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A passion for performance.

Aeroflex Test Solutions Shortform Catalog

Aeroflex Test Solutions is a global leader in the Test and Measurement Instrumentation marketplace. Our products support a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense and wireless mobile and broadband communications. Our proven solutions encompass a full spectrum of instrumentation from turnkey systems, stand alone boxes or modular components that provide customers with highly reliable, customized, innovative and cost effective testing tools. We have leadership positions in specialty communications test niches like LTE wireless test, PMR and military radio test, commercial and military avionics test and satellite STE and broadband test.

A Passion for Performance
Passion? Can a company have passion? Honestly, we can't think of a better word to describe Aeroflex. We are passionate about our performance, driven to do better... Better than our competition, of course. But they're not our standard of performance. What really drives us is the desire to do better than we've done before. You can see it in our Solution-Minded approach to every customer need, in our Performance-Driven insistence that every solution is a cut above and in our Customer-Focused definition of performance.

solution-minded performance-driven customer-focused
You can see it in our people, in the way they work, take ownership and fight for even the smallest detail in any project. The real proof of our passion is in our products, though. There's always something about an Aeroflex product - something more, something faster or something making it more cost-effective. And it's designed to meet your needs - no matter how challenging they are - head on. A passion for performance. It's more than a principle or even a philosophy. It's a promise to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals. This short-form catalog is one of the best sources we can give you to help you achieve your goals by staying up to date on the latest test and measurement solutions from Aeroflex. This catalog provides a great top-level overview of Aeroflex solutions. We then invite you to continue your research by exploring our in-depth product information, application notes and other technical resources on our web site at www.aeroflex.com.


What’s New?
New in this issue are products such as the GPSG-1000 GPS/Galileo Portable Positional Simulator, ALT-8000 Radio Altimeter Tester, S-Series Signal Generators, CS9000 Broadband Signal System, AX-Series Semiconductor Test Systems, EAST500 LTE Test System and continued enhancements to the 3920 Radio Test Set, 3500A Radio Test Set, 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set, PXI 3000 Series and TM500 Test Mobile. We have also included products from our recent acquisition of Willtek. They include the 2201 ProLock Phone Tester, 4400 Mobile Phone Tester, RF Couplers and Shields and the 9100 Hand-held Spectrum Analyzer Series. These products give Aeroflex an increased breadth of product offerings. Now, take a look! Check us out and see all we have to offer! We’re passionate about becoming a partner in your success! And don’t forget that Aeroflex.com delivers the latest information about our products.

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Land Mobile Test
The Aeroflex family of radio test sets is the result of more than 50 years experience in providing superior radio test solutions. The combination of rugged dependability, high performance and software configuration provides the next generation of proven test products for your analog and digital radio test needs. Only Aeroflex provides the widest range of dedicated land mobile radio test sets, with full functions for the latest digital technologies. Aeroflex’s wide range of products cover land mobile radio applications in the HF, VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz band, with an industry first frequency range to 2.7 GHz. Aeroflex develops, manufactures and markets radio test solutions that protect your investment with upgradeable software modules to meet the latest radio test requirements. Building on a reputation of engineering excellence, the 3920 offers high performance tests equal to more expensive stand alone instruments. With advanced digital signal processing technology and rugged construction, the 3920 provides the most flexible, cost effective radio test system available. Featuring test capabilities for both analog and digital radios, the 3920 meets the need for testing both your legacy analog systems as well as the latest narrowband digital standards. The 3920 also features one button automatic test and alignment capabilities for many P25 radios including the Motorola Astro® 25 Series radios, enabling greater efficiency of test resources than ever before.

2945B - Communications Service Monitor

3920 Series Digital Radio Test Set

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The most comprehensive software defined test solution on the market today Full AM, FM, SSB analog measurements 2 MHz – 2.7 GHz operation P25 and SmartZoneTM and SMARTNETTM trunking test applications High performance spectrum analyzer, dual channel oscilloscope and analog meters 0.01 PPM timebase for super accurate frequency measurements Support for DMR (MOTOTRBOTM), NXDNTM and ARIB STD T-98 technologies Mobile, base and direct mode TETRA test functions Highly accurate EVM, power burst measurements and constellation displays Automatic test and alignment operation for ASTRO®, ASTRO® 25, and ASTRO® 25 XTL™ Series radios. Software upgradeable for next generation digital radio protocols IQCreator® allows for future proof RF generation of new digital waveforms

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Rugged lightweight package Full span spectrum analyzer with "live" look and listen Tracking generator with full offset tracking Accurate power measurement to 150 W Rugged lightweight package Full span spectrum analyzer with "live" look and listen Tracking generator with full offset tracking Fast auto-tune (typically <3 seconds) Accurate power measurement to 150 W Transient and harmonic analysis Color transflective superfast LCD with rapid refresh rate for easy monitoring and real time adjustment Analog trunked systems also available including MPT1327, EDACS and LTR® trunked radio and repeater test options

Portable, versatile and lightweight (12 kg/25 lbs.), the 2945B goes anywhere for the full range of parametric and signaling test. In addition to a full-span spectrum analyzer and tracking generator with an 80 dB dynamic range, a 50 kHz digital storage oscilloscope is included. It provides accurate power measurements up to 150 W, as well as harmonic and transient power analysis.

Aeroflex LMT Products
• • • 3920 Series Digital Radio Test Set 2944B Communications Service Monitor 2945B Communications Service Monitor • • 2948B Low Phase Noise Communications Service Monitor 3500A Portable Radio Communications Test Set


2948B Low Phase Noise Communications Service Monitor The 2948B has all the benefits of the 2945B. the 3500A provides fast. At less than 8 lbs. making it the only hand-held radio test set that can test all the components of an installed radio system. altitude. distortion. the Aeroflex 3500A is truly a rugged and portable radio test set. installed in a vehicle or in some remote location. It also has the power to test the cables and antennas. For field work. and packaged in a cast magnesium alloy case. for more critical receiver testing. The 3500A is perfect for testing radio transceivers. 5 hour battery life with continuous use -20 to +55 C operating temperature range Rugged construction (specifications for humidity. The 2948B Communications Service Monitor is the lightest. most rugged service monitor available with low phase noise signal generation. and NXDN digital radio test options Spectrum analyzer with <-136 dBm noise floor Tracking generator Oscilloscope Antenna and cable testing SINAD.1 GHz operation FM/AM transmitter and receiver tests P25. the 2948B provides an excellent combination of instruments for all types of maintenance work. 3500A Portable Radio Communications Test Set 5 . It combines many of the features of a bench top radio test set with the features of a Frequency Domain Reflectomer (FDR) into a lightweight. reliable measurements of the radio’s transmitter and receiver parameters. Featuring full radio test set features with up to 7 hours of battery life. The Aeroflex 3500A is the industry's first 1 GHz hand-held radio test set. In the workshop it provides all of the performance you would expect for exacting measurements. but with a low phase noise signal generator. the 3500A is ready to be used anywhere. New to the operation of the 3500A is the capability to test the latest • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2 MHz . Designed to meet the needs of avionics and land mobile radio tests. RF power and frequency error meters Audio frequency counter and level meters DCS encoder and decoder DTMF generator and receiver Weighs less than 8 lbs. whether on a bench. rugged and portable platform. DMR. shock and vibration. DMR and NXDN. MIL PRF 28800F Class II Certified) narrowband radio systems including P25.

All settings and commands are accessible via six softkeys or with one-hand operation using the turn-and-push dial. call setup time. after a simple set up of the network parameters and frequency range. users can operate the instrument easily by just pressing a few keys! Professional users of TETRA demand reliable and safe network operation. cell or control channel load. The instrument is based on a standard protocol stack.Communications Communications Land Mobile Test title 8140 TETRA AirAnalyzer 2305 TETRA Test Set Keep control of your TETRA network to provide the best possible service. the tester is ready for operation. No matter if you are analyzing radio coverage. • Advanced protocol analysis using message sequence charts (MSC) to display the complex flow of communications in the signaling protocol between TETRA radios and the base station Exclusive quality of service analyzer charts issues within a radio cell over a given time period. including statistical evaluation Voice decoder monitoring and recording of ongoing voice communication in the network Measurement of channel and modulation parameters with the TETRA physical data analyzer GPS-assisted radio coverage measurements TETRA scanner to survey spectrum utilization Decoding of communication under static or dynamic air interface encryption A portable TETRA tester – Tailor-made for field service • • • • • • Supports TETRA mobile station and base station tests relevant for service Intuitive and failsafe user interface Made for the PMR field service environment Bright screen and robust case Portable. a unique and versatile tool that allows you to continuously analyze and maintain a TETRA network. lightweight and compact Optional battery operation The • • • • • • The 2305 Stabilock delivers precise results quickly. No matter what application or TETRA frequency band. which is used in the certified IOP test setup of the TETRA Association and is the accepted reference standard for TETRA protocol analysis. These requirements can be fulfilled with Aeroflex’s 8140 TETRA AirAnalyzer. 2305 is based upon a TETRA-dedicated hardware platform with software options for different applications: The 2332 Base Station Test Option and the 2333 Mobile Station Test Option. The large. Reducing TETRA complexity to what is really needed in field service – with this operational concept. the 8140 TETRA AirAnalyzer is the right tool to get the full insight of your TETRA network. high contrast color display is split into four sections for clear reading of test results in numeric or graphic format. It is also well suited to examine issues arising during the introduction of new systems into a network and to perform interoperability testing during system development. and the best possible radio coverage. Aeroflex LMR Products • • 8140 TETRA AirAnalyzer 2305 TETRA Test Set 6 .

cost effective service is driving the rapid adoption of LTE (Long Term Evolution) and LTE-Advanced by network operators worldwide. reduced latency. realistic mobility and data traffic simulations. Among the requirements of the LTE and LTE-A networks are higher data rates. interference management. with it. Aeroflex has been providing market leading wireless test equipment for well over a decade. In the lead up to commercial launch. Further on in the development. wider bandwidths. and greater complexity of modulation and antenna configurations that need to be thoroughly tested to deliver the value customers expect. Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD). LTE is being deployed in two major variants. baseband and protocol. These technologies will enable operators to maximize spectrum utilization in an increasingly fragmented spectrum. ubiquitous. networks require complete end-to-end test scenarios that simulate hundreds or thousands of users over multiple cells and realistic mobility and traffic scenarios. Aeroflex provides test solutions for everything from chipsets to end user services. and has been involved in LTE from the start. Aeroflex addresses each of these challenges with a growing portfolio of products that puts this capability within reach. The portfolio encompasses LTE test solutions ranging from R&D through to manufacturing across the entire LTE equipment supply chain. The complete portfolio of LTE test solutions from Aeroflex is aimed at addressing all aspects of LTE test. including base stations and handsets. multiband support. In addition.” LTE Products • • • 7100 Digital Radio Test Set TM500 LTE Test System EAST500 Capacity Test System • • • PXI 3000 Series RF Modular Instruments S-Series Signal Generators 3410 Series Signal Generator 7 . it’s important to test networks with more than one mobile device to test scheduling. testing of Heterogeneous Networks. the essential elements Moreover. interference levels. Manufacturers of LTE infrastructure and devices need reliable test instruments capable of addressing the challenges brought forward by this fast growing standard. that define system performance and the key test requirements that guarantee flawless deployment. In the early stages of development it is necessary to test new LTE equipment using a layer-by-layer approach. This has provided an in-depth understanding of the LTE standard. Self-Organising Networks (SON) and interference management techniques will become increasingly important.Wireless LTE The proliferation of smartphones and customer demand for a fast. Ensuring performance is maintained throughout the network will be a concern. especially as the number of users per cell grows and. “The inherent complexities of LTE and LTE-Advanced require equipment to be thoroughly tested to deliver the value customers expect. Comprehensive test coverage is required to ensure the next generation of mobile and network devices match the hopes and expectations of network operators and end users this includes: RF.

HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA to LTE and LTE-A. maintenance and interoperability test: • 6113 GSM base station test systems for critical RF performance measurements • TM500 for drive testing • EAST500 for load and capacity testing TM500 LTE and LTE-A SUE Test Mobile • • • • • • • • FDD and TD-LTE test mobiles compliant with latest 3GPP specifications Capable of supporting up to 300 Mbps downlink. Scheduling algorithms need to be optimized. Each UE provides 3GPP LTE functionality and retains its own independent software stack to ensure that it is representative of an LTE handset. femtocells and network infrastructure. Aeroflex products support the following critical test applications: R&D: • TM500 LTE/LTE-A/HSPA+ Test Mobiles for leading edge L1/L2/L3 development • TM500 multi-UE for optimizing scheduling algorithms and load testing Manufacturing: • 6113 GSM base station test systems for quality assurance and functional testing Network rollout. 75 Mbps uplink Proven in over the air trials over a variety of 3GPP bands Layer 1/2 measurements and statistics. Testing a single base station against a single mobile isn’t enough though.Wireless Infrastructure Test Virtually every single base station in the world gets tested using Aeroflex equipment at some point in its life cyclewhether in R&D. validation and optimization. and the base station needs to be load tested. manufacturing or network installation and maintenance. With the TM500 Multi-UE and capacity variants. base stations functionality is advanced compared to mobiles. But with the mobiles lagging behind how do you test the base station? Aeroflex. Need an HSPA+ handset UE? Choose the TM500. Aeroflex LTE Test Products • • TM500 LTE and LTE-A SUE Test Mobile TM500 LTE Multi-UE and extMUE Option 8 . such as network access contention Scheduler performance testing and optimization via channel models Comprehensive Layer 1/2 measurements. From HSDPA through HSUPA. complex scheduler or capacity testing can be performed early in the design cycle and help deliver robust. with its TM500 test mobiles. Need an LTE UE with 300Mbit/s performance? Choose the TM500. the TM500 roadmap is always in step with the latest demands of the industry to help Aeroflex’s customers deliver their new products on time. TM500 LTE Multi-UE and extMUE Option In the demanding world of developing new cellular equipment. • • • • • • • • Functional load tester reproduces up to 128 UEs in one unit Number of UEs can be increased further as part of a capacity test solution Repeatable and deterministic control of each UE from a single user interface Ability to coordinate UEs precisely to test functionality. internal UE status and protocol messaging provided Supports a layered approach to testing with Layer 1 and Layer 2 analysis modes Higher layer protocol option supports Layer 3 and NAS 2 component carriers carrier aggregation with measurements per carrier Field performance for trial networks and proof of concept demos TM500 Test Mobiles – The Industry Standard The Aeroflex TM500 LTE/LTE-A Test Mobile is used for functional test and performance measurement of LTE/LTE-A base stations (eNode-B). Every major infrastructure vendor and a majority of femtocell manufacturers use TM500 throughout the development cycle. UE control and measurement capabilities provide the low level UE access and internal UE visibility required to properly test and debug the eNode-B or femtocell and network. provides the answer. the TM500 offers all the capabilities of a mobile terminal with advanced test functionality. flexible and high performance solutions to network operators. In the dawn of the new technology there are no mobiles at all. And what’s more. Why? Because it’s the industry standard for 3GPP verification. charts and statistics Real traffic applications with statistics per flow Mobility models for realistic channel conditions The LTE Multi-UE provides a number of programmable and configurable UEs that can be easily coordinated to reliably and repeatedly reproduce test scenarios.

8 and 9 WCDMA functionality options HSPA+ option adds Release 7 downlink 2x2 MIMO. simultaneous uplink and downlink Layer 1 and MAC-hs support of all HSDPA UE categories Real-time simultaneous decode of HS-SCCH/HS-DSCH data for all UEs Uplink Layer 1 and MAC-es functionality providing real time feedback for scheduler validation. providing full protocol capabilities • • • • • TM500 HSPA Multi-UE Option • • • • • • • Focused on Node B HSPA scheduler optimization and load testing Release 7. including detailed user control of channel configurations and extensive logging. uplink 16-QAM and enhanced layer 2 features and continuous packet connectivity features DC-HSDPA option adds Release 8 dual cell on the downlink. HSDPA and R99 functionality Optional RRC and NAS. plus uplink data rates to 22 Mbps Flexible configuration of HSUPA. 8 and 9 options Up to 64 HSPA UEs. plus combined MIMO and 64-QAM on single cell Rel-9 DC-HSDPA adds support for simultaneous dual cell and MIMO. 16. TM500 HSPA products simplifies development and test of the enhanced air interface functionality with the use of well-proven test features. 64-QAM. Aeroflex Wireless Products • • • TM500 Rel-7 HSPA+ Test Mobile Option TM500 Rel-8 and Rel-9 DC-HSDPA Test Mobile Options TM500 Rel-9 DC-HSUPA Test Mobile Option • • TM500 Rel-7 to Rel-9 Multi-UE Options 1. up to Category 9 Simulated path loss and data traffic scenarios for each UE The TM500 HSPA Test Mobile products build on the successful TM500 product range adding support for the latest 3GPP release functionality on a common platform that can also run TM500 LTE software. plus SIM card support • • • • TM500 HSPA Single-UE Options • • Full Layer 1/Layer 2 implementation of 3GPP WCDMA specifications from R99 through to Rel-9 Simultaneous downlink data rates to 84 Mbps.TM500 HSPA Test Mobile Options • • 3GPP Release 7. with downlink data rates to 84 Mbps. 32 and 64-UE options 9 . Aeroflex has a roadmap for WCDMA Release 10 support and beyond to ensure that the TM500 remains at the leading edge of WCDMA development and has the functionality available to meet the most demanding Node B development schedules. plus non-adjacent dual cell support Rel-9 DC-HSUPA adds support for dual cell in the uplink Planned options include Rel-10 MC-HSDPA with downlink data rates to 168 Mbps Single-UE options for detailed functional development and testing Multi-UE options for Node-B scheduler and load testing Higher layer protocol options add support for RRC and NAS layers.

The comprehensive range of test capabilities enables the 7100 to be deployed in all phases of device design and development and the ease of use and costeffective design also make it suitable for use in the production and service markets. CDMA. permitting end-to-end throughput and latency to be measured in a controlled environment. Features include: • • • • • • • • Comprehensive 3GPP Rel-8/Rel-9 LTE test capability Supports FDD and TDD. covering all potential spectrum allocations up to 6 GHz. WCDMA. The EAST500 consists of the proven Nethawk EAST load simulation solution fully integrated with Aeroflex LTE RF technology. TDSCDMA. covering all frequency bands Multi-RAT testing covering LTE. baseband and protocol stack development through integration. up to Cat 4 IMS test capability. Applications EAST500 is a highly flexible test platform that can be used for: • • • • • eNB and LTE network load test with latest 3GPP features eNB and LTE network regression test LTE end-to-end quality of service measurement eNB scheduler testing under high UE load conditions ‘Real-world’ RF channels and data testing in a lab environment design. CDMA. with 2x2. regression and pre-certification testing. receiver and transceiver measurements. 4x2 and 4x4 MIMO. WCDMA. covering all key transmitter. starting with initial RF. This enables end-user quality of experience measurements to be made based upon real data application traffic. web browsing and video broadcasts can be verified by using sophisticated application data generation features of the EAST500.Wireless EAST500 Capacity Test System Infrastructure and Cellular Parametric Test 7100 Digital Radio Test Set The Aeroflex 7100 Digital Radio Test Set is a compact.and multi-mode LTE. bench top instrument that provides all the tools required during the The EAST500 provides true end-to-end LTE load testing over an RF connection to an LTE eNode-B (eNB). All the key measurements are provided for characterizing the performance of single. 10 .521 RF test specification. incorporating some based on the 3GPP TS 36. GERAN and TD-SCDMA mobile devices. FTP data. An integrated IMS server allows complete functional testing to be performed. A comprehensive range of RF tests is included. Covering All Phases of LTE Terminal Testing The 7100 incorporates a 3GPP Rel-8 compliant protocol stack and physical layer to emulate an eNB (evolved Node B) and the EPC (Evolved Packet Core) network. The use of Aeroflex’s LTE RF solution provides access to the most widely deployed UE RF test solution worldwide that reduces EAST500 integration time from months to days. The 7100's easy to use test features cover the entire spectrum of R&D test activities. GERAN including handover RF parametric measurements and built-in test cases Protocol logging and analysis tools Performance testing of end-to-end IP packet links.92 VoLTE support Built-in Fading/AWGN capability for RF performance testing under realistic signal conditions Real LTE data bearer services such as VoIP calls. development and test stages of LTE UE chip sets and terminals. including GSMA IR. These tests use the built-in protocol stack to configure the correct RF conditions for testing. A scalable number of connected UEs are provided that can simulate from hundreds to thousands of active wireless subscribers per cell.

WiFi (Wireless LAN) Aeroflex Wireless Products • • • 7100 Digital Radio Test Set EAST500 Capacity Test System 4400 Mobile Phone Tester Series • • • 4914 Antenna Coupler 8300 Griffin Fast Measurement Receiver 7310 Lector and Scriptor Family 11 . they now can simply place the unit under test on the 4914 Antenna Coupler. The Aeroflex 4914 Antenna Coupler makes testing of PMR terminals easier. Where technicians previously had to move around many RF adapters (radio frequency adapters) for different types of equipment. robust and battery-powered unit. • • Portable. service test and handset repair requiring a multitechnology platform. WCDMA (UMTS). EDGE. TD-SCDMA Easy to use interface. Wideband CDMA. 1xRTT. WCDMA. EVDO. GPRS. HSDPA. and detects interference • • • 7310 Lector and Scriptor Family 4914 Antenna Coupler Simplifying testing of PMR radios and CDMA 450 mobile phones. CDMA2000. GPIB. adjust the shuttle to a predefined position and start the test. EDGE. the Aeroflex 4400 provides the lowest total test cost per device and drastically reduces production downtime because one system can easily switch from one technology to another. ready for use in any environment Range of measurement modes: field surveying. By quickly testing GSM. CDMA2000. • Multi-standard platform for wireless handset test: GSM. EDGE. the Aeroflex 8300 is the most effective measuring receiver available for planning and optimizing cellular networks. • • • • Easy to use – no complicated wiring and handling Unique moving shuttle ensures best coupling position High repeatability using snap-in (preset) positions Optimized for use with Aeroflex’s 4921 RF Shield Easily managing complex measurements Aeroflex's 7310 Lector software is a well-established and economic test solution for service centers and repair shops testing returned mobile phones with any of Aeroflex's terminal testers. • • Supports many Aeroflex Terminal Testers Supported technologies: GSM. spectrum analysis and spectral occupancy to statistical measuring of the RF channel Verifies RF propagation/RF coverage. GPRS. HSDPA. Using a coupling device with an antenna has the additional advantage of including the antenna in the test whereas individual adapters are often connected in place of the antenna or with a connector that bypasses the antenna. USB. HSDPA. AMPS. thus minimizing training requirements Various PC interfaces for instrument control and data transfer. TETRA. 1xEV-DO and TD-SCDMA terminals. Bluetooth®. RS-232 For Planning and Optimizing Cellular Networks Aeroflex's 8300 Griffin Fast Measurement Receiver is the ideal instrument for quickly and accurately performing a wide range of measurement functions in the RF channel. GPRS. LAN. Using the latest RF and logic technologies.4400 Mobile Phone Tester Series 8300 Griffin Fast Measurement Receiver The universal radio communication tester for production test and service test. EVDO. Aeroflex's 4400 Mobile Phone Testers are the most costeffective test solution for those in wireless manufacturing test.

