Pangasinan: Do-It-Yourself Itinerary Travel Guide

Pangasinan! Well known for their Bangus and the Hundred Island National Park. With awesome golden sand beaches that will take your breath away, this province is the perfect destination for those looking for a cheaper alternative near Metro Manila. Little do people know that hundred islands mean countless of white and golden beaches can be found.

Me and my travel buddies explored Dagupan, Lingayen, Calasiao, Alaminos, and Bolinao to find out what else can be seen and below are some of the highlights of my experience there. Based on the map, there are still so many places to explore and more secrets to be unraveled. Meanwhile, let’s stick to the popular ones first.

The best way to reach Pangasinan is by bus, the popular one being Victory Liner which offers direct routes to Bolinao from its Cubao station for P432. If you’re going to Dagupan or Alaminos, they have more regular trips that leaves every hour. As an alternative, you can also take Dagupan Bus or Five Star Bus lines.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were a lot of tourist spots, other than the Hundred Islands, to see in Pangasinan. Both natural and man-made attractions were a delight to see and going there for a weekend is definitely not enough to experience all of it. Click on the photos to read more about them!

Hundred Islands National Park

K ayaking at Quezon Island

Lingayen Municipal

C alasiao Church

Bolinao Falls

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Patar Beach

P atar Rock Formations

Picking a place to stay for a vacation is as important as the vacation itself. Whether you pick a budget-friendly inn or a resort that prioritizes comfort and relaxation, picking the right one that would fit your itinerary is . Here are some of the resorts/hotels that we stayed in while in Pangasinan.

Puerto del Sol, Bolinao

Islandia Hotel, Alaminos


Pangasinan does not disappoint! Plato Wraps Pigar Pigar PERSONAL EXPERIENCES Travelling offers the best possible way to find yourself. Bolinao Sunset My Happy Feet SUGGESTED 3D/2N ITINERARY FOR PANGASINAN If you’re planning to visit Pangasinan. I would suggested going straight to Bolinao then making your way to Dagupan or Alaminos for the Hundred Islands tour. From puto to seafood to bamboo-cooked rice.A trip is never complete without trying the local delicacy of a particular place. When you’re away from your comfort zone. . you may discover new things that can define who you are.

Bangus Festival. their month-long annual festivity that celebrates Dagupan’s bangus. It gets pretty hot during the day.WHAT ELSE TO DO AND SEE IN PANGASINAN In my next trip back to Pangasinan. Enchanted Cave. happens during April 3. Bring an umbrella or a quick-dry towel to prevent excessive sweating . Lingayen Gulf 5. Cindy’s Cave OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT PANGASINAN 1. Travel time from Manila to Dagupan is usually 5 to 6 hours 2. Pedritos Bakeshop & Restaurant 3. it is also recommended that you try local flavor like the Calasiao Puto and Longganisa Alaminos 4. Dawel River Cruise 6. I’ll make sure to visit the following places: 1. Aside from bangus. Calasiao Puto 4. Wonderful Cave. Experience Bangus Festival 2.

and Children Island. it is not as beautiful as the pictures they presented on the internet. For a trivia. is actually comprised of 124 islands and islets at low tide and 123 at high tide and are scattered along Lingayen Gulf. we decided to travel around Pangasinan instead. Among these islands. travel time is around 5-6 hours to reach the place. Pangasinan. but since they will be driving all the way from Baguio. Alaminos by Mich Guevara As early as January. We were disappointed to see the place. Quezon Island. There are a lot of beach choices from North to South of Luzon.April 8. we are off to Alaminos City where the Hundred Islands National Park is situated. only three are developed and commercialized for tourist attractions – Governor Island. 2008 Hundred Islands. Nothing is special about the beach of San Fabian. If you are coming from Manila. according to sources. have to be honest. Sorry. Hundred Islands. The next day. my sisters in law and I have already been planning for our family summer outing for this year. We arrived noon time and stayed for one night. . We first tried Sierra Vista in San Fabian.

we should have stayed in Alaminos and saved a lot of money that time. . Some of these lodges’ contact information is not available on the internet. That’s also the reason why we stayed first in San Fabian and decided to day tour Hundred Islands. If we only have this information at hand.We were actually surprised that there are many lodges surrounding the sea.

