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Ahadith related to the Angels, Mala’ika ‘Alaihim al-Salaatu Wa al-Salaam

Hadith 196: The Prophet says in one Hadith,

“Indeed a slave supplicated to Allah, thus, Allah Ta’ala orders the ArchAngel Jibra’il not to
accept his supplications as He loves the slaves supplicating. If however, a wrongdoer
supplicates, Allah informs Jibra’il Alaihis Salaam, “O Jibra’il! Give him what he wants as I
do not like to hear his voice.” (Ibn Najjar narrates from Anas Bin Malik RadiAllahu Anhu)1
This Hadith proves to us that Hadrat Jibra’il Alaihis Salaam accepts the supplications and
fulfils one’s needs. Can there be anything be more Shirk than this in the religion of the

Hadith 197: The Messenger of Allah says,

“There are some Angels of Allah Ta’ala who have been appointed to distribute the sustenance
and provisions (Rizq) of mankind. Allah has ordered them that if they find anyone, whose
concern is the Hereafter and has left the worries of this world, then they should provide him
with sustenance from the heavens, the earth and the people. In other words, provide him with
sustenance from everywhere. If they find such a person who is busy earning some livelihood
and he is honest, then they should make it easy for that person. If however, they find a
person transgressing the limits then they leave him in his state, surely he gets what Allah has
written for him.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi in Al-Nawadir)2

Hadith 198: The beloved Prophet has said, “There is an Angel who is holding firm to
your forehead. When you humble yourself for the sake of Allah then that Angel raises you
high (in status). If you become arrogant in front of Him, then the Angel lowers you (in
status). There is also an Angel who is stood in front of your mouth, stopping a snake from
entering in.” (Ibn Jareer narrated from Kanana al-Adawi RadiAllahu Anhu and this Hadith is
Protecting the mouth, isn’t this, what we call, Dafi’ul Bala? Probably it means to leave the
mouth unprotected so that the snakes can get into your mouths!

Hadith 199: The Prophet has said, “The son of Adam is heedless for what he was created
for. Allah sends an Angel to protect him.” (Hatim and al-Dunya, the two sons of Abaway and
Abu Na’eem narrate from Jabir RadiAllahu Anhu and this Hadith is Mukhtasar).3

Hadith 200: On the authority of Sahih Muslim, Huzaifah Bin Usaid RadiAllahu Anhu
narrates that the Prophet has said, “When the child in the womb is of 42 days old, Allah
sends an Angel towards the womb. He comes and creates the child’s features; ears, eyes,
flesh and bones.”4
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In another Hadith, “An Angel comes and creates the child’s features.” Zuhair says that I
assume the words are, “The Angel that created it…”5
In another Hadith the words are, “indeed there is an Angel appointed at the wombs of the
mothers. When Allah intends, then the Angel creates by the permission of Allah…”6

In the narration of Tabrani, the words are, “When the matter spends forty days in the womb,
an Angel comes and designs his bones, flesh, his blood and his skin.”7

Hadith 201: On the authority of Bukhari and Muslim that Hadrat Abdullah Bin Mas’ud
RadiAllahu Anhu narrates that the Prophet has said, “The matter (of the creation) of the
child stays in the mother’s womb for forty days. Then it becomes a clot of blood for a similar
period and then a piece of flesh for the same period. Then Allah sends an Angel …after 120
days a soul is breathed into the child.” (These are the words of Muslim).8

Allah Almighty says, “It is He Who forms your shape in the wombs of the mothers as He
Pleases.” (Aal-Imran, 3:6)

In another place he says, “Is there any creator beside Allah…?” (Fatir, 35:3)

And here, The Beloved Mustafa, who is also Mahi, (The one who eradicate infidelity and
polytheism), says that an Angel comes and designs the features, creates eyes, ears, flesh,
bones, hair, skin and blood. Not only this, but also the Angel blows into the womb a soul. In
other words, the Angel gives life! How far can we go?!
Jibra’il Ameen only said, “That I may give you a pure son” (Maryam 19:19), but here the
Angel, less in status, is creating the sons and daughters of the whole world!

You fools and ignorant! Have some pity on your dying Imaan! If you remove the distinction,
(between Dhati and ‘Ata’i), then who knows where you will end up! Calling Muslims
polytheists is not something amusing?

Hadith 202: The beloved Prophet has said, “If I was not sent then surely Umar would
been sent as a Prophet. Allah strengthened Umar with two Angels. The Angels guide him
and if there happen to be a mistake in Umar’s opinion then they would show him the correct
way so that only truth comes from Umar.” (Al-Dailami narrates from Abu Bakr Siddiq and
Abu Hurairah RadiAllahu Anhuma).9

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Hadith 203: Sayyiduna Abdullah Bin Mas’ud RadiAllahu Anhu states that Umar gave honour
to Islam. There was victory in his migration and mercy in his caliphate. I swear by Allah!
Salah was not prayed around the Ka’ba till Umar accepted Islam. When he accepted Islam,
the Kuffar disputed till we prayed around the Ka’ba and indeed I think that there is an Angel
between his two eyes who guided him towards the right way. And indeed I think that the
Shaitan, devil, fears Umar and when there is remembrance of the pious then mention Umar
RadiAllahu Anhu. (Ibn ‘Asakir narrated from Abdullah Bin Mas’ud. Part of this Hadith has
already been mentioned near the end of the first part through a different chain)10

