Animals first day to school

Shera the lion, Bunny rabbit, Jammy giraffe, Shaffy snake, Greeny caterpillar, Pyari parrot, Manku monkey and Elly elephant used to live together in a huge tree house. Shera lion used to stay at the bottom of the tree. Shaffy snake and Pyari parrot were in the first floor of the tree house. Jammy giraffe had a long neck so he used to stay in the IInd floor. Greeny caterpillar used to stay at the top as this was the smallest room and he only could have fitted. Manku monkey kept jumping on the tree.

One day Manku monkey, Pyari parrot, Shaffy snake and greeny caterpillar saw a board. Something was written on the board. None of them knew how to read. The board was pointing somewhere. They all followed it.

They saw a chair placed in front of a tree and a blackboard hanging on the tree. They all wondered who has kept it here.

Mr. Scar, the tiger told all of them I am a teacher and now I will teach you. All of them shouted “We don’t want to study. We want to have fun.” Mr. Scar replied I am drawing teacher and I will make you learn with drawings. We will make lot many drawings.

Next day all the animals came to the class with their school bags. They sat on their desks. Mr. Scar was late for the class so everybody started playing in the class. Elly elephant told them to draw something. Everyone started drawing in their notebooks.

Mr. Scar came and saw the drawings. He was happy and stuck them in the classroom. He gave pencils and blocks to play. All the animals had fun and they promised to come back to school again tomorrow.

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