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Growing up in a dynamic church I was blessed to experience the beauty of being a part of a Christian community. I was able to learn about the life changing love of Jesus Christ and I had a great opportunity to experience worship, discipleship & meaningful relationships. It was also life changing to know that as I served in church I was playing a part in God’s mission here on earth. It was in high school that God gripped my heart with a passion for the church and a calling to ministry. Since then I’ve been on mission with God in various ways: volunteer leadership in youth ministry, community youth work in Northern Ireland with Youth For Christ and most recently as the pastor of the Pearl Church in Taipei, Taiwan. These experiences have molded me over time. They’ve provided

Taiwan has been an awesome experience for the McKenzie family. We are now embarking on a new adventure back in Canada.

Chris, Nevada, Gemma (5yrs) & Guinness (3yrs)

From Taipei, Taiwan to Langley, BC...A New Adventure Begins
me with an opportunity to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve also been able to learn more about what it takes to lead people and lead in church. With that said, there is still so much I need to learn. That’s why it’s time for the McKenzies to make a change. Our time in Taiwan has been absolutely amazing. It’s been a time of growth, a time of great milestones and a time of challenges. The Pearl will always hold a special place in my heart. In early 2012, I began looking into study related opportunities in Canada. The goal was to find something that would give me a chance to do some seminary study as well as keep me engaged in church ministry. Through some divine connections made through the recommendation of some friends I found an amazing program with an organization called Fellowship Pacific. They invited me to join their churchbased training program as a church planter. This program will allow me to help with a brand new church plant in Langley, BC (a suburb of Vancouver) while working my way through their special seminary program. I believe this opportunity has been arranged by God and our family is excited to embark on a new adventure. We hope that you will join with us.

Leaving Taiwan Vacation in Saskatoon Move to Langley Begin the program

June 29 July/Aug Late Aug Sept

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver is recognized internationally as one of the most desirable places to live.  With its large immigrant population (over 50%) Vancouver has become a gateway city to the Pacific Rim.  The world-wide influence will continue as the city is projected to grow by 1.2 million people over the next thirty years with much of the growth coming from South Asian countries. Planting churches, reaching people for Christ and developing leaders in Vancouver will affect many nations for Christ.

Prayer Points:
Join us in the experience by lifting us up in prayer!
1. Adjustment period for our family We are leaving behind friends, jobs and a country we have fallen in love with. It will be a tough time of cultural transition for our family, especially our kids who have never lived in Canada. Pray that we will be able to embrace our new lives and that our new home will embrace us. 2. New Relationships We are entering a new community where we know no one. So pray that we will connect with some people in our neighborhood and find a faith community to do life with. Also, pray for the connection with my new ministry partners, Colin & Lindsay. We’ve only met online through Skype & email so pray that we will hit it off in person. 3. Ministry Opportunities The church plant we will be involved with is starting at square one. Much of the initial plant stage will be about creating relationships with our neighbors and instilling a love for the gospel & a desire to do life in community within the context of the church. Join us in praying that Jesus would take hold of the city of Langley and use us to do his great work. 4. Financial challenges Canada, and the Vancouver area specifically, is an expensive place to live. Pray that God’s provision will sustain us as the program we are entering does not come with a salary like that of a job. We are placing our finances in the hands of God and his church. We want to be able to focus on ministry & learning and not on the pressures of financial burden. We also hope to provide our children with a decent life that will not reflect the financial challenge facing parents in ministry.

Who I’ll Be Working With & What I’ll Be Doing

Colin van der Kurr Director of Church Reproduction Fellowship Pacific

Lindsay Anderson Church Plant Pastor My partner, advisor & mentor

We are a growing group of over 100 churches who have partnered together to achieve an unforgettable God-honouring impact within our communities and beyond. We are sold out to three main strategic areas:  church planting, church health and leadership development.  Our movement has a track record of innovation and kingdom impact which includes:  Northwest Baptist Seminary  and community impact ministries which provide housing for seniors, housing for abused women, summer camps, and housing for refugees.

Church Based Training Program
In our commitment to plant churches, Fellowship Pacific is launching a brand new educational initiative that is a pathway for producing church planters and starting a church planting movement in Vancouver.  The uniqueness of this program includes: - only people with the calling and gifts to be a planter are invited to participate - each student learns in a multi-disciplinary environment to develop ministry skills, theological understanding and proven character - learning is tested through a mastery model, where knowledge is applied in church planting teams and hands-on ministry - each student joins a church planting team and joins a cohort of planters - each student is coached through the process of building his own team, developing church planting strategy and successfully launching a church plant and a successful church plant is a requirement for graduation

How can you be involved?
This program represents an amazing opportunity for the McKenzie family but more importantly it represents a movement of gospel impact in BC that will resonate around the world, especially with it’s Asian connections. We are jumping in as a giant step of faith. One of the greatest challenges we will face is the financial reality of living in Canada. The program takes care of the academic costs and provides some basic financial assistance but in order to make it through the process it will take some outside support. I’m reaching out to you my friends, family and members of my spiritual family. Do you have a desire to see the name of Jesus made famous in this world? Do you desire to see new communities of faith planted that will foster relationships and provide a place for worship, discipleship and service to the broken world around us? Do you believe in me and want to see me learn & grow in my leadership? If so then I ask you to think about joining the McKenzies in this exciting opportunity through your prayer and financial support. The goal is to have a committed group of people come around us for 2-3 years.

We’d like to secure commitments for $2000-2500 CAD/month. This is a big ask but for big things to happen big risks must be taken. We believe God will provide for our needs. The following is a word from FEB Pacific regarding the opportunity to join in financial partnership during this program: Fellowship Pacific has a proven track record to respond to a culture in need of the gospel.  Vancouver is a strategic city and church based training is a highly ambitious process to equip successful leaders to plant churches, reach people for Christ and disciple nations.  We believe that investing in this process is an investment in the start of a church planting movement that will have global influence. To support the training of Chris McKenzie go to and click on the link donate now.  You will be directed to a page where you can sign up to directly partner with Chris through his training and ministry through monthly support.  Options include direct debit, credit card payment and paypal donations.  For further information you can contact the director of church reproduction for the Fellowship Pacific, Dr. Colin van der Kuur.

A mountain view from Langley, BC

on mission... contact us
When Jesus proclaimed, "As the father has sent me, so send I you" (John 20:21), he declared that we are participants in his mission.  Our call is not to go do what Jesus did -- died on the cross, for our sins, and in our place.  But, our call is to do what Jesus said -- he told us to live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment -- to share and show the love of Jesus.  So, the church joins Jesus in his mission. --Ed Stetzer Keep in touch by email:

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