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1994 Ford Truck Explorer 4WD V6-245 4.0L Copyright © 2008, ALLDATA 9.

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Starter Motor: Testing and Inspection
Starting System Testing

Starting System Testing

90 Page 1 Starter Motor: Testing and Inspection Troubleshooting Charts Troubleshooting Chart .1994 Ford Truck Explorer 4WD V6-245 4. ALLDATA 9.0L Copyright © 2008.

replace the damaged components. Replace red safety cap. If any part of the connection is damaged. 6. Do not pull on wire. 5. Disconnect starter cable and push-on connector from starter solenoid.1994 Ford Truck Explorer 4WD V6-245 4.90 Page 1 Starter Motor: Service and Repair Removal and Installation WARNING: WHEN SERVICING STARTER MOTOR OR PERFORMING ANY MAINTENANCE IN THE AREA OF THE STARTER MOTOR. Remove upper bolt. Remove the starter motor from the vehicle. NOTE THE HEAVY GAUGE INPUT LEAD CONNECTED TO THE STARTER SOLENOID IS HOT AT ALL TIMES. 4. Be careful to pull straight off to prevent damage to the connector and S terminal. 8. NOTE: When the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is disconnected and reconnected. REMOVAL 1. Raise and support the vehicle. 2. some abnormal drive symptoms may occur while the powertrain control module relearns its adaptive strategy. 5. Position starter motor to engine and install upper and lower bolt finger-tight.0L Copyright © 2008. 3. 6. INSTALLATION 1. Connect battery ground cable. Connect connector on starter solenoid. Be careful to push straight on and make sure connector locks in position with a notable click or detent. 7. Tighten the lower bolt to 22-28 Nm (16-21 Lb-Ft). Remove lower bolt. Disconnect the battery ground cable. Tighten the upper bolt to 22-28 Nm (16-21 Lb-Ft). Tighten to 11-13 Nm (91-122 Lb-In). . 4. ALLDATA 9. Lower vehicle to floor. grasp the plastic shell and pull off. MAKE SURE THE PROTECTIVE CAP IS INSTALLED OVER THE TERMINAL AND IS REPLACED AFTER SERVICE. The vehicle may need to be driven 16 km (10 miles) or more to relearn the strategy. Install starter cable nut to terminal. CAUTION: When disconnecting hard-shell connector at S terminal. 3. 2.