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0 Technologies for High Performance Sourcing

Motivate diverse teams throughout the world to identify. and blogs to develop high-value pipelines of talent that your competitors would die for. Created by Dimitri Boylan. INTRODUCTION 1 Struggling to optimize your global sourcing efforts? Trying to network using an ERP tool? Not spending enough time recruiting on social web sites? Looking for a CRM system to put in front of your ATS to build high quality talent pipelines quickly and easily? Our On-Demand Recruiting CRM is the only Enterprise 2. this system will dramatically improve your results. and follow-up on multiple sets of talented professionals simultaneously. Empower your users to reach into professional networks. If your recruiting strategy depends on high volume. WIN THE TALENT WAR To generate Talent on a global scale. You’ve hired professionals that can sell your company’s jobs to the right people. co-founder and former CEO of HotJobs. Get traction on hard to fill jobs that have strategic value for your company. and legacy HR systems. and reward the behavior that delivers the results you need. you need to manage your Sourcing operation like a disciplined sales organization manages lead generation and prospecting. Are your recruiters forced to assemble and organize their candidate prospecting Winner 2008. Top HR information on a mixture of Excel and Outlook or in a CRM system that wasn’t Product . collaboration.Human Resource Executive Magazine designed for recruiting? We’ve developed powerful and cost-effective Enterprise 2. and user adoption. compliance. measure. Outlook. INTRODUCTION | 2 . Think of Sourcing as a Sales Process. Develop interactive marketing and E-mail campaigns. com. mine the Internet and Job Board’s with ease. Now it’s time to arm them with the best software to manage their activity towards successful outcomes. connect. and construct and execute targeted passive candidate campaigns quickly.0 software that combines Web 2. not just a filtering process. expert forums. Manage. the system is the backbone of Avature’s Sourcing business and services over 26 Fortune 2000 employers worldwide. Introduce a campaign superstructure that frees you from the Job-Centric ATS design and lets you build pipelines based on the profiles of successful employees across multiple geographies and skill sets.0 CRM built specifically for recruiting.0 sourcing tools with powerful CRM functionality to ensure speed. event-based sourcing or high-intensity passive sourcing. while maintaining easy import/export with Excel.

Go public Internet domains for maximum beyond resumes and capture people’s impact. SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS 2 OpenWeb Crawler The Internet is a very big pond. Instantly download your candidates directly into the CRM with the click of Social Networks & Dynamic Profiles Leverage Social Networks to stay a few examples of how we leverage Refine the art of networking connected and build relationships. makes searching fast and easy. Web for information that represents Commercial Job Board & Social Web Site Manager Manage your passwords and record the a button. filters it for with dynamic content. saving time on data entry Optimize your assets time your team spends searching and tasks. representations of who a person knows and how they know them. Leave no stone unturned getting bigger every day. of all your job boards. interests and ambitions. and re-engage previously qualified or We allow recruiters to manage previously contacted candidates when personal networks and easily develop new opportunities arise. Our Intelligent Web Crawler engine creates fielded Person Records is tuned specifically to search for automatically in the CRM to eliminate open Internet resumes. you simply must indexes it to make it available for fast automate some or all of your Internet searching. It spiders the manual data entry requirements. Our Plaxo and LinkedIn integrations are just SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS | 3 . Track people’s career moves relationships. One-click searches the most candidates for your team. and full advantage of it. Online dashboard reports clearly sourcing from commercial job boards indicate which job board is delivering and social sites. Our proprietary parsing sourcing. and it’s filled downloads this data. both free and paid. In order to take essential contact information. is a person’s work qualifications.

