told tens of thousands of his followers on Saturday night by video link from abroad. millions of people were due to attend diamond jubilee street parties over the long holiday weekend in honour of the 86-year-old. Britain’s stance was supported by Canadian Defence Minister Peter Gordon MacKay. with boisterous crowds massed along the banks of the Thames. smiled broadly and waved to large crowds before boarding the gilded royal barge. featured in diamond jubilee celebrations for Queen Victoria. yesterday to mark the queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said a cyber arms race was already under way. “The Spirit of Chartwell”. When Sullivan had a chance to shake Obama’s hand he told him he was missing class. Scotland. yachts and canoes made up the colourful Thames armada that also featured vessels from the 1940 evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk in northern France – a famous rescue performed by crafts of all shapes and sizes and a celebrated piece of British history. Hundreds of thousands of cheering people waving “Union Jack” flags and dressed in red.” said protester Omar Abdelkader. Iran appears to have been the main target of the attack and the announcement came just a month after the republic said it halted the spread of a data-deleting virus targeting computer servers in its oil sector. and the president promptly hand wrote an excuse for the teacher.. He was with me!” he wrote on stationary emblazoned with the presidential seal. – AFP HUNDREDS PROTEST MUBARAK VERDICTS CAIRO: Hundreds of demonstrators were occupying Cairo’s Tahrir Square yesterday in a protest against sentences handed down the day before to formerpresident Hosni Mubarak and his security chiefs. “But what I would say is that if a government has arrived at the conclusion that it needs. It was not clear who was responsible for the attack. We really don’t care if we get wet you know – it’s the jubilee. A typically inclement British summer’s day failed to dampen enthusiasm. Tyler Sullivan skipped school on Friday to attend a speech by President Barack Obama at a factory in the north central state and to see his father introduce the president. Wales and Northern Ireland. “We expect a lot more people to come. Elizabeth’s greatgreat-grandmother. a 39-year-old sales consultant who travelled across southern England to watch the event. and his interior minister Habib al-Adly to life for their role in the deaths of more than 800 protesters during last year’s revolt. About 20. “What remains disturbing is that cyber warfare need not to be waged by state-run organisations but could be conducted by non-state entities or even individuals with intent to cause disruptions to the affairs of the state. 84. Lagos state police spokesman Joseph Jaiyeoba said the plane went down in the Iju neighbourhood on the mainland of the city where most of the city’s population is concentrated. arguably this is quite a civilised option.” said Jackie. – AFP Prince Charles (second left) and Camilla. headed by his sister Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla dropped into one in central London before the pageant. Kaspersky Lab said its experts discovered the virus – known as Flame – during an investigation prompted by the International Telecommunication Union.06 NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. The queen. Other vessels in the flotilla include Motor Torpedo Boat 102 on which Allied Forces commander Gen Dwight Eisenhower and British prime minister Winston Churchill inspected warships before the 1944 D-Day invasion of Nazi-occupied France. epicentre of a revolt that ousted Mubarak in 2011.” said the report published late Friday on the broadcaster’s website. media reports said yesterday. “There haven’t been pageants like this on the River Thames for 300 years and that makes it extremely special. Leisure cruisers. It travels under 14 bridges and past landmarks including the Houses of Parliament. it’s the queen. according to an arrest warrant. – dpa Queen E joins giant jubilee armada LONDON: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth joined an armada of 1. Another boat taking part. Some of the demonstrators had slept in tents or out in the open overnight in the iconic square. Organisers say Sunday’s river pageant is the largest of its kind in 350 years since a similar spectacle was held for King Charles II and his consort Catherine of Braganza in 1662. “Mr Ackerman. He decried protests by his political opponents Friday that successfully blocked legislative debate on reconciliation bills and a Constitution Court decision to suspend a vote on charter amendments. his eldest son Prince William and new wife Kate. rowing boats. although churches have been targeted this year by militant Islamist group Boko Haram. 2012 B R I E F S REUTERSPIX PORN STAR ACCUSED OF HARASSING PREMIER MONTREAL: A Canadian porn star suspected of cutting off and mailing his lover’s limbs is also accused of harassing the country’s prime minister and other lawmakers.000 boats down London’s River Thames to the pealing of bells yesterday in a spectacular highlight of four days of nationwide celebrations to mark her 60th year on the throne. He urged members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to pool their resources to tackle increasingly complex cyber attacks which could paralyse a country’s IT systems.” said Peter Warwick on board The Macaret launch with the flotilla. “It was a Dana (airline) flight out of (the capital) Abuja to Lagos with about 153 people on board. but acquitted six security chiefs on the same charges. a global fashion trendsetter who wore a vivid red Alexander McQueen dress and matching hat. “I don’t know about the specifics and I’m not going to comment on them. “The accusation likely stems from police’s belief that after cutting off the limbs of his victim.” A Russian computer firm said last week it had discovered a new computer virus with unprecedented destructive potential that chiefly targets Iran and could be used as a cyberweapon by the West and Israel. so it’s nice to come up and celebrate it. Celebrations will continue today with a pop concert outside Elizabeth’s London residence Buckingham Palace and conclude with a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral tomorrow followed by a carriage procession. Across England. killing 12 people in the latest deadly attack on Christian worshippers. – AFP Cyber strikes a ‘civilised’ option: UK SINGAPORE: Pre-emptive cyber strikes against perceived national security threats are a “civilised option” to neutralise potential attacks.” – AFP . held in 1897 when Britain’s empire spanned much of the globe. white and blue braved the wind and rain to pack the 11km route for one of the largest flotillas ever seen on the river. but the warrant issued Thursday and obtained by CBC News. “The process of robbing people has begun again. Security forces at a road block nearby said the bomber forced his car through the checkpoint and drove into the church. where he has lived since 2008 to avoid a prison sentence for corruption. local media reported Saturday. wearing a silver and white dress with a matching coat.” Harold Demuren said. Historians and commentators say the pomp and spectacle of British royal occasions gives the country a sense of national pride at a time when the economy is in recession and people face deep austerity measures. street parties were being held to mark the occasion. St Paul’s Cathedral. “We’re English. Britain’s armed forces minister said yesterday. the only British monarch after Queen Victoria to have sat on the throne for 60 years. alleges he caused Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of parliament “to reasonably fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them”. we know what the weather is like. on the outskirts of the city of Bauchi. Luka Rocco Magnotta remains at large after the gruesome killing of Chinese student Lin Jun. watching giant TV screens showing black-and-white images of the queen from her childhood. – Reuters OBAMA WRITES SCHOOL EXCUSE FOR FAN WASHINGTON: A Minnesota 11-year-old has a good excuse for missing school – and a note signed by the president of the United States. to deliver an effect against an adversary . and the Tower of London. and expanded the assault even after the virus accidentally made its way onto the internet in 2010. central London. – dpa SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS 12 IN CHURCH YELWA (NIGERIA): A suicide bomber drove a car full of explosives into a church in northern Nigeria yesterday. Amazon. out of its sense of national interest or national security.000 people had taken to the vast intersection on Saturday after a judge sentenced Mubarak. Thaksin is the de facto leader of the Pheu Thai Party that leads the government. Magnotta mailed a foot to Conservative Party headquarters and a hand to the Liberals. THAKSIN WARNS OF POWER GRAB BANGKOK: Fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra called on his political supporters to oppose alleged efforts to unseat the current Thai government. Up and down the country.” Harvey said at the two-day meeting that ended yesterday. Other members of the royal family on the barge included heir-tothe-throne Prince Charles. please excuse Tyler. The New York Times reported on Friday that Obama accelerated cyberattacks on Iran’s nuclear programme using the Stuxnet virus.

2012 07 .theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4.

there have not been any case of Flame infection reported in Malaysia. Korea and the Philippines.30am to 1pm. MCA top guns held a walkabout in Bandar Tun Razak on March 30 and met party grassroots and voters in Wangsa Maju on May 27. and the ministry had reduced the time frame to 40 days for this year. In what he called an “appetiser. transfer data or programmes to your computer systems. “Special interest schemes must be registered and approved by the Companies Commission of Malaysia.” he told a news conference at the Segamat parliamentary service centre. the lower your risk. and Do not indiscriminately install. However. make screenshots. NO LOTUS FOR SARAH – PAGE 14 Consumers should be proactive of rights: Ismail Sabri BY TAN YI LIANG newsdesk@thesundaily.” said CyberSecurity Malaysia chief executive officer Prof Datuk Husin Jazri.” he said. think twice before using the service. paying RM100 for a jersey that is ripped.08 NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE FEDERAL Territory (FT) MCA believes it has a good chance of retaking Wangsa Maju and Bandar Tun Razak. Hong Kong.000 applications for Indonesian maids and the number kept growing. solar filter and pinhole demonstration. Consumers should take responsibility and protect themselves. can be watched by Malaysians along with millions worldwide.000 consumer rights clubs in schools and institutions of higher learning could be achieved by year-end. Beware of phishing sites. It costs RM5 to file a claim with the tribunal. “At 7. this malware is capable of cyber spying on almost any computer worldwide. the retailer will continue cheating consumers.” he said. the Tuanku Fauziah Museum and Gallery in USM will be organising astronomy-related activities to observe the event. It can also be observed by people in Europe. said Human Resources Minister Datuk S. said Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Astronomy Club adviser Dr Chong Hon Yew. Australia. Internet Society Malaysia Chapter chairman Julian Vincent told theSun the public should be aware of what is installed in their systems. Private companies risk losing intellectual property and as for the public. the new internet stalker > Sophisticated malware said to be part of a cyber espionage operation BY CALYN ONG newsdesk@thesundaily. Telescopes will be provided. The discovery of Flame was the result of a research conducted by ITU-IMPACT with Russia-based firm Kaspersky Lab. He said all cases were settled within a 45day period in 2011. . he advised consumers to check the company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia first before investing.15am on Wednesday. MCA’s Datuk Yew Teong Look lost to Wee Choo Keong in Wangsa Maju by 105 votes. So far. He said the most important precaution one can take is to stay alert and to make sure their computers are safe and secure. Oriental Daily News reported this yesterday. Such education should be given from an early age. PETALING JAYA: The next time you are in a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi access.000. “The more careful and discriminate you are. Ismail said the tribunal which was set up in 1999 has been successful. Wangsa Maju and Bandar Tun Razak. China. The next Venus transit is only expected to happen around December 2117.” he MCA targets two FT seats PRESS DIGEST BY KONG SEE HOH newsdesk@thesundaily. He believed the ministry’s target of 100. but to use solar filters. after a similar alignment involving Venus was recorded in 2004. Kaspersky Lab chief malware expert Vitaly Kamluk explained the risks of being infected by Flame: “Governments and military are at risk of losing classified information should their computers be infected. In contrast. On investment schemes that seemed too good to be true.” He said another right of consumers was to buy products of their choice and advised people to choose wisely before buying. “They are now providing training to maids intended for South Korea. Subramanian said there were over 200. here yesterday. Cheras and Seputeh.40pm. the observation of Venus will be from 7. “On June 6. they might risk becoming a part of a cyber spy chain which allows the attackers to infect someone they might know. New Zealand. The sophistication of Flame lies in its capabilities to collect information about the system and local network. said Domestic Trade. Be cautious when using public and/or free Wi-Fi. Titiwangsa. namely Lembah Pantai. The tribunal handles disputes of goods or services with a value not exceeding RM25. he said astronomers have waited eight years for this occurrence. He said Malaysia was trying to get the second batch of Indonesian maids and the number was not known. Asked on government protection measures such as the Consumer Tribunal. a dark spot will be seen crossing the disk of the sun until 12.” Ismail said after closing the three-day National Consumer Month festival.000 maids from Indonesia following the lifting of the moratorium on the sending of its domestic workers here. Taiwan and Singapore. The source said the party is putting their resources where they matter most in preparation for the next polls.” Malaysians should be able to see dark spots on the sun beginning today as the Earth casts shadows in space called the umbra and penumbra. settling 90% of cases brought before it in 2011.000 and 80. planetarium shows.000 domestic helpers in the country. Scan all USB drives before transferring data. of which 150. search and steal files based on name patterns. “I think we are one of the cheapest countries when it comes to filing a case before such a tribunal. Update antivirus SEMENYIH: Malaysians should be proactive in safeguarding their rights as consumers. “For example. Japan. “There are many viruses that spread by exploiting vulnerabilities in the system. following high cost imposed on Indonesian agencies involved. The ministry will continue to consult the Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies on domestic helper issues. grab textual windows’ contents and scan for Bluetooth and wireless access devices. In 2008.000 were from Indonesia. Cooperatives and Consumerism minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. ‘M’sia needs 100. In conjunction with this. record network connections. the ministry had received between 70. Subramaniam. He added consumers should use common sense and beware of schemes that sounded too good to be true. Wee is said to have done very little legwork in the constituency recently. record audio. he added. When the consumer doesn’t exercise his rights. 2012 ‘Transit in Venus’ on Wednesday BY OON XIN JIA newsdesk@thesundaily. Yew has been working tirelessly at his service centre following the defeat. He said to date. If you can.” He said Flame is an example of professional cyber espionage. and has been working very hard to endear itself to the voters in the two constituencies. “Computer users must be vigilant so that they do not install computer programmes or applications that may be malicious. The public is warned not to view the event directly with the eyes. Bernama reports. “The government cannot be the sole protector of consumer rights. quoting an MCA source saying the party is focusing its “firepower” to recapture the two seats. A highly sophisticated malware (malicious software) has been recently identified and is believed to be part of a cyber espionage operation.000 from Cambodia and the rest from other countries. Flame. Venus and the sun will align on Wednesday. He added that the museum will also have internet live-streaming and other astronomy-related activities such as water-rocket making. Batu. avoid them. GEORGE TOWN: The ‘Transit in Venus’ event in which the Earth. The disclosure came a day after FT Umno liaison secretary Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee said Umno was confident of winning back five seats in the next polls. How to protect yourself from malware.” he said. they were more keen to provide maids to other countries offering higher salaries. he said. One interesting feature of Flame is that it will perform some light checks and stay away from machines which have security solutions installed. Describing it as the third rarest astronomical phenomenon in recent times. download. Ismail added the “tidak apa” attitude of consumers when it came to the tribunal contributed to abuses by businesses.000 Indonesian maids’ SEGAMAT: Malaysia needs about 100. Dubbed Flame. The same attention has not been seen in three other FT seats MCA contested and lost in the 2008 general election – Bukit Bintang.” said Chong on Mutiara FM radio.

2012 09 .theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4.