Romulo Island. still managed to show off the rest of the islands. there are already available free cottages for relaxation and picnic purposes.000-2. not all islands were given names. our boatman. Options are P2. One attraction of this island is the View Deck where you have to trek all the way to the top. they have Quinco Island. Picturesque sight is waiting for you up there. we negotiate with one of the boats docked near Lucap Pier. While we are sailing. but once you reach the peak. Abad Santos Island. Scout Island. Kim Chui and Gerald Anderson stayed during their last few days as Big Four. To name a few. Additional attraction of Governor’s Island is the Pinoy Big Brother House.500/boat if you only wish to visit the three developed islands. We reached our destination early lunchtime so we decided to eat first while we also secure our entrance tickets of P20 each from the Hundred Island National Park Center. The experience was very tiring. who also happened to be our tour guide. Hernandez Island. etc. Devil’s Island. and P1. Governor’s Island is where we first stop.When we get to the National Park. Clave Island. Monkey Island. Sulpot Island. This is where the PBB Teen Edition housemates. After which.500/boat (depends on number of passenger) if you want to see all 100+ islands. Cathedral Island. According to him. . it’s all worth the exhaustion. We chose the latter since it’s already afternoon (boat must be back by 5pm) and we have kids on board.

We stayed longer in Governor’s and Quezon Islands as our companion kids really enjoyed swimming in the clear water and fine sand. Named after Manuel L. we decided to skip the Children’s Island. Quezon.Our next island destination is Quezon Island. the island is very crowded and the water is quite unclear. the island is the largest and has a long bridge and nice view decks. . Our boatman showed it to us from afar. According to him. It’s getting late and to avoid encountering big waves.

Alaminos For more information. there are available shower rooms where you have to pay P10. Lucap. First of all. hats. Hundred Islands is in Brgy. The shower experience is very uncomfortable for us. On a lighter note. magnets. we already reached the port. Phils. I don’t know. Pangasinan. shirts. I . Alaminos-Bolinao Pangasinan Weekend Getaway Itinerary Years ago. If you have been swimming in the islands or get wet and want to change and freshen up. log on to http://hundredislands. The bathrooms are not well-maintained and there is not enough water in the shower. maybe it’s just too crowded on the day we were City. travelers within Luzon would rather go on a roadtrip to nearby provinces where they can get access to the beach and beautiful sceneries. it is cheaper and more practical. lots of memento items (from key chains. and native products) are available from the souvenir stalls near the wharf.By 5:45 pm.

In late 2010. Let me share our simple itinerary for the Alaminos – Bolinao trip: ALAMINOS (SATURDAY) Islandia Hotel in Alaminos City 7AM – Arrival to Alaminos Half of the group took a van from Dagupan to Alaminos (1hr) while those who need to attend work on Friday left Manila at around 1AM or later. More than half of the group had regular jobs then so we really need to squeeze everything for the weekend.also think that the tourism industry in Northern Luzon was more in demand compared to now. I do believe that the towns of ALAMINOS and BOLINAO tops the list. people would rather fly than drive. while we were blessed to spend a happy Sunday in Bolinao. Not sure LOL. . ^play the video for inspiration ^ I am from Pangasinan and I can say that my beloved province has a number of tourist attractions. Our Saturday is devoted for Alaminos. Although some are not yet highly-promoted. With the constant promo fares and discounted deals. I together with nine other travel blogger friends embarked on a weekend trip to West Pangasinan.

