Corporate Overview


Company Profile
• A privately owned global company established i 1959 i t l d l b l t bli h d in • Global sales in excess of $450 million • More than 1000 employees globally • 18 facilities in 10 countries (Canada, (Canada United States, Mexico, Austria Belgium Czech Republic States Mexico Austria, Belgium, Republic, Germany, India, Romania, China) • Total facility capacity of over 700,000 ft2 (65,000 m2) • Full service provider of Automated Productions Systems and Tooling for the Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Heavy Equipment, Alternative Energy and Consumer Products sectors. sectors


Global Leadership Team

CEO Bob Soulliere


CFO Nick Sauro

Senior VP of Operations Tony Elias y

VP of Sales & Marketing TBD

Director of Procurement and Quality Stephen p Walukas

Director of Human Resources Lisa Bastian

CoManaging Director TMS Mark Deimling

CoManaging Director TMS Stefan Wilden

Managing g g Director (Asia Pacific) Krishan Atri


Valiant is founded by Michael G. Solcz Valco Mfg established to provide in-house fabrication Valiant Tool & Mold established Valiant International established in Troy Michigan Troy, Valiant’s first body-in-white system developed for Chrysler LH series Valiant’s Tecumseh Rd. plant expands to 186,000 ft² Valiant appointed global supplier for Ford closure systems Valiant acquires 100% of hemmer manufacturer E. R. St. Denis Inc. Valiant builds new facility in Windsor

1959 1965 1972 1987 1990 1994 1996 1998 2003 2005 2006 2009 2010 2011
Valco Mfg begins production of construction and forestry products Hawthorne Rd. plant acquired adding 120,000 ft² of capacity Valiant acquires 100% of TMS in Europe Valiant-TMS Valiant TMS Systems Pvt Ltd is established in Pune India Pvt. Ltd. Pune, TMS is selected GM Supplier of the Year TMS opens new offices in Oradea, Romania and Cologne, Germany Valiant sells Windsor, Anchor Drive facility to CS Wind Canada Inc. Valiant opens Training and Development Centre in Windsor


Our Services

Full-Service Supplier with 100% In-House Capability
•P Program M Management t • Advance Engineering
- Feasibility Studies - Robotic and Production Simulation - 3D Animation - Process Validation and Development

• F b i ti and M hi i Fabrication d Machining
- 5-Axis Machining Capabilities

• Research and Development • Mechanical Engineering and Design • Controls Design and Integration • Digital Simulation and Validation • Prototype Capability yp p y

• Testing and Validation • Assembly and Integration y g • CMM and Laser Measurement • Robot Programming and Integration • Tryout and Debug • Documentation and Training • Installation and Production Support • Reliability and Maintainability • Spare Parts and After Sales Support


Assembly & Special Machines General Manufacturing Global Glo obal Enterprise Pro oduction Parts S Spare Parts & Regional Service T Tool & Gage Business Development Proposal Processing & Estimating Project Management Launch and Customer Support Corporate Services p Engineering Services Research & D R h Development l t 6 M Mold Group Aerospace Hemming .Business Structure Matrix Organization Core Competencies Automated Productions Systems Valco Manufacturing o Custo • Productio om on Weld ding & Assembly A Automation.

510 5. St.V. Denis Inc.536 98 1.000 2332 tbd tbd 717. Composites ool. Valiant de Mexico (in process) Valiant Training and Development Centre TMS Transport. W Welding & Ass sembly Global Capacity Sq quare Meters s Sq quare Feet Valiant Machine & Tool Inc.718 2. Valiant-TMS Ro s.249 7.Nu umber of Employees Ma anufacturing Center En ngineering Ce enter E. E.000 1022 59.064 19.000 1. Valiant TMS Technology Shanghai Co.076 25.350 54.765 39. Valco Manufacturing Inc.827 30.280 84. Inc.R.910 3.000 17.635 717 274 66 635 87 170 36 79 119 51 17 24 20 30 207 60 19 24 10 50 tbd 1003 Asia Eu urope North Amer rica 7 arts e Pa & Service Final Assembly y .056 240 2. (in process) TOTAL 186.r.623 tbd tbd 11. Ltd. .540 793 8.und Montagesysteme TMS Czech Republic Valiant International N.000 3. – Plant 2 Valiant Tool & Gage Valiant International. Valiant-TMS GmbH Valiant-TMS Systems Pvt. – Plant 1 Valiant Machine & Tool Inc.585 100 1.R.634 5. St Denis (Hemming) ( Fa abrication & Machining M utomation & Assembly A Au To Mold. Virtual Tool & Composites Inc.274 66.l.854 33.000 16.150 176. Valiant Tool & Mold Inc. Ltd.

