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Academy for RTRRT and Scientific Astrology

The Academy of Scientific Astrology is based on astronomic principles confirming to the IAU convention.
The calculations are performed on the HORIZONS integrator by Jon Giorgini of NASA JPL, Pasadena CA.
Subject headings: solar system – Academic Zodiac, astronomy – ascendant precession, religion – planetary exorcism
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1Co 3:10 According to the grace of God which has been given to me, as a wise architect,
I have laid the foundation, but another builds upon it. But let each see how he builds upon it.


In wishing you a happy financial year 2009, we HORIZONS ephemeris system by Jon Giorgini.
trust that our scientific reports help setting As follow is an illustrative ephemeris strip for
guidelines even amidst global financial the winter Sun. We can see clearly that the Sun is
meltdown. The Academic Zodiac is a solid rock still in Libra on November 23rd. November 23rd
upon which to render one’s own reality*. happens to be the birthday of the avatar of truth,
Sai Baba. After a week spent in Scorpius, the
2. PROBLEM STATEMENT Sun ventures into Ophiuchus.

Much as a couple of days before 9-11, the 2008-Nov-23 00:00 Lib

flowery predictions by quack astrologers† may 2008-Nov-24 00:00 Sco
2008-Nov-25 00:00 Sco
run something like this “Prosperity for the 2008-Nov-26 00:00 Sco
nation”… We take that everybody knows by now 2008-Nov-27 00:00 Sco
that the so-called astrologers are mere 2008-Nov-28 00:00 Sco
2008-Nov-29 00:00 Sco
entertainment artists, in that they can hardly
2008-Nov-30 00:00 Oph
make even the nearest guess as to the 2008-Dec-01 00:00 Oph
approximate position their own natal Sun. In 2008-Dec-02 00:00 Oph
being positive about the fact, that no astrologer 2008-Dec-03 00:00 Oph
2008-Dec-04 00:00 Oph
in the past couple of thousand of years knew 2008-Dec-05 00:00 Oph
one’s own natal Sun position; the reader gladly 2008-Dec-06 00:00 Oph
turns towards informative NASA ephemeris. The 2008-Dec-07 00:00 Oph
NASA ephemeris system sincerely as well as 2008-Dec-08 00:00 Oph
2008-Dec-09 00:00 Oph
authoritatively informs us that the Sun is still in
2008-Dec-10 00:00 Oph
Libra (sic) on November 23rd; something that no 2008-Dec-11 00:00 Oph
“astrologer” on this planet could possibly render 2008-Dec-12 00:00 Oph
as information for the past 2000 years‡. 2008-Dec-13 00:00 Oph
2008-Dec-14 00:00 Oph
2008-Dec-15 00:00 Oph
3. APPROACH 2008-Dec-16 00:00 Oph
2008-Dec-17 00:00 Oph
Our strategy in meeting financial meltdown is 2008-Dec-18 00:00 Sgr
twofold, namely as based on predictive science
as well as practical reality rendering§. The main 4. RESULTS
reference for zodiacality is the NASA JPL
The results of our research are enlisted as follow. 2009. As the shadow market intensifies, so
do our detecting laser lights sharpen their
™ Zodiacality stands its ground within the purpose in order to penetrate deeper under
solid scientific frame of the Academic the surface of provisional zodiacality††.
Zodiac**, much as the current ascendant set ™ Hydra of course stands for shadow market‡‡.
is housed within the universal Cartesian
house system. 5. DISCUSSION
™ Our extended reports include experimental
positions of the Sun in Orion and Cetus. What is a year? It is a period as generally ruled
™ The Saturn Uranus opposition is rendered by by one of the jovial spirits§§. A year can exhibit
astronomic, that is angular degree, instead of no fashionable aspects, while keeping its secrets
mere projection. We use the real aspects for the scrutinizing astrologer. While year 2007
between real planets in space, not their offered a large display of apocalyptic omens***,
projections upon a fictitious plane. 2009 is comparatively modest in its
™ The Saturn Uranus opposition brackets the emanations†††.
Orcus days, where the effect of Orcus
entering Hydra is taken as main perturbation
of the financial black market for the year

