APPLICATION for GRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIP INFORMATION about the PROCESS and TA DUTIES COMMON PROBLEMS with SUBMITTED APPLICATIONS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about APPLYING OUTLINE of FALL and SPRING SCHEDULES Application forms are available at or the page will mention when they are available. The deadline for applications is listed on the application form not in this document. Late applications are accepted until unless mentioned otherwise on If you have questions that are not answered in this document, please send e-mail to Ms. J. Morris (

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NOTE: The application process described in this Information and FAQs sheet, and the application form available from MATH 820 and at are only for graduate students from Departments other than Mathematics, who have never been employed by the Department of Mathematics as Graduate Teaching Assistants and have not passed the Department of Mathematics' screening. If you are from a Department other than Mathematics and have passed our screening, you should send e-mail to and fill out a schedule card for the semester you want to be considered. If interested in becoming a mathematics graduate student, go to In order to be eligible to apply for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (= TAship) for a fall semester, you must (1) be a full-time graduate student working towards a degree at Purdue during that fall semester; (2) not be employed by another Department for that semester; (3) be eligible to start 1/2-time employment a week before fall classes start; (4) be free for the whole week before fall classes start. Since we do not hire new TAs in a spring semester, the spring application process is to identify students to whom we might be able to make an early offer for the next fall. So, in order to be eligible to apply in the spring, you will need to meet the above four conditions for the next fall. A complete application consists of (1) a completed application form, (2) an unofficial copy of all your transcripts (after high school) including Purdue transcripts and (3) an unofficial copy of your TOEFL scores (if applicable to you). Please note that student generated printouts of transcripts are not always acceptable. Application materials submitted electronically will not be accepted. Applications for TAships are only accepted at specific times: from around mid–March until (approximately) the end of June for fall applications; from around mid-October until (approximately) mid-November for spring ones. (Deadlines are listed on the application forms.) To minimize our workload we appreciate it that you wait for your application to be complete before sending it unless there is not sufficient time to complete it before the deadline. (Thank you.)

This application process is not one that allows you to count on this job to obtain a visa. The current pay rate for new TAs and how much tuition students are still responsible for are listed on the application form. Applications are not carried over to the next semester.. we cannot let you know that a screening slot became available for you. Otherwise fall hiring decisions are made after the screening on the Tuesday before classes start. A 1/2-time TA should expect to work on the average 20 hours per week (including finals week). Those not chosen for a screening slot or who did not pass the screening will need to reapply. Select applicants will be chosen solely on the basis of their application materials to participate in a screening. International students not currently in the U. Names of applicants who do not get a screening slot at that time are included on a screening waiting list.e. Employment is on a semester by semester basis. You should not wait for your visa to send your application but send us an update when you receive it. The Department of Mathematics does not hire TAs to teach specific courses and does not hire graduate graders. communication and teaching skills.) A series of teaching workshops takes in most of the week before fall classes start. 1/4-time appointments are rarely available for new TAs in the fall. are kept on a teaching waiting list for one year.not who is issuing the if you will be out of e-mail contact for more than three days. New TAs are hired for 1/2-time positions. .e. Attendance at the training is mandatory for everyone who is newly hired and for those who passed the screening and want to have their name included on the current teaching waiting list. Offers before the end of June are unlikely. (Students who pass the screening but are not hired. Check with your Department about additional College or School fees that are not waived.S. Only applicants with extensive teaching experience in the US might be considered for an early fall offer (i. it is continued for those TAs whose performance is better than good. International students with questions about employment eligibility should contact their department or ISS at (765) 494-5770. It is the students' responsibility to resolve time conflicts between our mandatory meetings and activities in their own department . who are full-time students working towards a degree and are not employed elsewhere.see last page for a tentative schedule. list which one you plan to apply for and who will be listed as your sponsor (i. the person or institution that guarantees that you have sufficient funds to be a graduate student at Purdue) .see application form . especially during the period that an update on your application status will be e-mailed . New TAs are hired from among those who pass the screening or are on the current teaching waiting list. If we cannot reach you (especially close to the screening). whenever possible. to change the sponsorship of an I-20 or DS-2019. We always employ fewer spring TAs than fall ones. New TAs with no teaching experience are usually given a Calculus recitation assignment while new TAs with teaching experience might be given Algebra to teach on their own.since that e-mail will require a response. If you are waiting to get a visa..purdue. So please send e-mail to jmorris@math. We need to be able to reach you once you turn in your application. There is not sufficient time between being hired and the start of classes to change visas. before participating in the screening). should send us e-mail about when they plan to arrive and give us upon arrival a local phone number (yours or a friend's). Additional information about the screening and on how to prepare for it will be provided to those chosen for the screening. though.International students should only apply for the fall if their visa status allows (or will allow) them to start employment a week before the start of fall classes. or to obtain permission from INS to be employed. The goal of the screening is to evaluate language. TAs' assignments change each semester and might have increasing levels of responsibility.