• Search any general text spidered and and notes in a split second. by other important records in the system. over and over again. but better. SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS | 4 . what e-mail system your company Web Calendars Like Google Calendars. see workflow and more. our Parser out person records. Avature critical information .Live Search If your system is slowing down because • Collect and search more information The more data the better you have crossed the million resume in your sourcing system than in your mark. job records and saves time. automatically uploads resumes that No more typing of resume data into come into your In Box. Send Invitations to Outlook events like interviews. emails. and data driven “smart hints” to search more effectively. downloaded from the web. filter based on candidates and tag metadata. Inbound E-mail Resume Management Let’s face it. • Use Boolean operators. no matter how many web uses. meetings. Our system complete person record in the system.including any delivers a robust. Our resume parsing system More flexibility for the real pages you build. & iCal format to Outlook. because not everything belongs in an ATS. users and accept Outlook Invitations and required follow up tasks. and with one click. regardless of database records. Blackberry. ATS or ERP system. industrial strength attachments to the e-mail and the resume management capability text of the email itself . Enjoy the view Build group calendars. custom auto-build a for e-mailed resumes. it’s time for an upgrade. • Search gigabytes of resumes. resumes have a way reads the resume and extracts the life situations of getting into your Inbox. Easily posts in standard vCal Parsing Tool One of the most powerful utilities used reading un-fielded data and building Put the keyboard down! throughout the system.

records. over computer networks using We’ll work with you to plug into older HTTP/HTTPS is ideal for passing systems for a minimum cost so you can job requisitions or person records boost productivity immediately. workflow is easy to configure and easy to use. system was built knowing that many Make your HRIS team happy making integration into legacy HR ERP companies are committed to a legacy systems easy. Easily upload contacts or download of Person or Company from Outlook. from one system to another. LinkedIn. Our workflow configuration easy.Workflow Builder Managing follow-up conversations view your recruiting metrics in the Structure your team with multiple prospective candidates workflow pipeline reports immediately. ACT!. is still a fundamental challenge most Point-and-click customization makes systems struggle to address. Gmail. pre-screen inbound job board Easy Import & Export of Data One-click upload of address books spreadsheets or comma delimited Data should be movable or network contacts makes user (.csv) files of any size for bulk upload adoption easy. With administrator level access to the system. or build custom forms for Structure your data forms for any situation and store them phone screening candidates and store in the Forms Template Library. easily design your own recruiting workflow and then Forms Builder Easily create usable and attractive candidates. and many other systems. Plaxo. Build the completed screening form with the screening forms to automatically candidate record. Import or export Easy System Integration Data adheres to HR-XML standards. Yahoo! Mail. Our SOAP protocol for ERP recruiting solution that is costly to exchanging XML-based messages optimize for current recruiting needs. This SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS | 5 .

paste. create and store your e-mail marketing messages. OPTIONAL HIGHLIGHTS E-mail Campaign Manager Nothing beats a targeted message effortlessly and deliver and track your Low cost high return marketing delivered to a talented professional . results based metrics on all your E-mail Use our advanced Forms Builder to campaigns. their read and response rates. Build lists of candidates SMS Marketing Campaign Manager There are three things everyone Take the mystery out of this new Reach a new generation takes with them when they leave the medium and execute effortlessly. Use our on your corporate website. direct to web wallet/purse. with other people without losing the Advanced Career Portal You do not need to have an Enterprise through our Parser for automated From the creators of choose. All unstructured data is run SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS | 6 . Apply built-in testing functionality to pre- online options include simple cut & screen applicants. Unified Communication (including SMS & VoIP/Telephony) Track and consolidate conversations context of your actions. Motivate your team to to 500 talented professionals! Reach make full use of low cost. are finally available to your recruiting re-schedule. communicate. e-mail with attachments. One click SMS communication Call Hunting. Call Groups. Menu-driven Connect with a new generation from the phone. and chat with setup of VoIP Hotlines. and their cell phone! pages and more. Track house in the morning: their keys. Currently boasting a 90% read rate. ATS to have a great careers section record creation in the system. email. and other sophisticated with key candidates can make a communication tools found in Sales critical difference to a high powered and Customer Service operations recruiter. high return out to hundreds or thousands of marketing with a complete set of qualified applicants in a single stroke. SMS communication is a must have for progressive recruitment marketers. ease. outbound messages and inbound made easy except 50 targeted messages delivered responses. and structured application forms . and delegate interactions organization.