Councillors come and go as and when the government changes. 2012 I N May 1925. someone tried do something along the same lines. its development and its future. he converts it into a PDF or JPEG file and reproduces it as it was given to him. Nadeswaran returned home after his 18-month sojourn in London to discover that the outlook. tamper. A corresponding increase in these will render a wage increase LETTER letters@thesundaily. Land earmarked for recreational purposes had been “converted” for commercial purposes. Officially. He is editor (special and investigative reporting) at theSun and can be reached at: citizen-nades@thesundaily. Philip Wong Pak Ming Kuching ASIA STARTS TO FEEL THE HEAT – PAGE 15 . hidden hands were at work and the changes were made deliberately for commercial reasons and the rewards that come with them. Under these circumstances. He created documents to appoint himself deputy director-general of the French Ministry of Posts and Telecoms and then sent letters on official letterhead to five different scrap iron dealers. gave him a large sum of money to secure the deal. the local plan for Petaling Jaya was gazetted as Rancangan Tempatan Petaling Jaya 2 (RTPJ 2) No Gazette 139 on Jan 13 last year with areas demarcated for recreation. the gap between the rich and the poor will be narrowed. what was published and sold to the public by the Petaling Jaya City Council was totally different. Lustig told them it was a very controversial decision on the government’s part.10 SPEAK UP theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. there is little anyone can do. That is. This is not merely an attempt to sell a landmark like the one in Paris for scrap or a hoax. The printer is given the final artwork in the form of a soft copy which he transfers to a film and plate before mounting and printing. However. Lustig named André Poisson as the successful tenderer and hinted at something like susah tapi boleh bikin (difficult but can be done). approved and gazetted. The livelihood of about onethird of all working Malaysians who are getting below the minimum wage now. The Eiffel Tower was never scrapped and neither was there any intention to. the dealers submitted their bids. We fully support the implementation of a minimum wage in Malaysia and hope that the government will not only make it into law but strictly enforce it. drove away to Austria to enjoy his ill-gotten gains. it is an attempt to undermine the council and the people of Petaling Jaya. Someone went to great lengths to create a situation whereby he or she could benefit monetarily. We hope productivity will increase further – as productivity increases. Wrongly. Victor Lustig decided to sell the rights to “tear down” the Eiffel Tower. housing. Many still consider themselves Little Napoleons who are untouchable. With about 3 million unskilled foreign workers in our midst. moving toward a high income society. If it were a hard copy. but when some council employees are willing to sell their souls for a few pieces of silver. illicit and illegal version that has been published and sold. We hope that through this state intervention. it is of paramount importance that the prices of goods and services remain constant. the lowest spectrum of our workers have experienced almost no real increase in wages in the last 10 years. failing which there would be a public outcry. many unproductive workers will be retrenched. It did not entail selling or scrapping anything. In that case. no stone should remain unturned to bring the culprits to book and ensure they rot in jail for betraying the trust of the people who pay their salaries – the ratepayers. It does not take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that it was an inside job perpetrated by those involved in the publication and sale of the local plan. Councillor Derek Fernandez who uncovered the scam must be commended for his vigilance and making a stand against the unauthorised. The letters invited them to his hotel suite to discuss a possible government contract. then the person who signed it off has to answer. it can be concluded that the printer reproduced what was given to him. making them inconsistent with the local plan. and so confidentiality was vital. If there are discrepancies between this and the version that was published and sold. It must be noted that with the implementation of a minimum wage. most countries have minimum wage laws. plot ratios and population densities had been “amended”. more money will not buy more goods and consumers become poorer! Malaysia is not the first country in the world to implement a minimum wage – in fact. the knives may be out for the councillors. but the falsification of documents which would have brought about untold damage to the system of governance had it not been discovered. More importantly. He or she must have ensured that the information contained in the artwork is a true reflection of the local plan which had been deliberated. amend or whatever you call it has come out in the open. Someone has taken a serious crack at changing the city. Lustig took the bribe and after the deal was RTPJ 2: Bring culprits to book closed. Now that the attempt to forge. In short. Unless and until the government strictly regulates the entry of f o r e i g n workers. On top of increased wages. but he or she unfortunately did not have the finesse to carry out an elaborate scam. Let’s not fall back on the proverbial “printer’s hantu (ghost)”. Four days later. attitude and deportment of Little Napoleons will never change. there is more justification for higher wages. They turned up to hear the announcement that the government was scrapping the Eiffel Minimum wage must be strictly enforced WE REFER to your many reports on minimum wages – RM900 for West Malaysia and RM800 for East Malaysia. the w a g e prospects of our local unskilled workers will be nil. There is no reason for the printer to make amendments or change the colour contained in the final artwork. Poisson realised Lustig was asking for a bribe and reaching into his pocket. depends on government intervention. but council employees are permanent fixtures. agriculture etc. and it remains one of the many iconic structures of the world. On the home front. But Fernandez argues that the strength of the government depends on its ability not only to do the right thing but to remedy the wrong. This person must take full responsibility because the buck stops with him or her. Now comes the issue of who approved the final artwork and signed it off for printing. The lowest strata of the working population has almost zero bargaining power when it comes to wage negotiation. R.

2012 11 .theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4.

2012 .12 theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4.

766.205 2.500 14. despite cautious sentiment in the region due to uncertainty in the eurozone and weak data from the US. It will finance the new projects with internal funds. Information technology (IT) managers these days shop for company PCs and notebooks at IT stores and hence our intention to open more stores to meet the demand from the corporate market.” he told Bernama.005 BERNAMAPIX CYBERJAYA: Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd.224. the sectors which had contributed to negative earnings surprises in Q1 were automotive due to weak demand.18 1. with disappointing corporate results and lukewarm assessments of the year ahead.000 14.34 SCI 2. “We believe the stock market will consolidate in Q3 before staging a recovery in Q4 when there is more clarity on whether Greece will trigger a global credit crunch by exiting the eurozone. Setia Haruman allots RM2. 2012 INDICES FBM ACE FBM EMAS FBM KLCI FBM SHA CONSTRUCTION CONSUMER FINANCE INDUSTRIAL IND-PROD MINING PLANTATION PROPERTY TECHNOLOGY TRADING/SERVICES TURNOVER 654. oil and gas (O&G).5 billion investment. notebooks and tablets in Malaysia and plans to include smartphones in the future.23 +0. negative earnings surprises have increased given widespread earnings disappointment seen in the automotive. drainage systems. “Q1 earnings season was a disappointment on two counts. the extension of fiscal and monetary easing policies in US which are expiring by mid-2012. a marked increase over the 24% negative earnings surprises for the fourth-quarter 2011 earnings season. On the domestic front.440. “With the many developments being undertaken by various developers. an APEX Residence featuring condominium and bungalow units.630 points.97 17.88 503.05 Unch -0.015 +0.005 +0. absence of China’s monetary stimulus and disappointing global economic data.20 -0.039.558.005 0. aviation.165 0. he expects the market to start pricing in political concerns ahead of the 13th general election after the launch of Felda’s KL MARKET SUMMARY JUNE 1.71 7. “The board of directors of Assicurazioni Generali decided by a majority to revoke the powers conferred on Giovanni Perissinotto as managing director and group CEO. and this will pose the biggest concern in the nearterm. 48% will be developed over the next few years and the remaining 25% in the future. adding that the company has seen year-on-year growth. 2011.53 237. “We expect borrowing costs for Spain and Italy to surge as Madrid attempts to rescue troubled lender.20 Business Editor Toh Lye Huat Tel (Editorial) 03-7784 6688 Fax 03-7785 2624/5 Email sunbiz@thesundaily. As of Dec 31. News that India’s gross domestic product growth dropped below 6% for the first time in three years and Brazil’s central bank cutting interest rates to historic lows also suggest that the eurozone crisis may have affected fast-rising emerging markets and global economies at large.005 -0.” Yap said. Its country manager for Malaysia. which will eventually lead to increased sales. on the back of an increase in number of resellers and brand visibility.73 -0. Alliance Research Sdn Bhd said the Q1 results showed that the muchhoped-for earnings improvement in 2012 remained a pipe-dream as 34% of stocks monitored by it reported earnings below consensus estimates. aviation due to high fuel cost.02 -0.” said Alliance.28 14. and the political landscape in Malaysia postGE.10 0. Meanwhile.37 -10.706.755 -0.573.028. India and Brazil. In Malaysia.41 KOSPI 1.294. Affin Investment Bank head of retail research Dr Nazri Khan said weaker commodities. “We are maintaining our sector calls as we continue to overweight banking.59 10.89 0. Meanwhile.573.46 points on May 18. then to resellers who sell to end-users.48 195.030.52 -7.51 8.95 +0. will invest RM2. The consumer market currently contributes 30% to the company’s revenue and unit shipment. — Bernama PETALING JAYA: Fujitsu PC Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (FPCA) expects growth in sales of personal computers (PC) and notebooks in Malaysia to jump from single-digit to double-digit this year.” Mustapha Kamal told a media briefing on Friday.” Yap said. especially in the US.4% for 2013. we expect Cyberjaya to experience a new wave over the next five years and be transformed from a development hotspot into a vibrant and liveable city of the future. the research firm believes the respite may be short-lived given overwhelming headwinds such as a heightening concern over the eurozone debt crisis as well as the impending 13th general election (GE). and retail REIT which are beneficiaries of resilient domestic consumption and government spending.035 Fujitsu sees doubledigit PC sales growth > It is recruiting more resellers and increasing brand visibility among end-users BY EE ANN NEE sunbiz@thesundaily.373.” said Alliance.817ha land in Cyberjaya.560-1.46 -3. We anticipate an escalation in residential growth and the population here to double to 100. said its chairman Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal Abu Bakar (pix). construction.800 CLSG (RM) +/. gaming due to poor luck factor and higher costs. we believe we can still have our share of the pie.329. from 18 to 45 years old.59 on Friday. with fabricators posting positive earnings surprises while vessel players.17 -95. Its responsibilities include marketing and sales of a wide range of PCs for the corporate and end-user markets. and a yet-to-be-named mixed-use residential project. But we are now targeting the younger generation. This is in line with its plans to increase revenue contribution from the consumer market to 50% this year.96 12.1 billion will be used for the development of four projects comprising two commercial projects called CBD Perdana 3 and 5. “The corporate market actually relates back to the end-users. told SunBiz that the Japanese company is focusing on building its fundamentals here.44 71. 2012 KLCI STI 1.” said Yap. Fujitsu’s PCs and notebooks are shipped from the company to distributors.08 points lower at 1.745.075 0. gaming. “Cyberjaya has already experienced a (first) wave of developments. has been entrusted with designing.063. while the percentage of positive earnings surprises dipped from 20% to 17%.59 2. led by the plantation and gaming sectors. “Secondly. Yap Hui Hui. and Mario Greco. the oil and gas sector has been a mixed bag.5b for Cyberjaya projects BY PREMALATHA JAYARAMAN sunbiz@thesundaily. negative earnings surprises. end-users would be encouraged to try Fujitsu’s products.27 Rally to retreat on heels of institutional funds RISING outflow of institutional funds is expected to ease the rally on the local bourse with the FBM KLCI trending lower towards the 1.78 996.37 2. Petaling Jaya and is on the lookout to open another outlet in the Klang Valley. Q1 corporate results disappointing PETALING JAYA: The season for reporting first-quarter 2012 earnings ended last week.532. to be on par with that from the corporate market. Shareholders frustrated by the company’s poor performance on the stock market voted to show Perissinotto the Nikkei TSEC 8. plantation. The company’s direction is to go to these channel partners by investing in concept stores and kiosks that are intended to increase the brand and product visibility among end-users. Even though growth has been stagnant for both PCs and notebooks.08 26.834.” said Alliance.23 0. an executive of the Zurich Insurance Group. Mustapha Kamal said Setia Haruman will undertake a series of initiatives in the second half of this year to accelerate new developments such as The Cyberjaya CEOs Xchange Forum.” Nazri said. adding Greco’s appointment will take place after termination of his employment with the Zurich Insurance Group. falling ringgit. the master developer of Cyberjaya.25 VALUE RM1.573.86 197. planning and developing the 2.5 billion over the next five years in a “new wave” of developments planned for the intelligent city from now until 2016. — AFP .49 360. gaming. FPCA is the regional headquarters for the PC business of Fujitsu Ltd of Japan.15 1.200 10. “We reckon there will be more weak conviction among investors about a near-term resolution of the eurozone debt problems and therefore we expect investors to flock out of equity and into government bonds.738.100 12.” he added. The FBM KLCI has rebounded by 3.8% for 2012 and 0. Nazri said there would be more volatility simply because investors do not see a credible resolution in the eurozone and do not find signs of re-acceleration in stable economies. FPCA offers a range of PCs.” said Yap.19 +0. Property prices in this city have appreciated by about 30% in the last two years and early investors have enjoyed substantial gains.729.368. For last week.000 10. eurozone fears. the nascent earnings upgrade momentum since beginning of 2012 has reversed course with consensus earnings for the FBM KLCI being cut by 0. by recruiting more resellers to push sales of its products concurrently with above-the-line marketing to create more product awareness among end-users. are expected to dampen buying sentiment on Bursa Malaysia this week.16 +4.926.90 10 MOST ACTIVES JUNE 1.71 8. “The only clear-cut outperforming sector was consumer with firm demand growth almost across the board.” it said. the company plans to open a 300-400 sq ft concept store in Digital Mall. drains.005 -0. and timber due to low prices.854. It aims to be among the top 10 PC and notebook vendors in Malaysia this year. To date. China. Bankia. This year. Its end-2012 FBM KLCI target remains unchanged at 1. consumer. We also want to invest in the consumer space.09 102.(RM) 0. 27% of the land has been developed. Setia Haruman had spent RM2.40 S&P/ASX200 4. which is 75% owned by Emkay Group and 25% by UEM Land Holdings Bhd. the market was mostly higher.400 25. Firstly.550 points support level.200 10. 2012 STOCK GLOTEC KEYWEST SKPETRO-CB SKPETRO MTRONIC AMEDIA YTL FLONIC-OR DSCSOL PERMAJU VOL 38. She said the PC market is trending towards tablets and smartphones and FPCA does not want to lose out on the opportunity. The remaining RM400 million will be used to build infrastructure such as roads.498.06 -48.000 by 2016.48 118. Generali CEO ousted by shareholders MILAN: Top shareholders at Italian insurance giant Generali ousted their CEO with a no-confidence vote Saturday after a public battle over Giovanni Perissinotto’s fate and offered his job to someone else. which is pegged to a mean price-toearnings valuation of 15 times. The Cyberjaya Property Carnival and The Exhibition and Seminar on Broadband Connectivity in Cyberjaya. plantation on lower production due to tree stress. as we can tap into the tablet and smartphone market.352mil CHANGE 4. it said in a report last Friday.37 1.752. “Many of our users are loyal customers aged between 35 and 45. was offered his job. Despite a recent rebound in the benchmark FBM KLCI.04 +0. She believes that with more resellers and brand visibility.200 12.1 billion for infrastructure development in Cyberjaya.0004bil -30.25 7.411.2% since hitting a recent low of 1. sewage treatment plants as well as a fibreoptic cable network connecting the new developments.08 -10. and the corporate market makes up 70%. shipping and timber sectors. he did not disclose the allocation for these initiatives.106.125 0.84 10. In addition to the RM2. “The fact that global equities closed the month of May at their worst performance since September last year may likely weigh on the local index as we move into June. The Cyberjaya Corporate Tour Series. bringing more brand visibility to consumers and home users. He said RM2. as well as to have resellers in Sabah and Sarawak by year-end. shipping due to low rates and weak demand. However. Setia Haruman. by introducing more trendy and stylish designs. “We see this as a good time to capture the market. The percentage of results coming in within expectation also fell from 56% to Tel (Advertising) 03-7784 8888 Fax 03-7784 4424 Email advertise@thesundaily. from 60 resellers currently. The FBM KLCI closed 7.” Generali said in a statement. “We are targeting to have 300 resellers in Peninsular Malaysia by the end of 2013.32 -33.900 12.ON MONDAY JUNE 4.83 Hang Seng 18. water reservoirs.