We do not appreciate other departments hiring away TAs we are counting on. send e-mail to jmorris@math. May I still submit a fall application to get another 1/4-time? No to both. Can you use my old application? (b) I was chosen for a screening once but did not participate. Please check before you submit your application that none of these apply to yours. (c) Yes. 1 (a) I applied in the past but was not chosen for a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about APPLYING FAQs or parts of FAQs that might apply to both domestic and international students are in this color. we do not do it to 2 3 .purdue. May I apply again? (d) I passed a screening in the past but was not but read the OEPP FAQ. especially an illegible. May I still apply? Only if you include with your application a letter from the person or department employing you stating that it is acceptable that you break your commitment to them three days before classes start. • • • • • • • • • • • • not being available for 1/2-time employment in the fall (for fall applications) counting on using employment with us to get a visa not being legally employable by us a week before classes start (for international) not listing the sponsor listed on the I-20 or DS-2019 having scored too low on an OEPT and not having been certified by OEPP afterwards (being currently enrolled in ENGL 6200 is OK but you must then be certified before the screening) not being free for the whole period listed on the application form and not explaining exactly what conflicts cannot be resolved (often first year students) stating that one is free for the whole period listed on the application form without checking first with one's department and then have unresolved time conflicts later on which result in losing one's screening slot submitting copies of transcripts that are too unofficial not including copies of transcripts or of TOEFL scores and not explaining why not providing all the information asked for or not explaining why it cannot be provided submitting an illegible application. I have accepted fall employment.purdue.COMMON PROBLEMS with SUBMITTED APPLICATIONS The following are some of the common problems we see with submitted applications. So. I have accepted fall employment but will resign from it if offered employment by mathematics. May I submit a fall application to get spring employment? I have 1/4-time fall employment. FAQs or parts of FAQs that only apply to international students are in this color. Do I need to apply again? (a) No. We have few fall screening slots and possibly many positions to fill. Do I automatically get a screening slot when re-applying? (c) I participated in a screening in the past but failed. For a fall screening we only consider applicants who are available for 1/2-time fall employment. If you have further questions. Some of these are explained further in the FAQs part of this document. incomplete or incorrect e-mail address (handwritten applications are perfectly OK but make sure your e-mail address is very clear) submitting a spring application though graduating that spring or summer All of the above lead to delays and extra work with processing applications. please read the FAQs below before sending e-mail to jmorris@math. (b) No. (d) No.

Do I have to be formally accepted as a graduate student before submitting an application? No. Is this going to work? (b) I need this TAship in order to list a sponsor on an I-20 or DS-2019. There is not enough time between the fall screening and the start of classes to transfer or get an I-20.S. but you should list "pending being accepted" with "Department" on the first page of the application.e. to renew or extend my current I-20 or DS-2019. We do not appreciate that people we are counting on resign at the last minute. Do not risk this. There have been cases of students ignoring this issue hoping that everything would work out in time and it did not. you do not have to be formally accepted. Not only were we told to terminate those students' employment immediately but the students ended up having to interrupt their studies and leave the country for the rest of the semester. We will be done with the spring hiring before the end of fall. List "Consider for early offer" or " Consider only for early offer" on the top of the application if you wish to be considered for one but please do so only if you have experience teaching in the U. Is this possible? Only if you get an early offer (i. require U. we do not expect other departments to appreciate people they are counting on to do the same to them. The spring screening is mainly to identify applicants to whom we can make an early fall offer. Can I submit a spring application to get fall employment? Yes. May I submit an application now? Yes but we must know the type of visa you will have and who is or will be listed as your sponsor on your I-20 or DS-2019 (i.not the institution who issued or will issue the I-20. I am a graduate student who will graduate (and leave Purdue) in May or August. 4 5 I have accepted spring employment.. It is my understanding that we cannot employ you until the other university releases your I-20 or DS-2019. Your application will be considered "conditionally" and it is your responsibility to send an e-mail update as soon as you hear whether or not you have been admitted. I am a new student and am waiting to get my I-20 or DS-2019 and/or my visa.S. May I submit a spring application for spring employment? No.. Early offers are very rare. Write "pending" with "expires on" for the I-20 or DS 2019 and/or with "Visa". a commitment that we will employ you before you passed the screening). who is providing or guaranteeing the funding needed for you to be a graduate student). 6 7 8 9 10 (a) I need this TAship in order to be able to afford coming to Purdue. teaching experience and are rarely possible before early July. We need to know in any case who will be listed as sponsor on the I-20 issued by Purdue.other departments. The spring screening is to identify applicants to whom we can make an early fall offer. 11 My current I-20 or DS-2019 is sponsored by another university which is employing me but I want to join Purdue in the fall. Is that a problem? Check with your department or ISS before applying with us and explain carefully in your application what you were told and what the time frame is. .e. So. I am currently an undergraduate at Purdue receiving a Bachelor's degree in Spring or Summer and will pursue a graduate degree at Purdue next year. to renew or extend my current visa. to get a visa. What do you mean with the "sponsor listed my I-20 or DS-2019"? The person or institution who guarantees that you will have sufficient funds to be a graduate student at Purdue . May I apply for the spring screening for next fall employment? Yes but see also FAQ about not yet having been accepted formally as a graduate student.

