07108067 2012 J&J Electrical contractors, Inc: Remaining Viable in a high competitive industry The J&J Electrical Contractors

case is an example of a small regional family business that has found a way to compete against the larger and more comprehensive electrical contractors in the industry and be successful. The company is currently run by a husband-and-wife team, John and Jean Abernathy, with John serving as CEO and Jean as CFO. The company has a growth of 75 % .In 2005 its revenue are $2.98million which increased in 2005 which is $5.22 million. Issues How can J&J expand into private projects? How can J&J expand into other sectors and other geographic areas? How they keep up with its competitors? How they can increase their (NIAT)?

Analysis As shown in the exhibit #1 porters five forces model there are new entrants, Suppliers, rivals, buyers, substitutes. In according to competitive analysis there is intense competition. There are low barriers to entry. There are many competitors .The basis of competition are price, quality, reputation. A few very large national competitors but they go after large contracts. Competitors include Buck Electric, Power Plus, Daniel’s Electrical Construction Co., McBride Electric, and Champion Electric. Buck Electric specializes in solar photovoltaic. Most competitors are doing residential construction field, whereas J & J Electric is focused more on commercial and public sector. The target market is all residential, commercial, industrial, and public-sector electricalcontracting work in the Inland Empire. Future customer needs are renovations and add-ons

Written Case Analysis


they just fix the problem. Due to increase Written Case Analysis 2 .They should Seek and hire individuals (not all at once) with the experience and expertise to install both systems and alternative-energy-power sources. There are so many competitors coming into the electrical contracting market. Form strategic alliances with manufacturers of alternativeenergy-power sources and telecom/network systems.They become more selective in pursuing public projects but persue the lucrative comunity-college and university bond projects. Net income after tax (NIAT) was declining.Acquire small 1–3 person firms in the right locations that have the right skill sets.07108067 2012 Evaluation of options Reduce ratio of public/private jobs They should Reduce ratio of public/private jobs.they should continue current programs.They should Continue bidding on school and community-college project but now in an expanded area. or alternative-energy-power sources and to Increase market share. Expand geographically They should Expand to other high growth areas in Southern California and expand in northern California . They should train employess in these new areas .They should finance through cash and debt . take the loss and go on.Do more research within the growth areas.They should Continue working closely with other general contractors.They should increase market share .They should Continue the company’s culture of outstanding service and ethical operations. Decision criteria Their sales have gone up but profits are going down.They should hire a marketing consultant to help promote the company’s name in the private sector.They should Continue the company’s culture of outstanding service and ethical operations Offer advanced technical services Begin offering high-tech services such as home-audio or security systems. low-voltage installations.Open new locations one at a time in devolving parts of the in Inland empire . To build their relationship if they do bad project.they get more residential –remodeling and commercial work.

They should increase market share .estimated function is very important because jobs bid too low resulted in losses and those bid too high resulted in failed bids.Steel is going to china because it has an industrial revolution going on over there .They should Offer price incentives for first-time customers.Crude oil prices also increase as record . Implementation Plan To increase NIAT they should increase revenue . The construction cost have gone up . causing NIAT to lag projections by 15%.They have to acquire market share and resource necessary to advance technology for raw materials and operating equipment . Competition was intense in 2005. It competed only locally. Increasing energy and material costs meant increasing production cost for electrical contracting firms. There is greater difficulty in estimating function. Stay current with the latest technological advances. J&J mix of public and private work. The lowest price was only one of the variables that could win or lose a bid. then J&J should use R. F.Unpredictability of the prices of essentials commodities was particularly troubling as it made it more difficult to accurately estimate project costs . If copper-wire costs increase.energy costs and metal price increases plagued the construction industry as these were critical in performing construction work .They should hire individuals who are experienced in both new and current systems they should Implement training and development programs.J&J has limited geographic expansion into different markets.They should maintain customer loyalty .lack of investment in exploration and production of precious metals. In early days it focused primarily on private – sector projects in the inland empire. Romex wire instead of electrical conduit Written Case Analysis 3 .07108067 2012 in competition they can only get job by going so low on bids .

07108067 2012 Exhibit: 1 Porter five Forces Written Case Analysis 4 .