2% to 4. Seed. I am surprised I did not develop lung cancer during our four week assignment. vehicles. auditing a big construction company called Costains in Maidenhead. That memory came back as I read stories about the future of Lotus. Vincci. Higher consumer spending coupled with more shopping malls being opened are good news for the group. now want to call in their loans as a result of the company defaulting on its loan covenants. Then again. it is difficult to make sense of these figures. Turnover increased by 8% year on year but margins dropped and administrative expenses ballooned by more than a third. including Petroliam Nasional Bhd and its contractors. banks continued to extend borrowings. Thursday is his Proton day. the previous owners of Lotus from 1986 to 1993. We all were. David Ng. More importantly. David Ng. In fact. We need more people with his work ethic. General Motors (GM) sold Lotus to Bugatti International after Lotus incurred losses of £50 million whilst GM was the parent company. its managing director Dany Bahar was suspended whilst the new owners of Proton carry out a review of the business. guaranteed by the parent company. Bintulu and Labuan where the major O&G players are.74%) OUTLOOK With the opening of more outlets like the Brands Outlet and Multi-brand Concept Stores. ancillary products. Blonde. We have experienced strong double-digit growth in the past years in this sector and it will still register doubledigit going forward. I got to travel with Ian Sargeant in his beat up blue Ford Cortina. “Most O&G activities are being carried out in developing countries and usually in more remote locations. We relied on public transport to get to clients. now that Proton is back in private ownership. should read: ”OCBC Bank is reluctant to upgrade its gross domestic product (GDP) growth estimate for 2012 from the existing 4. franchised outlets and consignment counters in Malaysia and overseas especially in the Middle East and Asean countries. We were both rookie auditors at the time.” he told a media briefing on Friday.6 1. we have set up dedicated O&G control towers to advise on pickups.3 million in 2011. in this case. The error is regretted. Its nine-month profit of RM79.78 82 sen to RM1.17 billion MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS Yong Pang Chaun Holdings Sdn Bhd (43. It was a miracle that both driver and passenger of the Lotus survived. WILL never forget Sarah Ikeson. transportation and urgent shipments. You have to give credit to Mahathir as he does not simply take his adviser fees. When the client. Dany Bahar must have a silver tongue to be able to convince his Malaysian paymasters of his value. 2012 STOCKYARD SPOTLIGHT ON COMPANIES PADINI HOLDINGS BHD 1.” Ng said DHL will invest in improving and strengthening its IT infrastructure. Bugatti also could not turn the company around. PDI.14 SUNBIZ theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. Reports now indicate that the banks that refinanced the company’s outstanding borrowings as at March 2011. Recently.000 in 2010 to £1. What is also interesting is that the emolument of the highest paid director increased from £623. how are the new owners going to do so? The group is also in deep debt.” and not as reported. Tony Pereira is a chartered accountant and CFO of a private venture fund. one wintry morning on the motorway to Maidenhead. slim and blessed with good looks. DHL Express Malaysia services over 50 O&G companies here. Padini Authentics. The nine labels are Padini. shoes. DHL Express managing director for Malaysia and Brunei. I remember looking at the side mirror of the Cortina and seeing a flashy silver Lotus disappear under us.6% despite the better-than-expected first quarter GDP growth data due to the external headwinds. The research house has raised its FY12 to FY14 earnings forecasts by 7-10% on higher same store sales growth and opening of new outlets. The accounts of Lotus Group International on March 31. Then came Proton. As rookies. My ex-colleague. It was Mahathir who suggested that Proton buy into Lotus. If the price seems low. Bowers was distracted by Sarah’s perfume and did not notice that the beat up blue Ford Cortina in front of him had come to a stop. Costains was based out of town. as one of the growing industries in Malaysia. He works hard for it.8 million).2%”.055 million in 2011. He has an office at Proton and he spends the day speaking to various management team members about what is happening at Proton and Lotus. Considering that the group has been making losses consistently. Headcount increased 4.8 No Lotus for Sarah COMMENT by Tony Pereira 1. This makes the company the market leader in Malaysia for express shipment requirements in the O&G sector. “We’re actively supporting the O&G sector by delivering urgent spare parts to our customers in remote locations and minimising their downtime. two companies with the same problems. Despite the losses. Unfortunately. Who would have thought back then that Lotus would be owned by a Malaysian company. prospects look bright for DHL Express especially in activities concentrated in the Kemaman supply base and in Miri. She got to ride with the manager on the assignment – Ian Bowers. the iconic UK company of high performance cars. trader and supplier of garments for retailers and distributors. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It has nine labels under the group and retails in 330 freestanding stores. outside London.85 14. it is difficult to understand what could be Proton’s plan to address these ongoing losses. we were always broke.2 CORE BUSINESS Started as a manufacturer. Group Lotus is also in need of a miracle to survive. as a fast track way of getting access to leading edge technology.88 sen 3. O&G is one of the key growth sectors under the Economic Transformation Programme that will provide the highest contribution to gross national income.10. . If successive previous parent companies could not turn the company around. It has maintained a buy on the counter. Mahathir continues to be involved in Proton as a special adviser. Proton and Lotus – cars at the opposite end of the spectrum. It continues to amaze me how Lotus has been allowed to get to the position it finds itself in. which is our second biggest revenue contributor. KEY STATISTICS Share price: 52-week range: Trailing 12-month EPS: Dividend yield: Net assets per share: Market value: RM1.5% year on year but admin headcount increased by 20% whilst headcount of the manufacturing and sales staff actually decreased by 5%.78 million has beaten DBS Vickers Research’s expectation. The price of Proton’s 63% share of Lotus was £38 million (RM186. He owned a flashy metallic blue Lotus sports car meant for two. He was also the one who developed the idea of a made-inMalaysia car – the Proton.” he added. accounting for 86% of the research house’s FY12 forecast. Ian Bowers was smitten over Sarah Ikeson.4% 51 sen RM1.4 I 2012 FEB MAR APR MAY 1. and accessories. surely it should be investing in production and sales capacity and not administration headcount. Why did Proton buy into Lotus? It was the grand idea of our previous prime minister. and this is where DHL’s capability and strength comes KUALA LUMPUR: DHL Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd expects its logistics business in the fast-growing oil and gas (O&G) sector to continue to register double-digit revenue growth this year. besides the electrical and electronics industry which is our main contributor. Vincci Accessories and Miki Kids. Correction FRIDAY’S article entitled “OCBC revises 2012 growth forecast down to 4. Being a chain smoker that he was. “We see the O&G sector. With new oil wells being developed in Malaysia. The loss for the year that ended March 2011 widened from £8. If Lotus was trying to grow its business. 2011 shows an accumulated loss of £94 million. P&Co. subcontractors and vendors.1 million. given the buoyant activities in the industry. DHL Express sees continued growth in O&G BY EE ANN NEE sunbiz@thesundaily. Overall wages and salaries increased by 16% against an increase of only 8% in the top line.7 million in 2010 to £21. This is illogical. as we have a global presence in 220 countries. Vincci+. said the company ships and transports equipment and spare parts for O&G companies to the world. Its most recently filed accounts in 2011 showed that its borrowings amounted to £116. DHL Express managing director for Malaysia and Brunei. the company is set to register strong growth especially with Padini being seen as a good proxy to the resilient country’s economy. and lifted its target price to RM2. Padini Holdings Bhd has grown into a leading textile and garment player in the country with its subsidiaries involved in the manufacturing and retailing of garments. we relied on our senior colleagues to give us a ride. service centres and gateways over the next two years.

5 billion — and pay for the state’s new expenses and existing debts? “Against this background.” said a report by London-based Capital Economics.4160 1.5000 48.5200 2.0410 3.4%. analysts say the price could be €150-450 billion (RM595.9850 3.2.0000 39.3800 84.1800 100 BANGLADESH TAKA 3.0278 100 JAPANESE YEN 4. “The slowdown in growth has proven deeper than expected.8600 100 PAKISTAN RUPEE 3.7640 3.0420 1 EURO 3. data showed Thursday.7700 Source: Malayan Banking Berhad/Bernama Analysts price Spain rescue at €150-450 billion MADRID: If Spain cries out for a financial rescue.2250 100 ARAB EMIRATES DIRHAM 88.5400 100 SRI LANKA RUPEE 2.0250 1 BRUNEI DOLLAR 2. Its shipments to the US dropped 16.4340 2.48 percentage points on Friday. China has already cut bank reserve requirements three times since December as exports have stumbled.7800 9.8640 1 NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR 2.6000 N/A 100 DANISH KRONE 55.4960 2.1200 3.5% and those to the European Union fell 16. Lamy’s fears were borne out within hours as the disappointing data stoked calls for China’s and India’s governments to kick-start their economies to escape hard landings.5000 7. Ten-year government bond yields.4430 2.1700 84. pierced 6.93 billion to RM1.0346 0.4350 1 CANADIAN DOLLAR 3. dimming hopes that emerging countries will power the global economy back to health. chief economist for Citic Bank International in Hong Kong. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s conservative government refuses even to countenance a bailout. When compared with German debt.8140 5.4955 2.5300 85. Export orders are continuing to fall.4430 2.6100 100 THAI BAHT 10. barely staying above the contraction level of 50.3% in the first quarter.7800 50.9780 100 NEW TAIWAN DOLLAR N/A N/A N/A 100 NORWEGIAN KRONE 54. “Uncertainty in Europe is high. given what is happening in other parts of the world economy. But the continent is starting to feel the heat as overseas markets deteriorate.5200 5.” he said.3090 3.0900 100 PHILIPPINE PESO 7. 2012 Bank sells Bank buys Bank buys TT/OD TT OD 1 US DOLLAR 3. Latest figures showed a net €97 billion of investors’ money fled Spain in the first three months of the year — the highest on record.5640 100 CHINESE RENMINBI 50.0600 49.1490 3.9100 39. as the global downturn hit the emerging market giant.” said Liao Qun.4000 1 SINGAPORE DOLLAR 2.8840 3. World Trade Organisation chief Pascal Lamy said on Thursday that the region was increasingly “interconnected with the rest of the planet and I don’t think this relative immunity will be forever”.1390 1 AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR 3.9100 100 QATAR RIYAL 89.8700 4. in the most worrying case.7600 35.3310 1 PAPUA N GUINEA KINA 1. Asia was long considered a global bright spot.9880 3.1100 6.” he said. Elsewhere.0800 50. — AFP EXCHANGE RATES Foreign currency JUNE 1. even a haven from Europe’s deepening crisis and the weak US recovery.3470 2.8100 41.SUNBIZ theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. causing economic growth to weaken to its slowest pace in three years for the first quarter.2400 3.7400 35. which is definitely related to Europe’s debt crisis.8500 1 SWISS FRANC 3.6000 82. But markets are remorseless. how can Madrid finance a banking rescue — stricken lender Bankia alone is seeking a total of €23.7270 1. China needs to move faster and more aggressively to speed up loosening of its monetary and fiscal policies.4000 100 SOUTH AFRICAN RAND 38. Portugal and Greece combined.1% growth and coincided with China’s bleak data.0328 0.5800 100 HONGKONG DOLLAR 42.1100 100 SWEDISH KRONA 45.8000 84. There are signs that Beijing is ramping up spending with infrastructure projects. South Korea’s exports — an indicator for the region — declined yearon-year for a third straight month in May.2900 3.5 from 51. “China’s economic slowdown is more severe than expected. “I would expect.1700 8. this region to be more affected than it has been so far.3100 2.8400 41. or interest. — AFP .79 trillion) or. while PMI data released by UK bank HSBC showed a contraction for the same month. HSBC’s chief India economist Leif Eskesen said India’s weakening economy was like a “gasping elephant”. if not the wider economy. India’s economy grew at a nine-year low of 5. 2012 15 Asia struggles to avoid impact of crisis SHANGHAI: Weak manufacturing activity in China and dismal growth data from India have underscored Asia’s vulnerability to the European turmoil and sparked fresh calls for government intervention.9700 100 SAUDI RIYAL 87. The unexpectedly grim figure was well below analysts’ forecasts for 6. simply “unknown territory”. a euro-era record.3700 50.1190 3. A PMI reading for resources giant Australia fell deep into negative territory while Taiwan’s HSBC PMI fell to 50. The task is daunting: Spain’s economy is the fourth-biggest in the eurozone and accounts for 12% of the region’s output — twice that of heavily-indebted Ireland. which could worsen the already fragile global outlook.2120 3. the extra rate charged on Spanish bonds hit 5.7100 100 INDIAN RUPEE 5.7% last week.0730 3. In such an environment. but officials and state media have ruled out a massive stimulus plan like a four-trillionyuan spending spree in 2008. it now appears all but inevitable that Spain will require a considerable bailout package to support its banks.4350 1 STERLING POUND 4.0100 82.5100 3.9830 3.9700 4. Meanwhile.0540 3.3200 100 INDONESIAN RUPIAH 0.” China’s official purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for manufacturing indicated a sharper-than-expected slowdown in May.

Felda chairman Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the launch of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd’s IPO prospectus on Thursday. Malayan Banking Bhd CEO Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar and PWC Malaysia managing partner Sridharan Nair at Invest Malaysia 2012’s plenary session on ‘Malaysia: Asean’s Multinational Marketplace’ on Tuesday. World Federation of Exhanges former secretary Thomas Krantz and Renmin University of China’s Professor Dr Zhao XiJun at Invest Malaysia 2012’s plenary session on ‘Asean Economic Community: Single Market Multiple Benefits?’ on Wednesday. Kuala Lumpur.16 SUNBIZ theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. Binay at the Malaysia-Philippines Business Council pro-tem committee luncheon at Berjaya Times Square Hotel.thesundaily. 2012 www. International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed. With them are Philippines ambassador to Malaysia J. . Datuk Ahmad Mazlan. Berjaya Corporation Bhd founder Tan Sri Vincent Tan (second from left) greeting Philippines Vice-President Jejomar C. executive chairman and group managing director Datuk Seri Stanley Thai and director of corporate affairs Denis Low at Invest Malaysia 2012 on Tuesday. From left: Axiata Group Bhd president and group CEO Datuk Seri Jamaludin Ibrahim. ANWAR FAIZ AHMAD TAJUDIN/THESUN From left: Supermax Bhd executive director Datin Seri Cheryl KAMARIDUAN MOHD NOR/THE SUN SHARIL AMIN ABDUL RAHIM/THESUN TOP SHOTS OF THE WEEK From left: Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. last Monday. SP Setia Bhd CEO Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin. Eduardo Malaya (left) and Alloy MTD Group president and CEO Datuk Azmil Khalili Khalid. From left: Bursa Malaysia CEO Datuk Tajuddin Atan. Securities Commission chairman Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh.

