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Huge Message Of Hope In Their victims most often are

other young men with feminine demean-
by a classmate, wore feminine clothing
and makeup. Jose Sucuzhanay, 31, was

Winterhaven Festival ors or Transgender women, said

Wilchins. “These assailants are looking
to eradicate and exterminate something
beaten with a baseball bat in Brooklyn
and kicked by three men who jumped
out of a car yelling anti-Gay and anti-
that enrages them, and that is what Hispanic slurs.
makes them hate crimes,” he said.
The unidentified woman who
GenderPAC published a report was sexually assaulted in Richmond on
in 2006 cataloguing the murders of 50 Dec. 13 also was jumped by a group.
such victims under 30 years old over a Detectives say she was attacked after
10-year period. The group has identified she got out of her car, which bore a
another 20 murders of “gender non- rainbow Gay pride sticker.
conforming youth” that have taken place
in the two years since, although FBI After one of the four men struck
statistics for the same period show only her, the group dragged the woman into
five hate crime slayings linked to the the street, assaulted her, forced her
victim’s sexual orientation. back into her car and took her to a
burned-out apartment building, where
“There has definitely been a she was raped again. Authorities are still
huge spike. I don’t think anybody knows searching for the suspects.
why,” Wilchins said.
The National Coalition of Anti-
Many of the incidents that have Violence Programs, a network of organi-
captured headlines this year — from the zations working to address Gay-related
February shooting death of a Gay violence, has tracked numerous other
PHOTO: Bill Morrow teenager at his Southern California anti-Gay crimes this year. They include
TUCSON - Each Christmas holiday season residents of the Winterhaven middle school to this month’s slaying of the deaths of Transgender women in
neighborhood always made their area a magnificent ‘Festival of Lights’. This year, a Brooklyn man who was fatally beaten Tennessee and Colorado; an arson that
Winterhaven resident Jeffrey Scott Brown went a step further with the display in front of while walking arm-and-arm with his destroyed the home of a 65-year-old
his home at 3354 North Christmas Avenue, at the intersection of Kleindale and brother — fit Wilchins’ profile. Gay man in New York, and a spate of
Christmas Avenue. street beatings in Seattle’s Gay district.
Larry King, the 15-year-old shot
Brown utilized the large red AIDS Ribbon Tucson to stand with 8 foot tall
letters of HOPE - “a symbolic gesture to send as much hope (for anything positive we
personally choose) into the world as we can - beginning with ourselves,” Brown said,
“and using the red ribbon to promote AIDS awareness”.

Local photographers, videographers and historians were invited to

document the moment on Sunday, December 28. Neighbors, friends, family and
strangers were also in attendance.

Although the 58th annual Winterhaven holiday event concluded Saturday,

December 27, the Brown Family intends to keep the huge ‘HOPE’ sign up through the
New Year and the Presidential Inauguration for the public to drive by and see.

Many Suffered From Anti-Gay

Violence In 2006
SAN FRANCISCO, California (Observer by four men, police received so many
Update) From a series of street bashings calls from community members wanting
in Seattle to the baseball bat murder of to help that they asked the local rape
an Ecuadorean immigrant in New York, crisis center to set up a fund to aid her.
episodes of anti-Gay violence punctu-
ated a year now ending with police FBI statistics show there were
investigating the alleged gang rape of a 1,265 hate crimes based on sexual
Lesbian near San Francisco, reported orientation in 2007, up from 1,017 two
the Associated Press on years earlier and 1,239 in 2003. That
compares to 3,820 racially motivated
Advocates said they do not incidents in 2007 and 1,400 in which the
know whether the threats, beatings and victim’s religion was a factor.
murders reflect a true rise in attacks or
increased reporting of hate-based Because not all states allow
crimes that persist even as Gays gain attacks motivated by anti-Gay bias to be
greater visibility and legal protections. charged as hate crimes and because
some victims are reluctant to reveal their
“When you are talking about sexual orientations to police, Gay and
hate crimes, people think someone is Transgender rights advocates suspect
likely to report it, but in some communi- the numbers to be much higher.
ties the message is not always clear that
our society has accepted LGBT folks,” The vast majority of brutality
said Sarah Tofte, a researcher at New against Gays is carried out by young
York-based Human Rights Watch. men, usually acting in groups, said Riki
Wilchins, executive director of Gender
In Richmond, the crime-rav- Public Advocacy Coalition, a Washing-
aged Bay Area city where the 28-year- ton nonprofit that works in schools to
old Lesbian reported being assaulted address discrimination.
SAAF Annual
Report Available
TUCSON (Observer Update) - The
Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation
Country Club Road and one block south
Desert Voices Host- of Speedway Boulevard. We have no
(SAAF), the only community-based
organization in Southern Arizona that
ing Open House program scheduled for this meeting. provides case management and ancil-
lary support services for people living
January 5 If you need help, please call our
hotline at (520) 360-3795 or e-mail us at
with HIV/AIDS and their families, has
posted their annual financial report for
TUCSON (Observer Update) - Desert We will con- Fiscal Year 2007-2008.
Voices Chorus will host its first Open
nect you with a PFLAG member who has
House of 2009 on January 5, 7:00 p.m. at
been where you are and who under- The 32 page financial report
the Water of Life MCC Church, 3269 N.
stands. covers all aspects of SAAF’s fundraising,
Mountain Avenue, Tucson.
expenditures and details how the
various programs and services have
Each year, Desert Voices in-
vites the Tucson community to meet
Rodeo Volunteers worked for the past fiscal year. What
follows is SAAF’s Income and Expense
Chorus members, sing a little and learn
more about the Chorus. This is an
Needed Report (from page 6):
excellent opportunity for anyone who PHOENIX (Observer Update) - As a
founding member of the International REVENUE - Grants/Contracts
has the desire to sing to join with a truly
Gay Rodeo Association, the Arizona $3,669,916, Community Based Rev-
supportive choral arts group. There are
no auditions. Artistic Director, Chris Gay Rodeo Association (AGRA) is enue $873,417, Buyers Club $58,509,
proud to host the Road Runner Regional Rental Property Income $416,969, Man-
Tackett will conduct a voice check to
Rodeo from January 16-18, 2009. As a agement Fees $25,500, Investment
determine vocal range and best fit with
the Chorus. Desert Voices encourages 501(c)4 organization, AGRA hosts this Income $5,000, TOTAL REVENUE
annual rodeo to raise funds to distribute $5,049,31.
those interested in learning more about
how they can become a part of the to Arizona LGBT and other charities.
Desert Voices Family, to visit with them EXPENSE - Client Services
AGRA is looking for volunteers $2,839,153, Prevention $1,302,674, Vol-
January 5. Desert Voices’ next concert
to assist for a few hours on Saturday or unteer Resources $120,876, Develop-
will be “In the Basement”, February 7 at
the Historic “Y,” Tucson. Their Annual Sunday. Opportunities include assisting ment $426,228, Administration $363,385,
with ticket sales, ticket taking, security, TOTAL EXPENSE $5,049,312.
Cabaret and Fundraiser will feature
Guest Stars Lisa Otey and Diane Van and parking etc. This 24th anniversary
Deurzen. Limited tickets for this risqué, rodeo will take place at Rawhide at Wild SAAF’s entire annual report is
Horse Pass on the Gila River Indian available online at
slightly bawdy and thoroughly entertain-
Community, 5700 W North Loop Rd, AboutSAAF/documents/
ing evening, are still available and can
be purchased by calling (520) 791-9662. Chandler, Arizona. AnnualReportFY2007-2008.pdf. For
more information, call (520) 628-7223 or
To volunteer, please visit the go online to SAAF’s website,
Desert Voices
( is Arizona’s Premier website at or contact
GLBTS Chorus and remains committed our Rodeo Director, Ron Trusley, at
to uniting our community through our or (602) 510-9671. First Step To
music. Every concert season is
Volunteering In
carefully designed to reflect the cultural
diversity of our community through Lisa Geduldig’s 2009 P.O
.O.. BO
BOXX 50733,
productions that inspire as well as
entertain. For more information, contact
Kung Pao Kosher TUCSON (Observer Update) - Go TUCSON, AZ 85703
(520) 622-7176 (V oice)
Jeffrey Scotland, (520) 908-8740. Comedy Tour & beyond “feel-good volunteering” and
volunteer with the Tucson Interfaith HIV/ Computer F AX ()792-8382
TJFF Opening Night AIDS Network (TIHAN). Really make a Com Offf ice Hour
ComOf s: 9a.m.-6p
Hours: .m.
PFLAG Tucson TUCSON (Observer Update) - The 2009
difference in the lives of our CarePartners, Monday thru Friday
people living with HIV/AIDS. Your first
Meeting January 7 18th Annual Tucson Jewish Film Festival step to volunteering is attending one of Office Closed Thursdays
opens on January 10, 7:30 p.m., Tucson our Volunteer Orientations, the first one 792-8382puter F AX (520)792-2
TUCSON (Observer Update) - PFLAG
Jewish Community Center, 3800 E. River in 2009 will take place Thursday, Jan.
(Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Observer on the World Wide Web :
Gays) promotes the health and well- Road, with a special guest, Lisa Geduldig 15, at the First Congregation Church, www.tucsonobser
www.tucsonobser v er
.tucsonobserv .com
of San Francisco Kung Pao Kosher 1350 N. Arcadia, 5:15 - 9:15 p.m. E-Mail:
being of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and
Comedy fame. inf o@tucsonobser
o@tucsonobserv v
Transgender persons, their families and
friends through: Support, to cope with an In just one evening or after- ——————————
The opening night film is noon, you will experience an HIV 101 EDITOR/PUBLISHER:
adverse society; Education, to enlighten
“Noodle.” The cost of admission in- presentation, be inspired by a panel
an ill-informed public; and Advocacy, to Bob Ellis
end discrimination and to secure equal cludes the comedy opener, the film and a discussion of persons living with HIV,
dessert reception. $18. ARTS & GRAPHICS:
civil rights. and hear an overview of TIHAN’s
programs, services and volunteer op- Gary Clark
For more information, call (520) portunities. Six times a year, TIHAN MANAGING EDITOR:
The next support meeting will Mark Kerr
299-3000, or go online to offers Volunteer Orientations, and Janu-
take place Wednesday, January 7, Special Events Photos: ary 15 is your next chance.
2009, at the Ward VI City Council Offices Bill Morrow
at 3202 East 1st Street, one block east of schedule.html.
If you are interested in volun- Hunter Johnson
teering at TIHAN or you just want to Horoscope:
know more about HIV/AIDS and related Charlene Lichtenstein
issues, please join us. Your cost is only Contributing Columnists
$17 which includes a light meal and Mark R. Kerr
printed materials. Feel free to pass this Jimmy Petrol
information on to your friends, family, co- Jack Melichar
workers and congregations. For more Publication of names or photos of any person
information about volunteer opportuni- or organization in the OBSERVER is not to be
ties contact Kim Talerico, Volunteer construed as indication of the sexual
Coordinator, at (520) 299-6647 or email orientation of such person, organization or
advertisers or any employees thereof.
her at
Opinions that are expressed in Letters to the
Editor or columns by contributors are not
necessarily those of the OBSERVER, its staff
or advertisers. OBSERVER assumes
responsibility for its own editorial policy only.

