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(aka Daves Funky Mojo) The first question everyone invariably asks, Whats it called? has been the most difficult part of communicating my healing art. It has been called many things throughout history...I will not attempt to list them all, but here are a few: Vibrational Healing, Polarity Therapy, Light Working, Laying on Hands, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, etc. So now you hopefully know what were talking about. Once you master this art, which should be in about fifteen minutes, please feel free to replace Daves in the subtitle with your name, as it will then be your Funky Mojo, and not mine. Everyone is familiar with the benefits of massage & being touched. Who has not been in pain, and rubbed the spot, and felt better? I remember my first time, in the 8th grade I had a splitting headache, rubbed my eyebrows, and miraculously, the headache was gone! Later in college, someone complained of a headache, and I just intuitively held their head, guided them through an impromptu visualization, and they were amazed - the headache vanished! There are many different traditions, methods, and approaches to this, the black sheep of medical science. Those that do not support it are usually particularly vehement in voicing their disapproval, and again, I will not attempt to list all the possible arguments. I am not advocating any particular style or tradition; Im merely relating my own experiences, hoping that it will help you find your own path, something that works for you. The title I have chosen is not random; rather I have tried to be as accurate and succinct as possible. What we are dealing with here can be called Etheric Energy, as in Maxwell and Faradays concept of a superfine fluid, which allows electromagnetic energy to cross a seemingly empty vacuum. This Ether concept has been dismissed (erroneously) by most modern scientists, but is making a comeback with the advent of quantum physics and the resurgence of ancient wisdom. It has been calculated that in a vacuum, there is an infinite amount of energy! A few notes on the nature of this Ether - It is similar to water in the sense that it is incompressible, and therefore has great pressure differentials. It can become polluted or pure, just like water. The eastern traditions call it prana or chi or ki, depending on how far east you go; In Western civilization (if we can truly call it that these days) the closest label we have is The Force. In addition to your physical body, which you can see, you have an Etheric body, which most people cannot see (at least I cant). This Etheric body can become damaged directly, or indirectly through damage to the physical body. It is possible for the physical body to heal the Etheric body, given the right energetic stimulus, thereby indirectly healing itself. We are simply providing assistance to this natural process, by encouraging the exchange of negative energy with positive (for lack of better words). What I have tried to outline here is a refinement of the process that we all do naturally, in a format that is sustainable, meaning the practitioner will not drain their own energy reserves, or risk disrupting someones energy field, doing more damage than good to either party. I would encourage everyone not to take these words as gospel, but rather integrate or discard them as they see fit - only You can ultimately decide what works best for You! Good luck, and May The Force Be With You!

I. BEFORE always ask permission. This is not just to maximize effectiveness. To do this practice on someone without their knowledge or consent could leave them feeling very spacey and weird with no explanation, and this anxiety can be worse than any healing. Also the person could wind up hurting themselves via accidents, etc. Do not pressure anyone into receiving it, and be especially aware of third parties, albeit well-meaning, coercing their friends into accepting something they are not quite ready for. Good questions to establish this, and to get the active participatory mind-set going are: Are you ready to let this ______ go? Have you had enough of this _____ etc.

II. DURING No Touching. Im not sure how important this rule really is, however I am moved to write it. Accidental brushing of the hands is ok; Im talking about having other body parts in contact, which might short circuit the energy, and create unintended feedback loops. Why no touching? Isnt touching nice? Well, yes, its a little too nice. While you may certainly obtain more dramatic results, it is much harder for the practitioner to protect themselves from external invading pernicious energies, and from becoming depleted. Feel free to do this at your own risk and benefit, however please know that this is not Daves Funky Mojo, as I feel that one can do no harm by manipulating this sea of energy that swims in us. III. AFTER Most importantly, remember to state, Your body knows how to heal itself. In this method, you are not giving of your own personal energy. While this is certainly possible, and undoubtedly effective, it can lead to healer burnout if the practitioner does not know how to recharge their batteries. Many people do this all the time without even realizing it. You also do not want to create dependence on the clients part. Rather, empower them, so you dont have addicts following you around (as ego-gratifying and potentially lucrative as that can be), especially because they are not letting go as is required in I & II. Also remember to turn off anything you invoked (more on that later), and have an attitude of gratitude towards the Universe, its Creative Intelligence, and your Client for this great opportunity. Now think of the time youll save, & how much of your life youll get back when you teach your Clients how to do this on their Selves, and Each Other? (Or are you just in it for the money...?)