7 Million Hours Per Annum: 8 .Global Capacity Total In-house Technical Resources in Excess of 1.

Engineering Capacity / Platforms 10 9 .

Global Support & Reach 10 .

Current and Future Investments 11 .

Sales by Region GLOBAL FY2011 12 .

Sales Breakdown by Division GLOBAL FY2011 13 .


R i t Resistance.. A L Arc.Your Partner for.Automotive Body in White Framing Body-in-White .Underbody / Bodyside Welding & Assembly ..R b tI t Robot Integration ti 15 . Design. Laser and other Welding Applications . Manufacture and Integration of g g Body In White Welding & Assembly Solutions .

. assembly cells f t i bl ll and material handling concepts. li ti 16 . . capability . Manufacture and Integration of g g Vehicle Closure Assembly & Setting Systems . ..Multiple vehicle model expansion capability.Utili ti of fl ibl i li h Utilization f flexible in-line hemming i machines and robotic material handling. .Standardization in architecture of manufacturing processes.Automatic / random model change-over capability.Utilization of stud / nut welding applications. Design. .Your Partner for.Use of trunnions and turntables for flexibility.

17 .Doors On/Off with Carriers .Your Partner for.Fixtured Nut-runner Systems .F t and Rear Suspension Front d R S i Build-Up ..Ergonomic Lift Assists g .Sub-Assembly Lines .Vehicle Component Insertion . g Final Assembly .. Design.Marriage Stations .I P / Seats / Glass I.P. Manufacture and Integration of g .Chassis and Powertrain Pallets .

.Your Partner For. Design. Manufacture and Integration of g .. g Material Handling Systems - EMS VarioLift VarioRopeCarrier VarioSpeed Elevators Floor Transport Systems p y 18 .

Bearing Cap Assembly 19 . g Automation & Assembly Solutions . Design. Manufacture and Integration of g .Dunnage Handling Systems .Leak Test Systems y .Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems ..Robot Integration .Robot End of Arm Tooling ..Core Line Assembly Systems .Your Partner for.C Conveyors .Cam Cap Assembly .

Your Partner for.. 20 . Assembly and Casting facilities.Conveyors Valiant has developed a wide range of standards for conveyance and handling for Powertrain..

.Your Partner for.. g Industrial Washing & Deburring Solutions - Industrial Washers Modular and Flexible Cleaning Systems Deburring Machines Robot Integration Innovative Spray Nozzle Technologies 21 . Design. Manufacture and Integration of g .

Drilling and Milling Fixtures . Engine Test stands ..Wing Assembly Fixtures 22 .Your Partner for.CMM Holding Fixtures .Design and built specialty equipment and blue print tooling .Tube Shearing Equipment .Engine Trolleys.Parts Handling and Holding Gages and Fixtures . Tool & Gage Solutions ..Die Components and Hydroforming Dies .

E i Tooling A Engine T li .Crushed Core Mold Dies (Interior) ..Engine Trolleys .Your Partner for.Engine Test Chamber Aerospace Assembly & Specialty Equipment 23 .Pinch & Roll Machine for Turbine Blades .Super Plastic Form Dies (SPFD) .Holding Fixtures for Drilling Milling. Milling Grinding . Design and manufacture of Aerospace Solutions Forming Tools & Molds ..Lay-up Mandrels (LM) Aero .

Valiant-TMS Global Project References 24 .

Spain Grand MAV • B299: 965 vehicles/day | C344: 535 vehicles/day • 4-Model Capability | 158 Kuka Robots | Retool S80 (Y286) / V70 (Y285) . Sweden • S80 = 180. USA • 30 JPH. SC.9 Second Cycle Time • Retool Ford B299 Fiesta / C344 Grand-MAV . Single Model • 83 ABB Robots 25 . Spain • 100% flexibility C346 4/5 D 4/5-Door / W Wagon . • 31.000 units/year • New Tooling BMW F25 Rear Compartment .Valencia.S l i G Saarlouis.Cologne Germany Cologne.Göteborg.Spartanburg.Underbody Experience in North America and Europe C520 Ford Kuga – Valencia.9 Second Cycle Time • Retool Ford B299 Fiesta .Valiant-TMS Product Group . Germany • 31.000 units/year 180 000 • V70 = 220.

