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We Are Pleased to Present:
The Official Awards Nominations for ITVfest 2012
ITVfest/International Television Festival is proud to present our Official list of Awards Nominations for ITVfest 2012. This year’s events & festivities will be held in Downtown LA at the LA Convention Center, from July 5-8, and will be hosted alongside our new sister program, PopConLA! For ticketing, events & screening schedules, see more here - and -

Best ACTION/THRILLER Berenice [Tales of Edgar Allan Poe] Chord Feeding Randy Glow One Sharp Girl The Adventures of Loop & Rhett The Comet Chronicles Best ANIMATION Cankered & Cursed Han Solo Adventures Pound Dogs Shara'k Supa Pirate Booty Hunt Will & Kate Plus 8

Best COMEDY Change of Plans Fetching Jacko’s Wild Ride The Girl Who Couldn’t Come The Golden Age The Maybelline Girls WTFU Best DOCUMENTARY My Future Baby Subway Baby Winter Witness My Journey Best DRAMA

Belles of Evil Breaking Point Cherry Waves Clutch DeVanity Good People in Love Imprisoned The Historian Paradox The Woodshed
Underwater Best MUSIC VIDEO Clark Kent Fantasy Fizzy Lettuce Funhouse Give Up Glitch Bitch Grap Hold Tight What Dreams May Come Best REALITY Jersey Ice SFN: Science Fiction News The Cher Rue Show

Best SPEC COMMERCIAL Ali Cadillac - The Leader Canine Uprising Cupcake Commercial Doritos Commercial – [Courtney Zito] LZR Newly Weds --Best ACTOR in an ACTION/THRILLER Faron Salisbury - Berenice Julian Bailey – Feeding Randy Terry Hempleman - Feeding Randy Brian Palermo - One Sharp Girl Michael Tushaus - The Adventures of Loop & Rhett Best ACTRESS in an ACTION/THRILLER Lauren Nicole Paige - Berenice Maria Greunding - Chord Elaine Loh – One Sharp Girl Teal Sherer - One Sharp Girl Brittany Christine – The Comet Chronicles Best ACTOR in a COMEDY Gene Gallerano – Change of Plans Todd McCullough – Headshots Tom Konkle – Jacko’s Wild Ride Peter Pasco - Jacko’s Wild Ride Luke Spinelli – Leader of the Pack Jeremy Konner – The Golden Age Dan Brennan - WTFU Best ACTRESS in a COMEDY Collette Wolfe – Fetching Angela Landis – Jacko’s Wild Ride Busy Phillips – Jason Nash is Married Lauren Potter – Leader of the Pack Gena Shaw – Lesbian Cops Allison Lane – WTFU Best ACTOR in a DRAMA Stephen White – Blood on Canvas Bob Rumnick - Books George Jonson – Cherry Waves Nasser Metcalfe – Disciplinary Action Selwyn Ward – The Historian Paradox Hunter Burke – The Woodshed Michael Traynor - Underwater

Best ACTRESS in a DRAMA Annunziata Gianzero – Battery Park Ali Bayless – Belles of Evil Kristen Doute – Blood on Canvas Crystal Coney – Breaking Point Claudia Perea – Breaking Point Tracey Heggins – Cherry Waves Alexis Zibolis – DeVanity Robin Riker – DeVanity Rachel Nichols - Underwater Best DIRECTOR Michael Stern – Berenice Gerard Pizarro – Blood on Canvas Caryn Hayes – Breaking Point Kellley Portier – DeVanity Travis Anderson & Paul Danhauser – Feeding Randy Tina Cesa Ward – Good People in Love Brusta Brown – Natural 20 Kd Amond – The Woodshed Allison Lane – WTFU Best WRITER Casey Geisen & Jamie M. Fox – Be Forever Now Chezza Zoeller & Karl Burkhart – Belles of Evil I.J. Benneyworth – Berenice Yasmin Schryer – Imprisoned Benjamin Hjelm – The Golden Age Deon Hayman – The Historian Paradox Michael Toscano – The Louder The Better Kd Amond – The Woodshed Nathan Marshall & Michael Traynor – Underwater Allison Lane– WTFU

--Thank you again to all, for the incredible bodies of work submitted for consideration at ITVfest 2012!