I. BEFORE Fig. 1 shows how I get my hands ready. This is not really a requirement, and as you continue this practice with people you may notice your hands warming up or tingling for no apparent reason. Well, the reason is, there is someone present who needs help releasing and is ready for this healing process. Rub hands together in a circular motion, like you were making a small, say 1" diameter ball out of clay. But there is no ball. Contact is made in a circle surrounding the palm, on the pads at the base of the fingers and thumb, and the outer edges of the palm. For me, the contact is in a clockwise direction on the left hand, and counter-clockwise on the right. You may need to reverse this, if you are left-handed, cross dominant, or if you find that the rest of my method has to be reversed for you. (This will make more sense soon.) Whatever feels more natural is best. Of course, as comfortable as you and your client can be, relaxed, free from distractions, interruptions, etc. the better. This should be obvious. Describe as well as you can what you will be doing, and the visualization you will be sharing. This requires active participation on the part of the client. II. DURING As was alluded to in The Rules, this method has two phases: In its simplest terms, Out with the Bad, THEN In with the Good. (Most practitioners deal with only one or the other, however it should be plain as day why this is more effective.) In the first phase, stagnant energies are being removed and sucked into the Earth. If you are not outside, or in the ground floor of a building, make sure that there is no one living, or present in the floors below you, or in the basement. The negative energies may accumulate there. If you have to do it, you can usually find a window to send the energy out and down; just remember to psychically protect anyone that might get hit. In the second phase, fresh, vibrant, positive energy comes down from above - there are no such precautions involved with phase II -- anyone and everyone can share and benefit from it. In fact, I often extend this process to include as much of the Earth + Universe as is required for the highest good For me, the energy always flows from my left hand to my right hand, or rather, IN to the left, and OUT the right. Think about how you hand money to people, which is energy, and how you receive it :) Also the hand you do not write with is generally your receptive hand. In Phase 1, do not let the negative energies enter your body. Visualize a pipe or tube from your left hand to your right, protecting you from anything that you might absorb accidentally. Sometimes, as you get more advanced, you may find that something will not come out unless you agree to absorb it. I do not recommend you do this.

I hold my left hand 1 or 2 inches from the client (or myself), palm facing the problem area (usually above, facing down, though this can vary), and the right hand faces either palm down, or hangs relaxed with fingers pointing down. The fingers are usually touching, but not the thumb. So think Mittens instead of Gloves or Socks. Relax and let the energy flow. Its ok if some of your negative energy gets sucked out along with your clients, just dont let theirs affect you. [Personal note: I have always encountered serious tremors in my right hand, in both phase 1 and phase 2. I am not intentionally shaking my hand; if anything I am trying to keep it still. For me, these tremors let me know it the energy is flowing, and when they stop, I know its time to switch phases or end the session] You will probably develop your own indicators to tell whether or not the energy is flowing, how much, and when to switch/end. (For me it usually happens right after I start thinking Geez, come on, is this going to take all night?) The two phases can have vastly different durations, or not. Since it is important to have a balance of exchange, it is vital to know what the minimum amount of time you have. I suggest 15 minutes as minimum to be thorough, however several small 2phase sessions, separated by enough time, will be vastly better than one large, thorough 2-phase session, whereas performing phase 1 without phase 2 will not necessarily be detrimental on its own, however the Client is now open to pick up whatever energy is available, for better or worse. So once you have a minimum time established, when you reach the halfway mark, switch to phase 2 rather than risk not being able to complete both phases before an interruption. Hopefully you have been allowed enough time to feel phase 1 has been completed, then withdraw your hands, and shake out the excess energy. You can warm up with the imaginary clay ball again if it helps you. Phase 2: In with the Good. The energy still flows from left to right, however, this time the left palm faces skyward, and you right palm replaces your left, a few inches from your clients work zone. Ideally, the left hand would be raised, palm up, over your crown chakra, however any comfortable position is fine, as long as your receptive palm is up. If you feel stiff or sore, feel free to adjust and get more comfortable. Palm up in front of you is fine, anywhere on your centerline seems to work best. The important thing is seeing with your minds eye the positive, white prana spiraling down into your left hand, going through your body, and out your right palm, Again, during phase 2, feel free to partake of the positive energy, which can be shared with anyone and everyone present, with or without their knowledge or consent. Personally, I go until my tremors in my right hand cease. AFTER - Remember to say Your body know how to heal itself. It bears repeating...

THE SECRETS (are not obvious and well hidden)

It doesnt take two to tango - you can do this on yourself. Just make sure you have your own permission. Seriously. One has to let go in many ways. Why ask permission? Because its polite. If you really want to help someone without running the risk of hurting them, always make sure its ok with them first, whatever youre doing, and especially with this. It doesnt matter where your working hand (left in phase 1, right in phase 2) is located. Our bodies will transfer energy and utilize resources as they see fit. And the energy will first go to where we direct it with our minds, and from there to where it is most needed. So dont worry about trying to diagnose, predict, or analyze anything. Let your Client have complete control over the location of their work zone, and you take charge of finding the proper locations within that prescribed work zone -- Minor adjustments will often have more significant results than major ones. Often something else will clear up before the real reason for the healing does. For maximum results, dont try to forcibly do anything. Get your Self out of the way and let the energy flow through YOU. If you get egotistical thinking its your own energy, (which ultimately it will have to be, once you start believing your own BS), youll burnout until you remember to use the True Source, which cannot be exhausted, merely transmuted. After this process becomes second nature, you may find that simply holding the hand positions is enough, whether you let your mind wander or not. Here are some little extras that can add effectiveness, and keep you focused: Sometimes I like to finish with regular Reiki. Think mittens, and join your hands together at the base and first knuckle of your thumbs, palms out over the clients work area. Healing energy will flow through you from the Universe, to where it is needed the most. Stroking the clients aura, head to toe, can heal rips and fractures in their magnetoelectric field. Think or say aloud, I invoke the purple ray (aka the Violet Flame) and see a huge amethyst laser beam shooting out of the ground, enveloping you and your client. This purple ray has the ability to burn the negative energy to a crisp, which is easier to wash away than sticky, chocolate tar; then think White prana coming down this white, creamy liquid washes away the burned up crispy junk. This process can be ongoing, during both phases, or either/or. IMPORTANT: REMEMBER TO TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU ARE DONE - Lets save some for everyone