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1.Someone for Kafir to return(QS.


2.Tease Adam and his wife (QS.2:36)

3.Recite their ways of Sorcery to human beings (QS.2:102)

4.Like to eat unlawful things (QS.2:168)

5.Telling people to do evil and cruel things (QS.2:169)

6.Telling people not to be a true Muslim (QS.2:208)

7.Invite people out of light from Allahu Ta'ala to darkness and become the
guardians of Kafir(QS.2:257)

8.Promise everyone with poorness and telling them to be stingy and


9.Make people think that they could stand firm and independent by not
having any Tawakal to Allah, through greed and press the economy of people
in need (QS.2:275)

10.Like to touch harshly to little baby(QS.3:36)

11.Make people become cowards in facing what Allahu 'Azza wa Jalla has
destined for them (QS.3:155)

12.Like to make people scared of them so that they won't do what Allahu Jalla
Jalaaluhu has decreed(QS.3:175)

13.Become friend to someone who are Riya' (doing good deeds not because
of Allah, but because of the intention to be seen by people)and do not have
faith on Allah and the Hereafter(QS.4:38)

14.Make someone who claim as Muslim to use other than Allah's Syari'at and

15.Their tricks are weak, especially in wars with Muslim (QS.4:76)

16.Telling people to use their own mind in interpreting Syara', instead of

asking the Ulil amri (Ulama and the government)(QS.4:83)

17.Telling people to against Allah by worshipping idols (Syaithan)(QS.4:117)

18.Syaithan could take followers only from Allah had state as Kafir (QS.4:118)

19.Telling people to follow their illusions (dreams) in life,and changing Allah's

creature's which Allah already create as how He want it (QS.4:119)

20.Giving people promises and illusions which trick them (QS.4:120)

21.Tell people to consume intoxicants,gambling, give dedication of Idols, and
to dwell in divination(QS.5:90)

22.Creating enmity and hate through sinful action and make them forget
Allah and Shalat, especially through consuming intoxicants and

23.Make someone forgetting what had been forbid by Allah for them,
especially by making someone involve in talking bad of Kalamullah (Allah's

24.Making someone to worship else than Allah which couldn't give good nor
bad, except what Allah wills, and to put them in degradation cause by their
looking back and not following the guidance from Allahu Ta'ala(QS.6:71)

26.Making the messengers of Allah as their enemies and saying beautiful

things which are untrue to stray people,but this only what Allah had willed
from Syaithan and those who follow them (QS.6:112)

25.Making people to be satisfy what Syaithan tell them, in the action of

opposing Allah. Because Allah is the owner of everything and doesn't hinder
someone from what is His, if they would worship Him, they own nothing.
Syaithan had nothing but the permission from Allah to tease those who are
like himself(QS.6:113)

26.Syaithan like to deny people from agreeing that Allah has made them the
master of animals which are lawful to be eat, so that they have to recite
Allah's name when slaughtering them and offcourse because it's all Allah's

27.They love to give happyness through their wicked abilities, so they don't
feel guilty of straying people(6:128)

28.Everything got to do with what happen to us whilst we in the

transportation vehicle and eating food are to be return to Allahu Ta'ala(6:142)

29.Tempting people with the opposite of Allah's intention which was to obey
Allah and to stay away what He forbade so that people could dwell in Jannah
forever and to be like Malaikat. Syaithan said that Allah does not want human
being to be like Malaikat and the dwellers of Jannah for eternity. This is the

30.Pretending as an advicer or who done good deeds and show direction to


31.A true enemy of human beings, to stray them and make them as the
outcast from Heaven like himself(QS.7:22)
32.Disclose someone's weakness which bring shame to them and their
aurah(of their bodies)and become the leaders for unbelievers.

33.They could not be protectors from what Allah had declared as truth and
falsehood, and Allah already know and decide what kind of human being that
will be the denizens of Heaven(QS.7:30)

34.Following people who know Kalamullah and free themselves from that or
become their friends(QS.7:175)

35.Tempting people and when they take cover to else than Allah Syaithan
become happy(QS.7:200)

36.Tempting people to be driven by worries and anxiety so that they will

forget Allah and forget their mistakes(QS.7:201).”

37.Syaithan are helped by their friend from Syaithan insi (humans) and they
never stop from tempting people(QS.7:202)

38.Tempting someone who are impure(QS.8:11)

39.His saying in QS.8:48 Remember satan made their (sinful) acts seem
alluring to them and said: "No one among men can overcome you this day
while I am near to you": but when the two forces came in sight of each other
he turned on his heels and said: "Lo! I am clear of you; lo! I see what ye see
not; lo! I fear Allah; for Allah is strict in punishment.

