Arvind was a little boy who lived on farms with his parents and cousins. There was a big tree in front of his large house. One day he climbed the branch and sat there. For a long while he sat there and heard strange voices.He observed it for many days and at last decided to find it out. The next morning he climbed the tree till the top and to his surprise there was a magic land. It was so beautiful, with kids laughing and playing with toys. He talked to the queen fairy and asked that can he come to the magic land. The fairy said "yes,you can be our new friend." Then the kids came and played with him. After some time he went back to his place. Many days passed, and he continued to go to the magic land. But one day when he woke up, his father said that he was selling the farm because of crops failure. Arvind was very upset, he would miss the magic land. He quickly climbed the tree and said the queen fairy about this problem. The fairy said she would keep a pot of gold coins near the tree everyday.

Arvind was very happy, ran back to his house. The fairy kept a pot of gold coins near the tree. Arvind's father saw it and took it home, all were surprised except Arvind. This happened for many days and his father decided not to sell the house. The gold were there ever after and Arvind's visit to the magic land continued and they all were happy.

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