concept was finally decided upon. gender or age. TheSun was able to create an innovative creative buy that is unique in the market to create awareness about Chipsmore’s brand proposition : less sugar. this unique execution was strategically placed in the main news segment. It met our objective of capturing interest and compelling prospects to read more about it. despite a thunderstorm brewing in Petaling Jaya. The creative buy in this campaign in the print media had not only broken through the clutter but had managed to deliver the key message of the campaign that is :Chipsmore Less Sweet. Julie Chen Chen manages the entire portfolio of biscuit brands comprising Oreo. need not worry as Carlsberg will be hosting exciting viewing parties in the major cities. Wong said that he was encouraged to see the response and the level of passion displayed by the fans of football in Malaysia. How did the award drive your future brand awareness / marketing plans? The recognition accorded to this campaign has encouraged us to continue to be innovative in both creative & media execution in our future marketing plans. Tiger. promotions as a first wave to create awareness innovation and outstanding result recognized and buzz about the new product. There will be ample chances to win football jerseys and limited edition Euro 2012 merchandise there . participants will all about. Winners will be awarded their prizes on Monday June 4th. needed to be driven home to the actual industry’s most prestigious award—MMA aims purchaser of the biscuits. Mindshare Malaysia. 2012 17 Sweet spot > Marketer and media agency find a perfect place for their campaign execution HEN Kraft Foods Malaysia sat down together with media agency Mindshare to launch their new product. to encourage them to actually give it a try? For mums.” he added. It was not an easy one going by the number of incorrect entries that were received. certainly won the readers hearts and minds. Hence. when asked to comment The campaign execution was drawn up to be about the Chipsmore campaign said. marketing campaign what were the Andy Miller. task of informing and educating the parent . innovation and outstanding determined that the communication had to be results of media campaigns within the industry. . Chipsmore and other biscuits. Saatchi & Saatchi and The Royale Chulan Hotel discussions with editors at theSun. Ooi was also pleased to divulge some key thoughts on the award winning campaign. newspaper was seen by creative agencies. Jacob’s. Chipsmore. to stand out from the rest. It was in essence. generating a significant increase in Top of Mind awareness amongst the consumer. they only had one thing on their minds: To plan a strategic campaign that would spread brand awareness for their product. guessing the exact position of the ball near the goal posts. Saatchi & Saatchi and media agency. SHARIL AMIN ABDUL RAHIM/THESUN Carlsberg has found out who IS fan enough!! THE exciting contest that was to see two lucky Malaysians win an all-expense paid trip to watch the semi-finals live in Ukraine has come to a very happy ending. product trials increased to 74% and more consumers were buying Chipsmore more regularly too to 64% within the first month of launch. the Chipsmore Less Sweet variant was born. When asked to comment on the contest. from conceptualisation to execution how involved was Kraft Foods Malaysia in the whole process? We were very involved in the process from the start. there What pushed the team to think of an Ad that will be a one week window (until June 8 at 5pm) was the original and creative? to allow for late submissions. The winners have been collated from various contests run by Carlsberg Malaysia in conjunction with Euro 2012. cookie’s desirable ratings that had not The Media Specialists slipped a notch even though it Association’s 8th Malaysian contained less sugar. the biggest push for mothers to pick up Chipsmore Less Sweet is based on this insight—that despite the cookie containing less sugar.MEDIA & MARKETING theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. client leader Eileen Chong allowed us a peek into the process they took in developing this very successful print campaign. media owners and the as the best medium to educate mums. Carlsberg Malaysia Marketing manager Wong Yat Chong joined the other two judges in the first round of selections which was to short-list the correct entries. Only less than 25 had both answers correct. Hence. creed . Carlsberg Malaysia has other exciting events and promotions in store in the last two quarters of the year. Then came the by the MMA 2011. Chen shared the following on the campaign development. a strong and successful collaboration between both our creative agencies. applaud and celebrate the sophisticated urban mums and dads also strategic brilliance. taste is the most important factor W whilst selecting healthy options is the second most important factor when purchasing food. So watch this space to see who the real fans are! . advertisers pour through over 300 entries The key messages being the reduced content to arrive at the finalists. it called for a creative buy that have to pay double the fee would make the Ad and communicated now. it will be a memorable one for each of them. Finalist certificates will message stand out from the clutter. the judges came together to theSun’s headquarters to select the chosen ones from the pile of entries. The be issued to entries making emphasis was all along about the the shortlist.mymsa. will go on. kids will love them just as much because they taste simply just as great as the original Chipsmore cookie. In an interview with theSun. precise. What was the thought process that resulted in that singular message that you chose to communicate to the consumer? As Chipsmore is the market leader in the segment we found it was quite straightforward for us to place a variant next to our original cookies to tell mums and other consumers that it contains 25% less sugar and yet tastes just as good. the media kids. instantly catching the reader’s attention. In every step. Media Awards ceremony Upon brainstorming with creative will be held on 13 July 2012 at agency. to engage with. Among the marketing mix that resulted was a print ad campaign that turned out to be so original and provocatively cute. theSun Sports editor Navjeet Singh. Eileen Ooi from behind the page to grab a org/mma2012. “It was holistic—involving TVCs as well as in store truly an example of strategic brilliance. the Kuala Lumpur.the The review and short-listing process saw one whom the campaign was ultimately seeking about 40 judges across media specialists. Eileen Ooi heads the team that came out with this outstanding print ad campaign for Kraft Foods Malaysia. Kraft Foods Malaysia’s head of Marketing Julie Chen and Mindshare’s associate director. There are also plans to replicate the stadium experience so fans here can enjoy the virtual experience of being at the actual game” Wong further shared. she had spearheaded many new firsts for clients and numerous strategic planning blueprints across clients. In addition. Marketing Department executive Dixie Poh then had an even more difficult task deciding on who was really fan enough to win! Many sent in creative shots of themselves in their favourite team’s jerseys and the judges were amazed by the length some had gone to. good food and drinks with of course the ultimate experience of watching the semi-finals live. Chipsmore and another peeking out please log on to www. even after Euro 2012. Naturally it meant we needed to work with a newspaper that allowed some flexibility and open to new ideas as it involved a break from the norm in the page layout and design. fast and wide. In the second round the judges comprising Wong from Carlsberg. The innovated chocolate chip cookie that contained less sugar needed a strategic platform that would help bring the message home to consumers quickly. is responsible for delivering business objectives and growth and leads a strong and dynamic team of brand managers under her care. To exemplify what the whole idea was However. The For more information and kids climbing up the page to reach for a guidelines on submission. clear and yet infused with elements of Participants who wish to submit their emotional appeal in a clever way. What are your thought on the success of this campaign and how does it affect your outlook on the print media? The Chipsmore Less Sweet Campaign was very successful as it broke through the clutter. entries for the MMA 2012 are reminded that while the deadline of June 1 has passed. to be announced soon. What spawned the creation of this new variant in the first place? These light Chipsmore cookies were created especially for mums who want a less sweet version of cookies but yet tastes really great. For this. organizing chairman of deciding factors? MMA 2011 and 2012. kids love them just as much” as you can see in the creative execution of the ad that kids are climbing the editorial words with arms stretched out to reach for giant Chipsmore Less Sweet Cookie. Talking to to recognise. Last Friday. “25% less sugar. it won last year’s Malaysian Media Awards (MMA) for ‘Best Use of Newspapers’.Ginny Lingam ANWAR FAIZ/THESUN Navjeet and Wong going through the entries. The News section was also a deliberate choice to reach the correct audience. Hence our In finding the best fits for the whole partnership with theSun worked out excellently. and kids love them just as much”. “It was quite obvious that football is a sport that is cherished regardless of race.” of sugar and that it still retained its appeal with Running for the eighth year. “Fans of football who have missed out. Carlsberg Malaysia is really looking forward to taking the entourage of 100 winners on this journey of a lifetime to Ukraine and is sure. What was Kraft Foods Malaysia’s initial thoughts when a choosing a marketing medium for this new campaign? We selected our marketing media carefully based on the insights gained from our targeted audience. Passionate for innovative ideas and strong advocate for change. so the good times. The fans will be having a ball of a time (pun intended) with great company. What did you feel would be the biggest push—particularly for mothers.

He said: “It continues to focus fans’ attention on his music . I Just Can’t Stop Loving You tomorrow in the US. featuring Janelle Monae 5 Starships – Nicki Minaj 6 Wild Ones – Flo Rida. the Malaysian music festival scene has come of age. and in some ways so alone. SLIXs from Germany astounded the audience with an innovative vocal display of virtuosity and a capella arrangements. hopefully. 25 years on MICHAEL JACKSON’S Bad returns this September with new music and never-before-seen concert video in the first re-release of a full album from the king of pop’s catalogue since he died in 2009.. MIX. perceived or otherwise. and they entertained festival goers over two nights by the South China Sea.. were represented by Irene. It brought American jazz master Ahmad Jamal to our shores for the first time. given that Bad was at the time considered to be very successful but was in the shadows of Thriller. North America and South Africa. Ahmad Jamal at KLIJ. he wasn’t able to trust many people and he felt very isolated. The potential for development is huge and the scope for improvement unlimited. took to the stage. which have incidentally called the month of May home. perhaps. To gear up Jackson fans ahead of September. one of the living grandmasters of jazz and piano. one of the best-selling albums in history. the Shalk Joubert Three Continents Sextet brought together musicians from Europe. “You can hear [all] that in the record. dishing out a brace of vocal sets that demonstrated diversity and originality. Anchored by the venerable Rainforest World Music Festival (held annually in July). Borneo Jazz is into its seventh edition after being re-branded from the Miri International Jazz Festival last year. we now claim host to all these other world stage events.” Bad won two Grammy awards and sold more than 45 million copies around the world.000 fans at London’s Wembley Stadium in 1988. is currently in jail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the singer’s death. impressing the crowd with their treatment of well-known standards. but seek to evolve and rise to even greater heights. featuring LMFAO 8 Eyes Open – Taylor Swift 9 Hangover – Taio Cruz 10 Everybody Talks – Neon Trees Poova at World Youth Jazz. featuring Kimbra 2 What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction 3 I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz 4 We are Young – fun. – Reuters . the Solianos. his mini snapshots of how he felt being in the public eye so nakedly. said the Bad 25 anniversary package should highlight Jackson’s legendary talents as a live performer and. The Bad 25 deluxe package. beginning with the Borneo Jazz 2012 in Miri. KLIJ has a lot to live up to at its next edition musically. numbering around 8. featuring Wiz Khalifa 10 Wish You Were Here – Avril Lavigne Jazz heavyweights also took their turns in the ring. The new songs were recorded in Jackson’s studio while he was making the album. For a first edition event. Marks believes Bad marked the end of an era for Jackson and Jones. the KL International Jazz Festival played it safe. The gathering of a million youths at Putrajaya towards the end of May seemed a perfect opportunity to have a festival.thesundaily. Three Sons. Hiromi at KLIJ. singing with the RTM Jazz Orchestra. and thought to be the only copy of the performance. His doctor at the time. it brings to the fore what an incredible live performer he was and his songbook.. it was the distance.. As has become the norm. the estate said. Jackson. but better attendance could have been had with a more focused approach in the future. although he prefers to call himself a classical musician. Michael Veerappan at KLIJ. Thriller. the late singer’s record company will re-release the first single from the album. It was the singer’s last collaboration with legendary M o t o w n producer Quincy Jones. Michael Jackson’s still Bad. 2012 www.” said Marks.000 according to the Sarawak Tourism Board. who helmed the production on Jackson’s solo album Off the Wall and the hit follow-up. and the package also offers a DVD of Jackson’s performance for Britain’s Prince Charles. The scope was ambitious – music programmes over three days designed to allow youthful talent to perform and gain exposure. this year racking up the highest attendance yet. Neighbouring Thailand and Indonesia showcased their strong jazz traditions via Koh Saxman of Bangkok. Bad. featuring Janelle Monae 6 Boyfriend – Justin Bieber 7 Give Me All Ur Luvin’ – Madonna.18 ENTERTAINMENT theSun ON MONDAY | JUN 4. a member of the Jackson Five family of singers and one of the best-selling pop stars of all time. the crowd were energetic and buoyant. Everette Harp (funk/soul/saxaphone) and Hiromi. com and co-author of I Want My MTV. and also to improve on attendance and interest. and it will include demos and songs that did not make the final cut of the original version. Smooth Criminal and the album title track. and that Jackson used the record to explore deeper struggles following the phenomenal success of Thriller. concocting a high-energy melange of grooves and beats. The inaugural World Youth Jazz Festival in Putrajaya certainly lived up to such intentions when a young trio from Indonesia. Germany’s SLIXs at Borneo Jazz 1 Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye. fuelled by the popularity of singles such as Dirty Diana. taped for Jackson’s own use. Blues guitarist Trevor Jala and jazz veteran Michael Veerappan rounded off the Malaysian contingent. featuring Kimbra 4 Set Fire in the Rain – Adele 5 We are Young – fun. Our very own power divas. with Trevor belting out soulful blues and Michael playing more traditionally in the club/lounge Sound of jazz fills the air > It was truly a merry jazzy month in May as music fans were feted to various festivals BY PEIN LEE MUSIC CHARTS billboard 1 Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye. Malaysia’s own jazz heritage was not ignored. featuring Kimbra 2 Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen 3 Payphone – Maroon 5. hitz. lure new fans. The genres were diverse but always with improvisation in mind. just eight years old. flew the flag proudly. died in 2009 of an overdose of the anaesthetic propofol and sedatives. “The paranoid romantic hell he’s in. commemorates the 25th anniversary of the original. followed by the Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival 2012. and the first family of music. The video was discovered in the singer’s personal collection. The two-day programme revolved around Ahmad. Craig Marks. and the city was treated to performances by Ernie Watts (saxaphone). featuring Pixie Lott 7 The A Team – Ed Sheeran 8 Domino – Jessie J 9 Payphone – Maroon 5. who invoked thunder and breakneck phrases. and reinforced by the World Youth Jazz Festival in Putrajaya. In summary. Joe Alexander Sila at World Youth Jazz. With such a stellar line-up this year. and Nita Aartsen of Jakarta who demonstrated evocative piano work. featuring Janelle Monae 5 Drive By – Train 6 Bright Lights – Tinchy Stryder. featuring Wiz Khalifa 4 We are Young – fun. jammed with Dhruv (from India) one afternoon. Jackson’s record company and estate said recently. editor of Popdust. the young Japanese virtuoso mentored and managed by Ahmad. True to form. Grammy-winning album (far right) with hits like The Way You Make Me Feel.. to be released on Sept 18. Thailand’s Koh Saxman at Borneo Jazz 1 Part of Me – Katy Perry 2 What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction 3 Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye. Perhaps. Standout pianist Joe Alexander Sila. From further afield. featuring Sia 7 What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction 8 Glad You Came – The Wanted 9 Boyfriend – Justin Bieber 10 Drive By – Train PIX COURTESY OF SARAWAK TOURISM BOARD / PEIN LEE T HE MONTH of May has been filled with jazz festivals. Nobody should be resting on their laurels. before steaming it up with his two brothers the every same evening. Dasha Logan and Poova. Sarawak. an eclectic and surprising mix of musicians were brought together. Lady Diana and 72. Conrad Murray.

com. but not in the world’s spaghetti capital of Italy. On another matter. I frequently feel the urge to say: “Can you just take one of my uncles instead?” Now. Nearly there. Turn left now. when love goes wrong and marriages break up. GERMAN MAN HAS LAST LAUGH have to pass every product on every shelf before you find it. MORE WOMEN PAY ALIMONY TABLES have turned in US divorce courts with more women paying their former husbands alimony and child support than ever before. I once was trapped on the fourth level of a department store in Tokyo and there did not seem to be any downward escalators at all. they self-reflected on their performances. We make incursions into enemy territory. People may. sometimes have feelings of jealousy. American magazine Time reports that instructional self-talk can enhance our attention. bidding farewell to even the smallest banknotes is like losing a family member. 2012 19 Shopping made easy > At last. Dubbed “the subversive adult Disneyland”.” Meanwhile. I know how to use the treasures that are hidden feelings. Locate supermarket.. in Greece looked at students learning to throw darts in a gym class. As women climb higher up the career ladder and outpace their exes in salary. here is some astonishing news. Cheers! During the mission. our main interest is keeping collateral damage to innocent parties. Incredible but true. Such a lifestyle will bridget@thesundaily. many females enjoy spending money. Bridget Menezes is the author There are no demands. Mission accomplished. were given the opportunity to take on German versions of their names. help us regulate our effort and make decisions about what to do and how to do it. there is the ability to express the best that is within. automatically generate peaceful Motivating talk WE ALL have an ongoing inner dialogue with ourselves. It could be true. according to US lawyers. In the study. NO NEW GERMAN NAME A GERMAN court has refused to allow a family to shed their “foreign-sounding” names for new German ones they said would protect them from discrimination and aid integration into a country becoming attractive for immigrants. the administrative court in Goettingen. no complaints. so that you AMAZING BRIEFS NEW AUSSIE ART DARE SMELLING excrement may not be everyone’s idea of fun. northern Germany. “allows us to control our cognitive and emotional reactions. or in the toilet corridor. within an acceptable level. Liberate beer. residents of Delhi are playing US$200 (RM635) a month each to have trained langur monkeys pee around their homes. A MAN who announced his change of address in a local newspaper sparked national media attention recently due to the unusual location of his “new home” – six feet under the ground. but a new study suggests what you might want to start saying to yourself when trying to learn a new skill. inviting friends to a “lively” celebration at his new lodgings in a cemetery in Hamburg. Readers but good wishes only. the banknotes in our wallets. On the second shelf on your right. every action. The top performers first developed a mental plan. Guilt and confusion contribute to wasteful thoughts which lead to wrong actions. is a member of the Kiev-based Femen women’s rights group which believes the Euro tournament being played in Ukraine this month will encourage sex tourism. enthusiasm in each and every I find it easy to face and transaction. When I learn the art of being stable in the most negative of situations. learn from each and every Success is merged in every situation. HUGE BOXES OF PASTA SHOPPERS can buy a half-ton box of pasta at supermarkets in Turkey. action. living in Germany under asylum after fleeing Azerbaijan. evaluating what happened and making adjustments for the next attempt. Boffins are working on technology to help men shop. – AFPRelaxnews . there will be peace. did you know the latest stats suggest that half a billion Asians are overweight? Of course. Rumour has it that executives want to destroy the technology after they noticed that people who use the system spent less money. When asked for cash at shop counters. and I began to suspect that they had arrived as young people 40 years earlier. Karl Albrecht. Return to base. but the store has not released results. Access aisles. some of which carry Islamic associations. etc. probably at the store’s opening party. Peace of mind translates into peaceful actions.GOOD VIBES theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. R TOPLESS SCORE A UKRAINIAN women’s rights activist stripped to the waist and seized the Euro 2012 football trophy while it was on public display in Kiev recently in a protest against the forthcoming month-long those are just round figures. Too heavy and big for the shopping trolley. Yulia Kovpachik. You will not find When there is selflessness in anything difficult. can email her at lifestyle. Enjoy it. If my actions are good with selfless motives. It takes time and effort. each one of MENEZES us must research and understand our “The power of the mind. a satellite device is being developed to help men who hate spending more money at the supermarkets EAL MEN dont’ shop. I should have paid them? By the way. They want you to get 17 other things that you do not want as well. Sat-Nav: “In five metres. – Reuters Cast out negative thoughts THE DETERMINATION to be peaceful means that I must always think well of myself and others.nury@ thesundaily. who died last month at the age of 88. While self-talking aloud may seem a bit crazy. but for those who like to push the boundaries. I mean. Australia’s most controversial new museum may be just what they are looking for. sun. penned the obituary himself in the style of a moving notice. delivery is included in the price. and not have negative thoughts. turn left. the New York Times India correspondent reported. Afterward.” Me: “What did you just call me?” Sat-Nav: “Nothing. often hidden in a separate wing of the building. So that time I lived near a bar and guys would visit my front yard on the way home. The family. then their attitude towards us are bound to change one day. Had I not found a cargo lift in the staff corridor. You go up one level and then the next staircase or escalator is miles away. BY BRIDGET So. steadying us so we stay on task. you’ll find the can of beer you wanted. and ask them stuff in person. When the conscience is clean. BEER FROM SHIPWRECK WANT a 170-year-old beer? Finnish researchers say they may be able to recreate beer from the 1840s after finding living bacteria in beer from a shipwreck near Aland islands. 23. it would probably be faster to fly to the Google headquarters. Spiritual Counsellor. To me. villains.. like the rays of the own inner truth. Many of the customers were elderly. even better is what is dubbed “instructional self-talk”. A recent study in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology showed that talking to yourself as you search for something could actually help you find the missing item faster.” A new study published this week in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology finds that “self-talk” works best when you think about the goal for yourself and then make a mental plan for how to get there. But if we maintain good wishes for them. a reader who lives in Sri Lanka told me: “My internet connection is so slow. we gain My mind is no longer confidence. Send ideas and comments to lifestyle. look at the way department store staircases or escalators never match up with each other. Athanasios Kolovelonis and his team at the University of Thessaly Be Light . The reason is that the langur pee is so smelly that it scares off other monkeys. they are being compelled to contribute to the livelihood of their former spouses. that is. enmity or dislike for us. dispels all negativity. Shops do not want you to just get what you want. the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) is located in Tasmania and features around 400 works of art from Egyptian mummies to young British artists including Chris Ofili and Jenny Saville. I would still be there today. initiative and negative thoughts.” When we are physically and mentally clean and within me. our activities are noble. While the more positive among us may have motivational mantras (“You can do it!”) running through our heads when trying to accomplish a goal. It is very suspicious. It is totally different for the women I know. disturbed with wasteful or There is drive. then attempted to enact the plan when throwing darts. in the state of Lower Saxony. then my mind will also be peaceful. it can also have benefits. A new service allows a man to go to the supermarket and be guided directly to the product he wants by a Sat-Nav voice coming out of his phone. or on an inaccessible ledge outside. and not react to their negativity.” The system was set up last year at a branch of Tesco supermarkets in the UK for trials. you pathetic drunk. said in a document. no of Self-Empowerment and expectations. especially when learning something new. and third.

