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The principles of prayer evangelism Who should look at L-10-T?

Leaders interested in practical city transformation. Ministers wanting their congregations to impact their community. Youth leaders wanting to get all youth involved in prayer and care. Leaders of School Christian Associations! Christian business owners/managers/employees wanting to impact their workplace for Christ. Every Christian who feels they fail in executing the Great Commission and the two Great Commandments of Christ.

Welcome to L-10-T, the revolutionary new lifestyle of prayer, care and share introduced by Jesus Christ nearly 2000 years ago! L-10-T is based on the instructions of Jesus to the 70 (or 72) disciples in Luke 10 and their enthusiastic return modernized for todays disciples in four easy steps. L-10-T also contains the principles of prayer evangelism as developed by Ed Silvoso of ITN.

What were the criteria for the L-10-T steps?

Every Christian older than 12 and younger than a 100 should be able to do it. You must be able to do it wherever you go from Monday to Saturday for work, study, shopping or pleasure.

What is L-10-T?
Step 1: Everyone who L-10-Ts asks Gods blessing or peace on every place they go. Step 2: Everyone fellowships with all people (of all faiths or no faith) wherever they move (without compromising their faith) preach Christ but only if necessary use words! Step 3: Identify the needs of the people around you by listening or asking and then: Assist physically or emotionally if possible; AND/OR pray for the need (silently or out loud to the person). Step 4: Preach the gospel by talking if you have the gift of evangelism or by answering any question about your faith, if you are one of the 96% who do not normally freely talk about Christ (see Statistics below). Step 4 should always be guided by the Holy Spirit!

What is the effect of L-10T?

L-10-T challenges you to a radical new lifestyle in Christ! L-10-T guides the Christian to a lifestyle where he/she will follow Jesus Christ daily wherever he/she goes and imitate Him in a way that is possible for all persons in their interaction with friends and even strangers. L-10-T will allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and through you in ways you never thought possible! L-10-T will allow your faith in Christ to get shoes and to move out of your home, prayer group or congregation to the places where you work, get your education, shop, relax or even when you travel! L-10-T allows followers of Christ to mature in their expression of the Great Commission (Mat 28:19) and of two Great Commandments firstly by building their personal relation with the Lord through daily active prayer and secondly by fellowshipping with and reaching out to their fellow employees, students, friends and strangers in need, through praying and meeting physical and emotional needs.

Who can L-10-T?

Every Christian older than 12 and younger than 100 (and a lot of the under-twelves too)! L-10-T changes every Christian into an active messenger of Christ wherever they go. We can say everyone because if you are too shy to pray in public, you may do it silently it is in any case God who hears our prayers. But praying out loud for someone with a need is a powerful witness. It is amazing what blessing your prayer will bring to someone (it does not matter whether the recipient is Christian, atheist, Muslim, Hindu or another religion).

Statistics confirm the urgent need for L-10-T

Recent research of the reasons why non-Christians (Muslim, atheist, backslidden Christians, etc) come to Christ shows that the majority (approximately 90%) come to Christ through indirect or relational evangelization usually over a long period of time and often by the input of several different Christians. L-10-T enables the 90% to be reached by MANY more Christians! 96% of the average number of committed Christians NEVER evangelise! L-10-T enables them to evangelise the Luke 10 way and EVERYONE regardless of personality CAN! Many Christians are active in ministry, but they represent only about 10% of the committed Christians. L-10-T activates ALL THE REST!

Why is training necessary to effectively L-10-T?

Although the steps of L-10-T are simple, resistance to change and old habits prevent the lifestyle change that accompanies L-10-T. Therefore short training programmes have been developed for adults and youth (currently in English and Afrikaans) to overcome this problem. A Train-the-Trainer course is also available.

The English Adult and Youth L-10-T Training Guides are available on the Transformation Africa Adult and Youth CDs! (OOK IN AFRIKAANS BESKIKBAAR!)

How is the training applied?

Congregations train ALL their members to L-10-T, aiming at getting at least 80% to actively participate. Christian School Associations train all Christian scholars to L-10-T and THEN 30KD! In organisations Christian employees are trained to L-10-T by employees deciding to do so as a group, a Christian Workplace Ministry or a Christian Business Owner.

I pray that YOU will, firstly, take up the challenge to personally L-10-T from Monday to Saturday wherever you go and, secondly, mobilise your region, city, fraternal, congregation, and business to L-10-T. Do NOT waste any time!


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