Hadith 204: The Prophet has said, “When a judge, Qadi, sits to give judgement, two
Angels descend to guide him, strengthening him towards the truth only if he does not incline
away. If he does, then they leave him and ascend.” (Baihaqi narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas
RadiAllahu Anhuma).11

Hadith 205: The Prophet of Allah has said, “He who has brought happiness to his Muslim
fellow, Allah creates an Angel from that happiness and the Angel keeps glorifying Allah and
praising him. When the person dies and is buried, the same Angel goes to him asks, “Do you
recognise me?” The person replies in negative. The Angel then shall say, “I am that
happiness which you brought into the heart of that Muslim fellow. Today I will relieve you
from all anxiety; I will teach you your proof and make you firm when answering the
questions and will take you to your place in the plains of Mehshar and then will take you to
your place in the paradise.” (Ibn Abi Dunya narrates in Qada al-Hawa’ij, Abu al-Shaikh in
al-Thawab narrating from Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq, who narrated from his father and he
narrated from his grandfather RadiAllahu Anhum)12

Hadith 206: The Prophet has said, “Indeed I find one Surah of the Holy Qur’an which
consists of thirty verses. Whoever recites it before going to sleep, Allah writes for him thirty
rewards, forgives thirty of his sins and elevates him thirty statuses. Allah then sends an Angel
who protects him till he awakens. That Surah is Mujadalah (quarreller); it will quarrel on
behalf of its reader.” (Al-Dailami narrates from Ibn ‘Abbas RadiAllahu Anhu).13

Hadith 207: Whosoever protects a Muslim from the backbites of a hypocrite, then Allah will
send to him an Angel who will save him from the fires of the hell.” (Ahmad and Abu Da’ud
narrate from Mua’th Bin Anas RadiAllahu Anhu) 14

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Hadith 208: “I saw Ja’far Tayar RadiAllahu Anhu in a form of an Angel, flying in the gardens
of paradise. There was blood coming off from the front two wings. I also saw Zaid bin
Haritha but in a lower status than Ja’far. I did not know that his status will be lower than
Ja’far. Jibra’il said, ‘Indeed he, Zaid, was in the same rank but we elevated the rank of Ja’far
because of being one of your close relatives’.” (Ibn Sa’ad narrates from Muhammad Bin Amr
Bin Ali. This is a Mursal Hadith)15

Hadith 209: One of the al-Asharat al-Mubashsharah, Talha Bin ‘Ubaidullah RadiAllahu Anhu
states, “On the day of the battle of Uhud, I made the Prophet sit on a rock away from the
infidels. The Prophet pointed towards his back and said, “This is Jibra’il informing me
that if he finds you (Talha) in any distress on the Day of Judgement, he will come and relieve
you.” (Ibn ‘Asakir narrated from Talha RadiAllahu Anhu)16

Hadith 210: when the evildoer, Abu Lulu’u stabbed Sayyiduna Umar RadiAllahu Anhu and
he asked for some advice (as regards who will be the next in caliphate; ‘Uthman Ghani, Ali
Murtada, Talha, Zubair, Abdur Rahman Bin ‘Auf, Sa’ad Bin Abi Waqas RadiAllahu Anhum
Ajma’een). The ‘Mother of the believers’, Hafsa RadiAllahu Anha came to his presence and
said, “O my father! Some people are saying that these six people whom you have chosen are
not worthy of the caliphate.”
Umar RadiAllahu Anhu asked to be sat up. He then said, “What can you say about Ali? I
have heard the Prophet say, ‘O Ali! Bring your hand; verily you will be with me on the
Day of Judgement’.
“What can you say about ‘Uthman? I have heard the Prophet say, ‘When ‘Uthman will
die, the Angels of the heaven will perform his prayer’. I asked, ‘Is this virtue for all the
Muslims or is it specific for him alone?’ He replied, “It is only for ‘Uthman’.
“And what about Talha Bin ‘Ubaidullah! Once the saddle of the Prophet fell. The Prophet
said, ‘who is there who will pick up my saddle and enter Jannah (as a reward).’ Hearing
this, Talha went running and placed back the saddle. The Prophet got onto his animal and
said, ‘O Talha! Jibra’il is giving you Salaam (salutations) and is saying that he is going to be
with you on the Day of Judgement till he relieves you (from all troubles).’
“And about Zubair Bin ‘Awam! I once saw the Prophet lying and Zubair was swaying the
fan. When the Prophet woke up, he asked, “Have you been swaying the fan for all this
long?’ He replied, ‘May my parents be sacrificed for you. Yes.’ The Prophet then said, ‘Here
is Jibra’il saluting you and telling me that he will be with you on the Day of Judgement and
will be protecting your face from the flying coal of the hellfire.

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fourteen times and each time he used to say, ‘Strike with the arrows, may my parents be
sacrificed for you.’
“And about ‘Abdur Rahman Bin ‘Auf! I saw the Prophet at the house of his beloved
daughter, Fatima RadiAllahu Anha. Both of her sons (Imam Hasan and Imam Husain
RadiAllahu Anhuma) were crying due to the hunger. The Prophet asked, ‘who is there to
support us?’ at this point, Abdur Rahman Bin ‘Auf came with some food. The Prophet
said, May Allah fulfil all of your worldly affairs, and I am your responsible for your affairs of
the Hereafter.” (Narrated by Mu’adh al-Muthanna, Tabrani in his Awsat, Abu nu’aim in
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