A job in the theatre The Red Parrot Theatre Company is putting on a new production of Macbeth and is looking for an (54) .......... person to take charge of (55) .......... . Since we are an amateur company we can't offer any (56) .......... reward but if you are interested in the theatre, it is very (57) ......... work. It's part-time, of course, because we only do about three plays (58) .......... . The job involves making (59) .......... with printers and placing advertisements in newspapers and whatever else needs doing. All expenses, such as phone calls will be (60) .......... and you get four free tickets for every (61 ) .......... . If you are interested, come along to our first rehearsal on 27 June for an informal discussion of what is involved.

Exercise 8 Negative inversion. Put the expressions in the correct place. One expression is unnecessary. Never any way Nowhere Not until No sooner Little Not only In

1. _________ 1846 was the existence of the planet Neptune finally proven. 2. _________did I know that more trouble was just around the corner. 3. _________have I been spoken to so rudely! 4. _________was he a valued colleague, but he was also a good friend 5. _________had they left the restaurant, than a group of journalists surrounded them 6. _________can you find such wonderful pizzas as those in Rome and Naples. Exercise 2 Simple/Continuous, Perfect/Non-perfect

1 This is my desk. I _________________ (work) in this office for twenty-three years. 2. I _______________________ (have) headaches for the past three weeks. 3. But Lucinda works in the Rome office. What ________________ (do )here?

. We ____________________ (have) an argument but everything is OK now. You're usually very sensible. but you ____________ (be) incredibly stupid about this situation 5.4.

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