a 1MP webcam and up to six hours of battery life. travel. tablets and smartphones. six USB ports and two display ports. Some custom options are even more secure. 47-inch (RM5. There is also 3D Sound Zooming. go to www. The LM6700.html. Already at an advantage as the industry leader in 3D TV sales at the moment. which creates 3D sound that synchronises with the displayed 3D content. Another common issue among 3D TV viewers – that of flickering. The two Dual Player glasses are available as an accessory set for RM59. via WiFi connection.999. vice president of Engineering. L STORING VITAL DATA WHETHER you pick CDs. This latest model in the firm’s Pantone series comes complete with a sensor that enables users to see at the touch of a button how much radiation they are being exposed to. including the newly-added K-Pop Zone that features music videos. The biggest TV screen of the entire range is the 72-inch LM9500. Each TV comes with a free set of four glasses.999) and the 42-inch (RM4.999 for the 55-inch model and RM7. fitness or any other interest.000 years.lg. A free demo version is also available under the name Starter Edition. There is also a wide range of new premium and local content and applications for consumers. Until now. Other innovations to the Cinema 3D Smart TVs is the improved 2D-to-3D conversion engine. LM7600. Assuming a user has given his permission under Extras/Update. a four-in-one memory card reader. “There’s no longer a question of sacrificing quality in hardware to live life on the cloud.059. Mozilla reports that it has worked on its tools available for developers. (clockwise. Version 12. Both the new Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook and Samsung Series 3 550 Chromebox have Intel Core processors and are close to three times as fast as their predecessors. such as a (top) LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TVs. Each player sees their own respective view of a full-screen game.99 microsieverts per hour. which reduces noise for a TECH BRIEFS FIREFOX’S AUTO UPDATE MOZILLA has improved the way Firefox provides updates in its newest release. It can be found by exploring system settings and set to control whether the system shuts down after one or six hours of inactivity.9GHz Intel dualcore processor. 16GB of storage. director of Product Management at Google. developer Blizzard says on its website. go to www.” said Louis Gray. The 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TV range has a choice of several models. Both the XBox 360 and the Playstation 3 consume significant amounts of energy when running non-stop. GAMING SHUTDOWN AUTOMATIC shutoff systems can save a lot of energy and money for owners of gaming consoles. DVDs. The Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook features a 12. the programme is capable of providing updates automatically. which can easily last 100 years or longer. That requires no extra fees. which add a new dimension to 3D games. This is the world’s first smartphone featuring a nuclear radiation detector. including LG ambassadors Super Junior. two players would have to play using a split-screen effect. The update is available for download now. players can play 3D games in fullscreen view. On the software side. that would shrink the viewing area by half.” said Linus Upson. The function is disabled when XBox 360s and Playstation 3s are initially delivered. only cost a few dollars and can be recorded with a standard DVD burner. With the Chromebox. you can be on a video conference while continuing to play your favourite role-playing game on the side. These were made by Korean manufacturer Samsung and run on Google’s Chrome OS – an appcentric user interface based on Google’s Chrome web browser. LG’s Smart TV Home Dashboard has also been upgraded and is now customisable to make it more userfriendly and to accommodate the needs of diverse Smart TV users. while the LM7600 is priced at RM12. web-centric computers and has taken the wraps off a next-generation Chromebook and a brandnew compact desktop machine called the Chromebox. Diablo 3 is currently available from Blizzard’s website. The LM6700 has three sizes – the 55-inch (RM10. – dpa Radiation-gauging smartphone JAPAN mobile phone operator Softbank on May 29 unveiled a smartphone that can measure radiation as consumers in the country clamour for reassurance following last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster. increasing the TV screen size and making it as close to an actual cinema screen as possible. according to research carried out at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. can also keep a record of exposure in every location the phone has been to.3GHz dual-core Intel processor. Smart Share Plus also offers the screen-share function which streams TV content to external viewing devices.1in screen. The 55-inch LM9600 is priced at RM17. Worries over the health implications of the radioactive leak have sent demand for radiationmeasuring devices soaring in Japan. “The new Chromebook boots in less than seven seconds and resumes instantly. Softbank said in a statement. 2012 A feast for the eyes > LG Electronics’ newest line-up of Cinema 3D Smart TVs comes loaded with plenty of goodies BY ANANSA JACOB G ELECTRONICS (LG) recently launched its newest line-up of Cinema 3D Smart TVs with upgraded and new 3D technologies. from above far left) . For more. which has been enhanced to allow users to use voice commands instead of merely pushing buttons. LG increased the available 3D content on its 3D World Smart TV app. they all have one key difference from But there are now data solutions available with more longevity. There are also a variety of connectivity features through Smart Share Plus. video clips and music from popular K-Pop artistes for fans to enjoy. For more. children. and then shut itself down once the file has been downloaded. They might last up to 1. The computers were designed for people who live on the web and use cloud-based applications to complete tasks in the browser. lifestyle. with a bezel just 1mm thick. in a post on the site. LM7600. The best innovation so far has been the Dual Play glasses. it is produced by Japanese electronics giant Sharp as part of Softbank’s new lineup of handsets. more high-definition 3D image. sports. LM6700 and the LM9500. Previously. The Samsung Series 3 550 Chromebox has a 1. such as desktops and notebook PCs.999 for the 47inch model. a 16GB SSD. film pattern retarder (FPR) glasses that need no batteries and that can be comfortably worn for long periods of time. documentaries. Navigating the new Smart TV portal is easy.499). a 1. Blu-rays.999. smartphone or tablet PC. Named Pantone 5. The most noticeable thing about the TVs in the new range is the reduced border. such as DVDs with a more robust layer for writing data. The phone. and Caesar Sengupta. Japan’s top operator NTT DoCoMo at a tech fair last year Google’s new Chromebox and Chromebook GOOGLE is powering ahead with its cloud-based. The upgrades could only take effect after the push of a button. where users can access content stored in external devices.999). DIABLO NEEDS THE NET THE most recent instalment of the roleplaying game Diablo needs to have a stable internet connection. Pennsylvania. In addition. that otherwise would be priced at RM99. – AFP-Relaxnews .com/ my. thanks to LG’s Magic Remote. Diablo 3 only works with an internet connection. a built-in mono speaker. which offers high quality 3D content across categories such as entertainment. reporting 85 improvements. The automatic shutoff orders the console to power down after a certain period of inactivity. 4GB of RAM... Even solo players need to set up an account on Battlenet and log in before play. and there were some truly amazing ‘can’t believe your eyes’ moments. DoCoMo at that time said it was undecided on the product’s commercial launch. Google introduced its first Chromebooks in 2011 but has since upgraded the hardware and revised the user interface. moving the sound from left to right for a more engaging 3D-viewing experience. optional integrated 3G connectivity. XBox owners even have a Background Download option. With the new Dual Play glasses. which allows them to download data while the game player is not in use.20 TECH TODAY theSun ON MONDAY | JUN 4. and LM9600 with the Magic Remote. 4GB showcased a smartphone with a changeable “jacket” that measures radiation levels. which is priced at RM26. Google+ product marketing manager. – AFP-Relaxnews of RAM. headache-inducing 3D glasses – has been solved by LG’s use of passive. a small pop-up window signals whether updates were available. com/intl/en/chrome/devices/ buynow. such as services that store data on a disc of unbreakable glass. hard drives or USB memory sticks. ReadWriteWeb compared the new Google Chromebook with “a typical HP Laptop” and found that “we’re now at a point where an everyday consumer can weigh up a typical HP laptop with a Google Chromebook and not see much difference on the software side”. the most notable being the LM9600. Many Japanese remain concerned about radiation since the quake and tsunami of March 2011 sparked the world’s worst nuclear crisis in a generation at the Fukushima plant. which will be on general sale from July. thanks to a simple solution of putting two left-hand lenses in Player 1’s glasses and two right-hand lenses into Player 2’s glasses. adding that it can detect gamma rays in a range of 0. Most of the more modern digital formats cannot be read after a few years or decades.

dry red patches that are sometimes painful. The riders who ate bananas reported feeling more full and bloated. the above options may not be as effective and some patients may be contra-indicated or intolerated to these treatments. by reducing the inflammation and inhibiting excessive and rapid skin growth. Some of the treatment options are: Topical treatment – creams. there are certain lifestyle factors that are often involved in the prevalence of psoriasis. psoriasis tends to run in families. or pretzels. Not only is this skin disease painful. ATC is known for its unparalleled success in producing outstanding individuals in many fields. and in the other.2 grammes of carbohydrate per kilogramme of body weight every 15 minutes. gels. Psoriasis is a common skin disease that causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin. such as T cells. forming thick silvery scales and itchy. flaky and scaly skin on the hands. This results in rapid skin cell growth and the development of lesions also known as plaques. In one time trial. A doctor will typically prescribe a biologic medication when the condition is serious and cannot be contained with other psoriasis treatments. or even candy. Currently. My time spent at ATC has given me much more than just good grades. pitted bananas against a typical 6% carbohydrate sports drink while 14 well-trained cyclists performed a 75-kilometre time trial.atc2u. Cyclosporine. Phototherapy – sunlight. Runners World magazine recommends packets of jelly or honey. how do bananas measure up against sports performance drinks? A recent study shows that the humble yellow fruit holds its own. These include heavy smoking. as long as you do not mind the bloat. lotions. Managing psoriasis starts with accepting and acknowledging it as a chronic condition. combination light therapy. pulsed dye laser. the use of biologics is increasingly becoming a viable treatment | Email: enquiries@atc2u. Biologics work by targeting specific cells in the immune system. viruses and other infections. it can also be socially disabling. skin cells mature in just three or four days.00 “Up to 100% Scholarship for SPM School Leavers” 25th June 2012 (KL) 16th July 2012 (Penang) Visit us @ www. and it became evident even during the first few days of class that the dedicated faculty is behind this success. I could not have achieved all of this without their help. dietary preferences and excessive weight gain.ZEST theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. However. For those with psoriasis. the severity of psoriasis can be evaluated as severe if it covers more than 10% of the body. health and also the severity of the disease. at c2 u . Especially for patients who suffer from moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. a t 2 o A’LEVEL Ng Lee Yin Top Student – May 2011 Cambridge A Level (A* A A A) Currently Reading Law at University College London Enrolling with ATC's A-Level programme was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Patients sometimes may not realise the severity of their condition and may mistake the issue as an allergic reaction. While most medications are synthesised from chemicals. Cells. The study. In moderate to severe psoriasis. and in rare instances. When psoriasis is severe. monitor the body for bacteria. Generally. UVB phototherapy. it can grow over large areas of the body. Diagnosis is usually made after careful examination of the skin. the immune system mistakenly activates T cells that migrate to ww w. followed by a biopsy. all biologics used for the treatment of psoriasis must be injected. they came from a sports drink. co m www. it can also be socially disabling P condition and advise the most suitable treatment option to alleviate the condition. these modest foods work just as well as pricier energy bars and gels during your longer runs or rides. The facilities and guidance necessary for one to succeed is all there. The degree of severity can also be measured by a tool called the Psoriasis Area & Severity Index (Pasi). the carbohydrates came from bananas. Each cyclist completed two time trials while consuming 0. It is important to remember that treatment options are personalised depending on the patients’ age. sprays and shampoos. it is important to seek professional help from a doctor who can diagnose the psoriasis the skin and produce excessive amounts of inflammation. – AFPRelaxnews Scholarship Available Merit Scholarship Scheme for the A’ Level Course fee Save RM10. moderate (3% to 10%). A visit to the doctor or dermatologist is mandatory.atc2u. The invaluable assistance from my lecturers throughout the course has given me an in-depth understanding of the several fields of my studies that not only allowed me to obtain the grades that I have. yet their blood glucose levels and performance did not differ between the two time trials. When taken with w w. This educational article is contributed by pharmaceutical business Janssen as part of its community project. Still. In psoriasis. It is crucial for patients to discuss treatment options with their doctor or dermatologist to determine which would be the optimal treatment for them. they release chemical signals that trigger inflammation. As with many geneticallyinfluenced diseases. which appeared earlier this month in the peerreviewed journal PLoS ONE. 2012 21 Naked truth about SORIASIS causes itchy. Normal skin cells mature and shed in an ongoing cycle of 28 to 30 days. alcohol consumption. Many who endure this condition are unaware of what it is and how it is caused. but also provided me with a solid foundation for my current studies in University College London. biologics are derived from natural proteins found in living cells. or Conventional systemic treatment – Methotrexate. For such cases. When these immune cells encounter a foreign substance. hygiene is not a trigger for the onset of the disease. Biologics work in the immune MyQuest . > Not only is this skin disease painful. and mild (less than 3%). MALAYSIA’S LARGEST PRIVATE LAW SCHOOL Bananas for energy boost WHEN it comes to the optimal mid-workout energy boost. raisins. dry skin or a passing phase. Hydroxyurea and Retinoids pills. If you are looking for other low-cost energy boosters. it is not right for everyone. Although biologics are considered a safe and potentially a more effective treatment option for patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis. a life-threatening disease. legs and other body parts.