P: 74 Second Cycle • Front Floor Retool Peugeot 207 .7-Model Capability • 300 Fanuc Robots 26 .K. Front.Valiant-TMS Product Group .Trnava. Dash.Autoeuropa Palmela. Front Rail. / Germany / Poland • S: 60 Second Cycle. Thomas.29 JPH (gross) . Belgium B l i • Cycle time: 270 seconds • Rear Floor Retool Astra Stationwagon – Gliwice Poland Gliwice.9 Second Cycle Time • New Tooling – Sub-Assembly (Rear. Frame Rails) Astra H t hb k A t Hatchback 3/5 – A t Antwerpen. ON. Dash Panel GMT 900 Frame – St. UK: 70 Second Cycle. • Cycle time: 74 seconds • New Tooling Opel Meriva – Spain / U. Portugal • 31. Slovakia • 1416 Vehicle / Day • New Tooling – Front Floor.Underbody Experience in North America and Europe Scirocco . Canada • 64. G: 55 Second Cycle.

Sonora. MI. SC.Gent.Valiant-TMS Product Group . USA • 83 JPH (gross. Hermosillo.Bodysides Experience in North America and Europe Ford Fusion CD338.Spartanburg. USA • Inner / Mid / Outer Bodysides • 30 JPH (gross) • 2-Model Capability Jeep WK – Detroit. Mexico • • • • Bodyside Reinforcement Door Opening Quarter Wheelhouse Moonroof Y283 and Y352 B/S Outer . random build) • 3-Model Capability • 51 Nachi Robots per Hand 27 . Belgium • Mechanical Design Valiant North America Design: • Controls: Valiant Belgium • Integration: TMS Austria BMW F25 .

28 . Portugal • Body-in-White Installation for side panel sub assemblies.Valiant-TMS Product Group . Czech Republic • Phase 1: Bodysides New Tooling • Phase 2: Underbody Retool • 1500 vehicles/day y Yeti SK 256 Side Panel Kvasiny. Roll-Hemming. side panel outer and side panel inner.Bodysides Experience in North America and Europe Fabia Hatchback and Stationwagon . VW framer. build up. Roof-laser g. soldering.Mlada Boleslav. Czech Republic • Bodysides – New Tooling • 230 vehicles/day SE 428 (Sharan / Alhambra) – Autoeuropa Palmela.

hemming equipment and dies. moonroof assembly cell.Valiant-TMS Product Group. Mexico • Closure Assemblies and Closure Hang • 89 JPH Gross Ford F d C346 F Focus • Wayne North Assembly • Closure Welding & Assemblies. Ford U502 • In Production at Chicago • Closure Assemblies • Unique Feature: D258/D385/U502 Doors all on one line 29 . Closure Hang.Closure Mfg & Hang Experience in North America and Europe Ford CD391 • Cold Build at Hermosillo. Ford V363 Transit Van Ford C520 • Traditional Build for Louisville • Closure Assemblies and Closure Hang • 83 JPH Gross • Wayne North Assembly • Closure Welding & Assemblies. Closure Hang. hemming equipment and dies.

cycle time 41.4 JPH Gross • Robotic Fender Set • Valu-Flex® Ford 2009 D-385 Closure Assemblies • 41 14 sec.Valiant-TMS Product Group–Closure Mfg & Hang Experience in North America and Europe Ford 2007 U-387 Closure Assemblies • • • • 82 JPH Gross 3-Model Capability Trunnion-Mounted Geo Fixtures Uni-Beam Uni-Beam™ Hemmer Ford 2009 D-385 Closure Hang • 79.14 sec 30 .

Valiant-TMS Product Group. Austria • Door Assembly Volkswagen Golf – Wolfsburg. Germany • Door Manufacturing 31 .Closure Mfg & Hang Experience in North America and Europe SAAB 93 – Trollhättan. Sweden • Doors • Hood • Decklid MAN Heavy Truck – Steyr. Germany • Door Manufacturing Porsche Boxter – Zuffenhausen.

