GREGORIO Y. ZARA, D. SC. PHYSICS The inventor of the two-way television telephone.

Aside from inventing the video-phone, he also invented the electrical kinetic resistance known as the Zara effect. He also invented an airplane engine which used alcohol as fuel. It was first flown at the Manila International Airport on September 30, 1954 TEODORO AGONCILLO, LITT.D. He wrote numerous books and papers on Philippine History. Some of his famous works are Ang Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas; The Revolt of the Masses; The Story of Bonifacio and the Katipunan; Malolos, The Crisis of the Republic; Philippine History (adopted as official textbook in Philippine History); and the History of the Filipino People. He was given the title University Professor, the highest appointment in all universities. JULIAN A. BANZON, PH. D. BIOPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY This scientist is known for his ingenuity and creativeness. He uses local materials in almost all his researches. His works include studies on coconut and sugarcane. According to him, coconut can be a renewable source of chemicals and fuels. He also discovered that ethyl esters can be taken from sugarcane. GEMINIANO T. DE OCAMPO, M. D. OPTHALMOLOGY The most notable opthalmologist in the country, Dr. de Ocampo Ocampo introduced corneal transplantation in the Philippines and designed a corneal dissector. Aside from these achievements, he also established the De Ocampo Eye Hospital, the first eye hospital in the country. FE DEL MUNDO, M. D., M. A. PEDIATRICS She was the epitome of a mother in all her works. Dr. del Mundo gave her all for the cause of pediatrics in the country. Her love for pediatrics drove her to work in rural areas, where she inspired hospitals and health practitioners to put up various pediatric institutions.

she has extracted 33 essential oils and analyzed their properties. . isolation.D.CASIMIRO DEL ROSARIO. but was frustrated by what he labeled as "too much government intervention in private enterprise.He led the development. He devoted half his life to the prevention of diseases in the country. He organized the Institute of Public Health at the University of the Philippines.D. PH.. and dries quickly on paper. Quisumbing is a Filipino chemist who graduated from the University of Chicago as an American-sponsored pensionado. but remains liquid inside the pen. Dr. he tried to organize the Philippine Ink Corporation under the Japanese Reparations Program. Escuro is the recepient of many awards. some of which includes the Presidential awards.D. and release of nine Seed Board rice varieties.H. HILARIO D. PH. D. GENETICS AND PLANT BREEDING Dr. FRANCISCO QUISUMBING Inventor of the Quink trademark ink.D. M. Dr. PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY She worked on essential oils and extracts from Philippine plants. An expert in herbal medication. After WW II. It cleans the pen as it writes." Quink stands for Quisumbing Ink. LARA. Escuro made waves by developing rice breeding in the country. del Rosario. and also helped put up the National Research Council of the Philippines.P.The results of her studies have become new flavors and medicines. also headed the Philippine Weather Bureau for 11 years and was vice-chair for the National Science Development Board. aside from researching and experimenting. G. DR. PEDRO ESCURO. PH. He was awarded the Presidential Award in 1965 for his oustanding works in physics. Presidential Plaque of Merit for outstanding accomplishments in rice improvement (1967) and the Rizal Pro Patria award. LUZ OLIVEROS-BELARDO. which is used in Parker Pens. meteorology and astronomy. PHYSICS He became famous because of his works on soft x-rays.

D. In his bid to stop leprosy. the UP Endowment Professorial Chair in chemistry from 1974-1977. LIM-SYLIANCO.D. and environmental conservation. Among her achievements are the Gregorio Y. She also authored textbooks that are still used in schools today. CLARA Y. antimutagens. PARASITOLOGY She discovered new species of Philippine Food species. M. DR. RODRIGUEZ. is included in the American Men and Women of Science. D. because of her numerous discoveries. DIOSCORO L. VELASQUEZ. he proposed a control program that was used here and in other Asian countries. as well. Velasquez. LEPROLOGY He aimed to control leprosy in the Philippines. Dr. Zara award in 1979.PH. GENETICS AND PLANY BREEDING The UP College of Agriculture became a premier institution of higher learning in Asia because of this man's quest for excellence. . among others. Dr. UMALI. PH. Rodriguez dedicated 53 years of his life to the control and prevention of leprosy in the country. BIOCHEMISTRY AND ORGANIC CHEMISTRY The filipino Scientist who worked on mutagens. social forestry. His researches made programs of rainfed and upland agriculture. birds and mammals. International Who's Who of Intellectuals and World Who's Who of Women and International Scholars Directory. PH. CARMEN C. D. and was Fellow of the Royal Society in 1958.JOSE N. and bioorganic mechanisms.

Despite using home-made materials. San Juan is a NASA engineer who designed the moon buggy which the Apollo astronauts used on the moon. Mapua! . not Massachussetts. He graduated from MIT. his model which was chosen over other hi-tech designs. No.EDUARDO SAN JUAN E.

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