Jane Dickson Laframboise (b.

Jane (Dickson) Dixon was a Dakota/Chippewa/Metis born in 1822 at Pembina. She was the da !hter o" #i$$iam Dickson (1%&8'18(1) the mixed b$ood son o" Co$. )obert Dickson the *ritish +!ent in the west d rin! the #ar o" 1812. #i$$iam,s mother was the sister o" -.he *ea/er0 (a$so known as Shoppa)1 the most notab$e chie" o" the C thead band o" 2anktonais. Jane Dickson married Joseph Marcotte 3a"ard dit 4a"ramboise Jr. (18(5'1856) in 1875. 8e was a Metis and this was his third marria!e a"ter his wi"e Ma!de$eine J $ia 9asixhea win -S$eep: ;:es0 died o" t berc $osis. Jane made the <ndian beaded b$anket made "amo s on Antiques Road Show. (see pict re and stor: be$ow.) Jane Dickson1 who was one'= arter Mdewakanton Dakota1 she and three o" their chi$dren = a$i"ied to recei/e 8a$"'*reed scrip in $ie o" $and. Most o" their chi$dren1 and a$$ o" the !randchi$dren were born $on! a"ter this .reat: was si!ned. J $ia1 4a3ramboise their o$dest da !hter arran!ed to se$$ her scrip thro !h a third part: to whoe/er wo $d p rchase it1 and sed the mone: "or her ed cation1 a " $$ thirt: :ears a"ter the treat:. +"ter her h sband,s death Jane remarried to 4o is Sharon (Charon). .he: are $isted amon! the peop$e who took re" !e at 3ort )id!e$: d rin! the Dakota Con"$ict o" 1862. 4o is and Jane are $isted with chi$dren #i$$iam 4a"ramboise1 J stine 4a"ramboise1 ;$i>a 4a"ramboise1 3rank Sharon and 4o is Sharon. .he: $i/ed "o r mi$es abo/e )edwood1 Minnesota.. +nti= e )oad Show March1 2((5? )ita (#e$d:) @ramer? )ita showed a $ar!e beaded Sio x b$anket made b: her !reat !reat !randmother1 Jane Dixon (Dickson) spo se o" "amo s Minnesota " r trader1 Joseph A3a"ardB 4a"ramboise. .his bea ti" $ and intricate b$anket was /er: o$d and rare which was appraised at C%51(((. DEishnawbeB 4a3ramboise b$anket on F+nti= e )oadshowF F+ 3ami$: .reas re *e:ond Meas reG *$anket + H)oadshow 8itF F+s soon as she heard the words Hnationa$ treas reH and the n mber o" C6(1((( or more )ita Joer! o" Preston Minn.1 knew where to store her !reat'!reat'!randmotherHs handwork? in a bank sa"e' deposit box.. Joer! said . esda: she took the bead work to the St. Pa $ "i$min! o" the -+nti= es )oadshow0 and $earned1 m ch to her ama>ement1 that itHs a m se m = a$it: Dakota womanHs dance b$anket1 sed in ceremonies in the 18((Hs. 8er !reat'!reat'!randmother1 Jane Dickson 4a3ramboise1 who was three'= arters Dakota and 9Iibwe and one'= arter white1 made it in abo t the 18((Hs o" tin: beads and ribbons1 a$$ imported "rom ;n!$and as trade !oods.0


*eca se the b$anket was made abo t the time she married Joseph 4a3ramboise1 an interpreter o" the .reat: des Sio x and in !enera$ to the Dakota and 9Iibwe <ndians in Minnesota1 it is possib$e that the bride made the dance b$anket "or her 1875 weddin!1 considered the "irst Christian marria!e in Eico$$et Co nt:. )ecent !enerations ha/e had no idea o" its /a$ e or e/en its se. .he: ca$$ed it a tab$e co/er. Joer! said it was stored and sometimes disp$a:ed at the S$eep: ;:e Minnesota 4ibrar: "rom 1&7( to 1&%21 b t with no hint it was so /a$ ab$e. +"ter that it was in her mother,s cedar chest and $ater in the cedar chest o" Joer!,s sister1 Diane +rnedt o" 3air"ax Minnesota.


Dance blanket1 187('5(1 #oo$1 si$k1 beads. Minneapo$is <nstit te o" +rts. .he )obert J. J$rich #orks o" +rt P rchase 3 nd

.he Minnesota <nstit te o" +rts states? .his b$anket was made b: one or more peop$e o" the +nishinabe (9Iibwe) and Dakota comm nities. <ts histor: can be traced to some o" the re!ion,s ear$: " r traders1 the prominent 4a3ramboise "ami$:. +ccordin! to "ami$: $ore1 the b$anket was owned b: Jane Dickson 4a3ramboise1 a woman o" +nishinabe/Dakota descent whose "ather had a !ood re$ationship with the Dakota. Jane,s h sband1 Joseph 4a3ramboise1 had estab$ished one o" the "irst tradin! posts in what wo $d $ater be Minnesota. <t is said the b$anket was sed at their marria!e in 1875. )e"erence? http?//www.artsmia.or!/ed cation/teacher'reso rces/"i/e"actsKd.c"mLpM7N/M156O -+nti= e )oadshow0 +ppraiser? -<tHs a$$ trade materia$. .hereHs no indi!eno s materia$1 so a$$ the materia$ here was !ot thro !h the " r trade'tradin! " rs "or the beads1 tradin! "irs "or the b$anket1 "or the si$k. <t was st nnin! si$k app$i= e work most o" the wa: aro nd the o tside border. *ea ti" $$: desi!ned1 in terri"ic condition. .he co$or preser/ation is sti$$ = ite !ood1 !i/en how o$d it is.0 -.hese b$ankets are !enera$$: made b: the 9sa!e tribe1 which are re$ated to the Sio x. .his is s Sio x /ariation1 and the 9sa!e I st did this ribbon work'$ooked s$i!ht$: di""erent Pwitho t doin! the beadwork. +nd what rea$$: makes this b$anket "or me1 is this beadwork.0


-)ea$$: tin: beads1 extraordinar: sense o" co$or. 2o r !reat'!reat'!randmother was extreme$: ta$ented. .he center meda$$ion is so bea ti" $. .he next best one that <H/e e/er seen1 m: !a$$er: so$d ten :ears a!o "or CQ(1(((1 < think1 conser/ati/e$: somewhere between C6(1((( and C%51((( "or this.0

.he circ $ar beaded moti" in the center o" the dance b$anket comes "rom traditiona$ Eati/e +merican "$ora$ desi!ns.


)ibbonwork reca$$in! the ; ropean'+merican = i$tin! tradition decorates the border o" the b$anket.

Compi$ed b: 4awrence *arkwe$$ Coordinator o" Metis 8erita!e and 8istor: )esearch 4o is )ie$ <nstit te )esearch assistance recei/ed "rom )on 9hi"s and Jackie .rotchie.



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