The misconception caused by those who like to build words and phrases that are not in the dictionary

such as "Cyber-Space" has placed a heavy ambiguous burden of the threat of electronic warfare and National Security. Electronic warfare does not rest in a universe that does not exist such as "Cyber-Space." Trillions of dollars have been allocated to a domain of non-existence that has the power to deliver or discharge an electronic attack such as by microwave or involving anything within the domain of the electromagnetic spectrum such as sticking your finger in a light socket which delivers electrocution to a person from our electrical grids. Electrocution, rest in the domain of the physical universe not Cyber-Space which is a universe that does not exist.

I cannot help anyone that does not have a belief in God. A belief in God is a win win proposition. Just look at the power of something that does not exist has such as "Cyber-Space.“
Pentagon declares the Internet a war domain The Pentagon released a long-promised cybersecurity plan Thursday that declares the Internet a domain of war but does not spell out how the U.S. military would use the Web for offensive strikes. The Defense Department’s first-ever plan for cyberspace states that DOD will expand its ability to thwart attacks from other nations and groups, beef up its cybersecurity workforce and expand collaboration with the private sector. Citation:
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Electronic Warfare does not rest in the Domain of a Universe that does not Exist (G N O’Dell)


Specialist in Technology and National Security, Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division makes certain distinctions that make it difficult to address by alluding to something that does not exist or is an invisible crime. Electronic warfare is not an invisible crime, it can and does cause physical harm! The CRS Report from Congress, Order Code RL31787, Information Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Cyberwar: Capabilities and Related Policy Issues, Updated March 20, 2007 by Clay Wilson Electronic Warfare as of 2007 is considered Information Operations (IO). As of that date, IO activities are grouped by the Department of defense (DOD) into five core capabilities: (1) Psychological Operations, (2)Military Deception,(3) Operational security, (4) Computer Network Operations, and (5) Electronic warfare. Citation: The DOD should reconsider the internet is just a point of delivery just like our electrical grid, so we can control or defend attacks on United States citizens living inside the borders of the United States. When words or phrases are fabricated such as "Cyber Space" disrupts our legislative branch who now cannot write legislation to protect citizens or can citizens access a way to report an incident of electronic attack. Citizens such as myself that have been attacked have reported to local police and have been hospitalized from the events; however, local law enforcement is not trained to respond to such events. Many cases such as mine are ignored by local law enforcement as delusions, so the events cannot be recorded as valid and sound or collected for purposes for our protection. How do you report physical attacks by electronic warfare delivered by an electronic device; be it a telephone, cell phone, personal computer or satellite device? As of today you cannot do so!
Electronic Warfare does not rest in the Domain of a Universe that does not Exist (G N O’Dell)


The Attorney Generals of every State should have a way for citizens to report such events of physical attacks by way of the victims of crime web sites set-up in almost every state of the union. Please consider a way to report an electronic attack event so we can see the problem and the DOD can address the problem rationally.
“DOD has noted that military functions involving the electromagnetic spectrum take place in what is now called the cyber domain, similar to air , land, and sea. This cyber domain is the responsibility of the new Air Force Cyber Command and includes cyber warfare, electronic warfare, and protection of U.S. critical infrastructure networks that support telecommunications systems, utilities, and Transportation.” Citation: Congress should take immediate action to find ways and means for citizens to report an electronic attack. One suggestion would be to put out an FBI alert to all Law enforcement personal to take electronic attacks reports seriously and encourage citizens to report such events without retaliation or even considering the victim as delusional, such was the case of rape cases not long ago. Not long ago, if a rape victim reported rape, the victim was considered delusional and the criminals avoided prosecution simply because Local Law enforcement officials were not trained properly!

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Electronic Warfare does not rest in the Domain of a Universe that does not Exist (G N O’Dell)


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