Although OBSERVER has many fine

advertisers, we do not accept responsibility for
any claims made pertaining to their products
and/or services.
Permission to reprint (except for separately
copyrighted material) is granted when credit is
given to the OBSERVER.

Prop 102 Opponent Says Ariz. Secretary Of State Turns Blind

Eye To Campaign Finance Compliance
records required to be kept pursuant to subject to a civil penalty imposed as
FLAGSTAFF (Observer Update) - Kanefield responded by writing, “We this section.” This section of the law, prescribed in section 16-924 of three
Despite the fact that less than 25 have reviewed our files and have related to the duties of the treasurer of times the amount of money that has
percent of donors to found no records that match your a political committee, goes on to say, been received, expended or prom- listed their occu- request.” Frazier, a Gay-rights sup- “A person who violates this section is ised in violation of this section.”
pations on campaign finance reports, porter, got involved when he learned
the Arizona Secretary of State’s office
says that the political committee
from a newspaper article that about 60
members of his community of Flagstaff
Campbell Stands Behind Advocate
behind Prop. 102 made its “best effort”
to comply with a state law requiring
had donated about $339,000 to He noticed that Ads, Doesn’t Cave To AFA
political committees to list the occupa- most Flagstaff donors did not list their NEW YORK CITY (Observer Update) -
tions of campaign donors on cam- occupations on campaign finance Despite demands from the American
paign finance reports. reports. “Only 17 percent of Flagstaff Family Association (AFA) calling for e-
donors listed their occupations. State- mails to Campbell Soup Co. urging the
Responding to a complaint wide, the figure is more like 23 percent. company to stop “pushing the Gay
from Flagstaff resident Dan Frazier, the This is a very low rate of compliance. agenda,” the icon of all things American
Secretary of State’s office requested But apparently, the Secretary of State’s is standing behind a decision to
additional information from office is not concerned about the rate advertise in the Gay and Lesbian about its efforts of compliance,” said Frazier in a market, reported
to obtain the occupations of its donors. prepared statement. “That’s shock-
John LeSueur, treasurer ing,” added Frazier. “But I am even The two-page spreads for the, apparently re- more shocked to learn that the Secre- Swanson division represent Campbell’s
sponded to the Secretary of State’s tary of State’s office has no record of first foray into the Gay market. One ad,
inquiry. In a letter to LeSueur dated any correspondence with anyone which appears in the December 2 issue
Dec. 22, 2008, State Election Director about compliance with the campaign of The Advocate, features two women
Joseph Kanefield wrote, “Based upon will continue to try to communicate in
finance laws. That is just unbelievable! and a young boy enjoying soup made ways that are meaningful and relevant to
the information provided in your letter, What do they do at the Secretary of with Swanson Chicken Broth. Accompa-
we have determined that the Commit- them.”
State’s office if they don’t communi- nying text identifies the women as a Sanzio said plans for the
tee has established that it made its cate about campaign finance compli- couple. On the opposite page is a chef,
‘best effort’ to obtain the required Swanson brand include further place-
ance? Isn’t that a big part of their job?” Christopher Lee, who is not identified as ments in The Advocate. AFA has long
information. Consequently, there is an Gay or straight. The second, in the
insufficient basis to find reasonable called for boycotts of companies that
Frazier originally contacted January 13 issue, has Lee on one page place ads in Gay publications. The
cause to believe the committee vio- the Arizona Attorney General’s office and another chef, Wil Crutchley, on the
lated A.R.S. §§ 16-915(A), 16-901(13) organization waged a multiyear war
with his concern about missing occu- other. Neither man’s sexual orientation is against Ford Motor Co. for its outreach to
or 16-904(D). We therefore consider pational data. The Attorney General’s identified. Upon seeing the ads, the AFA
this matter closed.” A copy of Gay consumers.
office directed him to the Secretary of immediately took it its website, urging
Kanefield’s letter to LeSueur was sent State’s office, saying that the Attorney Campbell to “remain neutral in the culture
to Frazier by the Secretary of State’s To thank Campbell for its Gay-
General would investigate only if the war.” supportive stance, consumers can con-
office. Secretary of State indicated an investi- Campbell rep Anthony Sanzio tact company president Douglas R.
gation was warranted. However, ARS said the company stands behind the Conant at Campbell Soup Co, Campbell
With his response to the §§ 16-904(i) seems to say that the ads. “Our position on this is pretty
Secretary of State, Lesueur apparently Place, Camden, NJ 08103, (800) 442-
Attorney General is entrusted with straightforward. Inclusion and diversity 7684 or (800) 257-8443,
also made a request for “all corre- enforcing campaign finance rules. The play an important role in our business,
spondence in 2008 to, from or within the
statute says, “On request of the and that fact is reflected in our marketing There is also a feedback form on the
Arizona Secretary of State’s office attorney general, the county, city or plan,” he said. “For more than a century
relating to the compliance of any Campbell corporate website,
town attorney or the filing officer, the people from all walks for life have
political committee with the campaign treasurer shall provide any of the enjoyed Campbell’s products, and we
finance reporting requirements.”

New Year’s Resolultions

For The LGBT Community
NEW YORK CITY (Observer Update) - nothing wrong with you—it’s the
‘Tis the season to make promises to homophobes who need to change.
yourself. Whether it’s losing weight,
taking up scuba diving or calling your Treat the Gays just like straights.
mother, the new year is a time to resolve We need to stop giving a special pass
to do new things and be a better person, to Gay and Lesbian organizations, be reported. We’ve got the they charities, media or businesses.
personal covered, but what about the The charge that you’re being “divisive”
Gay community as a whole? when criticizing the Gay and Lesbian
community is foolish. We should hold
2008 will be remembered as a ourselves to the same standards we
big year for the Gays—we won rights, hold the rest of the world. This isn’t just a
then lost them and then caught the nice principle, it has real benefits. If Gay
world’s attention by making our voices and Lesbian groups aren’t scrutinized,
heard. At the same time, the world of Gay questioned or criticized, they risk being
media continues to shrink, LGBT folks loved to death. You’re not being a good
continue to be beaten and killed both at friend if you let someone go on doing
home and abroad, Gay leadership often something that’s stupid, ineffective or
seems missing in action and, if you’re a dangerous simply because you don’t
Gay minority, you’re getting the short end want to hurt their feelings.
of two already pretty-damn-short sticks.
We can’t control Obama or Congress or Make allies everywhere. Here’s
the homophobes who will call us names, another fact that has to be faced: Gays
deny us our rights or, in far too many and Lesbians will always be in the
cases, still turn to physical violence. But minority, no matter how much Baptist
the best way of controlling our destiny is ministers would have you believe that
to start with ourselves. Here are 10 new we’re going to turn all the children Gay.
year’s resolutions we’d like to see the The good news is that more people are
Gay community keep: willing to stand up for equality—some
because they have friends or family who
Build an army. You can blame are Gay and some because they think
Gay organizations for not achieving it’s wrong to treat any group of people
goals faster than they have, or for only like second-class citizens. The biggest
asking you to open your wallet, but let’s challenge now is reaching and engag-
face facts: If you only have a limited pool ing both communities of color and
of people actually willing to work for religious groups. It’s prejudiced to think
equal rights, your best bet is to make that people in these groups can’t have
sure they’re well funded and to pass the their hearts turned, and the truth is, we
heavy lifting over to professional ex- haven’t tried all that hard to reach them.
perts. We lost marriage equality in
California partly because we handed Define the agenda. As long as
the reins of the campaign over to paid the Gay community is unclear about its
professionals. Sure, we should take goals, homophobes will continue to
advice from political experts, but you define them for us. All they have going for
can’t buy equal rights. You have to work them is fear and they’ll continue to tell
for it. Let’s see the Gay community take a people who don’t know any better that
page from the Obama campaign and the goal of the Gay community is to teach
organize grassroots activists; let’s see homosexuality to children, force
meetings of 10 or 15 people at a time churches to marry Gays and Lesbians
talking about what they can do on their and any number of other ridiculous lies.
block, street or town to make a Yes, there’s a Gay agenda, but there’s
difference. Multiply that across the globe no reason it should be a secret. We
and talk to one another, and there’s need to find a clear way to articulate what
nothing we can not achieve. it is we believe to be full, fair and equal
treatment under the law, and then we
Don’t fear visibility. The most need to tell everybody.
important thing the Gay community can
do to help itself out is to continue to be Get a winning attitude. I remem-
present and vocal. We should use ber standing on the street in L.A. with a
every opportunity that we can to make few hundred other Prop. 8 protesters and
the case that denying Gays and talking to a slightly older guy, who had
Lesbians the right to marry, the right to joined us as he saw us marching on the
serve our country and the right to live street. He told me and a few others that
without fear of retribution is an attack on the thing we need to realize is that “in the
civil rights. That means when a transexual scheme of things, this will only take a
woman is beaten and killed, her death minute.” He’s right. The plain and simple
can’t pass into the night forgotten; that truth is that we’ve come a long way in a
means when a priest who compares short time and that a lot of the impatience
Gays and Lesbians to pedophiles is we have now is because, at long last,
invited to speak before the whole there’s a finish line in sight. Even though
country, we speak up too; that means we lose ballot initiative after ballot
talking to your friends and family about initiative, we should remember that
the issues that are important to you. these initiatives are a response to our
Harvey Milk was right: There is no success. The story of America, the thrust
downside to being visible. of our history, is toward more equality
“You’re not being a good friend if you let and freedom. Be angry, be outraged,
someone go on doing something that’s but don’t lose sight that you’re on the
stupid, ineffective or dangerous…” winning team. “We should remember
that these initiatives are a response to
Realize that equal rights is not a our success.”
popularity contest. More than a few well-
meaning Gays and Lesbians seem to Hate the bigotry, love the bigot.
think that if only homophobes could see No matter how virulent, homophobia
what nice people we are, they would always comes down to ignorance. This
step aside and allow us our rights. Join means nobody should be written off, but
the Impact’s series of increasingly silent it also means that no matter how good or
and passive protests are a step in the decent or kind a person is in their other
right direction (there’s only so many walks of life, their homophobia still
times you can march back and forth and deserves to be called out. I’m talking
still be effective), but the attitude that by about Rev. Warren, obviously. The truth
being the best little boy or girl in the world is, Warren’s done a lot of good for the
will confer upon you a gold seal of world and I believe he’s a decent man,
approval is so last century. Stop asking but when it comes to his views on Gays
for equal rights and start demanding and Lesbians, and the extent to which
them. This doesn’t mean simply yelling he’s gone to deny Gays and Lesbians
louder than the opposition, but it does their rights, he is fundamentally wrong.
mean making the case for equality Continued on Page Five
forcefully, and remembering that there’s

