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Translating Conference Papers 1

PROJ 102 Project Proposal

Translating Conference Papers

Group No #93
Seref Onuralp Cankaya, Peri Sima Antalyali, Gulistan Yarici

Supervised by:
Gurdal Ertek

October, 27, 2008

Fall 2008
Sabancı University
Translating Conference Papers 2


In this project, our main purpose is to translate conference papers into Turkish which are
based on manufacturing engineering. This project will provide us to be more
knowledgeable about manufacturing engineering, while we are working on the task and
searching the key terms from the academic books. After developing our ideas and
translating with our supervisor, translated conference papers will be ready to reach.

1. Introduction

In today's world the industrial engineering has become increasingly important across
many countries around the globe. Industrial engineering is about using humanity,
information, material, equipments and process. Also enhancing and administering them.
Industrial engineers have to use the sources of time, money, material and energy
copiously and this engineering make works for redounding the engineering services.
While our group translates the papers the information about that group have will increase.
This project is a great opportunity to be knowledgeable in industrial engineering. Our
main aim in this project is be more sophisticated and other people who do not have
adequate English make more sophisticated about industrial engineering.

2. Definition and Scope

The first step of our project is to understand the general concept of conference papers and
to observe the previous translated papers for having accurate information. The next step
we decided will be investigating the key terms in the conference papers from the websites
or from the academic books about manufacturing engineering. After all these studying,
we will start to translate these papers English to Turkish in an accurate way. Our
translating method's aim is to be more clear and deductive for people who cannot
understand the English version of the texts.
For translating accurately, we will utilize from the dictionaries and websites on the
internet which shows the translating direct Turkish words replaced by English words.

2.1. Project Objective Statement

During this project, each group member will translate three conference papers. Our group
will work at least seven hours a week and according our plan we suppose to finish this
project before 12.01.2009

2.2. Deliverables

While in this project we will write stable weekly progress report which includes our
works and consequently we will write a final report, which will contain our complete
work. Furthermore, in the end of this project we will arrange a presentation and will
discuss about our project and the conference papers.
Translating Conference Papers 3

2.3. Milestones

The milestone of this project is reading the conference papers with details and
understanding the English version of these papers accurately for translating them facilely.
Out second milestone is to check it and evaluate it as possible as we can.

3. Project Planning

3.1. Work Breakdown Structure

3.1.1. Reading the conference papers with details Understanding the concept of papers Try to find the key terms Investigate the key terms in other sources Separate the papers each group members equally

3.1.2. Translating the conference papers Searching the words in the texts that we couldn't understand Translate the whole paper English to direct Turkish

3.1.3. Checking translations for the last time Correct the mistakes with group members and supervisor Try to evaluate them as much as possible

3.2. Organizational Structure

Each week, the industrial engineering conference paper would be received by our
supervisor. Each group members will be responsible for one of the conference paper. Our
aim is to study separately for seven hours total twenty one hours in a week. At the end of
the week we will work collaboratively for defining mistakes and adjusting them. We will
spend two or three hours for correcting mistakes and trying to evaluate them. We will
work as a team as possible longer as we can because of the complicated terms in the
texts. We will utilize from the dictionaries, web pages also academic books for the best
Translating Conference Papers 4

3.3. Time and Resource Plan

3.3.1. Time Plan

3.3.2. Gantt Chart

Translating Conference Papers 5

We utilize the MS project, when we are doing our Gantt chart. MS Project program is
very helpful program for creating Gantt charts, because this program gives us lines and
when we enter events and dates, it draws chart automatically. As our supervisor advised
us, MS Project program is the best way of creating Gantt charts for us.

3.4. Mind Map

Our mind map’s purpose is to show exactly what we are going to do in our project in a
simple way. This mind map ensures us to be more clear during the project. It also
provides our supervisor and other people who deal with our project subject to be
knowledgeable about what we are going to do in proj102.

4. Resources and Assistant

4.1. Resources

We used different kinds of books and previous translation papers.

4.2. Assistant

Our assistant Berkan Baltaci gives us information about proj102 and previous projects
about translation. We planned to have an interview weekly and talk about weekly
progress and next week’s program.
Translating Conference Papers 6


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