Hehe. Some ordered the Boneless Bangus. Lucap. the tourism officer of Alaminos City whom we contacted prior to the trip. Rey Livara. Even the room names are influenced by the participating countries! 10AM – En Route to Hundred Islands Nature Park The group was divided to three groups for a 20-minute tricycle ride to Brgy. it is a must that we try the Alaminos Longganisa. We were also given a short tour around the hotel. It is fun to eat breakfast with a big group who are torn between eating and watching TV. . 8AM – Breakfast Alaminos Longganisa for Breakfast Since we’re in Alaminos. He is one friendly guy with good sense of humor. he saw him helping out his staff for the Christmas decoration. That time. We were given two rooms (for the boys and girls) and rested for a while. we stayed in Islandia Hotel. Earth candidates are all over the place. where the Hundred Islands Nature Park is located. Photos of Ms. We met up with Mr.7:30AM – Hotel Check-in For our Alaminos leg.

. the most populated Island hehe. Shell Island (my favorite) and Quezon Island. but you cannot really stay in all of these islands. We ate our late lunch there and at the same time had an on-the-spot Kayaking lessons. We managed to visit the following: Governor’s Island (where the view deck and the PBB House is located). Virgin Island (you need to do a walkathon to reach this one).We bought packed lunch before we proceeded with the tour. There are hundred of islands seen.

right? hehe) our way to the Imelda Cave. . we were then divided into four and we kayak-ed (is there such term? but you get my point. We also went to the spot where the giant clams are located.So after the sudden Kayaking lessons. where we did some snorkeling and some even jumped to take a splunge. Too bad we didn’t bring our cameras with us.

We went back to Quezon Island at 5:15PM. Lucap. we went back to our boat for a trip back to Brgy. 7PM – Back to the Hotel . just in time for sunset! After a series of photo-ops.Change clothes and freshen up! 8PM – Dinner at Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant .

It’s nice to know that in Alaminos. Too Tired! BOLINAO (SUNDAY) 6:30 AM – Wake up! Wake up! 7:15 AM. we enjoyed the scenery! 8AM – Assembly at St. James Catholic Church .We took a mini-bus to Bolinao.Bus to Bolinao . 9PM – Back to Islandia Hotel Tired from the physical activities.We’re all happy to be invited by Island Tropic Hotel & Restaurant! They prepared some meals for us and my favorite is the Squid Mr. For almost 45 minutes. majority went straight to their beds and slept in a snap. travel agencies etc help each other in terms of promoting the tourism sector.. restaurants. almost all hotels. Rey Livara also shared more details about Alaminos City and how they’re planning to attract more tourists to go visit.

A visit to one of the oldest church in the Philippines 8:30 AM.Breakfast ..

Loved the Lomi in Adora’s! We also bought Binunguey for dessert and baon.. 9:30 AM – To Bolinao Falls .Went to Bolinao Public Market and ate our late breakfast there.

Enchanted with the beauty of Bolinao Falls! 11:00 AM – To Puerto del Sol ..Puerto del Sol is the most popular resort in Bolinao and to be honest. . I consider it as one of the best resorts I’ve been to here in the Philippines.

12PM Lunch and Resort Tour . 2:30PM – Tour to Bolinao’s Tourist Spots .We ate our lunch at La Playa and did a little tour around the resort.

Bolinao Lighthouse .

Thanks to La Playa for allowing us to have an outdoor dinner! Aside from the romantic feel (kadate mo siyam na tao LOL).Since most of us wanted to swim some more.Back to Puerto del Sol . it is also a perfect way to celebrate Josh’s 23rd birthday! 9PM – Cocktails and Jacuzzi Cocktails by the pool and jacuzzi bonding moment after. we decided to jump to the pool and have more fun! From jokes to intimate talks that was cut short when they mentioned that dinner is ready! 7:30PM – Dinner .Rock Formations 1 Patar Beach There are more places to go to in Bolinao and I will update this part later 6PM. Love it! .

Bound to Manila . Calasiao and Lingayen Day 2: Alaminos City Day 3: Bolinao So there you have it! If you want to take a roadtrip. you can also do a Dagupan-Calasiao-Lingayen tour.1AM. Check the following posts for more information. OPTIONAL: If you’re free on Friday or Monday. please consider PANGASINAN! Have Fun in FUNgasinan! Summary .Those who didn’t file their leave at work needed to go back to Manila via Victory Liner Bolinao that drops passengers at Dau. Day 1: Dagupan. Cubao and Pasay.