Ertha Kitt - A Friend To

The G/L Community

NEW YORK CITY - Sexy and sultry feel very close to the Gay crowd
Eartha Kitt died on Christmas Day in because we know what it feels like to
her Connecticut home at the age of 81. be rejected,” she told the Chicago-
The singer, dancer and actress suc- based Gay weekly Windy City Times
cumbed to colon cancer, Andrew in 2005.
Freedman, a family spokesman said.
Kitt was a champion of civil rights, In her Gay media interview,
including Gay and Lesbian equality. Kitt agreed with proponents of Gay
marriage, calling the issue a civil
With a career that spanned six right. “We were not allowed to go
decades of Emmy-winning and Tony- through certain doors because of
and Grammy-nominated perfor- race, our color. It was so stupid that
mances, Kitt did it all. She started as a we were not able to sit at the counter
dancer in Vaudeville and found fame of a restaurant because it was only for
in movies and on television. Living in Anglo-Saxons. It’s stupid when this
the South, the product of a mixed-race country says it was born on ‘freedom
marriage, she battled an unhappy for all’, but it’s ‘freedom for some’!”
childhood that included being left to she said. “I support it [Gay marriage]
live with relatives after her mother’s because we’re asking for the same
new husband objected to taking her in. thing. If I have a partner and some-
As an adult, Kitt would say the risqué thing happens to me, I want that
stage persona that made her famous partner to enjoy the benefits of what
was all an act. She described herself we have reaped together.”
as shy; traumatized by her family’s
abandonment. “It’s a civil-rights thing, isn’t
it?” she added. Kitt is survived by a
“I’m an orphan,” she told the daughter, Kitt Shapiro, and two grand-
Post online. “But the public has children, Jason and Rachel.
adopted me and that has been my
only family. The biggest family in the
world is my fans.” Kitt’s childhood
explains the fierce loyalty she had to
her fans and her devotion to equality. “I

New Year’s Resolultions

For The LGBT Community
Continued from Page Four tangible.
We should do our best, even when You can have your cake
they’re fighting against us (even more so *ahem* and eat it, too.
when they’re fighting against us), to help
people who are letting hate and fear Finally, let’s resolve to be
control them. diverse. The argument over whether
we should be “mainstream” or “radical”
Remember that it’s not all about is tedious. We can be both. We can be
you. Just as the fight for LGBT rights Democrat and Republican. We can
doesn’t boil down to overturning a Gay forcefully advocate change through
marriage ban in California, there’s more civil disobedience while also working
to equality and fairness than just the within the system for change. Of all the
needs of Gays and Lesbians. You can groups of people in the world, it seems
practice your politics in whatever way that ours has the greatest capacity for
you choose, but if you support full and being able to hold two ideas in our
equal protection for Gays and Lesbians, head at the same time. We’re a better,
you owe it to yourself and your fellow stronger and more interesting commu-
citizens to looks at the many other gross nity when we are both the loud-
inequalities around the globe and do mouthed flamboyant hairdresser and
something about them as well. It’s easy the buttoned-down country club preppy.
to be self-serving, but if you expect We wouldn’t be fabulous if we all did it
straight people to care about you, you in the exact same way. It’s a big
should try caring about something that community and no one single person
doesn’t directly effect you as well. And or group gets to own it. That’s why we
don’t just empathize, do something all own it.

‘Tell Me On A Sunday’
January 2-11
TUCSON - Tell Me on a
Sunday, a musical by
Andrew Lloyd Webber
will run for 7 perfor-
mances, starting Janu-
ary 2, at the Cabaret
Space at the Temple of
Music and Art, 331 S.

Set in 1979, this

is the journey of Emma
(Kriste Belt), a hopeful
fashion designer who
comes from a small
town in England to NYC
to find success, inspira-
tion, and love. Andrew
Lloyd Webber created
Tell Me on a Sunday
after writing Jesus Christ
Superstar and before
beginning work on Evita.
“I wanted to do some-
thing different, some-
thing intimate and raw”
says Webber, who is
known for mega-musi-
cals with falling chande-
liers and dancers
dressed as cats. “I
wanted the audience to
care about one person
and to be able to focus
directly on that person and their emo- character in the play. I felt her joy in her
tions...” accomplishments and the total devasta-
tion in her losses. As I grow older, I am
Why would Arizona Onstage becoming more careful about prejudg-
Productions, known for its successful ing an artist - quite often I am wrong in my
productions of tricky and challenging initial thoughts. I think that TELL ME ON A
musicals of William Finn and Stephen SUNDAY will thrill fans of Webber and
Sondheim, choose this show? “I know surprise those who think that this is ‘not
that this decision has puzzled some of their thing.’ I have always loved this
our loyal audience members. One of piece, but never thought of mounting it
our goals is to think outside of the box, unless I had the perfect performer to hold
bring people to material that they have the stage ‘alone’ for the entire show, and
not had access to and stretch our who could not only sing the difficult
boundaries of what we ‘think we ‘like’ in material, but act and live the character of
musical theater,” says founding Artistic Emma. When I met Kriste’ Belt during
Director Kevin Johnson. “I saw this piece “Sunday in the Park with George,” I knew
performed in a pub in a small English I found that special dynamic the show
town with just a piano and cello and an needed. She will blow the audience
amazing singer/actor. I came in slightly away.”
late and did not honestly know anything
about the show, including who wrote it. Preview, all tickets, $20. Stu-
When I found out, I was surprised, dent/senior, $22.50, general admission,
honestly, because I am not a huge $25. For more information, please call
Webber fan, though I respect his work (520) 882-6574. For 24/7 ticket purchase
and his marketing skills. I was moved to using a credit card, call 1-800-838-3006,
tears and cared about the central or to go and click
“tickets.” There is no service charge.

‘Gay’ Words Are Both Gay Dads Get Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret
Banned From New Names On Louisi- News Pull Ad Ctiticizing LDS
Sony Virtual World ana Birth Certificate Stance On Prop 8
SAN FRANCISCO, California (Observer SAN DIEGO, California (Observer Up- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Observer
date) - A Gay couple in California have LDS Church, and asks people to contact
Update) - Michael Marsh, an 18-year- Update) - Gay Rights Watch Blog
won a federal court ruling that orders the Internal Revenue Service to lodge a
old gamer from Norwalk, Conn., wanted reported that the Salt Lake Tribune and
Louisiana to put the names of both men complaint.
to set up a Gay/straight alliance club in Deseret News have pulled a full page
PlayStation Home, Sony’s new free 3-D on their adopted son’s birth certificate ad placed by Utah businessman, Bruce
virtual world component for the despite state law against unmarried Palenske, that criticized the Mormon
PlayStation 3, the San Francisco adoption. Church (LDS) over its role in funding
Chronicle reported. Proposition 8, a measure that bans Gay
The facts are so clear that no and Lesbian marriage in California.
The problem was that the words trial is needed, wrote U.S. District Judge
he was using - “Gay,” “Lesbian” and Jay Zainey. Louisiana’s Office of Vital “We have a signed contract,
“Bisexual” - were being filtered from text Records must give full faith and credit to and the newspapers had already
chats and were not being allowed in the the New York state court in which Oren accepted payment for the ad when it
naming of clubs or in postings in club Adar and Mickey Ray Smith adopted was pulled literally 5 minutes before the
forums. the boy, the judge ruled last week. The production deadline,” said Palenske.
two Gay men lived in New York at the “This is clearly political,” Palenske
Marsh, who is straight but time of the 2006 adoption, but have since continued. “I’ve placed millions of dol-
supports Gay rights, said he raised the moved to San Diego. lars worth of ads with these two papers
issue with Home community managers over the years, and this is the first time
during the private beta test, but the The boy was born in Louisiana. something like this has ever happened. I
problems persisted after the public beta The Louisiana office had refused to can’t help but think that the LDS came in
introduction of Home on Dec. 11. The issue a birth certificate listing both as the and put the brakes on this.”
censorship issue is just one of a number boy’s legal parents. Louisiana law does
of glitches and problems that have not let two unmarried people adopt a The ads, which were sched-
dogged Home, which was designed as child together, regardless of sex, wrote uled to run on Dec. 28, had previously
a virtual social community for gamers. Carol L. Haynes, representing the state run in the Park City Record. They point
health department and registrar Darlene out that approximately 70 percent of the
W. Smith. funding for Prop 8 — more than $25
million — came through the efforts of the