SPA FOR BAGS Learning from a painful lesson of looking at her own belongings scarred by stains and discolouration. Spin Luxe Services (www. Just like how we take care of ourselves. Spinn Luxe Services uses environmental friendly products that are imported from Germany. you would want to treat it with care. – Jesse Liew onwards and are based on the work done and “Usually for wider the type of treatment surface items. 49. they aim to keep your leather or fabric goods stainfree and restored to its best original condition.spinn. “It is important to know what type of leather you are treating in order to determine suitable products to be used for the restoring process. pricing for recolouring is usually Restoration prices vary in terms of the start from RM80 complication of disastrous. products. My Bag Spa ensures that all items that are treated look. Jesse Liew. Bangsar Shopping Centre and One Utama Shopping Centre. Ensuring that the cleaning products have a pH level at an optimum 4. we restore almost everything which involves leather materials including fashion apparels. Rejuvenating services include Bio-Cleaning (removal of moulds. you can even clean simple stains at the comfort of your home. Atelier Leather Sdn Bhd in Desa Sri Hartamas takes away your burden of worry and sends you off with a smile. it is important to know which method to apply on different leather pieces. While most of us are still doubtful about the idea of injecting a different colour on your existing leather handbag or leather item. “We also treat non-leather items but primarily we deal with more leather by Chia Foong Yee does cleaning for all types of materials including leather. shoes.” said Liew. was inspired by his expertise in auto Brenda Tan explaining the process of restoring a leather jacket. My Bag Spa. wallets. who is a certified leather restorer specialising in leather cleaning. Atelier Leather also does leather recolouring. BAG REJUVENATION Not just any ordinary cleaning service centre.” added Liew. disinfection. As an individual who has a keen eye for leather. His interest and passion in this industry eventually led him into the world of leather and restoration while I F you have been looking for a place that you can send your designer handbag for restoration or repair. stain removal and leather care. shoes.” technique applied. repairs. feel and smell clean and fresh. She also hopes to share a similar cleanliness habit at her outlets in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. the coto colour hard-to-reach owner of Atelier wrong tools like the credit Leather. stains and smell). restoring them to mint condition since 2005. ink extraction.” she added. and technique. patent leather. men and ladies’ handbags and wallets. Giving proper care for your handbags. Spinn Luxe Services. From removing stains to colour restoration of leather articles. the products that you bring in are treated by applying several layers of cleaning and restoration steps. Customers only have to bring in an small or tight areas to ensure a tidy example of the colour which they colouring process. Chan Pei Lin started My Bag Spa to keep a habit of cleaning her own handbags and leather goods. patent canvas. Leather cleaning is a lengthy and tedious process as the material that is being treated is delicate and because it is not easily obtained. SHARIL AMIN/THESUN Clean as new . colour restoration. the outcome is usually disastrous and you may not be able to save that damage which was caused Jesse Liew applying primer on a bag before putting it through by using the wrong technique and the recolouring process. a suitable colour as per request. metal polishing and leather treatment on > Restore your leather handbag to its original beauty BY SOO WERN JUN detailing and wanted to do more than restoring car leather seats and leather panels on car interior. colour touch-up. “If you use the wrong tools and technique. Smaller items such desire to have. nylon and untreated leather using a natural polishing. Restoration work done on a pair of Bally court shoes.thesundaily. .22 FASHION theSun ON MONDAY | JUN 4. briefcase and other leather goods. Apart from restoring and repairing. home furniture. it is less required. colouring. areascompartments in card The process and the outcome the wallet. With My Bag Spa’s cleaning products. 2012 www. Restoring leather is a very precise process and there are specific tools and techniques applied during these processes. it is the same with our handbags and other belongings. Just like a clinic. canvas. This is how Atelier Leather (initially named Leather Centre) came about and Liew has been helping to “save” leather products. at Atelier it is possible. “When we first started the business we only restored car leather seats and today. these products are gentle on your leather goods as the leather materials are not subjected to harsh and unwelcome chemicals that ultimately destroy them. pricey as we do not have to wrap Recolouring work done on a Bottega Veneta wallet. We are still exploring more items to restore. Because there are so many leather types out there. suede.5 (the pH level of leather). also widening his knowledge as he goes in search of premium restoration materials.” said If you use the much more challenging Brenda Tan. At Spinn Luxe Services. and we would mix the as wallets are usually colours to achieve the priced higher as it is requested colour. “We have 17 different shades for customers to choose from and we have the knowledge to mix and match Restoration work done on a vintage Louis Vuitton sling messenger bag.

look for shades that offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. . Ikebe said the Perfect UV Protector uses two new technologies. completely protecting skin from damaging UV rays. there are tiny creases and furrows on (clockwise from right) Yousuke Ikebe. Perfect UV Protector is a very water-resistant sun protection lotion that provides reliable defence against UV rays while offering advanced skincare benefits. there is plenty of good reason to keep a pair handy for your little one. But with Perfect UV protector. a beach volleyball player. and defending against the enzyme activity that UV exposure triggers. ophthalmologists are nudging adults to be sure their children are sporting a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from sun damage. your purse. Shiseido Suncare Innovator Yousuke Ikebe was recently specially brought in from Japan to demonstrate and illustrate the power of this new suncare product. This product allows me to focus more on playing. The Vision Council. 2012 23 Sun protection > A new sun protection lotion provides reliable defence against UV rays S HISEIDO. “Over the years. it retails at RM130 (50ml). price isn’t what’s important. one of the pioneers in BEAUTY theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. Also considering you’re likely to break or lose them anyway. issued a report recently that claimed while 73% of adults slip on a pair of shades when it’s sunny. Even kids need shades AS summertime draws near. When it comes to buying sunglasses for both yourself and your child. But my first priority is winning the game. my skin feels so smooth. direct sunlight. Profense CEL protects skin from future wrinkles and spots by protecting the skin’s inner layers against cellular and DNA damage. The results have been amazing. Get sunglasses that you feel you look good in. without worrying about the sun exposure. the Shiseido Global Suncare (GSC) Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA+++. or in your sports bag.AFP Relaxnews your skin’s surface that until now. to meet worldwide concerns over spots. “Even after I dive into the sand. my skin colour this year is clearly different from last year. Rather. Shiseido recently discovered no matter how high an SPF you use. too. an industry group in the US. and any kind of UV-related skin damage. “The SuperVeil-UV 360™ is specifically designed to cover the microscopic ridges and furrows of skin. Meanwhile. Equip your child with a pair of sunglasses. It’s become my indispensable partner. and most women use sun protection with high SPF. Players are constantly exposed to strong. Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA+++. aim for comfort. Ideal for face and body. sun protection hasn’t been able to reach evenly. It’s tough against sweat. However. “Eighty eight per cent of them consider UV care an important part daily life.” said Sayaka Mizoe.” he added. I’ve given in to sunburn because I’ve had to focus on playing. wrinkles and dullness.FASHION & BEAUTY EDITOR: Peter Yap E-MAIL: peteryap@thesundaily. so you will wear them. namely SuperVeil-UV 360™ (patent-pending technology) and Profense CEL. Ikebe said Asian women are particularly cautious about UV protection these days. and a bit of style. only 58% of parents offer a pair to their kids. it’s a good idea to buy several pairs to keep stored in your car. and especially formulated for strong sunlight conditions. and sunburn is a hazard of the sport. They are intent on avoiding a suntan. and use a sunscreen to protect yourself. Indispensable partner “Playing beach volleyball means going up against UV rays every day. Also. the .” he added. has once again unveiled a new product created with patent-pending breakthrough technology. And since many experts believe our eyes get 80% of their total lifetime exposure to the sun’s UV rays by age 18.

somehow. Hemingway & Gellhorn recounts one of the greatest romances of the last century – the passionate love affair and tumultuous marriage of literary master Ernest Hemingway and trailblazing war correspondent Martha Gellhorn.30pm 4pm 4. I think the tragedy for him is that he’d have preferred that she had stayed with him and lived her life through him.30pm National Tilawah Al Quran 2012 Opening Ceremony (live) HOROSCOPE May 20 – June 19 THE Gemini solar eclipse two weeks ago and the current Sagittarius eclipsed Full Moon are triggering numerous changes. I went to Paris to all the haunts and places he had lived. Focus on learning from events and encourage others to do the same.. I went to Cuba and spent a week there and hung out with the people who run the Hemingway House. with the second of the current pair of eclipses shaking things up. There’s a rare.02pm 7. certain individuals could attempt to make it seem their problems are. Ironically. In an interview transcript provided by HBO.30pm 9. But don’t act too swiftly. Jan 20 – Feb 18 SUDDEN and unsettling as the words and actions of close friends or loved ones may be. Omaha and Juno. once you do. even the simplest of plans won’t last long.30pm 11. But the current eclipse is also forcing you to view certain matters from a fresh perspective. the intensity of your feelings could spur you to discuss these and. This episode tells the heroic story of the soldiers who led the assault from the shoreline to the bluffs while encountering mines. That’s fine. Talk things over the moment issues arise.30pm 2. Aug 22 – Sept 21 NO matter how carefully you’ve organised your plans. And it was crazy and passionate and lasted only those seven years. 1944. Now.30pm 1.30am 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 8. it’s unlikely you’ll have anticipated the events triggered by the current eclipsed Full Moon. Allied soldiers from Britain.. It was a very epic and consuming relationship.twitter. The more swiftly they’re discussed.30am 1.” 11. Doing nothing is the best option. Sword. they’re far less worrying than you think. in the world around you and in your own life. But with eclipses shaking things up.31pm 11. when you look back on this period and what took place. Sept 22 – Oct 22 LONG ago you learnt that while people may ask for advice.30pm 3.30pm Ampang Medikal Nikita Heroman Bola Kampung Wonderpets Chalkzone Kappa Mikey Upin & Ipin 3 Hari 2 Malam Lara Hati Kaki Bola Kerana Suka Cinta Fitri Flying McCoy Real Life Adventures Last War Heroes: D-Day NAT GEO. Why was this so important? “I decided I needed time to immerse myself in everything Hemingway. I read everything he wrote. . Utah. at least initially. once you have. What you learn will be amazingly informative. TV2 11. What you learn will be remarkably informative. Besides. at pictures of them when they first got together and he looked strong.” It’s an interesting ambiguity that he both pushed her towards that but then sabotaged her later on.45pm My Family My Love Love Super Idol Just in Singapore Hitman Reborn Dong Yi Family Harmony Palace Secret Garden NCIS Criminal Minds The X-Factor TV9 11am 12. While it’s true. recent shakeups were so intense you’re a little concerned about the fallout. And I felt very lucky to have been pushed into reading everything that he wrote and to realise how brilliant a writer he was. Their combined magnetism ushered them into social circles that included the elite of Hollywood. April 19 – May 19 EVERY Full Moon brings issues to a head.30pm 3pm 4pm 6. you’ll realise events brought one chapter to a close and began another. Often their primary objective is finding somebody to complain to. the US and Canada land on five Normandy beaches – nicknamed Gold. Be careful it isn’t you. I think she was fiercely intelligent and she could drink as much as him – which I’m sure was a big attraction.30am 1. you’re short of facts and increasingly long on anxiety. restoring calm may take longer. Parker Posey. you’ll realise the degree to which your attitude’s been restricting your options. However. what you’ve dealt with will be a huge relief. Some may even seem a nuisance.. Disruptive as the resulting unexpected developments may be. there was the discipline of the TV1 10. Nov 21 – Dec 20 POWERFUL as the Sagittarius eclipsed Full Moon may be. it could well highlight matters that already are a source of concern.32pm 4. you just wouldn’t believe it’s only been seven years.. all within a short period of time.30am 5 Rencah 5 Rasa Wanita Hari Ini Laila Asyikin Putri Yang Ditukar Endless Love Nana Tanjung Boboiboy Seindah Sakura Indera Joned Sixty Million Dollar Man Scoreboard > Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman play out one of the greatest romances of the last century in HBO’s Hemingway & Gellhorn NTV7 10am 11am Noon 1. . although perhaps in disguise. your responsibility. And by the end. “I think it hurt him. since somebody you’re dealing with is approaching a joint venture with precisely this attitude. 2012 www.” What did you find you related to most about him? “I think what was pretty incredible was that in spite of the stories of the epic nights of boozing. Owen talks Hemingway about his role and what he did to get deep into character. many involving difficulties with others and various obligations.30pm 10.45pm Khabar Malaysia 6pm Biz Malaysia 7pm National Geographic 8.31pm 10. not only is that the case.02pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4.. In fact.30pm 2pm 2. take the variety of decisive action that’s needed. I don’t think you can take on a character like Hemingway and treat it like any other film. June 20 – July 21 SINCE mid-June you’ve been facing dramas. Another very interesting thing when you track their relationship is that when you look . Directed by Academy Award nominee Philip Kaufman.Follow our tweets to get latest news and updates! 24 FEATURE theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4.30pm 8. Those issues are theirs to deal with. But for me it was always a story of how he really set her on her journey of becoming a war correspondent.30pm Discovery – Project Earth 2pm Over the Hedge 4.30am Taman Laut The Winning Tale Natchatra Mounamaana Neram White Lie The Building Blocks of Life 88 Kopitiam Roda-Roda KL Sara Akashah Tidak Pernah Kusesali TV3 Being earnest about CADEMY Award nominee Clive Owen and Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman star in the HBO Original Movie Hemingway & Gellhorn which premieres tonight at 7. But now. She also had a great attack on life.02pm 6pm 7pm 9pm 10pm 12. While this won’t be easy.30pm Kata Adik-Adikku 4.30am 5 Tahun 5 Minit 12.30am Festival Kesenian KanakKanak Antarabangsa 2011 11. Gemini New Moon in two weeks’ time. In fact you’ve seen others make a promise with ease and forget it just as easily. Watch. Bear this in mind now. 9PM: On June 6. but the war they could not survive was the war between themselves. He would have preferred her to live with him in Cuba and live her life through him a bit more. Feb 19 – March 19 ECLIPSES are about breakthroughs. certain individuals are looking for somebody to blame for their mistakes.35pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 9pm 12.30am 12.30pm 9. you feel they clear the air. making up afterwards can be rather nice. and because this one accents the use of your resources.30pm 10pm A Fighting Spiders Bella My Girl Crime Buster X2 The Emperor’s Harem The Amazing Strategist Liu Bo Wen Taiwan Tornado A Tale of Two Cities Bola Mania IRT Deadliest Roads Unriddle 2 8TV 10. not yours. Still. they’re breakthroughs. Joan Chen and Tony Shalhoub. second.” What do you think it was that drew him so strongly to Gellhorn? “I think he met his match really. Explore everything. the sooner you’ll understand both what others have been thinking and reason for those manoeuvres. You did quite a bit of research for this role. July 22 – Aug 21 DRAMAS involving loved ones aren’t that upsetting. Rodrigo Santoro. He was up at the crack of dawn and writing for six to seven hours every day regardless of what had gone on the night before. machinegun and artillery fire and the bunkers. You’d soon begin the process of reorganisation. they aren’t necessarily interested in any actual guidance. Ordinarily that would be the end of it. Dec 21 – Jan 19 YOU cope brilliantly with even the most disruptive of situations. as long as you know what you’re facing. This movie also stars David Strathairn.05pm Khas Hari Gawai 4. Molly Parker. not everybody shares your views. the changes it triggers won’t be recognisable for what they are right away. Oct 23 – Nov 20 ONE of your greatest virtues is your ability to keep your word. the aristocracy of the literary world and the First Family of the United States. Now that these are reaching a climax. March 20 – April 18 SOMETIMES you can make plans and put them into action.30pm 8.37pm 7. They covered all the great conflicts of their time. .15pm on HBO (Astro channel 411) and HBO HD (channel 431). look and listen..32pm 6. Still.