easy to use. Field portable. software development.Mobile IP. EV-DO release 0 and EV-DO revision A mobile devices and access terminals. Applications include installation and commissioning. A-GPS. operator test plans and conformance testing against the CCF-L test plan. 1800 and 1900 Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs). EV-DO Rel 0/Rev A radio standards Multi-cell emulation including Hybrid Mode (1X / EV-DO) and SVDO Advanced test options . 900. routine maintenance. 900. 11-20/11-21. Aeroflex Wireless Products • 6204 and 6402 CDMA-AIME • • 6113 EDGE Base Station Test Set 6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT 12 . fault finding and production testing A-bis interface for full BTS control and Bit Error Ratio (BER) measurements Two PC card slots for data storage. fault finding and final unit production testing. interoperability testing. The A-bis interface also allows the user to make Bit Error Ratio measurements (BER) on the receiver and transmitter. field upgrades and software enhancements Options for GPRS. internal digital baseband fading and AWGN Fully automated testing including mobile control • • • • • • The CDMA-AIME system is designed to enable testing of cdma2000 1X. regression testing. mobile integration. An extensive range of 3GPP2/CCF test cases are available as separate software options offering a scalable cost effective CDMA test solution. and it provides a wide range of test and measurement functions to enable fast manual or automatic testing of GSM 850.Wireless 6204 and 6402 CDMA-AIME CDMA Mobile Protocol Development and Conformance Test Solutions R&D and Conformance Test 6113 EDGE Base Station Test Set • • • • • Support for cdma2000 1X. as specified in GSM rec. 1800 and 1900 BTS testing Options to control all major BTS types Test sequences for full customization Optimized for installation and commissioning. fully integrated for GSM 850. EDGE and AMR base station tests Aeroflex's 6113 Digital Radio Test Set is regarded by many as the industry standard base station tester. Applications include R&D. The 6113 A-bis interface also permits a wide variety of other test functions to be performed that could not otherwise be implemented. routine maintenance.

010 test cases validated by accredited test houses Fully automated testing including mobile control Fast test case execution times Quad band capable: 850. Rel-4. a fully compliant 3GPP conformance test solution. EGPRS and DTM in excess of multi-slot class 12.6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT 2/2. AMR. 900. 13 . protocol stack R&D. GPRS. GPRS. addressing compliance. 6103 AIME is used for initial DSP development. securing its place as the 2/2.5G protocol analyzer and compliant conformance test solution of choice for many years to come. interoperability identification and regression test. The AIME/CT software allows the user to execute validated GSM.5G terminals.010 conformance test cases. Rel-5 and beyond. The 6103 AIME and AIME/CT support 3GPP Releases R97/8. EGPRS and DTM 3GPP TS51.5G Mobile Protocol Development and Conformance Test Solutions • • • • • • GSM. The 6103 AIME can be upgraded to the 6103 AIME/CT. R99. AMR. AMR. 1800 and 1900 MHz Support for UMA/GAN Handover (GSM/WiFi) The 6103 AIME and 6103 AIME/CT platform supports GSM. EGPRS and DTM 3GPP TS51. GPRS. a mandatory testing process prior to market launch of 2/2. listed at GCF and PTCRB as Test Platform TP11. The 6103 AIME/CT is aimed at the latter stages of the terminal development lifecycle. integration.

our avionics test solutions provide the critical data needed to ensure a safe flying environment.Avionics Test Avionics Aeroflex’s avionics test equipment is used to design.. DME. WAAS/EGNOS L1. reducing NFF (no fault found) occurrences and reducing the airline LRUs (line The GPSG-1000 uses modular technology for RF and baseband signal generation to produce highly accurate and repeatable test results. L2C. ALT-8000 FMCW/Pulse Radio Altimeter Flightline Test Set GPSG-1000 Portable Satellite Simulator The ALT-8000 is a lightweight universal test set for 4. Problems are identified with a positive diagnosis and a confirmed resolution. a 3D navigation scheme that allows airport-to-airport flight plan simulation Programmable satellite parameters allow specific tests to be conducted to determine receiver behavior under degraded or invalid signal conditions Available in 6 or 12 channel configuration • • • • • • “. Inter. E6 signals to support unencrypted services SBAS. private and military airborne electronic systems. antenna or feeder faults to be identified Multi-channel operation (via additional test sets) Programmable multi-leg climb/descend profiles Remote control interface USB/LAN Some of the many features of the GPSG-1000 include: • Simulation of GPS L1C. L5 for automatic SBAS simulation Built-in GPS C/A code receiver for automatic GPS almanac download Dynamic waypoint navigation. RX.. Unlike bench top simulators. • • • • • • • Tests FMCW radio altimeters including CDF types Tests pulse radio altimeters (non-pulse compression types) Direct-connect to UUT T/R or to installed system via antenna couplers Ratio-metric RF loop test allows TX.. The ALT-8000 may be directly coupled to the radio altimeter transmitter/receiver (TX/RX) ports or may be connected via supplied TX/RX antenna couplers. Aeroflex has been the industry leader in avionics testing for more than 40 years and continues to lead with innovative solutions. Aeroflex’s approach also allows the test system to be easily upgraded. TACAN and TCAS Testers • APM-424(V)4 & APM-424(V5) Interrogator/Transponder Test Set • IFF-45TS Transponder/Interrogator/TACAN Bench Test Set • IFR 6000 Ramp Test Set • IFR 6015 Military Ramp Test Set • SDX 2000 Transponder/Interrogator/DME Test Set • • • • • • ATC-1400A Transponder/DME Bench Test Set T-1401 TACAN Accessory Unit S-1403DL/MLD Mode S Accessory Unit SI-1404 MK12/Mode S IFF Accessory Unit IFF-701Ti IFF Transponder/Interrogator Test Set RGS 2000 TCAS Reply Generator 14 . supporting the modernization of signals used by the latest designs of GPS receivers Simulation of Galileo E1.Aeroflex has been the industry leader in avionics testing for more than 40 years. L5 signals.3 GHz FMCW (frequency modulated continuous carrier wave) radio altimeters and pulse radio altimeters with a large 12-inch color touch screen for ease of use.” Aeroflex Avionics Test Products Trans. test and maintain commercial. replaceable units) inventory. manufacture. With the quality and performance you have come to expect from Aeroflex. E5..

RF I/O. The IFR 4000 with its lightweight size (under 8 lbs. frequency. S. antenna. The IFR 6000 is everything you need for comprehensive DME testing supporting all DME channels. 2. Military requirements for safety and environmental conditions. Mode 5. interrogation and reply monitor BNC APM-424(V)5 Mode 5 Test Set Nsn: 6625-01-583-2774 • DoD AIMS 03-1000A Mark XIIA (Mode 5 Level 1 and 2) certification Transponder Test Modes 1. 2. VOR and Marker Beacon receivers and VHF AM/FM and UHF AM transceivers. 3/A. C. FAR Part 43 Appendix F Compliant (Enhanced Surveillance) + Proposed FAR Part 43 Appendix F Extension. Nav/Comm Testers • IFR 4000 Nav/Comm Ramp Test Set • ATB-7300 Avionics Test Bench Radio Altimeter Testers • ALT-8000 Radio Altimeter Test Set MLS. These test sets meet or exceed U. C. 3/A. C. APM-424(V)4 and APM-424(V)5 Interrogator/Transponder Test Sets The IFR 6000 tests transponder modes A/C/S Mode S Level 1-4. It features an extremely easy to use interface where every parameter the user commonly needs to view is displayed on one screen. 4.IFR 6000 Ramp Test Set • • • • One main user screen for each test mode Detachable antenna Simple user interface Lightweight and compact under 8 lbs. Mode 5 Interrogator Test Modes 1. S (ELS/EHS. TCAS. 4 • Interrogator Test Modes 1.S. • • The IFR 4000 navigational communications ramp test set verifies the operation and installation of ILS. Interfaces include RS-232. C. 3/A.) and ergonomic design will provide you with the most portable navigational communications ramp test set on the market today. 4. output power. S.). It also tests DME TCAS I and II. 2. TCAS. and altitude decoder. modulation (AM and FM and receiver sensitivity) Generation of ARINC 596 selective calling tones Guided test capability cuts down total test time Sets maintain the preferred point and shoot design for ease and speed of operation. S (ELS/EHS. long run time battery (8 hrs. Weather Radar and GPS Systems • MLS-800 Microwave Landing System/Ground Station Simulator • MLS-801 Microwave Landing System Ramp Test Set • RD-301A Weather Radar Test Set • RDX-7708 Weather Radar Test Set • GPS-101 Satellite Simulator • GPSG-1000 Portable Positional Simulator 15 . • • • USB. 4. 2. 3/A. E-TCAS • Shipboard interrogation • Mode 5 upgradeable Aeroflex’s new generation Interrogator/Transponder Test • Accurate measurement of VHF/UHF transmitter. E-TCAS Shipboard interrogation IFR 4000 Nav/Comm Ramp Test Set APM-424(V)4 • Transponder Test Modes 1.

certification. Avionics Test Bench is a comprehensive. the unit can be used anywhere troubleshooting is required. LOX or engine oil or other AC capacitance system. portable capacitance test set. The PSD90-1C has new features that allow the user to better troubleshoot and isolate fuel system problems. water. water. LOX. Options include RF avionics waveform analyzer and integral spectrum analyzer. ATB-3000. prototype. Rugged in design. factory test and service Avionics signal generation and signal analysis tools in a single chassis Tests ILS/VOR/MKR/ADF and VHF comm functions. engine oil or other AC capacitance system. individual tank units and compensators Simulation of capacitance for indicator calibration Simulation of compensator capacitance value for dry calibration The PSD60-2R is an accurate.Communications & A Avionics Test Avionics IFF-45TS Transponder/Interrogator/TACAN Bench Test Set PSD60-2R Fuel Quantity Test Set • • • • AIMS certified (All modes including Mode 5) Dual I/O for diversity transponder or sum/difference interrogator testing Separate RF I/O for direct connection to equipment under test or connection to antennas for over-the-air testing Supports AIMS 04-900 Type A (KIV-78) and Type B (KIV-77) Mode 4/5 cryptographic equipment • • Measurement of total tank capacitance. The basic unit. configurable test platform for avionics system and component test. the PSD90-1C is ideal for shop or depot level repair of fuel system components. including SELCAL The PSD90-1C AC/DC Fuel Capacitance Test Set will test any AC or DC capacitive fuel. Capable of being operated with external power. • PSD90-1C AC/DC Fuel Capacitance Test Set ATB-7300 Avionics Test Bench • • • • Easy to operate/calibrate Closed box calibration using front panel controls performed annually Lightweight/portable Re-chargeable battery or externally powered ATB-7300 Avionics Test Bench is a configurable platform for avionics test. Databus Analyzers and Control Display Units • 429EX ARINC 429 Analyzer • DT200 ARINC 429 Analyzer • DT350H Honeywell ASCB Analyzer • DT400 ARINC 429 Analyzer • DT400H ARINC 429 Analyzer • T1200B ARINC 429 Control Display Unit Fuel Quantity Testers • PSD30-2AF Universal DC Capacitance Test Set • PSD60-1AF AC Capacitance Field Calibration Unit • PSD60-2R Fuel Quantity Test Set • PSD90-1C AC/DC Capacitance Test Set 16 . • • • Designed for use in product development. is a powerful bench PXI avionics signal generator. complete with Aeroflex integrated PC controller and touch screen display. highly reliable. the PSD60-2R will test any AC capacitive fuel. Along with an aircraft specific interface.