40.Making people think that their bad deeds are beautiful and good, and
think that they receive guidance in that deeds(QS.9:37)

41.Syaithan tempting people through their envyness(QS.12:5)

42.Making someone forget of Amanah(responsibility to be done or message

which is to be delivered) being burdened by someone to him(QS.12:42)

43.Breaking bondship and unity(QS.12:100)

44.Making people to think their bad deeds as good and deviating them from
Allah’s path(QS.13:33)

45.And Satan will say when the matter is decided: "It was Allah Who gave you
a promise of truth: I too promised but I failed in my promise to you. I had no
authority over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then reproach not
me but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries nor can ye
listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah. For
wrongdoers there must be a Grievous Penalty."(QS.14:22)

46.They are trying to use the Stars to their advantage(QS.15:17)

47.But any that gains a hearing by stealth is pursued by a flaming fire bright
(a falling comet). (QS.15:18)

48.Threatened by Jahannam Hellfire(QS.15:43)

49.They will become the leader of Kafir in the Day of Judgement(QS.16:63)

50.Will tempt people who do not take cover to Allah before reading Al

51.Got no power to who have faith on Allah and Tawakal to Himself(QS.16:99)

52.Got power to people who make him as their leaders and associate Allah
with him(QS.16:100)

53.Friends of spendthrift(QS.17:27)

54.Creating enmity through thrashing(QS.17:53)

55.Helping humans with their armies and associate with their children and

56.Making someone forget of their goal as Muslim and to learn knowledge of


57.Rebel to Ar Rahman who sustain the lifes of Kafir and Muslim and gives
health to both kinds(QS.19:44)

58.Become friends of people who suffer adzab from Allahu Ta’ala(QS.19:45)

59.Will be gather with the likes of them and will be sitting on their knees in
the Day of Judgement(QS.19:68)

60.Syaithan make people do sins as many as they could(QS.19:83)

61.Showing that humans could get eternity and delight by doing which Allah’s
has forbade(QS.20:120)

62.They could dive to the bottom of the sea(QS.21:82)

63.They deny Allah without any knowledge and follow people who are like

64.Stray their friends and leads to the Hellfire(QS.22:4)

65.Tempted Rasul and Nabi when they had desires to be fulfilled(QS.22:52)

66.Test for humans who have sickness in their hearts and rude hearts so to
make them to become crueler(QS.22:53)
67.Will not tempt people who take cover to Allah(23:97)

68.They could not influence people who receive the mercy of Allah and being
supported by His power(QS.24:21)

69.Turning people away from Al Qur’an, and they will not help humans in the

61.Being help by people who worship else than Allah in blaspheming Allahu
Tabaraka Ta’ala(QS.25:55)

62.Syaithan never bring Al Qur’an(26:210)

63.They descend to every lying wicked people(QS.26:221)

64.They shared news about what Malaikat said in the sky to liars(QS.26:223)

65.Deviating someone from the guidance of Allah by making them to think

that the bad deeds which they are doing are good and and by straying them
from Allah’s path(QS.27:24)

66.Like people killing each other(QS.28:15)

67.Leads people to their own destruction and the eternal Hellfire after

68.Deceiving people so they think that they are already safe and cold safe
others who are associating partner with Allah(QS.31:33)

69.Syaithan means enemy. They lead people to the burning Hellfire(QS.35:6)

70.Make you think that bad deeds are good deeds and believing those as

71.Asking people to worship themselves(QS.36:60)

72.They are succeed in misleading most of people(QS.36:62)

73.Really like to rebel to Allahu Subhanahu wa Ta’ala(QS.37:7)

74.They wanna know what the Malaikat are talking about in the skies, and
they are chase by a comet, when they did that(37:8)

75.They got ugly and cruel face and ugly and weird looking head(QS.37:65)

76.They have experts in making buildings and divers to the sea(QS.38:37)

77.They could be chained by Malaikat(QS.38:38)

78.They tortured Prophets and make the lifes of Prophets hard (38:41)
79.Stray people from the righteous path and the people think they are

80.The most wicked friends for humans, and at the Day of Jugement people
wish that they are afar from Syaithan(QS.43:38)

81.If we don’t think Syaithan as our enemies, then we will lead astray by

82.Making people to think that their bad deeds as good deeds and to make
them follow their own desires so that they will not follow the verses of Al
Qur’an and Al Hadits(47:14)

83.Making someone to look back after the guidance is clear and define so
that Syaithan make people at ease in doing sins and in having illusions in this
life (QS.47:25)

84.Making someone to fall in wrong presumption about the safety of Allah’s

messengers’ life in war(QS.48:12)

85.Deceiving you with empty dreams(QS.57:14)

86.Doing private talks which is to put Muslimin in danger situations to make

them sad(QS.58:10)

87.Make people forget Allah so they will be in losses in the world and the

88.Washing their hands from any consequences of their action of inviting

people to against Allah(QS.59:16)

89.Syaithan always facing the retaliation from Allah in this world and in the
day of retribution (QS.81:25)

90.Their crimes are hidden so take cover to Allahu Subhanahu wa Ta’ala from