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you have to play your game again and just make it. hey. “I had my opportunities to move up that board and I didn’t do it. Matt Every 69-75-71. Earlier.2 million (RM20. Azahara Munoz (ESP) 69-68. he was heading for more misery and the biggest shock since Rafael Nadal had his perfect 31-match. “I managed to go through these emotions. were in a group on 137. explaining that she had learned from the experience of losing to Azarenka in Miami earlier this year when leading a set and 5-2. After losing the first set. with two birdies on the front nine at Muirfield Village.” added Woods. one shot in front of overnight leader Rory Sabbatini.” said Cibulkova. However. after a tie which featured 158 unforced errors. with the set then going to a tie-break which a pumped-up Cibulkova led from the start to pull off a stunning win. fourtitle stretch smashed by Robin Soderling at the same stage in 2009. 7-6 (7/4) to set up a quarterfinal match with either Samantha Stosur of Australia or Sloane Stephens of the United States. prevailed in the tiebreak when a lacklustre Djokovic netted a forehand. 1. struggled in the cold conditions on Philippe Chatrier court against a player he’d beaten seven times in seven meetings. the 18th seed. Levin chipped in for an eagle at the par-five fifth and for a birdie.46m) Memorial tournament. seeking a first tour victory. while 10th seed Kerber ousted Petra Martic of Croatia 6-3. But the little Slovakian. having won six games in succcession. Woods got off to a solid start. Lewis had a comfortable cushion in the 54-hole event over Sweden’s Anna Nordqvist. Ryan Moore 70-73-71. Levin. a pinpoint forehand crosscourt passing shot. bidding to become just the third man to hold all four majors at the same time. from nowhere. not satisfying being out there playing like that. The 25-year-old Serb has never got beyond the semi-finals in Paris and saw a 43-match winning run ended by Roger Federer in 2011 at the last four stage as his love-hate relationship with the venue hit a new low. Andres Romero (ARG) 69-73-72. picked up off his toes. 137 : Katherine Hull (AUS) 71-66. 211 : Rickie Fowler 71-71-69. 6-3. Errani. a four-time Memorial winner. he summoned breaks in the seventh and ninth games to capture the third set. But. 7-5. windy conditions on the Suzanne Lenglen court far better than the tall Belarusian.” Sara Errani of Italy and Angelique Kerber of Germany both reached the quarterfinals at Roland Garros for the first time with straight sets wins. PAR-72): 208 : Spencer Levin 67-72-69.” said Djokovic. Jim Furyk 72-68-75 SHOPRITE LPGA CLASSIC (USA UNLESS NOTED. and I said. “I need to grind it out and obviously post a good number (on Sunday). but 23-year-old Cibulkova dug deep to run off four games in a row. come on. who shared the overnight lead with Japan’s Mika Miyazato. The pair will meet in the last eight in a top half of the draw which had also contained Azarenka. seeded 21. had a 54-hole total of eight-under 208. 6-7 (5/7). “And for the tiebreak I’m very. 212 : Tiger Woods 70-69-73. Nordqvist’s six birdies included three in a row from the 11th. The world No. 215 : David Hearn (CAN) 70-75-70. handled the cold. but so be it. 214 : Vijay Singh (FIJ) 72-73-69. Rickie Fowler carded a threeunder 69 to rise to third on 211. had eight birdies to off-set a double-bogey six at the sixth hole. “I got a little tired at the end. 2012 27 Djokovic survives scare > … as Cibulkova downs top seed Azarenka at French Open OVAK DJOKOVIC staged an epic French Open fourth round recovery to defeat Italy’s Andreas Seppi 4-6. “I am getting more mature and more tough mentally.SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. Mika Miyazato (JPN) 65-73 . 138 : Yani Tseng (TPE) 71-67. the last two winners of the US women’s Open. is a clash with either French fifth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Switzerland’s Stanislas Wawrinka. Her 36-hole total of 12-under 130 matched the tournament record set by Amy Benz in 1996 and matched by Denise Killeen in 2004. but I won thanks to my fighting spirit. Djokovic continued to struggle with his timing and footwork in the second set and was broken to trail 2-3 with Seppi quickly backing it up with two love service games for a 5-3 lead. I do not know what to find positive in that. Djokovic looked on course for a routine afternoon’s work when he broke in the second game of the first set on his way to a 3-0 lead. Daniel Summerhays 69-71-74. A long forehand from Djokovic handed the 28year-old Italian the opener.” Japan’s Ryo Ishikawa carded a 71 to lead a trio on 213 that also included Sweden’s Henrik Stenson (71) and Jonathan Byrd (72). Paula Creamer 67-70. Aaron Baddeley (AUS) 69-72-73. “I played very badly. who posted a four-under 67 for 136. with his confidence buoyed by a claycourt title in Belgrade in the runup to Paris.” Woods said. LEWIS BUILDS COMMANDING LPGA LEAD STACY LEWIS carded a second-straight six-under 65 yesterday to seize a six-shot lead going into the final round of the LPGA ShopRite Classic. Henrik Stenson (SWE) 74-68-71. only the third set he had won against the Serb in his seven previous 322 Cibulkova N Djokovic meetings. PAR-71): 130 : Stacy Lewis 65-65. After four hours and 18 minutes. Azarenka said: “It wasn’t satisfying at all. Seppi was pinned back to 5-5 as the Serb stopped the rot but the Italian. She was 6-5 up. The 15th seed won 6-2. But Woods struggled coming in. LEADERBOARD MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT (USA UNLESS NOTED. But 22nd-seeded Seppi. Jonathan Byrd 71-70-72. playing in his first Grand Slam fourth round match at the 29th attempt. and I just made it because she would never give me the match. He was 3-0 up in the fourth set. 7-5. His round put him in position to challenge again for his first tour title. 6-3 yesterday and salvage his dream of making Grand Slam history. I’m still in the ballgame. Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia downed top seed Victoria Azarenka of Belarus to pull off a major upset in fourth round action at the French Open yesterday. He had a six-shot lead after three rounds in Phoenix earlier this year but carded a final-round 75 to finish third. Dustin Johnson 71-71-73. who had played fiveset matches in the second and third rounds. Paula Creamer and So Yeon Ryu. No excuses. swinging forehand. Lewis. 209 : Rory Sabbatini (RSA) 69-69-71. 136 : Anna Nordqvist (SWE) 69-67. The heavy court continued to plague Djokovic and a break he carved out for a 3-2 lead in the third set was handed back in the sixth. with 14-time major champion Tiger Woods alone in fourth after a one-over 73 for 212. Scott Stallings 66-73-75. making the last of his four bogeys at the par-four 18th. just a bad performance. defeated Svetlana Kuznetsova of Russia 6-0. who reached the semifinals in 2009. Azarenka levelled at 4-4. But the top seed regrouped to record his third win from two sets to love down after pulling off similar Houdini acts against Federer in the US Open semi-final last year and Wimbledon second round against Guillermo Garcia Lopez in 2005. for a place in the semifinals. but Seppi refused to buckle and pulled back to 3-3. Azarenka won the Australian Open in January and had been expected to coast past Cibulkova having beaten her seven times out of eight previously. hit back in the fifth game and broke again to nudge ahead at 5-4. Azarenka appeared to be getting back on track as she broke to lead 2-0 in the second. Mariajo Uribe (COL) 67-71. Djokovic secured his 25th successive Grand Slam match victory courtesy of a big. very proud of myself that I was still going for my shots. – AFP Notices PIN HIGH LEVIN LEADS AS WOODS FALTERS LATE SPENCER LEVIN defied difficult gusting winds to post a three-under 69 yesterday to take the third-round lead of the USPGA Tour’s US$6. 213 : Ryo Ishikawa (JPN) 72-70-71. and first since 1969. who posted a one-under 71 for 209. Hee-Won Han (KOR) 71-67. double faulted. So Yeon Ryu (KOR) 70-67. as he posted one of just three rounds in the 60s in the blustery weather. The decider was dominated by the Serb who broke for 4-2 as a wilting Seppi. Kyle Reifers 71-70-73. His reward. And for the first two sets yesterday. 7-5. and thriving in the bleak June weather. gave Djokovic set point in the 12th game and the last 16 tie was level as Seppi could only find the net.

Wade leading all scorers with 16 points while Williams had 10 points. Roger Yap hit two free throws to give the Beermen their first lead since they scored the first basket of the game. But the Dragons still took a 45-42 lead at halfway. We kept them below 80 points. all these great prizes amount to more than RM40. Beermen kept beating us in transition. We want to get to the finals. Skybus will be providing shuttle services from KL Sentral to SIC (details can be found at http:// www. Duke Crews led the Beermen with 15 points. We have the best home court crowd. This year. Our guys were exhausted but they dug deep. V Kool Tinting Services. “We’re too close to bringing this team to the next stage. Toyota. Denso. Play went back and forth in the third quarter but a strong defensive showing in the final frame gave the Dragons their first ever playoff win in three seasons of ABL basketball. We can’t stop here. McKee Racing. The Dragons did not allow their season to end as they closed out the third quarter on a 23-12 run. as a Malaysian wild card entry in the form of Thunder Asia Racing Team. Ford and even Land Rover. In the second. Mercedes Mclaren SLR. and 6 assists. “We expected them to come Malaysian team to enter as Super GT wild card MALAYSIAN Super GT fans rejoice. I am absolutely thrilled to represent Malaysia and hope that more Malaysian fans will root for us. “Today we proved that we can be a defensive team. Brian was frustrated and we weren’t getting the calls. Visitors can expect the finest collection of vehicles from exotic makers such as Ferrari. The Beermen led by five points after Chris Banchero knocked down two free GARMIN GPS. and Porsche. Nissan. DJ Joey G and DJ Goldfish! A Affin Bank Motorshow will be held with the participation of leading conglomerates such as Sime Darby Motors. The top two teams will be battle on the center stage to be judged by the international judges. my or www. lead by Fairuz Fauzy and Hikori Yoshida in a Mosler MT900m. He has achieved remarkably well in past races.” said Fairuz.28 SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 50’’ Panasonic Plasma TVs. Malaysian fans can now hope for a possibile of a podium finish. DJ Fuzz. and the only Super GT race outside of Japan.supergt. including a 3pointer at the buzzer by Chris Banchero. Grandstand tickets are priced at RM100 each. 7 rebounds. Paint Shield Detailing and also motorcycles from NAZA.” In the third quarter. The Super GT is something new and exciting which will enable us to challenge ourselves. The night of June 9th will feature a dance party to the hypnotic live spin beats of renowned DJ KC. Dragons strike > Homesters thump Beermen to win first ever playoff W win lucky draw prizes such as 32” Panasonic LCD TVs. Home court advantage was huge for us. the Beermen used a 12-1 run to close out the half. Mercedes Benz as well as aftermarket accessory makers like Motul.” said coach Ariel. and 7 assists. Paint Shield. 43” Samsung Plasma TVs. We regrouped at halftime. “It’s always an honour to represent Malaysia on the international stage. and can be bought online at www. DJ Patricia Knudsen. In the fourth. Canon.000. NAZA World. Fairuz Fauzy’s participation ignites the national pride as the sole Malaysian driver to race in round 3 of the Super GT 2012. Honda. 15 rebounds.” said Ariel. “Beermen are a good team. “We know that our team is an offensive team. will blaze the tarmac of the Sepang International Circuit on June 9 -10. Touted as the FASTEST Grand Touring Race in the world. Fairuz is no stranger to the world of Malaysian motorsport. Subaru. Anti Virus Product by AVIRA. Mazda. Olympus & Fujifilm Mercedes AMG C63 to performance automakers such as Alfa Romeo. We certainly look forward to putting on a good show for our community. “This is a statement win and the first playoffs win for the Dragons. Maserati. ENEOS. Every ticket purchased will stand a chance to Tiras Wade (in white) is challenged by Beermen’s Nick Fazekas. who provide alternatives for 4x4 lovers. Patrick Cabahug scored 17 points for the Dragons. “To be part of the fastest grand touring race in the world is superb. Every basket and position.” Duke Crews opened up the first quarter with a layup but the Dragons led by as much as 13 in this period with Wade leading all scorers in the first quarter with 13 points.” said Ariel. Lamborghini. ESTPORTS MALAYSIA DRAGONS tied the playoff semifinals series with the San Miguel Beermen at 1-1 after a 100-77 win in front of a packed MABA Stadium on Saturday. Brian Williams nearly had a triple double with 26 points.thesundaily.supergt. the Dragons went on a 24-5 run to seal the victory. they cheered for us. which was our target. We have leaders on this team that can bring our players together. Nikon DSLR. Tiras Wade led all scorers with 34 points.ticketcharge.” . 2012 www. V Kool.” One of the highlights of this year’s Super GT Race will be a Extreme Street Dance Competition by 40 dance teams from various colleges in Klang Valley and Penang to showcase their astound dance choreography. Samsung S2. Jr Boogaloo (USA) and Shay Normann (UK).

the board might be as swift as they were with Hodgson. 2012 29 > Five issues Rodgers must address RENDAN RODGERS cut an impressive figure on his introduction as Liverpool manager. Liverpool have not played good football since Rafael Benitez left. he would still be in the job. He insisted that he was not affected by the speculation. a month after Redknapp was installed as shortpriced favourite to become the new England manager. But gaining the respect of millionaire superstars is rather different. Andre Villas-Boas. WIN THE LIVERPOOL SUPPORTERS OVER ROY HODGSON was never popular at Anfield. – The Independent .SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. Having been denied a Champions’ League place by Chelsea’s win. But if he is unpopular. We’ve played some fantastic football. At Swansea. They might wonder what Rodgers has done to earn this role. and was soon dismissed. which the chairman Daniel Levy is reluctant to give him. Redknapp can point out that with one more goal in the April defeats by Norwich or Queens Park Rangers.” Redknapp said before the Chelsea result. Charlie Adam. CONVINCE THE PLAYERS HE IS THE MAN BRENDAN RODGERS clearly commands the devotion of his Swansea players: he has taken them up to the Premier League. Tottenham held third place from November until March. articulate and positive. his team would have finished third and rivals Arsenal would have been demoted to the Europa League. Rodgers must undo the failings and teach his own game. 2. That in turn affects transfer plans for the summer and makes them vulnerable to bids for star players like Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. Harry Redknapp is facing an uncertain future at Tottenham. but over the season I don’t think you could ask for a lot more than finishing fourth. The Spurs manager. Roberto Martinez and Paulo Sousa had already put the system in place. could not win over the Chelsea players. We’d love to have finished third.” – The Independet 1. DEAL WITH LAST YEAR’S RECRUITS HAD Kenny Dalglish bought better. Henderson might fit into his new system but will the rest? 3. Rodgers must avoid the same fate at Liverpool. whose contract runs out at the end of next season. Rodgers struggled to adapt a hard-running squad inherited from Steve Coppell. Gerrard is a huge figure at Liverpool but after three poor years Rodgers must wonder how wellequipped he is for that sort of work now. B Anfield in-tray Harry feels the heat at Spurs IN the week that he might have expected to be taking England to the European Championship. 5. DECIDE HOW TO USE STEVEN GERRARD RODGERS needs his midfielders to keep the ball: at Swansea he used the precise talents of Joe Allen and Leon Britton. I couldn’t be more pleased. Andy Carroll. Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson or find willing buyers. and 4. Here we look at the most pressing issues he must tackle. TEACH HIS STYLE OF POSSESSION FOOTBALL IT is not always easy to mould players to your style of play. after a series of public mis-steps and poor displays. “It’s been a great season. convince the fans he is the man to bring back the successes of the Benitez era. but a run of one win in nine games meant dropping to fourth place. especially with no playing career behind him. Assured. At Reading. another bright young coach who never played. “Top four. Rodgers must either include Jose Enrique. Tottenham stand to lose some £30million (RM150m). wants another three years at the club. Rodgers must avoid both. It is understood that thereis disillusion among some members of the boardroom with Tottenham’s disastrous end to the season. But he must tread carefully to keep the Kop onside. he managed to keep his feet firmly on the ground without killing off the optimism that always accompanies the arrival of a new broom.

