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The Solution for Remote and Offshore Production Sites


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Produce Specification Diesel Worlds Fastest Construction Schedule Modularized for Fast Assembly at Site Simple To Operate Fully Warranted Installation, Training & Start-Up Supervision Completely Operational in Six Weeks Built to ASME & API Specifications
For More Information Contact: Kevin Stanley, Sales Manager International Headquarters Ventech Engineers International Corp. 1149 Ellsworth, P.O. Box 4261 Pasadena, Texas 77502 Tel: (713) 477-0201 Fax: (713) 477-2420 E-mail: Website:

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VENTECH's Diesel Production Units (DPU) are complete, modularized units ready for immediate installation, and are designed to be fully erected and operational within two weeks from arrival at a prepared project site. All equipment is fully warranted for one full year after commissioning or 18 months after delivery. Ventech can have your DPU designed, manufactured and ready for export shipment from our Pasadena, Texas fabrication facility in as little as five to six months from the funding of an executed contract.


NAPHTHA - Naphtha's boiling end point is typically between 150C (302F) to 193C (380F). This rough-cut hydrocarbon will generally be blended back with the residuum and re-injected into the crude pipeline. DIESEL (DISTILLATE) - This product's typical boiling range is from about 185C (365F) to about 351C (665F), and can be used as a heating oil and fuel. The unit will produce arctic, winter and summer grades of diesel, depending upon the quality of the crude. RESIDUUM - The remaining crude, which is heavier than diesel, typically begins to boil at about 287C (550F). This product is generally blended back with the naphtha and re-injected into the crude pipeline.

Based on a typical .865 gravity (32 API) crude oil, the Ventech DPU will process the rated capacity and produce by volume approximately 25% Naphtha, 30% Distillate, and 45% Residuum. Actual processing capacities, product percentages and boiling points will vary depending on the special characteristics of your crude. Upon receipt of your crude composition, Ventech will furnish the yields that can be produced and, at your request, make modifications to your DPU to meet your special product and design requirements. Ventech can also furnish any optional equipment needed for further processing of your product streams such as Distillate Hydrotreaters, Catalytic Reformers, Vacuum Units and Naphtha Stabilizers.

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TYPICAL COMPONENTS SPECIAL DESIGNS: Non-Steam Design High Sulfur Crude Metallurgy (1-3%) Winterized Design Fuel Gas or Distillate Firing Of Crude Heater OPTIONS & SERVICES: DPU Spare Parts Start-up

Product Trim Cooling Computer Control

DPU Spare Parts - Two (2) Years DPU Spare Parts - Three (3) Years Construction Advisor - 1 Man For 60 Days Training and Start Up Advisor - 1 Man For 30 Days Modular Mounted Cooling Tower Modular Mounted Boiler Modular Mounted Desalter Modular Mounted Metering System Additives and Chemical Injection Loading Pumps Loading Platform Crude Tanks: 5,000 BBL 10,000 BBL 15,000 BBL Product Tanks: 1,000 BBL 3,000 BBL 2,000 BBL Security Packaging for Shipment Freight to Foreign Port 4,000 BBL or as specified 20,000 BBL or as specified

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Each DPU is custom designed to satisfy the users unique requirements. The yield of diesel varies in accordance with the unique characteristics of the crude oil feedstocks. The units can generally be operated with a minimum turndown of fifty percent (50%) of maximum throughput.

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Ventech provides completely assembled process modules containing all the necessary equipment, piping, electrical and instrumentation components. On-Module equipment includes: Heat Exchangers Pumps (100% Spared) Crude Tower Diesel Side Stripper (if necessary) Air Coolers Accumulator Vessel Instrument Air Compressor Chemical Injection Product Sample Cooling

The crude charge heater is supplied loose for block-mounted installation. The Process Control System, Safety Interlock System, and Motor Control Center is Prefabricated and installed on module. The unit can be controlled locally and/or from a remote control room. Loose items, ready for field installation include:

Interconnecting Piping Between Modules Computer for communication with the module mounted control system Ladders, Platforms, and Insulation for the Crude Tower, and Strippers