Entrance Fee w/ swimming P70/pax. Pangasinan. Entrance Fee P50/pax 0110 PM ETD to Bolinao Lighthouse 0125 PM ETA Bolinao Lighthouse 0200 PM ETD to Abrac Beach or your desired Kubo Lodging in Patar ETA to Abrac Beach or lodging.including transportation. Entrance Fee P40/pax 1150 AM Early Lunch at Wonderful Cave. P800/tryc. Entrance Fee P10/pax 0945 AM ETD to Enchanted Cave 1025 AM ETA Enchanted Cave. Check-in – P1. ETD to UP Marine Institute 0800 AM ETA UP Marine Institute. Bolinao Activities: Tricycle Tour and Beach Walk at Patar. Walk to Adora’s Restaurant. Bolinao. Time for sunset watching! 0600 PM Freshen up.No. entrance fees & tours Duration: 2 days – 1 night Estimated Start: Day 0 – 11:00 PM Assembly at Five Star Pasay Estimated End: Day 2 – 12:00 MN at Victory Liner Cubao Lodging: Kubo at Abrac Beach. Buy tickets 1200 MN ETD to Bolinao. P10/pax shower 0630 PM Walk to La Parola Restaurant.000/kubo during off-peak. Parking Fee P15/tricycle 1100 AM ETD to Wondeful Cave 1110 AM ETA Wonderful Cave. of Pax: 4 pax Budget: P2. 4pax/tricycle 0745 AM Start of tricycle tour. Ask directions from locals 0610 AM Breakfast at Adora’s Restaurant 0700 AM Walk to Market to buy packed lunch and ingredients for breakfast the next day Hire a tricycle to tour you around Bolinao and for you to be picked up at Patar Beach 0730 AM tomorrow in the morning. Island Hopping in Hundred Islands National Park Suggested Itinerary Day 0 1100 PM Assembly at Five Star Pasay. You can rest in between 0420 PM Arrival at the end of Abrac Beach 0430 PM Walk back to your lodging 0530 PM Arrival back at lodging. P442/pax Day 1 0600 AM Arrival at Bolinao. Settle down and rest! Don’t forget to remind your tricycle driver to pick you up the next day around 8AM Walk by the beach up to the end of Abrac Beach. Pangasinan. can fit up to 4 0210 PM pax. Bring flashlight as the road in front of the restaurant is . Don’t forget to bring snacks. water and 0330 PM something to cover you from the heat of the sun. Patar. Packed Lunch 1230 PM ETD to Cindy’s Cave 1240 PM ETA Cindy’s Cave. lodging. Don’t go in yet.700 .

quite dark. Ride tricycle to Lucap Wharf – P50/tricycle. Walk to the wharf and ask for a Service Boat to tour you around the Hundred Islands 1200 NN National Park.00 Mini Bus from Bolinao to Alaminos P12.50 Tricycle from Lucap Wharf to Alaminos Market. P10/pax . Pangasinan P45. P10/pax 0625 PM ETA Alaminos Victory Liner Station. P50/tricycle P12. P50/tricycle 0530 PM ETA Alaminos Market. Alaminos Longganisa! 0615 PM Ride tricycle to Alaminos Victory Liner Station.50 Tricycle from Alaminos Town Proper to Lucap Wharf. Walk around the church 0920 AM Walk to Mini Bus station going to Alaminos/Dagupan 0930 AM ETD to Alaminos. Cook breakfast 0700 AM Breakfast!!!! Ride hired tricycle. Buy Pasalubongs. Take a shower at the paid CR. Pangasinan. Say that you want to be dropped off at Bolinao Church (St. Buy ticket for 7PM bus (last trip) 0700 PM ETD to Cubao/Pasay. Day 2 0600 AM Wake-up. 0640 PM Dinner at La Parola Restaurant 0740 PM Walk back to lodging.00 Five Star Bus from Pasay to Bolinao. Register and pay the day trip 1055 AM entrance fee of P20/pax.00 Tricycle from Alaminos Market to Victory Liner Station. P10/pax for the shower 0500 PM Halo-halo at Lucap Wharf 0515 PM Take a tricycle to Alaminos Market. 4 pax/tricycle Arrival at Hundred Islands Tourist Welcome Center. Fill-up the Passenger Manifest Go to the food stalls near the Tourist Welcome Center for LUNCH!!!! Buy also some 1110 AM water and food for your island hopping trip. Mini bus fare is P45/pax 1040 AM ETA Alaminos Town Proper. P50/tricycle P10. 0750 PM Back at lodging. James the 0800 AM Great Parish) 0850 AM ETA Bolinao Church. P1. P370/pax 1200 MN ETA Cubao * ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival * ETD – Estimated Time of Departure Budget for 4 pax Transportation P442.400/service boat for 1-5 pax to be paid at the end of the tour 1230 PM Start of Island Hopping!!! Get ready to get wet! 0430 PM End of Island Hopping. Don’t forget to bring a stick for the dogs.