Senegal and Tunisia also triumphed yesterday as 11 matches were played at the start of the group phase. AFPPIX “None of us are pleased with what we showed. replicating his Barcelona form more and more with each match for his country.861.75 RM 6.” Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez told reporters speaking for the players and his staff.82 11 21 22 27 30 36 25. “I am ready to compete and to make history again with the national team. It followed two matches on Friday and there will be seven more today. “I am in very good shape and very pleased.” he added. going Lionel Messi (centre) vies for the ball with Ecuador's defender Jairo Campos (left) and defender Jorge Guagua during their FIFA World Cup South American qualifier match at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires yesterday.36 6 4 0 2 8 8 4 5 1 5 3 4 9 1 6 4 0 2 8 0 2 8 2 8 7914 4104 0744 3250 2184 3256 1893 2150 9251 5292 4918 7272 9654 1925 3178 3022 5885 3869 2655 8728 1298 8176 4120 5 9 4 9 4 5 5 5 5 5 9 4 9 4 9 4 9 9 4 9 9 4 9 4 5 4 9 4 5 9 4 5 4 5 Fab could make Italy opener – Del Bosque PLAYMAKER Cesc Fabregas (pix) may have shaken off his hamstring injury in time to feature in Spain’s Euro 2012 Group C opener against Italy on June 10. who have been to an African record six World Cups. possibly. and I was already feeling good at Real Betis on the final day of the La Liga season (on May 12).750. a fifth World Cup qualifier in succession without beating the region’s former whipping boys.686.724. Argentina can be overtaken next weekend when they have a bye which they will spend playing arch-rivals and 2014 World Cup hosts Brazil in a friendly in the United States. 2012 Messi sends Argies to the top A RGENTINA’S decision to play their four world class forwards was fully justified in a crushing 4-0 win over Ecuador that put them top of the South American World Cup qualifiers yesterday. please visit www. For more infomation.44 8285 8285 7491 7491 2989 2989 7491 2989 2989 8285 8285 7491 288.07 7914 4104 7914 0744 4104 0744 4104 7914 0744 7914 0744 4104 RM 375.30 SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4.073.53 Magnum proudly sponsors “London The Summer Musical” @ Sunway Lagoon Ticket Redemption start from 26 May until 16 June 2012 @ ENE (Selangor) Sdn Bhd. Drogba and his Chelsea teammate Salomon Kalou scored for the Ivory Coast as they beat Tanzania 2-0 at home less than a week after changing their coach.” – Reuters 10 19 21 34 42 45 24. a header by Venezuela striker Jose Salomon Rondon was helped into his own net by defender Diego Godin. Sergio Aguero. Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria all scored in the victory as the home side scored three goals in a devastating 11 minute period in the first half that settled the outcome.204.55 8 15 16 17 22 44 9. Messi.” he added. Chile served notice they are still a force despite initial problems that included coach Claudio Borghi suspending a quintet of players for breaking a curfew before a qualifier against Uruguay last November. Striker El Arabi Soudani scored twice as Algeria had a routine 4-0 triumph over Rwanda in Blida.671. sustained the injury during Barcelona’s 3-0 King’s Cup final win over Athletic Bilbao last month before he was named in the world champions’ 23-man squad to defend their continental title in Poland and Ukraine. with little more than five minutes left. However.” the 32-year-old said. “We have to be a solid team. Second half goals from Mohamed Tahir and Seif Masawi brought the Zambians back to earth with a sudden jolt and makes next Saturday’s home match against Ghana vital for the continent’s champions. Cameroon. – Reuters 03/06/12 3659/12 Perak Turf Club 137 635 589 3137 7635 9589 3058 6588 6086 6639 9614 1944 2229 5987 0251 6202 0159 6593 5351 9536 6527 2659 4126 3819 5538 3652 3712/12 03/06/12 8285 7491 2989 5648 1072 2956 8842 0533 4080 5568 4891 3631 4188 8534 2965 3148 7764 7016 2109 3315 1711 6051 7928 Drogba scores as Ivorians win 583/11 934/12 09/06/2011 03/06/2012 DIDIER DROGBA was again among the goals as the Ivory Coast led a list of former finalists in a winning start to World Cup qualification but new African champions Zambia lost their opening game on the road to Brazil. who will be rested against China as a precaution. Diego Forlan put Uruguay ahead at the Centenario when he extended his national scoring record to 33 in the 39th minute. “They did some tests yesterday and the doctors saw that he (Fabregas) is in reasonably good shape. as initially given by the South American Football Confederation. “Yesterday I trained (with the national team) for the first time. Both Senegal and Tunisia came from behind to win 3-1 at home in their respective group games.591. coach Vicente del Bosque said yesterday. Gonzalo Higuain.” coach Alejandro Sabella told the post-match news *First Come First Serve Basis *Terms & Conditions Apply . “He will rejoin the rest of his teammates in training at some point and. excited and physically fine. whose coach Eric Gerets’ job is now under severe threat after a 1-1 draw away at lowly-ranked Gambia.974. absorbing pressure and hitting Bolivia on the break. Cameroon. But.730. be ready for the 10th. The former Arsenal captain was one of a number of Barca players who ended an intense season carrying injuries and central defender Carles Puyol has been ruled out of Euro 2012 after needing knee surgery. There was also a setback for Morocco. structured in > As Uruguay draw against Venezuela defence and accompany Lionel so he can express himself to the full. was brilliant and may well have finally won over the crowd at the Monumental in Buenos Aires. “Rondon hits it and it hits me. Argentina lead the South American group with 10 points from five matches. has been suffering from a persistent calf problem but told a separate news conference in Seville on Saturday he was back to full fitness. Midfield orchestrator Xavi.007.” Del Bosque told a news conference in Seville previewing Spain’s final warm-up match against China today. I played the King’s Cup final. – Reuters 5.” Godin told reporters who asked him whether he thought it was an own goal. Zambia lost their first competitive game since February’s African Nations Cup success as Sudan beat them 2-0 in Khartoum. who beat Bolivia 2-0 in La Paz. one more point than Chile. Forward Charles Aranguiz put Chile ahead in first half added time and Bolivia’s hopes took a further dive when defender Luis Gutierrez was sent off early in the second half for a foul on Alexis Sanchez. Borghi’s side notched up a third win as Chile made it three successive qualifying victories in the thin air of La Paz. a key player in Spain’s triumphs at Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup. Copa America holders Uruguay failed to end their Venezuela jinx. and two ahead of Uruguay and Venezuela who drew 1-1 in Montevideo. needed a second half penalty from Eric Choupo Moting in an unconvincing win over the Democratic Republic of Congo in Yaounde.magnum4d.054. Fabregas.

” Hodgson said.” Some good news on the injury front did arrive yesterday when John Terry. TIME magazine has done little to raise England fans’ hopes for Euro 2012 after dubbing the national side “the world’s most disappointing team”. Unfortunately for us. The Netherlands start the Euro against Denmark in Kharkiv on June 9 and the Danes also enjoyed victory yesterday. while Wayne Rooney’s assured late cameo underlined just how much he will be missed when he sits out England’s first two games due to suspension. is on the Norwich shortlist to replace Paul Lambert. which he deserved. depart the fray early at England’s national stadium. A brace from in-form Arsenal striker Robin van Persie. the chance to resurrect his career by making the switch to Loftus Road. through substitute Jermain Defoe. Co-hosts Poland completed their preparations in style. “It’s definitely a special moment for me. LIVERPOOL are also rumoured to be chasing Fulham’s Clint Dempsey. When Belgian midfielder Dries Mertens dwelt on the ball in his own half. should be the focal point of Hodgson’s forward line at the Euros. Indeed. Welbeck hadn’t played for club or country since suffering a bruised ankle playing against Manchester City on April 30 and is currently taking antibiotics for a stomach complaint. WIGAN manager Roberto Martinez. however. who has taken over at Aston Villa. Welbeck then showcased his pace as he surged past the Belgian rearguard to meet a slide-rule pass from Young before demonstrating his predatory instincts with a cool chip over advancing goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. THE EXIT of Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt. MANCHESTER CITY will begin their summer spending with a £25m (RM125m) offer for Athletic Bilbao’s 23-year-old defender Javier Martinez. The 21-year-old underlined all his qualities in both the build-up to and the eventual conversion of his goal. I have seen enough to believe we will be fine without me for those games. prevailing 2-0 against Australia thanks to a penalty by Liverpool defender Daniel Agger and a closerange Andreas Bjelland effort. 31. “Danny and Ashley (Young) have done very well and Alex (Oxlade-Chamberlain) came in and did brilliantly on the wing. 18-year-old striker Nick Powell. NEW LIVERPOOL manager Brendan Rodgers has confirmed his intention to make Gylfi Sigurdsson. “I think we have got the players to get results in those first two games. Cahill ruled out of Euros ENGLAND defender Gary Cahill has been ruled out of Euro 2012 with a double fracture of the jaw. who has improved significantly since a loan spell at Sunderland in 2010-11. Cahill’s Chelsea and England central defensive colleague. saying after the match: “The referee gave him (Mertens) a yellow card. 26. Further goals in the second half from Barcelona forward Afellay and centreback Ron Vlaar added extra gloss to a one-sided victory. To get my first England goal in that way. “John Terry has been scanned this morning and given the all-clear. The England medical team have been in close contact overnight with Cahill’s club doctors who will treat him moving forward. who moved possession on to Ashley Young. Portual. “Danny’s spell at Sunderland helped him. Rooney is suspended for England’s first two group matches against France and Sweden and Welbeck made a convincing case to deputise for the United star as he bagged his first senior international goal to seal a 1-0 win over Belgium. admits the goal has whetted his appetite for his first taste of a major international tournament. with a cash-plus-player deal involving their Brazilian midfielder Anderson. That was more than enough to convince Rooney that Welbeck. 2012 31 E NGLAND completed their preparations for Euro 2012 with a 1-0 friendly win over Belgium at Wembley yesterday.” – AFP QPR are set to offer Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes. 40. who is his main rival for the targetman role in Roy Hodgson’s side. one a penalty. but fullback Guillaume Gillet’s rasping 78th- Unconvincing Lions > England sign off for Euro with win as Dutch cruise minute drive hit the post. I’m delighted. saw Cristiano Ronaldo fail to convert a penalty in a 3-1 loss at home to Turkey that left them without a win in three matches. if Wigan No. Welbeck showed he is willing to work for the team as he nipped in to clip the ball towards Steven Gerrard. “It is a massive honour. was passed fit – for the time being at least – after suffering a hamstring problem against Belgium.” Rooney said. Dan’s the man for England says Rooney WAYNE ROONEY has backed Manchester United teammate Danny Welbeck to fire England’s attack in his absence at Euro 2012. who will face Italy.” Now Hodgson has been proved right and he heads to his first major tournament as England manager minus several players from his original squad. FORMER Huddersfield manager Lee Clark. “We’ve got another few injury concerns. “We hope that the scan doesn’t show any fracture and that he can still play in the tournament. coupled with goals from Wesley Sneijder – a 25-yard freekick – and Ibrahim Afellay. 39. who has made only five appearances for England. “Liverpool defender Martin Kelly will be called into the squad – subject to agreement from UEFA’s medical team. Portugal. MANAGERLESS Swansea will move for Blackpool manager Ian Holloway. having previously recorded a pair of goalless draws against Poland and Macedonia. The 26-year-old – who won the FA Cup and Champions League with Chelsea last season – suffered the injury when he was shoved in the back by Belgium’s Dries Mertens during the first half of a 1-0 international friendly win at Wembley on Saturday and. 49.” Hodgson immediately feared the worst regarding Cahill’s injury. It wasn’t major but we still need to scan it to be 100 percent sure. Gary Cahill (jaw) and John Terry (hamstring). with Hodgson having already omitted veteran Manchester United centreback Rio Ferdinand from his original squad. but he still showed enough glimpses of his vast potential to suggest he is a more potent threat than Andy Carroll. at Carrow Road. 25. England open their Euro 2012 campaign against France in Donetsk on June 11 but although they showcased plenty of defensive resilience against an enterprising Belgium team. has set his sights on the Tottenham job as Redknapp tries to sort out his White Hart Lane future. put Holland 4-0 up at the break. England secured victory through a 36th-minute goal by Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck. “Kelly trained with the England players last week and was part of the group that travelled to Norway (where England won 1-0 in Oslo to give Hodgson a win in his first game as England boss). the consequences might be a lot more than a yellow card because a fracture is a distinct possibility. 31. MANCHESTER UNITED defender Nemanja Vidic.” the FA said. “It was great to see him get his first goal. wrapped up their preparations in disappointing fashion by losing to Turkey in Lisbon. 53. – AFP England's striker Danny Welbeck (C) scores the opening goal during their international friendly match against Belgium at Wembley Stadium yesterday. collided with England goalkeeper Joe Hart. the Football Association (FA) announced yesterday.” Whether he starts or not. I’m just looking to build on that performance and get more games under my belt and more goals. The hosts also struck the woodwork late on. Marc Wilmots’ side could even have returned home with a draw. has received the all-clear to rejoin full training at the start of next month. John Terry felt his hamstring. the Netherlands proved that they will once again be a force to be reckoned with in Poland and Ukraine by trouncing Northern Ireland 6-0 in their final warm-up match. BUT CARDIFF manager Malky Mackay. to register a second consecutive 1-0 success following an earlier win over Norway in Oslo in Roy Hodgson’s first game in charge. “The Chelsea defender has two fractures of his jaw. could be as part of a swap deal with Fiorentina for £12m (RM60m)-rated wingback Juan Manuel Vargas. as a result. Elsewhere. “He will be re-assessed on Tuesday when the team regroup. ARSENAL chief executive Ivan Gazidis will meet 300 fans on Wednesday to explain the club’s transfer policy. who make up Group B along with Germany.” Beaten finalists at the last World Cup. They are Tottenham’s Luka Modric. Umut Bulut exploited hesitant home defending to put Turkey ahead in the 35th minute and the Toulouse striker had another mix-up at the back to thank for his second goal early in the second half. ARSENAL are interested in signing Crewe’s £10m-rated. crushing minnows Andorra 4-0 to extend their unbeaten run to four games – a run during which they have not conceded a goal. were installed as favourites for the Norwich vacancy. He was sent for X-rays and now he has become the third player to drop out of England manager Roy Hodgson’s squad this week after midfielders Gareth Barry and Frank Lampard’s hopes of playing in Poland and Ukraine were dashed by injury. . 27.8m (RM34m) move to Swansea stalled. 2 Graeme Jones opts to stay at the DW Stadium. 30. his first Anfield signing after the midfielder’s £6. one either side. MANCHESTER UNITED are aiming to sign Valencia’s Jordi Alba. 38. He came back bigger and stronger and started more games for United last season and coped really well. Nani pulled a goal back shortly after but Ronaldo then saw his penalty pushed away by Volkan Demirel and the night ended in farce for Paulo Bento’s side as Ricardo Costa’s attempted clearance struck Pepe and trickled in for an 88th-minute own goal. Shakhtar Donetsk striker Eduardo had broken the deadlock in the 79th minute for Croatia. Croatia were denied victory by a closerange 92nd-minute header from Tarik Elyounoussi in a 11 draw against Norway. they will face a much stiffer examination from Laurent Blanc’s men. 22. Having lost Frank Lampard and Gareth Barry to injury earlier this week. his first for his country. and Birmingham’s Chris Hughton. Hodgson also saw both his first-choice centrebacks. Gary Cahill is slightly more of a concern because it’s a jaw injury. Welbeck.” he said. Everton’s Leighton Baines. – AFP TOUCH LINES SIR ALEX FERGUSON has been told that Manchester United will have to pay a combined £72m (RM355m) to land his top targets – but he will not splash out that amount on the t h r e e players. Liverpool’s Martin Kelly was called up yesterdayday as a replacement. the Republic of Ireland and holders Spain in Group C.SPORTS – AHEAD OF THE GAME theSun ON MONDAY | JUNE 4. and Newcastle’s Cheick Tiote. 23. An FA statement said: “Gary Cahill has been withdrawn from England’s Euro 2012 squad following the injury he suffered in the match against Belgium. 28. while the Netherlands romped to a 6-0 success over Northern Ireland in Amsterdam.

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