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approve aratewrite arp audit auditconfig cacls calog cat chattr chgrp chkpnt chkpntabort chkpntls chkpntmk chkpntmv chkpntoff chkpnton chkpntrm chmod chown chsmb cls cp crashlocks datalock date dbg del df diag disk dtq du echo em exit find fsck fsctl fszap grouplook gunzip gzip halt hbainfo help hostlook hostmatch ioapic iscsi isp2suspend keymon ldapcfg ll lm ln load loadvars locks logtail ls lsattr luninfo maccnvrt man mbstat menu mkdir more mount ndmp netserv netstat nfsmount nfsstat nfsunmount nic niscfg oplocks password ping poolstat praudit pwtest quit quota ratecopy ratecpu ratemem ratenet rateread ratewrite reboot recover repquota revoke rm rmdir rotatelog route rpcinfo savecore savevars scanvars sdate set show shutdown snmp source sp stat status strmstat su sync_sys syslog tar telnet top tsp umount uname unload unset uptime userlook version vscan xj zic

Description Alias for the help command manipulate approve file write contents of a file (async), report performance show arp table Audit Enable Command Audit Configuration Command Display an access control list (ACL) Compliance Audit Log Utility show contents of a file change extended attributes change file group checkpoint management command summarily abort checkpoints on a volume list checkpoints make (create) a checkpoint move (rename) a checkpoint stop checkpoints on volume(s) show checkpoint status / start checkpoints on volume(s) remove (delete) a checkpoint change file mode change file owner Remove UNIX attribute update restrictions clear the screen copy files simulate file lock manager crash show or reset multi-user rpc locks display or set date and time Enable or disable the debugger delete files show (disk) volumes and free space Save diagnostic file in /dvol/diagnostic show disks / edit disk partition table Manage directory tree quotas estimate file space usage echo a message Set and show speed & duplex mode for Intel NIC exit command interpreter (close connection) find files bigger than size (in MB), owned by uid or gid check file volumes Filesystem control command Zap Partition lookup group by name or GID uncompress file compress file halt system Display HBA Information show available commands lookup hosts by name/address match hosts by name/address Program the IO-APIC iSCSI service control Suspend file system I/O for maintainance monitor keys Configure NISLDAP client long list directory contents (ls -lz) License Manager Command create hard/symbolic links report loaded modules/load a module load variables from values file file lock manager report show last few log messages list directory contents display extended attributes Display LUN Information Convert resource.frk directories show contents of manpage with pagination print mbuf stats use the menus make directories show contents of a file with pagination Mount volume(s) NDMP service control set network service options show routing/interface tables/network addresses and ports Inspect, establish, or change an NFS volume nfsstat NFS unmount a remote directory Set and show speed & duplex mode for Network NIC Configure NIS+ client Configure oplocks set password for admin ping hosts by name/address show object pool status Audit Print Command test admin password alias for exit show a quota / set quota limits copy a file, report performance cpu performance tests memory performance tests rate network performance read contents of a file, report performance write contents of a file, report performance reboot system perform head/controller recovery report quotas revoke client mounts remove files remove directories rotates partner log file manipulate routing table report RPC information save a core dump of the operating system save variables to values file scan variables for printer, modem, and network changes display the secure date set a system variable show system variables shutdown the system SNMP trap destination contro read commands from a file show stack trace for thread ID stat files system status report report list of associated named streams login in as privileged user Synchoronize system files set local syslog parameters TAR Command telnet to host by name/address Display active threads Display threads and their stack Unmount volume(s) print system information unload a module unset a system variable show how long system has been up and cpu usage lookup user by name or UID show software version Virus Scan command extended journal functions timezone utility

