To do list June 1st till June 10th Friday 1st Prep for pop up dinner all-day Dallas

fish market; pick up fish from Love field, (king salmon, sardines octopus and guoduck Order bread from empire Make cones for canapé Check plate count and confirm guests Pick up Steven at Southside for help Saturday 2nd 10 AM Pick up Steven at Southside prep for pop up 10:30 meet with Bev about pop up and final prep 1:30 pack out and move to dinner location 7:30 guests arrive 8 pm dinner Sunday 3rd Prep for SOS Taste dinner 12 pm till 4:30 4:30 pack out to location and set up table 6 pm reception 7 pm dinner Monday 4th 10:30 Meet Jennifer Straus to discuss PR Plan for the opening of Spoon 11am -design meeting with Charles and Breck for Spoon interior 11:30 to 7pm menu development for restaurant week and spring menus for Dallas Chop House and Dallas Fish Market 6 pm tasting for today’s items for DRG 8 pm. Bread tasting with potential baker Tuesday 5th 10:30 till? Menu development for Dallas Chop House and Dallas Fish Market for Fathers day Restaurant week and spring items 2pm meet with builder and engineer to discuss front glass for Spoon (Chop House burger) 3pm go over details for next pop up dinner with Beverly 4pm take break and go home and play with Ryder 5:30 tasting of today’s items for DRG

Wed. 6th

10:30 am till 7pm menu development for DRG, father’s day restaurant week and spring items. All Day tasting at 5:30 1 pm interview with sommelier candidates Date night with Tracy dinner at Local 8pm Thursday 7th 10 am Janet Ivy liquor license 11pm select fabric for banquets and confirm bathroom fixtures and lighting fixtures for spoon Charles and Brecks studio … builder, marketing and PR all attending 12pm call Levin about design of wood grill and rotisserie attachment Call Tom about the MEP drawings and finalize removal of restaurant front and engineer survey 2pm meet with partner to finalize partnership agreement and review budget meet project manager 6pm Mansion wine chat. Dinner at Acme F&B with the gang Friday 8th 11 am introduce project manger to design team and builder, create drop box for all Spoon files for access 12 pm Tim from Edward Don Lunch at Cane Rosso to review small wares and China glass and silver 12:30 call allclad customer service about butter warmers call JB prince about pastry small wares 1PM follow up with designers about new light fixtures and Chandeliers 2pm fish market to tune up AJ’s Tuna dish 3:30 review pastry resumes with project manager call Scott Barber about wine list 5:30 Ups to pick up Le Bernardaud samples at UPS Gym Sat 9th 10:30 Beverly banking and final meeting before leaving for SF, New York and Las Vegas 12 call Vegas about Mandarin position 1pm upgrade on Virgin America 1:30 final review for DRG menu changes Fish market 6pm DFW Virgin America to SF Call barber about tomorrow meeting at Meadow wood 9:30 dinner Chez Panisse café with Chef from Tartine Sunday 10th Brunch at Boucheon Napa Call Stu from Pride Mountain and Cyril Chappellet tour vineyards and tasting Scott Meadow Wood tour Dinner 8pm Tartine Bar

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