Additional Features: Fire Detection System on the Modules All Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, Electrical One-Line Diagrams, Typical Foundation Loading Diagrams, and Assembly Instructions necessary for complete assembly of the DPU. Operating Manuals Electronic and Printed Sets of Job Data Books

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Equipment Number

Equipment Description

T-101 T-102 H-101 V-101 E-101 A/B E-103 AE-101 AE-102 AE-103

Crude Column Diesel Stripper (if required) Crude Feed Heater Crude Reflux Accumulator Crude/Residuum Exchanger Diesel Side Stripper Reboiler (if necessary) Crude Condenser Naphtha/Reside Air cooler Diesel Product Cooler

P-101 A/B P-102 A/B P-103 A/B P-104 A/B

Crude Charge Pumps Residuum Pumps Crude Column Reflux Pumps Diesel Product Pumps

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Steam Design - For applications where the owner prefers to utilize steam for the DPU operations. An optional design can be utilized to furnish a process system that requires steam for stripping or heating. Winterized Design - For applications in severe winter conditions. A special design is available for operating in environments colder than -20F (-29C). This design utilizes special metallurgy, arctic grade electrical, recirculating air coolers, electric heat tracing and flushing systems. The process skid is enclosed, insulated, heated and ventilated. The sides are removable for summer operation and serve as security packaging during shipment to the site. Product Trim Cooling - Air-cooling is utilized to cool products prior to flowing to storage. If additional cooling is required during the hottest part of the summer, water-cooled trim heat exchangers can be added after the air coolers to operate during the peak temperature periods. Distillate Firing Applicable where fuel gas is not available. The crude heater will be modified to burn distillate from the DPU. High Sulfur Metallurgy The typical unit is designed to process crudes with sulfur less than 1% by weight. If higher sulfur crudes are to be used, a high sulfur design is used to increase the alloy content in the heater, piping, and some of the equipment. High Salt Crude Oils - An electrostatic desalter and special metallurgies can be incorporated in the process design if the crude oil contains high quantities of salt.

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The DPU is designed to produce a quality diesel product. The unit is constructed to meet or exceed American codes. It is instrumented to allow minimal supervision during operation and the modular equipment is arranged to allow for easy access during maintenance. The units are designed to be energy efficient and produce properly cooled products for storage. The components of each unit are tested before they are shipped to ensure trouble-free operation. The process equipment and piping systems are fully hydro tested and pumps and motors are test run to check for proper operation. Instrumentation and electrical systems undergo a complete systems check.


All equipment and materials provided meet or exceed the applicable American standards and codes. Listed below are some of the typical standards and specifications that are the basis for our unit's design:

ASME, Code Section I, Boiler and Pressure Vessel ASME, Code Section VIII, Div. 1, Pressure Vessels ASME-B31.1, American Typical Code for Power Piping ASME-B31.3, Petroleum Refinery Piping TEMA, Requirements of Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer's Association NFPA, Requirements for Burner Controls API-RP520, Parts I and II, Design and Installation of Pressure Relieving Systems in Refineries. NEC, National Electrical Code

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Ventech provides foundation-loading diagrams with typical spread footing foundation designs after receipt of the Client's soil analysis.

Ventech is providing pre-fabricated Modularized structures. These structures are designed with sufficient strength to support the Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Crude Tower, Stripper, associated piping, instrumentation, and electrical gear during shipping and operation. These structures also provide support in the field for the accumulator and air cooler, which will be placed on top of the Process Module. The modules are floored with steel checkered plate with acts as a catch basis to contain spills. Ladders and platforms are provided for the Crude Tower, Strippers, Module and Air Cooler. Some ladders and platforms are shipped loose for field erection. The modular structures are fitted with lifting lugs for crane handling.

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Ventech provides all the equipment as listed in the typical DPU Equipment List. All pumps and double pipe heat exchangers are mounted on the module. The Crude Tower and Stripper are supplied mounted in the modules in their respective shipping orientation. The Crude Tower and Stripper will have to be rotated to their vertical positions at the site by the client. The Air Cooler and Accumulator Drum are supplied on a pre-piped module that will be set on top of the process module by the client at the project site. The materials used in the construction of the unit are suitable for low sulfur crude and are mainly carbon steel with the exceptions of alloy trim in control valves, 5% chrome heater tubes. Additional metallurgy upgrades are available for processing high sulfur crudes. A special winterized design is available for ambient environmental conditions lower than 20F (-29C).

