The Lazy Crocodile

Once in the midst of a forest there was a pond surrounded by beautiful trees. The trees had orange colour leaves. Pond was full of fish, turtles, frogs and snakes. Lot many crocodiles used to stay in that pond that is why people used to call it crocodile pond. Butterflies of different colours used to flutter around the pond.

In the pond one lazy crocodile used to stay. He used to trick everyone by crying. He used to keep making excuses like my tummy is hurting, my feet has got hurt and used to cry artificially and other crocodiles used to help him by giving food. The lazy crocodile thought “I don’t need to work; I only need to trick others.”

One day two children came to the pond to catch fish and butterflies. The lazy crocodile saw the boys and started fighting with them to save his friends. Boys hit the crocodile with their sticks and crocodile got hurt. The crocodile continued to fight. Frog and snakes too joined the fight. Boys ran away as they got scared. Butterflies cheered for the crocodile.

In the pond a big fish used to stay. She organized a party in which she invited all the creatures- fish, turtle, frogs and crocodiles. She switched on the music and they all danced and played games. The lazy crocodile stopped tricking others and used to look for food himself. All the other animals started liking him.

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