Usage approve [reload | list | test | help] aratewrite FILENAME [+OFFSET] TOTALKB [BLOCKSIZE] [MB_PER_COMMIT] arp [-d] [ -a | DEST | -i Interf ] audit –help for details auditconfig –help for details cacls pathname calog –help cat filename chattr [-RV] <[-+iumq] | [[+r] [[[[[cc]yy]mm]dd]HH]MM][.ss]> chgrp [-R] group file… chkpnt sub-commands [parameters] … chkpntabort VOLUME chkpntls VOLUME … chkpntmk VOLUME CHECKPOINT-NAME chkpntmv VOLUME OLD-CHECKPOINT-NAME NEW-CHECKPOINT-NAME chkpntoff VOLUME … chkpnton [VOLUME ...] chkpntrm VOLUME CHECKPOINT-NAME/PATTERN chmod [-R] mode file… chown [-R] owner[:group] file… chsmb pathname cls cp [-v] [-c] [-r] src dst crashlocks datalock {show | reset } date [[[[[cc]yy]mm]dd]HH]MM] dbg [ -i [ enable | disable ] | -s ] del FILE … df diag disk -help for details dtq help (for usage) du [-s] [-h] [PATH] … echo WORD … em [set,show] NICname exit find PATH [-name NAME] [-size SIZE] [-uid UID] [-gid GID] fsck VOLUME … fsctl command [sub-command] volume fszap disk partition grouplook GROUPNAME/UID … gunzip FILE gzip FILE halt [-fm] hbainfo [-a] help [COMMAND ...] hostlook HOSTNAME/ADDR … hostmatch HOSTPATTERN HOSTNAME/ADDR … ioapic prog/show/list/mask/umask apicid intpin [level polarity vector iscsi isp2suspend keymon STOPCHAR ldapcfg [-i | -d | -e] ll [-Ra] [dir] lm –help for details ln [-s] target link load [MODULE] loadvars locks logtail [NLINE|all] ls [-Ralz] [file] lsattr [-Radv] luninfo maccnvrt share-name man [-ah] [section] name … mbstat [-sv] menu mkdir [-m mode] directory … more filename mount [-rwfuh] [-o options] [VOLUME [...]] ndmp netserv {enable|disable|status} {service name} [options] netstat [-rin] nfsmount [LOCALNAME [SERVER:PATH] [OPTION=VAL ...]] nfsstat NFS statistics nfsunmount LOCALNAME nic [set,show] NICname niscfg [ -i | -k ] oplocks [enable | disable] volume-name password ping [-c count] HOSTNAME/ADDR … poolstat poolname … praudit –help for details pwtest quit (see exit) quota [-g|-u] /VOLUME|/* NAME|ID|NAME/ID [bh=KB] [bs=KB] [fh=N] [fs=N] ratecopy SOURCE_FILENAME DEST_FILENAME [BLOCKSIZE] ratecpu ratemem ratenet HOSTNAME/ADDR [NSEND [SIZE [MAXFAIL]]] rateread FILENAME [+OFFSET] [[BLOCKSIZE] [TOTALKB]] ratewrite FILENAME [+OFFSET] TOTALKB [BLOCKSIZE] reboot [-fm] recover {head|ctlr} repquota [-g][-u][-n][-e|-E][-q|-v] VOLUME|QUOTAFILE … revoke HOSTNAME/ADDR … rm [-v] [-r] path rmdir directory … rotatelog route [-n] COMMAND [ [ MODIFIERS ] [ DEST GATEWAY ] ] rpcinfo savecore savecore [ -chi | -fpkmv directory ] savevars scanvars sdate [-d] set NAME VALUE show [NAME/PATTERN ...] shutdown [-fm] snmp source FILENAME sp Thread_ID stat FILE … status [hi|si|ai|ti|dm|fd|fs|rm|up|mm|all ...] strmstat file-path su sync_sys Source-Head-ID syslog timestamp=[0|1|2] debug=[on|off] tar –help for details telnet HOSTNAME/ADDR top [-b] [-i secs] [-t cnt] [-l] tsp [-s] [-t cnt] [-l] thread_name umount VOLUME [...] uname unload MODULE unset NAME uptime userlook USERNAME/UID … version vscan {help|check|stats} xj -help for details zic [help | zone | dumpzones | list | ]

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