Ventech provides all the interconnecting process piping between the Modules. All of the interconnecting piping is prefabricated and furnished for easy installation. These piping materials are provided loose for field assembly. Ventech designs, fabricates, and installs on the module, all the interconnecting piping between the heat exchangers and pumps. All pipe, fittings and valves are of a carbon steel or 5% chrome metallurgy, as required. All piping on the module is hydrostatically tested prior to shipping.

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An electrical Motor Starter Rack is provided on the process module for the control of the pump motors and air cooler motors. Ventech installs the cable tray electrical conduits, fittings and wiring on the module between the module mounted pump motors and the control center or a junction box for a remote control center. A lighting system is installed on the process module(s), and is also provided on the Crude Tower and Accumulator/Air Cooler module.

Ventech provides all the instrumentation specified on the Piping and Instrument Diagrams. All the control loops located on the modules are mounted and tested by Ventech. All instrumentation is pneumatic or electric at the client's option. All control valves are pneumatic. The computer control system is locally mounted or supplied loose for installation by the client in the client's control room. Ventech also provides a Crude Charge Heater burner management Control Panel for safe and efficient operation of the heater.

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All pipe and equipment on the modules is primed and insulated as specified on the Piping and Instrument Diagrams. All pipe and equipment on the modules that is not insulated is primed and painted.

Ventech has expedited the engineering, procurement, assembly, testing and preparation for shipment in as little as five (5) months from the funding of an executed contract.

The DPU has been designed to allow for a quick and easy installation. Ventechs DPU can generally be completely installed and operating, producing specification diesel, in as little as two (2) weeks from arrival at a prepared project site. The three (3) modules containing the process equipment, Crude Tower and Stripper are designed to be adjacent to one another and bolted together. All of the interconnecting pipe between the modules is prefabricated and flanged for expedient installation. 13

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Ventech provides the following documentation: Two (2) sets of job books that contain all vendor information. Information included consists of the original equipment manufacturer's drawings, data, spare parts lists, and equipment operating manuals. Two (2) sets of plant operating manuals. These manuals will supply detailed start-up and operating procedures. Two (2) sets of drawings will be supplied of the process flow diagrams, piping and instrument diagrams, electrical one-lines, general arrangement drawings, and all Civil/Structural, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation drawings required for maintenance and operation of the unit.

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Ventech maintains a full service engineering group in Houston, Texas that provides construction advice and/or training and start up assistance. This group is also available for technical service and warranty assistance.

The following items are not included as part of the typical Diesel Production Unit, and, unless requested by the Client, are excluded from the responsibility of Ventech: DPU Spare Parts Land, buildings, and foundations for the unit, including site preparation Utilities necessary to operate the unit Tanks, towers, boilers, and any other equipment not included in the typical Diesel Production Unit's description All interconnecting piping and wiring between the typical Unit and aforementioned equipment Fire fighting equipment All field installation, erection, start-up operating services or personnel Plant effluent facilities for environmental compliance by the Unit with any federal, state or local laws or regulations or administrative decisions All costs, fees, duties, and licenses required by any law, order, rule or regulation relative to inspection of the material or labor All traveling, living and other expenses for client's representatives Flare system Any freight, licenses, taxes, or other fees necessary to ship the Unit from the Port of Houston, Texas Engineering design of foundations and plot plan Engineering design of piping support structures for off-module connecting pipe 15

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Site Engineering Further Process Engineering Design and Procurement for Offsites and Support Facilities Civil/Structural Engineering and Design Piping Engineering and Design Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering and Design Construction Management and Start-Up Services


Vacuum Units Naphtha Hydrotreaters/Catalytic Reformers Desulfurizers Gas Processing Plants


We would like to discuss with you further details of how our Company can help solve your processing needs. Please contact our Sales Department at:

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