India’s first ever conference on excellence in pharma

Commercial Effectiveness in Pharma 2012
Date: August 3rd- 4th 2012 Venue: Courtyard Marriott, Andheri (E), Mumbai Website:

CE- 2012 is a two day conference focusing on implementing effective commercial strategies that are necessary to increase revenues and profitability in the complex Indian landscape of today. ‘Pharmaceuticals in India’ is a never ending discussion over its growth potential, opportunities, strengths and how your organization can capitalize on them. At the same time, it is essential to know what obstacles you will face while doing so. At CE- 2012 we will aim at covering most of the crucial topics over two days.

Event highlights:
 Future

Landscape: Learn about the upcoming developments in the changing pharma landscape and the impact on your business.
 Sales and Marketing excellence: Upgrade

your marketing strategies, align them with sales initiatives and achieve increased commercial success.
 KAM: Is it about time to implement it?

Know all about Key Account Management and how it can impact your business.
 Sales Force Effectiveness: Understand the importance and the changing roles of your SF and

 Case- studies: Hear from the experts and experienced in the industry how they are bringing

about a change in their organizations.

India’s first ever conference on excellence in pharma

Commercial Effectiveness in Pharma 2012

Session 1: Current and Future landscape of the Indian Pharmaceutical market
Explore the key drivers impacting your company’s business in this fast paced pharma environment Boom in healthcare: Learn about the growing opportunities with healthcare transformation Capitalize on the growth opportunities with the rise in specialty drugs. Speciality requires special capabilities: Do we agree? Emergence of Biosimilars in speciality arena: Will it mitigate the rising cost? Patient Adherence & Compliance-Challenges & Opportunities in speciality space. Consolidations and Partnerships: - How does it impact your business? Find out why consolidations and partnerships are taking place in India. What are India’s (pharma) key strengths? Explore the growth opportunities for you in these consolidations and partnerships. Analyze how to capitalize on the changes in your company due to partnerships, internally and externally Improve your standards of business and commercial strategy by leveraging from international consolidations and partnerships Establishing your brand in the competitive Indian pharma environment Know how to maximize productivity and be the “Chosen one” amidst the brand clutter Understand the need for competitive intelligence in a challenging pharma environment What is the right amount of brands to sell? Government regulations and implications for the pharmaceutical industry in India Explore the existing and changing environment reforms that impact the growth of your business Drug regulations: Identify the opportunities and threats for multinational companies in India Learn about the legal boundaries and implications in Indian pharma- why is it necessary to abide by them?

Session 2: Marketing Excellence and Execution
Data and Customer segmentation: Understand the urgency of quality data segmentation and right customer targeting for your brand Upgrade primitive SFE and SFA techniques to yield better commercial results Doctographics:- Understand the importance of segmenting doctors for an effective commercial model Employing alternative marketing strategies for your brand Determining the most innovative and effective marketing tools for your urban and rural markets Learn ways to engage with differentiated stakeholders in dedicated markets Explore the right channels to deploy your resources Panel: Commercial excellence KPIs to be considered as a key growth driver for your company Benchmark your commercial strategies with competitors to analyze loopholes Drive commercial excellence by integrating sales and marketing efforts

India’s first ever conference on excellence in pharma

Commercial Effectiveness in Pharma 2012
Build the gap between the marketing strategy and execution Align your marketing teams with the sales team to deliver a 360 degree value based commercial model Improve internal communications and get buy- ins for a more effective commercial model Maximize your resources by involving key external stakeholders in your commercial strategy and achieve greater results How do you measure your marketing results?

Session 3: Upgrade your Sales Force Effectiveness model and learn about Key Account Management
Defining SFE in your company- what are its implications? Ensure that your SFE strategy is the best in class by doing a competitive analysis Learn how to augment sales force effectiveness with a multi-channel strategy Analyze the difference and impact between an urban SFE model v/s a rural one Understanding Key Account Management for your business Refine your business strategy by implement an effective and suitable KAM model Quality approach: Implement a more customer- centric model v/s a product focussed one Learn how to align the KAM model by allocating internal and external resources Training and Development of your Sales Force team What is the skill set needed in a sales rep for diverse markets? Implement the best training and development programme to boost commercial success Retain your sales talent with a lucrative incentivization and compensation plan. Do you plan on performance basis or behaviour basis? How do you ensure that your sales rep has the best communication skills and effective tools for your brands?

Session 4: Post marketing and sales- Evaluate and measure your strategy
Effective Market Access models for the Indian Pharma industry Find out how much of the Indian population actually is your “brand audience” Is market access a luxury or a necessity in today`s highly competitive and cluttered pharma industry? Are we innovative or still using the tactics which can be defined age old? Explore the market access models that work today! How can you measure marketing results? Tracking the messaging between the sales force and doctors Analyse the behaviour pattern of your customers post marketing and sales Upgrade technology used by your sales force to measure SFE and SFA Forging relationships with healthcare providers: Understand the increasing importance of health care providers for your brands commercial success How do you engage public healthcare systems in your commercial strategy? What roles do hospitals play in your commercial strategy? Ensure healthy communicative relationships and build innovative partnerships with the healthcare providers

India’s first ever conference on excellence in pharma

Commercial Effectiveness in Pharma 2012
Deep Bhandari- General Manager Sales & CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN: Marketing Service Organization ( MSO) at ANUP SOANS, Editor @ Medicinman Novartis India Limited KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Presentation Title: Coming soon Dr. Ajit Dangi- (Former Director General of Amlesh Ranjan - Associate Director at OPPI), President and CEO of Danssen ConSanofi sulting Presentation Title: Understanding Key AcPresentation title: Making India a global count Management for you business player by innovating its strategies S. Vardarajan - General Manager Strategy Management & Operational Excellence at Merck Presentation Title: Taining and Development of your Sales Force Team Salil Kallianpur- Commercial Head - Cardiovascular & Metabolism, Virology, Oncology and Biosimilars at GlaxoSmithKline Presentation Title: Employing Alternative Marketing Strategies for your brand Anindya Chowdhary - Senior Director, Head - Consumer Healthcare Business - India at Sanofi Panel Session: Defining SFE and what are it's implications Hari Krishna - Head - Sales & Marketing at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Presentation Title: Building the gap between Marketing strategy and Execution Manoj Kumar - Head - Marketing, Global Central Marketing Team, AstraZeneca Branded Generics Presentation Title: Effective Market Access models for the Indian Pharma industry Girish Joshi - Business Head- Healthcare, India at Kimberly-Clark Panel Session: Forging relations with healthcare providers Deepak Arora - Global Associate Brand Director at Novartis Healthcare Private Limited Presentation title: Coming soon Chandrasekaran K. N- Former Head of Commercial Operations at Novartis Panel Session: Coming soon Anup Soans- Editor @ Medicinman Presentation title: Training and Development of your Sales Force Team

India’s first ever conference on excellence in pharma

Commercial Effectiveness in Pharma 2012
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India’s first ever conference on excellence in pharma

Commercial Effectiveness in Pharma 2012
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