R.Closure Hemming Experience in North America and Europe Sheet Metal Coordination Table Top Hemmer Eagle Hem Press E.Valiant-TMS Product Group . St. Denis Hem Di E R St D i H Dies and Transfer System Door Hem Die with Inside Window Hemming g 32 .

Closure Hemming Experience in North America and Europe C346 Moon Roof Robotic Roll Hem Body Side Wheel House Robotic Roll Hem • Three Sets • St Petersburg Russia C520 Seven Eagle Hem Presses Seven 4-position Hem Die Transfer Systems Front and Rear Door Hem Dies Moon Roof Hem Die CD391 / CD533 Moon Roof Hem Die 33 .Valiant-TMS Product Group .

B.Achievements • 2004 Ford World Excellence Award • Q1 Award • Full-Service Supplier • Six Sigma • ISO-9001:2000 Registered • ISO-14001:2004 Registered • AS 9100 Rev. Registered • Gold Award Recipient • Quality Excellence Award • Part of Chrysler Extended Enterprise • TESQA Self-Assessment Status Since 1994 • Approved Full-Service Supplier • Approved Supplier • 2005 Company of the Year • Controlled Goods Registered • 7 Steps to Welding Excellence 2008 • 2007 Boeing Supplier of the Year • 2007 08. 08 • Long Term Preferred Tooling Supplier 34 • John Deere Partner Supplier 2007 / 2009 . 09 Boeing Performance Excellence Award 2007.

Achievements .4 ISO-14001:2004 Porsche 2003 Material Handling for Porsche Cayenne at sites Leipzig and Zuffenhausen/Germany Ford 2006 Q1 Award 35 . VDA 6.TMS BMW 2003 Body-in-white production plant f B d i hi d i l for BMW 5 series at site Dingolfing/Germany DaimlerChrysler 2000 Body-in-white production plant for Mercedes C-class at sites Sindelfingen and Bremen/Germany. VW Formel Q 1996 Body-in-White production p y p plant for VW LT 2 at site Hannover/Germany • 2009 GM Supplier of the Year • Approved Full-Service Supplier ISO-9001:2000.

Our Facilities 36 .

Plant 1 -Corporate Headquarters Corporate HeadquartersWindsor. Mining) Aerospace Valiant Machine & Tool Inc. R.e. Ontario Virtual Tool & Composites Inc. Hemming Systems Windsor. Windsor Ontario Valiant Training and Development Centre Windsor. Plant 2 Windsor. Michigan Valiant Tool & Mold Inc. Ontario Welding & Assembly Systems Powertrain / Washers Special Machines (i. Ontario Windsor.e. Ontario 37 .Our Facilities Valiant Machine Tool Inc. Valiant Machine & Tool Inc. St. Windsor Ontario Welding & Assembly Systems Powertrain / Washers Special Machines (i. Windsor Ontario Valiant International Inc. Mold Design & Manufacturing Windsor. Valco Manufacturing Fabrication & Heavy Machining Mold Design & Manufacturing Windsor. Denis Inc. Mining) Aerospace E. Advanced Engineering Center Troy.

Our Facilities Development. Ltd. Engineering Center Diepenbeek. India Valiant-TMS GmbH Köln. Romania 38 . Pune. Oradea.r.l. Gersthofen / Germany Valiant International N. Engineering & Assembly Linz / Austria TMS Engineering Center Olomouc / Czech Republic Engineering Center Sindelfingen/Germany Engineering Center. Planning. Germany Valiant-TMS Ro s. Belgium Valiant-TMS Systems Pvt.V.

Valiant-TMS Valiant TMS Asia Pacific 39 .

India 40 .History Started in India with GM India & GM Thailand orders Through VMT Canada Started Business Development of its own First Orders Acquired from Volkswagen India on its own Developed Assembly Quality Department Enhance the Design & Engineering Capacities Facility in Pune. India 2009 2010 Execution of Turnkey Orders of Global OEM’s Started Export of MFG Comp to VMT Canada p Developed In House Tool room Facilities Developed In House Fabrication & Machining Facility Developed Advance Processing & Simulation Capacity Developed the Infrastructure & Structured the Operations 2011-12 Facility in Pune.