NH To Debate Same-Sex
by Mark R. Kerr Marriage
PORTSMOUTH, NH (Observer Up- recognized all over the world. I think

Thank You Steve date) - When legislators meet in 2009,

there will be several bills to consider that
same-sex marriage goes beyond and
is not needed. “Civil unions are not
Recently, Tucson City Mayor and Council, a resolution to deal with civil unions and Gay marriage, marriage, but a legal concept gener-
Councilmember Steve Leal (D-Ward 5) support proposed legislation before the reported. State ated in several states. Same-sex mar-
surprised Tucson with his announced Arizona Legislature to expand the Rep. Jim Splaine, D-Portsmouth, sub- riage is contrary to Christian traditions
that he would not be seeking another states’ hate crimes statute to cover mitted a bill asking that civil unions, which and every religious concept of marriage
term on the City Council in 2009. misdemeanor offenses. are currently recognized by the state, be between a man and a woman. Same-
changed to allow marriage. State Rep. sex marriage is an oxymoron, because
Since 1989, Leal has been a When Tucson’s Mayor and Paul McEachern, D-Portsmouth, is co- one of the primary functions of marriage
constant fixture on Tucson’s City Council, Council voted unanimously to create a sponsoring the bill. is procreating.”
serving his constituents and community domestic partners registry, it was
well during his tenure but it is the Lesbian, Councilmember Steve Leal who was “The bill would essentially pro-
Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) thanked, for helping to spearhead the vide for full marriage equality,” Splaine
and HIV/AIDS communities which has effort to recognize same-sex and oppo- said. “I submitted the bill because I think
benefitted tremendously with Steve Leal site-sex committed relationships who it’s important that we keep this dialogue
representing Tucson’s Ward 5 on the could not or chose not to get married. going.” Splaine said the bill will be
Mayor and Council dais. presented on Jan. 7 along with the other
In 2006, Proposition 107 was on bills introduced for the session. He said
Leal’s initial run for the Ward 5 the ballot, a measure that would have then it will be scheduled for a public
Council seat, defeating Republican banned same-sex marriages, civil hearing or sent to a committee.
incumbent Roy Laos, set the stage for unions and domestic partnerships,
this relationship because of Laos’ Councilmember Steve Leal supported a Splaine said that although civil
actions, outing a member of the then, measure putting the Tucson Mayor and unions are recognized in New Hamp-
Tucson Women’s Commission, Kathleen Council on record as opposed. Leal shire, Gay marriage is not. He said a bill
Mayer of the Pima County Attorney’s supported a similar measure this year introduced by state Rep. David Hess,
office and alleging that the Women’s for Proposition 102, the measure ban- R-Hooksett, would prohibit New Hamp-
Commission was promoting “overt Les- ning same-sex marriages. Tucson’s shire from recognizing Gay marriages
bianism.” His race and candidacy Mayor and Council was one of the few performed in other states as civil unions
helped to create one of the first LGBT governmental entities to take a stand. here. “I introduced — in 2006 — a civil
political organizations - the Lambda union bill and a lot of people thought it
Democratic Caucus that was recog- For 20 years, Steve Leal has was not a good time, but it passed in
nized by the Pima County Democratic served on the Tucson City Council with 2007,” he said. “I offered an amendment
Party and Arizona Democratic Party distinction and honor, controversy and to add full equality for marriage, and that
respectively. commendation. Tucson’s LGBT, HIV/ didn’t pass. This is my second try at
AIDS and other minority groups owe him getting full marriage equality.”
By his defeat of Laos in 1989, a big debt of gratitude for his service to
Steve Leal’s victory was the beginning the community. Splaine said he thinks Gay
for which he attended Pride events (then marriage will pass in the state eventu-
known as the Pride Picnic) during his Divorced Tenn. ally. “It may not be in 2009, but I believe it
time as a Councilmember to thank the will,” Splaine said. “I put it in to continue
community for its support. Steve Leal Mother Appeals the dialogue, because the more we talk
though took it a step further, by helping
LGBT non-profit groups, such as Wing- Night Ban about it, I believe people will see the
fairness of full equality. Two years ago,
span and HIV/AIDS service organiza-
tions obtain funding from the city’s grants
On Partner civil unions passing opened the door
and has been mostly well received. As
and financial plans. KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (Observer Up- of this weekend, there are 610 civil
date) - A same-sex couple is asking the unions in New Hampshire.”
Thanks to Councilmember Tennessee Court of Appeals to lift a
Leal’s actions, in 1995, Tucson became judge’s restriction in a child custody There are several other bills on
the first governmental entity in Arizona to agreement that prevents the divorced the topic of civil unions and Gay
mother’s partner of nine years from marriage. Among them is the one
have laws on its books covering hate staying overnight, reported the Associ-
crimes, with full criminal penalties. ated Press. The Tennessean reports Splaine referred to by Hess. “It leaves
The American Civil Liberties Union filed civil unions here unchanged,” Hess
In 1997, Tucson was the first a brief with the Court of Appeals in said. “I think there is a significant
governmental entity to extend medical Jackson on behalf of Angel Chandler, a difference between civil unions and
and dental benefits to the same sex divorced mother with two kids. marriage, which is a concept of tradition
domestic partners (and their families) of
city employees. Councilmember Leal Chandler said Chancellor
was a fervent supporter of the extension George Ellis of the 28th Judicial District in
of benefits since he felt all loving, West Tennessee imposed the restric-
tion, called a paramour clause, in May
committed relationships should be without a request from her ex-husband
treated equally under the law but he was and despite an evaluation that showed
concerned about the potential ramifica- the children were not in harm’s way from
tions of this proposal and whether it their mother’s relationship. Ellis cited
would leave open the potential legal local law and precedent for the par-
challenge to the then, 20-year-old anti- amour clause, according to the appeal.
discrimination ordinance that ensured “This decision has been disruptive to
Tucsonans rights to employment, hous- our family,” Chandler said. “We lived
ing and public accommodation (regard- together in a stable, functioning family,
less of sexual orientation). Leal did not and this was rather shocking to all of us.
This is about the person we choose to
vote, leaving the table as an act of voting be with. The judge decided to interfere,
“present,” the only option possible under and it’s had a very negative affect in our
the city codes but an act of bravery but lives.”
an important reminder of never forgetting After Ellis imposed the restric-
the past. tion, Chandler’s partner moved into a
duplex near Asheville, N.C. Chandler
LGBT Tucsonans gained a and her daughter, now 13, moved into
voice in its government in 1999, with the the opposite side of the same duplex.
approval of the formation of the City of Chandler’s ex-husband has custody of
Tucson Commission on GLBT Issues, their 15-year-old son and has remarried.
ACLU spokesman Paul Cates said the
something Councilmember Leal sup- clause primarily affects Lesbians and
ported publicly and voted for enthusias- Gays with children because same-sex
tically. civil unions are not recognized in
When a young Gay man was Tennessee. Heterosexual couples can
the victim of a brutal assault and hate circumvent the paramour clause by
crime in 2002 by an off duty Tucson getting married, Cates said. “Unfortu-
Firefighter, it was Councilmember Leal nately, this case is an all-too-familiar
(along with then Councilmember Jose example of how unfairly Lesbian and
Ibarra) who stood up to the “good old Gay parents are treated in custody and
boy network” and called for an investiga- visitation proceedings,” said Hedy
Weinberg, executive director of the
tion and termination of employment but ACLU of Tennessee. “All the children’s
when the Council did not go along with health and welfare organizations have
proposals by Leal for further inquiry, he long recognized that Lesbian and Gay
called for further action to be taken so parents are just as capable of being
that the Firefighter could not have good parents as straight couples, and
contact with other citizens. It was their children are just as well adjusted.
Councilmember Leal, who brought to the “We’re hopeful the Tennessee courts
will come to that realization, too.”