the RFEM provides a convenient platform that is completely compatible with new and existing ATEC® Series 6 ATE systems that use the Cassidian test executive environment. GPS. SATCOM. Developed and manufactured by Aeroflex in partnership with the Test & Services activities inside Cassidian. and other RF systems Complete RFEM and TPS information can be consulted on the Cassidian Customer Support and Services MyATE Internet web site Our objective is to offer test coverage of RF products from all major OEMs • • • • • ATE Systems • IRIS 2000 General Purpose ATE System • IRS 1200 Inertial Reference Unit Test System • RF Expansion Module for ATEC® Series 6 ATE 17 . Transponder. fully integrated into theATEC® Series 6 Simple Ethernet interface between RFEM and ATEC® Series 6. TCAS. covering Nav. • • Aeroflex designed RF test system. permits easy retrofit to existing ATE installations Cassidian test executive interface offers many advantages to the test operator Global service and support provided jointly by Cassidian and Aeroflex Extensive CMM-listed TPS library in development or planned. Comm.Avionics Test RF Expansion Module for ATEC® Series 6 ATE The RF Expansion Module (RFEM) is a new product capability designed to support testing of airborne RF components on the ATEC® Series 6 ATE.

a wide selection of modulation modes is catered for with wide bandwidths to support testing of broadcast systems and FSK for high speed digital transmission and telemetry. Windows™-based. Low Noise Analog Signal Generator • SGD .Fast. This class-leading. Low Noise. This enables a user to design waveform files from simple generic or system specific templates as well as convert user designed waveforms into compatible formats.Vector Signal Analyzer • SCO .High Power Amplifier 18 . Digital Signal Generator • SVA . vector and constellation diagrams. the SGD meets the needs for a general-purpose signal generator while offering the high performance required of demanding.S-Series S-Series The S-Series is a range of cutting-edge RF test equipment. • • • • Frequency coverage 100 kHz to 6 GHz +13 dBm output (+20 dBm option) IQ modulator with 300 MHz RF bandwidth Up to 250 MS/s dual channel arbitrary waveform generator with memory options up to 4 GBytes (1G Sample) 3GPP ACLR of -71 dB Embedded IQCreator® waveform generation tool Low SSB phase noise: -135 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz Fast frequency settling time: 100 μs List mode with AWG waveform sequencing SGD . totally touch-screen RF product range employs the latest synthesizer technology providing excellent phase noise combined with fast frequency and level settling time. Digital Signal Generator • • • • • SGA . The S-Series instruments employ a large touch-screen userinterface to provide unparalleled ease of use.Fast. With the unique combination of low phase noise and fast settling times. the SGA sets a new standard for performance. Graphical displays of the waveform FFT. The wide bandwidth IQ modulator is complemented by an embedded version of IQCreator®. Feel confident in your RF test needs . The small form-factor and light weight ensure minimum footprint on the bench or test system and maximum portability. With four internal 10 MHz oscillators and two external inputs. as well as a fully featured avionics option. Aeroflex’s powerful • • • Frequency coverage 100 kHz to 6 GHz Phase noise -135 dBc/Hz RF level/freq setting times 100 μs waveform creation tool. The S-Series products have been designed to cater for the needs of RF engineers who not only need high quality RF signal sources but also need the speed and efficiency provided by the newer generation equipment. A fast pulse modulator/generator option supports demanding tests on radar RF and IF stages required for military and RF applications.4-Input Port Combiner • SPA . Low Noise Analog Signal Generator With a comprehensive range of features and options. Low Noise.by combining instruments and modules using our innovative Aerolock™ concept. Waveforms designed in IQCreator® can include signal impairments and time markers to aid sychronization. the S-Series safeguards your future.Fast. etc. can be viewed and exported for use in other WindowsTM applications. S-Series • SGA . critical receiver measurements or rapid manufacturing.Fast.

A spectrum analyzer mode provides the features and controls you would expect from a conventional spectrum analyzer.com/sseries 19 . WPAN. 3G. With high linearity. WMAN. www.1 MHz to 6 GHz Plug & Play operation under the control of an SGA/SGD simplifies test configuration and calibration AerolockTM interlocking mechanism for test system creation Combine the outputs of up to four SGA/SGD signal generators to support all multisource applications High performance 4-input combiner/switch module to complement the SGA/SGD signal generator for all multisource applications. low noise and excellent level accuracy. 4G cellular radio signals as well as general purpose analog and digitally modulated signal analysis.SVA . A dual display mode allows close-in analysis of FFT segments using a simple drag and drop technique. 2G.4-Input Port Combiner • • • • • • • Frequency coverage 250 kHz to 13 GHz Input level range to +30 dBm Maximum instantaneous bandwidth: 90 MHz Digitizer ADC resolution: 13 bits Digital downconverter with sample rates up to 250 MS/s List mode for fast frequency and level settling time: <250 μs Generic demod and spectrum analysis as standard • • • • • Wide band cover SCO-6 . The SVA converts RF signals into digital IF or I&Q sampled data providing vector signal analysis of RF signals with functionality and performance required in the laboratory or the manufacturing test system.Vector Signal Analyzer SCO .aeroflex. the SVA is ideally suited for the analysis of WLAN.

reliability and innovation. In turn. An example is Fractional-N synthesis technology necessary to produce high-resolution. Aeroflex's signal sources are applicable to a diverse marketplace that includes wireless cellular. Aeroflex retains patents and intellectual property improving signal generation throughout the industry. Fast switching. low phase noise. excellent price/performance ratios. 20 . their reliability. adjacent channel power and memory deep enough to support complex waveforms continue to be key attributes within the signal sources product line offered by Aeroflex. military and radar. low phase noise carrier signals in signal sources. Combining the quality of Aeroflex signal sources. wide bandwidth. every Aeroflex test system represents an outstanding lifetime value. avionics.Signal Sources Signal Generators Inheriting Marconi Instruments' reputation for quality. conservative specifications and minimal requirements for maintenance. Aeroflex develops and executes its entire line of signal sources with excellent phase noise characteristics plus exceptionally high output power with class-leading output VSWR.

. vector and analog modulation in a 2U rack size.aeroflex. Aeroflex Signal Generator Products • • • • S-Series SGA Signal Generator S-Series SGD Signal Generator 2023A/B/25 Signal Generators 2026A/B Multi-Source Signal Generators • • • 2030/40/50/T Signal Generators 3412/3/4/6 Digital RF Signal Generators 3002 VXI Signal Generator 21 . high output power.6 lbs. IQCreator® Waveform Creation Software Designed for use with Aeroflex's 3410 Series digital RF signal generators.3410 Series Digital RF Signal Generators 2023A Series Signal Generators • • • • • • • Frequency coverage 250 kHz to 6 GHz Fast RF frequency settling <500 μs Fast level setting time <3 ms Waveform switching time <5 ms Differential IQ outputs Optional dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator Exceptional modulation linearity and speed Renowned around the world for its combination of flexibility. reliability and performance.. IQCreator® is a free.. WindowsTMbased software application that enables a user to set up a modulation scheme and then create an AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) file. fast GPIB response time. the 3410 Series is the ideal tool for RF test applications in both R&D and manufacturing. the 3410 offers broadband modulation bandwidth. Combining full digital. differential IQ outputs and excellent modulation accuracy and linearity. the 2023A Series signal generator continues to offer fantastic value and excels in the following areas: • • • • • • • Phase noise performance Class leading VSWR Highest power option +25 dBm Unique SINAD measurement option for simplified receiver testing Unique DC power input option for use in vehicle or external supply in the field Fast pulse modulator option with internal pulse generator 2026 multisource variant With its uncompromising levels of RF performance.and at 8 kg (17.com/IQCreator.) is still one of the lightest and most portable signal generators in its class. easy to use. Download the latest version at www.

we build the best products. fast antenna.000 Aeroflex synthesizers installed around the world. electronic warfare systems and ultra-fast ATE. so we could customize them to meet any performance requirements.0 Hz Can step from any frequency (F1) to any other frequency (F2).4 GHz Broadband sources operating over the range of 10 MHz to 18. The 2200 Series is ideal for radar simulation. agile radar. Designed to save substantial time and money over building a custom system in-house. • • Spans frequency range from 300 MHz to 18 GHz (optional up to 40 GHz) Broadband sources operating over the range of 3 MHz to 18 GHz with a standard resolution of 1. Output amplitude is +10 dBm +2 dB into an impedance of 50 Ω Full 3U rack chassis Excellent phase noise and spurious 2200 Fast Switching Synthesizers The 2200 Series is built on a versatile modular platform offers one microsecond switching speed and sub-microsecond level correction. from commercial to full military airborne and shipborne applications. First. RCS measurements. They are an ideal source for FM chirpable. • • • • • Truly modular construction Wide frequency range from a single unit Amplitude levelling Hop states faster than 5 Megahop/sec Wide variety of standard and custom interface options 2500 Fast Switching Synthesizers The Aeroflex 2500 Series synthesizers feature superior performance. The high-speed source is based on direct-synthesis techniques with generous use of sharp roll off bandpass filters for low-spurious performance. coupled with superb spectral purity. up or down in ≤1 uSec Output amplitude is +10 dBm +2 dB into an impedance of 50 Ω Full 3U rack chassis Excellent phase noise and spurious • • • • Custom Synthesizers We also design and manufacture many of the highest performance synthesizers in the world for various critical shipboard and airborne applications. radar cross-section measurements.Signal Sources Fast Switching Synthesizers How did Aeroflex fast-switching synthesizers get to be #1? It's no mystery.0 MHz with optional 1 Hz resolution available Can step from any frequency (F1) to any other frequency (F2). These synthesizers are custom-designed to reliably achieve our customer’s challenging performance requirements in legacy systems as well as the most advanced systems in the world. radar upgrades and other stringent applications where the highest performance is required for rugged environments. which continue to satisfy our customers needs. we made them modular. The 2500 Series synthesizers are reliable. antenna pattern measurements and other high-speed microwave and RF applications. the 2200 Series is used for airborne. Every year we add to the more than 5.com/synthesizers Aeroflex Fast Switching Synthesizer Products • • • FS1000/1200/2000/5000 Frequency Synthesizers MS5000 Airborne Frequency Synthesizer 2106 Frequency Synthesizer • • • 2126 Frequency Synthesizer 2200 Series of Frequency Synthesizers 2500 Series of Frequency Synthesizers 22 . shipborne. radar simulators.aeroflex. www. have it ALL-high speed. Our Synthesizers. electronic warfare simulation. exceptionally clean and low cost. And of course. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements. up or down in < 200 nsec. ultra-fast. • • • • • • Spans frequency range from 10 MHz to 18.4 GHz with a standard resolution of 1. low noise and wide bandwidth in one package. in fact. for radar to EW to simulator to commercial test applications. radar upgrades. We also put together a full range of models with all the options you'd ever need.

