After installation, you must login with your Instagram account to star using InstaDM.

First thing you’ll notice is your Inbox (empty for new users). To start sending DM’s you must search for Instagram users. (From the Inbox, you can also visit your InstaDM profile).

For best results, search by username or full name. We’ll give you some suggestions based on your Instagram contacts. Tap on any user to continue.

Once in the user’s InstaDM profile, you’ll find:

‣A button to start
sending DM’s

‣A link to the

Instagram profile Badge (if any) linking to the Sponsors Page. way to browse photos by swiping them the private conversation.

‣The user’s Sposor

‣A clean and practical

‣A link to go back to

Once you start a private conversation, you can easily return to see the user profile , or you can go to your Inbox screen .

When visiting your own profile, you’ll find:

‣A link to your

Instagram profile any) linking to the Sponsors Page

‣Your Sposor Badge (if

‣A clean and practical
way to browse photos by swiping them

‣A logout button ‣A button linking to
your Inbox

InstaDM is a free app mainly funded by users that donate and get a Sponsor Badge to display through the app. The Sponsors Page is the place to make donations and see the latest donnors (you can visit their profiles from here).

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