2008 Madam Lichtenstein

It’s been a bumpy ride kids, but hold on a and general sloth will not turn the trick.
little longer and be patient. 2009 may Pass on the assorted cookies and find
finally delivery a soft landing. Pluto your sugar without the calories. If you
moves into practical Capricorn and go for cake, make it beef or cheese.
makes sterling aspects to Saturn and
Uranus. Wisdom has come dearly but VIRGO (AUGUST 24 -
now we can catapult to the next big thing. SEPTEMBER 23)
Just watch out for low ceilings.... 2009 will be a year of fun, frolic
and merriment. How is that for a nice
ARIES (MARCH 21 - APRIL 20) change of pace, queer Virgin? Every-
Your career figures promi- thing that you have been working
nently through 2009, Gay Ram. It is not towards can come to fruition - often in
just that you are able to carve out a surprising ways. Relationships can be
strong professional reputation for made or lost if need be. No one and
yourself. You also have to roll up your nothing should hold you back. So think
sleeves and tackle the messy and about what you really want out of life.
surprising recriminations that result from Now go forward and make it happen.
your swift and certain advancement.
Will you stomp on a few suits who stand LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 24 -
in your way? Stomp away. OCTOBER 23)
2009 is the year to make
TAURUS (APRIL 21 - MAY 21) changes and improvement in your
2009 is the year to expand your home and in family interactions. Proud
horizons, maximize your global reach Libras will try to be diplomatic but
and expand your empire. Are you tired sometimes hard decisions must be
just thinking about it? Queer Bulls must made. Not only do you gain confi-
not rest on their laurels. There is too dence, you also upend any barriers
much to do and too many people to that are keeping you from personal
meet to waste time worrying about the success and contentment. It is okay to
details. Your year is filled with friend- be a bit selfish... at least this year.
GET YOUR PHOTOS TAKEN BY AMANDA ship and fun. Gluttony is one sin you
can ignore ... for now. SCORPIO (OCTOBER 24 -
GEMINI (MAY 22 - JUNE 21) Not only can you get your point
Expect to be swept off your feet across, you do it in a way that makes
FAIREST PRICES by a brand new or refreshingly updated
love this year. Flirty pink Twins who flit
everyone happy or at least somewhat
accepting. Proud Scorps find ways to
from date to date may find themselves enhance their social standing in 2009.
(520) 358-9810 hovering over a particular bud longer
than usual. Spice up and recharge your
You have a lot to offer and should get
involved in powerful organizations
love style. You will need something where you meet the power elite.
BY APPOINTMENT special to entice a certain someone to Friends in high places give you more
work less at the office and work more at than mere cache. They give you
home. access.


Relationships are in for a DECEMBER 22)
reevaluation and the transformation will If your best financial instincts
prove to be heavenly. It is just want was are correct, 2009 could be the big
needed and just in time! For those Gay payoff year. How carefully have you
Crabs who are waiting for the right managed your portfolio Gay Archer? If
connection, 2009 will give you the best your career appears stalled, you find
lines and ample personal electricity. the confidence to make a sharp and
Plug into a few new sockets and see surprising change. (Or maybe it is done
who lights up your life. Will you be for you?) Stay centered and keep your
zapped or charged? options open so you have the freedom
to come and go as you please.
Health, diet and exercise is CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 23 -
accentuated in 2009. Lions become the JANUARY 20)
proud beasts they are billed to be and 2009 can be a transformative
find that their animal magnetism sparks year for you on several levels from
the amour of any flinty character they appearance to communication.
choose. But lethargy, procrastination Experiment and see what works best
for you. Try for a new “look” and go for
the dramatic make-over so you can
stop traffic and win hearts. The secret to
your success is to spread yourself thin
across many groups and situations.
The more the merrier. Be extremely
merry in fact.

If things bubble up from behind
the scenes, try to take it all in stride and
don’t lose your footing or confidence.
2009 will be a bellwether year for love
and money when the hard learned
lessons from the past come in handy.
Consolidation and restructuring will
enable you to conquer all. But
Aqueerians may find that love costs
more than expected. Hide the pocket


Guppies find themselves
swimming in much bigger social ponds
in 2009. Your ascendancy into the
upper echelons of society will be
surprising but swift. Will partners
become jealous? Only if you allow
yourself to be swept up in the excite-
ment and start to believe your own
press. Keep your feet on the ground
while your head is in the stars. And hide
the celeb magazines.
where our money goes ...” is heartily
welcomed and was the intent of the two

rsletterslettersletters editorials.

The Observer exists solely to

provide an outlet for the LGBT and HIV/
EDITOR: “Get Involved” link. Some of the organi- AIDS communities for news, opinion,
zations benefitting this year were Spay & statements and to answer questions
In response to the October 22nd Neuter Solutions, Presidio Charter about such events and enterprises
editorial and “cartoon,” as well as the School, Delta Lambda Phi, Wingspan, occurring in Tucson and Southern
most recent December 24th editorial, it Hope Animal Shelter, SAAF, Arizona Arizona, especially by 501©3 organiza-
seems there’s a myth among the public Gay Rodeo Assoc., TIHAN, Humane tions who have to follow the letter of the
or perhaps the publishers of the Ob- Society of Southern AZ, Hermitage Cat law on the federal, state and local levels.
server that the Tucson Pride board is Shelter, The Leukemia Foundation of That was the only intent of the editorials,
pulling in Enron-level profits from ticket AZ, and Aviva Childrens Services. to let readers and those who attended
and beverage sales. This couldn’t be know where there fees for the tickets
further from the truth. We work very hard Moreover, it’s simply not fair to purchased was going to, nothing more,
with a small (but dedicated) staff and criticize a 100%-volunteer LGBT non- nothing less.
limited resources to make Pride Week, profit organization in the only gay
Pride on Parade, and Pride in the Desert

Douglas J. Newman, P.C.

newspaper in Tucson without gathering
a success year after year. all the facts— or at the very least
contacting a board member. Each of us
We do acknowledge the need is more than happy to explain where the
to be more transparent to the community, money goes and how much is needed
which we will commit to doing. And all to put on such a huge event every year.
agree that we need to do a better job
educating the public about many things,
including where our money goes. These
However, we feel an open censure in a
news outlet like The Observer is A T T O R N E Y A T L A W
unmerited considering the amount of
expenses include but are not limited to
permits, tents, entertainment, security,
time and energy we as a board and our Corporations . Limited Liability Companies . General Business
and advertising, which makes up a
considerable portion of overall operat-
gracious volunteers put into making sure
the Tucson LGBT community has their Wills . Trusts . Estate & Estate Tax Planning . Probate
day to shine.
ing costs. (And it’s worth mentioning here
that The Observer is a part of that 2650 North Country Club Road . Tucson, Arizona 85716
advertising budget.) Tickets to the event Tucson Pride Inc. Phone 520-325-2053 . Fax 520-325-2274 .
and beverage sales do not even come
close to covering the cost of the event. EDITOR’S NOTE:
We are very fortunate to have some
local and national publishers that offer It wasn’t myths, profits, censure,
us advertising as a part of their advertising or whatever for the editorials
sponsorship of the event. We rely mentioned by Tucson Pride Inc., but a
heavily on those sponsorships for the question that had been posed by many
continued success of all Tucson Pride in attendance at the event held at
events, and we currently have several DeMeester about the proceeds raised
board members that actively seek new and where they would be directed.
sponsors. We would love to have
enough sponsorship revenue to be able The Observer gives Tucson
to have a free event some day. Pride full credit and salutes them and
their volunteers for putting on the
Board meetings are held on the October Pride event at DeMeester but
second Wednesday of every month. the event is only part of the picture since
This information is printed in The it is also a fund raiser for community
Observer every week and can also be organizations and non-profits as Tuc-
found online. We are always looking for son Pride Inc., had stated previously
new members with ideas, and we about the event.
encourage those with suggestions and/
or an interest in volunteering to attend Tucson Pride Inc., admission in
our monthly meetings or simply go to our their letter that they need “ ... to be more
website,, and enter your transparent to the community, which we
contact information. Those who do get will commit to doing. And all agree that
involved have the opportunity to deter- we need to do a better job educating the
mine which groups receive funds. This is public about many things, including
clearly outlined on our website under the

Community Bars
2900 E. Broadway 318-4838
2. IBT’S
616 N. 4th Ave. 882-3053
1239 N. 6th Ave. 882-8224
3710 N. Oracle Rd,
915 W. Prince Rd. 293-7339
2449 N. Stone, 624-3858
5305 E. Speedway 323-1840

3269 N. Mountain - 292-9151

2902 N. Geronimo - 622-4626

D. WINGSPAN - 425 E. 7th St. - 624-1779

E. S.A.A.F. - 375 S. Euclid Ave. - 628-7223


606 N. 4th Ave. - 620-1770

G. TIHAN -Tucson Interfaith

HIV/AIDS Network
1101 N. Craycroft, Ste 301. 299-6647




P.O. Box 13312

520 615-6436
Tucson, AZ 85732

Fueled By Petrol by Jimmy Petrol

Is Anybody Home
I know a lot of people. Not that your friend). Provided you sign
very many know me, but there it is....the documents holding me harmless in this
interests of “modern” Americans are endeavor. Provided we agree on how
pretty much geared towards television much greenhouse you need.
and entertainment....the only place I am
entertaining is right here. Obviously, I decide how much
glass is “enough”. I decide which of you
Everywhere else...I represent are the first “two” to qualify. If all you want
work. In fact, lovers have left because I is a little, tiny, tee-pee of glass to run
just love to do stuff and am not too fond along above your rows of plants, that’s
of being least not in fine. In fact, that is probably the best way
conventional ways. What I am getting at to qualify...keep it simple. But if you are
is that I am sitting here in Petrol Central, ambitious, have a track record with
all warm, cozy and clean, with another ambitious projects...and want to have a
day’s excitement behind me....a day full big, roomy place to grow lots and lots of
of work. really cool vegetables in...well, that’s ok
While what I do during the day
is limited strictly to whatever I want, it all Just write me. I have a “little”
involves work. Some physical, which I extra glass that I am not going to use in
revel in as it provides me with a body any current project and I want to use it to
that can leap tall buildings (or Scandina- lure some of you daring darlings out of
vians) in a single bound and makes your caves and into the sunlight to do a
throwing heavy stuff around kind of little work. Really. Can little Jimmy come
fun.....and some of what I do is mental. out and play?
All of it is intriguing and rewarding. All of it
is hard. Man Avoids Hate
What puzzles me is this...where Crime Charge, Gets
are all my playmates?! From the time I
played in my sandbox, building imagi- 5-1/2 years In Prison
nary castles to now, when I make
whatever I want to, there has been a ROCHESTER, New York (Observer
shortage of playmates. When I said to Update) - A 25-year-old New York State
my peers, still in short pants and man was sentenced to 5-1/2 years
mommy’s crewcut, “come and dig in the behind bars after pleading guilty to
dirt, climb trees and fly to the moon!” attacking a Gay man in March.
they most often said....gotta
show is on. Judge Richard Keenan added
a year and a half to the sentence that
So I am looking. Where are Jesse Parsons was originally expected
you? And remember...I don’t judge...just to receive after he made a plea
observe....if you all want to watch tv, eat agreement in September, according to
out and chatter like a band of monkeys the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.
about whatever it’s fine with me...makes He pleaded guilty to second-degree
me feel all warm and fuzzy to watch...kind assault, which, as a hate crime, would
of like puppies, only not so cute. have landed him up to 15 years in
prison. However, the four-year sen- Gay Heartthrob Van Johnson Dies
What I have decided to do is to tence was voided when Parsons said in
invite. I have a little extra is open court in November that Lance
“greenhouse” type glass. For anybody Neve deserved the attack. Keenan
that cares, it is tempered, low iron glass threw out the plea deal, saying that
specially made for solar applications. Parsons would go to trial for the original
Like greenhouses. I invite two people, charge of second-degree assault com-
or house-holds, or neighborhoods or mitted as a hate crime. Parsons then
whatever unit you make up in your quest opted to stand by his plea but take a
for a greenhouse to email me. I will give longer sentence. He was also ordered
you “enough” glass to get you a to pay $24,000 in medical expenses for
greenhouse. 26-year-old Neve. Both men are
Spencerport residents.
There are, of course, provisos.
Provided you have a house, lot or Neve told police that he and his
planet of your own to put this on. partner were at Snuggery’s Bar in
Provided you are going to grow food. Spencerport March 8 when Parsons
You don’t have to eat the can taunted them with anti Gay remarks
sell it, give it away or eat it; I don’t care. before he attacked Neve, who suffered
The property can be a neighborhood bleeding on his brain as well as
garden plot, provided you can get the fractures to his skull, nose, left eye
“proper” paperwork out of the owner. socket, and jaw,
Provided you are a “working” sort of
person (people) who envision putting
this thing up either by yourselves or with
a little help from your friends (I will be