space and commercial customers without compromise. low noise products. research and product development Aeroflex has been a major supplier for standard and custom design products for the world’s most demanding defense and commercial applications and environments. low spurious and harmonics capabilities Wide range of design and manufacturing technologies Cost-effective compliance for various harsh environments Strong combination of system-level and component-level design expertise. Aeroflex continues to expand its portfolio of high performance RF and Microwave multi-function modules and integrated subsystems for applications ranging from the laboratory to space. which enable superior IMA design that meets the most demanding customer specifications • Decades of experience as a world class supplier of high reliability microwave and RF IMAs Categories of RF Modules and typical IMAs we have recently manufactured include: • • • • • • • • • Frequency converters Frequency generators Frequency multipliers Up/Down converters Receivers Switch matrix assemblies High performance oscillators Digitally controlled oscillators (DCXOs) Custom frequency synthesizers Results • Hundreds of systems and multi-function modules supplied on major programs • Aggressive cost and schedule control experience on volume requirement www.IMAs IMAs Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) and Multi-Function Modules Continuing its heritage of broadband. with particular focus on airborne applications. Our years of proven engineering and manufacturing experience with the many diverse RF and microwave design disciplines required in our existing products allow us to satisfy requirements for our military. high performance. Our modern design and manufacturing approaches provide the optimal combination of reliability. fast switching. fast-switching heritage Broadband. Customers choose Aeroflex’s IMAs based upon our: • • • • • Low phase noise. technology and capital resources • Substantial investments in facilities. small size and low cost.com/imas 23 .aeroflex. Experience • A proven supplier of RF and microwave hardware for decades Commitment • Substantial personnel.

DANL -145 dBm/Hz Standard 30 MHz I/Q demodulation bandwidth Measurement personality options including GSM/EDGE. design analysis and testing. phase noise -115 dBc/Hz.all models Portability based on light and compact design the 3250 Series is ideally suited for RF development.Spectrum Analyzers Spectrum Analyzers Spectrum Analyzers Advanced performance and exceptional capabilities at affordable pricing. GPIB and RS-232C as well as a 7” touch panel screen. All models have a Windows® XP operating system. providing accomplished accuracy. ensuring ease of operation and exceptional connectivity. With its powerful RF performance and advanced applications • • • • • • • • • • Powerful RF performance. UMTS. To support the constantly evolving wireless communication market. the 3250 incorporates a standard 30 MHz bandwidth digitizer and basic digital modulation analysis S/W. 3250 Series Spectrum Analyzers Aeroflex Spectrum and Signal Analyzers Products • • 3250 Series Spectrum Analyzers 9100 Series Spectrum Analyzers • • SOFTPLOT Application Software SVA Vector Signal Analyzer 24 . WLAN and WiMAX1 Remote control via LAN. GPIB. The innovative compact design 3250 spectrum analyzer employs the latest digital processing and RF technology. The instrument has been optimized for various mobile and wireless communication measurements such as GSM/EDGE. remote control capabilities via LAN. CDMA2000/1xEVDO. WiMAX and WiBRO. stability and measurement speed. UMTS. The 3250 Series provides market leading performance at a low cost. RS-232C S/W extension based on Windows® XP OS 7" wide touch panel display Standard removable hard disk Optional battery and DC input Optional 3 GHz and 8 GHz tracking generator .

25 . repair and maintenance e. such as a tracking generator. at a competitive price. maintenance and manufacturing Allows external reference connection for highest frequency accuracy Assesment and verification of electromagnetic radiation to verify measures against EMI The 9102 and 9103 hand-held spectrum analyzers provide RF engineers and service technicians with the excellent performance of a workbench analyzer. expand the capabilities of the 9102 and 9103. installation.g.Rugged design for field and lab applications The 9101 Hand-held Spectrum Analyzer provides RF engineers with the excellent performance of a workbench analyzer in a hand-held form. alignment of modulator and measuring switch breakthrough. Typical measurements include transmitter testing. • • • 100 kHz . but with a hand-held form factor for a competitive price.9100 Series Hand-held Spectrum Analyzers The 9100 Series .4 GHz WiFi systems 9102 and 9103 Spectrum Analyzers • • • • • • Covering all applications in a frequency range up to 7. Low phase noise DANL -130 dBm Supporting radiation measurements at base stations and broadcast transmitters Ideal for cable and antenna test and mobile service and repair Applicable for commisioning.4 GHz frequency range Used in the field to measure and verify base station emissions Used for installation trouble-shooting.5 GHz. the 9160 VSWR/DTF bridge and the 9103 VSWR/DTF reflection measurement option. Additional options. in wireless local loop and modern 2.

WiMAX. response and signal conditioning.7 GHz 1 Hz.3 dB typ. UMTS/HSUPA. <4 ms above 4. 1. It is particularly suited to modern cellular and wireless data communications and critical testing in a high volume manufacturing environment. accurate test solutions that are future-proof and cost effective.Systems PXI RF Modular Instruments (PXI) The Aeroflex 3000 Series expands PXI's speed and modularity into the realm of general-purpose wireless testing.7 GHz RF Signal Generator PXI 3 GHz RF Signal Generator PXI High Power 3 GHz RF Signal Generator PXI 6 GHz RF Signal Generator PXI 6 GHz RF Signal Generator • • • • • • 3026C 3030A 3030C 3035 3035C 3036 PXI High Power 6 GHz RF Signal Generator PXI 3 GHz RF Digitizer PXI 3 GHz Wideband RF Digitizer PXI 6 GHz RF Digitizer PXI 6 GHz Wideband RF Digitizer PXI 13 GHz RF Digitizer 26 .0 dB above 3 GHz <250 μs <250 μs NA -115dBc/Hz NA -108 dBc/Hz NA -108 dBc/Hz NA -108 dBc/Hz <250 μs.5 GHz -143 dBc/Hz +6 dBm +1 dBm +17 dBm +17 dBm CW/AM/FM/I&Q/Digital 28 MHz 66 MSa/s 16 bit 32 Mbyte up to 2 GByte Yes (optional. Data I/O. TD-SCDMA. The built-in flexibility of the PXI approach allows the 3000 Series to support a variety of application areas. LTE. digital and IQ vector modulation modes. Comprehensive modulation capability is provided including internal analog AM/FM. CDMA 2000 and 1xEV-DO. Software Yes (LVDS) 2 PXI1 PXI Hybrid slot compatible 3 up to 90 MHz 200 MSa/s Aeroflex PXI Products • • • • • • 3010/3011 3020A 3020C 3021C 3025 3025C PXI RF Synthesizers PXI 2. <85 μs below 85 MHz <3 ms below 4. single ended/differential) Yes TTL. (2 Hz above 3 GHz) +5 dBm NA +5 dBm 0 dBm +6 dBm NA 0. 3020 Series PXI Digital RF Signal Generators The high-performance 3020 Series signal generator modules can be used for both continuous wave (CW) and digital signal generation for device testing and characterization up to 6 GHz with an RF output level ranging from –120 dBm to +17 dBm.01 dB 0. The IQCreator® signal generation application enables the design of digital modulation and other complex waveforms. Multi-standard testing in a single box solution is now achievable with no compromise in performance. Local Bus. which are combined with test software to produce fast. Trigger Bus. 3010/3011 PXI RF Synthesizers The 3010/3011 RF synthesizer modules are high performance frequency synthesizers. WLAN and Bluetooth® device testing in addition to generic modulation analysis. The PXI Studio software application enables the 3000 Series to be used for GSM/EDGE.5 GHz. the modules provide 1 Hz frequency resolution combined with excellent phase noise performance and frequency agility all in a single width 3U module. 3020A 3025 76 MHz-6 GHz 3020C 250 kHz-3 GHz -120 dBm 3025C 250 kHz-6 GHz 3021C 100 kHz to 3GHz 3026C 250 kHz-6 GHz Frequency Range Frequency Resolution Output Level (minimum) Output Level (maximum <3 GHz) Output Level (maximum >3 GHz) Level Resolution Level Accuracy Settling Time (Frequency) Settling Time (Level) Phase Noise (<50 MHz) @ 20 kHz offset Phase Noise (2 GHz) @ 20 kHz offset Phase Noise (5 GHz) @ 20 kHz offset Modulation Signal Bandwidth AWG Sample Rate AWG Sampe Resolution AWG Sample Memory Analog I&Q Outputs I&Q Vector Modulation Inputs Triggering Real time digital IQ Interface Slots Occupied Slot Type 250 MHz-2. Star Trigger. The modules are categorized into groups: stimulus. Using Aeroflex patented technology.