Assess Quality HotJobs. daily basis. priority. $250 A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR USERS Most software companies claim From our experience at HotJobs Rich Internet Application (RIA) their user interface design decisions and Yahoo!. Screened. $1. Career Builder. but importance of creating a system most often their UI’s reflect their own your users want to use. 30 turnover. BUILD A HIGH PERFORMANCE SOURCING TEAM 3 A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR MANAGERS Our online reporting dashboards bring critical data to assess quality. Our product development road maps – system makes the complex tasks add-ons on top of add-ons that confuse of recruiting easy to perform on a users and make training difficult. $450 Monster.Avat HIGH PERFORMANCE | 7 . we learned the are made with the user in mind. $600 It’s easy for Managers to drill down into reports .all the way to the resume . Tested. Understand the elements of productivity that lead to RECRUITING PIPELINE success and manage to your productivity benchmarks. User Productivity Deliver Continuity Sourced. 20 Withstand Audits Hired. 80 re-allocate projects and requisitions staff from candidate development based on productivity. 5 Asset Management Use our OFCCP dash board and Optimize your Commercial Job Board archival system to insure that your usage and save money and time. With global access Dashboard Reporting control to dashboards.050 LatPro. and and pipeline management. 100 Easily and smoothly allocate and De-couple turnover of your own Contacted. $700 Dice. company can support a full blown JOB BOARD SPENDING audit of search behavior. ialist ure sourcing spec Catia Yun . managers can stop building and e-mailing updated Excel reports to each other.

e-mail.) mode · SOAP protocol integration of · Automatic Address Book upload · EU Safe Harbor functionality (Optional) HR-XML data via HTTP/HTTPS (LinkedIn.CSV & . and Online Directories Access · Relevancy ranking optimization Manager · Save Searches · Manage User passwords from a · Chat. Outlook. Plaxo. Social Web key work highlighted snippets Site. and Notes search OPTIONAL FEATURES centralized place · Automatic Search Agents · Conduct simultaneous searches on Tagging and Tag Management Advanced Communication multiple systems · Optional Chat support · Collect search string data to train users Workflow Builder · Optional built-in VoIP and SMS · A-Parser for one click upload Forms Builder service Advanced Contact Management List Manager E-mail & SMS Marketing Tools · Journaling · Build Custom List views for bulk e-mails. · E-mail & SMS marketing features · Built-in Group Calendars (Optional) · Easy candidate source tracking Reporting & Compliance · Person Record supports multiple · Web Dashboard Reports for on-line Advanced Career Portal attached files (any format) reporting · Built-in Corporate career site Separate Social Profile sections in · All dashboard reports can be exported · Career Site Builder with testing Person Record to Excel features · Client Email Calendar integration via RSS · OFCCP Compliant ON or Off Search Systems Integration (Google. etc. Tasks. Outlook/Vista.XLS) for bulk data import · List Tagging for data tracking FEATURES | 8 . Gmail. etc. · A-Parser for one click upload · Search Results List with in-context and Spanish and German Commercial Job Board. · Campaign superstructure · Searchable Notes. Tasks. FEATURES 4 Sophisticated Web Research Tools Live Search SUPPORT · Open Web Crawler · Full Text Boolean & Custom Operator · Social Networks Interface Search 24x7 support in English.) Internationalization · Threaded e-mail Integration from any · Choose a Language Skin for Users e-mail client or Web mail account · Capture International Addresses and · Download or Email Calendar events or phone numbers Tasks to Outlook or any iCal system with · Search and Index resumes in any one click language Importing & Exporting Data · List Import (. etc. and Events ad hoc reports.

4175 M: +1 (646) 729. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES & CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT Avature recognizes that regardless of how flexible our system mike@avature. or build out a more interactive web O: +1 (212) 380.0590 UK : +44 (0) 20 7099. Avature ATS A flexible process-centric application for processing candidates and on-boarding new hires. Johnson Dan Diachenko Eastern US Pacific Northwest and Mid West Southwest.9100 x 314 .9806 / www.avature.2133 ARG: +54 (11) 5246. multi -configuration ATS middle layer. 800.396. integrate the system into a affordable these services Ernie Kueffner Michael P. Europe and Latin America dan@avature. and complete Web dashboard reporting system. OTHER PRODUCT CONFIGURATIONS Avature RPO Suite The only multi-client recruiting platform that supports a shared services sourcing model. legacy system. there are You will be surprised at how situations where clients need to customize the system.4173 O: +1 (503) 334.0834 USA : +1 (212) 380. Avature offers 3 levels of service for these situations: • Graphic Design • Functional Design • Engineering Please call us for a rate quote for these services.8415 M: +1 (773) 490.