Valiant-TMS – Pune. India INDIA Pune • Employees: 50 + 20 (Indirect) • Assembling facility : 25. Feet • Office facility: 3000 41 .. 26/1. A. Kondhwa Budhruk Near Khadi machine chowk Pune 411048. Feet Valiant-TMS Systems Pvt.000 Sq.valiant-tms. India Phone + 91 20 26932030/31 www. Ltd.

Fully Equipped with Faro Arm & Checking Facilities . first floor: Fully equipped team for Advance Processing Fixture / gripper / tooling design in CATIA V5 / Fides4. Ground floor: y . India Design house.Valiant-TMS – Pune.4 Simulation in Robcad or I-Grip 42 Q Quality Assurance.

Projects Executed / Under j Execution 43 .

VI & TMS Tata Motors oyota Toyota Prospective Customers: Volvo Eicher CV Mercedes Caterpillar John Deere Skoda.Customers Overview Present Customers: Volkswagen Honda Cars Renault-Nissan R lt Ni GM India Ford VMT. Audi Sk d A di Mahindra & Mahindra 44 .

Valiant-TMS India (BIW BU) Underbody Line Designed. Manufactured & Installed by Valiant-TMS India 45 .

Valiant-TMS India (BIW BU) Closure Line Fixture Designed. Manufactured & Installed by Valiant-TMS India design manufacturing f t i installation commissioning done by ValiantTMS I di India 46 .

Valiant-TMS India (BIW BU) Complete BIW Line Jigs Manufactured & Commissioned by Valiant-TMS India 47 .

Assy Dash Panel Fixtures Design Manufacturing & Commissioning by Valiant-TMS India Design. Valiant TMS 48 .Valiant-TMS India (BIW BU) Assy.

Manufacturing & Commissioning g .Valiant-TMS India (GA BU) CUBS Pallets Design. g g 49 .

Manufactured & Installed by Valiant-TMS in India & Thailand 50 .Valiant-TMS India (PT BU) Robotic Washers Designed.

Valiant-TMS India (PT BU) Engine Line Automation Designed. Manufactured & Installed by Valiant-TMS in India Thailand I di & Th il d 51 .

Valiant-TMS India (Design & Engg.) Export Design & Engineering Projects for North America & Indonesia 52 .

Control – Time Schedule j Valiant India Engineering/Technology: Valiant NA + TMS Linz+ Valiant India Design-Supervision: Valiant NA + TMS Linz Valiant India Purchasing: Valiant India Manufacturing + Assembly Valiant India Electric / Automation Valiant NA + TMS Linz + Valiant India HW-Design: Valiant India SW-Design: Valiant India +TMS Linz+ Lin + Valiant NA Electrical Manufacturing: Valiant India Site Organization: Valiant NA + TMS Linz+ Valiant India Site-Leader: Valiant India Mechanical Installation: Valiant India Purchasing Local Market Valiant India Manufacturing: Local Market Valiant India Assembly and installation of fixtures: Valiant India + Valiant NA + TMS Linz Electrical Installation: Valiant India Robot Programming: Robot-Programming: Valiant India PLC-Programming: Valiant India 53 . • Project Control Organization Structure Project – Manager Valiant India Project . Ltd.Valiant-TMS Systems Pvt.

Valiant-TMS Systems Pvt. Design & Engineering Fixture / gripper / tooling design in CATIA V5/ Fides 4.4 Line simulation in Robcad or I-Grip Assembling of fixtures and Robotic cells Tool tryouts in house Power Train & Automation Assembly Industrial Washing Machines f E i I d t i l W hi M hi for Engines Material Handling systems 54 . GD&T. • What can Valiant-TMS India provide to our customers: Advance Processing. Ltd. SE.

Embrace lean manufacturing process and quality processes (5S. training of our employees .Continuous full service support pre and post installation pp p p .Invest in tools. Six Sigma) .Standardization of engineering / manufacturing standards Long Term .Generate revenue and growth through global partnerships and local regional support offices •G Geographical / Regional significance hi l R i l i ifi • Technology Enhancement • Process. education.Development of HP niche products integrated into systems solutions globally t l ti l b ll .Strategy for the Road Ahead Short Term . Proposal and Sales Support on a local basis 55 .Research & Development .

