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Translating Conference Papers 1

PROJ 102 Project Progress Report

Project #43

Translating Industrial Engineering Conference Papers to


Group #093
Şeref Onuralp Çankaya, Gülistan Yarıcı, Peri Sima Antalyalı

Supervised by:
Gürdal Ertek

December 1, 2008

Fall 2008
Sabancı University
Translating Conference Papers 2

1. Summary of Planned Tasks as of Progress Report Submission Date

In this project, our main aim is to translate the conference papers into Turkish. While
translating, we utilize many sources like internet pages, dictionaries or academic books which
our supervisor recommend us. In these academic use, we get a chance to learn how can we
find the information about industrial engineering and the key terms which are based in the
conference papers. Our first step is to read the conference papers and start to search key terms
and the unknown words with using all of our sources in our hand. After these processes, we
send it to our supervisor for getting a feedback. The last step that we planned is correct our
mistakes and evaluate the translatings as much as possible after feedback.

2. Tasks Completed in Accordance with Project Schedule

After we submitted our project proposal, we continue to study until the last step that we
As we mentioned before we started this project with our first step- searching academic books,
qualified dictionaries and internet pages about industrial engineering. We decided to handle
with 3 conference papers first and seperated eachother equally. Then we started with reading
and analysing papers cautiously. After investigating the key terms and unknown words, we
achieved to start translating by oneself in 6 hours per week. And 2 hours in a week, we have
a chance to correct our misunderstandings collabaratively. After all of these steps , the final
process that we are charged with is correct all of our mistakes by the help of the supervisor's

First week:

* analyzed paper about warehouses.

* tried to understand paper briefly and noted some significant points.
* read some pages of book about engineering and entrance to the industrial engineering.
* investigated more different kinds of books about industrial engineering.

Second week:

* continued analyzing book which name is the entrance of the manufacturing engineering,
* watched videos about ms project,mind map..
* searching new books for learn more information about industrial terms
* talked to our supervisor about proposal and our other assesment which we are going to
do in the following weeks.

Third & Forth week:

*We couldn't make the weekly project report in third and fourth weeks because of our
midterms intensity.

Fifth week:

* Tried to evaluate previous conferance papers

Translating Conference Papers 3

* Watched video, which is about building web site on

*Sixth week:

* checking the previous translated papers

* tried to evaluate them as much as possible
* the papers had been received which we will translate first.

Seventh week:

* Get Mrs. Gulcin's papers.

* We bought dictionary which name is a dictionary of industrial engineering and
engineering management terms
* started to read Mrs. Gulcin's papers

3. Consistency to Project Schedule

Because of unplanned things occured in our project like getting conference papers later than
we thought, we had little delay to start translating. During this time we had a chance to
analyse previous translating papers and try to evaluate them.After this time and the unplanned
delay, we will work harder and try to finish our translatings before 16.01.09. In these
approximately 2 months, our main goal is to reveal a qualified translated papers as much as

4. Plans for the Remainder of the Project

We did not translate any papers yet, because we waited our conference paper from Mrs.
Gulcin. for a long time. We will be working on three papers in the forthcoming weeks. If we
have enough time, we will translate two more papers. After that we are going to do poster,
web site, presentation and final draft.

The plan for the reminder of the project is displayed in the following table:
Translating Conference Papers 4

 We used MS Project 2007 for creating this charts.

Translating Conference Papers 5


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