The Naughty Ghost

Once there was a ghost who was vey lazy and used to sleep every time. One day he started following the fragrance of flowers and reached a place far away then he opened his eyes and wondered “Oh! Where am I ?” He saw a pond. He thought let me have fun with paper boats. He played in the pond with paper boats and came back home.

The door bell rang. All his friends had come to meet him. They decided to check who is the strongest of them all? One ghost showed he can blow leaves from one place to another. The second ghost made a thundering scary noise. Third ghost shouted loudly and flew from one place to another.

The fourth ghost entered a house and broke a flower vase. He was the naughtiest ghost. He blew so hard that he made all the leaves and flowers fall. He said “no one can stop me now. I am going to blow away everything.”

A huge banyan tree was looking at the naughty ghost. Banyan tree trapped the naughty ghost with his hanging roots. All the other ghosts came. They started thundering and they together blew a storm. The ears of the naughty ghost were cracking because of the thunder and he was going round and round. Naughty ghost was not able to free himself from the banyan tree. He realized his mistake and said “I will never do it again.”

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