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Human resource departments exist to help people and organizations reach their goals. Along the way, they face many challenges arising from the demands of the employees, the organization, and society. The domestic and international environments are particularly confuses because of the growing diversity of the workforce and the globalization of businesses. Challenges also result from ever changing laws, especially laws that address the need for equal employment opportunity.


The purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contribution of people to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically, and socially responsible. This purpose guides the study and practice of HR management, which is also commonly called personnel management. The study of HR management describes the HR related efforts of operating managers and shows how personnel professionals contribute to those efforts. Human resources determine every organization's success. Improving the human contribution is so ambitious and important, however, that all but the smallest firms create a specialized personnel or HR department. It is ambitious because HR departments do not control many of the factors that shape the employees' contribution, such as capital, materials, and procedures. The department decides neither strategy nor a supervisor's treatment of employees, although it strongly influences both. Simply put, the HR department exists to support managers and employees as they pursue the organization's strategies. However, to guide its many activities and support the managers who operate other parts of the organization, HR departments must have objectives. Organizational Objective:

To recognize that HR management exists to contribute to organizational effectiveness. Even when a formal HR department is created to help managers, the managers remain responsible for employee performance. The HR department exists to help managers achieve the objectives of the organization. HR management is not an end in itself; it is only a means of assisting managers with their human resource issues Functional Objective

To maintain the department's contribution at a level appropriate to the organization's needs. Resources are wasted when HR management is more or less sophisticated than the organization demands. Realizing that the HR department had grown up too large. Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.


Human resource department of Shezan International Limited is responsible for designing the selection system and managing its everyday operation. Human resource managers in cooperation with other managers largely set the overall strategy; they are likely to be influential in deciding, e.g. whether the department should focus on choosing people who are best qualified for current vacancies of for those who have the greatest long term potential. The personnel managers also decide how the guidelines for equal employment opportunities met and whether the company needs outside legal assistance in formulating its affirmative action plan. JOINING THE COMPANY On joining the Company the following formalities must be completed: 1. The documents listed below shall be forwarded immediately to Human Resource Division for completion of their record. 2. Duplicate copy of appointment letter duly signed by the employee in acceptance of the terms and conditions embodied therein. 3. Four copies of recent passport size photograph. 4. Photocopies of all academic certificate especially metric certificate. 5. Photocopies of testimonials from previous employers. 6. Fitness certificate as per Clause (4) of the letter of appointment. 7. Photocopy of National Identity Card. 8. Clearance letter from previous employer.

Recruitment of employees, in general the sources of recruitment can be classified into two types.

1. Internal Job Posting:

Filling a job opening from within the firm has the advantages of stimulating preparation for possible transfer, or promotion and increasing the general level of morale.

Self Nomination:
Human Resource office publishes a monthly newsletter that list the Shezan International Limited's job posting program to different routes to nomination for a job, self nomination and nomination by an employee supervisor. Positions available the announcements carry information about the nature of the position and the qualification needed, and any employee whose interested bid on the job that is enter the competition for it. If accepted for the posted job, the former supervisor is allotted approximately a month to provide for a successor. The personnel units act as a clearing house in screening bids that are unrealistic,

preventing an extensive number of bids by a single employee and cancelling employees who are constantly unsuccessful in their attempts to change job. Nomination by Employees Supervisor: Informal communications among managers lead to discourage that best candidates for a job is already working in a different section of the firm. In 4 years of its merger 3000 opening were advertised posted of which approximately 68% were filled. 32% of the openings were cancelled. One reach for can affection is that supervisions with vacancies often post jobs and interviews can ideates, and then when they are not satisfied with the quality of the candidates, they disqualify all nominees and ask management for permission to recruit from outside. Despite some minor problems, most employees were pleased that an internal job posting program was established. Most successful nominees were happy with their new assignments and unsuccessful nominees identified needed skills and gained a more realistic idea of additional training or experience required for careers alternatives. 2. External Job Posting: Shezan International Limited also go to external sources for positions whose specification cannot beam by present personnel. Shezan International Limited uses following outside sources. 1) Advertising: Advertisement is placed in various newspapers. More information about the company and job specification is included in the ad to present some self-screening. 2) Employment Agencies: Additional screening is affected through the utilization of private employment agencies. This Horizon agency has specialized in various types of workers and job e.g. sales office, execution or engineer. 3) Casual Applications Unsolicited applications both at the gate and through the mail constitute a much used source of personnel. These have been developed through promising of attractive employment office facilities and prompt and continuous replies to unsatisfied letters. 4) Leasing

To adjust short term function in personnel needs. The possibility of leasing by the hour or day is considered. Shezan International Limited not only obtains well trained and selective personnel but avoids any obligation in pension, and other fringe benefits.