Our Pictures

-Dnyanada Asolkar


Today our drawing teacher did not give us a boring topic to draw. “Draw anything that you like… animals, birds, trees, insects… anything. Let us celebrate the World Earth Day today” She said. We all were excited. Priyanshu painted the king of the jungle – Lion.

Atharva also painted a lion. But his lion was different, a cool dude. Sitting on the green grass, it looked very friendly with a mouse, sparrows and caterpillar. One of the butterflies was even playing with his tail.

Michael recently learned to swim. So he drew a man swimming under water, colourful fishes and other water life.


Pranali’s picture was all colourful. There was a green crocodile, two sparrows, a frog and a caterpillar. And yes! There were altogether nineteen butterflies present. Looked like it was the crocodile’s birthday they were celebrating.


Ketan drew four spider brothers. The elder was probably trying his best to teach dance steps to the other two. The younger one was busy weaving his web.


Rajlaxmi had drawn all kinds of animals she knew. There were Crocodiles, frogs, snake, tortoise, fish and a mouse. And there were butterflies also.


Jiya has a pet parrot. She painted four colourful parrots sitting on two different branches. It was not clear if they were talking or quarrelling with each other.


I painted a beautiful riverside scene. Colourful trees, bright sun, green bushes, crocodiles, frogs, snails, two boys with fishing nets, and of course the butterflies. It was the trademark of our class.


Maithili can draw only fish. It was a big whale fish this time, a smiling one; the waves in the deep blue sea. … And two birds flying far away in the blue sky.


Sanghamitra always draw picture of mummy and baby. Cow and calf, frog and tadpole or tree and plant and so on. This time she painted two mother fishes along with their five tiny baby fishes.


Sana drew an elephant running over the meadows. Her clouds were white and the sky was orange. And the butterfly had to be there.


Naveena painted her all-time favourite scene. The clouds, a flying bird and green trees. Her sky was yellow. Her zebras, elephant and giraffe looked like some alien.


Mabel’s father owns a photo studio. She had made all the animals stand in rows as if a family photograph. Say Cheese!


Hrishikesh painted the beetles family. The Mummy beetle mumbling and busy working outside their colourful house. And the baby beetles enjoying in the green bushes.

Chirag was mischievous in his drawing too. He painted a cute wind. It was whirling round a tree on a mountain top and playing with the lovely flowers.


Our teacher painted the adivasis in the jungle, they looked so real. The colourful flowers, the glowing tree, and the cute fawn….It was amazing. Teacher praised everybody. We enjoyed watching each other’s paintings. It was a memorable day.