76 MHz 14 bit 256 Mbyte LVDS up to 90 MSa/s. 2 Hz to 6 GHz. 0. Parameter Input Frequency Minimum Input Frequency Maximum Frequency Resolution Frequency Settling Time Maximum Input Level 3 GHz PXI Systems Aeroflex PXI 3000 Series modules and software components can be configured as part of complete test systems. Module Type Required Application LTE (FDD) One per 3020 or 3030 series module. With the addition of Aeroflex custom application software development services and full system integration and support. Local Bus. ideal for the analysis of WLAN.9 GHz) 0. 0.25 dB across 0. -138 dBc/Hz @ 10 MHz offset 6 Amplitude Flatness <0. high performance low cost modular RF test systems. Minimum of one 3011 recommended LTE (TDD) UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ GSM/EDGE TD-SCDMA cdma2000 & 1x EV-DO WiMAX M2300T01—M2500T-01 WLAN IEEE 802.4 dB across 0. VSA Modules 3030A or 3030C1 3035 3035C1.6 dB. The modules are designed for use in RF test systems in conjunction with the 3020 Series digital RF signal generator and 3030 Series RF digitizers.3 dB typ >3 GHz 1. Star Trigger.7 GHz 3061 RXI RF Combiner with 3 way switched output 2.3 dB typ <6 GHz 1. WMAN and 2G/3G cellular radio signals.0 dB 16 dB 3010/ 3011 3020 Series 3030 Series 3060 Series Recommended to provide full duplex antenna connection PXI 3030 3020 slots opt opt (min) 107 108 101 100 109 102 104 103 106 111 104 100 100 100 Sensitivity -140 dBm/Hz typ Residual Spurious Spurious Response LO Phase Noise (2 GHz) Intermodulation Instantaneous Bandwidth (-1 dB) -100 dBm typ -75 dBc -75 dBc (2 tone at 0 dBm) 36 MHz <500 MHz 20 MHz <1 GHz 35 MHz 1 GHz 90 MHz -116 dBc/Hz @ 20 kHz offset.0 dB. Trigger Bus. 0.3030 Series PXI RF Digitizers The 3030 Series RF Digitizers can be used to provide wideband high dynamic range data acquisition of RF signals up to 13 GHz with up to 90 MHz instantaneous bandwidth. 4 Hz to 9 GHz.25 dB across 30 MHz <0.0 dB >6 GHz 2.7 dB. -149 dBm/Hz typ >6 GHz -70 dBc RF Input Attenuation 0 to 28 dB (step 4 dB) Level Accuracy Return Loss -145 dBm/Hz typ -152 3GHz-150 typ <3 GHz.. Together these modules enable the development of compact. thereby simplifying test system design and calibration. 0. The table below illustrates how PXI 3000 Series modules and options may be used as essential building blocks in PXI system development.2 or 30362 Aeroflex PXI Products • • • • • • • 3060 PXI RF Combiner 2.25 dB across 67 MHz >1 GHz 33 MHz (>2.11ac 113 100 7 TTL.1dB over 5 MHz <0.0 dB 15 dB Typ --148 dBm <500 MHz <-147 dBm/Hz typ 500 MHz <140 dBm/Hz. low noise and excellent level accuracy performance. complete turnkey test systems can be supplied.25 dB across 33 MHz <1 GHz <0. Data I/O. 8 Hz to 12 GHz <250 μs +22 dBm (8 dB RF atten) <500 MHz 2 ms >500 MHz 325 μs +30 dBm (10 dB RF atten) 0 to 31 dB (step 1 dB) <500 MHz <1.1dB over 5 MHz <0.11a/n Maximum Sample Rate Sample Resolution ADC Clock Rate ADC Resolution Sample Memory Real Time Data Out Triggering Slots Occupied Slot Type 85 MSa/s 103.1dB across 5 MHz 33 MHz 0.9 GHz) 250 MSa/s 16 or 32 bit 250 MHz 13 bit 512 Mbyte ® WiMAX M3300T01—M3500T-05 WLAN IEEE 802. The 3030 Series offers high linearity.11b/g Bluetooth ZigBee ® 3030A 330 MHz 3035 3030C 3035C 3036 250 kHz 6 GHz 3 GHz 6 GHz 13 GHz 1 Hz to 3 GHz. 3020C1 or 3021C2 3025 3025C1 or 3026C2 RF Combiner Modules 3060 or 3061 3065 or 3065A2 Notes 1 Preferred 2 additional PXI slot required 3060 Series PXI RF Combiners The versatile 3060 Series RF combiners avoid the need for extraneous RF signal conditioning development in the test fixture. Software 2 PXI 1 3 PXIe Hybrid slot compatible Key RF Synthesizer Modules 3010 or 3011 (one per VSA/VSG module) VSG Modules 3020A.7 GHz 3065 PXI RF Combiner 6 GHz 3065A PXI RF Low Loss RF Combiner 6 GHz 3000/3000B Chassis 3001B/3001C PXI Controller Module GSM/EDGE Measurement Suite • • • • • • • • • UMTS/HSUPA Uplink Measurement Suite LTE FDD Measurement Suite LTE FDD and TDD Measurement Suites CDMA2000/1xEV-DO Reverse Link Measurement Suite TD-SCDMA Measurement Suite WLAN Measurement Suite WiMAX OFDMA Measurement Suite Bluetooth® Measurement Suite Generic Measurement Suite 27 . 103 100 WLAN IEEE 802.5 dB typ <3 GHz 0.25 dB across 15 MHz <500 MHz (<2.

video minimizing test times and cost with consistent product validation that reduces subjective human error through automated quality measurements. Viewing panels must be qualified and measurement consistency is complicated by manual test setups and human fatigue variability. the 9200 provides time-saving insight into audio and video quality. test repeatability. Production: Improve manufacturing throughput by audio and video measurements can be recorded and analyzed using the 9200’s included test and automation software. mobile media devices. The Objective Audio/Video Test Solution The Aeroflex 9200 Audio/Video Test Set is an innovative device for objective metric analysis of audio and video quality. subjective human errors. but there are costly drawbacks to this approach. R&D: Gain competitive advantage by consistently identifying best in class designs and verifying new product performance quality while minimizing costly development rework. smartphones. reducing product verification times. The 9200 instrument can also add value to service providers by helping experience. or blank screens Video fidelity assessment using metrics such as Peak Signal Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Structural Similarity (SSIM) index Soundtrack and tonal harmonic audio analysis • • • Provides reference-based (golden) quality analysis and golden video creator application Includes API for client control and automation plus storage and playback of recorded video Includes interfaces ranging from analog to digital 28 .Audio Video Quality and Video Quality Audio and Quality Assessment Challenges of the Audio and Video Industry There a many quality assessment challenges in the audio and video industry such as assuring a positive consumer experience. and operational monitoring costs throughout the entire product life-cycle. Sustainment: Consistent root cause triage of returned products that eliminates costly penalties of attempted repair on no-fault-found devices. The 9200 detects quality artifacts such as video pixelation and macroblocking as well as audio drop-outs and harmonic distortions. All Aeroflex 9200 Audio/Video Test Set Improve product quality through objective and consistent audio/video test metrics that reduce test times. video disc players. and production volume scaling. The 9200 instrument can be applied to numerous consumer electronic assessments including: gaming systems. and more! set-top boxes. frozen frames. assess quality-of-service and quality-of- The 9200 includes test and automation software for distortion analysis Aeroflex 9200 Key Product Features • • • Objective detection of audio and video quality distortions such as frame jitter. Test cases can be quickly configured and provide repeatability for performance validation. Complete Product Life-Cycle Quality Testing Adding value from product design phase to warranty services. Subjective human viewing of video is the common answer to these challenges.

analog functional. Functional and Custom Aeroflex has considerable experience in building a large number of test systems covering a wide market sector including full system design.048 universal test pins Multiplexed or non-multiplexed test pin cards Boundary scan Single box solution Applications – In-Circuit. digital functional and analog in-circuit cards with the added benefit of using any 3U PXI instrument. allowing in-circuit PCB level test to full end-of-line unit test Wide choice of tester interface Scalable with up to 3.Multi-Strategy Test Systems 4200 Series .Analog In-Circuit Test System • • • i-Base5 Test Area Management Software Applications – In-Circuit.NET compliant software 5200 Series – Analog In-Circuit Test System The 5200 Series is a cost effective test system that provides high speed. build to print.19” Rack Mounted.200 tests per second Optional dual-vacuum control Avaliable in various body styles: Avaliable in the following model: • • • Benchtop.456 test pins Open architecture . • • • • Maximum of 2. Avaliable in two models: 4230 .Benchtop System Aeroflex card suite functionality • Analog in-circuit 4200 Series – In-Circuit Test System The 4200 Series is an advanced manufacturing test system that provides a wide range capability for all your in-circuit test requirements.112 test pins Up to 1.In-Circuit Test Systems 5200 Series . In addition. test definition. 19” Rack Mounted and Floor Standing In-system programming Boundary scan Vectorless test 5220 . 4250 . combining Aeroflex mixed signal. multi-functional test system. Highly configurable test platform. • • • • ICT accuracy at MDA speed Up to 2. Aeroflex can provide anything from module development to full turnkey solutions for all of its ATE platforms of custom solutions. Functional and Custom Service and Support 29 . from DC to microwave.ATE • • • • • Automatic Test Equipment 5800 Series .Floor Standing Aeroflex Card Suite Functionality • Analog and digital in-circuit • Analog functional Aeroflex Manufacturing Test Products • • • 5800 Series . high accuracy analog in-circuit testing.Multi-Strategy Test System The 5800 Series is an affordable common core.

Semiconductor Expanding the ATE Ecosystem AX-Series Semiconductor Test Systems Markets Served The AX-Series integrated semiconductor test instruments and systems from Aeroflex are ideally suited for characterization and production test of: Consumer RF Semiconductors including: • Discretes • Power amplifiers • Front end modules • Tuners • RFID/NFC • ZigBee® • Bluetooth® • WLAN • Transceivers Consumer mixed signal semiconductors including: • Wired communications • Audi/Video • Interface • Modems • Microcontrollers • MEMs True Flexibility Modular industry standard PXI and AXIe technology gives users control over their test system configurations and upgrade paths. Aeroflex has taken the lead in bringing these 2 standards together in highly cost effective semiconductor characterization and production test systems and with unprecedented price/performance scalability.2A device power supply card • AXIe system controller • AXIe starter board PXI Test Instruments and Subsystems • PXI 3000 Series RF modules • Dual 6 GHz RF VNA port modules • RF multiplexer and splitter modules • Integrated AX-RF subsystem with comprehensive auto cal Add-ons and upgrades to existing test equipment AX-Series Test Software Environment • • • Aeroflex Semiconductor Products • • • AX500 AXIe Benchtop System AX520 AXIe/PXI Benchtop / Production System AX1020/AX1040 Mid Range Benchtop / Production System • • AX2820 High Pin Count Production System AXRF integrated subsystem 30 . high performance systems and instruments. The AX-Series of products available from Aeroflex include: • • Test Systems AXIe Test Instruments • 48 channel 400 MB digital pin card with per-pin architecture • 12 channel 20V/1. Unprecedented Cost-of-Test The PXI and AXIe standards enable low cost. The PXI and AXIe platforms provide a mature. Rich Roadmap The power of AXIe and PXI-based test systems resides in the multitude of instrument offerings and optimized software tools available from a broad range of suppliers. stable foundation that will support the wide range of configurations and long term roadmaps required by the semiconductor industry.

TMU 1056 Digital Pins 48 Device Power Supplies 8-Port RF Subsystem AWG.Product Overview System Form Factor Benchtop or Rack Mount Benchtop or Rack Mount AXIe Slots 0 PXI Slots 20 Example Configuration 8 Port RF Subsystem 144 Digital Pins 12 Device Power Supplies 144 Digital Pins 12 Device Power Supplies 8-Port RF Subsystem AWG. CVI and LabVIEWTM • Multi-site support • Production maintenance tools • Calibration and checkers • Third party software is natively supported AX500 – AXIe Benchtop System AX520 – AXIe/PXI Benchtop/Production System 31 . or Production Manipulator AXRF Subsystem 5 20 System Architectural Details • • • • AXIe and PXI standard card formats Air cooled test heads RF and analog instruments Coherency between AXIe and PXI Chassis • PXI configured • COAX connection to DUT site Digital and DC instruments • AXIe configured • PXI Express switched fabric • 10 MHz and 100 MHz clocks • Star triggering • Analog and calibration bus • Rear panel DUT connections AX1020 AX1040 Benchtop. Engineering Stand. or Production Manipulator 10 20/40 • AX2820 Engineering Stand or Production Manipulator 28 20 Software • S/W operating system • Characterization environment based on TestStandTM • Support for Visual Studio® C++ interface. Digitizer. Digitizer. Digitizer. TMU 288 Digital Pins 24 Device Power Supplies 8-Port RF Subsystem AWG. TMU AXRF AX500 5 0 AX520 Benchtop. Engineering Stand.

