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Exotic Entremets Recipe

by Pastry Chef Frederic Monti

Below are the recipes needed to create the components that make up this delicious entremets. The coconut nougatine base, the light coconut lime daquoise, the candied pineapples covered in kalamansi coulis, and exotic crmeux contrast delightfully with the chocolate mousse and caramel glaze. Topped off with the colorful chocolate decorations this dessert is sure to delight your lucky guests. (Recipes for six entremets)

Coconut Nougatine
Granulated Sugar Pectin Glucose Butter Desiccated Coconut 150 g 5.29 oz 2.5 g 0.09 oz 75 g 2.65 oz 125 g 125 g 4.41 oz 4.41 oz

Method: Glucose in micro for 20 seconds. Butter in the pot to melt. Add glucose. Mix sugar and pectin. Stir to dissolve and shiny. Immediately add coconut. Mix and fold until it absorbs moisture. Portion in to thirds. Bake at 350 F /175 C for 9 minutes.

Kalamansi Coulis
Kalamansi Puree Orange Juice Mango Puree Water Granulated Sugar PreGel Vanilla Purissima Beans Water Gelatin 186 g 186 g 186 g 126 g 158 g 6g 60 g 12 g 6.56 oz 6.56 oz 6.56 oz 4.44 oz 5.57 oz 0.21 oz 2.12 oz 0.42 oz

Coconut Lime Dacquoise -sponge /biscuist

Almond flour Dessicated Coconut Icing Sugar Granulated Sugar PreGel Albumissimo Water Lime Zested 135 g 135 g 250 g 50 g 100 g 200 g 3g 4.76 oz 4.76 oz 8.82 oz 1.76 oz 3.53 oz 7.05 oz 0.11 oz

Method: Bloom gelatin. Make simple syrup. Add syrup to puree burr mix. Add gelatin to mixture. Place in molds and freeze.

Exotic Crmeux
Passion Fruit Puree Mango Puree Banana Puree Coconut Puree Heavy Cream PreGel Ovissimo Granulated Sugar Water 228 g 148 g 48 g 28 g 280 g 280 g 148 g 30 g 6g 8.04 oz 5.22 oz 1.69 oz 0.99 oz 9.88 oz 9.88 oz 5.22 oz 1.06 oz 0.21 oz

Method: Combine sugar, lime almond flour and coconut. Make merinque with Albumissimo, sugar and water. Whip to stiff peaks. Zest three limes. Add zest to coconut mixture and aerate. Fold into meringue. Mold and bake at350 F/175 C for nine minutes until nice and brown.

Candied Pineapples
Sugar Water Diced Pineapple 1000 g 35.27 oz 1000 g 35.27 oz 1000 g 35.27 oz


Method: Make simple syrup. Cook pineapple in simple syrup on stove top for 3 hours. Strain.

Method: Bloom gelatin. Combine purees. Bur mix. Add half sugar, glucose and cream to simmer. Temper the Ovissimo. Cook to 181 F/83 C. Strain and cool. Mold and freeze.

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White Chocolate Mousse

Water Milk Powder Egg Yolk Glucose Salt PreGel Vanilla Purissima Beans Milk Gelatin Water White Chocolate Heavy Cream 128 g 38 g 60 g 3g 6g 338 g 12 g 108 g 4.52 oz 1.34 oz 2.12 oz 0.11 oz 0.21 oz 11.92 oz 0.42 oz 3.81 oz

Exotic Caramel Glaze

Granulated Sugar Heavy Cream Passion Fruit Puree Mango Puree Litchi Puree Coconut Puree Banana Puree Cornstarch Gelatin Water 860 g 30.34 oz 720 g 25.40 oz 250 g 200 g 100 g 100 g 50 g 44 g 22 g 145 g 8.82 oz 7.05 oz 3.53 oz 3.53 oz 1.76 oz 1.55 oz 0.78 oz 5.11 oz

443 g 15.63 oz

840 g 29.63 oz 900 g 31.75 oz

Method: Bloom gelatin. Desolve the milk powder in warm water. Then add next five ingredients. Cook to anglaise 184 F/85 C. Melt the gelatine in microwave and add to the mixture. Pass through chinois. Add chocolate at 45 C/113 F. Mix to desolve. Whip cream to soft peaks. When mixture it is 78 F/26 C add whipped cream.

Method: Bloom gelatin. Heat sauce pot. Dry caramelize sugar. De-glaze with hot cream and emulsify. Before it comes to a boil add puree. Insure all ingredients are emulsified. Add slurry. Boil for 30 seconds. Off heat add gelatin. Burr mix, pass through chinois. Cover as in pastry cream. Use at 86 F /30 C.

Presenting EntreMats

From Frederic Monti & The Chicago School Of Mold Making

In an effort to streamline the work of shaping and assembling the components that make up the layers of an entremet, Chef Monti and Michael Joy designed EntreMats. Making an entremet traditionally requires each layer be hand piped or cut to fit and leveled into the collective/final shape, tasks that require both skill and time. The solution? A silicone mold that allows each individual layer to be formed into a single, even, round disk, six at a time. With this technique, each preshaped layer can be stacked in place for quick assemblly. A crucial added benefit of this technique is that all the layers have the same diameter and thickness. Two types of EntreMats were designed. The open mat without a bottom is ideal for baking as it allows for the ingredients to caramelize. The other mat has a bottom to control and shape liquid recipes during freezing or baking. The benefit of using the bottom mat is that the mold contains the moisture and fats during either process. Both mats have a 7.5 diameter (which fits nicely into an 8 cake ring) allowing enough space for the mousse to encapsulate each layer when constructing the entremets. The finaly result, a multi-layered cross section with uniformly level and even layers. EntreMats are made of food contact safe silicone and can be blast frozen or baked up to 450F/232 C.

Left: EntreMat02 (bottomless) with separate acrylic pushpush and Right: EntreMat01 (with bottom) available at: page 2 of 2