Poet’s Corner
This is the story of Simon McGreedy
He traveled through life finding nobody needy.
His eyes turned away from the Vet with one leg,
Let others help those bums who just beg.
Go get a job, no one cares that you’re blind,
He cursed at the brave Vet with half of a mind.
Christmas bellringers he dismissed very fast
With hardly a glance, he sauntered right past.
Souls sleep in doorways, ice cold every night
they can’t count on Simon to ease their sad plight.
We know somewhere in Hell Simon will dwell
With no one to help him in sight.
Homeless will cheer, make a toast with a beer
and celebrate all through the night.
Ron Rose - Tucson


Americans Are Ready For
Gay-Friendly Politicians
By Deb Price And he picked pastor Rick Warren —
who lent his celebrity to helping strip
DETROIT, Michigan (Observer Update) away Gay couples’ right to marry in
- Gay Rep. Barney Frank likes to tell the California — to deliver his inaugural
tale of the mother who reacts with love invocation.
and acceptance to the news that her son
is Gay, but warns him: “Just don’t tell your Fresh starts are opportunities
father. It would kill him!” Frank’s story for big change. And on basic Gay
illuminates a widely held misimpression, issues, Americans are ready.
even among Gay-friendly Americans —
that other folks’ internal thermometer (Deb Price of The Detroit News
toward Gay people and our rights is writes the first nationally syndicated
stuck close to freezing. column on LGBT issues and this article
is reprinted from
But as the nation prepares for a
fresh start with a new year, a new
Congress and a new president, a recent
Harvey Fierstein
Newsweek poll indicates that if politi- Bids ‘Hairspray’ A
cians want to be in step with most of the
public, they shouldn’t run from their own Grand Goodbye
Gay-friendly feelings. What makes the
Newsweek poll especially valuable at NEW YORK CITY (Observer Update) -
this turning point is that the responses to Harvey Fierstein isn’t a guy who tends
its wide range of questions underscore to fade into a crowd. Walking into a
that, other than on same-sex marriage, coffee shop before a performance of
most Americans would warmly embrace Hairspray, he’s immediately ap-
steps by political Washington to pass proached by a grinning woman who’s
laws to treat those of us who’re Gay about to see the show for a second
equally. time, reported.
A lot of that warming trend Fierstein receives her compli-
reflects how common it is now for ments graciously, then sits down with a
Americans to know someone Gay: look of mock dismay. “Well, I guess I
Today, 78 percent say they know can’t suck tonight,” he says, his gravelly
someone Gay or Lesbian, Newsweek voice recognizable even at a whisper.
found. Early in Bill Clinton’s presidency, Fierstein introduced the high-spirited
1994, just 53 percent did. hausfrau Edna Turnblad to Broadway
when Hairspray, the musical adapta-
Newsweek found: By 87 per- tion of John Waters’ cult classic film,
cent to 10 percent, Americans favor premiered at the Neil Simon Theatre in
“equal rights” for Gays “in terms of job 2002. The actor/writer played the role
opportunities.” By 66 percent to 29 for nearly two years, earning his fourth
percent, Americans support allowing Tony Award, then reprised his part in
Gays to serve “openly” in the military. By 2006 for an abridged version of the
67 percent to 27 percent, Americans show in Las Vegas.
support Social Security benefits for Gay
“domestic partners.” By 73 percent to 23 Now Fierstein is back at the
percent, Americans favor “health insur- Neil Simon to bid Edna a fond farewell.
ance and other employee benefits” for He returned to Hairspray Nov. 11 and
Gay partners. will be there when the celebrated
musical comedy concludes its 6½-year
And even in the area of couple run Sunday (January 4). “I’m back in my
recognition, most Americans favor some old dressing room,” Fierstein says after
type of legal recognition: By 55 percent ordering a bowl of matzo-ball soup. “No
to 36 percent, the majority supports one ever redid it. I put in my contract
“legally sanctioned Gay and Lesbian that they had to clean it.” He dons the
unions or partnerships.” same costumes and wigs to become
Edna, who was played in Waters’ 1988
Newsweek also asked fasci- movie by the late drag performer
nating questions about morality going to Divine.
the heart of the assumptions of the mom
in Frank’s story.

People were asked what is

“more morally objectionable” to them,
with a series of heterosexual situations
compared with a “Gay couple in a long-
term, committed sexual relationship.”

Viewed as more morally objec-

tionable than the Gay couple were an
adulterous heterosexual (55 percent to
18 percent); an “unmarried heterosexual
who has sex with many different part-
ners” (48 percent to 21 percent); a
heterosexual who has divorced more
than twice (37 percent to 26 percent); and
a “heterosexual who suddenly decides
to get married in Las Vegas, but has the
marriage annulled one week later” (48
percent to 24 percent).

Newsweek’s revealing snap-

shot comes as Gay leaders express
concern that President-elect Barack
Obama is getting off to a shaky start on
Gay issues. Among positives: He
invited a Gay band to march in the
inaugural parade and banned anti-Gay
or anti-transgender discrimination for
appointment-level jobs. But Obama
missed a timely opportunity to appoint
an openly Gay person to his Cabinet.

Water of Life
Metropolitan Community Church
The Rev. William H. Knight, D.D., Interim Pastor
“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can
only do a little.” Sydney Smith, (1771-1845)


COOL - GYPSY - FUNKY Old Stuff. SAGE! My Electric touch gives you a
Stylish fab recycling - Clothes - Art - . . . . delightful feeling! Creating a sacred Sunday Worship: 10:15am Thursday Fellowship: 7:00pm
Eclectic Flea, 265 S. Park / Broadway in exceptional experience for 27 years.
the Lost Barrio. Th. - Sat. 11-4 Call Marc - 881-4582 (8 AM -8 PM) - The Gathering Place: Fridays, 7:00 p.m
1273 Professionally trained. Ask about
student rates.


Let me keep your clothes fitting properly SAGE FOR MEN. Trained and certified
and in good repair. Experienced – by the Body Electric Institute. Offering
Economical – Prompt. Merle Hudson, you a professional massage in a private
(520)888-7264 in Tucson. 1285 studio near Sabino Canyon. Therapeu-
tic! Relaxing! Rejuvenating! Steve -
CMT (520)247-8139 1274


Incalls & Outcalls Offered. Call Anytime
24/7. All Are Welcomed. 1280


Gay Director Gus Van Sant Gets
Personal On ‘Milk’
LONDON, UK (Observer Update) - similar stripe. Yes, his name is Gus Van
Harvey Milk, the San Francisco city Sant, and he’s here to recruit you. I ask if it
supervisor who, in 1977, became would be fair to see the new movie as a
America’s first openly Gay elected way of Van Sant sending a message to
official, kicked off many of his speeches his younger, closeted self. “Yeah,” he
with a rousing ice-breaker: “My name’s nods. “I guess that could be it. I never
Harvey Milk,” he would say, “and I’m here thought of it like that.”
to recruit you.”
He makes no secret now of his
Watching the film Milk, a lucid sexuality, and seems to be the first port of
account of how this middle-aged man of call for any Gay-themed project. (He
no fixed ambition transformed the civil- came within a cowboy’s lasso of making
rights landscape before his death at the Brokeback Mountain.) Yet Milk is his first
hands of a colleague, you can feel the movie with a Gay hero since 1991’s My
movie’s director making a statement of a Own Private Idaho, and only the third in his
entire career.