Ontario.974.5532 Valiant Tool & Mold Inc. Ontario.39-0 Facsimile › 49 (0) 2234.888.9666 Facsimile › 519.r.VALIANT Facsimile › 519.954.019 TMS CZECH s.734. 2155 Blackacre Drive Oldcastle.954.3910 Valco Manufacturing Inc.o.Contact Information North America Valiant Machine & Tool Inc.l.737.3420 Europe TMS Transport.588. Canada N9J 3W2 Phone › 519.R. St. 6 410264 Oradea Romania Phone › +43 664 619 4032 Asia-Pacific Valiant-TMS Systems Pvt. South Carolina. Advanced Technology Center 1511 East Fourteen Mile Road Troy.971.O.7470 Virtual Tool & Composites Inc.469. Germany Phone › +49 (0) 7031/9525-12 Facsimile › +49 (0) 7031/9525-25 AUT-TECH Automationstechnik GmbH Max Planck Straße 42 50858 Köln.5200 Toll Free › 1. O t i C Old tl Ontario.5200 Facsimile › 519. Canada N8N 5A8 Phone › 519. Germany Phone › 49 (0) 2234. Corporate Headquarters 9355 Anchor Drive Windsor. USA 48083-4621 Phone › 248.737.4800 Facsimile › 519. Denis Inc. Wetenschapspark 11 B-3590 Diepenbeek. Austria Phone › +43 732 6593-2616 Facsimile › +43 732 6593-152616 TMS Transport. A.1736 Valiant Tool & Gage Inc. Lapusului Nr.8884 Valiant International Inc. Canada N8T 3B8 d Phone › 519. Box 116 A-4031 Linz.944. Belgium Phone › 32 (11) 290. Canada N0R 1L0 d Phone › 519.979. Canada N8T 3G6 d Phone › 519. Automated Production Systems 6161 Tecumseh Road Windsor. 26/1.und Montagesysteme GmbH Sales & Engineering Center Sindelfingen Kolumbusstrasse 13 D-71063 Sindelfingen. 6185 Morton Industrial Parkway LaSalle.974. 6775 Hawthorne Drive Windsor.39-38 Valiant International N. Canada N8Y 4W7 Phone › 519.. Germany Phone › +49 (0) 821/2476-223 Facsimile › +49 (0) 821/2476-499 Valiant-TMS Ro s.6111 Facsimile › 519.7450 Facsimile › 864.und Montagesysteme GmbH Sales & Engineering Center Gersthofen Senefelderstrasse 17a D-86368 Gersthofen. India Phone + 91 20 26932029/30 Facsimile + 91 20 26932031 56 .7748 Valiant Machine & Tool Inc. USA 29651 Phone › 864.588.und Montagesysteme GmbH Sales & Engineering Center Aachen Technologiezentrum am Europaplatz Dennewartstraße 27 D-52068 Aachen. Str.0042 E. Kondhwa Budhruk Near Khadi machine chowk Pune 411048.734.974.010 Facsimile › 32 (11) 290. Suite B Greer.5200 Facsimile › 519. g 1235 St.469. Germany Phone › 49 (0) 241.und Montagesysteme GmbH Gaisbergerstraße 50 P.971.963.251. O t i C Wi d Ontario.1704 Valiant Regional Support Center 560 Brookshire Road.1845 TMS Transport. Michigan. Czech Republic Phone › +420/58/5757-821 Facsimile › +420/58/5757-832 Valiant-TMS GmbH Neusser Landstrasse 2 50735 Köln Germany Phone › +49 221 2004-0 TMS Transport.V. Canada N8T 1E7 Phone › 519. 6465 Hawthorne Drive Windsor. O t i C Wi d Ontario. Ontario. Hálkova 171/2 CZ-77200 Olomouc.944. Ontario.974.1840 Facsimile › 49 (0) 241.r. Luke Road Windsor.4510 Facsimile › 248.7222 Facsimile › 519 734 1704 519.963. Ltd.

A.Thank You for your attention!!! Valiant-TMS India Team Valiant-TMS Systems Pvt. Kondhwa Budhruk Pune-411048 Phone: +91 20 26932029 / 30 Cell No. +91 9604 211211 57 . Ltd. 26/1.

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