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What comes in to your mind when you hear the word Mining? Mining the extraction of all naturally-occurring mineral substances solid, liquid and gas, for utilitarian purposes. Utilitarian essential human needs and desires that have been uniquely met by minerals down through the ages. Do you think Mining is important? Why or why not? MININGs Contribution to Civilization Need or use Purpose Tools and utensils Food, Shelter Weapons Hunting, defense, warfare Ornaments and decoration Jewelry, cosmetics, dye Currency Monetary Exchange Structures and Devices Shelter, Transport Energy Heat, power Machinery Industry Nuclear Fission Power, warfare

Age Prehistoric Prehistoric Ancient Early Early Medieval Modern Modern


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Mining Terms: 1. Mine an excavation made in the earth to extract minerals Two types:

Underground Mining

Surface Mining

2. Mining activity, occupation and industry concerned with the extraction of minerals 3. Mining Engineering the art and science applied to the processes of mining and the operation of mines (planning and scheduling) 4. Mineral naturally occurring substance that is useful 5. Ore mineral that has sufficient utilty and value to be extracted at a profit 6. Waste/gangue lacks utility and value Example: In a gold mine: gold is extracted and usually pyrite (FeS2) is left as gangue (thrown away) Types of mineral extracted: 1. Metallic Ores iron, manganese, molybdenum, tungsten 2. Base metals ( primary constituent) copper, lead, zinc, tin 3. Precious Metals gold, silver, platinum 4. Nonmetallic Ores phosphate, potash, stone , sand gravel , sulfur ,s salt , diamonds 5. Fossil Fuels coal, petroleum, natural gas, uranium ,lignite, oil shale

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