Tourism Drops At Idaho Senators

Gay Sex Sting Stall
MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (Observer accused of soliciting sex in the bathroom
Update) - The men’s room at the in June 2007 and pleaded guilty to
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport disorderly conduct in August 2007.
where Republican Sen. Larry Craig was
arrested in a sex sting is losing it appeal One person had offered to buy
as a tourist stop, an official said. the restroom stall for $5,000, Hogan said,
but airport officials “don’t sell fixtures for
“We’re getting there,” said Patrick
Hogan, director of public affairs for the
novelty purposes.” Though tourist interest
has withered, the surge of publicity from Sopranos Actor John ‘Johnny
Metropolitan Airports Commission. “I think
we’ll all be glad when there’s no special
Craig’s arrest helped end the type of
activity in the restroom that had prompted Cakes’ Costelloe Dead In Suicide
interest in that restroom.” Craig was lewd-conduct complaints, he said. NEW YORK CITY (Observer Update) - was outed. While on the run in New
The front door to John Costelloe’s Hampshire, Vito met Witowski, whose
specialty was Johnny cakes, a corn-
Another Transgender Woman Sunset Park home was still sealed with
police stickers, more than a week after meal pancake. ‘Sopranos’ writers
seemed to take a page from Costelloe’s
Attacked In Memphis the rugged 47-year-old actor committed
suicide. Costelloe, a former FDNY firefighting past and included it in the
firefighter, shot himself in the head in his storyline. In the show, Vito became
MEMPHIS, Tennessee (Observer Up- the officers were subsequently fired, andbasement bedroom on Dec. 16, cops attracted to Johnny Cakes once he
date) - Another Transgender woman was one is awaiting trial on a civil rights charge.and pals said, reported learned the short-order cook was a
shot in the face in Memphis, Tenn., Police say there are no leads in Johnson’s volunteer firefighter, before being
December 23 and is in critical condition, murder case. Another Transgender woman, whacked by his homophobic rivals.” At
“It’s beyond me. This is too
reports Tennessee’s ABC24 News. Tiffany Berry, was killed in south Memphismuch for me to handle right now,” the the time of his suicide, Costelloe was
in 2006, reported. actor’s dad, Michael Costelloe, 77, said. acting in the off-off-Broadway production
Leeneshia Edwards was shot of Gang of Seven, which, according to
Firefighter and former colleague Matt
around 5 a.m. in south Memphis at close Dwyer couldn’t believe his friend was the Post: “had received sterling reviews -
range, the TV station reports. She has including two printed the day after he
gone. “He was a great guy. Everyone’s
injuries to her jaw, side, and back and is died.”
completely in shock,” said Dwyer, 37, at
undergoing multiple surgeries. There Ladder 110 in Brooklyn. “I saw him three
were no witnesses to the shooting of
weeks ago when he stopped by, and he
Edwards, who is reportedly a prostitute.
seemed to be in good spirits.”
Edwards not the only recent Transgender
crime victim in Memphis.
Costelloe had a crucial four-
episode arc on ‘The Sopranos’ in 2006,
Duana Johnson was shot to playing short-order cook Jim ‘Johnny
death in Memphis a little more than a
Cakes’ Witowski. In the hit HBO series,
month ago. Johnson first made headlines
actor Joseph Gannascoli - a longtime
earlier this year when a video circulated friend of Costelloe’s - played mobster
of the 43-year-old sex worker being
and closeted homosexual Vito
beaten in jail by Memphis cops. Two of
Spatafore, who fled New Jersey after he

bians, Bisexuals, Trans, Queer, Women. social club for bears and bigger, more Tucson’s Gay and Lesbian business Education Network meets first Thursday
Meets Mondays (6:00 - 7:30pm) at Wing- robust men (and of course, those who networking group holds regular meet- of every month at 4:30pm at Wingspan,
span, 425 E. 7th Street, Tucson, AZ 85701. prefer their company). For more info, Call ings the third Thursday of every month. 425 E.7th Street. 743-4800.
For more info, pleases contact Brenda the Bears Hotline (520)790-5775 or write Call 615-6436 for more info.
Casey, LMSW 520-694-0247 or P.O. Box 43910, Tucson, AZ 85733-3910 SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) has 5 of visit our website at All meetings a week in Tucson. People
are welcome to our general meetings/ TUCSON PRIDE, INC. (Formerly Tuc- who wish to stop their compulsive sexual
TUCSON KNIGHT OWLS (T.K.O) son Lesbian and Gay Alliance - TLGA)
potlucks on the 2nd Friday of every behavior, please call (520) 745-0775 for
We are a non profit social club that is meets on the second Wednesday at
month, at 3202 E. 1st St. (the “Ward 6" current information.
open to every one. T.K.O. contributes to 845 S. Craycroft Road at 6pm. Tucson
the fellowship and support of the Office Bldg.) Just south of Speedway &
East of Country Club. PotLuck Dinner Pride events: Pride Week, Gay West TUCSON GREATER SOFTBALL AS-
community, and openly invites new and OUToberFEST. For more informa-
begins at 6:30 and the monthly meeting SOCIATION. Interested? Call Kelly Quinn,
members and/or guests. Monthly tion call 622-3200 or visit the TPI website
follows at 7:15 p.m. (520)906-0669 and or Mona Garcia 256-
meetings occur on the first Saturday of at 8728.
every month at 11:00 pm., Please come
and join us! Our next meeting will be held LESBIAN AND GAY AL-ANON - Affected
by someone’s drinking? Meeting every LEARN TO BE A LISTENING FRIEND LUTHERANS CONCERNED — Tucson
at the Venture-N. Unique Hospital Volunteer Program
Tuesday 8:45 to 9:45 p.m. at Lambda chapter for Gay/Lesbian Lutherans
Center, 2940 E. Thomas, Phoenix. Ellie teaches listening skills to Volunteers meets 3rd Sunday, 6:30 p.m. each month
SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE who provide a safe/compassionate
581-8850 or Ronn 968-2384. at Santa Cruz Lutheran Church, 6809 S.
CLINIC provided daily by the Pima environment to at-risk patients. Training Cardinal Ave. For information visit
County Health Department. Gay friendly. every 6 weeks. 694-7063.
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE GROUP - Out- write: LC, 7014 E. Golf
Confidential. Treatment and Medication
reach to Gay and Lesbian people in Links Road, PMB 212, Tucson, AZ
too! Any questions? Call 624-8272 ANONYMOUS HIV COUNSELING AND
Arizona. Meets monthly. Write to P.O. Box 85730.
893, Phoenix, AZ 85001 or call Eddy TESTING is available through the Pima
SOUTHERN ARIZONA AIDS FOUN- County Health Department at sites
Walters, (602)371-1102 REVEILLE MEN’S CHORUS rehearses
DATION (SAAF), 375 S. EUCLID. Office throughout Tucson, Very Gay Friendly. Thursday evenings 7-10pm at the
Hours 8am to 5pm, Monday through For more information or to make an
T-SQUARES Lesbian and Gay Square Historic Y, corner of University Blvd. And
Friday. Direct services and emotional appointment call 791-7676.
Dance Club, dances Tuesdays. from 5th Ave. Join us!! Call 304-1758 for more
support for persons with and affected by
6:30-9 p.m. at Cornerstone Fellowship info.
HIV. Anonymous HIV testing and SMART (Self Management And Recov-
support groups available. Prevention Social Hall, 2902 N. Geronimo (North-
west of 1st Ave. and Glenn). No ery Training) a free non-12-step self- LGBT Buddhist Meditation Group. Join
education programs. 628-SAAF (7223). help alternative for people working to
experience, no partner required! For us for two 20 minute silent sitting
World wide web: overcome addictive and other emo-
more info contact David at 325-6739, or meditations, and reading from Buddhist
VOLUNTEERS WELCOME. tional problems meets in Tucson Mon-
visit Spiritual text and discussion. Bring a
day thru Thursdays at different locations. friend and a pillow or cushion. Takes
P.F.L.A.G. - Parents and Friends of For more information about SMART,
LIGHTNING LIGHTING will provide light- place every Sunday from 10-11:30AM at
Lesbians and Gays - is a support group contact Jennifer at 838-3975.
ing for AIDS and related benefits at no 3 Jewels, 314 E. 6th St. Donations
available to anyone who has a son,
charge. For more info call Adrienne at accepted. Contact Maurice Grossman
daughter or friend who is Gay. Call 360- THIS WAY OUT, 1/2 hour national GLBT
889-7298. for more info. 323-2293.
3795 or write P.O. Box 36264, Tucson, show. 4:30 p.m. on Sundays only on 91.3
AZ 85740-6264. All replies confidential. FM, Community Radio KXCI.
ITY! St. Philip’s in the Hills Episcopal SURVIVORS OF Domestic Violence,
Church offers a variety of Gay and Sexual Assault, Hate Crimes, Bias Acts,
GLBT Youth 23 and under, meet Nonsmoking Lesbian Network meets
Lesbian groups and services for the Harassment. Call Megan at Wingspan,
Tucson for sharing, support and infor- every month. If you’d like to meet women
spiritually minded. Come meet the 624-1779, ext. 116. Services are free.
mation. You are not alone. For more info 50+ (flexible) and socialize in a smoke-
call Wingspan, 624-1779. Family! For more information call Debbie
579-9827 or David 323-7943. free environment, please call or email: MEN’S HIKING CLUB - A peer-run
888-8010 ‘til 9pm, or MEN’s outdoor club for hiking, biking,
Start getting more out of life with The group dines
LESBIAN/GAY WRITERS: Workshop at camping, boating etc, is now up and
TUCSON PRIME TIMERS. We’re the OUT! and attends shows, movies,
7:00 p.m. third Wednesday of every running in the Tucson area. To join, go
local chapter of Prime Timers World- comedy events, etc. Now in our 23rd
month. Read and critique current projects. toSAGE-Tucson-subscribe
wide, the preeminent social organiza- year, 7th in Tucson.
Network and support. For info call 325- See you on the
tion for mature gay and bi men as well
4737. trails.
as younger (21+) men who enjoy their SOUTHERN ARIZONA GENDER
company. Each month we sponsor a ALLIANCE (SAGA). The Southwest’s
wide range of dining events, cultural largest transgender and gender-diver-
bian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight (Open to all who identify as male and are
enrichment activities, parties, meetings, sity advocacy organization. Speakers
Chorus, has been singing songs of pride, 18 or older) meets 2nd Tuesday of the
bowling, day trips, picnics, tours and and panelists available. General
hope and laughter for 20 seasons. Check month, 7:00 p.m. at Desert Dominion,
much more. Visitors are always meetings monthly on the 1st Mondays at
out our website at, 3843 E. 37th Street, Tucson, AZ. (Map
welcome. For info call our message 7pm; Dezert Girlz (MTF Support) meets
or call (520)791-9662 for information available at www.desertdominion,org)
phone 520 742-1271. Visit our website: 2nd Mondays at 7pm; Dezert Boyz (FTM
about upcoming concerts or how to join. For those who are kinky or just curious. Support) meets 3rd Tuesdays at 7pm. No fee, contributions are appreciated,
Join the LESBIAN & GAY PUBLIC Also serving partners, youth, intersex, but not required.
TUCSON INFORMATION AND RE- service providers and allies. Call
write Awareness Project, 3661 N. (520)624-1779 x26 for more info. THE BROTHERS OF THE
For Information on human service
Campbell Ave. #365, Tucson, AZ 85719. COMPASSIONATE WAY. Pagan
organizations, health and mental health EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT GROUP spiritual group for gay, bisexual,
services, financial and government FOR ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES. Not
assistance, emergency services such AA Meeting with HIV/AIDS focus,
Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m., Wingspan An- a dating club. Discreet. Meetings every NA MEETING WITH GLBT FOCUS
as food and shelter, education, etc. Call Monday evening. Call for more info.
Information and Referral 325-2111 - nex, 425 E. 7th Street. All alcoholics meets Mondays, 6:30pm at Wingspan,
welcome. APEX (Arizona Power Exchange) 602- 425 E. 7th Street. This is an open meeting
7am-7pm M-F - 9am-5pm weekend and 415-1123. 24-hr multi-choice message
holidays. of Narcotics Anonymous - all are
MEN’S SOCIAL NETWORK: Social including information, calendar and welcome. For more info call Bernie W.:
organization for men of all ages. Building location.
WINGSPAN - Tucson’s Gay, Lesbian & TUCSON M2M -
Bisexual Community Center, 425 E. 7th an extended Gay family in Tucson.
Monthly social potluck gatherings the first ARIZONA AIDS POLICY ALLIANCE com/group/TucsonM2M
St., offers support groups / info line / (AZAPA) seeks to educate legislators
social events / library / meeting space. Saturday of each month and almost
weekly social activities. Call 207-5336 for and citizens about sound AIDS policy.
Volunteer Opportunities. Board meet- For more information write AZAPA, 6523
ings every 2nd Thursday (open to all), information and a newsletter. Check the
Non-Bar Calendar in the Observer. N. 14th St., #112, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or
6:00 p.m. Information 624-1779. call 602-279-4805.
support to people living with HIV/AIDS. DESERT DOMINION, whose focus is
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (GPGLCC) providing information and education for
P.O. BOX 2097, Phoenix, AZ 85001- The Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network
(TIHAN) offers trained, compassionate people interested in the BDSM lifestyle,
2097. E-mail: meets monthly for group discussion and
or call (602)225-8444. and committed volunteers to provide
services including friendly visits, light social events. Visit our web site http://
housekeeping, assistance with meals, or call (520)792-
SOURCES UNLIMITED, a Lesbian & 6424
Gay referral service. Business and shopping, errands, transportation and
individual listings are free of charge. All companionship for medical appoint-
ments, and respite care for primary care SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVORS.
information available to anyone just Starting this February, the Tucson Rape
simply by asking. 322-5655. Leave givers. No judgement or proselytizing -
we are here to be of service. For crisis Center will be providing free
message. confidential group services for Lesbian,
information call Scott at 299-6647.
Gay, Bisexual and Transgender survi-
INNER WISDOM - Try hypnotherapy for vors of all manner of sexual assault.
pain relief, past life exploration and FOR INFORMATION ABOUT SPORTS
TEAMS and updates on Gay Games, Interested persons please call Mirto
addiction release. Also available: Spiri- Stone, MSW, at 327-1171 (if unavailable
tual Counseling and Dream Interpreta- contract TEAM ARIZONA at their website: leave message with phone number.
tion. 579-9020