00 Water and Snacks for the tricycle tour in Bolinao P80. P15/tricycle P40. Patar in Bolinao.00 Kubo Lodging at Abrac Beach.75 Total Entrance Fees and Tours Miscellaneous P10. P5/pax P5.00 Day Trip Entrance Fee at Hundred Islands National Park Service Boat for Island Hopping in Hundred Islands National Park.P370.000/kubo during off-peak P250.00 Day 1 Shower. 4 pax/tricycle P10.00 Lunch Day 2 at Lucap Wharf P80. P800/tricycle.00 Entrance Fee at Wonderful Cave P50. Pangasinan to Cubao. Patar.00 Packed Lunch Day 1 P80. Quezon City P892.00 Total Food Entrance Fees and Tours P200. Freshen Up at Abrac Beach.00 Water and Snacks for walking at Abrac Beach P80.00 Breakfast Day 1 at Adora’s Restaurant in Bolinao Town Proper P80. Before leaving Abrac Beach.00 Total Lodging Food P80. P1.00 Use of Comfort Room in Abrac Beach.00 Victory Liner Bus from Alaminos. Patar in Bolinao P80.00 Entrance Fee at Enchanted Cave P3.00 Dinner Day 1 at La Parola el Restaurante near Abrac Beach. P1.00 Entrance Fee at UP Marine Institute P70.00 Day 2 Shower.400/boat for 1-5 P350.00 Entrance Fee at Cindy’s Cave P20.00 Tricycle Tour and Pick up at Bolinao.00 Water & Snack for Island Hopping in Hundred Islands National Park P640. Patar.75 Parking Fee for tricycle at Enchanted Cave. Ingredients bought from Bolinao Market P80. P10/pax P10.00 pax P743.00 Day 2Use of Comfort Room in Lucap Wharf .00 Total Transportation Lodging P250. Patar.00 Breakfast Day 2. P10/pax P5.

just before the Bolinao Public Market. fare is P432/pax. soap.75 Entrance Fees and Tours P40. you can lodge for a short time at Dos Flores Resort for P350 for 3 hours + P50 per hour. etc. If you have someone who can go earlier than the assembly time do so.P10.00 Food P743. Pangasinan P40.00 TOTAL BUDGET Things to Bring • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Clothes good for 2 days and 1 night Swimming Clothes Towel Tissue Kikay Kit/Pogi Pack (Toothbrush. toothpaste. You’ll be arriving at Bolinao around 2-3AM. Last trip is 9PM. you may want to reserve tickets at Victory Liner Cubao. Open 24 hours . After the island hopping of Hundred Islands.00 Transportation P250.00 Lodging P640. deodorant. so you could reserve tickets/seats.00 Total Miscellaneous Budget Summary P892. Adora’s Restaurant is located on the left side of the church.00 Day 2 Shower.00 Miscellaneous P134.700. If you are afraid of missing the bus due to high demand.25 Extra Money P2.) Flashlight Personal Medication Umbrella Sunblock Camera Snacks for sharing Goggles/Mask & Snorkel Small bag while walking around Small bottle of water to be refilled once in a while Bolinao Notes • • • There’s no early reservation for Five Star Bus at 12MN.

