The wide range of weinor colours

The right frame colour or conservatory colour for every house

RAL 5002/F

RAL 5005/F

RAL 5009/F

RAL 1003/S

RAL 1023/S

RAL 1034/S

RAL 5017/F

RAL 5018/F

RAL 6005/F

RAL 3002/S

RAL 3004/S

RAL 3020/S

We reserve the right to make technical alterations. December 2006

RAL 6009/F

RAL 6018/F

RAL 6019/F

RAL 5015/S

RAL 6001/S

RAL 6011/S

RAL 6029/F

RAL 7035/F

RAL 9001/F

RAL 6012/S

RAL 2011/F

RAL 3003/F

RAL 4005/F

Houses are like the people who live in them: individual That is why weinor is now offering such a wide choice of frame colours. This means you can choose your awning or patio covering to be a perfect match for the façade, the windows or even your garden furniture. That will create a feeling of harmony right round the house and garden.
RAL 1002/H RAL 1014/H RAL 1015/H RAL 5011/W RAL 5014/W RAL 7015/W

RAL 3005/H

RAL 8001/H

RAL 8003/H

RAL 9017/W

RAL 7032/W

weinor 7319/W

RAL 8004/H

RAL 8014/H

RAL 8016/H

RAL 9006/W

RAL 9007/W

RAL 9016/W

Whether you prefer fresh, exciting spring colours or comfortable, homely autumn colours, sorted by season, you will find the weinor range has lots of magnificent colours to suit every taste and type of house.

RAL 8017/H

RAL 8019/H

RAL 8022/H

WT 029/10797/W WT 029/70786/W WT 029/80077/W

weinor 8077/H WT 029/50704/H WT 029/60740/H

WT 029/80081/W WT 029/90146/W WT 029/90147/W

For technical reasons the colours may appear slightly different in print. Colours 3

especially of the colour Blazing red (RAL 3000) cannot be ruled out. W = winter colour RAL 1002 Sand yellow H RAL 1003 Signal yellow S RAL 1014 Ivory H RAL 1015 Light ivory H RAL 1023 Traffic yellow S RAL 1034 Pastel yellow S RAL 2011 Deep orange F RAL 3002 Carmine red S RAL 3003 Ruby red F RAL 3004 Purple red S RAL 3005 Wine red H RAL 3020 Traffic red S RAL 4005 Blue lilac F RAL 5002 Ultramarine blue F RAL 5005 Signal blue F RAL 5009 Azure blue F RAL 5011 Steel blue W RAL 5014 Pigeon blue W We reserve the right to make technical alterations. S = summer colour. RAL 9006 metallic Approx. If the casing is white they are always in traffic white (RAL 9016). bleaching. RAL 9010 W WT 029/50704 H WT 029/60740 Chestnut 04 metallic H WT 029/70786 Sparkling iron effect W Approx. other fine structure colours + 15 % (all on the basic cost). the crank handle and drive unit are always in deep black (RAL 9005). RAL 9007 metallic Colours 4 . H = autumn colour. WT 029/80077 W WT 029/80081 Iron glimmer effect P 7 W WT 029/90146 W WT 029/90147 W Approx. Since introduction of the ban on heavy metal additives in powder coatings. December 2006 RAL 5015 Sky blue S RAL 5017 Traffic blue F RAL 5018 Turquoise blue F RAL 6001 Emerald green S RAL 6005 Moss green F RAL 6009 Fir green F RAL 6011 Reseda green S RAL 6012 Black green S RAL 6018 Yellow green F RAL 6019 Pastel green F RAL 6029 Mint green F RAL 7015 Slate grey W RAL 9017 Traffic black W RAL 7032 Pebble grey W RAL 7035 Light grey F weinor 7319 Weinor grey standard W RAL 8001 Ochre brown H RAL 8003 Clay brown H RAL 8004 Copper brown H RAL 8014 Sepia brown H RAL 8016 Mahogany brown H RAL 8017 Chocolate brown H RAL 8019 Grey brown H RAL 8022 Black brown H weinor 8077 Weinor dark brown H RAL 9001 Cream F RAL 9006 White aluminium W RAL 9007 Grey aluminium W RAL 9016 Traffic white W 8 trendy conservatory colours (5 % surcharge) Surcharge for trendy conservatory colours + 5 %. DB 703 metallic Approx. RAL 6009 metallic On units with crank handles.The wide range of weinor colours 47 standard RAL plus 8 trendy conservatory colours 47 frame colours F = spring colour. other RAL colours + 10 %. despite the paint manufacturers’ best efforts it is not always possible to guarantee stability of the shade of colour. WT 029/10797 Approx.

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