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LGBTQ School’s Students Get A M. Daley questioned whether it would

isolate children.
Christopher Vega, 18, trans-
ferred to the school two years ago after
History Lesson With ‘Milk’ But Hannah Devane, 17, a
feeling he didn’t fit in at his old campus.
His grades had plummeted, and he
student at Harvey Milk, said main- didn’t know whether he would make it to
stream schools failed her. She felt graduation. His counselor recom-
alienated and became so depressed, mended Harvey Milk High. Now, he’s
Devane said, she didn’t get out of bed in on track to graduate and attend college.
the mornings. She stopped attending
classes. Recently he went to see the
film, curious about the individual behind
When Devane was 13, she his school’s name.
heard about the Harvey Milk school in
the news and decided to ask her “Sitting in the audience, I felt like
counselor to help her transfer. I was there, and now I’m living through
what he fought for,” Vega said. “He’s like
“Coming here changed my life,” our Martin Luther King.”
she said. “Now, I’m an A student.”

Research Links Poor Health Of

LGB Youth To Family Rejection
SAN FRANCISCO, California (Ob- highest number of negative family
server Update) - Researchers have reactions to their sexual orientation in
established a correlation between adolescence.
the health of Lesbian, Gay and
Bisexual (LGB) adolescents and how “This study clearly shows the
their families react to their coming-out, tremendous harm of family rejection,
reported even if parents think they are well-
intentioned, following deeply held be-
“For the first time, research liefs, or even protecting their children,”
has established a predictive link said Sten Vermund, a pediatrician and
between specific, negative family Amos Christie Chair of Global Health at
reactions to their child’s sexual Vanderbilt University.
Matthew Agostini (r), Hannah Devine, students at Havey Milk High School orientation and serious health prob-
in Greenwich Village, NYC. PHOTO: L.A. Times lems for these adolescents in young
them.” Bell, a teacher in public schools adulthood—such as depression, ille-
NEW YORK CITY (Observer Update) - gal drug use, risk for HIV infection, and
LGBTQ students who attend this cozy for 30 years, recalled the 1970s and
’80s, when he worked in Maryland and suicide attempts,” said Caitlin Ryan,
third-floor Greenwich Village high school director of the Family Acceptance
did not live through the launch of the did not feel safe enough to reveal to
colleagues that he was Gay. “I remem- Project at the César E. Chávez
national Gay rights movement, which Institute at San Francisco State
unfolded a few blocks away, and until ber very clearly playing the game,
saying, ‘Yes, I had a girlfriend, and we University and lead author of the
recently many knew little about the man research.
their school was named after: Harvey were planning to get married.’ It was all a
Milk, reported the Los Angeles Times, sham.”
The major research findings
from which this is reprinted from. included: LGB young adults who
The current generation of Gays,
he said, does not face the same experienced higher rates of family
But the new movie “Milk,” on the rejection had significantly poorer
life of one of the first openly Gay stigmas. They see Gay leaders holding
public offices, widely portrayed in the health outcomes. LGB young adults
politicians to hold office in the United who reported higher levels of family
States, has given students at the media and working in the political and
corporate worlds. It may be hard for rejection during adolescence were
nation’s first public school dedicated to 8.4 times more likely to report having
teaching Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and them to realize there was a time when
people could get arrested or fired from attempted suicide, 5.9 times more
Transgender youths a glimpse into the likely to report high levels of depres-
leader’s legacy, connecting them to a their jobs for being Gay.
sion, 3.4 times more likely to use
history many never knew. illegal drugs, and 3.4 times more
The Stonewall riots, widely
considered the birth of the Gay rights likely to report having engaged in
“When it finished, I just felt so unprotected sexual intercourse, com-
proud that I go to his school,” said movement, erupted not far from Milk
High in the summer of 1969. When pared with peers from families that
Matthew “Matty” Agostini, 18, who reported no or low levels of family
watched an advance screening with police raided a Gay bar called the
Stonewall Inn, the patrons fought back. rejection. Latino males reported the
classmates from Harvey Milk High
School. “After he died, when they
showed the people marching and there Although students may feel
was a long line of people holding more comfortable coming out today, the
candles, I remember thinking if I was battle lines over Gay rights have grown
there, I would have been walking too.” more ferocious, according to Tanya
Koifman, a social worker at the school.
Orville Bell, a teacher at the
school, said after watching the movie, “I “Of course things have changed
almost felt like screaming into the since the 1970s,” Koifman said. “But
audience, ‘I teach at that school!’ “ there is a major civil rights struggle we
are living through right now. [Gay,
Harvey Milk High School Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender]
opened more than two decades ago as people do not have the same rights in
a privately funded program. In 2003, the terms of marriage, in terms of adoption.
New York City Board of Education We have a very long way to go.”
expanded public funding to the campus
and doubled its enrollment. Nearly 100 Even with strides, remnants of
students now attend, including a few the discrimination that people like Milk
straight students, although most are and Bell faced still linger, school
Gay and transferred from campuses officials say, and that is why they need
where they faced discrimination and safe and supportive environments.
harassment because of their sexuality.
Last year the Gay, Lesbian and
Harvey Milk was born and Straight Education Network unveiled its
raised in New York. He was elected a National School Climate Survey. Of the
San Francisco supervisor in 1977 and is 6,209 Gay middle and high school
widely known for his successful battle students polled, about 90% said they
against Proposition 6, a statewide had been harassed and 60% felt unsafe
measure that would have banned Gays at school because of their sexual
from teaching in California public orientation.
schools. Milk was assassinated in 1978
at San Francisco City Hall by another Although other cities have
supervisor who had resigned, Dan considered models similar to the
White. Harvey Milk campus, there has been
resistance to the idea.
“I’m glad the film has come now
for students to see the man and what he Last month the Chicago Board
fought for,” Bell said. “It really showed a of Education dropped plans to open the
man who sacrificed for me, and for city’s first public high school for Gay and
Lesbian students after Mayor Richard