It is best to swim inside Enchanted Cave. Pangasinan. They usually do not bring food. It is for your safety. Just give them a tip after the walk for taking care of your belongings. You can change your clothes at Enchanted Cave then just have your shower and change of clothes after your swim at Abrac Beach in Patar. Rock formations at the end of Abrac Beach in Patar. Depends on your haggling abilities and charm. Do not let your tricycle driver become hungry. Prices of the tricycle tours are controlled by the Municipality of Bolinao.• • • • • • • • • • Don’t forget to buy food for your tricycle drivers. Bolinao . it’s for your own safety.000/kubo during off-peak and P3. Show them that you are strong but do not offend them. Ask Benjie’s Cottages to protect your bags while you do the walk to the end of Abrac Beach. Better to contact the kubo rental before you go so you could know how much you’ll be spending on lodging. Wonderful Cave and Cindy’s Cave. Or just bring a stick. It may range from P800 to P1.000/kubo during peak. Abrac Beach’s sunset view is one of the best sunsets I’ve seen! Walking back to your lodging from La Parola el Restaurante is quite challenging due to the dogs barking. Do not leave your valuables unattended during campouts. Just keep on walking.000. The tricycle may not have enough power to carry 4 pax with bags during the uphill road to Bolinao Lighthouse. Kubo lodging usually includes a kitchen area and a cottage in front You can go cheaper if you camp-out at Abrac Beach. Abrac Beach is also popularly known as Patar Beach. I got the information from Bolinao’s Tourism Office Only Smart has a signal in Patar and it is still weak! Kubo at Abrac Beach for 4 pax is priced at P1. Please walk going up.

2012. Be ready for on-the-spot modifications for more fun! * The data gathered here are from my trip to Bolinao and Alaminos. Choose the Service Boat when touring the Hundred Islands so you can go to any island you want to go inside the park. Also. Just go straight to the desk and tell them that you want to do a daytrip around the islands. Pangasinan Series . This is a part of my 12 for 2012 Travel Project that aims to document 12 local destination in the Philippines in 2012 to help travellers plan their trips faster. Pangasinan. Bring food also for your boatman during the Island Hopping Tour in Hundred Islands National Park. Pangasinan on January 12-13. Follow my Bolinao and Alaminos. You can modify it whatever way you want. Pangasinan * This budget and itinerary is only a general guide to help you plan your trip to Bolinao and Alaminos. You can buy different kinds of fish sauce in Alaminos Market. one of my favorite longganisa.Alaminos Notes • • • • There are many people who will try to sell you tours on the Hundred Islands at Hundred Islands Tourist Welcome Center. you can buy Alaminos Longganisa. View from Governor's Island in Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos.

Pangasinan Budget & Itinerary (Helpful) How to get to Hundred Islands National Park from Bolinao. Pangasinan Expenses (Helpful) Bolinao – Alaminos. Pangasinan UP Marine Science Institute at Bolinao.• • • My Bolinao & Alaminos. Pangasinan 2 Restaurants that you should know when in Bolinao. Pangasinan (Helpful) Bolinao • • • • • • • • • Tricycle Tour Around Bolinao. Pangasinan Alaminos • • • Island Hopping in Hundred Islands National Park (Helpful) Hundred Islands Service Boat Guide (Helpful) Hundred Islands Tourist Welcome Center . Pangasinan Lodgings in Abrac Beach in Patar. Bolinao. Pangasinan Cape Bolinao Lighthouse in Pangasinan 3 Caves of Bolinao. Pangasinan (Helpful) Short-Time in Dos Flores at Bolinao. Bolinao. Pangasinan Pasalubong from Bolinao. Pangasinan (Helpful) Abrac Beach in Brgy Patar.

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