We will be told to pull such TAs immediately from the classroom. if you can complete it in time to meet the application deadline. I will take ENGL 62000 next semester. I am an international student but am not certified by OEPP. . Passing our departmental screening is recognized by Purdue as equivalent to being certified by OEPP for employment in our department. Keep this in mind when signing up for an OEPT. So. did not score sufficiently high to be certified and have not been certified by OEPP since (after taking ENGL 62000 for example). This applies also to students who take an OEPT after having passed our screening and do not score sufficiently high to be certified. if you cannot complete it before the deadline. we have no choice but to terminate their employment. No. We will inform you whether or not the remaining conflicts prevent us from considering your application. if you took an OEPT. Mention that you do not have a copy. We cannot adapt our schedule to accommodate yours. I recall my scores but (or I cannot recall my scores and) I do not have a copy of them. Since we do not have non-classroom assignments for TAs from other departments. taking an OEPT or being certified by OEPP is not required in order to be a TA with us. there is no point in applying. I am currently taking ENGL 62000. If it is close to the deadline. May I still apply and can I be employed as a TA in Mathematics? Maybe. we are not allowed to employ you in the classroom. hence. even if they passed our screening. if it shows the breakdown of the total TOEFL score in the different categories. Incomplete applications create extra work. (b) Check with your department whether they have a copy. However. New students must check with their department for planned activities for that period before submitting their application. It will be considered "conditionally" on you being certified (which is different from passing ENGL 62000) at the end of the summer session (for a fall screening) or at the end of the fall semester (for a spring a screening). (c) Is a different print-out of my TOEFL scores OK? (a) Write "N/A" with "TOEFL score" and explain why you did not have to submit a TOEFL score. If it will list new grades in such courses and there is time to meet the application deadline. 13 I am an international student but have not taken an Oral English Proficiency Test (= OEPT). Look at the "tentative schedule" . You will be responsible for having your department or OEPP inform us of your certification result. (b) I took the TOEFL (a long time ago).12 (a) I am an international student but was not required to submit a TOEFL score. (2) it lists in what semester or quarter the courses have been taken. we cannot employ you as a TA and. Most departments are willing to excuse their students for activities that conflict with ours (because they are employment related) but you must get their permission before applying. List what you recall. List on the application which ones remain. 16 I am not free for the whole period mentioned in the application. Will I be considered if I apply? It depends on what conflicts cannot be resolved. I took an OEPT and was not certified.last page of this document. OEPP conducts an audit each semester for students employed as TAs who tried but failed to be certified by OEPP. (3) it lists all the courses you took and the grades you received. 17 Should I submit an incomplete application now and just complete it later? Yes. you may submit an application. Try to resolve the conflicts before sending in your application. 14 Is a transcript that I print out myself from my school's student system sufficiently official? Yes if (1) your name is printed on it by the school's student system. My department signed me up for an OEPT or told me to do so. (c) Yes. wait to submit the application until you have the new transcript. If you are currently taking ENGL 62000. Since we do not have non-classroom assignments for such TAs. include a copy of your current one and mention that a new one will be sent later. 15 Should I wait for this semester's transcript to submit an application? A more recent transcript that will not list new grades in mathematics or statistics courses is not needed.

