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Canadian Construction Unions Council (CCUC)


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The CEP has chartered Local Unions involved in the construction sector in many provinces except Qubec; The FTQ-CONSTRUCTION has chartered affiliated local unions in Qubec; The CEP and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION share many members as they work throughout Canada; Federal and Provincial legislative programs are more now than ever having an impact upon the construction members of CEP and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION in Canada; Many of the struggles of CEP construction members are the same as those of the FTQ-CONSTRUCTION in Qubec; A united stand by the CEP and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION is needed now more than ever to achieve the maximum strength to influence government legislation, increase bargaining power and participate to the fullest in the central labour bodies we belong to; The aims and objectives of the CEP and FTQCONSTRUCTION are to encourage improvements to the apprenticeship and training systems, and to improve the quality of life of working people through organizing for justice and social change; The leaders of CEP and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION approve the CEP chartering a Canadian Construction Unions Council; That the CEP and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION work jointly within the Canadian Construction Unions Council for all matters related to the construction sector outside of Qubec.

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Whereas Therefore be it resolved

CCUC - By-laws

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Article 1 Name of Organization This organization, a duly chartered body of the CEP, shall be known as the Canadian Construction Unions Council (CCUC). Article 2 Affiliates 1. 2. Affiliates of the CCUC shall be all CEP local unions involved in construction and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION. All CEP local unions assigned by the CEP National to the construction sector shall be affiliated to the CCUC.

Article 3 Aims and Objectives The aim and objectives of the CCUC shall be: 1. to advance the interests of the CEP and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION members in Canada; to develop a common position at all levels of the CEP and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION on matters affecting members in the construction industry; to develop common positions among delegates of CEP construction local unions and FTQ-Construction to central labour bodies; to co-ordinate the interests of members within the CCUC and promote harmony and solidarity within the organization, including any allocations or transfers of any funds; to disseminate information to all affiliates of the CCUC on collective agreements and contractors operating on an inter-provincial or national basis; to arrange for the exchange of information on provincial and national legislative activities in the different jurisdictions, and to work co-operatively to combat or prevent anti-labour legislation; to present briefs and make representations at the federal level of government on matters affecting members of the CCUC.







CCUC - By-laws

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Article 4 Governance 1. The Executive Committee shall be the supreme body of the CCUC;

2. The Executive Committee shall be composed of: i) one (1) delegate from each CEP local union assigned to the construction sector by the CEP National Union. There shall be no more than one delegate per province; ii) two (2) delegates representing the CEP National Union; iii) and two (2) delegates from the FTQ-CONSTRUCTION. 3. The delegates serving on the Executive Committee of the CCUC shall be designated by their respective representative association. 4. The quorum shall be no less than one (1) delegate from CEP and one (1) delegate from the FTQ-Construction. Article 5 The Role of the Executive Committee 1. Establish the policies and procedures of the CCUC;

2. Direct the policies governing the exchange of funds between affiliates and their members in those cases where CEP construction members are also members of FTQ-CONSTRUCTION; 3. Establish and enforce reciprocal agreements between the pension and benefit plans of the affiliates; 4. Establish and enforce dispatch procedures between the affiliates; 5. Establish and enforce membership rules for members who move between CEP construction local unions and the FTQ-CONSTRUCTION; 6. Establish the political positions of the CCUC that are of mutual interest and benefit to the CEP and FTQ-CONSTRUCTION; 7. As a chartered body of the CEP, the CCUC shall report to the CEP Executive Board through the CEP National President.

CCUC - By-laws

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Article 6 Funding of the CCUC 1. The CCUC Executive is charged with establishing the financing structure of the CCUC. As such, these by-laws may need to be amended to reflect this structure and shall only be done so at the mutual consent of the CEP National and FTQCONSTRUCTION;

2. Dues processing shall be as agreed by the Executive Committee. Article 7 Role of the CEP National Union 1. The CEP National shall ensure the proper receipt and accounting of dues from CEP construction local unions, in accordance with the agreement of the CCUC Executive Committee;

2. The CEP shall supply the services of its National Construction Coordinator, his or her office support staff, and the services of CEP National Representative assigned to construction. Article 8 Collective Bargaining 1. Each CEP construction local union shall be responsible for collective bargaining within its jurisdiction;

2. Each CEP construction local union shall provide copies of its collective agreement to the CCUC.

Article 9 Dispatch 1. The CCUC Executive shall agree upon dispatch governance and procedures.

2. CEP has engaged costs with developing a pan-Canadian construction members database. These costs shall be considered in any CCUC membership database development.

CCUC - By-laws

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This agreement is signed, this 12th day of June, 2012.

_________________________ Arnold Gurin FTQ-Construction, President

_________________________ Yves Ouellet FTQ-Construction, General Director

_________________________ Dave Coles CEP, President

CCUC - By-laws

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CCUC - By-laws

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