By Mala Ashok

“Come on students! Where are you all? Gather around. Today we are going to learn about trees and how helpful they are. They are helpful to the forests and to all of us,” said Sheru Master

“Is this a trick,” asked Tota the parrot. “I wonder if he is lying,” said Jhoola the monkey. “”I’m scared!” said Darpok the Rabbit from inside a hole. “No!” trumpeted Mota the elephant from nearby. “He is right. The natural world is calm, beautiful, and glorious. Look what rich berries Ped the tree has for us and children.”

“Listen to Mota,” whispered Ped the tree in the breeze. “We help to decrease the bad effects of pollution.” said Ped earnestly. “Men cut trees. We should tell them not to cut trees.”

“Hunting animals is bad too,” said Lamba the Giraffe.

“Maybe we can hide in the trees and save ourselves,” said Hirni the deer. “Maybe the tree will tell the woodcutter ‘Leaf me alone!’“ roared Sheru Master.

“To watch a tree is a joy. There are so many wonderful trees in the world,” said Kamala the caterpillar.

“Do you know that if we recycled all the newspapers, we would save 250,000 trees year? “ asked Smarty the snake.

OK! Let’s Save some trees! No school today!!!

“YAY!! No school today!!!” chorused all the animals!