It is our duty to help rendering the best reality possible. Thus, the real time reality rendering tools are not
mere instant magick for one. The miracle making machine is in fact exorcism in making a better world. The
conflict as delineated by the Academic Zodiac is the death of superstition. As opposed to the 144000, a
whole body of false religion is falling apart with one word: truth. Truth causes being torn apart between
false ego and true mind victorious. False ego dies forever. The devil has no place left. The new skies are
approaching; they are upon us! Of course, many will fight against truth to their detriment in second death.
Those who stand in defense of superstition already are dead forever, since the sin against the Holy Ghost
shall not be pardoned. The matter of observation of the true sky is not at all a matter of scientific choice.
We have a religious choice to make in eternity. Those who are not called do not partake of the 144000 and
are as such discarded against eternal sin. Again, the sin against the Holy Ghost shall not be pardoned.

Enoch was reputedly the last reliable astrologer and there may be traces of Egyptian experts around 3800
BC. Hipparchus at least set precession running, but without hope in being followed upon by marketplace
diviners, of course, thus the rebuke. Mayan, Chinese and Indian contributions to alternative zodiacality are
important in averting any gross display of modern European superstition, like tropical astrology.

Among the other qualities of astronomy, the accurate record of precession is paramount in an incipient
astrologer. Namely, the ascendant suffers precession, that is, the set of rising constellations at east is never
the same. The ascendant set changes according to precession and is different from epoch to epoch. This
elementary fact was overlooked by marketplace astrologers for thousands of years. The Lord forbade such
astrology. A high Egyptian initiate that wrote the Bible entered astronomic details in alluding to the Age of
Orion. The Lord of the Bible reinforces a scientific approach to observation, while strongly rebuking
superstition. The most horrendous heresy is that of a fixed sky in which the ascendant set never changes. To
have a fixed sky is a mark of the Beast. The abominable pseudo-astrologic systems greatly peruse a false
sky that never moves, to the detriment of astronomic precision up to six zodiacal constellations (sic). We
must understand that for thousands of years people believed in flat Earth. They would be ready for kill for
that apparently innocent belief. Many will defend so-call western astrological “tradition”, even against
NASA itself, neatly bypassing clear evidence of zodiacal error. The problem does not lie in evidence, but in
the superstitious mind that is ruled by the devil. The modern man is thus perhaps even more superstitious
than the medieval or ancient astrologer was. There are clear traces of zodiacality among German peasants.
It is quite possible that a German peasant knew about Cetus rising, or Venus in Pegasus. As court cards
traveled the marketplaces, even the German peasant was informed about the 22 zodiacal constellations,
along with the ascendants for the epoch. We are sure that, at least on a popular level, the European peasant
divined by using zodiacal constellations such as Cetus, Hydra or Sextans. Even if the peasant could not
know the reason for the lively pictures he was perusing in divination, the astronomical system was present
as accurate replica of the true sky. Such replica was applied to divinatory astrology, where e.g. Cetus, that
is a zodiacal constellation as well as ascendant for the current epoch, had four different meaning. Four
stands for the cardinal points. It is clear that there were astronomers who popularized true astrology even in
medieval times in Europe. Perhaps they were close to discovering zodiac proper. New constellations were
introduced from time to time. Poland gave us an especially variegated sky of which we partake as our
astronomical legacy.
Real time reality-rendering tools. The RTRRT suite averts bad futurity while installing a positive future.
The 22 zodiacal constellations are matched by the 16 eastern ascendants for the current epoch.
The extension of zodiacality helps determining otherwise unfathomable financial peaks.
The longest zodiacal constellation marks generally marks undercurrents, the Antichrist and the UK.
The passage will be understood in the spirit of theurgy by the few initiates.
Jupiter in Ophiuchus as the messiah, along with 2002 AW197 and Venus in Hydra, the antichrist.
The Moon and Venus do not venture in any extreme positions. NASA aims at shooting at the Moon,
though, in the year 2009.