fast. amplifier gain compression and distance to fault.for characterization of components and assemblies. The internal source can be used as a simple CW output. microwave links. The general purpose test equipment available from Aeroflex covers a broad range of markets including component/subassembly testing in R&D and manufacture through to testing complete products or systems. calibrations and costs associated with VNAs.General Purpose Test Microwave Our comprehensive spectrum analyzer and microwave analyzer products help round out the Aeroflex test and measurement product portfolio. a three input scalar analyzer and a synthesized spectrum analyzer. 40 GHz and 46 GHz frequency versions Synthesized source with low harmonic content Precision scalar network measurements Real time fault location with 0. With a frequency range from 30 kHz to 46 GHz and power levels from -70 dBm to +44 dBm (25 W). 8. sub-assemblies and complete microwave systems.4 GHz.1% accuracy Microwave Analyzers. VSWR/return loss. Integrated into a single instrument are a synthesized source. 24 GHz. This product range also includes the CPM (Counter Power Meter). fault location and group delay . 6840A Series Microwave System Analyzer • • • Integrated source. Typical measurements include insertion loss. a ruggedized solution for microwave frequency and power measurements in the field. accurate testing of transmission lines. The requirements to cover wide frequency range and bandwidth are key drivers and attributes of the Aeroflex general purpose test product line. Power Meters and Counters Deployed worldwide for microwave test and measurement. Aeroflex microwave test instruments have a frequency range from 1 MHz to 46 GHz (up to 110 GHz with microwave frequency extenders). mobile handsets. Aeroflex Microwave Products • • • 6810A Series Microwave Generators 6820A Series Microwave Scalar Analyzers 6840A Series Microwave System Analyzers • 2186 and 2187 Step Attenuators 32 . as a tracking generator with the spectrum analyzer and as an offset tracking source for network measurements on frequency translation devices. as a swept source for scalar measurements. base stations. installing and commissioning stations and radar installations. scalar and spectrum analyzers. conversion loss/gain. microwave components. scalar and spectrum analyzer Precision scalar network measurements with high dynamic range plus tuned/selective measurements Comprehensive group delay measurement capability without the need for external devices and complex calibrations even when characterizing frequency translation devices The 6840A Series RF and microwave system analyzers are powerful tools for the microwave industry. • • • 6820A Series Microwave Scalar Analyzer • • Integrated source and scalar analyzer 3 GHz. Test capabilities are available for maintaining. The scalar analyzers provide a very effective test methodology for device/system measurements without the usual complexities. Aeroflex power meters are designed for both ease of use in the field and on the bench. Options include tracking/offset/CW/ modulated source. satellite ground The 6820A is a versatile scalar analyzer and integrated synthesized frequency source enabling easy. 20 GHz.

relative power measurements and limit checking make the 6970 highly versatile. used by the 6970. it can be used up a tower. including duty cycle. Digital microwave radios are commonly installed for network access to mobile radio cell sites and quick installation of business communications.Counters & Power Meters CPM 20 and 46 Counter Power Meters 6970 RF Power Meter • • • • Combined frequency counter and power meter 10 MHz to 20 GHz and 10 MHz to 46 GHz versions available Large. The same wide range of power sensors used with the CPM Counter/Power Meter are also Aeroflex Counters Power Meter Products • CPM 20/46 Counter Power Meters • • 6970 RF Power Meters 6910/6920/6930 Series RF Power Sensors 33 . A wide range of user features. A compact instrument with internal rechargeable battery. • • • • • Hand-held for portability Battery powered for field use Wide frequency range: 30 kHz to 46 GHz Built-in power reference Excellent accuracy traceable to national standards The 6970 RF Power Meter provides precision microwave power measurements in a hand portable battery-powered package. ruggedized case and carrying strap. on a roof top or at a field site. The CPM is the ideal instrument for installation and maintenance engineers working on these systems. true power meter and digital voltmeter. easy to read screen allows simultaneous display of both power and frequency measurements Built-in DVM for AGC voltage measurements Aeroflex’s Counter Power Meter (CPM) is a portable combination of three instruments: a microwave frequency counter.

EW. Aeroflex offers the highest speed and performance in the broadband communications testing environment. Aeroflex broadband instruments can support product evolution all the way from system definition through release verification. • • • • • • Instantaneous RF bandwidths of 70 and 400 MHz Tunable RF configurations to 18 GHz Long term playback of full bandwidth data Control of all time. Aeroflex systems are the instrument of choice in radio. VSS 34 . deep high speed memory. BSG Signals Analysis Software Modules Signal Creation and Generation. frequency. sets Aeroflex apart from all other competitors. and to final production testing. and powerful DSP-based signal analysis software. and satellite test. • • • • • • • Instantaneous RF bandwidths of 70 and 400 MHz Tunable RF configurations to 6 GHz and to 18 GHz Custom analysis of military radio. channel power. wideband signal recording and analysis. With expertise The need for accurate broadband test and measurement solutions becomes critical as wideband technologies in signal environment generation. a wide bandwidth high dynamic range ADC converter. radar. VSS allows users to specify and mix multiple signals—thereby simulating a realistic. channel power.Broadband Broadband Test become more pervasive. UWB systems. and streaming memory capabilities up to multiple terabytes for both record and playback. Integrated into the Broadband Signal Generator line. prototyping. and EW signals Long term capture and analysis of full bandwidth data Coherent analysis of time. field testing. a software application. The Broadband Signal Generator (BSG) combines a deep The Vector Signal Simulator (VSS). radar. multi-format RF environment that is extraordinarily thorough and highly accurate. frequency ranges to 18 GHz. multicarrier. Options include RF bandwidths up to 400 MHz. Ability to mix or superimpose an unlimited number of signals into a single output memory. Aeroflex Broadband Products • • • • Broadband Signal Input Channels. and modulation parameters Demodulation of analog and digital signals Full parametric analysis of hopped and pulsed signals The Broadband Signal Analyzer (BSA) combines a broadband RF down-converter. high speed arbitrary waveform generator and a broadband RF up-converter with the powerful VSS signal creation and generation software. BSA Broadband Signal Output Channels. and modulation parameters Generation of broadband analog and digital signals in their full signal environment. frequency.

software. TVAC and Compact Antenna Range Test Environment • • SMART^E 5300 General RF/Microwave and Instrument Emulation Test Environment SMART^E 5150 Radar/EW Simulation and Test Environment 35 . software. test practices and support along with standard and customizable test programs tailored to the specific problems of testing high performance modules utilized in a variety of phased array radars.Systems SMART^ETM 5100 T/R Module Test Environment Synthetic Test Environments The SMART^E 5100 T/R Module Test Environment is a member of the SMART^E 5000 Series. system calibration methods and greater throughput in the 5100 provides a superior solution for the testing of the thousands of modules required for phased array radar. software. • The SMART^E 5300 provides emulation of many special purpose microwave instruments: • • • • • • • • • • • RF Signal Generator Spectrum Analyzer Power Meter Noise Figure Meter Vector Signal Analyzer Phase Noise Analyzer RF Frequency Counter Microwave Transition Analyzer and more …. TPS’s SMART^ETM 5300 General RF/Microwave Test Environment The SMART^E 5300 is a complete test environment for testing RF-Microwave components. It provides the stimulus and measurement resources required to perform a complete set of tests traditionally performed with discrete RF instruments but with greater speed. software. which is a complete test solutions environment from Aeroflex. analog. measurement quality and half the physical size of traditional instrumentation. support • Open architecture. modules and multi-module assemblies on one system • DC-40 GHz. test practices and support along with standard and customizable test programs tailored to the specific problems of testing high performance payloads. verification. system level calibration and diagnostic Optimized for T/R Module Test • Test module subassemblies. alignment. assemblies. processes. diagnostic Open System Architecture • System hardware and software. digital. Such payloads consist of many channels with possibly hundreds of connections between the test system and the payload under test. support Optimized for Satellite Payload Test Highest Test Throughput and Lowest Life Cycle Cost Available Proven Systems Deployment • 5th generation solution – major customers worldwide • IVI drivers which present an instrument interface to the user to facilitate legacy TPS compatibility Software programmability of the system provides customization to match performance of legacy systems and instruments such as the Microwave Transition Analyzer (MTA) to ensure legacy TPS compatibility The SMART^E’s cutting edge performance is a result of using software configurable modules which utilize the best industry standard hardware and software SMART^E Synthetic Multi-function Adaptable Reconfigurable Test Environments • • SMART^E 5100 T/R and RF/Microwave Test Environment SMART^E 5200 Satellite Panel. • • • • SMART^ETM 5200 Satellite Payload Test Environment The Model 5200 encompasses hardware. • • • • Complete Synthetic Test Environment • Hardware. RF/microwave System Level Architecture • Calibration. The unique combination of integrated tests. DUT control and monitoring Full Range of Required Mixed Signal Capabilities Highest Test Throughput and Lowest Life Cycle Cost Available Proven Systems Deployment • 5th generation solution – major customers worldwide • • • Full Range of Required Mixed Signal Capabilities • DC. and subsystems. modules. • Complete Synthetic Test Environment • Hardware. The Aeroflex SMART^E 5200 Test Environment is based upon the 5th generation evolution of Aeroflex’s synthetic test technology. Payload. processes. The Model 5100 encompasses hardware.

The 3515 Series has optional test application program capability that allows complete tests to be included. DMM and more in a small ruggedized MIL-28800 Class 3 package. When combined with one of the "Plug and Play" Radio Personality Modules (RPM) and the appropriate cables. the 3515 Series is also ideal for performing vehicular radio installation testing.Military Test Military Communications 3515 Series Radio Communications Test Set • • • 7200 Configurable Automated Test Set Software defined test set that replaces an entire suite of traditional instruments Advanced automation and test speed optimization State-of-the-art user touch-screen interface The Aeroflex 3515 Series offers the latest in radio front-line testing. while providing upgrade support for next generation devices in the future. measuring receiver. without making a direct connection to the aircraft or vehicle. The Aeroflex 7200 provides a test solution that significantly lowers your acquisition and total life cycle support costs. vehicle or portable radios Test intercom systems Provide detailed operating instructions for the unit under test Store test results and settings for later retrieval Add connection diagrams. Armed Forces to test complex voice and data frequency hopping radios and accessories. signal generator. audio generator. parts lists and special setups The 7200 provides the required functions and performance of a spectrum analyzer. power meter. and with its modular architecture can be tailored to your specific requirements. avionics. The Aeroflex 7200 Configurable Automated Test Set platform provides the manufacturers and users of software defined radio (SDR). The Aeroflex 3515 Series has many of the features of a bench radio test set. The ruggedized packaging of 16 basic generator/receiver instruments makes the system ideal for depot and field maintenance shops. a radio installed in a vehicle can be tested. HF) and accessories. An optional switch matrix interface and the ability to directly control the deveice under test provides very high speed automated test capabilities. audio analyzer. Very little operator intervention or training is required to perform radio testing and repair. Radio Communications Test Systems (RCTS) The Military Radio Communications Test System (RCTS) is used by the U. Designed for portable operation. BER meter. Here is a list of just some of the application programs: • • • • • Radio tests for aircraft. boat. FM and digital radio transceivers. VHF. long battery life and superior performance. The 3515 Series is perfect for testing AM. Aeroflex Military Communications Products • • • • 3515 Series Portable Radio Communications Test Set 7200 Configurable Automated Test Set RCTS-001 Radio Communications Test System GRM-122 Avionics Upgrade Systems 36 . It operates in manual and fully automated modes with a built-in test executive. the test system provides semi-automated testing of various military radio systems (UHF. plus it has a coaxial cable and antenna analyzer.S. radar and other advanced devices with the most state-of-the-art synthetic instrument platform available today. By utilizing over-the-air testing techniques. oscilloscope.