curriculum vitae. We do need to be able to reach you.purdue. and please take in account that international postal mail can be slow. you may drop by MATH 820 (8:30 AM . a resume. Do not send us e-mail right after faxing your application. as soon as is feasible. The applicant will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that all information provided (including whether or not he/she is free when required) is accurate. We very much prefer that additional information (such as your teaching experience) be provided on a separate sheet of paper than in a resume that contains extraneous information. If you have no access to e-mail upon your arrival. 20 May I send e-mail after submitting my application to make sure you received it? May I set up an appointment to discuss my application or chances at being hired in person or to set up an interview or a special screening? Should I drop by your office upon my arrival? Applicants who send in their materials via mail or fax will receive an e-mail confirming receipt within two weeks. Send us e-mail with your local contact information (your phone number or a friend's). You may send e-mail to jmorris@math. The person submitting the application may sign the form and should then list his/her name and e-mail address at the bottom. . for example. or diplomas? May I submit them? We only want the information we ask for on the application form. 19 May someone else submit an application on my behalf? May I submit an application on behalf of someone else? Yes to if you have not received an e-mail within this time frame. We will not read letters of recommendations. We do not look at diplomas.18 Should I submit GRE scores. Since the application form does not ask for them. Including them just makes your application bulkier.11:30 AM and 1:30 PM . We do not meet applicants personally and have no screenings outside the official ones. Please make sure that e-mails sent by us are not stopped by a spam filter. We do not have enough staff to meet with every person requesting a private meeting.4:30 PM on weekdays) to give us this information. it would be unfair to those who follow the instructions if we were to read and use such letters. letters of recommendations. We do not take GRE scores in account.

there is leeway when making the schedule until the end of July.10:05 AM Screening or 10:15 AM .5:45 PM Workshops (part 4) Wednesday Thursday Friday FOR SPRING APPLICATIONS: Schedule outline for the week before classes start In case of official Purdue holidays at the start of the week before spring classes start. They do not attend meetings. all the other listed meetings are mandatory for those who are hired and those who passed the screening and want to be considered for late openings or spring employment. all day Thursday and most of the Friday) .11:30 AM the Tuesday screening schedule.6:00 PM Workshops (part 2) 8:30 AM . there is some leeway when making the schedule until mid-December. a participant may ask to be excused from the viewing of the screening video if absolutely necessary 1:15 PM .9:45 AM Workshops (part 1) or 10:15 AM . mathematics graduate students who require an afternoon time have priority over all others for those time slots 7:30 AM .8:30 AM Pick up screening results and hiring decisions 8:45 AM .10:00 AM Viewing of the screening videos or 10:15 AM .) Pick up materials. .10:15 AM Screening or 10:30 AM .5:00 PM Pick up materials. which one is determined by the Tuesday screening schedule 9:00 AM .11:15 AM each person attends one of the two.9:20 AM 9:30 AM . Note: Due to new employment eligibility verification procedures the Monday afternoon meeting is subject to change.11:15 AM each person attends one of the listed time slots. Types of assignments and discussion of screening 8:15 AM . mathematics graduate students who require an afternoon time have priority over all others for that time slot 9:00 AM . Refreshments General Information Types of assignments and discussion of screening Employment eligibility verification (see Note above) each person is assigned a 15 minute slot.12:30 PM each person is scheduled to one of these three screening times and remains or 1:30 PM . Students on the waiting list for a screening slot. these events take place on consecutive days starting with the first day that is not a holiday. going later than the assigned time is not allowed Tuesday 8:05 AM . A more complete outline for the week is sent to those chosen for the screening and a complete schedule is distributed at the first meeting listed.5:00 PM Workshops (part 3) 11:45 AM . the exact schedule is not known until late on Wednesday or early Thursday but does not conflict with the Graduate School Convocation 3:45 PM .3:15 PM Course organizational meetings take place during this period but do not take in the whole period.1:00 PM 1:00 PM . which one is determined by or 10:30 AM . a person can go earlier than the assigned time slot but people scheduled for that time have priority. Monday Tuesday 2:30 PM .4:30 PM (appr. are informed when the screening schedule is final (on late Sunday or early Monday). Some non-mandatory events are not listed.3:30 PM in the room for the whole two hour period.see above schedule.10:30 AM Pick up screening results (and hiring decisions if any) Wednesday Students who pass the screening in the spring must participate in the training during the week before fall classes start (on the Wednesday afternoon. there is leeway when making the schedule until the end of July.10:45 AM 11:00 AM .OUTLINE of FALL and SPRING SCHEDULES FOR FALL APPLICATIONS: Schedule outline for the week before classes start This schedule is for applicants from departments other than mathematics who are chosen for the screening. All the Monday and Tuesday meetings are mandatory for those who are chosen for the screening.12:15 PM each person is scheduled to one of these three screening times and remains or 1:30 PM . Unless specifically mentioned otherwise.3:30 PM for the whole two hour period. Monday 8:45 AM .

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