RCTS-001 Radio Test System RCTS-003B Radio Test System • • • • • Ground and airborne radios Loud speaker RF PA Remote controls Single radio mount The following LRUs can be verified. life support and HAVEQUICK upgrade Avionics upgrade HAVEQUICK upgrade current generation self-contained. Armed Forces. tested and repaired with the RCTS-003B: PRC-90 PRC-112 PRC-112C URT-33D PRC-90T PRC-90-2 PRC-90-2T PRC-112A PRC-112B PRC-112B1 PRC-112D PRC-112G URT-33C/M Quickdraw 2 (w/ COSPAS/SARSAT & SATCOM) The RCTS-001 (AN/GRM-122) is the radio test system currently fielded for depot and field maintenance of SINCGARS military radio equipment. Air Force ARC-222 and ARC-186 radios. the user has everything needed to perform testing. When used in conjunction with an ON-373 B and ON-AVIM maintenance kit. comprehensive test and alignment capability for the above systems. repair and maintenance on the entire suite of SINCGARS equipment. semiautomated radio test system that is presently fielded for use by the U. AN/ARN-123. The following upgrade kits are available: GRM-122 Av kit RPM-12CK kit RPM-2HCK kit Complete avionics.S. The instrument is used for operational verification testing and/or repairs of life support radio systems. Army to test Army airborne radios and navigation systems. reducing test time and operator training. AN/ARN-147 and AN/ARN-149 avionics/navigation radios. transportable.S. The unit provides a semi-automated.S. RCTS-012 Radio Communications Test Set RCTS-002HQ Radio Test System • • • • • • Ground radios Airborne radios Hand-held radios Remote controls RF amplifiers Single distribution unit The RCTS-002HQ Radio Communications Test System is a self-contained unit used to test U. The RCTS-012 Radio Communications Test Set is used to test the AN/ARN-89. The addition of HAVEQUICK capability enables the testing of ARC-164 radios. Full functional testing of all operational modes is available. The RCTS-003B Radio Communications Test System is the GRM-122 Avionics Upgrade Systems These systems upgrade existing GRM-122 systems fielded by the U. Aeroflex Military Communications Products • • • RCTS-002HQ Radio Communications Test System RCTS-003B and Accessories Radio Communications Test System RCTS-004 and Accessories Radio Communications Test System • • RCTS-007 and Accessories Radio Communications Test System RCTS-012 Radio Communications Test Set 37 .

high cost maintenance events are eliminated. Aeroflex Service and Support Locations • • • Americas Europe APAC 38 . employee productivity and your satisfaction. It delivers increased customer satisfaction and lower lifetime costs of ownership through a combination of business and operational benefits that help your business increase performance. Aeroflex has developed a comprehensive range of extended warranty contracts and service contracts to ensure that you can maximize the uptime of your investment and give you the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your test instrument will be fully maintained during its lifecycle. you make an investment backed by one of the most comprehensive service and support organizations in the industry. Our goal is to provide seamless global support to our diverse customer base in a manner that reduces the cost of ownership while increasing customer satisfaction.com or contact your Aeroflex regional service and support center. Aeroflex's experience with a diverse customer base has shown us that our customers’ support requirements vary considerably. When you purchase a test instrument from Aeroflex. we have a support program that fits your needs. The quality of our support directly affects your business’ profitability. Many of our customers have a fully trained and competent maintenance team that can provide first line support and effectively reduce the downtime. Along with our state-of-the art test instruments. we understand that downtime can be expensive and. Service and Support Contracts offer you both convenience and reduced administrative burden by transferring the workload and responsibility to Aeroflex or sharing the workload if you select our Partner Support Option. With our flexible approach to customer support. any unplanned.Service and Support Service and Support Aeroflex Test Solutions Service and Support is committed to providing world class service and support through a portfolio of comprehensive products all designed to meet or exceed your expectations. keeping your instruments operational and at peak performance is critical to your business. An Aeroflex Service and Support Contract offers additional support beyond the Aeroflex standard warranty period. Utilizing your own Aeroflex trained maintenance group. End-to-End Coverage When your test instrument is enrolled in an Aeroflex Service and Support Contract. the Partner Support Service Contract enables you to troubleshoot and maintain an Aeroflex instrument via in-house expertise while still being protected in the knowledge that Aeroflex engineers are just a phone call away should additional support prove necessary. starting from the date of purchase through the life of the instrument. For more details on customer specific service and support options go to aeroflex. Global Support At Aeroflex.

Technical Support Our technical support department delivers responsive and rapid problem isolation through our call management system. by telephone or internet. Aeroflex will determine both the best and quickest course of action to resolve your technical support request. Aeroflex helpdesk personnel will route your support request. In partnership with the customer. Kansas 10200 West York Street Wichita Kansas 67215-8935 USA Tel: [+1] (316) 529-5511 or 1. Americas Wichita.800-835-2350 (US Only) Fax: [+1] (316) 529-5330 or 1-866-325-1180 (US Only) Europe Stevenage. England Longacres House Six Hills Way Stevenage SG1 2AN UK Tel: [+44] (8706) 080134 Fax: [+44] (1438) 772203 Asia-Pacific Singapore Technopreneur Centre 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent #07-27 Singapore 139964 Tel: [+65] 6873 0991 Fax: [+65] 6873 0992 39 . to the right person and manage that request for assistance through to completion.

The RFMW business units include: • • • • • • Aeroflex Control Components Aeroflex / Inmet Aeroflex / Metelics Aeroflex Plainview Aeroflex Nanjing Aeroflex / Weinschel • • • As an industry leading supplier of microwave and RF products. Aeroflex's advanced technologies. innovative. defense.com/AMS for additional information. Metelics. manufacturing facilities and experience marketing products into a wide range of industry applications are aligned to serve our customers’ requirements for cost-effective products that are delivered on time. wireless/mobile. Included in our broad product range. components and subsystems for the aerospace. Aeroflex’s RF and Microwave (RFMW) division and its business units are firmly established as the industry’s most complete suppliers of RF. manufacturing and marketing of high-reliability integrated circuits and packaging. Gaisler. 40 .AMS Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions is a world leader in the design. motion control and motors. components and subsystems. Aeroflex offers a comprehensive array of coaxial components ideally suited for test and measurement applications. fixed broadband. GPS receivers. broad capabilities. critical transportation systems. Aeroflex’s Colorado Springs. medical. x-ray cargo scanners. Our core T&M component offering includes: • • • • • • • • Coaxial fixed and step attenuators Precision terminations DC blocks and bias tees Resistive splitters and dividers In and between series adapters Planar Blind-Mate® connectors Planar Crown® connectors SmartStep® test interconnect and signal conditioning subsystems Equalizers Detectors and limiters Switches Please visit our web site at www. These T&M accessories are available from Aeroflex/Inmet and Aeroflex/ Weinschel and include coaxial components operating over frequency ranges up to 65 GHz and to power levels of 1 kW CW. Motion Control. and test and measurement markets. microwave and RF devices.aeroflex. microwave and millimeter wave devices. Our broad offering of standard products. high-altitude avionics. custom-engineered designs and comprehensive resources enable Aeroflex to support the most demanding high-performance product needs of our worldwide customers. networking and telecommunication markets. engineering expertise. nuclear power controls. Plainview and RAD divisions provide HiRel standard and custom integrated circuits and circuit card assembly for the aerospace.

Performance-Driven Content We understand you need a web site that allows you to access information quickly and easily. news and more. With an easy product directory to follow. right up front.aeroflex. and. Solution-Minded Design Our web site is organized around making it simple to find the right test solution. Customer-Focused Service We want to exceed your expectations. ready at your convenience. our latest products are always available on the Aeroflex Test Solutions home page. That’s why we provide an Aeroflex Test Solutions home page with easy navigation options.data sheets. Sign up online for our e-mail newsletter.24/7 at Aeroflex. Once you're on a product page. menu structure and product directory. articles.com also offers a search box in the top menu bar. we give you the key stats. Easy. Of course. we'll lead you to the right product. You can also find information about our worldwide service centers through our web site. each month. training information and sales office locations are all available online.com/support. You can also find the information you need about key industry trade shows. application notes. That’s why we have recently updated our Customer Service/Support area of the web. services. News You Want.along with all the related information you need. hardware and software support.com delivers the latest information about our products. including upcoming product announcements. new application notes and product software releases. Events You'll Want to Attend. 41 . software. RMAs. Aeroflex.com title Aeroflex. You can even request a quote right there. news and events.www. you'll receive all the latest Aeroflex news.

KS Europe England Denmark Finland France Germany Scotland Asia-Pacific China India Japan Korea Singapore Taiwan 42 . Why choose Aeroflex? Aeroflex is a global organization with employees located throughout North America. NY Wichita. TX Cupertino. Europe and Asia/Pacific Regions. CA Kansas City. Aeroflex has a global customer base which is underpinned through our global sales Locations USA Austin.Aeroflex and service and support teams. KS Plainview.

We seek to work with you through every aspect of your design processes as you develop new technology platforms. We believe that this is critical to the integration of the product into your equipment. Aeroflex has: Global Team Approach to Your Needs Coordinated Efforts Across the Globe to Manage Customer Accounts Global Network of Manufacture Representatives and Distributors Covering Customer Needs Globally with a Wide Reach Aeroflex Customer Support Global Support End-to-End Systems Support Technical Support Aeroflex Strengths • • • We focus on performance. w w w . c o m 43 .Aeroflex can spec products to meet your design requrements. delivering precisely engineered products to your specifications. design and manufacturing innovation We focus on strengthening our long-term customer relationships We invest in R&D and new product development to keep our solutions up-to-date with the latest high technologies • • • We use a team-based sales approach which enables close technical collaboration with our customers No matter where you are Aeroflex provides worldwide support for sales and service We are ISO 9000 registered Our use of experienced engineering personnel as part of the sales effort enables close technical collaboration with you during the design and qualification phase of new technologies and equipment. a e r o f l e x .

com Part No. w w w.aeroflex.com info-test@aeroflex. 46891/525 Issue 4 04/12 . performance-driven and customer-focused.Contact Us CHINA Beijing CHINA Shanghai CHINA Shenzhen FINLAND FRANCE GERMANY HONG KONG INDIA JAPAN KOREA SCANDINAVIA SINGAPORE TAIWAN UK USA Tel: [+86] (10) 6539 1166 • Fax: [+86] (10) 6539 1778 Tel: [+86] 21 2028 3588 • Fax: [+86] 21 2028 3558 Tel: [+86] (755) 3301 9358 • Fax: [+86] (755) 3301 9356 Tel: [+358] (9) 2709 5541 • Fax: [+358] (9) 804 2441 Tel: [+33] 1 60 79 96 00 • Fax: [+33] 1 60 0177 69 22 Tel: [+49] 89 99641 0 • Fax: [+49] 89 99641 160 Tel: [+852] 2832 7988 • Fax: [+852] 2834 5364 Tel: [+91] (0) 80 4115 4501 • Fax: [+91] (0) 80 4115 4502 Tel: [+81] 3 3500 5591 • Fax: [+81] 3 3500 5592 Tel: [+82] (2) 3424 2719 • Fax: [+82] (2) 3424 8620 Tel: [+45] 9614 0045 • Fax: [+45] 9614 0047 Tel: [+65] 6873 0991• Fax: [+65] 6873 0992 Tel: [+886] (2) 2698 8058 • Fax: [+886] (2) 2698 8050 Tel: [+44] (0) 1438 742200 • Fax: [+44] (0) 1438 727601 Freephone: 0800 282388 (UK only) Tel: [+1] (316) 522 4981 • Fax: [+1] (316) 522 1360 Toll Free: 800 835 2352 (US only) Our passion for performance is defined by three attributes represented by these three icons: solution-minded.

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